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I get called to drive a bus across more than half the USA one summer to take four 16yrd girls and their attractive coach to a national track event.
Chapter 1, The Unexpected Trip

My phone never rings. Never. Since I moved to this small Iowa town, that I picked for the very fact that was small, remote, and I didn't know anyone who lived there. I only knew a few people in town by first name, and almost never told anyone my number. But there was my phone, ringing away.

"Hello?" I answered it unsurely.

"Scott, thank God!" said a familiar female voice, "I need your help."

It was my older sister, Stephanie. She still lived in Idaho where we grew up, and had a family there with a guy she married ten years ago. "What's wrong Steph?"

"Taylor and some of her school friends are stuck in Lincoln, Nebraska. They were driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for a national track meet and their driver had a heart attack. He'll live but he's seventy and confined to a hospital bed and there's no one else within like a thousand miles who I trust to drive them the rest of the way. Their coach is with them, but she isn't licensed to drive a bus. Taylor says she's trying to hire someone to drive them the rest of the way," Steph didn't even give me any chance to ask any questions, "but I know you have your truck license, and Lincoln isn't that far away from Iowa..."

"Lincoln is like a three hour drive from my place," I said, "Besides, why don't they just fly?"

"Some teacher's union rules and crap," she growled. Obviously that was already a sore point. "Are you still unemployed?"

"No, I'm an independent contractor. I'm self employed." I corrected her.

"Whatever. Can I hire you to take two weeks off? That is if you're not too busy…"

"No, I'm not..." I grumbled. "Okay, you got a driver."

Steph gave me all the details of where and when and a phone number to reach and talk to a Ms. Sarah Jordan, the phys-ed teacher who was their track coach. With a quick call to her to let her know I was coming to take over driving, much to her thanks, I got in my car and drove to the hotel they had booked and got there a little after two hours later. Okay I had exaggerated a bit to Steph, but now it was evening and they even had a room booked for me, granted it was originally for their driver, with the rest of the stranded team.

I meet them all over dinner that night, starting with Ms. Jordan, "That's my mother. Please call me Sarah," she'd said in our introductions, and likewise I told her and all the teens to call me Scott. She was a strong woman who, while of average looks, had quite a large pair of breasts on her otherwise petite frame, with wide hips and obviously strong legs. She had long raven black hair that she kept tied up tight in a bun, and explained that she'd been a track star in her youth but that ended when she grew her "excessive weights" in her chest.

She did have an impressive pair and I could see how they could get in the way while running, or jumping, as she bounced once to make her point and I couldn't take my eyes off them. She explained how her "curse" at puberty ended her athletic career, and she knew she would become a gym teacher, and now she was. She couldn't be older than thirty, and was probably only twenty-five or so, definitely not less than ten years younger than I was.

"Uncle Scott!" Taylor, my sister's stepdaughter, who greeted me excitedly with a hug as soon as she saw me, was fifteen and a precocious leggy brunette who was always seemed to be getting into trouble. I never met her birth mother who had died in a car accident. That crash had also left her with a big scar on her chest where the catch of her car seat had gouged her, even if it had saved her life. I'd seen it long ago when she was a much smaller child when I babysat her for a week as a wedding gift to my sister for her honeymoon.

Anyway she was two at the time and four when my sister became her mother, but you would never know Taylor wasn't Steph's. They looked and acted exactly like twins, always loud and in charge, first in line, and demanding to be the center of attention wherever they went.

There were three other girls with them, Alexis was a short giggly blonde with shoulder length locks, Kayla a shy redhead whose close cut mop of hair was quite curly, and finally Natasha a tall and sassy black girl with just dreads across her scalp. I'm sure I'd get to know them all better on down the road since we would see no one else for the better part of a week on the drive there and back except for the competitions themselves, but after dinner we all went to our four rooms, one each for a pair of teens to share, and one each for Sarah and I.

The next morning we all boarded the small bus and began our journey. It was your standard old yellow, but only had about seven rows of seats and a handicapped lift in the back. So while small, there was still plenty of room for the girls to spread out if they wanted to. Natasha sat in the very back, Alexis and Kayla together in the middle, and Taylor right behind me, talking constantly. Sarah sat across from Taylor, but just listened.

