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My daughter Annie

"Breath. Breath. Don't push too hard.----" came the instructions
in the delivery room as Annie was bringing her first child into
the world.

"What am I doing here?" I thought to myself. "A woman's husband
or mother should be here. Not a father." I grabbed my daughter's
hand and squeezed it, "Baby, you're doing really well, I'm so proud
of you," I encouraged my only daughter who was close to presenting
me with my third grand child. "Why didn't you marry a normal guy?
Why did Eric wait until you got pregnant to tell you he wanted to
live with his male lover and your marriage was a mistake?" These
thoughts blitzed through my mind as this precious daughter was
working so hard to deliver life into this world.

"I see hair," announced one of the nurses, "Grandpa, come over
here and see your latest grandchild."

I dropped Annie's hand and went to view this new entry into the
world with Annie's legs spread apart in the stirrups, certainly not
a modest view for a woman to be in. She was clean shaven so the
little red hairs were certainly not hers. I thought I had a strong
constitution, but this was really a messy sight and I was feeling
very light headed. And soon the baby came out in a gush, so fast
that the doctors had to reach quickly to catch it.

"It's a girl!"

Tears came to my eyes, "Marty why did you have to die. The
little granddaughter we had wanted for so long was now here. A
little girl needs to be held by her grandmother." These were the
thoughts that went through my mind as I starred at my daughter's
anatomy on display in such a non sexual manner.


"What did you say Annie?" I asked.

"I want to call her Evangeline. Eve."

I went to my daughter's face and kissed her. She knew that was
my mother's name and how I loved it. "Thank you Annie. It
means so much to me."

"Daddy having you here means so much to me. I was so frightened that
I would have to face this all alone. Thank you."

"This is the greatest thrill I could ever have. Seeing little Eve
come into the world." The nurse laid Eve across Annie's chest
so this new mother could see her first child immediately. Eve
already had light red hair on her head. "I guess there's no
doubt she's mine is there," said Annie with a very content
smile on her face.

"No baby. She has you hair. And I can already see you in her."

I was asked to go into a waiting room while they finished up in the
delivery room. Later I was sent to Annie's room in the hospital to
wait for her. She arrived, looking very exhausted, but very thrilled.

"Daddy, thank you for being here when I needed you the most.
And thank you for letting Eve and me come live with you.. I was
so anxious about where I was going to go, what I was going to do."

She had stayed in her apartment after Eric left her. All through her
pregnancy it was just the two of us. Her apartment had a rule
against children and she was forced to move. Her mother had
died five months ago after a long bout with cancer. And I had
this big four bedroom home that was too much for one very
lonely man to live in. I had resorted to talking to the furniture,
looking at Marty's pictures and hours of crying in my loneliness.
"No Annie, thank you for coming to live with me. I need someone
in the house so very badly. I'm hurting. You and Eve are the
medicine I need."

I couldn't wait for them to come home. I took the next two days off
and stayed at the hospital. I would just spend hours looking in the
nursery at Eve, to a point that the nurses knew my name the moment
I walked into the viewing area, and would rush her crib to the window
for me. "God, she's beautiful," I thought. My trips to Annie's
room were filled with hugs and kisses. I guess I did over
do it with flowers and cards. But she was all I had. Her
older brother was gone. Killed in an auto accident. My
daughter in law had remarried and my two grandsons had
been adopted. Except for a card on my birthday, I never heard
from them. My wife was gone. I had no brothers or sisters.
so it was just the three of us for all practical purposes. So
why shouldn't I give her a room filled with flowers, and
Hallmark could always print more cards.

When not at the hospital, I moved all of Annie's belongings
into the house, repainted her room, bought her some new
furniture, and of course the best crib I could find for my new
pride and joy. Everything was ready for my new, welcomed
house guests. I was thrilled.

Not only was I thrilled, but Annie was tickled pink when she came
into the house and it was announced to her that this was her home
and I was a guest. This was the beginning of a new depth to our
relationship. One that would take some very strange twists.

Eve was only 4 days old. Annie had just been home her first
full day. I got home from work and she was in the living room
with the TV on watching the news. As I stepped into the room
she smiled and said "Hello". She was bare from the waist up and
was nursing Eve.

"Annie, don't you think you should cover up?" I suggested trying
to hide my embarrassment.

"Dad, these are the same breasts you saw in the hospital. Don't
be embarrassed. Eve is almost finished," she answered. "Have you
ever tried human milk? I mean have you ever tasted it."

