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Once at home, she drew a hot bath, and soaked for a long time, her pussy, she had noticed was sore, but why not, it had been used more in the last day than in the last couple of months. Each time she touched her puffy swollen womanhood, she would cringe. She definitely would have to take it easy now; there was no way she could take another man in the shape she was in. Still the thought lingered her fantasies were working overtime. Her thoughts went back to the woman at the dress shop, and the strange feeling she had when the woman cupped her breasts. What would it be like to lay with another woman? She imagined the woman lightly caressing her, kissing her. As Traci lay in the tub, the hot oily water soothing her aching body, she fought the urge to find the woman and find out. What if it hadn't been a come on? What if she were making more of the encounter than was actually there?
Pulling herself from the tub, she decided she wouldn't know until she pursued it further. Her last fling of her debauched few days, maybe.
It was almost five o'clock when she pulled back into the shopping center parking lot. She had dressed in the outfit she bought that morning, wearing the shear white blouse the woman had suggested, to tame the look just a bit. Still she felt self-conscious being dressed the way she was. Her apparel did what it was suppose to do though; it caught the attention of passerby’s, especially the men. A few of the men even winked at her, one man was even with his wife. Traci blushed slightly, but felt a nervous sense of pride well up in her. She would soon find out if the lady at the dress shop was actually coming on to her that morning or if it were just her imagination. She glanced at her watch several times, as she walked toward the mall. Her heart was beating faster with each step she took. She couldn't believe she was about to do what she was about to do.
As Traci walked through the mall she glanced around, her fear of people knowing what she was thinking surfaced again. As she neared the dress shop she slowed her pace at once wondering if this was something she really wanted to do. "To late now." She thought to herself as she got to the entrance. A young woman was at the front counter, the lady that had waited on her that morning was nowhere to be seen. A small sigh of relief escaped her lips as she looked around the store. She walked into the store and browsed a few minutes, looking at some of the more casual outfits that were displayed.
"I told you it would look nice." Traci’s heart skipped a beat as she heard the voice behind her. "The blouse tames the outfit just enough, but overall it still looks very sexy." Traci turned to face the woman. She saw what she thought was a knowing smile on the woman’s face.
"I a.a.a.a. Thought more about the bra you were telling me about, maybe I need it." She could feel her cheeks heat up as she spoke, she could tell the woman knew exactly why she was there, or at least she thought she could.
"Of course, come right back here." The woman turned and walked toward the back of the store. Traci found herself watching the woman’s ass sway underneath her skirt as she walked. Stopping abruptly, Traci nearly ran into her. "Here you go, 36c right?"
"Yes, thank you." Traci had absolutely no idea what to do next.
"Would you like to try it on, to make sure?"
"Yes, I guess I better." Traci walked toward the dressing rooms. She opened the door to the first one she came to, and then glanced back over her shoulder to the saleslady, she smiled. Wondering if that would be enough, she entered the small room and closed the door except for just a crack. She took her vest off, then her blouse. Turning away from the door, she hung each up on a hook.
"Need some help." Traci's whole body shook at the sound of the woman’s voice.
"Please." Was all she could say.
She felt the woman’s soft hands on her back, as she unclasped her bra. Reaching up, the woman slid the straps from Traci’s shoulders and her bra slid down her arms. Glancing into the mirror to the side of her, Traci could she that same smile on the woman’s face. Her breasts were free of the bra now, and the woman glanced into the mirror.
"You have such beautiful breasts." She whispered, her hands coming around Traci's sides and cupping them. "I was hoping I hadn't scared you off this morning." Her fingers lightly grazed Traci's nipples they extended almost immediately.
"I.......I've never done anything like this before." Traci moaned bringing her own hands up to trap the woman’s hands on her suddenly aching breasts.
"I know, but now that your here that is all going to change isn't it."
She pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts as she spoke. Traci was powerless to stop her. The tingling sensations shooting through her body made her shake. "Oh god, don't stop." She murmured as the woman moved closer, pushing her cloth-covered body into Traci's back. "I want to make love to you, make you beg me to stop. I want to taste the sweetness between your legs." As she spoke the woman dropped one hand to the hem of Traci's skirt and reached underneath. The dainty panties Traci had worn was no obstacle for the woman. Her hand was buried in her hot snatch almost immediately. Traci humped her fingers groaning as first one then a second finger slid past the thin material directly into her cunt.
