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wifes road trip
OK, So I asked my wife “Tell me, what was your most memorable fuck?”. She said “Memorable? What do you mean?”. I said “I don’t know, just one that really stands out in your mind more than any other”. I have to tell you, I was kind of a little shocked at this one and pretty much, nothing shocks me. She was 21 at the time. Year was 1981.

She was on some long road trip. 5 hours or so and she was driving alone. She had made a 3 Dog Night tape (that’s funny right there!) and was just cruising along in her dads car, A Capri Classic. At some point, a guy in another car passed her slowly and he looked over at her and he waved and she waved back. They continued with this passing each other several times over the next 30 minutes or so. Then he began to pull up next to her and roll his window down going 60mph or so and yell at her “Whats your name!?” etc. Several times, as they approached exits, he would motion for her to get off at the exit and she would smile and keep going straight. This went on for many miles until she finally had to pull off at an exit and get gas.

He of course pulled off at the same exit and he parked his car and walked over and introduced himself. They talked for a while and then he suggested that they stop and have a drink at the next exit that had a bar. So they both got back into their cars and kept driving. Eventually, they saw a sign that said “bar next exit” or something along those lines. My wife said that she was thinking all the way up to the exit “should I or shouldn’t I”. At the last second, she said “Fuck it” and pulled off. They parked side by side in the parking lot and went into the bar. She of course was adamant saying to him “I cant believe that I am doing this, etc”.

As she was telling me this story, I was like “haven’t you ever heard of Ted Bundy???!”. She was like “Yeah, I know. I was very stupid to do this”. Then she said “Do you want to hear the rest?”. I said “well of course, now that I know that you survived!”.

So they sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks (Jack Daniels and Cokes). They talked about all kinds of stuff. She was 21. He was 27 or so. She said that he was a nice guy, also nice looking. He finally “broke the ice” and said “Lets get a motel room”. My wife said “Oh no, I cant do that.” They got another round of drinks and my wife said “Crap, I cant get back on the interstate now, I am way too buzzed”. They ended up paying the tab and my wife suggested that they go sit in the car for a while.

They went and got into the front seat of his car and kept talking. He then asked her if she would blow him or give him a hand job. She laughed and said “No”. This went on for quite some time. He kept asking her for a blow job and she kept refusing. But of course, she stayed in the car. He finally asked her if he could kiss her and she said OK. He had a bench seat in the front so he slid over and they started making out pretty heavily. He was playing with her tits almost immediately. She said that she was holding his cock through his pants pretty much right away as well. He finally said “c’mon, there was a motel right when we got off the interstate, lets go there.” She said OK.

She went and got in her car and she followed him back towards the exit. She said that she was about 90% sure she was going to just jump back on the interstate at this point and just high tail it out. But she did not. He pulled in and she pulled in. She said that it was a pretty divey motel. You checked in and paid at a window right there. They checked in as “Mr & Mrs Smith” for some stupid reason. It was $29 bucks (and she paid half!!!. How funny is that?!!!).

They walked down to the room and opened the door. She said that she looked around before she went in and waved to the guy who had checked them in. He waved back. As soon as they got into the room, my wife said that she pulled all the covers off the bed so that it was just a sheet. She also threw off the pillows. They sat down on the edge and he reached over and started stroking her nipples thru her shirt. She reached down and undid his pants and his cock popped out. She grabbed it and starting stroking it. He undid her shirt and unhooked her bra. He sucked on her nipples while she held his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and slowly guided her head down into his lap. She held his cock with one hand and began circling her tounge all over the head. They stopped for just a moment and got 100% naked. She went back to giving him head while he fingered her.

She then stood up and had him lay on his back on the bed and she climbed on top of him and guided his cock in. He grabbed her ass and spread her wide and she met his every thrust. As he got closer, she told him “You can come in me, I am on the pill”. It did not take long him to shoot his load into her.

They laid on the bed for a while spooning (him behind her). She said that it did not take long for her to begin feeling his cock pushing into her ass. She raised her leg so he could enter her from behind and they began fucking again side by side. He reached his hand around and began playing with her clit while he fucked her from behind. She said that she was gushing so much that it was all wet under her. She said that she basically just moaned and moaned and moaned while he pounded away at her. She finally felt his cock get very hard and his breathing increased. She said “Come in me again”. He grabbed her hips and went as deep as he could and they both orgasmed again.

She said they laid there for a few minutes and then she said “I have got to get out of here” and they both got dressed. They went out to their cars, he kissed her (did not ask for her phone number) and she said he practically burned out of the parking lot as he pulled out. She heard him yell “YEAH! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” out the window as he burned out. She said she laughed and said “Guys are so funny!” and she hit the road too.

All I could say was ‘You are very fucking lucky you were not on the evening news”.


2013-03-04 13:26:03
So, I really only write about the stories that she tells me that have somewhat unusual curcumstances. The ones that involve typical sex just dont seem that interesting. You know "Guy asked me on date, had dinner and drinks, fucked at his/my apartment, went home." 90% of her stories fall along those lines. She must have been an awesome date though. Most of the guys got some pussy by the end of the evening. :)

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-02 18:40:04
I had a couple of girl friends who were hose bags, you have to love them. It's my experience that women generally love to fuck but some of them think they're supposed hold on to their cunts like some kind of prize. I hope she's still giving it up. Great stories, keep writing.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-02 13:38:29
love the story, like to hear more

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