A frustrated wife enjoys her lesbian fantasies with her husbands secretary
"Hi it's me babe. I just wanted to call, and tell you I'll be heading home in a few minutes. Samantha's just finishing up a few things around here," John told his wife.

"Alright Dear. I still don't see why you have her as your receptionist. I know she's a good worker, and very dependable, but she dresses so frumpy, and she has those horrific horned rimmed glasses."

"Dear, we've already had this discussion. Her abilities far out weigh her looks, not to mention that people like her."

"Alright, I give up. Remember that I won't be here when you get home. Tonight's my meeting with the girls club. I have dinner in the fridge for you."

As Samantha was finishing up the last of her work the phone rang. She answered the phone in her usual impeccable, profession manner when she smiled at the voice she heard ask her,

"Has he left the building yet Samantha?"

"Yes, just a couple of minutes ago."

"Perfect. I'll be there shortly."

"I'll be waiting for you...see you soon."

Samantha cleared her desk of the last bit of business as she walked over, and checked herself out in the mirror. She was going to let her hair down knowing how her lover hated her "frumpy" appearance as she liked to call it, but it was a look that she had to go with until she was able to move out of her parents house. At 24 she still lived at home with her over protective, and very strict parents. Had it not been for her losing everything she had by marrying that jerk she thought loved her, then she wouldn't be in this mess, but such is life as the saying goes. Samantha had learned a valuable lesson about blind trust and people.

Now she's paying the price having to put up with her parents dictating how to dress, and interfering in every aspect of her life. At least she had someone in her life now who understands her, and has taken the thing she hates most; her appearance and turned it into something erotic. Samantha couldn't imagine how dull her life would be if she hadn't had that chance meeting at the company party last year, and met the woman that helped her deal with her mistakes, and showed her another aspect of life she hadn't considered. At that moment the door opened and in walked her lover. She walked over to Samantha smiling asking,

"You look so deep in's about me I hope."

"It is. I was just thinking about how we met last year, and how it was a chance in a million meeting."

"Ah yes...I remember. You looked so frumpy, and stodgy, and yet I sensed that under those ugly clothes beat the heart of a horny little slut just waiting for the right woman to come along and make hot, passionate love to her. But enough of the that."

Samantha stepped forward looking into Laura's beautiful blue eyes. Laura was the bosses wife, a thirty-nine year old woman of means that ran in high society circles, dined in the finest restaurants, wore the latest designer fashions, and yet loved Samantha unconditionally. Samantha allowed Laura to be herself, to express herself in a way no one else would tolerate, especially her husband. Samantha allowed Laura to say, and do what she wanted knowing how much she loved to talk dirty and act like a slut. Laura knew this, and appreciated it by allowing Samantha to be who she was, a sometimes childish, spoiled little brat that wanted the finer things in life that she knew she could never afford, but with Laura as her lover she had access to things she never would otherwise.

Both of them stood there for a moment looking into one anothers eyes knowing, and feeling the passion that dwelt within them both. Laura slowly reached up, and removed the clip from Samantha's hair allowing her beautiful chestnut brown hair to cascade down over her shoulders while Laura gently kissed her sweet lips. As they kissed the two women started undressing one another. Laura unzipped Samantha's skirt pushing it down over her hips as it fell in a pile at her feet. Now clad in their lingerie Laura stepped back taking in her young lovers beauty. Laura smiled saying,

"Show me your tits...I want to see them."

Obediently Samantha removed expensive silk blouse that Laura had given her as a gift, along with her bra as she tossed it onto her desk. Laura's eyes moved down Samantha's sculptured body, so lean and trim pausing as a smile came across her face. Samantha was wearing the black garter belt Laura had also given her, along with the expensive silk nylons, and the matching thong. Her eyes moved down Samantha's beautiful long legs to the expensive black heels she had given her as well.

