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Young girl taken and trained into a new life with an older man.
Please keep in mind that this is my first story. I wrote it for my Sir because it was my dream. So I put it down on paper. Be kind in your reviews.

I was walking alone on the beach at night just enjoying the sounds of the waves smashing against the shore. I took my shoes off and was walking in the water... the waves would rise and fall making my feet then my legs wet, enjoying the playfulness of the ocean. Suddenly I heard a sound behind me and when I turned everything went black...

I woke up bound to a post, my arms aching because I was hanging from them, I was stripped just down to my bra and panties and I started to scream. Suddenly a door opened across the room and this Guy I couldn't see him clearly came in and walked towards me. I screamed again and tried to escape my bonds when the guy spoke, He told me that I have been bought and I would be a gift to a Shiek. My eyes widen and I started to struggle more I kept shaking my head no no no over an over again. The man kept speaking and all I could think of is that I have been bought and sold as if I was nothing more than meat or a pair of shoes. The man finally introduces himself and said that he was the Shieks Head Eunuch. That he bought me because he wanted to surprise his Master and that I was that present. He told me that I will be taught how to be a good slave for my new Master and that I had no hope of ever escaping. That I would now strive to make my new Master happy because my life was in his hands.

All I could do was stare at him and nod quietly. I knew what was in store, I read tons of books and I had my vivid imagination. I was terrified but I didn't want to dye or get sold to someone even worse. What was I supposed to do?

He said Good, after I taken to the baths I was told I would be cleaned top to bottom. after that I would be inspected and checked over by their physicians. I nodded meekly. the gag was removed and I was told to keep my mouth shut and afterwards if I didn't give any problems I would be free to talk with him in his chambers. I turned and followed another slave to the baths. I was stripped of the last of my clothes feeling so very exposed and vulnerable that I tried to cover my breast and mound. They shook their heads no and pulled my arms away. Two other slaves held my arms out why another ran their hands over my body, cupping my breast and sliding a finger into my pussy. I squirms and I heard them talking. I tilted my head to the side and looked questioningly at them and they kindly switched to english, I was told my breast were heavy and good for nursing babies and my hips were broad good for delivering of many sons but then they said I was prized because I still retained my virginity. The bathslaves released my arms and the bath attendant patted my arm said for me to forget my old life that if I worked hard and learned I could be happy here, treasured and loved. Why they bathed me I was thinking hard listening to their idle chatter with one ear while thinking about my new life. They washed and scrubbed me from my head down to my toes leaning me inside and out. They denuded me of hair and I felt even more exposed never having been so bare before others before. I was taken without being dressed down a hall to a room that had the head Eunuch. I was told to Sit and he said his name was Nigel.

Nigel explained what my purpose is supposed to be, what he expects of me and that it will be my duty to serve his Master with pleasure, to obey and to serve in all ways. I was told that my whole being will be taught to give myself over completely to my new Master and that I was his to do with as he pleased. That I have to please him otherwise I would either be sold or put down I cringed and tears silently started to fall down my cheeks . I asked what did that mean my serving, Nigel told me that I am going to be a sex slave for His Master. When he paused for breath I asked him how was I supposed to do that since I didn't know anything about sex. I have been kept secluded from the outside world. He said I would be taught but I would retain my virginity for my Master. Only he would be allowed to penetrate me and take what is His.

I sat and thought some more and came to a decision and said I would learn, I couldn't promise to be frightened but I would try. I told him I was scared that I never thought what I have read in books could be real. I then asked if his Master was a cruel man or a nice one? Nigel told me that there are times he can be cruel but with those he loves he does cherish. He is firm, strong and very Dominate. I was told I was not to speak, I would only be allowed to speak with my body. I was also told that if I pleased HIM I would be taken care of. I could only nod and he smiled. He said in the morning my training would begin.

The next morning I was woken just before the dawn broke the bright sky and I was rushed off to the baths, I was bathed, scrubbed and massaged till I wanted to fall asleep, I was allowed to rest for a short time then I was off to my training. I was taught the ways to stroke my Lord with my hands and with my mouth and my tongue. I was taught how to massage and bring him to pleasure with sure and smooth strokes. I was taught to dance and how to play his favorite songs. I even began to learn their language which was a struggle.

a few weeks past and I was once again brought before Nigel and he told me my training was complete. that all my teachers were pleased with my progress. That tonight I would be sent to HIM. I was shaking and asked already? Im not ready I whispered softly. What if I displease him with my ignorance.... I kept firing questions off to Nigel and he sat there. waiting for me to whined down. By the end of my tirade, he answered them all. First he said that HE would teach me the rest that I need to know, that my very innocence will please him and that if I followed my teachings and be myself I would be able to capture HIS heart. He told me then that my new name would be kitten, since I was soft like a newborn kitten, sweet, lovable yet I still had my claws. What I didn't know was that HE was listening in to us talking, waiting patiently for me to leave so he and Nigel could speak.

I was then dismissed and told to rest till I was called. I left.. Then Nigel turned towards a screened wall and watched as it open and said well? His Master said he would be pleased to make her bloom under his tutelage .

