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this is section part 1 of a new series im starting
This is my first story so feedback and corrections will be greatly appreciated, hope you all enjoy! ;)

My name is Christian I'm 16 years old and this is the story of where my life completely changed. It all started when my dad and mom decided to plan for us to spend the weekend at the beach. Me I wasn't too excited i hated the beach but my sisters and brother didn't.

'Chris! Breakfast c'mon your sisters and brother are already down here lazy ass!' My mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. 'C'mon Christina I'm gonna drag your ass out if mom won't' I hate when my brother Carlos threatens me like that. I got up lazily and got dressed in my black and blue plaid PJ pants and gray tank top and headed downstairs. It was when I walked to the kitchen that I got tackled by Carlos and he started dropping punches in to the side of my leg, as he yelled 'Charlie horse!'. I finally pushed him off and punched him in the face, he then stopped and I walked to the kitchen i saw my two sisters eating happily.

Alexia or "Lexi" as we called her was the youngest in the house she was 14 had jet black teased hair and pretty light brown eyes and 5'1. She had a pretty good body too she has an average figure, the clothes she wore showed it off as well in that tight pink tanktop that hugged her body and those small black PJ shorts. She smiled at me and gave me a silly wave as usual I waved back of course she was a silly fun girl as for my older sister Emily she wasn't that fun she was more serious. She was 17 5'5 she's a stuck up straight A student, like Lexi she had a great body but Emily had wider hips and bigger breasts maybe a high C not too sure. She wore the same thing as Lexi except her shorts were tight blue running shorts and a black tanktop. I tried not to stare at either at them til i looked at my mom I kinda know why my dad went after her, she was beautiful she had bleached bangs teased hair and wore a short black and purple night gown that showed her body off well she was around 5'5 like Emily.

As I looked away I saw my dad come In from the garage probably from cleaning the family car, he was very tall like 5'10. He went behind my mom and hugged her very tight and i thought to myself 'here comes Valentines day'. My dad kissed her neck and rubbed her waist and inner thighs she then let out a soft moan, all four of us just stared at them not because they got sexual in front of us but because they were so in love. Lexi giggled and said 'Aw! Mom and dad you guys are so cute together i wish i had a boyfriend that is loving like dad'. They both looked at her and smiled 'Oh you will sweetie you just gotta look for that guy who'll love you for who you are i know i got my man right here' our mom turned around and both my dad and her locked eyes and started making out. Us being the ones who suffer yell at the same time 'My virgin eyes!' And we all laughed then they stopped and my mom looked at us and giggled 'you rascals' . Dad helped mom finish cooking and we all sat down and ate. As for me i couldn't help the tingling sensation from my dick because of my sisters so I ate fast and went to my room and changed then went back down to the living room and sat down on the couch. I heard my parents and the others talking 'Breanna are you sure you want us to spend the weekend in Long beach? We could go somewhere else instead' my dad said in a disappointed tone. 'Yes im so sure Carlos the kids want to go too they love the beach plus don't you want us to walk down the beach during the sunset it'll be so romantic' my mom always convinced my dad to do almost anything with the way she smiles at him. Dad gave in quick and said trying not to giggle 'Oh alright then go get ready we'll leave at 3pm' lucky for me it was bearly 11:27 so i had time to goof off so I went to my friend Patricia's house.

When i got there we went to her room and played games and watched TV like always we were both big gamers and we liked eachother. I stared at Patricia's body alot because of the small white shorts she had on and the modern warfare 3 shirt that was tight on waist and chest that made her firm B cup boobs look nice. 'Hey Chris aren't you gonna go to LB for the weekend?' She said sounding sorta down so I sat next to her and kissed her cheek and squeezed her 'yes but don't worry its just the weekend you can't miss me that much'
'oh yeah that's what you think'
'Hmm what's that supposed to mean?'
She then just grabbed me by My shirt collar and kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth then pulled away.

'Does that explain cutie?' I eyed her and bit my lip 'Na i still don't believe you'll miss me' she made a playful gasp face and kissed me again and we made out lustful for what seemed like 20 Minutes. We then started feeling eachothers bodies up excited like a child with a new toy but instead we were two horny 16 year olds who needed sexual relief. We started undressing eachother and i pushed her back into her bed and I slowly kissed her neck and sucked her nipples, then she reached for a condom from her dresser and opened it and rolled it on me. I positioned myself in between her legs and gripped her waist and thrust in hard til I hit her cervix we moaned delightfully and I started thrusting in and out deep at a nice pace I had an average sized dick 6.8 inches which was fine by me and Patricia. She bucked her hips up to meet my thrusts to allow me to enter her deeper we both knew what we were doing because we had lost our virginity to eachother our first year of highschool. I started speeding up and thrusting harder into her and she moaned loudly it was good that her parents oru siblings weren't home til tomorrow i kept thrusting hard, deep, and fast as she screamed 'More Christian more! Pound me harder!'. I followed orders and thrust in harder and pounded her cervix hard til i felt my cum building up fast 'Oh fuck imma cum!' I thrust faster 'Go baby do it! Im cumming too! Ahhhhhhh!!!'.

Both climaxed at the same time and i collapsed next to her and she cuddled up in my arms.
'Your the best Chris'
'Thanks Patty your the best too'

She giggled shy and we relaxed for a little then we got dressed and we kissed for like 15 minutes then I walked back to my house it was now 2:36.


2013-03-06 10:45:05
Alright I already re-wrote it so its longer check that out. Ok will do thank you for your feedback.

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2013-03-05 20:30:38
Too short - jumps about a lot and needs a LOT more work on the punctuation. Learn when, and where, to use full-stops and commas!

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