My daughter and her friends come for a swim, and I get more than I bargained for
Alicia, Fay and Sam

Since my ex wife decided to screw my so called best friend behind my back, and then left me for his best friend, I have had plenty of free time with no-one to nag me to do exactly what I wanted to. I have a liking for girls beautiful feet with perfect toes, well manicured toenails and shapely ankles. I also like bare midriffs and small breasts. I have looked on You Tube where they have a vast amount of videos that show off an assortment of anything you like. I go for gymnastic stretching videos where girls love to flaunt themselves.

This particular day, I had no work, made myself a cup of tea and was looking through a few different videos when I got a shock...
Here was a video with a girl I recognised immediately as a friend of my daughter Alicia, called Fay. Here she was going through a variety of stretches to help her do the splits. She was wearing some grey tight hipster stretch pants that looked like imitation jeans, with a long sleeved grey loose open necked crop top with ‘Where is the love’ across it.

I have always thought that Fay was cute even though she was young, but until I saw the video, didn’t realise just what a fantastic figure she has for a 16 year old. She started off by introducing herself, and then she stood up to start stretching using a chair back to rest her foot on. She put the chair away, adjusted the webcam so it would show her on the ground, and whilst doing that, got a wonderful view of the top of her breasts enclosed in a black and white striped bra, probably either 32a or 32b which for me are perfect. She stretched up showing off her well toned midriff. I was entranced.

A few weeks went by before I saw her again. My daughter asked if she could have some friends around to use our pool as the weather was perfect, and as I never had a problem with watching girls in bikinis frolicking around in water even though they were all too young for me to take it any further, I smiled and said yes. The plan was for 4 girls to come around early on Saturday afternoon, enjoy the pool and catch some sun in their bikinis, stay for something to eat and go home around 10.00 to 10.30.

The weekend was here and the girls started arriving. Alicia answered the door after the ringing of the doorbell to find April and Sophie. April was 16 and Sophie, who was her sister, was nearly 16 and even though she was younger than the others, had become part of the gang. Both girls came in with beaming smiles and said “Hi, Mr. Johnson”. The 3 girls ran upstairs to Alicia’s bedroom to change. The bell rang again and this time it was Sam. She has been Alicia’s best friend since she started primary school and immediately rushed up to me and gave me her usual hug. I had always had a soft spot for Sam. She was about 4 months younger than my daughter, being a 5ft 6in tall bundle of fun with lightly tanned skin, a truly beautiful girl. While she was hugging me, the doorbell rang again and when I disentangled myself from Sam, I answered the door. There stood Fay. She had on a crop tank top with oh so tight hot pants which enhanced her long legs and finished off with neatly painted toes in flip flops. She said “hello, is Alicia here?”, then looked past me to Sam, and said hi to her. I must have been staring because Fay looked at me and smiled, turned to Sam and giggled, and then ran up the stairs to join the others.
I left them to it and went out into the garden as the grass needed cutting and a bit of digging in the vegetable patch, so wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see the girls for about an hour. I made sure that I had done the digging first so that whilst cutting the grass, could catch sneaky looks of the girls in the pool.
Alicia had taken me to buy her a new bikini for the occasion and all I saw of it was when the assistant put it in the bag and presented me with the bill. As I caught sight of her pulling herself out of the pool in her new pink bikini, I was shocked by how small it was compared to what she had worn last summer and how her body had blossomed. My baby was growing up. She joined April and Sam who were on the sun loungers topping up their tans. They all seemed to enjoy putting sun cream on each other, especially under the edges of both pieces of their bikinis. Kay and Sophie were still in the water.
I finished cutting the grass and was hot and sweaty. What I would normally do would be to take my t-shirt off and dive into the pool, but as Alicia had her friends over, I didn’t want to crash her party. As I went past the girls, I asked if everyone was OK for drinks and Alicia piped up, “We’re all ok, thanks. Hey dad, aren’t you gonna cool off in the pool like you normally do?”. I told her that I didn’t want to embarrass her. She said “that’s OK dad, you know everyone here”. So I took my T-shirt off and in I dived.

“Nice dive, Mr Johnson” Fay commented.


“Can you teach me to dive like that please, Mr Johnson?”

“OK, no problem. One thing everyone, I appreciate the respect in calling me Mr. Johnson, but you are all making me feel so old. For those of you that don’t know, call me Ray.”

“What do you want me to do” said Fay.

“Stand on the side of the pool, and show me what you know” So out she climbed, and I stared yet again as she seemed to pull herself out in slow motion. As water cascaded down her body, over her beautiful ass, then down her long legs and off of her ankles and toes. She stood up and turned around, again in slow motion as I checked her out from her toes up her long legs to her bikini covered pussy, across her wonderful midriff, and then those tits. Her nipples were threatening to break out through the material. She then coughed, drawing my attention to her face across which had broken out the most amazing smile. It would appear that she had deliberately taken her time so that I could get a good look at her and here I was, busted. I moved backwards and she waited for me to tell her what to do.

“Stand with your toes on the edge of the pool, put your hands straight up, bend your legs and start to lean forward, Just as you are losing balance, straighten your legs and launch yourself. Now you try it”.