The first two hours I entertained Taylor, who hadn't seen me for a few years from when my sister had last brought her family out to visit me, and it seemed like she just had to detail every minute between then and now. She talked about school, what a drag her mother was becoming, and how she'd just broken up with her long-time three week boyfriend because he kept trying to see her boobs every time they were alone. I was just glad she was happy she was a vivacious young girl and tried to listen while I drove. That is what family is for, even if half of it was meaningless gossip and melodrama of a fifteen year old girl.

Eventually though she excused herself and went back to sit and talk with Natasha leaving me to some quiet driving. After a while Sarah leaned over and said, "Taylor really likes you."

"Yea. She really reminds me of my sister at that age."

"I envy her. I was always an ugly duckling at that age and spent my time alone and just ran on the track," she sighed, "Until the next year when my body decided to change all that." She gestured to her ample bosom.

She really had quite a rack, I couldn't believe she was that upset over it. "Come on. My wife always used to wish she had larger breasts. I'm sure the guys hit on you nonstop."

"Oh, they hit on me alright. 'Hey baby I'm drowning and you look like just the flotation device I need.'" She shook her head, "All I am is a pair of boobs to guys. Before that I was invisible."

She was getting into a foul mood so I tried to lighten it. "Well, I'm driving so will just keep my eyes on the road, but seem to still be enjoying your company."

I think she smiled and then we settled into some casual small talk. I still wore my wedding ring, but I told her how my wife had passed away slowly from ovarian cancer five years ago. I was better, but just couldn't live in our Idaho hometown anymore. Everything reminded me of her, the places we use to go, and everyone always saying how sorry they were or remembering her to me. I still missed her, but I just couldn't live in that painful past anymore. I couldn't remember her healthy anymore and that hurt more than losing her the first time.

So I moved away. In Iowa I mostly did odd jobs and drive a delivery truck while I lived on an old farm where I could grow my own food, but paid my bills mostly with by working on the internet as my primary job writing computer software. I'm not a hippy, but just wanted to get away from everybody and have some time to myself. It's easy to live life alone if you are willing to just work hard. I just sort of fell away from the rest of the world.

I hadn't really talked about it in years, but it felt good to just open up to someone who didn't know. Sarah wasn't from Idaho originally and had been looking for a teaching job since she graduated college, but had been working at a call center until old Mr. Finnegan, the guy who was my gym teacher finally retired that she was offered the job. She had only just moved there last year, she explained. Then we spent an hour chatting about the few old teachers I knew who were still there, and the new ones, and those that had I remembered used to be there.

Time seemed to fly while we talked and soon it was time for lunch. I pulled off the interstate, fueled up, and pulled into a McDonald's. The girls and I all ordered food and after hitting the restrooms we all piled back on the bus and drove on.

The girls had shuffled where they sat and were now all in the back talking and giggling as teenage girls seem too often do. Sarah wasn't really good with maps, but I had looked and planned ahead so predicted to her we should stop in St. Louis tonight. She started calling to get rooms for us, and with that done the next few hours were some quiet driving. Unfortunately the bus was quite old and didn't have a radio, just a CB, but I kept that off.

The late afternoon had the teens tittering to themselves the whole time, while Sarah had nodded off from the long drive in the summer heat. Then Natasha came up behind my seat and quietly asked me, "Scott, are you married?"

"Um... I was..." I answered uncertainly.

"Taylor told us that, but you still have a ring. Are you with someone right now?" she asked with a strange determination.

"Well... No, but..." I started to think about what to tell this stranger of a fifteen year old, but she promptly ran back with her answer to the other teens. They tittered and I looked back at them. Teenage girls and their gossiping. I dismissed it and focused on the drive and new scenery as we were getting closer to St. Louis. I'd never been here myself, but the last bus driver had a clear route marked out his map that was easy to follow.

A little while later Alexis snuck into the seat behind me and whispered, "Are you going out with Ms. Jordan?"

"What? No. I only just meet her today," I tried to say calmly.

"Kay," and she took off to rejoin her pack of gossipers.

Oh boy. These girls were going to be more of a handful than I thought. We were almost to our exit when Taylor came up behind me again, but instead of talking she leaned close and quickly whispered, "Kayla thinks you're hot," then scampered back. I looked up into the wide mirror back at the passengers and saw the girls all watching, including Kayla who looked like she'd die of embarrassment. She blushed so fiercely that her face almost matched the orange of her red hair as she disappeared behind a seat.