"I'm off now, would you like to go home with me." The woman’s hot breath was on Traci's neck; her lips lightly kissed her shoulder as she spoke. Traci couldn't answer she only nodded her acceptance. Bringing her fingers from Traci's hotbox, she raised them until they lightly traced across her lips. Traci licked the juices from her fingers then turned to face her new lover. She reached behind the woman’s head and pulled her lips to each of her nipples.
"I want you to show me how to make love to another woman, and I want to taste you to." She said breathlessly.
Five minutes later they were leaving the mall. Traci's entire body shook as she thought about the evening to come.
The woman lived in an apartment just a few blocks from the mall, the drive was short, and Traci left her car at the mall and rode with her new friend. No words were spoken until they were inside the apartment. As soon as they were through the door the woman, Marta, turned to Traci. "You are such a beautiful woman." She said stepping close to her. "I’m going to make you forget about men, for just a little while." Her voice was soft and low. Her breasts grazed Traci's as she put her arms around her. She kissed Traci, sending chills down Traci's spine. Her lips were soft and tender, her velvety tongue slid into Traci's mouth. When she broke the kiss, she stepped back and smiled. "I'm going to start a bath, make yourself comfortable." She turned as she spoke and disappeared into the bedroom. Traci stood, shaking listening to the woman lightly humming in the other room, as the water began to run.
Walking over to the couch, Traci sat down and glanced around the room. It was very well appointed, very feminine. She wondered if Marta was a lesbian, or bisexual. She wondered if it made a difference.
A few minutes later Marta returned to the living room, she had taken her clothes off and put a long robe on. Traci smiled at her when she walked around the edge of the couch. Marta smiled back, and then knelt in front of Traci. Her hands were immediately on Traci's knees, separating them as her hands slowly slid up her thighs. Traci sat quietly, letting the woman do what she wanted. Her hands were soft and gentle. She pushed the skirt up as her hands crept closer to their target. The massage the woman was giving her thighs made her breath deeper. Traci laid her head on the back of the couch and slid down just a bit. "That feels so good." She said softly. A moment later she felt Marta's hot breath on her lower thigh.
"So delicious." Marta said, looking up at her soon to be lover. Her tongue darted from between her lips, and licked the inside of Traci's thighs. Traci jumped at the first contact, then moaned as Marta's quick licking motion moved up her leg. As she kissed higher, she pushed the skirt up until Traci felt the leather fabric bunched at her mid section. Raising her head she looked down, the top of Marta's head moved slowly up as her hot breath came closer and closer to Traci's quivering vulva. The feeling of this woman’s soft velvety tongue making its way up the inside of her thigh made Traci squirm with anticipation. She wanted so badly to put her hands on Marta's head and hurry her to the destination she was seeking.
As suddenly as she started she stopped, Traci looked down between her legs. Marta was sitting up smiling at her new friend.
"My bath." She said softly, standing up and once again disappearing into the bedroom. Traci let out a deep sigh of desperation, Marta had given her just enough of a taste of what was to come, and she now waited impatiently. Standing she walked into the bedroom, then to the door of the bath just as Marta was dropping her robe. Her breasts were larger than Traci's with more of sag. Her waist was small then flared into full womanly hips. Traci didn't wait for an invitation; she stepped into the bathroom directly in front of Marta, and raised both of her hands, cupping her naked breasts. Marta smiled as she felt the inexperienced hands gently pinch her nipples. She brought her own hands up and trapped Traci's hands.
"Let me take my bath, hon. then we will play." She said.
Traci didn't speak; she just dropped her hands to her side and watched Marta step into the tub. The bubble bath enveloped the woman as she slid down into the hot water. Traci leaned against the doorway and watched as Marta soaped herself under the water. Laying her head against the back of the tub she ran the soft washcloth between her legs. Traci could tell when the fabric came in contact with the woman’s clitoris. A light moan escaped her lips. Watching Marta bathe was an intoxicating sight. Her hands knowingly touched each sensitive part of her body adding to the eroticism of the moment.
Traci could wait no longer, once again standing up and moving to the middle of the small bathroom, she began to disrobe. Her action didn't go unnoticed. Marta turned slightly and watched her soon to be lover undress. Slowly Traci unbuttoned her vest and let it slide to the floor. Her eyes locked on Marta's so she could see each reaction as her body came into view. Unbuttoning her blouse, she tugged it from the waistband of her skirt. Letting it fall to the floor on top of her vest, she then reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Shrugging her shoulders slightly the bra slipped down her arms exposing her breasts. Her nipples were hard as they came into view.
