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this is a true story...enjoy!....first time writting
We were an average family living in northern Ontario back in the early seventies. My parents were not rich and both worked very hard. My father at the time worked away from home for months at a time and my mother did her best raising us whilst working a full time job at night. My twin brother and I were about 5 years old and my older brother was 7. My twin and I were small for our ages, we were pre-maturely born. We were about 3'5" tall, slim, blond hair and brown eyes. Every time we were out with my mom, there would always be people come to us and say how cute we were blah blah blah... Since my mother was working all the time, she would have different teenagers from the neighborhood babysit us. We often had a friend of the families son babysit us, he was about 15 years old at the time...He was way cool, he really took good care of us. I remember him always sitting on the floor to watch TV, my twin and I would always cuddle with him as a child would.
One night, my mother had to work but she couldn't get Dave (our usual babysitter) as he was gone on a camping trip with the scouts. So, she asked Rob to watch us that night. Rob was also a neighborhood teen that lived nearby. Rob was about 17 years old and this would be his first time babysitting us. Rob was about 5'9", slim built, long black hair. My mother always said he was a cutie but I never thought anything of it...Heck, I was only 5 yrs old!
During that evening, everything went well. Rob kept us busy playing games, making us snacks etc...It was a lot of fun. My twin and I usually had a bath every night, so we asked Rob if he could run a bath for us, he said that our mother would be home in the next little while and that we should wait for her to come home. Shortly after he said that, the phone rang...It was my mother...
Mom: Hi Rob!...Listen, are you ok watching the boys over night?
Rob: um...err o...k
Mom: Are you sure you are ok with this? I asked your mom already and she's ok that you spend the night. I will pay you for it...The reason I am asking is because my husband just showed up at my work and since he's been gone for 2 months, we would like to spend time alone. Please don't tell the boys their father is back from work, I want it to be a surprise in the morning.
Rob: problem, see you tomorrow
Rob hung up the phone and looked at us with a grin on his face. "ok boys, I am watching you over night. Your mom will be home in the morning with a pleasant surprise so you must be good and listen to me or I will tell your mom not to get you this surprise". My twin and I looked at each other in excitement since we rarely got a surprise. My older brother asked if he could have a friend sleep over that night but Rob had other plans up his sleeve so he said no but told my brother he could go sleep at his friends place. My brother took off like a rocket.
When our older brother left, Rob looked at both of us and said:
Rob: ok boys, soon I will run you a bath so strip down to your underwear
Me: but we only get undressed just before taking our bath
Rob: I don't care, I am in charge tonight and do what I say
My twin looked at me with a weird look and whispered to me not be worried and do what he says or mom will not bring us a present
I always looked up to my twin and so I had nothing to worry about.
Rob put some cartoons for us on TV and sat between my brother and I, we were both cuddling on each side of him. My brother fell asleep. I looked at my brother and tried to wake him up since it's still really early in the evening...We were not allowed to nap after dinner until it was bed time.
Rob: NO?! Let him sleep!
Me: But we aren't allowed to nap before bed time
Rob: That's ok, just let him sleep but don't tell your mom...In fact, don't tell your mom anything that goes on while i am babysitting
Me: (as I giggle) Oh! like secrets?...hehe I love secrets
Rob looked at me with a smile on his face, took my twin brother and put him on the other couch then sat right next to me again. He looked kinda funny with a grin on his face but thought nothing of it...I snuggle back to his side but couldn't get comfortable.
Rob: Here come lay down on my chest, you might be more comfy
Me: Ok
Rob positions himself laying across the couch, I got on top of him straddling him the lay my head on his chest. As I got on him, I rubbed my crotch on his arm unknowingly...I instantly got a boner...As I am laying there, I was wondering what was going on, this was my first boner...ever!!! I was embarrassed since I didn't know what was happening, so I laid there trying my best not for Rob to notice , but...
Rob: Hey! he said softly. What is that I feel on my tummy?
I wanted to cry
Me: Umm..Errr...nothing
I think he felt that I was embarrassed and that I was about to cry
I felt his chest swell up as he took a deep breath...
Rob: That's ok cutie, nothing to be ashamed about. It's normal. it happens to me a lot, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Me: oh yeah? really?...what does it mean?
Rob: sometimes when a boy gets excited, he get what its called a "hard-on"
Me: what's a "hard-on"?
He chuckles as he grabs my little 2" uncut dick through my tighty-whitties and says
Rob: This is a hard on. When your penis gets bigger and hard
Me: oh!?...umm o..k
No one has ever touched me there except for my mom when she washed me. I wasn't sure what to think but as embarrassed as I was, I didn't say anything
We laid there watching TV as my twin was having a nap. then I could feel something growing in Robs sweat pants, Not sure what to do, I look up at him. He was just smiling. I sit up, I felt his "hard-on" pressing against my butt crack...I smiled and giggled at him
Rob: See it's normal! just lay down and watch TV
I lay down back onto his chest to watch TV but now I was curious about his hard-on. I thought back to when I felt it on my butt crack and it felt a lot bigger than mine was. Now I wanted to see it but was too afraid to do anything so I laid there. I felt Rob move his hands and now he was rubbing my little ass through my underwear with both his hands.