I smiled and shook my head, remembering when I was that age. The first girl that I ever liked sent me a love note, but my older sister had found it first and I was so nervous as Steph mocked me for having a girlfriend that I ripped it up unread. My sister, who was horrible to me at that age, then went straight over to her house and told her what I did. She stopped hanging out with me after that. That single stupid move set me back at least two years from getting my first date with a girl.

We drove on until I saw the great arch for the first time, but had seen the signs so was expecting it. I said loudly, rousing Sarah and getting the girls attention, "Everybody look on your left and you will see one of our nation's great landmarks, the St. Louis Arch."

Everyone moved to the left and pulled out cameras or phones to take pictures of the monument. It gleamed bright orange in the setting sun, and it was beautiful. After we passed it, I only got a glimpse in my mirror of the giant black arch back lit by the reddening sky. The girls all oohed and aahed, over its beauty, and I was glad they were talking about it and not me.

Half an hour later the sun had just set as we pulled into our hotel, and after checking in we went to the diner next door. The large booth we got in the corner was a round table with a curved bench. All the teens piled in leaving Sarah on one end and me across from her on the other side. Natasha sat next to me, then Taylor, and Alexis, and finally Kayla, still embarrassingly avoiding eye contact with me sitting next to Sarah.

We ordered food and ate while the girls talked, mostly whispering and giggling to themselves. Towards the end someone's naked foot brushed against my leg. I stiffened and moved my leg slightly away, but the mystery foot kept rubbing me, her agile toes wiggling up my bare knee and down my shin.

I looked at the five females across and around from me and tried to think who's it was, since none were looking at me. Taylor and Natasha were too close and at the wrong angle, I figured. Kayla was too shy, I was sure. I couldn't tell if Sarah was playing with me, or Alexis, so I coughed, stood, and excused myself to use the restroom.

I don't know how I hadn't noticed it, but when I reached to unzip I was rock hard. Damn. I guess I was more turned on than I realized. Sure I hadn't had sex in more than five years, and my body was reacting. Damn. This was only the first day of a week or more with these girls. I hope I can get through it without embarrassing hard-ons. After a few moments I'd calmed down enough that I was able to pee and returned back to my seat with the girls.

The mysterious foot didn't return and Sarah paid for our food and we separated to our rooms. Our next stop was a state park near Knoxville where the girls could do some outdoor exercises before they got to the meet the day after, so this would be the last time I had this much privacy for at least two days.

Instead of going directly to my room I walked over to the gas station across the street. The selection was small, but there were a few porno magazines to choose from. There was the classic soft-core Playboy, the harder Penthouse and Hustler, and then there was an 18Eighteen. I don't know why I was tempting fate, but I pulled out that 18Eighteen and bought it and went to my room with the magazine in a plain brown paper bag under my arm.

I got undressed and got a small towel from the bathroom and laid back on my bed and pulled out the magazine and covered my belly with the towel. The cover had a young girl, but still noticeably older than the teens I'd been with all day, with one finger at the corner of her mouth as if she just got caught doing something wrong. She was naked down to where the clear plastic wrapping turned black at her breasts for the rest of the bottom third of it.

I was like a kid with a new present and eagerly unwrapped the plastic, giddily revealing the pert naked breasts underneath with a little heart tattoo on one breast. Now I knew what she was caught at and opened up the magazine.

I was already throbbing hard and didn't read any of the stories, or really think much at all. There were a bunch of cute young girls all naked and wanton. Staring at them I held the magazine with one hand and began jerking off with the other. The first couple girls just stripped and put fingers and dildos in their pussies, and I didn't get more than a dozen pages into the mag when a pair of nubile girls began kissing and ended licking each other out in a sixty-nine position. My celibate cock couldn't take any more and my desperate masturbation culminated a dozen sharp jerky ejaculations that covered the small towel on my belly with my salty mess. I'd not done that since before I was married, so at least fifteen years.

Funny how I use to jerk off all the time as a teen, and desired sex all the time as a young adult, but after I fell in love, got married and had a great sex life until we both endured five years of her slowly dying from the inside, and the last five in mourning. Somehow when she died I thought I'd lost all my sexual urges with her. I guess not, but they had definitely been repressed until now. I cleaned up and quickly fell asleep.

The next day's drive started uneventfully. Everyone was tired of driving every day and the girls all snoozed on and off while I drove for the next ten hours. Every now and then Alexis or Natasha would ask me innocent questions now. What's my favorite color, or food, or when's my birthday. I answered them honestly, but they were just being polite until they thought it was safe to move to the more interesting questions. How old was I when kissed a girl, saw one naked, had sex the first time.

