second instalment, in the being caught series, I hope my grammar suits you guys and you enjoy reading this one as much as it first. Please comment and rate no sharing of numbers and stuff please.
I got to school late so I headed straight to my locker to get my books. All because of yesterday’s unusual turnabouts, I had dreamt of the different ways Mr Wilde had fucked me and how extremely hot he made me and sexy his body was doing all those wicked things, shining with sweat and muscles clenching as he fucked me with all his might. But it was so much hotter because it was with a mixture of Louis and I during our wild passionate times, so I was fried in my bloody sleep. I woke up horny as hell and I had to get myself off, or else I did be a walking sensitive sex bomb for the whole school day, if anyone happen to rub any part of my sexually overheated body. Even now I still am flustered and hot, in need of a good fuck or something to make me feel good all over.

I bent down to pick my textbook that had fallen, when someone stopped in front of me and closed my locker. "Hey I was--" I stopped once I saw it was Louis, smirking down at me and he was staring openly down to my ass. I felt my cheeks burn, he shouldn't be doing that especially not in public. I got up, staring into his eyes "Hey," he winked at me "H-hi" I stammered/nervously smiled back at him. "You look so pretty today, I couldn't stop but to talk to you." He flashed me his sexy smile. "Really? Thank you." I smiled dismissively, I felt uncomfortable being with him in public, not only because of Sandy but also now because of Mr Wilde. "In the next locker break, I'll come by and say hello to you again. I got something for you," he smirked. "R-really? What is it?”
"A surprise is a surprise." He gave me a hug, smelling unto my neck. I could feel his wet tongue against my neck, sliding around my skin. I shuddered and scanned the hall way, people weren't focused on us, to my relief but I wonder why he was displaying so much PDA today, I liked the attention but it is wrong.  He bit down and started sucking on my neck causing me to moan in pleasure.

His hand trailed down to my butt, giving it a light secretive squeeze. He pulled away "See you later," was all he said before he left. What the fucking fuck just fucking happened? Louis held my butt, kissed my neck and in public and I fucking liked it for sure. I wish we could do more though, my body was hotter than before and now I could feel my pussy flooding I left the hallway for my class where I waited for the bell to ring for locker break.

Louis stared at me through out English class, we always have it together. He winked at me before he sent me a little note card before we sent series of little note cards back and forth, so we could flirt mindlessly without giving off the sense that we were secretly fucking each other. I could also feel his eyes moving on my butt most of the time.

The bell rang and I ran out to my locker. I threw my books inside and my locker was closed by Louis. "Come." He ordered me and I did as he told. We walked through the hallways into the long corner, to a bathroom that almost no one uses. He slammed the door open and we walked in. The minute he closed the door and locked it, he pinned me up against the wall, his lips coming in contact with mine. I kissed back rapidly, running my hand through his hair.

He's hand trailed down to my shorts, crawling in from under and touching the thin material covering my vagina. He pulled out his hand and went to my butt, giving it so many hard squeezes making me gasp. It gave him time to shove his tongue right down my throat. He unbuttoned my shorts and it fell to the ground. He clawed his hand inside of my shirt to my breasts squeezing them before finally removing my tank top and tossing it aside.
He removed his shirt quickly and tossed it aside too. I moaned as he started sucking on my neck and down to my breasts. Was I really doing this? Was I going to fuck Louis after what Mr Wilde had said?

He unclasped my bra and didn't hesitate before starting to lick my nipple and sucking it so hard. I moaned, the moans echoed in the lonely room. He bent down facing my vagina. He smirked and started to lick through the thin material. He is such a fucking tease.

"Please," I moaned. "Take it off." He smirked at me and slid down my panties, crashing his tongue into my wet shaved tight pussy. He made circles around it, with his tongue and slid his tongue inside, penetrating me from there. I moaned as he bit my clit softly, before sucking onto it. I ran my hand through his hair as he continued to suck on my vagina.
He pulled me up on his shoulders and continued to lick, to eat me out. I moaned and put my hands against the wall, letting him do his job. "Ah," I moaned. "Faster" He obeyed my orders and started to lick faster, Dipping his tongue all the way in. He put me down and continued to lick me, this time adding his fingers inside. He first put one finger inside and then added another one. Thrusting in fast and hard, I moaned. He smirked at me. He came to a stop once I came letting out a loud scream. He licked my juices up and stood up, giving me a kiss and putting his fingers in my mouth so I could taste myself.