Not saying a word Laura paused, doing a slow striptease as Samantha watched. Laura slowly unbuttoned her blouse, followed by her bra as she tossed it on the desk along side Samantha's. Then she stepped forward, the two of them rubbing their nipples together, and kissing as their passion slowly simmered. Soon their breasts were mashed together as their kisses became more and more intense, and their tongues met in an erotic dance of pure lust. Both women were soon moaning and caressing one another as they kissed.

Their hands roamed over their bodies while they kissed and caressed one another as their passion turned to pure lust. Samantha broke their kiss making her way down Laura's neck to her breasts where she began making small circles over Laura's aureole's, and flicking her nipples with her tongue while Laura mewed softly. She took her nipples between her lips one at a time, licking and sucking them as she moved her hands down over Laura's ass where she pulled Laura's thong down over her hips as Laura stepped out of it.

After giving Laura a small orgasm just from sucking her nipples, Samantha kissed her way down Laura's torso pausing when her lips reached Laura's mound. Samantha loved Laura's well manicured blonde bush, marveling at her thick labia and swollen clit. She paused momentarily talking in the scent of her lovers arousal before she began kissing Laura's mound, and running her tongue through her soft pussy fur. Samantha slowly licked and kissed her way down to Laura's swollen labia. Laura moaned softly from Samantha's kisses as she parted her legs, and placed her hand on the back of Samantha's head pushing Samantha's head between her legs saying,

"Suck my pussy you little slut. You know you want to drink my juices. Now lick my cunt...lick it....lick it good you fucking harlot!"

Samantha buried her face in Laura's pussy, sliding her tongue over her wet lips, and parting her folds as Laura's juices ran onto her tongue. Samantha loved this part. She loved it when Laura talked dirty to her knowing how much it not only turned Laura on but Samantha as well. Samantha didn't take it personal when Laura called her a slut, a whore, or other names, because it was all part of the roll playing that they both loved so much.

It allowed them both to explore, and do things they would never dream of doing in reality. Laura could never speak like that around her husband or the elite's they associated with, and Samantha could never dress nor act like this around her parents. Their roll playing provided a valuable sexual release that they would never otherwise enjoy.

"Lick it you slut...stick you tongue up my pussy. Oh yes...just like that. Oh FUCK YES...OH FUCK. Suck my FUCKING PUSSY! Now...suck my clit...suck it....Oh FUCK! Now stick your finger in my pussy....that's it...suck it...finger it...MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!"

Samantha was wild with passion as she licked and sucked Laura's pussy and clit. She loved the way Laura's pussy grabbed her fingers as she worked them in and out of her lovers pussy. The harder she sucked Laura's clit, and fingered her pussy the closer Laura was to cumming. Sensing that the time was right, Samantha eased another finger into Laura's ass causing her to gasp as her body stiffened as she cried out,


Laura started to shake uncontrollably as one orgasm after another rocked her body as Samantha continued sucking her clit, and fingering her ass and pussy. Once she had finished cumming Samantha stood up, and the two of them kissed as Laura kissed her juices from Samantha's beautiful face. After sharing a passionate kiss Laura walked over to her husbands desk, and sat down in his posh leather chair. She looked at Samantha and wagged her finger saying,

"Come here my obedient little slut."

As she walked over to the desk Laura draped her left leg over the arm of the chair, and started petting her pussy as Samantha drew near. Once Samantha was standing next to her she smiled saying,

"You know Samantha I think my pussy needs some more attention, and I'm a little disappointed that you still haven't been giving me the attention I, and my pussy deserve. What do you intend to do about that?"

Samantha just smiled and walked between Laura and the desk where she knelt down, and began running her fingernails over Laura's inner thighs causing Laura to close her eyes and moan softly. Samantha moved her finger tips along Laura's inner thighs, almost touching her pussy, but stopping just short of it. She could tell that Laura was becoming more and more aroused when she ask,

"Haven't I been paying enough attention to your pussy Ma'am?"

"No you haven't. And now to make it worse you're just teasing me you naughty little slut. I don't know what I have to do to get some attention around here!"

"I'm sorry Ma'am, let me make it up to you."

