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This is a true story, I hope to put more stories about my fights up later if you guys liked this one.
I stepped onto the mat. Not knowing what to expect. I was at a new club where girls got paid to fight each other and I was just going to try it out. I thought it was just a fake thing were guys yelled at you and you got money through at you just to touch each other. I was very wrong...

My name is Megan, I said to the guy with the mic, guys cheered I heard some perverted yelling but I ignored it. I was naked in a room full of rednecks and it was too be expected. I am not bad looking either. 5 7, 115 pounds blonde, my bra size was 32C. The person I was going to fight was a little bigger than me, I don’t know her weight but her tits where smaller than mine which I through was a confidence builder.

I get on my knees in to show I was ready. The girl across from me got in hers. The ref blew his whistle and before I knew it she was on top of me. "Shit" I said in shock about what just happened. I wasn’t expecting this. She took advantage of me being knew and got me in a pretty humiliating postition called the face site, (what it is for those of you who don’t know is; a girl sits on top of another girl putting her pussy in the face of the girl under her, using her knees to keep her opponents arms down and using her weight to keep her from turning over) "Fuck that was easy" I heard her say out loud. Guys cheered, at my humiliation. I was blushing hard, struggling to get out from under her with no luck. She put her hand back and gave my pussy a light tape. "Calm down sexy you’re not going anywhere, I can tell you don’t know what your doing" she said in a Demeaning voice, in frustration as you might have guessed I did not stop I only struggled harder. I sighted, I could hear the crowed laughing I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could tell it wasn’t complimenting me on my good effort. I then felt 2 fingers creep down to my pussy, I wasn’t thinking putting my legs in the air trying to shake her hold (Not even moving though) onto my pussy lips. My eyes widened, I didn’t read the on deion my contract, then I remembered first to cum losses. "No please don’t" I begged her, she grinned looking down at my red face in-between her legs. "Babe this is happing" she said laughing. She plunged her fingers into my pussy. I tried to clinched my legs together around her arms so she would take them out or maybe I could pull her off.

She sees what i am trying to do and gets up (I realize it to late to react) and gets into the same position but in reverse. She slaps my stomach. "Your lucky slut I am trying to end this quickly for you, how about you let me degrade you but having you cum all over my fingers and have the match be over, or if you want I can kick your ass a little more before I grant you some mercy, you pick" She said loud so i could here over the chants. I spread my legs for her "The first one please" I say loud enough for her to hear, and apparently some of the crowed. "Good girl" She says to me she then start fingering my pussy hard and fast. i scream loudly, she was right it was a merciful ending I was already close, she might have been making me her bitch but at least she was being nice about it. "Fuckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. She started jiggling her ass in my face to amuse to crowd.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I orgasm horribly screaming out of control. She laughed on top of me. She got up stood me up and tied my hands up with a zip tie the ref most have given her. She then slapped me in the face, "Okay you fucking slut it was fun but I think you’re too fucking easy for me okay?" She said to me I hoping that means would let me go, said she ma'am which the crowed loved. She the lead me off the mat letting the people in the crowed squeeze my tits a little on the way off.

We got the changing area where the 2 next girls were leaving for the next fight. She grabbed me tight from the back and I wondered if she was going to degrade me even more now, instead she grabbed a pocket knife and cut the zip tie off, and the put the knife up to my throat. I started to get supper scared and completely leaned against her she grabbed me and slide the knife down my chest to my tites. "You’re so fun to mess with blonde" She said in my ear, she let me go and left, putting the knife on a table where I suppose she got it from. I put on my clothes. I knew I was under a contract through a year and now just started my caree 0 and 1. Later I found out though that it was actually 0 and 0 still.. Because she made me stop fighting her got forced submission under my name.

Well that’s a true story guys, I have been in a lot my fights sense then and I didn’t lose in all of them. If you want me to post more I will. This was my first one and I remember it perfectly, others however I don’t. I did get my ass kicked in this one though. I think my record right now is 12-12 and a few forced submissions, but I know when I am beaten at least, if she lets me choose to end it I will always take that way, I didnt do that once and it lead to anal... That wasnt fun and maybe I will write about that :)

Bye :)

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