The side zipper of the skirt was easy to find, while still watching Marta watch her. As the skirt slipped to the floor Traci now was standing in only her transparent panties. The wetness Marta had created earlier between her legs saturated the flimsy material between her legs. Traci smiled, then turned around to slip the panties down. Her thumbs hooked the sides of the thin material and slowly pushed it over her hips. Bending at the waist she slipped her panties down past her knees. She didn't have time to straighten back up before she felt Marta’s hands on her ass.
Separating her asscheeks, Marta who was now on her knees in the tub, her breasts hanging over the edge of the tub flicked her tongue across the pouty waiting pussy lips before her. Traci immediately pushed back onto the darting tongue, screaming as she did. Her hips began gyrating, as Marta tasted more and more of her. Marta's tongue lashed across her exposed cunt, licking the juices that lightly coated her lips. Her tongue darted across Traci's clitoris, then around the outer edges of her puffy lips. It was at that moment that Traci felt the rush of her first orgasm. A light moan escaped her lips. Marta's tongue didn't only explore her sensitive nether region; it also made a pass up across her puckered asshole. The sensation was exhilarating, Traci pushed back once again as Marta's tongue slid back across her rear opening. Traci once again groaned, and grabbed the sink in front of her to stabilize herself.
A quickly as the assault began it ended. Traci waited a moment then stood up, on unsteady legs. Turning she stared down at the woman in the tub, her eyes were glazed with lust. She stepped forward, watching as Marta made room for her in the large tub. Stepping in, the hot oily water felt soothing. Traci sat down slowly feeling the water engulf her body. Once completely in the tub, on her knees, she leaned forward steadying herself with her hands on either side of Marta’s shoulders. Marta's eyes were almost closed as she anticipated the feel of Traci's breasts caressing hers. Their breasts touched, nipple-to-nipple, a moment later, Traci's lips covered her new lovers. The kiss was long and sensual, as each of their tongues dueled the other.
Traci was on fire, and she knew Marta felt the same way, from the deep heaving of her breasts. Their nipples hardened against each other’s as the kiss continued. She could feel Marta's hands searching beneath her for her cunt. She let her legs part as far as possible to give her access. The passion of the moment was overwhelming. Traci knew she had done the right thing making her trip to the mall; this evening was going to be the most erotic she had ever experienced, and she was ready.
"You are so hot, Traci." Marta said, panting, as the kiss ended. Their lips only inches apart. "And so eager to learn." Traci didn't answer; instead she brought her lips once again to Marta's as the woman’s hands found their target. A finger from each hand slid between the folds of her cunt each bumping her swollen love button. After tracing the entire length of her waiting gash, she brought both fingers back to the hardened clit. Traci nearly bucked out of the water when the fingers each began massaging her. It was like Marta had trapped a small prick between her fingers and was jacking it off.
"Oh god, don't stop, please don't stop." She moaned as she rotated her hips to the motion of the fingers on her extended button. She could feel another orgasm begin within her, Marta continuing her massage.
Their lips met a third time as Traci shook and came yet again. Her knees slid slowly back as her orgasm subsided, her head coming to rest on her lover’s chest. Opening her eyes, she moved slightly to lick the hardened nipple that danced just above the water in front of her. Sucking the nipple into her mouth, made Marta heave her chest up, Traci's lips tightened around the hard bud. Her tongue darted over the nipple in light quick motions making it grow harder. Even sucking another woman’s breast had an effect on Traci. A warm confident feeling washed over her.
Traci moved one hand slowly under the water until she touched Marta's upper thigh. Rubbing in a slow steady motion, she raised her hand with each small circle she made, until her hand bumped into her womanhood. Not losing contact with the nipple she sucked, she explored for the first time another woman’s pussy. Finding Marta's clitoris wasn't hard. From the feel of the hardened little member it stood out at least an inch from the normal confines of her full lips.
As the finger bumped across it Marta moaned, lifting her hips slightly trying to get a little more contact. The hot oily water made her entire cunt slick to the touch. Traci slipped a finger into her; she was amazed at the sudden difference in temperature, from the hot water to the inside of Marta's pussy. She slid her finger in until her hand was flat against Marta's aching cunt she then wiggled her finger. Her lover moved her hips more urgently. Traci let the nipple escape her lips and moved up slightly to lick and kiss Marta's neck.