That night I was bathed again, massaged and creamed till I was as soft as silk. I was dressed in sheer garments and I couldn't help but blush. Even dressed I still felt so exposed. I was taken and told to keep quiet and escorted towards these huge double doors, I was left there standing looking so scared and the guards slowly pushed open the door. I was shown the way in and the doors slammed shut behind me even though it was quietly done. I slowly walked into the room and noticed that the room was lite by candles of all sizes, the breeze from the open windows scenting the night air with a fragrant blend of jasmine and lilies....

I stood there my head down unable to look anywhere and I heard this voice, it was so smooth and deep, I was told to come forward and stand before the bed. I walked forward till I could touch the silk sheets on the bed and I head the rustling of movement. I heard movement and stood so still, hoping I wouldn't be seen (a childish wish really) I heard him whisper quietly into my ear and I jumped gasped and turned around so fast I fell to the floor...HE caught me by my arms and held me close, He whispered little one dont fear me, lifting my chin. He slowly raises my chin and I finally see who was my new Master, my eyes widen and I knew. This would be my Master, my Sir, lover and friend. I would be everything for him I knew in that instant when I eyes met, and I believed he felt it too because his eyes widen slightly as well.. Something that wouldn't have been noticed if not staring directly into his eyes. He took me into his arms and slowly kissed me, softly at first, letting me get used to Him, my arms slowly wrap around him and I melt into his kiss. He pulls away from my embrace and took me by my hand, he said I must lose my virginity but in a way that only He wants it taken. He said kitten, I dont want you to fight me if you do I will punish you. I stood there shaking and said I would try.

He took my wrist and bound them together and tied it to the ring above my head I stood there on my tip toes, my muscles straining my body drawn tight. He walks around me and said that he liked his new slave, that I would bring him many hours of pleasure. He lifted one of my heavy breast and weight it in his hand. He smile and drew my nipple into his mouth sucking gently then bite hard, I cried out softly from the shock, not really from the pain. He turned and did the same to my other breast... cupping them both he squeezed and pushed, pulled and mashed them together making me cry out in pain, tears began to fall down my face and he smile. He walked around me and stroked my ass, sliding his fingers between my cheeks and pushing a digit into me.. I moaned softly and tried to wiggle away he told me I was so very tight that his cock would make itself home there, but not tonight.

He pressed behind me and slides his hand down my stomach, he whispers in my ear telling me that he is enjoying me, my body and what he wants most if my love, my will my soul. He said he wants to possess me completely that I will be but an extension of HIM! His fingers slide between my thighs and he petted my mound. His finger wiggled between the lips of my vagina and felt how wet I had become. He said his kitten likes what her Master is doing doesn't she. I mutely shook my head no and I looked away from him, He then grabs my hair and tells me to look at him, I tried to fight him but I am no match for him. I knew this as well as he, He turned my head tilting it back so I am looking him in the eyes and he stroked my clit with his thumb while he slide his finger in and out of my virgin tightness. I couldn't help but slowly hump his fingers, not really knowing I was doing it till he smiled, by then it was too late. he wanted my pleasure my first orgasm. He kept on till I cried out with my release then he slammed home. His cock busting through my cherry and my screams could be heard past the closed doors where the guards could hear. They smiled and turned away from the door.

Sir stopped moving letting me get used to him being inside of me the first time. my sobs slowly quieting as he held me. He said now kitten, now the pleasure... He slowly begins to thrust into me slowly at first...back and forth, first shallowly then deeply, gradually Sir started thrusting faster holding me by my hair his hand gripping my breast hard enough to bruise my pale white skin, Sir's thrust lifting me from my toes with the powerful force, Sir's long thick cock pushing past my cervix and into my womb where he empties his potent cum, yelling out at his release. I screamed and shook, collapsing against him... totally weak and on the verge of fainting.. I never felt him releasing my bonds or lifting me up to lay me on the pillows. I never felt his caresses while a slave cleaned me of my virgins blood, his seed and my release. The slave cleaned him and quietly disappeared. The Master stared at his newest slave and knew that kitten would be the one. But he wouldn't tell her till later, For he knows at his age and experience that what he wants could only be earned and that began with trust. He waved a hand and whispered to the slave tell to him to send for Nigel...

The Master left his kitten sleeping on the pillows while he waited for Nigel to appear. When he did, he told him what was to be done.. He said he wanted it done quietly. He told Nigel that he wanted kitten freed, to set a price for her and that it was to be done before the next full moon. The Master new kitten would be his first princess. The Master smiled as kitten slowly stretched and mewled softly.... turning and falling back to sleep. He climbed back down into the pillows and wrapped her him his arms, falling asleep...

The End maybe

that depends on you if the story should go on? What do you think. Its my first I put down that I have allowed others to read. I can't want to read your opinions!

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2014-04-19 15:37:35
NJ4iBl I really liked your blog. Keep writing.

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2014-04-17 13:29:46
6PpHaS Really informative article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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GxxfCt I appreciate you sharing this blog article.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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2013-04-10 09:22:51
Maybe next time you should read it outloud to yourself and see f it flows together and makes since. You have to be able to visualize whats happening. One minute one thing is happening then it switches off to something else lke a cartoon.

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2013-03-28 19:44:14
A few punctuation errors, but really nice. Loved her name! Ended up really fitting her!

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