Fay then proceeded to do one of the best dives that I had ever seen even down to the pointed toes on entry. As she came back up and broke the surface of the water, a normal look upon her face, I still wasn’t sure what I had just witnessed. It was then that the others all burst out laughing. Alicia shouted out in between fits of laughter, to say “Fay is in the school swimming team and is one of the best swimmers in the county”. Fay came over and stood up facing me.

“I am sorry, I just couldn’t resist, I hope you aren’t mad with me”

“Of course not....That was probably one of the best dives that I have seen”. Fay said something back to me and I realised that I was staring again and hadn’t heard her. That enigmatic smile spread across her face letting me know that she had caught me again. What on earth was I thinking as she was only 13 years old, but I felt like a naughty child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“Ray,” she said again, “could you get me a drink please?” The others all wanted a drink as well and it would seem that I had my escape. Collecting the glasses, I went into the kitchen, put the glasses down and went to the fridge. On opening the fridge door, I took the lemonade out and as I closed the door, there stood Fay, again with a smile on her face.

“Sorry about playing a trick on you, I hope you’re not angry with me?” “No, it was fine” I said, and went to walk past her but she stayed her ground.

“Ray, do you like my bikini? I saw you checking me out a couple of times.” I should have said that she was young enough to be my daughter but all I said was that it was very nice.

“I don’t mean nice, I mean do you think it’s sexy?” I couldn’t believe that she would ask me a question like that. How could I diplomatically answer that without upsetting her?

“All of you girls look great in your bikinis” was all I could think of saying.

“But do we look sexy?”

“You are all young girls and you shouldn’t be thinking like that yet”.

“But we all like to be noticed by boys, even Sophie, and why do you think that your daughter got you to buy her a new bikini?” I must admit that I had already had that thought and was pleased that there were no boys there to contend with. I gave in to my thoughts, hoping that she wouldn’t go running out to the others.

“I think that you all look very sexy in your bikinis” hoping that this would suffice in what for me was becoming more, and more awkward. That seemed to please her and she turned and went back out to the rest of the girls.

If she was older, I wouldn’t hesitate about making a pass at her, but at only 13, I wasn’t going to let that happen. I took the drinks out to the girls who all thanked me, but what I got from Fay was what can only be interpreted as a mischievous grin. I would have to watch myself around this beautiful girl very carefully.
By now the sun was at its hottest that even the sun worshipers among the girls couldn’t take the heat anymore, so they all went inside to use the X-box and chill out. This gave me a chance to cool down in the pool and try to gather my thoughts. I climbed out and lay down to let the sun dry me. It would appear that I had drifted off as I felt pressure on the sun lounger, knowing that someone had just sat on the edge. I turned and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find Fay looking at me.

“You are going to burn if you lay out in this sun, do you want me to put some cream on you?” she said, whilst putting cream into her hand. She then started rubbing her hands on my back. It felt like little electric shocks running down my spine and I suddenly became aware that I was starting to get hard.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, do you?” I said, feebly, enjoying the feelings I was getting. She then moved down to my legs, which was fine down by my feet, but when she got to my shorts, her hands seemed to be going further and further under my shorts. I couldn’t believe how forward she was and realised that even though I was enjoying it, I had to put a stop to it, before one of the girls caught us.

“Fay, as much as I am enjoying this, this is so wrong. You are so young and I don’t think you realise what an effect that you have seem to be having on me. I think you should go and join the others”. I started to turn over, as my hard on was subsiding, and realised that she was smiling. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. The only way that I could think of dealing with this was to stand up, pick her up in my arms and throw her into the deep end to give myself some breathing space. As she came to the surface, she was still smiling, so I shrugged and disappeared up to my room. What I failed to realise was How determined she was going to be.

I turned the shower on, took my shorts off, and realised I was still semi hard, so with the thought of what had happened, and what might have happened, I got into the shower and started soaping myself. All of a sudden, I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone and turned around to be confronted by a vision of loveliness. There was Fay, still with a smile that could melt an iceberg. She untied the strings on her bikini top and let it drop to the floor.

There were two of the most wonderful breasts that I had ever seen. She walked forward and joined me in the shower, and even though I knew it was so wrong, I cupped both of her tits. They felt wonderful, but as I was trying to work out how to get out of this situation, I felt a hand on my prick. As she started to pump my hard on, she looked into my eyes and said “you know that you want this as much as I do, so stop fighting it and enjoy”. She knelt down in front of me and whilst holding my prick in both hands, she slipped it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head as she sucked on it. I looked down and putting my hands gently on her head, couldn’t believe what was happening. I knew I was just about to come and told her, but she just kept on sucking. I came in her sweet mouth and she started swallowing as much as she could, but some dribbled out of the sides and onto her tits. She licked me completely clean, and stood up. I bent down to her tits and sucked on a nipple, cleaning them of the small amount of cum that had dripped onto them

“Did you enjoy that?” she said, and bent down to pick up her top. I helped her back into it, after cupping her tits again.

“It was fantastic, but we shouldn’t have done that. Where did you learn to do it?”

