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True story of when I fucked a slut while never seeing his face
Finishing work early on a Friday evening, I was sat at home surfing the net looking at all kinds of filthy smut. But like always, seeing it on the PC screen only goes someway to fulfilling fantacies.

I had recently started using a gay cruising site, where other horny men were searching for fun. Not having any look, I was beginning to lose hope and thinking this would turn out to be another Friday night spent alone masturbating to some low quality porn video I'd found online.

A message appeared on my site mailbox, from someone called “Billy1990” saying the pics of my cock I'd attached to my profile were really hot and making him hard. After a bit of banter and sexy talk, I got down to business and asked him about meeting.

Straight away he was up for it, and living alone in a shitty terraced house in a rough area of Sheffield he had the house to himself and was free all evening. In his own words his asshole was aching for my cock, which made me instantly hard.

But wanting to fulfil a fantasy of I'd always had, and because I could tell he was a sub and so horny for cock he'd do just about anything, I demanded that I wanted anon sex. I demanded that I would walk straight into his house, and would find him on all fours with his ass exposed for my use.

I was relieved when he said he would love it, and immediately got in my car and headed to his house, with my cock drooling precum already at just the thought of fucking him.

Parking up in a Tesco Express car park a few hundred metres away, I walked to his front door which was on a busy street with loads of people including little kids walking past. Shitting myself just in case It was the wrong door, I pushed it open straight away and as agreed locked it behind me.

The house was the typical small mid-terraced house, cluttered with furniture. Still nervous in case this was the wrong house, I walked slowly from the hallway into the living room and there the slut was.

Instantly my nerves left, to be replaced by pure lust, as I looked upon the slut (Billy1990) on all fours with his ass in the air, and a blindfold tied around his eyes. It was exactly what I demanded he do, and it drive me wild with lust to see him completely exposed and at my mercy.

“Please put your big cock in my ass, I fucking need it” were his first words.

Dropping to my knees, I knelt over his ass, and ran my tongue from his dangling balls all the way up his ass crack and asshole. Licking his asshole he started to moan softly, as with my hands I alternated between squeezing his ass cheeeks and squeezing his balls which had their public hair trimmed short.

Taking my tongue from his clean and shaved asshole, I said, “You like that don't you? Your such a fucking whore you dirty bitch!”

“Oh yes, that feels so good. I'm your fucking whore!” was his reply.

Standing up over him, my rock hard cock was leaking precum which I smeared over his asshole, and stuck a finger straight inside him, eliciting more moans of pleasure from him.

Putting on a condom, I squeezed generous amounts of lube – both of which he had left next to him – all over my cock and his asshole.

“Put that condom on and and fuck me hard!”

“Shut your fucking mouth you worthless faggot!” I commanded him, as I guided my swollen mushroom cock-head to the entrance of his lubed up asshole, my balls and entire cock tingling with excitement and lust.

As I forced my cock head into his asshole, I could feel it push past his resistance, at which point I shoved the rest of my cock all the way inside his ass, my balls swinging low touched his as we were fully connected.

Taking his hips in my hands, I began to work back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of his tight asshole while he continued to moan in pleasure with the blindfold on.

I build up pace, and was brutally fucking his ass while my lust and excitement built to new heights.

Sliding my cock out of his ass, I ripped off the comdom and rammed my cock back inside him, taking him bareback which felt so much better. It felt as though we were so much more connected, like we were the same person.

“I love your cock inside me Malcolm, make me your bitch! I'm your total slut!”

“Yes you filthy whore, I love your asshole, my cock belongs inside it. You were born to fuck cocks you dirty little bitch!”

“Yes! I love the feel of your big fat cock!”

I could feel my balls tighten up and the heat of my coming orgasm spread though my entire body.

I began pumping load after load of my cum into Billy's ass, emptying my balls completely.

“I took my condom off slut! My cum's being spurted in your ass!”

“I don't fucking care, I want your cum inside my Malcolm! I fucking love it, I love you! I love you!”.

“Aaaarrhhh! Take all my cum inside you babe, take it all!”, I screamed as the last of my cum was pumped inside Billy's ass.

Collapsing on top of him, I kissed his neck and then slid my cock out of his ass, which came out with a plopping sound.

Pulling on my jeans, I stood up and stared at Billy collapsed on the floor, my cum so deep inside him nothing was leaking out of his asshole.

I slapped his ass and walked out, thoroughly relieved and satisfied for once.


2013-03-04 18:04:21
if you have a gay story, put a gay tag in it. enough said. negative vote for days


2013-03-04 09:05:22
I'm glad to see men do that to other men and not just woman

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-03 23:39:14
shitty story. on a scale from 1-10 its a -1,000,000,00.

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