The weeks after that day were weird and wonderful. We developed a relation unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.
The first week nothing happened. Except I was aroused every hour of every day. I woke up in the morning after sleep filled with erotic dreams involving my brother. I would jerk off and calm down.
Until he would walk into the kitchen in his underwear and I would lose it again.
I didn’t ask him to do it again. I decided it would be best if he would initiate it.

A week after I had my first taste of his body, when my parents were out to some congress, we had another day of fun. He came bouncing into my room and asked if I wanted to play some video games with him. When I asked him if he really meant he wanted to play games or if he wanted me to jerk him off again he couldn’t really decide. So I ended up having the best idea ever.
I moved my desk to the end of the bed. With the computer at the end we could sit or lie on my bed and still play games.

Before we started playing we undressed each other. I was in my underwear so all it took was one tug of my brother to get me naked. I had my fun with his shorts. Undoing the little buttons and sliding down the zipper to reveal his lovely bulge in his white underwear. Before taking his underwear off I tickles the small curve first until the elastic band was stretched by his stiffy.

Once we were naked he lay down on his belly, his chest supported by my pillow, facing the computer. I sat down behind him and gave him an hour long back rub while he had his fun with the games. It was perfect for the both of us. Especially cause now I could fondle and caress his bums as long as I wanted.
The little cushions were so perfectly tight. Two round white bums that fitted the curves of his body perfectly. The firmness of it felt so good in my palms.
He liked my touch there as well. Often when I would be rubbing his back he would wiggle his butt a couple of times, nudging me to caress his bottom.

This little moment was something that turned into a steady thing. About once a week, sometimes more. We would be like this. Naked on the bed touching each other and playing games.
When I was the one playing games I would sit with my legs folded under me, legs spread.
My young brother would lay his head on my thigh, face close to my crotch, and play for hours with my cock. He loved teasing and caressing me.
He would first get me hard, then waited until I went soft, only to make it hard again. He would softly poke my balls and see how the skin moved. Or pull my foreskin all the way down and look at my cock from every side. At first it was almost impossible to play games while I felt his hands all over my cock, investigating, caressing and jerking. Especially when he started edging me, without actually realizing he was. He would jerk me, fast, then stop suddenly and squeeze tightly so he could sense the pulsating of the throbs my cock made. Or he would release my cock and giggle when it jumped up and down.

The first time I lost some pre-cum cause of his nimble hands he was ecstatic. He couldn’t get enough of playing with it, making strings between his fingers and my cock. Seeing how it reacted. And of course it was followed by a ton of questions about it.

Every game session ended in an orgasm. Nearly every time we would both cum, but on rare occasions just one of us. Depending whether I had jerked that day already, or if he didn’t feel like it that day.

He loved making me orgasm. Not just cause he thought it funny how I twitched and moaned when I came, he often used my cock as a gun aiming my sperm at whatever. Often he held his hand right above it, making the first strings of cum hit his palm.

Once I came on him. He had just been edging me for nearly an hour, so I already had been having problems keeping myself together. I jerked him first.
He had his knees up, spreading his legs in an angle. The feeling of his little cock throbbing so violently in my hand was amazing. His belly was convulsing in his orgasm. Make all his muscles stand out, creating those erotic lines everywhere.
I’m not sure why, but that day he had more of his clear juice leaking out than ever before. It was a nice thick load, yet it looked just like a big collection of pre-cum that was slowly flowing out his still throbbing cock.

At first he was happy when he saw it, but quickly his face turned into a frown.
“Why isn’t it white yet like yours?”
I was playing with his cute juice. “Cause you are not old enough yet. When hairs start growing here and here” I touched various spots around his crotch “You will also get real cum like me.”
The answer didn’t satisfy him.
“But when?” he complained.
“I got it when I was 10 or 11 or something” I tell him.
He didn’t look much happier. I got an idea.

