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With a grunt, I came right on top of the piece of toast.

“Thanks baby,” my slut mom, Britney said gratefully. She bit down on the toast that had butter and now cum on it too.

“I can’t start my day right unless I get a little bit of cum at least in my system. Thanks again, babe. And thank you too, Becca. You’re turning into a bigger whore than your mum,” my mom said to me and my sister fondly.
Becca was sitting under the table, where she’d been sucking my cock, priming me to give mom her morning cumshot. Rebecca was the ultimate nymphomaniac. It was your typical school day today, and as usual, without fail, the naked 13 year old had woken me up with a morning blow job, stopped when I woke up and before I came in her mouth, followed me into the washroom, licked the droplets of pee off my cock that remained after my morning piss, then proceeded to lick the entire toilet bowl rim clean to make sure no piss was on it while I brushed my teeth, and as soon as I finished, she was brushing her teeth too. As soon as I got downstairs and sat down at the breakfast table next to my topless, cum covered mother, Becca sprinted down and assumed her position under the table, completely ignoring her breakfast and getting to work on my cock again. My mom’s hair was crusty and she had cum stains on her face as usual. It was all a mixture of my cock cream and whomever she’d managed to pick up from the previous day. My 29 year old mom was always half clothed, either because she was getting fucked or because she was horny and looking to get fucked. She pretty much only wore clothes that offered people easy access, so it was almost always mini skirts that would have fit girls my sisters age that she had bunched up around her waist while her legs were spread wide open, or some form of short cocktail dress that also got bunched around her waist while someone was plowing into her. Her tits were almost always hanging out, or she just wore something that was easily pulled off and pulled back up to cover her up.

I sat back down to finish up my breakfast, and Becca had gotten up to wolf down her breakfast. We all finished up, and got up to get ready. Since mom had inherited this house from her grandparents, and she earned so much extra money because of getting “work bonuses” which she earned by fucking some valuable clients for her boss, we were living pretty comfortably. I got changed into a simple pair of jeans and, a t-shirt, gathered up my books and bag, and waited downstairs for Becca. Even though we went to different schools, her middle school was on the way to my high school, so we tended to walk together.

Surprisingly, my mom was ready at the same time as my sister today, so they both came down together. Becca was dressed in a tiny half shirt that probably would have fit a 6 year old, let alone an over-developed 13 year old. She had on a mini-skirt that probably would have passed for a thick belt if you thought about it long enough. It looked like she decided on underwear as I caught a flash of black thong underwear as she flew down the steps. Mom was dressed in a really tight dress shirt that was partially see-through, with most of the buttons undone so her tits practically fell out the front. She also had on a short black mini skirt, and as usual, no underwear. Mom put on a pair of black fuck-me pumps, and Becca put on her sneakers.

“Hun, how come you don’t wear your heels to school? They make you look so sexy, and your little teen ass sticks out. I bet your teachers would trip over themselves to fuck that ass if you wore the heels,” mom said.
“Yea, but the sneakers let me run around. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get from one end of the school to the other when you’re giving head to a teacher after class, and have to get to class on time. Or when during lunch you need to fuck, and you’re in the middle of the field. It’s hard to balance in heels when you’re like that, and doesn’t let me run from one guy to the next,” Becca reasoned. “What’s with the skirt, mom? Aren’t you gonna be naked anyway?”

“Yeah baby, but I want to come home with as many cum stains on the skirt as I can by tonight. If I can half this thing so cum-covered that I need to crack it in two to get it off my slut ass, then today will have been a success. You’re gonna love seeing my outfit after work today,” mom said as she winked.
We all walked out, and mom locked up before getting into the car. Since she worked in the opposite direction, she wouldn’t be giving us a ride to school, and I didn’t really want a ride anyway. These walks in the morning were so refreshing. While Becca and I walked, I could clearly see that her half-shirt which already showed her entire belly was occasionally being lifted up to show off her tits pretty prominently. Becca, as usual, barely made any effort to cover any of it up.

“Hmm, I think I want to compete with mom for most cum-covered by the end of today. What do you think, Jason?” Becca asked.

