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Pizza and Boyfriend.

My Boyfriend and I have only been going out for about 6 months. We are in our 20s, I'm Caucasian, 6 foot 2 inches, around 85-86kg, average build. He's Black around 5 8 or 9, 78kg, a little more gym built. He loves bigger guys he always says to me, especially guys with bigger asses, which he explains gives a guy good balance especially with exercise and general posture. I love his explanation for this. He was explaining this as we were on the way home after picking up some pizza for dinner. It was a nice summer day with a light gentle breeze. As it is in summer, dinner is not usually till later and we both eat less and drink more.

We both got home, balanced the pizza box on the bedside table, and sat up against cushions on the bed and continued to watch TV we had been lazily watching all day. I was wearing a light fabric t-shirt and blue striped underwear, and he, shorts and singlet. We ate a few pieces of pizza, I rubbed my hands well into 2 napkins after eating them, removing the grease. I then started running my hands through his curly hair while admiring his cute lips.

He looked at me a few times, chuckled slightly, gave me a quick kiss. I rubbed his shoulders slightly and ran my hands down to his thighs. I began to push up the bottom of his shorts, running my hands over his nice slight, hairy legs. My boyfriend took my hand off and scooted up off the bed and stood up. He pulled down his shorts and underwear and then his singlet. I eyed his body and beautiful skin the whole time. "Its a bit hot babe, you mind?". "Not at all handsome" I replied. As he sat back down, his 8-9 inch cock bounced slightly against his leg and sack. I kissed his neck and wrapped my arm around him, breathing in his skin and scent. We continued to watch TV and I brought my hand back and began to play with his cock, pulling slightly his foreskin, up and down. As usual, he grows erect quickly, all the blood thickening the big head of his member.

I looked at the left over pizza out of the corner of my eye. I'm still a little peckish. Turning my head back to him, he kisses me full on the mouth, my hand still at his enlarging penis, kissing each other deeply. "mmm ahhhh--mmmm" I murmur, rolling slightly on top of him at his side, his cock pushing into my loin, one of his hands finding my ass and slipping into my underwear. We play at this a while, his cock stiffening and poking into me, his hand rubbing and squeezing my ass cheek. I then tell him my devilish thought. "I'm still a little peckish handsome". "What for, babe?" He quickly grins as I rub his cock some more. "Some fluid" I say, licking my lips. I roll off him and tell him to stand by the bed and face me. He gets up and off the bed and standing, turns around.

His cock is fully erect, pointing at me, his sack visible, full and ready. I grab some hardcover books from the bookshelf and place them on the bed under his thick penis. Then I move the pizza box with the remaining few slices of pizza on top of the books. "Hey babe, whats up?", my boyfriend a little confused. I look at him hungrily. 'I need a little something extra, sexy". I swing my legs around and sit on the side of the bed. Hands on his thighs, I adjust him and his cock head goes into my mouth. I gurgle and work up saliva as I suck hungerily at his cock. Several veins are visible, running down his shaft, I lick along them as he gasps.

I know im bringing him to fruition.
I cup his sack in my hand, cupping gently and continuing to suck his cock, moving back to slurp at his head, then back down the whole shaft again. He was getting close. I take him out of my mouth and pushed the pizza against him, the smooth but firm crust pushing the area between the base of his cock and the start of his sack. He understood and began to thrust slightly against the pizza, his cock touching the melted cheese, meat, pineapple. He groaned, his cock head visibly beginning to strain.

I lay back on the bed on my stomach and took off my underwear so he could see my ass as I returned to blow him. Some spit came out of my mouth and ran down my chin, dripping onto pizza. "Your going to have to eat all of it babe" my man said happily, his cock at its fullest length. I grinned, cock in mouth, and with eyes locked on his, began to let his cock slide slowly out of my mouth and back onto the pizza, pulling all my worked up saliva with it. I pushed the box up slightly, the pizza crust pushing more at the base of his cock, his balls nicely pushed up against the box and food.. "Here we go baby". His cock began to spasm and hot white thick sauce came out of his chocolate brown shaft and splattered the remaining two slices of pizza. I began to move forward to suck the last droplets from his cock head but he told me to stop. He used his fingers to squeeze the last droplets out. He pointed at the first bit of pizza.
"Eat it".

I picked it up, the front drooping, fresh semen and saliva beginning to run to the front and opened wide and took a bite. I pulled away and ate slowly, some cum pulled away and splattered my lips. I licked and continued. He walked around the bed and climbed atop me, like a cowboy and watched as I finished the first slice. "Eat slowly" He commanded. I did as I was told. It was only when I had finished that piece and there was one left did I notice that his erection had returned and was pushing against the small of my back. I began to go for the next slice but my boyfriend reached out and stopped me. "Not yet" as he love bited my neck. I squirmed slightly with pleasure as he hit my sensitive spot.

He moved back and off me. I heard a drawer open and the sound of the condom being put on and felt the wet lube being applied onto my entrance and his fingers working their way inside. I moaned softly, my head going down, almost into the cum drenched pizza. As soon as his fingers did their work, he pushed his manhood inside me and began to thrust. He held my hips and slight love handles to bring me up to a half doggy style position.
I leaned forward on my elbows, pushing my ass up, giving him all the access. He began to screw me quicker now, hitting the right spots, I crying out, my face going down as I absorb the pleasure. His ejaculate gets on my face as I connect with the pizza slice. I assume he notices as he thrusts harder now, fuller, deeper. He slows down, pushes me down, still inside me, squeezes my ass and continues to push in and out. "Eat the food baby" he tells me. Cum plastered on my face, I pick up the pizza and eat as his cock slides in and out, slower but fuller, my ass so full of him, my mouth so full of food and his fluid. I feel his cock spasm deep inside me as I keep eating the pizza, crying out in pleasure between mouthfuls. He lies down on me, watching me eating the last evidence of his earlier orgasm, breathing heavily down my neck. he rubs his fingers over my face, collecting the final bits of cum and puts his fingers in my mouth to suck, of which I obediently do. I push the box away and lie on the bed.

"That was exhausting handsome, but was so fun. Your cum tastes so good and is good for me" I tell him. "Well your going to love next time babe, maybe burgers or chocolate cake". He pulls out of me, gently pats my bum, disposes of his sheath in the bedroom bin. I pull my under wear back up and we spoon together in the bed, oblivious to the amount of TV we have missed.


2015-07-28 05:42:10
Damn that's so fucking hot I almost came on myself

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