Its a bit long but I didn't want to split it up. Or, it just kept getting longer, phnaar phnaar
Coming Home: The Dinner Party

Not long after we had moved into our new house we decided to have a house warming dinner party. We invited our best friends, a married couple, Alan and Claire, and two girl-friends, Nicki and Kate. Although all four were friends of my wife Caroline and myself, they had only met each other a couple of times at parties.
Alan and Claire are slightly older than us and we’d known them for several years, through work. Alan is a tall, solid man in his late fifties who keeps himself fit by playing golf and jogging. Claire, a couple of years younger, is about five foot tall with long blonde hair and a trim body.
We had known Kate and Nicki separately for about fifteen or twenty years and then we introduced them to each other about ten years ago when both were going through divorces. We thought that that they could help each other through this difficult time, and that’s what happened, they became close friends and the four of us have spent a lot of time together over the last few years, holidaying and just hanging out. Kate is in her late forties, with a very slim body, hardly any curves to speak of. Nicki, about five years younger is slightly shorter but far more buxom. Both girls visit the gym regularly and it shows.
After we had eaten we moved into the lounge, some bringing their wine, others with a brandy. As we’d only just moved into the house the furniture in the lounge was spartan, just two sofas and some large cushions on the floor in front of the fire. Alan and Claire sat on one sofa facing Caroline and myself on the other, the ‘girls’ sprawled on the cushions. We chatted for a while, nothing too serious just that post dinner, slightly drunk, trivial stuff until somehow the conversation came around to sex, or rather the lack of it. The girls, automatically making the assumption that married couples are constantly at it, were competing, both claiming that it was months since they’d had any, a claim I knew was definitely untrue in Nicki’s case. (Authors note: see Coming Home)
Caroline was snuggled up close to me on the sofa, and she was casually running her hand up and down the inside of my thigh, occasionally going a little bit higher and giving my dick a gentle squeeze, thinking nobody was looking. (Un) fortunately (?) Kate did notice.
“Oh that’s not fair you two, I can see what you’re doing. It’s driving me crazy and I’ve just been saying how long it is since I’ve had any fun.”
“You know Kate if you can’t find yourself a man you could have some fun with a girl.”
“Nicki ! Don’t be so disgusting, I‘m not that sort of girl.”
“Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Once you’ve had a girl go down on you, you won’t want a boy again.”
Simultaneously both Caroline and Claire said “Yep, that’s right.” Hang on a second, I thought, that’s a bit hard on us men, I for one have never had any complaints.
Claire continued,
“Yes Kate, a girl knows what you want her to do, you don’t have to give her directions.” There I was thinking they just liked telling a man what to do. And I always thought I took direction well.
“Well, I’m not interested. I just couldn’t get turned on by a girl.”
“Let’s see, shall we.”
and saying that Nicki quickly jumped on to Kate, rolling her onto her back and straddling her stomach, her hands holding Kate’s wrists down above her head. As I said earlier, both girls are very fit and Kate was desperately struggling to get free, but Nicki’s extra weight was too much for her. Nicki was trying to kiss Kate, but she was able to keep turning her head away.
“Er guys, I could use a little help here.”
Claire slipped off the sofa onto the floor by Kate’s head and took hold of Kate’s wrists, freeing Nickis hands. Nicki was then able to hold Kate’s head still, and force a kiss onto her lips.
“Nicki stop it, this is going too far,” she spluttered.
“Oh I don’t think so. Now let’s have a look at those little titties of yours.”
“No Nicki, don’t, don’t,arggh” Nicki stopped her complaining with another forced kiss. She released Kate’s head and moved her weight further down onto Kate’s hips. Kate was able to start struggling again, but Claire tightened her grip on her arms and Nicki’s weight on her legs kept her still. Nicki was now able to unbutton Kate’s blouse, although Kate was still wriggling and telling her not to, only stopping when Nicki forced a kiss onto her. When the buttons were all undone, Nicki lifted herself up and pulled the blouse apart. Kate wasn’t wearing a bra, she didn’t need to, laying on her back her breasts had almost disappeared, but her nipples were absolutely beautiful, pale brown and erect begging to be kissed, and that’s what Nicki did. Leaning forward she took one into her mouth, pulling at it between her teeth and rolling her tongue around it. She released that one and repeated the process on the other. Kate’s struggles and complaints were gradually decreasing. Nicki went back to kiss her and this time didn’t have to hold her head still. Nicki alternated between kissing and nipple sucking for a few minutes and Kate had completely subsided, just making gentle groans and she appeared to be returning the kisses.
“Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound,” Nicki said, and moved down Kate’s legs, starting to un-button Kate’s skirt which fortunately fastened up the front. Kate realised what she was doing and started to struggle again. Claire had to put more weight onto her arms to keep her still. Nicki quickly had the buttons undone and pulled the skirt open,
“Oh lovely thong, you’ll have to tell me where you bought it.” At times like this they still think about clothes. Nick was kneeling between Kate’s legs pushing them apart, and she lowered her head down to Kate’s crotch, her hand pulling the thong to one side. She dipped in and ran her tongue up Kate’s cunt.
“No Nicki don’t. Please stop. Don’t do that.”
Nicki was having none of it and just kept on licking, pushing the vagina lips apart and inserting the tip of her tongue.
“No Nicki, my God...yes...yes...yes.”
Nicki had obviously hit the spot, Kate had stopped struggling and was now just groaning.
Claire was able to release her grip on Kate’s arms and she turned to look at Alan, a big smile coming to her face when she saw the bulge in the front of his trousers.
“Stand up babe.” He did as he was told and turned to face her. Staying on her knees she undid his belt and trousers, pulled downed the zip and opened his trousers. She reached in and pulled out his prick. I can honestly say that even semi-erect it was the biggest one I’ve seen outside of porn videos, not that I’ve seen that many outside of porn videos ! It wasn’t going to be my night, first my fanny licking technique (and the rest of mankind’s) had been disparaged and now I was going to have to compete with the biggest dick in the world, or at least in the county!
Claire wrapped her hand around it and guided it into her mouth, with the other hand she freed his bollocks from his boxers and, I assume, gently squeezed them. She was gradually taking more of his dick into her mouth trying to swallow it all, although as it was getting harder and longer she seemed to be fighting a losing battle. The sucking, squelching noises, together with Nicki’s licking and slurping and Kate’s groaning were driving me crazy.
Also Caroline I guess, because she quickly stood up, took off her skirt and knickers, undid my trousers and pulled out my dick, fully erect, I wasn’t going to be intimidated. Then, saying “I want to watch what’s happening” she positioned herself over me, facing away, reverse cowgirl , and lowered herself, straight in, no messing. I nearly came on the spot. Her fanny was absolutely soaking, either from watching her friend’s lesbian rape or from the sight of Alan’s monster dick, or both. I was virtually lying on my back on the sofa, she was impaled on me, with her legs slightly bent and her feet flat on the floor. She braced her legs and lifted herself up until I almost came out and then dropped down again. This was marvellous, I was getting a floorshow and didn’t have to do a thing while she fucked herself on me.
Nicki was continuing to lap away at Kate’s cunt and, judging by the noises she was making, Kate was either having one long orgasm or lots of little concurrent ones. With one hand she stroking Nicki’s head and the other was playing with her own breasts, rubbing the nipples between her fingers.
Alan appeared to be fully erect now and Claire was actually managing to get most of it into her mouth. She was helped by him holding her head in his hands and face fucking her, giving her no option but to swallow him. After a few minutes it looked and sounded as though he was close to cumming, she managed to disengage herself.
“Don’t cum yet, Alan. Why don’t you go and see if you can do anything for Nicki. You know you‘ve wanted to fuck her since the first time you saw her. I’ll go and join Caroline and John.”
“Oh yes please.” Nicki piped up, before Kate gently pulled her head back into place.
Ever obedient, Alan did as he was told, and why wouldn’t he! He picked up a cushion off the sofa and knelt down behind Nicki. He unceremoniously pulled up Nicki’s skirt and bunched it around her waist. Good old Nicki had come prepared, no knickers! Holding her by the hips he lifted her backside up a little higher, pushing her weight forward into Kate, who groaned a little louder. He was now able to line himself at her fanny, he rubbed the head of his dick against her fanny and then just pushed half of it inside her.
“JESUS CHRIST, that huge!” she screamed, her head shooting into the air in shock, forcing Kate to grab it with both hands and pull it back in place. Alan pulled back slightly and then pushed again, probably two thirds this time.
“OH GOD, how much more is there?” her head again shooting into the air only to be pulled back down. Alan again pulled back and pushed, this time all the way. I couldn’t make out Nicki’s cries this time because Kate was ready and was holding her head down. Alan kept still for a couple of minutes giving her a chance to get used to the length and girth, and then began to slowly and gently fuck her.
