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Thanks for all the comment for my last story. It inspired me to write this
A man wants to have sex with his wife, he turns off the lights . His wife asks why, he replies ' because it makes it more enjoyable ' after that , he continues doing until his decides to turn on the light when they are they were going to have sex next. When they are about to have sex, his wife turns on the lights and catches his wife holding a operating sex device. The wife says 'you lying impotent bastard, how dare you use a sex device on me ?'. The man then says ' then how do you explain the kids you got? '

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2015-05-06 04:30:07
The botom of the wife

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2014-01-25 15:40:06
سكس ورعان عربي

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2014-01-25 15:39:01
سكس ورعان عربي

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2014-01-04 09:59:10
Fjkfdthbgu jkgfoijggdfgxxzh. Jhhh. Fgjkx. Hbhhxxgxhjz

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2013-10-05 18:44:26
He putted it up his bottom.

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