Pulling her finger out, she slid two back in. Marta's cunt willing accepted both. "You are a very fast learner, hon.,” Marta moaned rubbing Traci's back as she spoke. "It's time to move to the bedroom." The suggestion was made, and Traci was ready. She immediately pulled her fingers from Marta's hot pussy, and stood up. Stepping from the tub she looked around for a towel. "In the door to the side of the medicine chest." Marta directed her.
Stepping to the door, she opened it and pulled out a large towel, then turned around, lightly patting her body so she could watch her new friend get out of the tub. Marta stood up; her nipples still erect and stepped from the tub. Traci was standing directly in front of the linen closet. Marta made no effort to move her instead she stepped up to Traci and pushed her back into the closed door gently. Her body moved into Traci's so once again their nipples crushed together as did their lips. Each woman’s arms went around the other in a passionate embrace; the towel Traci was using was trapped between their midsections. Traci's hands explored Marta's backside as the deep sensual kiss continued. She lightly rubbed her asscheeks, and then pulled Marta into her.
Marta's hands took Traci's wrists and pulled her arms above her head, pinning them to the door. The movement made the towel slide to the floor and once again the two women’s bodies melted together, their breasts crushed fully into one another. Marta then lowered Traci's arms, taking one hand she lead her out of the bathroom and to the bedroom. She let Traci walk by her toward the bed. Lightly pushing her onto the bed on her stomach, Marta immediately lay down on top of her so she couldn't turn over. Working herself to a sitting position, her damp pussy sitting squarely on Traci's ass, she began to massage her back.
"We have to take it slowly, baby, make it last all evening, let you feel all of the wonderful new things you are about to learn." Marta's voice was soft and sensual as she spoke. Her hands expertly massaged Traci's shoulders and neck, relaxing her. She closed her eyes and let the woman on top of her take over. She was the teacher and Traci the student. Her hands worked wonders on her tensed shoulders. She hadn't realized just how tense she was, until her body started to relax.
Marta bent and kissed Traci lightly on the neck, her breasts lightly grazing her back as she did. She straightened back up and worked her hands down Traci's back slowly, rubbing all of the tension from her as she went. Scooting herself back, she rubbed the lower back, then her asscheeks. Sliding off of Traci's legs, she then massaged across her asscheeks and to her upper thighs, first one leg and then the other. Her soft powerful hands had Traci wondering if she would even be able to move once the massage was finished.
Finally when she had finished, Marta once again straddled Traci's legs and bent over her. Traci could feel the hard nipples of her lover sliding across her back. Marta's tongue flicked out and lightly licked across the base of Traci's neck. Her tongue then followed a slow steady path down her spine. The feeling was intense as the woman’s tongue continued a slow path toward her ass. Traci moaned as she felt Marta's hands on her cheeks, kneading them as her tongue danced lightly across her back. When her tongue finally reached the base of Traci's spine, she could feel Marta pulling her asscheeks apart. Her tongue then slowly made its way through the crack.
Traci was suddenly on fire again as Marta flicked her tongue just above her asshole. She shuddered and came when it first gently probed her back opening. Marta stabbed several times at the tight back opening before burying her face into Traci's ass and stabbing her tongue into her ass. The tight outer ring gave way to the sensation immediately, Traci shoving her ass lewdly onto the invading tongue moaned once again. The sensation of this woman sticking her tongue into such a forbidden place only heightened Traci's arousal. Traci could feel her juices spilling from her cunt onto the soft bedspread as Marta continued her assault on her backside.
Finally she moved from Traci's ass, her tongue licking the soft tender membrane between her pussy and ass. At this point Marta stopped for a moment and repositioned Traci so she was on her knees, with her in between. Her tongue immediately stabbed into Traci's drenched cunt, sending yet one more orgasm coursing through her body. Traci hunched back on the hot wet tongue that licked deeply into her. Her body convulsed as her throbbing cunt spent her juices on her lovers tongue. She continued to rock back and forth on her hands and knees as Marta licked and sucked her orgasmic release.
When Marta backed away from her, Traci lay back down on her stomach for a moment she could feel the warm flush of her cheeks. Rolling over she looked up at the beautiful woman. Her nipples were taut as she stared down at Traci, that same knowing smile on her face. Being the beginner, Traci laid quietly until Marta moved. Once again she straddled Traci, only this time she slowly began to walk herself on her knees toward her willing mates waiting tongue. As she moved across Traci's breasts, she could feel the woman’s damp juices coating her nipples. On impulse she thrust upward, her breasts pushing into warm wet gash.
