I'm 18 years old, just out of high school. I work in a bakery owned by a family friend. Sex wasn't new to me.
It was the month of April. The weather was warm and humid in my city

I was at work for 5 hours and my manager had been nagging at me the entire time. I was about to lose my mind, luckily it was the end of my shift. I immediately left when my shift was over.

I pulled onto my street and parked my car a few houses down, I still lived with my parents. They weren't too hard on me but the last thing I wanted after being bitched at for 5 hours was to have them start complaining about the bills they need me to pay. I make minimum wage at my job but I still help with finances around the house the best I can.

I reclined my driver side seat slightly back and turned on my car radio. I sat there for about half an hour.

I saw a few kids walk by. We lived right around the corner from a middle school. A lot of the students walk down my street as they walk home. It was about 6:00 pm and beggining to get dark outside, so the kids I saw must've had to stay for detention or for a school sport, who knows?

I turned off my radio and prepared myself to head inside, as I went to unbuckle my seat belt I noticed another student walking by. She was about 13 or 14, caucasion. She had long brunette hair. She was wearing dark blue short shorts and a green tank with a pair of sandles. I immediately began to gaze at her thighs as she passed by my car.

*She's in the 8th grade!* my concense yelled at me. I snapped back to reality and felt guilty for checking her out.

She was out of my sight now, and I caught myself still thinking of her nice tanned legs and small but plump little butt. She had a developing body for her age but it was still magnificent.

I wanted another look.

I started my car and began to drive down the next block scanning all over for her. I saw her after about 8 seconds. I cruised down the block following her but acting as though I was lost. I followed her for about 20 minutes.

I started to get turned on the more I watched her, and I began to picture myself fucking her. This time not the slightest feeling of guilt.

The street lights came on as it was completely dark now.
I instantly thought to myself "Perfect".

I never actually processed fully the thought but I knew I wanted to get her into my car, drive her somewhere and fuck her virgin pussy. I knew I had to act quickly because she'd be at her house any minute now. I didn't know how to get and grab her without there being a scene. I didn't want anyone to hear me kidnapping her.

She walked down an alley. *THIS WAS MY MOMENT!*

I left my car running and jumped out and quickly walked after her.

I got behind her. I grabbed her forcefully put my hand over her mouth and said " I have a taser. You make any noise or try to run and I'll tase you until your heart stops". My heart was pounding.

I figured the more gruesome the threat was the less likely she'd want to resist. I walked her back to my car and put her in. As I shut the door I hit the child safety lock to make sure she couldn't open it from the inside. I heard her weeping as I got into the car.

" JUST SHUT UP" I said dominate without yelling.

She curled up into the passenger seat and still continued to cry. I drove around for about 15 minutes and slowly she stopped crying and fell into some sort of haze. Almost as though she wasn't there.
" Climb to the back seat" I instructed her.

She did as I said. It was almost like clockwork because she didn't hesitate. I climbed back after her and sat in the back seat admiring her tanned, soft thighs. I wasted no time and began to rub them.

" GET OFF ME!!" She began to scream, as if the feeling of my hand snapped her back to reality.

I wrapped both of my hands around her neck tight enough to almost kill her. She was gagging and fighting for air.

" Make another sound and I'm going to kill you." I whispered into her ear. The scent of her hair was what made me let go. It smelt so good and I wanted her even more.

Her face completely red from being choked and her neck had my hand prints on it. The sight of my dominance was also thrilling and erotic to me. I began rubbing her legs and kissing her neck. I worked my hands all over her body until I got to her crotch.

I rubbed over it a few times and she didn't resist at all. I don't know if maybe it felt good to her or maybe she just gave up fighting. I assume she gave up fighting because no girl enjoys being raped... do they?

I pulled the straps of her tank top down past her shoulders and her tiny little tits popped out. She wasn't wearing a bra. I slid my hands into her shorts and began to finger her and I sucked on her pink nipples.