Rob: Do you like this?
me:, I muttered
Rob: How does it feel?
me: Feels real good
I really didn't know exactly how it felt but it gave me a boner again
Rob: would you like to go have a bath now?
me: Ok, I will wake up my brother
Rob: no, he says...let him sleep and I will bathe him later
we got up off the couch and walked to the bathroom. I noticed his cock was sticking straight out making a tent in his sweat pants. I was wondering if he was to have a bath with me
Rob ran the water in the bath and ordered me to strip out of my underwear. I took my underwear off and tried to hide my boner...wasn't hard to do because it was so small. I got in the tub as it filled then Rob dropped his pants and stood in front of me naked. "Oh my god" I thought to myself as I stared. His cock was about 7" uncut, and a well trimmed bush. He looked at me and asked if I liked it. I couldn't answer and nodded my head. He got in the tub and sat in front of me.
Rob: Stand up, I want to see your cock
I stood up and my little dick was right in his face. He put both is hands on my butt squeezing my cheeks then put his lips around my cock. I was shocked he did this and tried to pull back but he kept pulling me towards him with his hands on my bum. I was scared but then it started to feel really good so i let him suck me.
Rob: Do you like it?
me: yes
Rob: Wanna try it?
me: ok
I got on my knees in the tub and he stood up. I stared at it for a while before i touched it. I noticed some clear stuff coming out his pee hole
me: please don't pee on me
Rob: it's not pee sweetie, it called pre-cum. You're too young to know what it is but you will have some when you get older.
I felt this gooey stuff with my fingers and it was slippery and sticky at the same time. Rob grabbed the back of my head and pushed me towards him. I opened my mouth, tried to put his dick in my mouth but it was too big so i licked the head and up and down his shaft. While i am licking him he was playing with my little boy balls and bum. The more he touched me, the more I liked it.
Rob: Open your mouth and suck my cock
me: but it doesn't fit
Rob: open your mouth. He ordered
I opened my mouth and Rob forced his cock in. It made me gag but Rob held my head so i didn't back out. All of a sudden, I was choking on something other than my spit. It felt something thick, tasted salty. I really didn't like the taste. When Rob thrust his cock one last time in my mouth, he pulled out
me: What happened?
Rob: I just came in your mouth
me: Came?
Rob: Yes my little man. When you get older you will know what i am talking about
me: Please tell me what it is?!
Rob: When older boys have sex, jerk-off or gets sucked, it feels real good. When it feels really good there is cum that shoots out from your dick.
me: oh yeah?! Cool, i thought. But it didn't taste too good.
Rob: you will get use to it...I want to try something else. get on your hands and knees facing away from me
I got on my hands and knees facing away from him. again Rob was playing with my little boy balls, rubbing my hard 2" dick. I felt something different though. This time he was also rubbing my tiny asshole. I was about to ask him what he was doing but he cut me off by telling me to shut up and stay still. All of a sudden i feel his finger slide in my tight boy hole. he was gentle but it still hurt
me: Rob, I think I have to poop
Rob: no don't worry about it, its normal to feel like you have to. Take deep breaths, relax and it will be ok. I don't want to hear you screaming or I will tell your mom you were bad and you won't get the surprise. I shut my eyes tight and tried to relax. It really hurt. Rob fucked my little ass with his finger while rubbing by balls. Rob pulled his finger out of my ass and boy did i feel relieved. He then got on his knees, he slapped my bum and ordered me not to move. He was now rubbing his dick on my bum hole. He started to poke my hole trying to push it in...Oh shit nooooo, i thought..I held my breath and hoped he didn't go in my bum. His cock was huge!
me: you are really hurting me...stop?!
Rob: Let me try it with some he slaps me again he says: do not move i will be back.
me: ummm...ok Rob
Rob quickly came back to the bathroom with a bottle of something, He got behind me again and poured this slippery stuff on my bum...Again her tried real hard to push his fat cock inside but there was no way it was going in. He turned me around and asked
Rob: How would you like to fuck my bum?
me: You really want me to put my dick in your bum?
Rob: yes, I do! I will suck you to get you hard again, when you get hard stick it in my hole
Rob got me hard again..which didn't take long at all...he swirled his tongue around my uncut dick, pulling the skin back and forth making my tip very sensitive...I really enjoyed it
Rob laid on his back and positioned me between his legs. he grabbed my little cock, placed it on his hole and ordered me to push it in. my dick was small so it didn't take much effort to slip it in. He told me how to pump in and out. I pumped in and out of his bum. He was pulling up and down on his cock. this was very exciting! after a few minutes, Rob's body starts to convulse and all of a sudden, I saw his cock shoot a huge load of what he called cum...