I tried to deflect these ones with, "Older than you," or "That's a little personal," but they eventually wore me down with sharing their own stories of first kisses with boys behind the gym or on the back of the bus, so I reciprocated with my first kiss story, that had Alexis and Natasha eagerly listening behind me. Sarah was back a few seats reading or something, and Taylor was a seat back. Kayla was even further back, but probably still in earshot.

"Well, my first kiss wasn't until high school. I went to a dance with this girl. I only went with her because I needed a date, and I wanted to look cool to this other girl I liked who was already going with someone else. Now, this is no excuse for bad behavior, but I saw her kissing her boyfriend and was so jealous that I kissed the girl I was with. Then of course she slapped me and left me on the dance floor alone."

I laughed at my stupid story, and the two gossipy girls did also, as well as Taylor. It was only then I saw my audience was now all four teen girls. "So, just remember girls, young guys will say or do anything to get physical. They can be jerks who don't care anything about you."

"But you're not a jerk Uncle Scott," Taylor giggled.

"Well I like to think that I've grown up," was the only answer I could come up with. "The point is never let a boy make you do something you don't want to do."

"Duh. Boys are dumb," Natasha pronounced with authority, "That's why I'm looking for a man!" That got hoots from the girls, but I wasn't sure that was a good sign.

"So, time for lunch and gas," I announced, and got the bus into a rest stop that had thankfully just come up.

With food and a bathroom break the girls attention had been redirected. By the time we were back on the road they were all in the last two seats in the far back, giggling away with two of them bent over the seat looking back at the other two, making a teen huddle. Of course this left me alone with Sarah up front, but she had been nice company and I enjoyed it.

They'd been louder before, but they were very hushed now, so I asked Sarah what they were plotting. "Oh Natasha bought a new Seventeen magazine. Probably some gossip about one of those teen heartthrobs they are so into." Well, that was better than being accosted nonstop with uncomfortable sexual and relationship questions. The next several hours were blessedly quiet.

It wasn't until it was getting too dark for the girls to read that they put their magazine away and came back forward. We were already off the interstate and almost to the camping grounds, but all the girls seemed really excited. And why shouldn't they be, in another new state up in a new set of mountains on the other side of the continent, and only one more half day from their destination.

The dirt road for the camping grounds was quite bumpy and the girls laughed and made a games of it, but soon we pulled in. We unpacked with the lights of the bus and I ended up putting up all four tents. Only Kayla had put up tents before, so she helped me put them up while the others unpacked their stuff and got some food from the ranger station a ways back down the camp road.

While we were alone the shy ginger opened up. She reminisced of camping with her dad when she was younger. We talked about the outdoors and she seemed to just talk and talk once I found her passion for the outdoors. She said she wanted to be a park ranger when she grew up and I told her, "I'm sure you would be a great one."

After the tents were up we put our stuff away and waited for the others to come back, sitting at the picnic table we had when her newfound openness startled me. "I've never kissed a boy before."

"That's okay... " I started a little stunned from her forward revelation. Then I remembered something stupid I saw I'm a movie once and said, "Neither have I."

We both laughed and heard the others returning. Kayla blushed and ran into her tent for a minute while the food was spread out and before coming back to join the rest of us for dinner, which was mostly cold cut sandwiches, chips, and some sugared sweets and soda.

After eating I thought we would turn in, but Sarah surprised me, "Okay girls. Tomorrow is the last day before the national qualifications, with the main events on Sunday. That means we have to get the trip out of our system. Tomorrow at six you'll do a five mile run, but tonight we will stretch out and walk the one mile nature trail." With that they all got up, several holding flashlights and started walking.

I was going to let them to it but Taylor stopped and looked back at me, "Come on Uncle Scott. You can walk with me." She held out her hand. Well I couldn't refuse so I stood and held her hand as we walked the woods trail.

We caught up to Sarah who was a little behind the other three teens, and walked silently together with Taylor in the middle. Then Taylor said, "I'm gonna leave Uncle Scott to you Coach. Make sure he doesn't get lost," and quite suddenly she placed my hand in Sarah's and took off to join her friends.

I think we were both so surprise we just kept walking, hand in hand. I heard the girls giggle and scamper off ahead of us. "Looks like we were set up," I said.