"Well no, your mother couldn't nurse so she never produced any.
But what are you suggesting young lady?"

"I still have more and instead of using a breast pump, I was
going to let you try it for yourself."

"Are you suggesting I--- I mean do you want me to--," I stammered
and sputtered. That's not proper. You're my daughter for Pete's

"Mom used to tell me how horny and kinky you were as a lover. I
can't believe that drinking some of my milk is such a damning
thing. Besides, there is no one else on this planet that I would
want to taste my milk other than you and Eve. I want you to try
it. Please.... for me..."

I took great pride that even as Annie was growing up, I never so
much as touched her, not that she wasn't as beautiful to me as
her mother was. I did have a great sense of decency and I wanted
her to always remember me as a clean, decent father. One that
she could remember with pride and love. Not a molester or pervert.
Yet her breasts were larger than normal now that they were making
milk. And they were so beautiful. I was so lucky that she had
become such a beautiful woman. Annie looked very statuesque
with her 5'10" frame, her gentle soft curves, bright red hair, and
soft blue eyes. Her nipples were very erect. And I did envy Eve.
Marty's illness had deprived us from expressing our physical love
for over a year. Her death had become a blessing she had suffered
so much for so long. I indeed was horny. I had been so depressed
I didn't even masturbate all this time. Passion was driving
completely through my body. "Okay Annie. But it isn't because
I'm perverted or anything. I'll try it."

"Daddy, you're not perverted. You're a healthy man with all
the passions of a man. You're the only man in my life now and
I need your touch on my breasts more than you need it."

I slowly moved my mouth over her right nipple and began to such
lightly, I was so afraid of hurting her nipple or breast.

"Eve sucks harder than that Daddy."

I soon felt the milk coming into my mouth. I was shocked at how
sweet it tasted. It reminded me of "Eagle Brand Milk" we used to
have when I was a kid. My stimulation seemed to be so pleasing to
Annie. She closed her eyes and literally purred at my sucking. I
could feel my cock getting hard and really tried to disguise

"Well how does it taste?"

"The truth?"

"Yes, the truth."

"Wonderful. Sweet and light. And..."

"Sexy and Exciting?"

I blushed, "Yes," I said with a very subdued tone, "Very sensuous,
very sensuous indeed."

I didn't realize how much Annie needed to hear those words until
she really started to open up. "I needed your validation, Daddy. I
needed to hear you admit that I was a sexual turn on. It's
important to me."

This was the first hint that I had that Annie had not enjoyed a
full rich sex life.
Over the next few days it became a habit that when I was around
and Eve was finished, I got to drink the leftovers. I got to
a point that I really enjoyed the taste and knew that some
day it would be gone so I needed to enjoy it while I could.
I still was having trouble with my cock getting hard. I had
found Annie's body a very exciting and stimulating thing. I was
able to control my urges to rip her clothes off because of a deep
sense of what I was taught as being right and wrong. And incest was
wrong. But oh my she was all woman and I was getting so attached to
the feel of her body during these very intimate times.

Annie had been in the house for three weeks when the next step
happened. My house was large. It had four bedrooms, a family
room, den, living room and three bathrooms. The two upstairs
bathrooms were the ones we used. But the shower in my bathroom
was big and luxurious. Most of it had been custom made years
before. It was a day that I had gotten off early. I was the
Marketing Manager for a large industrial firm, and we had
just finished the details on a big new venture. I wanted to
go home and take my two ladies out to dinner to celebrate
this event. I went into the house and up the stairs to shower
and change clothes. I didn't even look for Annie. I went into
my bedroom and removed most of my clothes just down to
my undershorts. I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower
when I came to a screeching halt. There was Annie, totally nude
and drying herself off, having finished a shower herself.

"Oops, Oh my God, Annie I'm sorry, I didn't even think...Wow,
I'm sorry darling."

"Daddy! What's wrong?"

"I had no idea you would be in the shower. I would have knocked
to let you know I was home. Please forgive me."

"For what? Coming into your own bathroom. That's silly"

"Well you're...I mean you aren't..."

She looked down at her body and then looked at me, "you mean I
don't have clothes on?"

"Well yes, that's exactly what I mean. I want you to have all
the privacy you need. And I've burst in on you like this." She
knew how embarrassed I was.

Then she started to laugh. "I was in the delivery room, my legs
up in the air, spread apart, with who knows how many strangers
staring at every private part of me. There isn't anything I have
on or in my body that you didn't see and now your flustered at seeing
me nude. I can't believe it. I'm not ashamed or bothered. You're
man in my life, you should be able to look."