He removed his pants and I bent down, removing his boxers. I put his dick right in my mouth and stared to suck unto it quickly. I did various deep throats. He moaned in pleasure and grabbed my head, giving it more pressure into his dick. I swear I was starting to choke but who cares.

I started to bite his dick softly a bit, his ran went to my breast and gave it a really hard squeeze. I gasped as he came in my mouth, but I swallowed every drop like the good slut I am.
I smiled and stood up. He smirked at me and pulled me up, soon ramming his dick inside my vagina, not wasting anytime thrusting in and out of me really quickly. I moaned both in pain and pleasure. His dick is so huge, but I couldn’t compare it to Mr Wilde’s own.

He started to sweat buckets, and that fucking turned me on even more. His thrusting became a bit harder. "Please," I moaned. "Faster" "Ah, ah ah," I kept moaning with each thrust. He held onto my thighs hard in order for me not to fall. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I bounced on his dick.

“Keep..keep going," I breathed out. He grabbed one of my breasts and bit it hard, then starting to suck on it as I continued to bounce on his dick.

He gave my butt a squeeze and moaned my name. "I'm so close," I moaned. "Hold it, I am too..."

"I...I..." I trailed off thought no words came out. I was in too much pleasure at the moment. "I know, scream my name baby!" "LOUIS!" I screamed. "Louder!" "LOUIS!!!!" I tilted my head back once we reached our climax. Cum flew everywhere. He smirked as put me down. "I'm pretty sure someone heard us," he smirked. I blushed at his statement, but it quickly made reality knock me harshly on the head.
“Fuck Louis, what is your problem?” I asked him annoyed and a little bit scared he looked at me confused “Huh?” was all he said “I-I what’s wrong with you? What about Sandy and somebody could have heard or seen us, how could we have been so reckless, how could I have been?” Louis just looked at me smiling “It’s alright nobody would have anyway, you have gone louder than this before.” I just had sex with Louis, I am officially screwed if Mr Wilde finds out. I seriously needed to end it with Louis right now before things got out of hand.
“Louis… we can’t do this anymore.” I said solemnly “The fuck we can’t!” he said angrily looking at me now, he looked hurt and scared. “Louis I just can’t, okay. Stick to your girlfriend and let her be my best friend, we are hurting a lot of people by doing this and it’s not safe doing this on school grounds” he got on his knees, before me and said “No you can’t, I need you. I-I-I will end it with Sandy, just don’t end us.” That broke my heart and I started to cry and hugged Louis no matter what he said I wouldn’t continue with him, my life was just way to important and I would never go out with a sour ex of my best friend, which it would turn out to be if Louis broke up with Sandy. “Louis no, stay with Sandy, I’m done, we can only be friends without benefits, please.” He nodded his head sadly, before kissing me and standing up, to pick up his discarded clothing’s and put them back on; without looking at me he left the bathroom, I cried some more before I finally got up and wore my clothes back and straightened myself up, before leaving to.
“Well who do we have here?”
I gasped when I looked up to see Mr Wilde looking at me, his face was unreadable and I bet I looked deathly pale, did he know? I pray not. He walked past me towards the bathroom and opened the door, entered and beckoned for me to follow him inside, was he going to fuck me here, where Louis just finished doing me, and if he did he would so know I just got recently fucked.
‘You fucking slutty bitch. This place smells like sex, who the fuck did you have sex with Alison?’
He hadn’t known, but fuck, the room smelt like fucking sex and I definitely was in trouble now, I couldn’t tell him it was Louis, neither could I tell him it was another dude, I was fucking stuck with saying the truth or being silent.
“I give you five seconds to answer me, or so be it, I will strip you naked and send over a group of boys to take a thorough look at your slut of a body.” I couldn’t suffer ill fate like that, I sunk to my knees and looked at the floor as I replied him
Mr Wilde, instructed me to strip off all atom of clothing and also any sort of reminder of Louis I had on me, before he came back. Which is tough because Louis cum is still inside of me and I needed to shower, I was in the bathroom.
I quickly showered and stood in a corner naked and secretly praying no one would come in, cause Mr Wilde was surely taking his time on getting back and I was starting to get chilled.