"Sure looks that way," Sarah agreed, and just squeezed my hand in hers and I smiled. We chuckled as we walked along the peaceful wooded trail and talked more about our pasts, me remembering camping as a kid, and her going on cross country runs in the woods of upstate New York where she grew up. Sarah was very pleasant and forward woman and I really enjoyed walking and talking with her for the full fifteen minutes it took us to get back to camp.

We didn't see the girls again until we got back to camp, where there were giggles and flash lights in just one of the tents. A little awkwardly, Sarah finally gently released my hand and approached the tent, "Are all four of you on there?"

The tent got really quiet, "Yes," came a cautious reply from someone inside.

Sarah sighed, "Okay, but don't be too loud and get to bed soon. You all better be ready to start running at first light."

A chorus of "Yes coach," came back and she smiled at me as she made her way to her own tent and disappeared inside. I too went to my own tent and got into some lose bed clothes to relax as I got ready for bed. The next several days would be easy on me. Only a short drive tomorrow, then just taxi duty to and from the track and hotel for the next two days. Then of course was the four day long return drive back.

I nodded off pretty early, tired from the long hours driving and the mile long walk afterwards. The girls were obviously in better shape than I was, and then they were here for their athletic prowess, while I was here just for my ability to drive a bus. Sometime later I woke and had to take a piss.

The zipper opening on the quiet night sounded like a chainsaw, I thought I heard something, but all the tents were still and dark. I walked into the woods a little, pissed on a tree and made my way back to my tent. I thought I heard someone whispering, so zipped up my tent without getting in and just waited silently.

About sixty seconds later, just as I was about to get into my tent for real when a dim light came on in one other the girls tents and there were more hushed whispers. I'm sure it's much later than Sarah intended them to stay out, so I walked out to the back of their tent to the window and planned on whispering them a warning to go to sleep, but with the light on inside their tent they didn't see me even though I could now clearly see and hear them.

All four teenage girls were sitting in a circle around a magazine. I thought it was their teen magazine at first, and was about to scold them when I heard Kayla say in her soft voice, "There is no way I could fit something that big inside me."

Alexis spoke quietly, obviously because she had to, but still with confident authority, "I used to think that too, but you're insides stretch. My mom has a bunch of vibrators and some are almost as thick as my wrist. I started with the smallest one. It was really tight going in the first time, but when I was done I was so loose I think I might have gotten one twice as big in me."

"Fuck, that's just a dinky white cock," Natasha bragged, "Black cocks are twice and long and even thicker."

"Where have you ever seen a black cock Nat? You live alone with your mom and are probably the only black family in Idaho," Taylor mocked her friend and called her bluff.

"Duh, ever heard of the internet?" and all the girls tittered.

I leaned in and saw they were looking at pictures of a guy and girl having sex in the shower. Crap! I think that's my porno mag! They must have snooped through my stuff in my tent before Sarah and I got back or while it was on the bus. I was so embarrassed I didn't know if I should slink off or yell at them for invading my privacy. That and the personal topics they were describing were so taboo I couldn't help but continue to eavesdrop on them enthralled.

"But I've seen my dad in the shower, and it never looked like that," Kayla questioned.

Taylor answered that one with confidence, "My dad said it grows when a guy is attracted to a girl. I saw him poking in his swimsuit once and he said it was natural."

"That's why they call it getting horny," Natasha explained, "It's small and squishy most of the time, but grows and gets hard and sticks up like a fleshy horn when a guy wants to fuck."

Damn, now I was horny and tenting my pants pretty good. I knew I should really leave or break this up, but then Alexis said something that made me freeze. "Man, I'm ready to fuck. What do you think Scott would do if I slipped into his tent naked?"

The girls tittered again, and my manhood throbbed. "Hey, I thought you were a virgin?" asked Taylor.

"Well technically, but I've poked most of my mom's vibrators and half the salad bar in my pussy. I'm ready to try it for real and 'Uncle Scott' would just make it official," Alexis bragged. Just the thought of her working a pickle in and out of her tiny cooch had me ready to burst and I knew exactly what I would do if she snuck into my tent. Unfortunately I knew that could have me sent to jail if she did and we got caught.

"I thought it hurt?" Kayla said.

"Only the first time," Natasha answered.

"It never did for me," Alexis threw in.

"You must have lost your hymen," Taylor pointed out.

"How can you tell?" Kayla asked.