Samantha then drew her nails lightly over Laura's mound, barely grazing her labia as Laura gasped. She ran her finger along Laura's ever moistening lips with soft with light, feathery touches, working them along her lips, then down her folds, but not sliding them inside. As Laura squirmed Samantha continued sliding her nails over her quivering pussy lips, and down between her cheeks causing Laura to beg,

"Oh you mean, nasty little slut...stop teasing me. My pussy is on "FIRE" can't you see that?"

Not saying a word Samantha eased her middle finger between Laura's cheeks causing her to raise up in the chair while she slowly ran her finger along Laura's ass, sliding it between her cheeks, and teasing her asshole. Then to add to the beautiful torture Samantha pinched Laura's pussy lips together working them back and forth as they made a squishing sound. The more she tortured her the more Laura began to squeal.

"Oh fuck...oh you nasty little whore. You have to fucking know what you're doing to me. My pussy is on fucking fire, and you keep torturing me. Oh fuck....DO SOMETHING!"

Samantha leaned forward still pinching Laura's pussy lips together, and teasing her asshole only now she started running her tongue over Laura's aureole's, and flicking her nipples with her tongue. This only added to the erotic torture as Laura continue to squirm.

Samantha teased her for a few more minutes when she suddenly eased her finger deep into Laura's ass, and took her nipple between her lips, sucking it, and flicking it with her tongue. Laura gasp, and started shaking and squealing as her body was rocked with another strong orgasm just from the erotic torture alone. Not waiting until her orgasm subsided Samantha lowered her head, and started running her tongue over Laura's pussy while she squealed and squirmed begging her not to stop. Samantha was drawn into Laura's lust as she began sucking Laura's pussy as she continued working her finger in and out of Laura's ass.

Laura thrust her hips upwards, grabbing her own breasts and tugging at her nipples. Samantha moved up taking Laura's clit between her lips, and shoving her thumb into Laura's pussy. It was time to take Laura to still another powerful orgasm, the biggest one yet if she could. Sucking and flicking Laura's clit, and fingering her pussy, and ass it was only a matter of time before Laura would start cumming, that is until Samantha stopped what she was doing and reached into the lower left hand drawer of her desk. Exasperated, Laura nearly breathless asked,

"Why on earth did you stop?"

"Shhhh, just relax. You'll thank me in a moment."

Samantha removed her hand from the desk drawer, and held up a large life like cock, smiling as she wagged it in front of Laura's face.

"What is that?"

"This Ma'am is what's going to make you cum like never before. Look at how big it is, and feel how natural it feels."

Laura ran her fingers alone the length of the cock shaped dildo. It did feel, and look just like the real thing. She smiled as Samantha said,

"Now I'm going to fill your beautiful pussy, and amaze you with how good it feels. I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours like it's never been fucked before!"

Samantha placed the dildo on Laura's pussy, and began running it along her labia as Laura cooed and moaned.

"Oh Samantha you were so right. It's feel so real. Stick it in my pussy....fuck me with it...I want to feel it deep inside me!"

With the dildo well lubed Samantha eased the head of the dildo into Laura's pussy causing her to gasp. She slowly worked the dildo deeper, and deeper into Laura's pussy until she was all the way in. Then she began working the life like dildo in and out of Laura's pussy, faster and faster as Laura moaned and squealed as her passion rose. Samantha rose up, and began sucking Laura's nipples as she continued fucking her with the dildo taking Laura closer and closer to the edge.

Laura was soon beside herself with lust as her body started to quake as her body was gripped with a mind numbing series of orgasms. Afterward Samantha pulled the dildo form Laura's pussy, and held it to her lips as Laura sat back, and watched as Samantha ran her tongue up and down the length of the dildo licking her juices from it.

Samantha sat on the edge of the desk, and leaned back with her legs spread wide as Laura looked on smiling at her. She watched Samantha move the dildo that had just filled her pussy over her nipples, pausing as she moved the head of the dildo over each nipple, and then between her breasts licking the head as it touched her lips.