“I have been sucking my brother off for a couple of years now. I just thought I would like to try a man. I have fancied you but haven’t had the chance before. There isn’t time to take this any further now as the girls might miss me, but you need to return the favour”. She then gave my prick another squeeze, stood on tiptoes to kiss me on the lips, and then ran out of the bathroom. Watching her go, I had a pang of guilt but overriding this was the enjoyment of her rear view. She had a perfect peach of a bum. In actual fact, everything seemed to be perfect on her. What was I going to do about it?

I finished showering and got dressed in t-shirt and swim shorts, tidied up and went downstairs with a smile on my face.

I had just been sucked off in the shower by Fay, the 13 year old friend of my daughter Alicia. It wasn’t something that I would ever have thought I would have done, but it had happened, and I enjoyed it.

The girls had decided that they would go back out to the pool as the heat had died down a little. All of them were in the pool playing with some inflatable’s that we had bought for this summer. Alicia climbed out and came inside looking for me. She really did look stunning in her pink bikini and it showed how much she had grown since last summer. She was slightly taller than Fay but with a similar figure. Nice breasts, 34c according to the labels in the bra’s that I had washed for her, a nicely shaped stomach, and the hint of a mound where her......WHAT WAS I THINKING... She is my daughter. This thing with Fay had turned me from a normal guy who wouldn’t think twice about an underage girl, to someone who was mentally sizing his own daughter up. I think I need a cold shower.

“You OK Dad, I wondered where you had gone?” she said, bringing me around from my musings

“I am great, thanks darling. Are you having fun?”

“Yes thanks, I like having my friends around. We are the only one in our group that has a pool. You’re such a great dad, all my friends think you are so cool”. She then walked over, put her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I felt stirrings in my shorts as I hugged her back, that I shouldn’t be having whilst holding my daughter, even though she is wearing a sexy bikini.

“When do you want food? Pizzas do ok?” I said, moving so that she wouldn’t feel my growing erection but she moved with me. She held me for what seemed to be a long time, but was in reality, only 2-3 minutes. She seemed to hug me tighter and was gently moving with contact to my hard on, which caused her to sigh, and then she sort of shuddered. With a final squeeze from her, she let me go, stood back, and smiled.
“Yes, pizzas will do fine. I will let you know when we want them. Thanks dad” and she leaned up and kissed me on the lips, just a peck. She turned and ran back out to the pool and just jumped in, laughing.
I grabbed a beer from the fridge, shaking my head, as I couldn’t believe what was happening around here. Maybe I was reading more into this than I should do, so with that thought, I headed outside by the pool again. All of the girls were in the pool with April on Fay’s shoulders, and Sophie was on Sam’s shoulders.
“Just in time dad, come on in and I can go on your shoulders, to play fight”. I took my t-shirt off, and jumped in. It turned out that it was more of a pushing and pilling contest. Alicia started grabbing April trying to pull her and Fay over, although there was more going on under the water as Fay grasped my prick through my shorts. I thought, what the hell, and grabbed her tit. That was short lived as Alicia managed to get the better of April and they toppled sideways. Then there was Sophie on Sams shoulders and I had the shock of my life when Sam did the same as Fay had done to me. Something strange was going on and I was going to get to the bottom of what it was. April jumped out of the pool when she heard her phone ring. It was her mother who had turned up early to pick her girls up, as they were going out as a family for the evening. I told April to invite her mother in while they were getting dried and dressed.
“Hi” said a voice as a delightful young lady walked around the corner. She was only about 5’ 4” tall with quite a petite figure. She had a primrose vest top that showed a pleasant cleavage and a short skirt with a pair of shapely tanned legs and nothing on her feet.
“I am Nadine, pleased to meet you”. She walked up to me and as I put my hand out, she held it, took another step and then kissed me on both cheeks. I offered this very pretty, friendly lady a glass of lemonade. She said thank you.
“I love your garden, especially your pool. I wish we had one”.
“You and your young ladies are welcome to use it whenever you like” I replied.
“That would be great. I will get my girls to sort something out with Alicia. Would it be OK if James came as well?” James was April and Sophie’s big brother. “ Sorry we have to rush off. Thanks for having the girls”. With that she, kissed me on both cheeks again and started to go. April and Sophie thanked me as well and followed after their mother. All I seemed to notice was three very cute bums in a row. Even that thought shocked me.
The girls were still playing in the pool, and as I watched them, didn’t know what had come over all of them. I’d had a blowjob and a grope from Fay, a grope from Sam, and seemingly an orgasm based hug from my own daughter.
It was now starting to get cooler, so I suggested that we go inside and get cleaned up ready for food later. I suggested that they had a shower. They could use my shower, which was a really a wet room if they wanted. They all dashed off and I couldn’t help staring after 3 perfect bums, and I didn’t hear from them for half an hour. The shower in the wet room went on and they was a lot of laughing and giggling going on, so I think they were showering together. I could only imagine as to what they were doing. The pizzas turned up that I had ordered earlier, so put them in the oven to keep them warm until needed. I showered in the downstairs bathroom, got dressed in t-shirt and shorts and waited in the lounge for the girls. When they came down a few minutes later, they were all wearing t-shirts and shorts except for Fay who was wearing a short skirt. They came into the kitchen and as they sat down, I got the pizzas out. Over dinner, Alicia asked if Fay and Sam could sleepover for the bank holiday weekend and I said that it was OK with me as long as they checked with their parents. Fay asked if I would drive her to her home so that she could get her night stuff and Sam wanted to get hers as well. So after dinner, we piled into the car and headed to Fay’s. The girls jumped out, were gone only a few minutes before they came running back laden with a quilt, pillows and a bag, then the same thing at Sams. On the way back, with Alicia sitting in the front, I felt her hand on my leg, so I did the same to her. This appeared to be a “we have crossed a line” moment, and we stayed like that for the short journey home.