"Well, the books I read says it's this little skin that covers you're vagina just inside," Taylor answered clinically.

"Yea, I was doing gymnastics a few years ago," Natasha told the other teens, "And I did a split and started bleeding. It wasn't my period so I didn't have any pads and thought I'd hurt myself, but the nurse who checked me out said I just ripped my hymen. She had me put in a tampon and it only hurt a little. After that the good news is I can use tampons now."

"I could too, but mom would freak, so I still use pads," Alexis sighed.

"My gynecologist says mine is still intact," Taylor too chimed in her vaginal status.

"How can you tell if you still... you know... still have it?" Kayla asked nervously.

There was silence for a moment. Alexis was the first to answer, "I don't know. I figure I must have lost mine years ago."

Natasha was next, "Beats me. I don't have one anymore and didn't even know I had one when I lost it."

"I suppose you must be able to see it," Taylor suggested, "Like my doctor did."

"Oh," Kayla said softly, crestfallen.

"Why don't you ask your doctor?" Taylor asked.

"I've never been to one for that," she replied.

"Really? Why not?" asked Alexis sounding shocked. Kayla just shrugged. "So you're not on the pill?" Alexis continued her interrogation. Kayla just shook her head. "If you want I could take a look for you."

Alexis's question hung in silence for a moment and we all held our breath. Then Kayla whispered, "No, I'd be too embarrassed."

"Come on," Alexis pleaded, "Now I really what to see what one looks like." Kayla just blushed furiously. "Okay tell you what, I'll let you see mine first." Then without waiting for agreement she kicked back onto her back and pulled down her shorts and panties both. I wish I had a better vantage point, but all the other three girls just crowded around to inspect the tiny blonde's naked bush.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you were horny," Natasha joked.

I heard a wet sound and Alexis answered, "Yea. All this sex talk has already got me close."

"Close to what," Taylor asked, sounding now as shy as Kayla.

"Cuming of course," Alexis giggled.

Kayla didn't respond so Taylor said, "Having an orgasm."

"I thought you had to have sex for that?" Taylor questioned back.

"Hell no!" Natasha interjected. "I heard my mom tell one of her friends she always has to do herself after her boyfriend is done because he never gets her off."

"Well, that's why I masturbate," Alexis explained. "Even without a dildo it feels really good. Here I'll show you." Then the wet sounds continued repetitively and getting louder.

I'm only a man, and this was way too much for me. Even though I couldn't see the action clearly, I was at my limit. I gently eased my zipper down slowly and pushed my rigid cock out over my underwear and griped it firmly. I throbbed and pulsed, my eyes rolled back and almost came from that alone.

Then I heard Alexis moan slightly and my hand started moving on its own. I knew I wouldn't last long, but obviously Alexis was in the same condition because she started a short burst of hiccup like squeaks and I started blasting thick jets of cum hard onto the grass. I heard her hard, satisfied groan afterwards, and I almost did the same.

I was dizzy from the blood and cum thrashing through my system, so crept away from the tent as quietly as I could and back to my own tent. I ever so gently eased open the zipper door and got back inside as quietly as I could. Then I promptly collapsed back to sleep until morning.

The screech of a whistle woke me up with a start. "Time to run, girls! Up, up, let's go!" Sarah shouted. There were grumbling sound of the girls getting up. I started getting dressed also and heard the girls start their run. A few minutes later I exited my tent to see Sarah by the trail with a stopwatch.

"Good morning," Sarah said back happily, then winced and apologized, "Sorry for waking you, but I've found that nothing gets kids moving like the whistle."

"Morning," I groggily greeted her nodding, "Works on adults also."

She laughed and I excused myself to use the restroom. When I got back the girls were just finishing their first lap. They weren't pushing it hard and all jogging in a group, but they weren't even tired from doing the first of five mile walk, and I knew I couldn't perform like that anymore.

Sarah just chided them, "Going good if you're a bunch of old ladies. Step it up!" They sped up a little and disappeared back into the woods. I thought about peeking into the girls tent and trying to steal back my porno mag, but with Sarah still here I knew that wouldn't look good, so I just went back to my tent and started packing up.

After putting my bag and tent away on the bus the girls passed by for the third time. Sarah shouted to keep going, and the weariness of running was starting to show. For whatever reason Sarah decided to inspire them and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "Whoever leads the last lap gets a kiss from Scott."

The girls all did a double take between her and I. I just kind of looked at her as they ran off. "You don't mind do you? I know some of them have a crush on you."