Marta sat down on her heaving breasts and wiggled her cunt until one of Traci's hard nipples rubbed across her swollen love button. Both women moaned at the contact. Rising up she once again moved toward the waiting mouth of her new lover. Traci wiggled her tongue when she thought Marta was close enough, raising her head she met the object of her sudden desire halfway. Licking into the hairy snatch she tasted her first pussy. It drove her immediately into a frenzy to taste more. Her tongue dashed into the open gash one more time before Marta was fully on top of her mouth. Once there she settled down on the anxious tongue. Traci clamped her mouth over the opening and pushed her tongue as deeply into the well-lubricated channel as she could. Her hands came up and caressed the woman’s buttocks as she devoured the tasty treat she was being given.
Marta moaned as Traci licked and stabbed her dripping cunt. She came hard when Traci locked her lips on the swollen bud of her lust. She could feel her juices leaking onto the chin and neck of her lust filled friend. As her orgasm subsided Marta tumbled to the side, Traci followed her. She couldn't get enough of the wonderful taste of the other woman’s wet pussy. Crawling between Marta's legs she continued the oral assault, both of her hands were now on the woman’s ass lifting her to her waiting mouth. Marta once again stirred to the touch of the inexperienced but insatiable tongue of her new lover.
Her juices flowed from her cunt, down through the crack of her ass as Traci kept licking her. As she grabbed more of the woman’s ass for more urgent leverage, her thumb bumped into Marta’s tight back opening. Marta immediately jumped; she looked down her body and her eyes made contact with Traci's. With one hand she reached down and held Traci's mouth in place on her pulsating clit.
"Oh baby,” she moaned, "your doing such a good job, do more." Traci kept her mouth on her pussy and looked at her lover for directions. "Rub my asshole, honey. Work your fingers all around my asshole."
Traci immediately ran her thumb back across the puckered back opening she had touched a few seconds before. Marta's juices had saturated the entire crack of her ass, so there was more than enough lubrication. As Traci rubbed her thumb on the rubbery back passage, she felt the tight outer ring give way. Looking back up at her lover, Marta only nodded. Traci's thumb popped into the tight back passage and Marta immediately went berserk. Her hips bucked up against Traci's mouth with renewed urgency as Traci slid her thumb deep into Marta's receptive butt. Marta came almost instantly as she felt the thumb burrows its way deeper into her forbidden backside. She continued to buck against the eager lips of her lesbian lover as she fucked herself more furiously on the invading digit in her ass.
As she came down from her ferocious orgasm, Traci pulled her thumb from the tight sheath it had just been and sat up between Marta's legs. "How did I do?" She asked with a prideful smile on her face.
"You are the best I have ever had, darling." Marla moaned, reaching up and pulling Traci down to her. They fell asleep that way, nestled in each other’s arms. Traci only vaguely remembered Howard was supposed to call her that evening. She would just tell him she had gone to a movie, with a new girlfriend.

Traci got home that night about midnight. The phone was ringing when she walked in the door. She rushed and picked it up.
"Hello." She said, knowing full well it was Howard and he was probably sick with worry.
"Traci, where have you been?" His voice was at once worried and a little relieved to hear her voice.
"Howard, I'm sorry, I went to a movie, then stopped and got something to eat. I forgot you said you were going to call until I was just about finished eating." She thought she sounded convincing.
"Scared the hell out of me, honey, I thought something happened to you." Something did, Traci thought to herself and smiled.
"I'm ok, hon., the movie wasn't all that great anyway." Once again she smiled. "But what I had to eat was wonderful."
"Listen, I talked to Mr. Buffington this evening, told him about the cruise. He said it sounded great and thought maybe he and his wife would join us if it was alright with you." Howard hadn't even asked what she had eaten. "Said that it might be a good time to talk to me about a few things, what do you think."
Having the boss of the company along on their second honeymoon didn't sound overly appealing to Traci, but what could she say. "Sure honey, I guess so." Howard didn't even seem to notice the disappointment in her voice.
"Great, we'll have a good time. I got to go now, I'll call tomorrow night."
"Call late, Marta and I are going shopping tomorrow evening." Traci said quickly, a little upset that Howard hadn't picked up on her reluctant tone.
"Marta, who's Marta?"
"Oh she's a friend I met awhile back, she has a little boutique in the Mall."