I heard the door click and let out my breathe of relief when I saw it was Mr Wilde, he locked the door and strode towards me, that was when I noticed what he was holding, a board ruler. Oh God no. "What happens to dis obedient girls?" He asked me as he looked my body up and down, my nipples where hard beads now. "They ought to be punished." "Correct, now did I or did I tell you not to have sex with Louis again?" He asked me and I shuddered looking at that ruler. "Yes you did, sir." I said and he smiled or smirked at me. "Turn around ass up, bend down so your hand is touching your toes and remain that way." I did as I was told no doubt I was getting canned with the wooden hard ruler. "I'm going to give you some licks, when I'm satisfied I will stop." I braced myself for the pain, I couldn't see what he was doing, but I felt the first slap on my two ass cheeks and it made me cry out, the sound of the wood hitting my bare butt echoing in the room, but it didn't stop more came continuous after that till I was crying and sobbing my eyes out, worse yet I was wet from my naked spanking. After what seemed like forever he stopped and rubbed my sensitive ass, which I bet is red as red as a tomato. I felt his lips on both of my cheeks, before he told me to get up.
He told me to face him, and chest out, he took my hands and dragged them to my back where he told me to hold them, my butt still stung and tears were still dropping from my eyes, but he didn't seem to notice, instead I watched in sweet terror, as he used the ruler to slap both of my breast at once, leave it stinging and resoundingly red, I squealed out and another one came down, he gave me eight more strokes before he finally stopped, by now I was racked in sobs and collapsed to the floor.
"This is me being nice to you, I shalln't tell Sandy. But this better be the last time you ever sleep with Louis or any other boy for the matter."
"But Mr. Wilde, you hit me so fucking hard, my whole body hurts."
"Alison, Justin."
I felt his soft lips roamed over the skin of my bare back, they were soft and wet and it tickled my very sensitive skin in a burning special kind of way, it was warm, a lot warmer than the temperature in the room.
"Lift your hands." Justin instructed as he walked up in front of me, I shifted my position so that i sat up.
"Don't move." Justin demanded controllingly as he pulled my arms back into the same kneeling position.
"What are you doing?" I whispered although it was pretty obvious what he was doing.
"I'm making you mine." Justin whispered softly against
my lips. "Now, give me a kiss." His words lingered in the back of my mind, echoing and like a robot I followed his commands.
I leaned forward and Justin placed his wet lips on top of mine. I felt the tip of Justin's tongue caress my bottom lip, making it wet. I gulped as I parted my lips, Justin slid his warm, wet tongue into my mouth and begun to explore it. It felt good, in a weird way. My lips were sealed around Justin's as we continued and deepened our kiss further. "And how are you planning to do that?" I whispered as Justin broke away from the kiss while breathing heavily. "You'll see" Justin whispered as he winked at me. "Now you better listen to what i say." Despite the harsh treatment I had just received my body was full of lust for him "Uhm, okay?" I said.
Justin moved away from my face and I felt his
fingertips dance across my back, his fingernails tickling and playing with my skin, giving me goose bumps.
"Alison, you're all mine, every little inch of you."
Justin's fingers were drawn down my arched back, his index finger tracing my spine. "Every. Little. Fucking. Inch. Of. You." Justin articulated the words carefully with his soft dark voice. It sounded sexy. "And this..." Justin said while dragging his finger down my crack. "This" He repeated himself as his finger found my entrance. "This is definitely mine."
Justin pushed his finger inside me and i moaned. It felt good, even better than good, it felt amazing. Justin's voice was so dark and raw and sexy that i couldn't do anything but listen and oblige to his every word.
"This is mine to touch" Justin said thrusting his finger inside me and I gasped, feeling the tip of his finger jerk inside my body.
My pussy grew wetter from Justin's touch and my nipples hardened.
"Mine to kiss" Justin said as he left a wet kiss over my bare clit and giving me another thrust with his finger.
"Mine to fuck." Justin continued with his sexy voice. His finger begun to move at a steady pace and I groaned, feeling another finger entering my body.
"And mine to own." Justin whispered as his skillful long fingers started thrusting into my wet pussy. Justin begun to move his fingers faster. "This is all mine." He growled. "Mhmmm" I moaned, feeling the rush of his fingers pleasing me, jolt through my body. I felt his fingertips deep inside me and my throat was trembling to keep my moans back.
"Too fucking bad, he can't have you because you all mine." Justin spoke possessively and it turned me on. It turned me on knowing he was this possessive of me and he wanted me this badly, it definitely turned me on that he had the courage to say it, like this.