At this point my cock was throbbing in excitement. My dick wasn't long. It was average length, but it was very thick. In high school chicks had issues putting there whole mouth around it when they were giving me head .
I took her soft, small 14 year old hand and put it in my pants. She grabbed my cock instantly as I guided it up and down.

" OH FUCK" I whispered as the feeling of her tiny hands slid up and down.

I stopped her and told her to take her shorts and panties off. She didn't do it. So I did it myself and saw tears come down her cheek. It didn't stop me.

I fingered her some more then rubbed her pussy juice across her lips. I followed it up with a kiss and I could tase her pussy on her lips. It was sweet and tangy. It drove me wild. I leaned down and lifter her legs around my shoulders. I didn't want to eat her out, I just wanted to taste her pussy. I gave it three big licks with my tongue.

On the third lick she let out a soft breathe almost like a moan.
*DOES SHE LIKE THIS?* I thought.

I got up and got in between her legs. I rubbed my hard cock across her clit until my dick slid in.

" OUCH " she said as my cock went further in.

" You enjoy this?" I asked her. It was a stupid question of course she didn't.

I began fucking her. I started slow and sped up and her pussy stretched. I could feel how tight she was. Her tight little 14 year old pussy. I fucked her until she let out a few moans.

Her body was enjoying it even though she wasn't.

My face pressed against hers, both of us breathing heavily. Our bodies beggining to sweat and get sticky. I kissed on her neck and bit her lips. The warmth of her breath sent shivers down my body. The feeling of our stick bodies connected had in heaven.

I went for 3 minutes before I felt myself climaxing. The tight, wet pussy of hers was amazing. I couldn't last any longer without busting my load entirely inside her. I couldn't do it though. I couldn't get her pregnant. So I pulled out.

" Put it in your mouth" I demanded her guiding her head down my shaft.
She did as I said but her mouth was to small to go all the way down my thick cock. She tried her hardest though.

I cringed in pain because she was using so much teeth during the blow job, this was an obvious sign she had never sucked dick before. Finally I lifted her head up and told her " Suck on it, like you would a popsicle. No teeth".

Instantly the got 10x better. I fingered her ass hole as she sucked my dick. I used my thumb and fucked her tight under age ass with it.

I was cumming, I pulled head off my dick and laid her back on the seat as I stroked myself. Cumming all over her face and in her hair. Her tiny body just layed there getting painted with my cum.

I rolled off of her and sat on the seat. I couldn't believe what I had just did. I raped a 14 year old middle schooler. I felt sick.

We got dressed and I drove her to the alley where I had grabbed her. The entire drive back was awkward and deadly. Absolute silence as she stared out the window the entire time. I could see cum still in her hair and there were some stains on her tank top.

We got there and I told her she could go. She rolled down the window reached her hand out and opened the door from the outside handle. As she got out she kind of limped. Her pussy and ass hole must've been sore.

My guilt soon went away as I watched her fade off into the darkness and I thought about how I saved her from humiliation by not cumming in her.

BUT at that moment I knew next time, I wanted to get my victim pregnant.

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2015-11-17 05:07:13
Even though this is suppose to be a work of fiction, I really don't think it is, too vivid and graphic in details. I believe in free speech, but shouldn't we as a society be more aware about what fictional information that's disseminated to the public and try to protect what's left of our moral sensibilities. I mean "raping a 14 yr old is entertainment now?

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2015-02-22 06:49:53
@anonymous reader
2013-08-03 19:09:49
1) NSA only deals with threats toward the us national security hince the name. The correct one would be the FBI
2) This is a WORK OF FICTION. Fiction = NOT REAL. So to put him in jail for that would violate his freedom of speech (he did not carry out these ideas)
3) If anyone should be in troubld it would be you. You just admitted to being 14 and on a porn site. Its illegal for you to do so.

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2015-01-12 19:15:17
Does anybody know that these stories are fiction. Works of art for people who enjoy reading especially erotic-themes

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2014-07-19 11:25:44
3FSFyZ I value the blog.Really thank you! Awesome.

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