Rob: mmmm don't stop...keep fucking, keep fucking
after a minute he grabs me and pulls me down on him, both our chest pounding like never before.
Rob: ok sweetie, wash up and I will go wake up your brother so he can bathe
me: ok Rob
Rob got out of the tub, drained the tub and filled it with fresh hot water. After a few minutes, he came back to the bathroom with my twin brother. Rob ordered him to strip and so he did then jumped in the tub with me. As my brother sat into the tub his eyes came to Rob's crotch's level. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face wondering why Rob had something sticking out like that. I giggled and told him Rob had a big dick, way bigger than ours was. My twin laughed it off. Rob said to wash up and he'd be right back. My twin and I were playing with our toys in the tub when Rob came back in with a Polaroid camera.
my brother: oh cool, are you going to take pictures of us?!
Rob: only if you want to
we both answered: yes
Rob: ok just play around and I will take pics and watch you guys
Ok we said. we played with our toys and Rob took a pic.
Rob looked at me and asked to stand up in front of my brother. Clueless as I was at the time I stood up in front of my brother not thinking of anything until he told my brother to touch my penis. I got hard instantly. My twin laughed at me and went ahead and touch my stiff cock and Rob took a picture. He then asked us both to stand up and to grab each other's dick. My brother didn't even ask why or what was happening. My twin joins me standing up in the tub. I looked at Rob, he has a big smile on his face and a raging hard on. I then looked at my brother and noticed he was crying. I hugged him and told him everything was going to be ok. Rob immediately got upset and told us to get out of the tub with an angry voice. He left the bathroom, we got out and dried ourselves. We put our pj's on and headed to the living room where Rob was.
Rob: Did I tell you two to put your pj's On? NO!!!! Get them off now! You little fuckers are gonna get smacked and you will not get your surprise tomorrow!!!
Rob must have been worried that my brother was crying thinking he would tell my mom and get caught. I looked at my brother and asked him if he wanted our surprise tomorrow? he said yes
brother: Rob, I'm sorry I was crying
Rob: I told you to get out of these damn pj's!!!!...And if you are going to cry and not do what I say I will tell your mom!!!
we both got naked and stood in front of him. he calmed down and with a soft voice he told us we looked beautiful. He told us to sit on the couch and that he would get us a snack
He came back with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup...He somehow knew this was our favorite. My brother has totally calmed down and was quite happy to get this treat. We sat there eating our treat while Rob watched TV. We were still naked and not allowed to get dressed. My twin thought it would be funny if he threw some ice cream on my crotch...It shocked the hell out of me and they were both laughing at me. So I got up and started dancing around with chocolate syrup on my growing cock. Rob got to his knees grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him. My twin stared in awe. he got close to watch when Rob asked him to take a pic of him sucking me. my brother got an instant hard on, got the camera and took a pic.
Rob: You want to put your brothers dick in your mouth so I can take a pic of you doing it?
brother: yeah, yeah, yeah he says without hesitating
Rob: ok come here, get on your knees and lick his tiny dick
My brother came to me then start licking my hard little dick, it felt really good. Rob took a picture of us then showed us the picture...We both laughed and thought it was so awesome.
Rob seemed to love taking pics of us, he loved that he had twins to play with. My brother also had a small 2" uncut dick. He positioned us in different ways for a photo shoot...him sucking me, me sucking him, 69 position, we took turns taking pics of each other sucking Robs cock...
This lasted for about an hour. Rob then laid on the couch on his back, his legs up in the air and asked me to fuck his asshole like I have done in the tub. I positioned myself between his legs, my hard cock ready to slide in his hole. He asked my brother to climb on top of him and sit on his face. As I fucked this 17 yr old babysitter, he was eating my twin brothers ass like no tomorrow. My brother was hard and very excited. Just as Rob needed to cum he shove both our faces near his cock and let his hot juice shoot all over our faces. Rob seemed to be in heaven. My brother and I had cum in our hair, up our nose, dripping off our was everywhere. Rob sat us both on the couch and licked our faces of every drop of cum he had shot. My brother and I looked at each other with a grin on our faces. We we're all tired by this time but before we went to bed Rob put on a Walt Disney movie on for us...We cuddled on the couch and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up in our beds, wearing our pj's. Rob was gone but we were extremely happy to walk in the kitchen to find our surprise waiting there...Our DAD!

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2014-10-19 22:43:07
I have nothing wrong with anything gay, but it isn't my cup of tea. If you could please label it next time?

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