We unloaded the car and went inside. The girls chucked the quilts in the living room as that’s where they normally slept over but took their bags upstairs to get into their night stuff. When they came down, they all had oversize t-shirts on, but I couldn’t see what they might or might not be wearing underneath. They sat down and Alicia asked if they could have a drink. Expecting her to say Pepsi, I was a little shocked when she asked for a vodka and lemonade. I had always allowed Alicia a small drink when we were on our own, but said to her that I didn’t think it was wise to let Fay and Sam drink without their parent’s permission.

Fay said “it’s Ok Ray, mum has the same rule that you have with Alicia, and that we can have a drink as long as we are sensible. I am sure that you will keep an eye on us”. I wasn’t sure that alcohol was a good idea, but everyone was getting on so well, I didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere. Alicia helped me get the drinks and said “thanks for being cool” which made me smile. Sam asked if we could watch a film and suggested American pie. I put it on, went and got refills of the girls drinks, turned the lights off, and sat down. Fay asked if I would put some aloe vera on her back to stop her from peeling. Would I! She gave me the bottle and started lifting her t-shirt up. I put some in both hands and started rubbing it in. I did her entire back right down to the top of her panties, and around to the swell of her breasts. I realised that Alicia and Sam were in front of Fay, so took a chance and moved my left hand over her breast, under the cover of her t-shirt. Her nipple quickly became erect and from the small noises she was emitting, she was clearly enjoying the feeling. Sam snapped me back to reality by asking a question that I didn’t quite hear and I removed my hands before she turned around. When she did, she asked if I would do her back as well. Sam and Fay swapped places, and Fay whispered something to Alicia. Sam sat in front of me and pulled her t-shirt up. I put some cream on her back and she turned to me to ask if I would play with her breast as well. So I had been caught without me realising it. I quite happily obliged, again trying not to be noticed. Her tits were roughly the same as Fays but her nipples were more puffy, completely different to Fay’s. Alicia completed the trio of requests, by swapping with Sam. As I was doing Alicia’s back, Sam asked if she could get another drink, and both her and Fay went into the kitchen to get them.

As soon as they disappeared, she said “Dad, Fay said that you had played with her nipple, and I saw you do the same with Sam so can you play with my breasts too?” Alicia quickly crossed her arms, and took her t-shirt off in one swift movement. Here I was with my beautiful daughter sitting with her back to me, half naked. It seems that she had taken any pretence out of the situation and that in actual fact, the whole thing had been planned between the 3 of them. I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly got her to turn around. She was absolutely gorgeous, even though Fay’s breasts were stunning, Alicia’s were perfect. I put my hands out and caressed the soft domes, her nipples responding to my touch. Just then Fay and Sam walked back in, a drink in both hands, but completely topless. I leaned forward and kissed my daughters breasts, sending a shiver through her. Her nipples appeared to be super sensitive, and I continued to squeeze and caress them while I tenderly kissed her sweet lips. I started to wonder how long the girls had been cooking this up. I got up and took my drink from Fay, she leaned up to me and kissed me, this time using her tongue to play with mine. It would appear that I was just about to find out.

Moving over to the sofa, I sat down between Fay and Sam, with Alicia smiling up at me from where she sat on the floor. Alicia started explaining “About a month ago, when we had a sleepover at Sams, we had some of her mum’s vodka, not much, but just enough to lower our inhibitions. We started truth or dare and one of the first dares was to kiss the other 2. We started slowly with quick pecks, and found we were turning each other on. Eventually Fay suggested that we try touching each others tits, so we all stripped our tops and bras off. We were finding out what each person liked and Sam said that she would like to try kissing someone’s tits. She chose mine and I really liked it. Fay kissed Sam’s, and I kissed Fay’s. We ended up so turned on that we started rubbing our own pussies through our pants. We spent the rest of the evening experimenting with each other. Last week, when we went back to Fays, she was talking to Sam and I and let it slip that she had been exploring sexually with her 14 year old brother, Patrick. While we were there, Patrick came home and went straight into his bedroom. He didn’t realise that Fay had company, and walked into her bedroom, naked with an erection, probably hoping for a bit of relief. He was quite shocked to see Sam and I sitting on the bed, and tried to cover himself. When he understood that we weren’t going to run out of the room screaming he took his hands away and let us look at him. He then asked if we wanted to touch him and after a bit of persuasion from Fay, and both at the same time, Sam and I held his prick, and together we started to wank him off. At no time did he force or even ask any of us to do anything to him that we didn’t want to do. As a reward, Fay took her top off, let him play with her tits, and then gave him a blowjob. He said if we were comfortable with it, we could strip off, but as we didn’t want to get undressed, we both just let him feel our tits up”.