“So you want some cum do you?” I ask him.
He nods with a smile. I quickly bend over him and bring my face close to his. I support myself with one arm and use the other to jerk myself. My brother quickly sees my plan and resists.
He presses one hand on my chest and starts laughing. “No not yours!”
I keep jerking myself fast and silence his complains by kissing his lips. He first returns my kiss and I feel his cute thick lips clasp mine. But then he resists again.
“waaait noooo” he yells while laughing.

I feel my orgasm rising. Soft grunts escape my mouth. It’s too late to stop. He doesn’t resist anymore. With his giant eyes he looks at me with anticipation. I see him glance to my cock and back to my face.
He holds his breath and I feel him grabbing my sides softly, holding me in place while I aim my cock for his tummy. Right before I cum he lifts his head up and kisses my cheek, saying without words it’s ok.

My orgasm hits me like a powerful blow. All my arousal and love for my young slender brother shoots out in thick warm loads of cum. The first two strings hit his chest with a lovely pat. The rest flows out over his belly. He giggles and yells. “It’s so warm!”
I feel in heaven when I see my cum drip all over his tight white tummy. The strings look like a gift he deserves.

I sit up and aim my cock to his. I squeeze one nice thick load out of my cock and let it fall on his soft penis. He giggles again. “Not there!”
Once I’m out of sperm I look down at my artwork. He is really covered in sperm, it’s a mess of strings and white spots. His cock is on his belly, soft in a curve, laying in a puddle of my cum mixed with his clear juice.
“Stay down for a second.” I tell him gently and get up.
I grab my phone and take a picture of him. He looks at me really confused until I turn my phone around and show him the picture. It’s beautiful.
Even though it’s obviously visible he has the body of a boy not yet ready to have seed, with the strings all pointing towards his face and a nice collection around his cock it looks just like he just had an unreal orgasm. He gets a broad smile.

I turn to the computer so I can get the picture off my phone, knowing it can’t stay on there.
I don’t hear him getting up but I do suddenly feel a naked seeded boy pressing himself against me.
He hugs me tightly.
“Now we both have to shower” he happily tells me.
After wrenching myself from his tight grip I tell him I would have showered with him anyway.
While I continue fumbling with my phone and the connector cable he walks over to the mirror on my door.
From the corner of my eyes I see him looking at himself from various angles.
Cum slowly drips over his balls onto the floor. He makes a body builder pose, holding his arms up and flexing. Although he doesn’t have any muscles he looks proud. The white spots on his chest and tummy turn into drops flowing downwards.
“Now I’m just like you” He says proudly. I see him playing with some of my cum.
I wonder if he knows how ridiculously erotic poses he take. He stands with his legs slightly spread, making his cute bums stand out even more. They shine with sweat.
Once my phone is transferring the picture I stand next to my little brother.
We are actually really alike. Although my freckles are barely visible anymore, and his stand out nicely on his face, our body types are alike. Both slender with clean white skin. Our cocks bare resemblance as well. Both nicely thick with balls that match in size to make a solid package. Although all my stuff has already started hanging, with him it’s still this ball standing out between his legs.
And his lips are different. His are thick and bright red, as if he is always asking for a kiss.
He stretches again. Every time he does that I lose my mind. It’s unreal how beautiful his body looks when he stretches.
From his hairless armpits lines stretches out towards his sexy skinny chest. The dip in his ribs point downwards towards his belly. His belly turns into a flat sheet of perfect smooth paper.
On his sides lines appear pointing to his crotch that in it’s turn points forward proudly. My legs feel weak.
I crouch down and place my lips on his slender shoulder. I kiss him softly and let my lips trail his skin to his neck.
I hear him shiver when I kiss the skin right beneath his ear. One hand clasps around mine tightly and in a whisper he breathes “You are sweet.”
In the mirror our eyes meet and I return the compliment.
“You are cute.” I tell him.
“Cute?!” He asks. “Girls are cute, I’m a boy you know”.
He place one hand in his side, pretending to be angry. He looked a hundred times cuter like this, but I understood his complain.
“Ok fine, sexy then. I think you are sexy.”
I could see him frown a little, playing with the thought. But in the end he accepted my compliment and smiled.
I kissed his smile firmly, grabbing his upper lip with my lips and then his lower. I felt him nibble softly on my lips.