"Oh, ok, when do you think, about ten or so?"
"Sure, talk to you tomorrow night."
"Love you."
"Love you too." Traci hung up the phone and lay back on the couch. She had no plans with Marta for the next night, but she had ideas that something else might happen. If they didn't fine but if they did, she wanted plenty of time to explore them fully. After all she seemed to be on a newfound quest. What it was she wasn't exactly sure, but still it was a quest.
She slept soundly that night, her mind racing with all that had happened to her in the past day and a half, interspersed with what may happen tomorrow. The feelings of guilt she had experienced the first night were nowhere to be found tonight, only fond recollections of the experiences.

Traci awoke early, she always did. She took a quick shower threw on her bathrobe and went downstairs to fix a little breakfast. She glanced at the clock; it was a little past seven. She put the coffee on, fixed herself a bowl of cereal and glanced out the kitchen window to see what was going on in the neighborhood. It was mostly the same old thing that went on every morning. Gus from across the street came out of his house about seven-ten and headed to work. About ten minutes later Gus' wife and their two children came out and got in the car so she could drive them to school. She wore a robe similar to the one Traci had on. Traci had to admit that she definitely looked better in it than Gus' wife.
At seven-forty five Bill Wadds pulled into his drive, Traci watched him as he went straight into the house. He must have been on the midnight shift this month. Five minutes later Sherry Wadds came out of the house and got in her car and headed to work. She was a secretary at the bank. Traci washed her bowl, and sat it in the strainer to dry, and poured herself a third cup of coffee. She sat down at the kitchen table. For the first time in a couple of days she actually begin to think about the trip again that she had so been looking forward too. And she thought about Howard’s boss coming along.
"Damnit." She murmured to herself.
It was a few minutes after eight when the phone rang. Who would be calling this early in the morning? "Hello." She said holding the phone on her shoulder while she poured another cup of coffee.
"Traci,” A sudden chill went through her when she heard the mans voice. The chill this time though didn't end up a knot in her stomach, it went straight to her over active womanhood.
"Bill, hi." She said softly.
"Listen, Traci I just called to check on you, I hadn't seen you since the other day and I wanted to make sure you were alright." Bill's voice was a little anxious as he spoke.
"I'm fine, how about you?"
"I'm great, hey I got a great idea, how about a cup of coffee?"
"I just started a fresh pot." Traci glanced down at the empty pot.
"Ok, I'll be over in a few, want me to bring some donuts."
"I just ate, got to watch my figure you know."
"Yea me too, watch your figure I mean." He laughed nervously at his little joke, wondering as soon as he said it if he should have. Traci's uncontrollable body quivered at the mention of it. "See you in a minute." She dropped the receiver in the cradle and started a fresh pot of coffee.
Bill came around the back way and knocked on the door once before opening it. Traci was sitting at the table sipping the last of her coffee, pretending to read the newspaper. "Hey." He said walking into the kitchen.
"Hi, the coffee's almost ready." Traci looked up at him and smiled. His hair was still wet from his shower. He was wearing a t-shirt that was about a size too small, and a pair of jogging shorts. Traci could make out the outline of his cock through the material. She marveled at his powerful upper body. He was about thirty she guessed and still had his rock hard body she remembered him having when they first moved in about five years ago.
"So your working the midnight shifts this month?" She asked getting up to fill her cup and get her visitor one.
"Yea, just started it two days ago, takes about a week before you get adjusted to it." Traci could feel his eyes staring at the back of her as she poured his coffee. She glanced down before turning around to see just how loose her robe was. The swell of her breasts had pushed the thick terry cloth apart somewhat, just enough for him to catch a glimpse of their inside roundness. She knew also he would be able to see down the front of it when she bent to set his coffee down. Her entire body warmed to the thought.
All pretense of being coy went out the window when she turned around. She smiled at her hunky friend as she walked back over to the table. Her thoughts were entirely on wanting to enjoy the massive piece of meat between his legs this morning. "So, Sherry's off to work this morning already?" She asked knowing full well the answer.
"Yea, she left a little bit ago." Bill noticed that while the electric tension that was present a few days before were still there, neither of them seemed uncomfortable with the situation, or at least not like they were in the backyard. He made no veiled effort not to look down the front of her robe as she bent to set his coffee in front of him. Instead he reached up and slid one hand inside the puffed open material. His hand immediately found her hard nipple and he rubbed it, staring deeply into her eyes as he did. She let him feel her for a moment, then straightened up and sat down across from him.