Sam continued. “We then got talking and decided that we all wanted to find out more about sex, but didn’t want to be used and then classed around school as sluts. Fay talked to Patrick and even though he was up for it, we really weren’t sure. Who else could we try and trust, and in unison we all said you. We all like you as you are easy to talk to and are so cool”. Fay then piped up “Alicia said the problem was that she had started trying to get you to notice her by wearing more revealing clothes but you never showed any interest and it seemed that you were only ever gonna consider her as your daughter. Then when she used your computer she found that you had been viewing the video of Fay on You tube several times. We decided to aim for this weekend as maybe it would be a bit more tempting if we were all in bikinis. Why do you think Alicia wanted a new bikini. We all got new bikinis and when I had my opportunity to flaunt myself in front of you, I took it. You don’t think that I flaunt myself in front of every man like that, do you?” This had me both astonished and extremely turned on. While they had been talking, I noticed that each girl had a hand in their panties and were all playing with their pussies. Both Fay and Sam were rubbing the outside of my shorts and I was fully erect. The time had come to introduce my daughter to the pleasures of oral sex. I said to the girls to stand up and slowly take their pants down.

“You are the first person since I have grown up, to see me naked apart from the girls and I want you to help us to find out as much as we can about sex but I am scared” said Alicia, so I suggested to Fay and Sam that they play with each other and do what they are Ok with each other, while I take care of Alicia. I patted the space next to me and Alicia sat down. I put my hand round her head and pulled her into a kiss. As the kiss got more heated, I started caressing her breast and tweaking her nipple, alternating with doing the same to her other breast. I slowly moved my hand down to her pants and started rubbing the outside. Very soon there was a damp spot, and she had her eyes closed. I got onto my knees and kissed her breasts whilst keeping my hand on the outside of her pants still gently rubbing. Planting kisses as I went, I made my way to her holy grail, I kissed the outside of her knickers taking in as much of the sweet musty odour that I could. I grasped both sides of her knickers and raising my eyes to look into her eyes, she looked back to me and minutely nodded her head. I pulled her pants down her legs, and it was a wonderful first sight of her hidden treasure. Her pussy was covered with a smattering of downy hair. This in turn was quite damp where she was so turned on. In the middle was her slit which I bent down and licked, tasting her nectar. I used one finger and ran it up and down her crack spreading both the moisture and her lips, exposing her clit. I started to lick and nibble on the little nub eliciting little whimpers and small intakes of breath. Her movements were getting stronger to the point that I wasn’t sure I could hold onto her, until she screamed and came all over my face. I continued to lick up and down her slit, catching her clit on each stroke, until she couldn’t take anymore, and pulled my head up to her face where she passionately kissed me.

“Wow, I have never felt like that before, thanks Dad”.

I looked over to the others and they appeared to have been in a ‘69’ until Alicia had screamed. They were both smiling at us, still keeping their fingers in each other. It looked as if they were in a heightened point of awareness, so I suggested to Alicia to try what I had used on Sam, while I had the pleasure of returning the favour of Fay’s earlier blowjob. They all said in unison that they were all naked and that they wanted to see my dick. I said that if they wanted to see it, they had to strip me. They were all over me, Fay lifted my t-shirt over my head, and I managed to draw her nipple into my mouth for a quick suck. Sam had already undone my zip and proceeded to pull them off. It was left to Alicia to pull my briefs down. As my prick came into view, Alicia drew a quick intake of breath as I think that apart from Patrick, mine was the only other one that she would have seen up close. Sam was left to pull them right off as Alicia was just staring. I hadn’t come since Fay had given me a blowjob earlier, and as I had seen the 3 girls naked and given Alicia her first orgasm, I was ready to come without the fact that the three girls were all now handling it. I was just going to warn the girls, when Fay must have sensed it, leaned over and forced my dick down her throat. This caused her to gag, but the extra pressure took me over the edge and as she came off of my dick, I came squirting all over all three girls faces and boobs. As I came down from my high, I checked that Fay was all right, as where she had gagged, she had tears in her eyes.

“What were you trying to do, you wonderful girl? You gave me the most fantastic blowjob earlier, but this time try to deep throat me?”