"Oh, uh, no. That's fine. Anything to help," I muttered acceptingly. Thinking, I tried to change the subject, "If you want to get your stuff ready I'll pack it and tear down your tent."

"Sure," she smiled, got on her hands and knees and stuck her top portion into the tent, leaving her waist down outside while she packed. Damn, she had a fine ass. Nice and firm, but still bubbly round with curved well muscled hips. Her tight blue spandex shorts looked painted on her. I couldn’t stop looking at her camel toe between her cheeks which was clearly pointing right back at me. I froze, stuck watching her incredibly sexy rear end shake and wiggle until she backed out and stood again, bringing me back her packed bag.

I almost forgot what I was doing, but came back to reality and broke down her tent. I heard the girls run past again and it sounded like they were really running hard and faster than before. A few minutes later Sarah's tent and bags were packed into the bus with mine and I was back with Sarah waiting for the girls to finish the last lap and see who won a kiss.

"Who do you want to win?" Sarah asked with a grin.

I shrugged and though before answering, "I suppose it doesn't matter since it's just to inspire them to do their best right?"

Sarah blinked, "Oh, er, right."

It was only a few minutes later we heard the huffing and puffing of several girls running through the woods towards us. Then Alexis and Natasha appeared neck and neck charging towards us. Even though Natasha was much taller, Alexis was really moving for being the shortest of the four girls. If we had a professional finish line or a camera for a photo finish I might have been able to tell who won as they went running by, but it looked like a tie to me.

Sarah however was the judge and yelled out, "Natasha!"

The other two girls appeared out of the woods, clearly tired and upset and walked up while the first two were still catching their breath from the hard sprint at the end. I wasn't sure how to give my reward, but Sarah handled that too. "Go clean up and shower off. The award ceremony will take place in twenty minutes."

The girls, all out of breath, didn't even talk as they went to the lavatory pavilion. With everything else done Sarah and I just sat down across from each other at a picnic table to wait for the girls. "Now I hope you remember how to kiss a young girl," she said with a smile.

"Oh, I think I remember how," I said with a matching smile. "It's like riding a bike."

"I'm not so sure," she raised an eyebrow. "How long has it been since you kissed a girl?"

Caught aback by her scrutiny I got nervous, "Oh, uh, well... Not since my wife died."

"That's what I thought," she got up, and then sat close next to me and said with all seriousness, "Kiss me."

I froze, "Are... Are you serious?"

"Am I unattractive?" she asked bluntly.

"No, not in the slightest. I just..." I couldn't look her in the eye, but then her face was against mine and our lips were touching. I melted. We moved our lips softly and pressed into each other. I felt her hand on the back of my head, and I'd put one of mine on her shoulder. I felt her magnificent bosom pressing up against my chest and arm and kissed her more fiercely.

I'd been so long since I'd been that close to a woman that I suddenly never wanted it to stop and was upset when she finally pulled away. She stood and cleared her throat as she crossed to sit back on the other side of the picnic table saying, "I guess you do still know what you're doing. Just... Just keep it chaste for Natasha. And maybe later..."

I'd practically forgot about the other girls, much less the reward kiss, after this buxom young woman had gotten so intimate with me, but I nodded and Sarah nodded back as she go out some breakfast cereal for us and the kids from a cooler when I heard the girls returning. Natasha beaming a smile that made her white teeth glow against her black skin, and the rest nowhere near as happy, but anxious nonetheless.

Sarah took charge again, "Natasha, as the winner, you get two minutes behind the bus with Scott. Everyone else eat up, then pack up. We hit the road in thirty minutes." Then she brought the whistle to her lips. The same ones I'd just been kissing. Then she gave a slight blow to make a more gentle tweet.

Immediately the three white girls sat down, while Natasha grabbed my hand and almost dragged me towards the bus as if she was trying to run away with me. The whistle really did make people move with pep. As soon as we were around the bus and out of sight Natasha literally jumped me. I mean literally because she moved me up against the side of the bus and wrapped one of her legs up and over my hip, almost mounting me, as she processes to stick her tongue down my throat.

She was tall and very thin and light. She had pert little boobs, but her sporty tight tank top kept them in place, squished against my chest. I'd already been aroused by her coach kissing me just minutes before, so my hard-on was now raging as this leggy teenage black girl did her best to grind her virgin womanhood, clad only in tight spandex against the bulge in my jeans. I found that despite Sarah instructing me to keep it chaste, instead I has grabbed her hips and helped rock her button on my boner as I sucked on her hot pink tongue.