"I'm your father. The grandfather of Eve."

"And the only man in my life who has ever loved me."

I couldn't believe that my own daughter's body was so exciting to
me. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second. I couldn't
hide it, there was no place to turn, no place to run to. Annie saw it
right away.

"I turn you on don't I?"

I was stumped. I couldn't lie. "I'm sorry baby, it's just a
reaction. Yes you are more than sexy. But I haven't allowed
myself to feel turned on for so long. I mean it's been so long
since I had the chance to see such a beautiful sight. I did
everything I could to honor your mother. I stayed away from
every temptation on earth to be totally faithful while she was

"You never masturbated?"

"No. I wanted to be faithful in thought as well as deed, so I
tried to turn my attention away from any thinking that would
give me problems."

"Not even after mother was gone?"

"I was too depressed. I loved her so deeply, I was so empty. You
and Eve have given me so much of a reason to live."

Annie grabbed my hand and led me to my bed and made me sit down
next to her. She set the towel next to her and looked me straight in
eye. "When you looked at me and got turned on, that was the most
thrilling feeling I have had in over a year. I was a virgin up until
junior year in college. I was too busy with school, studies, and
work to get involved with a man. I had two quick romances, but
while there was sex involved they were very unsatisfying. I met
Eric and his love for the arts became a common ground for us.
But he never made me feel like a woman. His love making
was very clumsy and unromantic. He had no idea what fore
play meant. The only way I ever got an orgasm was after he
was asleep, I could masturbate. When you looked at me and
admired my body, I felt validated as a pure sexy female. I
only wanted that from him or any man. That was a very thrilling
moment for me. And it came from you."

I had no idea where this was leading. But I got a hint when her
hand move over the top of my under shorts and she began to
gently stroke my still hardened cock beneath them. I tried to back
off, but I was so horny and it had been such a long time. My
prejudice dropped immediately. Oh I tried to protest, "this is
wrong Annie. This is very wrong."

"Oh so Adam didn't have sex with his daughter's? Where did the
wives of his sons come from? No daddy this is not wrong. You
mean so much to me, I love you more than I can express."

She fumbled to remove my pants and finally I relented and removed
them. She was as strong willed as an adult as she had been as a
child, so when her mind was made up, don't fight it, just give in.
My cock was at full mast now. It was sticking straight out. Annie
took it into her hand and admired it. She cupped my balls and
said, "These produced the sperm that made me."

I looked down rather sheephisly and smiled at her and said,
"I never replaced them."

We both giggled at my preposterous remark. She looked at them and
at my cock with great wonder. "It is kind of thrilling to me
to know that this is the place that part of me was formed."
She stroked my cock lightly. "Mom always bragged to me about

"She didn't. Did she?"

"When I went to college, she and I talked a lot about sex.
She enjoyed everything the two of you did. She was so proud
of you and what a lover you were. And kinky."

I looked up to the ceiling as if looking into heaven and said,
"Marty you could never keep anything private."

"Daddy, I always wanted a man to satisfy me the way mother was so
satisfied. I never found him. Here lay down next to me and
let's talk some more. I need to talk."

We laid down next to each other, her hand was still stroking my
cock gently, but not enough to make me explode. Then she removed
it and placed her hand on mine and guided it to her mons. She
pressed my hand firmly against her pubic hair which was now starting
to grow back. She closed her eyes and let out a sound of contentment
like a dove's coo. "Please feel me," she said, "I need your touch
so desparately now. Please." With this she parted her legs to give
my hand complete access to her very wet slit. My brain was now
disconnected and I was running on lust power. I rolled over on
my side facing her and my finger traced around her entire pussy.
It had been so long since I felt this. I had forgotten who wonderful
it felt. Annie saw it in my face. "I am sexy to you," you said half

"Oh my dear baby, you are the sexiest woman alive in the world
today." She knew half of this was lust talking, but a big part of
this was my heart talking. She was sexy. I percieved her as being
of incredible beauty and she felt it.