“I have deep throated Patrick before and it’s never been a problem, but when I saw that you were just about to blow, I felt that I wanted to give you extra pleasure. The problem is that you are bigger than Patrick, not by a lot, but enough to make me panic”.
“Well thank you anyway, we can practise that later”.
I felt pressure on my prick and on looking down, Sam and Alicia were holding my prick and staring at it. Realizing that one of the girls was my daughter made my prick twitch, which in turn made both girls jump and giggle. Fay joined them and on her prompting, cajoled both girls to lick the end where there was a glob of cum. Alicia was fascinated by it, and Fay prompted both girls to actually put my prick in their mouth. I realised that Fay and Sam still hadn’t come, so even though I was enjoying the ministrations of two mouths on my prick, I told Alicia to try on Sam what I had done to her. I, in turn laid Fay down, and knelt beside her. All I used to start with were my hands as I moved them around her breasts, down over her stomach and back up to her breasts. I did this several times until I felt a slight movement from her. I bent over and while caressing one tit, I kissed the other. She started moaning quietly and pushed my head, so I would start moving down to her cunt. When I got to it after kissing all across her stomach and belly button, I couldn’t help but steal a quick look across to see how Alicia was doing. She is a quick learner and seemed to be pleasing Sam. She had her hands in Alicia’s hair seemingly pulling into her pussy. That pleased me, so I got back to the business in hand. Fay’s cunt lips were more pronounced, with more hair than Alicia, but it had been neatly trimmed. She too was very wet and her cunt lips opened up to my teasing them apart. I started lapping at her cunt, taking long several long sweeps ending each time in nibbling her clit. I inserted first one finger, and then a second one and started an in and out motion, but not deep enough to break her intact hymen. She lifted her legs up and bent them at the knees to rest her feet on my shoulders, allowing me better access to her pussy. All of a sudden she went rigid as a strong orgasm swept across her, but she put her heels on the top of my back to force my face to stay in contact with her clit. I carried on for another few minutes and I think she had 3 smaller comes or at least 3 smaller parts to her original orgasm. Slowly she released the pressure and dropped her legs down to either side of me. I crawled up to find Fay with her eyes closed and a huge satisfied grin on her face. I looked at Alicia who had the look of a cat who got the cream, as it would appear that she had given a smiling Sam a lot of pleasure. Sam and Alicia embraced each other and kissed deeply allowing each others hands to freely roam over the others body. Eventually, they all curled up together and fell asleep. I got my camera out to capture this tableau of beauty and reeled off lots of pictures from various angles. I had three satisfied girls on my hands and knew that I would need help if I didn’t want to wear myself out completely. The question was, who could I ask? With that, I pulled their quilts over three wonderful females and went up to my own bed.

I awoke to the feeling of a moist lips sucking on my already erect prick and looked down to see it was my beautiful daughter who had joined me in bed. As she realised that I had woken up, she took her mouth off of my prick, and slid up to kiss me. She was still naked and lay down on top of me. This was not one of those daughterly kisses but a kiss with passion. As she lay on top of my erection, I thought for a moment that she intended to get me to enter her so that she could lose her virginity, but what she actually did was to have my prick so that it was running across her cunt lips, making contact with her clit. The more she moved, the more passionate she became, and she buried her head in my shoulder, increasing her movements, faster and faster until she got herself off with a high pitched squeak as she came. I held her close while she came down from her high, gently playing with her nipples. I couldn’t believe what had happened in the last 24 hours, and realised that the bond between us had got a lot stronger. My daughter had blossomed from a demure young girl into a sex craved vixen. I knew that it was only a matter of time before the next barrier would be crossed, but I didn’t factor into the equation that my daughter would make it sooner rather than later. She opened her eyes and continued smiling at me as her hand snaked down my body to encircle my prick. It was still wet from the secretions that she had left on it from when she had just come. She kissed me, and started to move down my body, to join her hand. She licked at the tip tasting herself on it, and then opened her lips to engulf the head. She started a motion of up and down whilst gently sucking, giving me one of the best blowjobs I had had. I bent over to her and
lifted her head, asking what she really wanted.

“Dad, you know what I really want. I came up here so that I could get you to myself with the intention of you taking my virginity. I want to be first. Please make love to me”. Here was my 13 year old daughter giving me probably the greatest gift that I would ever get.

“OK darling. Are you ready? Silly question isn’t it. Sit on the top of my legs and lean forward. Hold onto my prick and place it near your pussy. Now lift up enough to be able to rub my prick on your pussy lips. When you are ready, put it inside your lips and gently, at your own pace, let it slide inside. Don’t forget, you are in complete control of this and do it at your own speed”. She eased herself down until about an inch was inside before she stopped. I had my hands caressing her breast, occasionally tweaking a nipple. She lifted up and went back down a couple of times, this time getting a couple of inches. Up and down she went, getting used to the intrusion, until my prick came into contact with her hymen and she let out a small yelp. Looking at the concentration on her face, you could see that she was working out in her own mind what to do. All of a sudden, she lifted up and then put all of her weight on the down stroke, breaking through and causing a small scream as the pain hit her. She became rigid as she had gone about two thirds the way down my prick, and was waiting for the pain to subside. She relaxed a little and started moving slowly up and down in short strokes taking more and more of my prick until after a couple of minutes, she was fully impaled on my prick. She looked down between us to find out why she couldn’t get anymore inside her and was ecstatic when she realised.

“It really hurt when I burst through, but Fay told me what to expect, so it wasn’t so bad. Now, can you teach me what to do”.