“Oh that’s so good, it’s so fucking big, oh yes fuck me with that big bastard dick.” Which Alan was only too glad to do.
Meanwhile Claire had come over to Caroline and me. She knelt on the floor between my legs, pushing both our legs wide apart, and exposing Caroline’s fanny sliding up and down my penis. She dipped her head down and, pushing out her tongue, started to lick. Although I think she was concentrating on Caroline, I could feel the wet tongue running up the underside of my dick. Caroline started to squeal at the attention her clit was receiving. Every few moments, just so I didn’t feel left out, Claire stopped licking and sucked a testicle into her mouth, then the other one. After a few moments I could tell Caroline was close to coming and to be fair I wasn’t far away myself. Claire stopped and said,
“John, do you mind if I concentrate on doing a proper job on your wife’s lovely fanny?”
“Of course not. In fact I have an idea if you’ll let me pose you both.”
“Go ahead.”
We all pulled apart, I spun Caroline around so that her back was against the sofa arm, her left leg was hanging over the back of the sofa and her right foot was in the floor. Claire knew where I was going with this and jumped up onto the sofa, her knees on the other arm and ducked her head down between Caroline’s thighs. I moved to the side of the sofa behind Claire, lifted her arse slightly, and slid into her sopping wet fanny. I think the three of us groaned at the same time. I held onto Claire’s hips and started to fuck, Claire started to lick and suck and Caroline started to groan.
Kate had obviously having lots of little orgasms because she suddenly hit the big one, screaming so loud I’m sure she scared the neighbours. Nicki was now able to reposition herself by taking weight onto her arms, and pushing back to meet Alan’s thrusts. I looked across at them and caught Alan’s eye just as he pulled apart the cheeks of her bottom and pushed his thumb into her arsehole. Nicki yelped and pushed backwards again. Alan winked at me and nodded at his wife.
I was obviously being invited to do the same to her, so I put my thumb in my mouth to wet it, pulled apart Claire’s cheeks and slipped my thumb all the way into her backside.
“Oh yes, that’s fucking lovely.” I continued to fuck her fanny as I slid my thumb in and out of her arse.
“Fuck my arse John. Alan’s just too big for me and I haven’t had a dick in there for ages.” Oh well there are advantages in being one of the smaller dicked.
I slid out, pushed her backside downwards, lined myself up against her rosebud and pushed the head inside.
“Oh God, that’s good. Give me more,” eager to oblige I slowly pushed my whole length inside. Caroline was obviously feeling neglected because she dragged Claire’s head back down. Claire moved a hand backwards and started to play with herself as I fucked her backside.
Nicki was frantically slamming herself back into Alan’s thrusts, and then she came with an almighty cry, closely followed by Alan’s triumphant grunt as he emptied himself into her. They both collapsed forward squashing Kate.
The sights and sound pushed the rest of us over the edge, Caroline first, her fingers tightening into Claire’s hair. I could feel Claire’s fingers becoming more frantic as she came as well. That was enough for me and I felt a stream of hot spunk pump into her.
The six of us just lay there silently for minutes before we started to disentangle ourselves.
Nicki was the first to get up, holding a hand out to help Kate up.
“Time for bed I think,” holding the other hand out to me. I looked at Caroline, who smiled and said,
“Go on, use our room, I’ll squeeze in with Alan and Claire.” I’m sure she looked at Alan’s dick and smiled again.
Nicki led the way upstairs and into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom, stripped off the rest of my clothes and cleaned myself up a bit. When I came out of the bathroom, Nicki and Kate had already stripped and where lying on the bed their arms wrapped around each other, kissing and tongue fencing. They looked up and Kate, who was nearest, said, “Come and get between us.” I did as I was told and climbed over her. The three of us then kissed and groped each other. It was wonderful, two soft mouths to kiss, two smooth bodies to caress, four breasts to play with, well two breasts and a couple of bumps, four buttocks to squeeze. And there were four soft hands running over my body. Eventually we drifted to more sensitive parts. I started to feel a wet fanny and another hand would join me there, then I would feel a hand on my dick and another playing with my balls, strangely, although both were soft I could tell they belonged to different people. This was having an obvious effect on me and soon I was rock hard. Kate said,
“Nicki, do you mind if I have him first? What you did to me was wonderful, but it’s so long since I’ve had one I’m desperate for a dick in me.”