"You're mine to kiss." Justin whispered, planting another kiss on my hardened clit. I gasped feeling his hot, wet lips on my pussy. "You're mine to touch." Justin slammed his finger into me harder. "Ohh" I moaned feeling the force of his fingers inside me. "You're mine to fuck." Justin said with drawing his finger for another hard slam. "But most importantly." Justin paused. His fingers moved inside my tightened pussy quickly and hard, when using his force it almost felt like his fingertips was punching rather than poking my G-spot. The feeling was so intense, my breath hitched and my eyes squinted close. My toes curled in frustration and my body tensed up.
I felt my orgasm build up as Justin shifted himself so he sat next to me. His fingers still plunging deep inside me. "Most importantly Alisooooon" Justin purred sweet and sexily into my ear while his fingers pushed themselves into me another time. Harder this time, almost sending me over the edge. Justin knew I was close, he could tell by the way my walls were tightening around my fingers and by the way I whimpered out his name pleadingly.
"You're mine." Justin whispered into my ear as he curved his fingers inside me and I came. My orgasm waved through my body like a tsunami and by the time I had calmed down Justin's entire hand was wet and covered in my juices. "Now..." Justin smirked as he pulled out his soaked fingers and pressed them to his lips.
I watched him with my head tilted, God he was so fucking sexy. The erotic vision of his soft lips wrapped around his fingers as his tongue slowly licked his fingers - that were covered in my cum - off, could probably make me orgasm again.
"I'm going to show you how much i meant it." Justin finished licking his fingers. "Are you ready baby?" His voice whispered softly as he shifted so that he was standing behind me. I nodded. "Mmm good girl." Justin moaned. His hoarse voice was like sexy to my ears, his moan was so deep and sexy it made my pussy tingle in excitement.
I bit my lip, feeling the head of Justin's cock teasing my entrance. "I'm going to claim you and possess you like never before." Justin growled from behind me as he entered me.
"Mmm" I groaned as i felt his cock enter deep in me, much deeper than his fingers. Justin grabbed onto my hips, his fingers pressed against my soft skin and his cock burying itself deeper inside me. Justin waited a few seconds until he finally begun to move.
His fingers grasped on harder to my hips and his nails dug into my skin as he begun to rock in and out of me. With no mercy he separated my internal walls with every fierce and hard thrust. I rocked my body back against his, wanting to feel every inch of his cock inside me.
Fucking me, using me, owning me.
"Fuck baby, that's how I like it." Justin growled between his gritted teeth as I pushed my ass and lower body backwards against him, my ass grinding against him while his cock still thrusted inside me.
"Ohhhh... I groaned. Justin expanded my walls so much that it almost hurt, but a good sort of pain. "You're mine Alison." Justin groaned as he thrust deep into me, his cock hitting my g-spot harder and harder each time. "You're fucking mine." Justin groaned in frustration as he gripped on tighter to my hips. His nails dug into my skin and was probably leaving marks, it hurt, but a stinging good sort of contrasting pain, like the rest of my body "I am." I screamed, feeling my walls tighten around Justin's cock. My body was moved in jerking motions back and forth on the floor, my knees glided against the cold tile but my hands kept steady. My hair was shaking as the force of Justin's thrust made my entire body swing slightly forward everytime he hit my deepest spot and my body jerked backwards to meet his thrust.
I was possessed by Justin, he'd claimed me for himself and for his own usage. It was a weird but extremely sexual vision and hearing Justin growling thing's like that in my ear made me go crazy.
"Tell me Alison, who's girl are you?" Justin moved one of his hands down around my hips and towards to stomach.
"Yours" I breathed out heavily. "I can't hear you?" Justin growled as his fingers found my clit, Justin thrusted into me faster and harder while his fingers rubbed my clit teasingly slow. "Yours" I repeated myself a little louder. "C'mon Alisssson" Justin groaned louder and impatiently. "Who's girl are you?" "Yours" I hissed while feeling his fingers pressing harder at my numb. "I still can't fucking hear you?" Justin yelled frustrated and angrily in a sexy way as he smacked my butt hard.
"Ow" I whimpered as his palm collided with my skin. "Tell me again Chelsea..." Justin growled loudly as he rubbed his fingers faster against my clit. His cock thrust into me with force and my tightned walls were ready to explode.
"YOURS. IM YOURS JUSTIN." I screamed in agony and frustration as Justin stopped rubbing my clit and withdrew my orgasm for a second. Justin started rubbing my clit again and with one last thrust, I squeezed my walls and tensed my body, I put everything i had into the orgasm and it flooded through me.