“Darling, you are a natural. You did everything yourself and have got everything right. I love you so much. Just start moving up and down when you are ready, and I will match your rhythm. Up and down she went, slowly at first, and as she was getting more excited, the faster she went. On each stroke she would let out a yelp, not through pain, but through pleasure, and I could sense that she was close to her orgasm. I had had my hand on her waist, helping her strokes, but as she got very close, I reached up and pinched first one nipple, and then the other, this being enough to tip her over the edge. I had been close for a minute or so, but no way was I going to come until she had, and as her orgasm hit her, I started to come. Each squirt into the depths of her pussy seemed to strengthen her come, until she finally collapsed onto my chest. I held her tight, gently moving under her to prolong the feelings inside of her for as long as possible.
We lay their cuddling for twenty minutes until we realised we had an audience. Suddenly, I had 3 naked and laughing girls on top of me as Alicia told the others that she had given her virginity to me. Fay kissed me, and was stroking Alicia’s breasts, whilst Sam was sucking my prick, cleaning off our mixed juices. Fay turned herself around and joined Sam with my prick but put her pussy over my eager mouth. Both Fay and Sam had a finger in Alicia’s cunt. As I was licking Fay’s clit, I used a finger to enter her tight cunt. It was wet already so it entered easily, but not hard enough to break through her hymen, to heighten her pleasure. I started to use two fingers and it was like a river flowing. I used my other hand to use some of her moisture to stimulate her perfect asshole. As her movements became more animated, I took a chance and with the aid of her wetness, thrust a finger into her ass. The suddenness caused her to come which added to the liquid dripping from her cunt. I warned the girls as Alicia joined the other two at my prick, that I was about to come. They all got their faces as close together as they could and I immediately started spurting come. Fay grabbed my prick and pointed it to each of their faces in turn, until they all had ropes of cum on their faces. Fay already knew what cum tasted like, and as the cum dripped down their faces, Alicia and Sam took a dollop off of their faces and put it in their mouths. All the ladies that I had been with in my life had liked cum, and these young ladies were no different. All three started kissing and licking each other to clean off as much as they could. As we were all shattered, I suggested that we had a shower, then some breakfast. All of the girls came up to me in turn, kissed me, and then ran off to the wet room probably to clean each other. I contemplated joining them, but thought better of it, so that I could recuperate a little. If I allowed them to, they would completely drain me of all of my bodily fluids before the end of the long weekend.

Half an hour later, the girls came down the stairs, naked, but on explaining that anybody could turn up at any minute, they disappeared and came back dressed in their bikinis.

“What do you want to eat, girls?”

“Cereal and orange juice please” they replied in unison, then laughing to each other

“Girls, I am really flattered that you chose me“ I started, “but depending on what else you want to find out, and as much as I don’t want to share you, I’m going to need help. Have you learnt enough for the moment and keep it the way it is, or do any of you want to take this further? Remember that any of you can stop or say no to anything. The power is in your hands”.

“With me having happily given Patrick blowjobs for the last couple of months, he has been happy with just kissing my tits and feeling my pussy. He has always understood that he can have all of the pleasure that he wants if he takes it slowly. I have often wondered how it would feel to lose my virginity, but have been frightened that he may stop loving me, once he had had his way with me. I want you to take my virginity, and teach me to fuck” said Fay

“Wow, Ok, what about you two?”

“I have been trying to get you to notice me for the last six months. I just didn’t want to push you too far in case I upset you. We have such a loving relationship, that I didn’t want to risk spoiling it. You have been and always will be the one person that I want to make me into a woman” said Alicia.

“How about you, Sam”?

“I had said that I wanted to save my virginity for the man I was going to marry, but I have realised that if I don’t lose it as soon as I can, I am gonna miss out on so much fun. I really would like you to help me with that please”.

“OK. I have been thinking, and Fay’s brother sounds like he would like some fun, and I think you all like him. What do you think? Fay, do you reckon he would like to take things further, with not one beautiful young lady, but three?”

“Oh yes, I think he would love it especially as he has told me he fancies both Alicia and Sam”.

“So girls, are you all happy with Patrick joining what will be, our secret club?”

“Yes, yes, yes” they all shouted in unison. “Shall I call him now” said Fay. “I can ask him, and if he says yes, I will tell mum that you want him to come and help tidy your garage up with you”. With that, she thrust her hand into her bikini top and pulled her phone out. As she called him, we all went out to the pool, to rest up for the next lot of fun and games.

I was still on a high from what had happened in the last 24 hours. I was laying on the sun lounger getting some sun, and watching the girls frolicking together. Fay came out of the water, and walked over to me. I loved watching the water droplets running down her glistening body, knowing that I had seen nearly every inch of her wonderful body. She bent down and kissed me, enjoying the fact she was making me wet. As her tongue invaded my mouth, I raised a hand and slid it under her bikini top to hold her breast. She used her hand to do the same to my cock, which was in a constant state of near erection. As it seemed that she was going in the direction of another blowjob, I suggested that we went back indoors. As I stood up, I saw that Alicia and Sam were in the deep end, kissing each other and rubbing their hands over each others bodies. I called over and said that Fay and I were going inside, and the girls said that they would be in, in a little while. I walked in to find Fay sitting on the Sofa, with her legs apart, rubbing her pussy through the outer material of her bikini bottoms. She smiled as I walked up to her, and I knelt down between her legs. I put my hands up to the bottom of her top and slid them underneath to hold her tits. As I did this, she put her hands behind her and untied the knot giving my hands more room to move. I lifted the top away and went to work kissing her perfectly shaped tits. I moved down her body to her belly button, placing kisses on as much of her midriff as I could. For a 13 year old, she had a well toned body due not only to her swimming but also the gymnastics she did as well. I carried on down to her bikini covered pussy and kissed the area. Putting my hands to the sides, I undid the bows holding the pieces together, and peeled the fronts down. I immediately buried my face in the damp fine hair surrounding her pussy lips. I started licking up and down, while Fay ran her hands through my hair.