She could feel her cheeks flush with lust. As she sat down, the robe separated a little further. Partly because of the way she sat, partly because of her heavy breathing.
"So you didn't just come over because I make a great cup of coffee, did you?" She teased.
"That too." He replied, leaning forward just a bit. His eyes were smoldering with desire and Traci wondered if they would make it any further than the kitchen table this morning. He sipped his coffee and watched Traci move to the side just a bit. The movement opened her robe almost completely. She could feel her hard nipples scraping the edge of the open robe.
"Just sitting there you make me hot." She said in a low voice. "I want to crawl over the table and eat you up." She had not idea where the dialog was coming from, but she was speaking the truth.
"My but we've come along way in just a few days haven't we." Bill said, the sudden sureness in his voice very noticeable.
"So what do you think we should do about it?" Traci sipped her coffee, but made no move.
"Well I suppose I could take you right here on the kitchen table, or I could take you upstairs and lay you on the bed and devour you." Traci watched his movements as he spoke. She was enjoying the conversation.
"And tell me Bill, if you take me on the table, what exactly will you do to me." She grinned at him, reaching up she untied the knot in the rope belt that held the robe together. He smiled, still not moving; he looked at her as her naked torso came into view.
"Well for starters, I think I would suck on those delicious tits, nibble on your nipples until your panting uncontrollably. Then I would slowly lick down your stomach, kiss your navel, and lick through your pubic hair." He paused staring at her, watching her breasts heave with each ragged breath she took. She stared back at him. "Then I'd find that hard little clit of yours, I know you have hidden in your wet pussy. I'd suck it, lick it, nibble it until you came on my tongue."
"Oh my." Traci moaned, her hand slipping between her legs. "What then, what would you do then?" She panted, wanting to hear the rest of the story.
"I'd pull you from the table, sit you back in the chair and fuck your tits until I came all over your chest." Bill squirmed in his seat as he spoke. He watched her playing with herself, his eyes focused on her swaying breasts. She stopped abruptly and stood up, letting her robe slip from her shoulders. She stood before him naked, knowing full well he could see the slickness between her legs. She walked around the table moved his coffee cup and sat down on the edge of it. Putting a foot on each of his legs, she spread herself for him and once again ran her fingers through her saturated love hole.
"Do it." She said, one finger disappearing into her pussy.
Bill stood up and Traci lay back on the table, her legs dangling over the side. She could see the head of his massive tool sticking out of the top of his shorts. Bending over he sucked one stiff nipple into his mouth, swathing it with his tongue as he did. He then bit down lightly on it, Traci shivered as she felt his hands on her waist. He then licked across her chest until his mouth found the other nipple and he repeated the process. Traci arched her back to get more of her tit surrounded by his talented mouth. She moaned as she felt him lick beneath first one, then the other of her heavy breasts.
His tongue licked a slow painful trail down across her ribcage and tummy until it darted into her tender navel. She jumped when she felt the wet slippery tongue dig into her bellybutton. He then continued his journey down across her abdomen until his tongue danced through her thick patch of pubic hair. It wasn't a moment later that he found exactly what he was in search of. His lips locked on her swollen, hard love button and he sucked it into his mouth. His tongue tickled across the extended morsel of her lust. She bucked herself into his mouth as she felt the tell tale signs of her orgasm rush through her body. Moaning loudly, she reached down and trapped his head with her hands as she hunched uncontrollably on his waiting mouth, depositing the juices of her orgasm on his tongue.
As her spasms subsided, she let go of his head and he stood up, taking her hands as he did, he helped her from the table and into the chair he had been sitting in. With one swift move his dropped his shorts to his ankles and kicked them off. He then peeled his t-shirt off and stepped forward with his hard rod pointing straight to her lips. Traci flicked her tongue across the tip, tasting his pre-cum juices, then opening her mouth and taking the huge bulbous head between her lips. Her lips were stretched just getting the head of his cock in her mouth; still she savored the taste of the third cock she had sucked in the past two days.
He let her suck him for a few moments before pulling from her mouth and pushing her further into the chair. Straddling her legs he bent slightly and placed his rock hard member between her tits. Instinctively Traci pushed her arms together trapping the massive piece of flesh between her soft full breasts. "Oh god Bill that feels so good, your cock is so hot." She moaned, throwing her head back as he began to fuck his cock between her tits. For some reason she didn't know why she could feel a mild orgasm building once again between her legs.