“I think you should do it. I’d love to see who wins. But you gotta come home by 5:30 as well, so that it’s fair. You’re not allowed to get extra time to find more cocks, it’s not fair to mom.”

“Yay, it’s gonna be a Slut-Off!” I can’t believe she can be so excited about this, and all by the age of 13 too. It’s a good thing mom had her on the pill early, or I’m pretty sure there would have been a pregnancy by now.
One of Becca’s friends from school caught up with us during our walk, and her and Becca started talking about all sorts of stupid girl stuff. I tuned out. When we reached Becca’s school, she stopped talking, turned to me, gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and I stuck two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out almost immediately, as was our ritual every morning that I walked her. We said our byes, and I continued on to school alone.

School was a boring affair, and the only thing that tided me over were the regular pictures that mom sent me throughout the day of herself doing nasty, whore-ish things. The whole time, mom’s shirt was on, but with only one button right below her tits done while her tits hung out lewdly, her skirt pulled up to be right below her tits and covering her middle while her ass, tits, and pussy all lay out in the open for everyone. As the day progressed, mom got messier and messier. The first picture just started off with her exposed and she sat on a desk spreading her pussy lips, with her hair a little mussed. Progressively, she was covered from head to toe in spit and cum. By the time lunch rolled around, I had about 8 pictures, where it looked like mom had about 3 cumshots to the face, about a litre of spit all over her tits and hair, and her pussy looked pretty abused and was leaking cum down her legs. Her skirt and shirt were fairly wet and covered. I was impressed with how her day as the Office Slut was going. I texted Becca to see how she was doing. About 2 minutes later, I got a picture sent to me of Becca on her knees, and it was obvious that while mom had taken her pictures herself, either in a mirror or be extending her hand and taking a self picture, Becca’s picture was taken by one of the 4 guys who’s cocks she was surrounded by. It was a picture of my sweet baby sister on her knees with her mouth on a cock while she looked up at the phone with lust in her eyes and two dicks resting on her cheeks, while another rested on her forehead and bangs. Becca looked thoroughly fucked, and it was obvious she’d had the better part of a bukkake on her face already, as her face was fairly well glazed over, her hair matted down and wet, and her shirt pulled up over her tits. From what I could see of her shirt, it was pretty much covered in cum too, and her tits glistened. I guess Becca was gonna take this contest pretty seriously.

I texted mom to let her know there was competition.

Throughout the day, the pictures got more and more intense. By the time school ended, and I walked home, mom had sent me a total of 35 pictures, and Becca had sent me a total of about 14 pictures. It looked like it was gonna be close, as the last pictures I had received from both were pretty brutal. Mom had her eyeliner and mascara running down her face, with her hair a wet, sticky mess, her shirt plastered to her skin by a mixture of fluids, and her skirt absolutely glistening, while her pussy was raw and red, and so was her asshole, both gaping and leaking cum right down her legs and coating her shoes. Becca on the other hand looked like she was getting a constant gangbang party in the staff lounge. I assumed the teachers and principal just agreed to have her marked as present for all of her classes, and they rotated in shifts with fucking her. All 14 pictures that I’d had from her never featured her alone, and she had a minimum of 3 cocks in all of them. The last picture I had of her was her sexy 13 year old face unrecognizable from the chunky cum all over it, running into her hair and making it one thick clump of straight hair. There was in fact so much on her face that it had run down and made a complete mess of her shirt, and tits, and there were thick globs of cum coating her entire front side, including her belt-like mini-skirt. She’d been getting double penetrated all day from the looks of things since a lot of the pictures either showed the dp in progress, or depicted a fresh load of cum running down her leg. The final picture that got sent to me, however, showed her on her back on the table, with her head hanging off the edge, her face hanging upside down as her hair was in its cum-cocoon, her legs cocked in the air, with one guy’s cock in her mouth, with drool clearly falling downwards onto her face and adding to the slime filth that was already there, a couple guys were standing beside her, cumming on her body, and there was another grown man holding her legs open as he had his cock sunk deep into her. The caption to the picture said “And we still have another 2 hours to go!”