Then Samantha moved the dildo down her torso to her thong where she began moving the dildo over her mound through the thin fabric of her thong. Laura watched wide eyed as Samantha wedged the dildo between her lips, working it back and forth as she titled her head back and gasped as her arousal grew. After a few minutes Samantha moved the dildo away showing Laura how wet her thong had become.

Laura smiled saying,

"Oh you naughty little slut. Look how wet your pussy is from masturbating yourself. Such a naughty little slut...what will you do next?"

Not saying a word, Samantha set the dildo on the desk long enough to lean back, and remove her thong holding it to her nose, and then handing it to Laura who immediately held it to her nose taking in her lovers scent. As she enjoyed Samantha bouquet, Samantha began running the dildo over her pussy as Laura urged her on.

"Oh my with your with it. Stick that big cock inside you. I want to watch you fuck yourself you naughty little whore. Work it inside you pussy. Oh yes, that's it...slide it inside your hot, creamy, pussy. I want to watch you cum!"

Samantha eased the dildo inside her pussy just as she had Laura's, working it slowly in and out of her pussy as Laura looked on. The more she slid the dildo in and out, the more aroused she became. Laura in the meantime was fingering her own pussy as she watched Samantha working the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Samantha was starting to moan as she fucked herself, working the dildo faster and faster into her pussy.

She loved putting on show for her lover as she watched and fingered herself. Suddenly Laura rose to her feet, and took the dildo from Samantha, and started working it in and out of Samantha's pussy herself. Samantha leaned back on the desk she had cleared earlier, and began squeezing her breasts, and tugging at her nipples as Laura continued fucking her pussy with the dildo. It was like having a huge cock stuffed in her pussy, slamming her harder and harder as she drew closer and closer to orgasm.

Laura moved part way onto the desk putting her arm around Samantha, and kissing her as she continued fucking her with the dildo. She kissed her way down Samantha's neck to her breasts where she started sucking her nipples as Samantha squealed, and begged Laura to make her cum. Samantha was so close to cumming as Laura waited until the last possible second, and then pulled the dildo from Samantha's pussy replacing it with her mouth on Samantha's clit. Laura was began sucking Samantha's pussy, and clit, while sliding as many fingers as she could into Samantha's pussy.

Laura alternated between licking and sucking Samantha's clit all while fingering her pussy. Samantha could hardly breath she was so overcome with lust and passion as Laura eased a finger between her cheeks, and started teasing her asshole before eventually sliding her finger into Samantha's ass. Now she was not only sucking Samantha's clit, and fingering her pussy, she was fingering her ass as well. Before she could cum Laura order her to turn around and lean over the desk with her ass facing Laura.

Laura was soon running her tongue up and down Samantha's ass, sliding it between her cheeks as she listened to Samantha squeal. After a few minutes Samantha reached back, and parted her cheeks allowing Laura total access to her ass. With the dildo still in her hand, Laura started fucking Samantha with the dildo once again, while she started running her tongue over Samantha's asshole. Samantha was beside herself with lust as she wiggled, and pushed her ass into Laura's face, gasping and begging her,

"Eat me....Oh fuck my fucking ass. Oh it....stuck your tongue up my ass you fucking slut!"

Laura loved listening to Samantha begging her to fuck her as she eased her tongue into Samantha's asshole, and began tongue fucking her. While continuing to tongue he lovers ass, Laura slammed the dildo furiously in and out of Samantha's hot pussy. With her jaws beginning to ache from tonging Samantha's ass, Laura had her turn back over one last time. Now with her legs splayed wide, Laura once again had her face between Samantha's legs, licking and sucking her pussy. Laura sucked Samantha's pussy until Samantha screamed out, and thrust her pussy hard into Laura's face one last time.

Samantha was overcome with an amazing series of crushing orgasms as she lay there on her desk, with Laura still sucking Samantha's clit for all she was worth. After several minutes Samantha fell limp onto her desk, as Laura kissed her sweetly and caressed her breasts. Before Laura left she and Samantha cuddled and hugged over on the sofa in the office. Eventually Laura had to leave, but not before the two of them kissed one last time until their next meeting. Until then, they both had beautiful memories of this little get together to hold them over.

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