She quivered stopped kissing me to moan out softly when the whistle chirped in the distance from the other side of the bus. I didn't want to stop making out with this energetic and feisty black teen, but I eased her down and she whispered quietly, "That was amazing," before she took off running back to the group.

I started to follow her back, but heard Sarah yell out, "And for a well fought second place, Alexis gets one minute." Then she tweeted the whistle again and the short blonde teen was instantly on me and dragging me back behind the bus.

I still had a raging hard-on and had been hoping to let it die down, but Alexis being much more forward and nowhere near as tall as Natasha, grabbed my crotch with her hand as she pulled me down to kiss her. She'd obviously never kissed many times if ever before, unlike Natasha I figured, because she basically was just opening her mouth and sucking on my lips. But she was eager and grabbed my hand and pulled it to her belly and up under her cloths and bra to her breast.

She had decidedly bigger breasts than the other teens, but still nowhere near the massive rack of her teacher, or even the modest pair my wife had had, but her nipples were hard and long as I flicked them while trying to slow down this slobbering horny girl's tongue. She grabbed and squeezed my cock hard through my jeans, causing me to moan and throb before the whistle ended her reward tryst.

Alexis took off without a word, just a smile, and I just stayed behind the bus cooling off. The girls were almost finished eating when I got back to the group. They were all smiling, even Sarah, as I sat and poured myself a bowl.

Sarah spoke up and got their attention again, "Okay, pack it up and break down the tents." She blew the whistle again and the teens jumped up, some still finishing the last spoonful of their breakfast. "Move, move, move." Seconds later the table was empty except for her and I and the girls were I'm their tents.

"And you Mister," she said firmly looking at me. "I need to have a private word," and she pointed back at the bus and started walking briskly. 'Oh crap!' I'd gone too far with those underage girls and now I was going to get an earfull. I followed like a dog who'd just been scolded and loped after her.

I thought maybe she'd only give me a hushed yell with the girls so close, but instead I was surprised she pulled me against her and kissed me hard and passionately. Her tongue probed my mouth and her hands gripped my ass while her breasts collided against my chest. Immediately my prick returned to its full mast position.

I just started to return her kiss when she broke away and let go of my ass cheeks. "We only have a few minutes," she whispered as her hands undid my button and zipper of my jeans. "Don't make any noise," she warned with a smile before dropping to her knees and poking my hard cock out through my shorts, between her moist lips, and straight all the way down her throat.

I was past the moon and aimed straight at heaven's pearly gates as she adroitly started pistoning her head back and forth quickly while sucking on my throbbing manhood hard. I groaned between clenched teeth and unrolled my eyes to gaze down at my cock-sucking angel. Her long smooth raven black hair was twirled between my fingers as I clenched the back of her head and saw past to look down her tank top at the most cleavage I'd ever seen in my life as I immediately erupted.

"Oh my god!" I groaned as I came. I don't know how she did it, since my wife had always gagged or spit me out when I'd cum in her mouth before, but Sarah stayed deep on me as I pulsed shot after shot my hot salty load down her gullet. I quivered and shook as she leeched every last drop from my nut sack before she released me. I'd already shrunken to half my size when my dribbling penis left her mouth and she licked her lips to catch any from escaping.

I sagged up against the bus for support and felt totally sucker punched. She wiped some excess saliva from her lips and stood brushing the tangles I'd made of her hair. "Mmmm, tasty. Now get cleaned up, the girls will be here soon and you still need to drive us all." Then Sarah headed back to the campsite.

I blanked, and just caught my breath, with my shriveled yet satisfied cock dangling out and my pants around my ankles, for a moment before quickly coming back to reality and began cautiously redressing.

I stumbled back to the table and ate while the girls packed up and broke down their tents. It's a lot easier to take them apart than to put them together, and with a little instruction from Kayla the girls did all the work. I just sat and watched those nimble young things work, bending over, standing up. I couldn't help but feel that every time they stuck their ass out or got on their knees, they were showing off and posing for me. They were all dressed in similar skin tight running spandex shorts and tank tops that left little to the imagination, but my imagination was running wild and free.

To soon they were packed up and I was the slowpoke. We all boarded the bus and began the last leg of our trip to their destination.


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