I sat down on the couch, turned on whatever porn was in the dvd player and sat back to wait till mom and Becca came home. I knew Becca would be walking home in whatever state she left in, and if she could get lucky, she’d get one of the neighbour guys to drop another load on her or something, and I knew mom was probably in the middle of some massive office gangbang and would not let a single drop of cum go to waste.
During my two hour wait, I finished up my homework and ordered a pizza, since I figured with the epic dicking mom was getting today, she was not going to be in the mood to cook. Around 5:30, I started getting hard, waiting to see who came in first, and how fucked up they looked. Man, I was not disappointed.

The first to come in the door was Mom. I heard the car turn off, and I heard mom’s stripper heels click up the driveway and she came into the house. While mom had left with straightened hair, and looking very seductive, she walked in looking like she’d fucked the entire country. Her makeup was streaked down her face with the bunch of dried cum that was there, her hair was matted down over her forehead and along her shoulders. Her slightly see-through dress shirt was now completely soaked and plastered to her skin, her tits, which she hadn’t bothered to cover up had cum in the cleavage that still stayed there, and the rest of her tits were glistening. Her skirt was absolutely caked, and couldn’t have been wetted if she’d dumped it in a lake. It was soaked, and it was obvious that most of the stuff on it was cum. Her skirt was still pulled up around her middle, so her pussy was easy to see, and it was gaping, as was her asshole. There was still cum running out in rivulets, and mom’s shoes which were black stripper heel pumps, were now soaked with cum and had cum dripping off them as well.

“Wow mom, holy fucking hell. How long and how many cocks did you end up taking today?” I asked incredulously.

“Babe, you have no idea. I got into work, popped my tits out in the lobby, hiked my skirt up, and already had my first blowjob given in the elevator. Word spread quick today, and I was basically either on my knees or on my back all day sucking and fucking, and when one guy stepped out, another came in. it was amazing. Ohh god, it was good, but my ass is sore. There was this one black guy who just didn’t calm down. He came buckets though, so I can’t really complain.”

Mom sat down in the living room in front of the tv, watching the gangbang porn that I’d put up before mom
came in and she watched it while eating a slice of pizza. Around 5:40, Becca came in the door.

“Hey Bec –“ I stopped short. Mom looked over from the living room and the piece of pizza she was eating while still in her fucked up, cum-covered state dropped out of her hand and onto her lap.

“Holy fucking shit Becks, I think you can take this win,” mom said in shock.

Becca was in the most ridiculous state ever. Her face looked like she’d put a mask over top of it, with the cum at least a quarter inch thick, still dripping from her face. Her eyes were completely caked, and you could barely make out the blue of her eyes through the strings of cum that hung from her eye brows. Her hair was all stuck together and hanging down her back and still wet from the cum. If Becca had jumped into a swimming pool filled with semen, it would have been more accurate to her deion. Her shirt was still pulled up and over her tits, and plastered to her skin, with her usually smooth white skin lumpy with cum on it. It was obvious that the cum shower had started at her face and head, and moved its way down her body. Her belt/skirt was up by a couple inches, not quite covering her navel, but just high enough to give a view to her abused pussy. Her peach-fuzz covered pussy that I was so fond of fucking was raw, red, and had cum all over it. She was bowlegged, and her ass was still pink, probably from being slapped so much. Her skirt and shirt were both like a second skin to her, with the amount of cum on them. She still had one sneaker on, while the other foot was just her sock, and in both cases, they were both covered in cum. Even down to her arms had cum on them. Her forearms were wet and slick with cum, her hands were practically pruned, and as Becca did a little twirl for us, we saw that she had cum on her ears, and she looked like she was almost all completely glazed over by cum.

“What the fuck happened, Becca?” I asked in awe.

She smiled widely at us and we saw that she still had cum in her mouth. “I had a great day bro. I told you I’d be a better slut than mom was!”

And as she said that, she moved closer to mom, because as both mother and daughter knew, no cum was to go to waste. My mom Britney got up off the sofa, leaving an outline of wetness on the leather couch and starting licking up her daughters face, while her daughter did the same to her.

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