“Put a finger in my ass again please” she said to me between breaths. So I ran a finger in her pussy lips several times, each time running it over her ass and then slowly inserted my finger going deeper on each stroke. I was still licking her pussy, but spent more time on each stroke to lick her clip. After moving my finger in and out of her ass, I managed to get it in to the length of my finger. I put the thumb of the same hand into the bottom of her pussy, sliding both in and out at the same time. I concentrated on her clit as she was writhing about and within seconds she came. I eased off for a little while but started up again with the thrusting, this time nipping her clit with my teeth. She came even more heavily, but she surprised me by closing her legs around my head and locking her ankles, succeeding in getting every scrap of enjoyment from this experience. I took my finger and thumb out and moved my hands down under her bum, pulling her crotch onto my mouth until she loosened her grip, slowly relaxing and coming down from her high.

“Fuck me Ray, fuck me now as hard as you can”. I stood lifting her legs up, and lined my prick up against her soaked pussy lips. I started to ease in, but as soon as the head was inside, she again told me to fuck her hard. Oh well, I thought, and sunk my 7 inches to the hilt. She screamed as I entered her, then inhaled and seemed to stop breathing, so I held it there. Slowly she started to breath and using this as a signal, I moved in short strokes, keeping the majority of my prick in her. As she matched my strokes, I made them longer. From where she had her legs over my shoulders, she moved them down my sides and linked them behind my back to pull me into her on each stroke. I held her by the hips, withdrawing my prick until there was only my head between her pussy lips, and then drove it in to the hilt, repeating this quicker and quicker. All the time, she was moaning in pleasure getting louder and louder until she screamed again and came, and as I was getting closer, I kept pumping into her until I came seconds after her. She came heavily once and I counted 3 smaller orgasms. I stayed in her until her breathing returned to near normal and she opened her eyes and her charming smile.

“I didn’t know it would feel so great. I can’t wait to try this with Patrick when he arrives”. Unbeknown to her, was that while I was fucking her, and she had her eyes closed, Alicia and Sam had walked in topless with Patrick, both of the girls unbelievably holding him by the prick. As they came in, I saw that he too had Fay’s trademark smile (it must run in the family). Alicia looked across at me fucking her friend and gestured upstairs. I nodded, and Patrick was pulling upstairs, although if he had not been a gentleman, he would have been doing the pulling. I pulled out of Fay, and went down on her licking up our joint secretions, and playfully nuzzling her clit, which she told me later, sent little shocks through her as her clit was still sensitive. I told Fay that Patrick had arrived and I said he was being looked after by the girls. We had a quick drink and went up after them.

As we both stood in the doorway, the tableau unfolded. Sam was on her back, and Patrick was kneeling between her lips being encouraged by Alicia, who was wanking his prick. He soon caught on and Sam was moving her hips to meet his mouth. Alicia bent down and took his prick in her mouth while still wanking him. She took her hand off so that she could take it deeper. She had been a novice when she gave her first blowjob this morning, but she learnt quickly, taking more and more in until with little or none gag reflex, all that was left out were his balls. What she did next nearly blew my mind, and was to put her tongue out and lick his balls. That was it for him and he shot his load straight down her throat into her stomach. As Patrick moved over Sam with his prick at half mast, he kissed his way up her body to her tits which he paid a lot of attention to. Sam begged Patrick to fuck her, but as he had just come, she called to me, and what with watching Alicia deep throat Patrick and Fays hand on my prick, I was fully erect again. As I got in position, Sam said she had already broken her hymen when she was younger, horse riding. No preliminaries needed, as Patrick had turned Sam on, I entered her. Alicia climbed up and planted her pussy on her friends lips. She leaned forward and started passionately kissing me. I had one hand alternating between Sam’s tit and Alicia’s tit. Patrick was sitting on the bed and Alicia said to him “Use your finger on her clit”. He leaned over and did as he was told, and also leaned up to take Alicia’s nipple in his mouth. Fay got between her brothers legs and started sucking him, but what I didn’t see coming was the finger that she had been sucking, she thrust straight up my ass. This pushed me over the edge and I came with one final thrust that caused Sam to orgasm. Alicia got off of Sam’s mouth and told Fay to lie on her back on the bed. Alicia got on her knees and after telling Patrick to fuck her, dived into Fay’s pussy. While she was licking Fay, she used her fingers on her own clit. It didn’t take long for Patrick to come in Alicia, and she massaged her clit to another come. Patrick pulled out of Alicia and all four teenagers lay on the bed, exhausted.

Reminder to myself, next time I will have to video it.

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