Each time his cock pushed through her tits it would bump just under her chin. Looking down, she found out as it came up through she could lick the tip before he drew it back down into her channel. Her first titty fuck ever and she was really enjoying it. Her pussy quivered each time his hot rod made its way through her pre cum slick tunnel. "Ohhhhhhhh.......I think your going to make me cum this way." She moaned between licks. With each pass through now, Bill pushed a little higher do his cock head pushed just past her lips. Traci struggled to suck more of the huge slick head into her eager mouth.
Bills powerful strokes had him working on his own orgasm as he grasped the sides of her head as he fucked her tits.
"You definitely have the most fuckable tits I have ever seen, they are perfect." He growled as Traci relaxed her arms a moment before pushing them together again. "Have you ever felt cum shooting onto your chest?" He moaned.
"No." She answered when his head popped from her mouth. "But I want to now." By the way her arms were pressed together it put both her hands at her quivering quim. She pulled her lips apart with her two middle fingers, and then lightly rubbed her swollen clit with her index finger.
"Oh, baby......................" Was the only warning she got from Bill as halfway through her tits on an upstroke his cock erupted, the hot sticky cream covering her tits sent a shiver through her that triggered her own orgasm. With his second stroke up, his cum soaked her upper chest and neck. He held her head in position so the third shot hit directly on her lips. As his orgasm subsided he pushed his cock into her mouth so the last few drops trickled onto her tongue. She swallowed it with whorish delight, then as he pulled his cock from her mouth she licked the cum from her lips.
Bill backed away from her, leaned against the table. He looked at his beautiful neighbor and smiled. She reached up and rubbed her sticky juices into her chest and tits, then smiled at him.
"Something new for the diary." She giggled, bringing her cum soaked fingers to her mouth and licking them. "I hope you don't have to go home just yet?" She asked, hopefully.
"Hey, I got all morning, you want more." He pushed himself up and stepped forward, so Traci could suck his now soft cock. She didn't have near as much trouble sucking it in this state as she had a few minutes before. She had already grown to love the feel of the soft texture of a hard cock on her tongue. She knew now she would never be able to go back to the way things were only a few days before. Somehow she would have to be able to taste the forbidden fruits of lust more often. What she really hoped was it would be with her husband, but she had her doubts.
Traci lay in the tub soaking the morning’s encounter off of her, she moved slowly as the oil slick water soothed her. She had taken Bill upstairs so they could take it slowly, though Bill was not one you would put in the tender lovemaking category. It had started out slowly, her sucking his cock to full size once again, then licking his balls. It seemed that once Bill was too a certain point, he had to have his cock working to unload. Such was the case that morning. He had pulled her up across his stomach and she sat down on his hard prick. She slipped down on him and rode his cock as best she could. His size made it uncomfortable for her to sit fully on him. Still she worked on him until he finally rolled her to the side, then on top of her.
He then grabbed her ankles and spread her wide as he slipped his cock deeply into her. From this angle she could take him all comfortably. He fucked her hard until his second load spilled from his cock, not nearly as heavy as the first, but still enough to fill her hot cunt. They lay together for a few minutes, and then he decided he should go, promising to come back sometime, when her husband was gone again.
Traci lingered in the tub, her mind thinking back on all she had done in the past two days. There was part of her that told her she would regret all that had happened, the overwhelming thoughts though were that she not only wouldn't regret what she had done but that she wanted more. Bill had worked her over pretty well, his big cock stretching her tight pussy deliciously. He hadn't totally satisfied her though. She tried to focus on what exactly it was that she would need to fulfill the constant desire that burned within her. As she thought, her hands went to her hot love box. Sliding a finger across her clitoris made her moan. Whatever it was, she hadn't experienced it yet.
Pulling herself from the tub, she toweled off, then went to her closet to decide what she would wear that day as she went in search of her desires.


2008-05-23 23:10:07
Great series of stories. In future sequels, get TYraci pregnant,by bill and the college kid. Get the lesbian involved in a threeway and get her pregnant too.


2007-01-21 16:24:34
male reader: great story, what happen next, if any?


2006-12-21 19:02:39
looking good so far. Is there a part 5?


2006-12-13 08:34:40
great story so far. can hardly wait to see what happens next..


2006-10-23 01:20:51
Super good. Got hard and I made myself cum

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