When I broke our kiss he turned his head a little and kissed my cheek. I hugged him tightly with one arm around him, my other hand was holding his.
When I stood up to open the door and go to the shower he placed his lips firmly on my chest. He made a smacking sound. I thought it was just a little joke, but he placed a second kiss. A soft one, still on my chest but lower. After that another.
Slowly he trailed my body with his soft lips, going ever downwards.
When he reached my belly button his warm breath was flowing around my cock. It aroused me in an instant. My soft cock flung upwards filled with blood. He was so close to me my cock hit his chin with a soft pat. I had yet to clean it so a small string of cum attached itself to his skin. He jerked his head back and started laughing.
“I have enough of your cum already!” he exclaimed and tried to wipe my cum off his face.
I picked him up. He clasped his legs around my middle and I supported him with my arms.
With a kiss and a small licked I cleaned his cheek. He giggled and I carried him towards the bathroom. I tried to kiss him on his lips again but he turned his face still laughing.
“No way, no with those lips”
We struggled until we got into the bathroom and went into the shower.

We wash each other thoroughly. Of course our crotches got the cleanest.
I take advantage of the excuse and caress his hole for a couple of minutes. He had turned around when I was washing him and the moment I saw the soap running down his crack I couldn’t resist. I didn’t actually finger him, but just let one finger run up and down his small hole. At first he didn’t respond at all, but just kept on hymning a child song. But once I started applying more pressure he stopped. He turned his face but not his body. I could tell he was investigating this new sensation.
I went very slow, moving the tip of my finger over his opening. I made circles on and around his hole. Pressing so his skin gave way, though I didn’t dare to enter. From the corner of my eye I saw his hand going towards his crotch. He bent over slightly, giving me more room to caress his hole.
He started jerking himself. Incredibly fast. It was the first time he jerked himself in front of me so I turned him around to face me. He had his eyes closed, but he grabbed my hand and motioned it towards his butt again.

I gave him what he wanted right away. My finger found his sweet spot and together we brought him to yet another orgasm.
I watched his body intently and when I saw his beautiful tummy spasm I leaned forward and opened my mouth. He understood me. Right before orgasming he pressed forward and his stiffy entered my mouth. I sucked the orgasm out of him. He moaned loudly and his body spasmed. Both his arms were wrapped around my head and his hips were making shocking motions, erratically pushing his cock in my mouth. There was hardly any juice left in him, yet I could taste his sweetness. His just washed cock tasted so soft. I couldn’t get enough of it.
While softening I grabbed his cock, pulled the skin back and eagerly let my tongue run over his exposed head. He shuddered and breathed heavily.
I looked up past his flat tummy.
His long wet blond hair made him look like a drowned cat, his face was all red and his lips were swollen. I jerked myself right away.
He leaned forward and hugged me, pressing his warm wet body against me while I was jerking myself to a second orgasm.
Near the end I placed one hand on his cute bums and let one finger glide onto his hole. I just let it rest there against the soft wrinkly skin. For one second I fantasized about how it would feel in there, and then I came.

There wasn’t much sperm left in me anyway. So I could easily wash it away.
We dried ourselves and went back to my room. Our parents wouldn’t be back to late in the evening so we stayed naked. I lay down on the bed to rest and he clambered next to me. One leg was over my middle and he had pressed his soft package against my side. One arm was over my chest, clinging onto my shoulder. His face was buried in my neck.
“Can I ask you something?” I heard his softly say.
“Have you done this stuff before?”
I was surprised by his question, but answered in honesty.
“When I was a little older than you are now”
I could tell he wasn’t really happy with my answer.
“But it was really different than with you.” I added.
“How so?”
“Well, he didn’t tell me anything about what we were doing. I was confused. Besides, he wasn’t as sexy as you are.”
I felt his body relax more. I think he wanted to ask more, but after I while I head his breathing go shallow. He had fallen asleep.
I wrapped us up in my blanket and after a while I was hypnotized by the sounds of his breath and fell into my own deep sleep.

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