My finger found her clit. I toyed with it, giving it sincere
promises of even more attention. My touch of her clit
sent her body into a complete spin. It was like turning on
a light that illuminated her entire soul. Her pussy was now
literally dripping it's juices. I really wanted to lean down
and drink this feminine nectar. But instead I wanted her to call
the shots. This was her body and I wanted her to orchestate my
moves. She raised her hips and asked me to put my fingers inside.
I love the feel inside a womans vagina. It is soft, wet and warm.
And it is full of sensations for me. Her's was as wonderful
as I remember her mother's being. My fingers were getting very
slippery from all her lubrication. I was sensitive to how brutal
childbirth had been to her pussy and didn't want to hurt her or
bring any kind of discomfort to her. Soon I was rubbing from
deep inside to up and across her clit. Each time bringing up
more of her internal juice to bath her now swollen clit. With
each stroke her body responded. I picked up my speed a little
and her butt started bouncing on the bed in response to my
stroking. I rolled over and was partially on top of her. Her
right breast was pressed against my chest. Soon she was shaking
with pleasure, her breast was lactating slightly against my chest.
She was dripping between her legs and from her chest. Her entire
body became flush and soon she was crying out, "I love it, I love it
Oh it feels sooooo goood, please go deeper and longer strokes, I
love it."

I plunged deeper and made my stokes glide more rapidly along
it's path each time circling her clit rubbing all of it's surface
I could. With a loud moan of joy, Annie crashed into a gigantic
orgasm. Her skin was flushed completely red, making her look
completely sunburned. Her eyes were shut with floods of tears
streaming from their corners. Her lips were trembling trying to
hold back her crying.

As she started to lose some of her flush, I asked her if she was
okay. I just knew that she was a victum of guilt now and it
was all my fault. "I'm sorry baby, we just went too far."

She opened her eyes and rolled up to embrace me tightly. "Oh no
Daddy, we haven't gone too far. I have never had an orgasm
that strong in all my life. Mother was right. You are wonderful.
I love you so much," She kissed me not as though I was her
father, but as a lover. "Thank you for that I needed that so
very much. That's everything I've wanted sex to be. That's
the feeling I have dreamed about. I love you."

Her tears brought tears to my eyes. "The feel of your pussy
was so wonderful. I had forgotten just how wonderful it was.
I have missed it so much more than I have admitted to myself.
I love you Annie. Your being here in my...., no our house means
everything to me. And you were outstanding just now."

She looked down at my cock which was half erect now. "Please let
me show you how much I love you now. I want to suck you."

I was so melted now I couldn't protest at all. I laid back and
let her work on me. She showed signs of some practice, I had
learned that Eric insisted on blow jobs over intercourse. But
then that figured to be the case knowing his orientation. Because
of this, Annie became very skilled. She manipulated my cock
with her fingers as carefully as a craftsman making a real work
of art. With her mouth she used lips, tongue and teeth with
a deftness of a surgeon. I wasn't going to hold back at all.
I could feel myself getting ready to shoot a year of pent
up frustration. I wasn't sure what she was going to do. But as
I exploded, she moved her head away and tried to catch my
semen in her hand. "I just want to see it this time," she said
I want to swallow it next time."

Next time!!! I still hadn't gotten over the shock of the first time.

"Why do you want to see it," I asked.

"Daddy, it's this very semen that went into Mother and made me.
It's corny, but it's important for me to see it."

She scrapped it up, looked at it like a scientist, and then
rubbed it against her body. Finally she leaned down and wrapped
her mouth around my now somewhat flaccid cock and sucked
the last drops of semen into her mouth.. She smiled very approvingly
when she looked up at me. And then with a very quick change in
mood, she asked, "just why are you home so early anyway?"

"Well I just finished our new marketing campaign and got the
owners to approve it. So I wanted to take my two favorite ladies
to dinner."

"Well let me wash off again and feed Eve, and then let's go. In the
meanwhile you can take your shower and then move my stuff in here.
I just decided this bed needs me, and I definitely need it."

To be continued...


2017-11-15 11:00:08
"My Daughter Annie" - Early Twenties Year Old Married Daughter, Annie and Widowed Father, Unnamed and New Born Daughter/Granddaughter, Evangeline.

Being a lover of father/daughter incestuous romance, I'm thrilled this is a love story of caring, romance, admiration, daughter's lust and adoration!! It is an absolute shame that Annie's unnamed father isn't the father of his third child (a deceased son, his daughter Annie) and sire of his third grandchild.

The author of this fabulous father/daughter romantic story of a couple's deep love and incest, has the kindness of heart and feelings to write Annie's father as the father of her next half dozen children, and his grandchildren, into the next part(s) of this story. I'm such a softie for great, life-like stories of father and daughter romance that I not only had a raging hard-on--and a massive orgasm of about five cum-shots, but also had a few tears along the way!

The author is an amazing writer and author!!

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