“Course not babe. In fact I could do with a bit of a rest after Alan. I was hoping you’d return the favour to me anyway.”
Of course I didn’t get any say in this but I’m not going to complain.
Nicki moved to the top of the bed, sitting down, and spread her thighs. Kate moved between her legs and dipped her head down.
“You know Nicki, this is the first time I’ve done this. I’m not sure I’ll do it properly. Mmm you taste of spunk.”
“Don’t worry babe, I’m sure you’ll do fine... Oh yes that’s good... OH MY GOD, that’s it!.. Babe you’re a natural at this!”
Kate let out a little chuckle as she realised what a job she was doing, then remembering me, she wiggled her bum at me. I moved behind her and pushed three fingers into her fanny.
“Oh that’s good, but I want your dick in me. Get your dick into me.” Again I did as I was told, pulled out my fingers and replaced them with my prick forcing in the whole length in one push.
Oh yes, I love that, I love dick. Fuck me.”
“Ok Kate, now you’ve got what you want, get your mouth back down here.”
Kate returned to her labours and I started to fuck her. Holding onto her hips I thrust into her, pulling her back to meet me then, pushing her away, withdrew until the head was just inside, and then thrust into her again. Kate was working her magic on Nicki who was yelping and squeaking and then suddenly came with a massive scream. I increased my thrusts and Kate was matching me until we both came at the same time, she yelling “Yes, yes, yes!” and me grunting as I pumped into her, my second come of the night seeming more than the first. I rolled off of her and collapsed on my back.
The girls lay either side of me, the three of us panting. Kate leant over me and whispered something into Nicki’s ear, and then they both started giggling. Nicki started to play with my prick.
“Do you think you can get this hard for me?” The way she was working on me, that wasn’t going to be a problem. She had me hard in a matter of minutes and then straddled me, holding my penis up to her fanny and lowering herself onto me. Kate climbed onto my chest.
“Let’s see if you’re as good as fanny licking as Nicki, but first...”
She moved up so that her thighs were either side of her head, and her fanny was about six inches above me. I could see the muscles in her abdomen moving and realised what she was planning. I tried to move her off of me but my arms were at my side and Nicki quickly held them down. Kate tightened her thighs holding my head firmly in place.
“Come on be a good boy, open your mouth.”
My eyes were on her fanny and I saw a small drop of white liquid appear. Oh what the hell, it was my spunk and I’ve had worse things in my mouth. I opened my mouth and held my tongue out. She continued to work her muscles and a string of spunk slid down into my mouth. I collected it on my tongue, closed my mouth and swallowed.
“Oh good boy! He did it Nicki, he swallowed it all, I told you he would. OK good boy let’s see if you can find any more.” She lowered herself down onto my mouth, covering not just my mouth but my nose as well. I can hold my breath for a few minutes,but I knew she wasn’t going to move, I started to panic and struggling and shaking my whole body. Kate realised what was happening and lifted off me. Nicki who, up until then, had been quietly fucking herself on me said,
“What did you do to him then? It was incredible do it again.”
“If you insist.” and she lowered herself again. I was able to hold out for longer before I started to struggle again. Nicki went crazy and Kate released me. I managed to push my tongue out and find her clit, she forgot about suffocating me and let me concentrate on making her cum. It didn’t take long, a few flicks and sucks and she was there. Nicki had been fucking me frantically trying to bring herself off and now I was able to lift hips off the bed to meet her and after a couple of thrusts, she came again. I kept thrusting and after two more thrust I came myself.
When I woke the next morning I was on the edge of the bed and my piss-proud prick was nestling between the cheeks of Nicki’s bum. I could have easily moved a couple of inches and slipped it into either of her orifices but I knew I needed to piss, so I slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Nicki grumbled in her sleep as I left. When I came out of the bathroom, the two girls were awake and in a classic 69 position, I was tempted to join them, but thought my hosting duties were more important, so headed downstairs to make breakfast. I paused on the landing outside the spare bedroom door, I could hear the bedsprings squeaking and groans in three distinct voices, so knew there would soon be three more hungry people.
In the kitchen, I switched the kettle on, loaded the remains of last night into the dishwasher, emptied a pack of bacon into the frying pan, made a pot of coffee and pouring myself a cup sat at the table and reflected upon the events of last night and wondered what today might hold.

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