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kitten lust after her daddy
When I was a kid I would sneak peeks at my daddy from the time I was 4 till I reached my early teen years. I always wondering about our differences and why I wasn't built the same way.

Now its my birthday today and all I can think about is my daddy and he makes me tingle in places I am just learning about. I would wake up with my panties soaked and a stickiness that would coat my virgin pussy. I laid in bed and stroked between my legs amazed about the building of pleasure I was experiencing. Something was happening and just when something was about to happen someone knocked on my door. With a groan I answered and told them to come in.

It was daddy and mommy, they came in to wish me a Happy Birthday. Mommy couldn't stay because she had a business trip out of town so daddy was sitting on the bed with my birthday presents. When he leaned close to me I noticed his nostrils flared and I knew he could smell me. I blushed and just wanted to die with embarrassment. Daddy then kissed me on the cheek and said Happy Birthday kitten. When he got up to leave I noticed that the front of his pants were bulging.

I got up and went downstairs in nothing but my nightshirt, forgetting I didn't have on any panties. I went into the kitchen and daddy was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee. I reached up to get a bowl and the cereal , I heard a gasp behind me and I turned. Looking at daddy he had spilled his coffee stuttering to himself. I grabbed a dishcloth to clean up the mess when I noticed that daddy was bulging again. I turned away blushing, thinking about daddy and realized that I was extremely wet thinking about it. wet enough that my thighs were coated with my sticky juice. Daddy seemed to notice. He coughed and said come here kitten. I turned and said Yes daddy. I walked over to him and straddled his lap, facing him, I asked him whats up daddy? Daddy look down at our thighs and seemed to be glued to between my thighs, I finally remembered that I wasn't wearing any panties. The bulge in daddy's pants seemed to get bigger and bigger and I squirmed on his lap. Daddy pulled me close and whispered kitten, why aren't you wearing any panties?

My little pussy was pressed against daddy's bulge and I couldn't helped but rub myself against him. I hoped he didn't notice, but he did.. He groaned and pulled me even tighter against him. I became breathless and whispered to daddy that I was masturbating thinking about you daddy. I imagined that it was your hand playing with my little pussy daddy and it was feeling good, I felt like something was building when you and mommy knocked on my door. Daddy whispered ohhh baby my little kitten I am so sorry. Do you want daddy to help? Do you want daddy to pet your little kitty, to make you pur for your daddy... kitten moaned louder and said yes please daddy...

Daddy slide his hand up my thigh and slide his fingers over my mouth teasing my little pussy before he would even touch my clit. The moment he did I felt like I was going to explode. I moaned and daddy slowly rubbed my clit with the tip of his finger... tiny little circles his finger slide down my slit to the entrance of my pussy. He slide his finger to the knuckle and I moan. Daddy pulled away and said kitten I want you to turn around and press your back against me, Daddy's going to take care of you... I scrambled around and pressed my back against daddy's stomach my thighs spread wide I wrapped my arms around daddy's neck and held on. I whispered please daddy... I feel like I am going to explode. Daddy ran his hands up my stomach to my breast and cupped me under my shirt. cupping my breast. Daddy whispered in my ear saying how he loved my breast, they filled daddies hands to over flowing. He stroked my nipples and began pinching and pulling them, making me writhe on his lap. He kept playing with them pulling and tugging on them. Making them ache and even harder. Daddy whispered do you like that kitten, I nodded unable to speak. I thrust my breast forward and pleaded for more. Please daddy.. Dont stop it feels so good. By this time daddy could feel my juices. I was soaked and knew I was soaking my daddy's shorts.

He slid his hand down my stomach and and slowly stroked my pussy, Daddy said he could feel how wet I was and he couldn't wait to taste me. Daddy's slid his finger between the lips of my pussy, stroking my clit, rubbing in small circles rubbing harder.. my hips moved on daddy's lap I could feel his hardness pressed between the cheeks of my ass. I kept moaning daddy slipped his finger down my slit and slide his finger inside of me, he pushed till the tip of his finger touched my virgin shield.. Daddy groaned loudly, kitten daddy's going to take such good care of you. He slide his finger from inside of me and slid back up to my clit. He started rubbing and pinching my clit. I gasped and groaned louder and louder. Daddy whispered, oh my baby kitten daddy loved you and I exploded on his finger, he kept on and only stopped when I cried out and grabbed his hand. Daddy held me in his arms and quietly. Kitten are you ok baby? I nodded I couldn't speak just yet my heart felt like it just jumped out of my chest.

Finally when I was able to speak I asked daddy if he could do it again. He said my baby kitten, daddy's going to show you all kinds of things. He picks me up and carry's me up the stairs and asked where I wanted to go I said i wanted to go to his bed. He walks to his room and places me on the bed, He said sit up baby daddy wants to take your shirt off. When he pulled off my shirt he groaned as he gazed at my breast, I blushed and tried to cover them. He said no baby Don't ever be ashamed of your body, its so sexy, your breast are beautiful and daddy loves them. He said to get in the middle of the bed and daddy would show me something else that I would love.

He crawled between my thighs and pressed his face against my pussy, he smelled me and said that he loved how I smelt, so sweet and fresh. He started to run the tip of his tongue over my lips then slowly slid between them, moaning as he tasted my sweet and tanginess.. he growled loudly and he really digged in. His tongue was all over my pussy licking up everywhere. Kitten moaned loudly, feeling her daddy's tongue on her. and when he touched her clit she just about jumped off the bed. Pleasure coursed through her veins. Kitten spread her thighs wider and grabbed her knees. pulling herself wider. She her daddy's growl and groaned as daddy slide his tongue inside of me, fucking me with his tongue. He pushed as far as he could and touched my hymen. pushing against it.. I groaned and wiggled pushing myself against daddy's mouth. His tongue flickered over my clit and slide up and down my slit... I kept writhing my hips and begging. Begging for I dont know but I knew I just needed something. I cried out when daddy slide a finger into me thrusting it back and forth inside of me.. I pleaded for more, I groaned and grabbed my breast, playing with my nipples squeezing my breast and daddy looked up, He said ohh my baby kitten... looking so sexy, my sexy little kitten. He slides another finger into me and I explode all over his hand, my juices squirting and coating his face. I screamed out and I couldn't stop shaking...

Daddy crawled up and wrapped his tied kitten in his arms and help me close. Did my kitten like that baby? All I could do was nod as I tried to catch my breath. Daddy's got all day to teach you so much my little kitten. Kitten nodded and promptly fell asleep, Daddy laid there with a dick hard enough to hammer nails but he knew that he had all day to teach his little kitten, to please her daddy.

part two coming soon.


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Pammy's birthday was celebrated in a similar fashion - mother away and the two of us rutting all over the house. I had bought her some special underwear and she modeled them in different rooms of the house. We fucked on my bed, sitting up face to face, kissing and staring intently at each other, with Pammy in her sheerest white panties and some delicious stockings. She had me set up the video camera and we were rewarded later that evening with some beautiful footage of our session. We ended up in bed again slowly fucking ourselves into delirium. I cannot wait until our camping trip on the next long weekend. She has already picked out some new panties and all for the trip. I don't imagine either of us will be wearing much at all that weekend. Pammy Love, I am yours and you are mine.

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