"Fuck babyyy" Justin groaned as he pulled out of me and watched me cum, the wet juices flowed down my legs and I grew weak. I fell forward, leaning my entire upper body against the floor.
"Oh my god." I whimpered, feeling my entire body float to the ground. That was the best ecstasy ride i'd had in a looong time, beat any with Louis. "That was so fucking sexy babe." Justin whispered into my ear. "Give me another one Justin" I whispered through my fucked up breathing. "Please."
"Oh Alison." Justin purred. "You don't have to beg" Justin circled his finger around my sensitive numb, if he'd applied pressure right on it I probably would've passed out, that's how sensitive it was. "But, it's such a fucking turn on when you do." I bit my lip hard while staring into Justin's eyes teasingly.
"One more... Pleaseee?" I whispered desperately as I grinded my hips backwards. "Ugh, fuck me." Justin groaned while looking into my eyes. I stuck out my tongue playfully between my teeth. "Oh i'd love too." I smirked.
"Better stick that pretty little ass of yours up so i can fuck you." Justin whispered into my ear before he walked back behind me. I arched my ass up in the air as far as i could and wiggled it teasingly. "Don't be such a tease babe." Justin groaned while his hands caressed my sore ass.
"Why? Don't you like that Justin?" I purred innocently. "You're making me so fucking hard babe." Justin groaned as his hands slid over my ass. "Good thing I'm all yours then" I purred while looking back at him. Justin's lips turned into a smirk.
"Very good."
"Are you gonna make me wait forever orrrr?" I said as Justin's fingers teasingly slid down my wet slit.
"Impatient baby?" Justin said teasingly as his fingertip gently poked my entrance. "A little." I licked my lips while staring back into his brown eyes. "I see" Justin grinned, his finger continued poking me entrance playfully, teasing me and my body.
"Justin" I groaned. "Just fuck me already." "I love feeling your wet pussy though baby." Justin poked around a little more. "Please Justin?" I whispered in sexual frustration.
"Weeeell, since you're asking so nicely." Justin purred sexily, i'll be nice. Justin withdrew his finger and entered me once again. "I love this feeling even more." Justin groaned as his full size was buried deep in me.
"Please make me cum like that again Justin" I purred pleading. "Oh baby will tucking will." Justin groaned sexily as he begun to thrust inside me. "Oh you better." I moaned. I loved the feeling of having Justin inside me, it was so pleasing and he was soooo good at it. The way he made my body dance along with his every move, obey his every order and react to his touch.
I could feel my alls wrap themselves around Justin's cock, tighter and tighter with every thrust and Justin shoved his cock harder and harder into me, through my
tightened walls. "Oh gods." I whimpered feeling my entire body tense up again and as I was bracing myself for another organ, I felt Justin's palm against my ass.
"Mmm are you gonna cum again Alison?" Justin growled as he shoved his cock into me harder. "Mhhhmm" I groaned. "Cum for me babyyy, I wanna see that pretty little face of yours when you cum and feel that tight little cunt of yours squeeze down on my hard cock." I turned me head to look at Justin.
My mouth was half open as the moans and sex noises erupted from it. "Please Justin" I whimpered when I felt his hand teasingly rub down softly on my clit once again. "Mmm, i just love the sound of your moans. You sound so sexy when you whimper my name." I bit my lip hard while another loud whimper escaped from my mouth.
"You're gonna make me explode baby." Justin groaned as he thrust into me again with more force.
"Juustinnnn" I whimpered in frustration and pleasure, I wanted so badly to release myself. "You want your orgasm baby?" Justin smirked at me. "Yes" I groaned.
"Mmm really?" Justin whispered. "Really." I groaned as i felt his fingers teasingly rub
around my clit. "Is that so?" Justin smirked teasingly while his eyes were focused on mine. "Pleaseee Justin." I whimpered. "That's my sexy girl" Justin groaned as his fingers rubbed my clit harder and setting off another release. "Oh god Juuuustin." I screamed as loud as I could as I felt my walls tighten and then the wave of pleasure came back, it didn't stop with just one wave but wave after wave took over my body and my eyes shut.
"Fuck babyyy" Justin moaned as he release himself inside me, or so i think. I was too busy riding out my own orgasm to feel his. "You're so fucking sexy and you're all mine. Every inch of your sexy little body is mine."
"Im all yours" I let out a whiney sort of sound.
Justin said after we both calmed down from our orgasm.
"This should teach you, who owns you now."

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