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this is how i imagine you would fuck me
Hello everyone!My name is Rachael.I am a blonde with blue eyes,36C boobs,long slender legs and a round firm ass.I am a virgin till now.

Whereas you are the captain of our school football team.I have had a huge crush on you for a long time but never had the balls to make any move.Recently,to my amazement you have asked me out and we have started to go on dates.We haven't gone past kissing physically yet but i have gotten really fond of you and have made up my mind to lose my cherry to you.Apart from being overly handsome and having a sexy body you are very good at studies too. I live with my mom and she's out having dinner with her boyfriend.I know she won't return before midnight.I had called you up and asked you to come over.I had decided to lose my virginity to you tonight.I know that unlike me you are not a virgin rather you are pretty experienced as you have dated some of the most popular girls in our school.You come to my house and enter the bedroom.I jump towards you and unable to hole my excitement started kissing you.You are startled at first but after some time you start responding.We are kissing very passionately now when you poke your tongue on my lips,i part my lips and let your tongue enter my hot mouth.Once its in, your tongue wrestles with mine making my body warmer and i could feel a tingling between my legs.Your hands which have been still till now go on to hold my waist and pull me close to you.I could feel your hands rubbing my back slowly over my tanktop.I put my hands around the back of your head playing with your hairs when your hands give a sudden and firm squeeze to my butt.I moan into your mouth but you keep on playing with my butt.Your hands are rubbing and squeezing them passionately.For the very first time in my life someone has touched my butt and its making me crazy. You stop sucking onto my pink full lips and moved down.Kissing on my neck and collarbone ever so lightly.Your experienced mouth is giving soft and light kisses to my neck and collarbone.My hands are messing your hairs crazy when i feel your hands making a move for my boobs.You are fondling my boobs very passionately making me moan .As far as your lips are concerned they haven't stopped kissing me for quite sometime now.Your strong hands are fondling my boobs all over and then you give a squeeze to them.You have no idea how crazy its getting between my legs I put my hands behind you and squeeze your ass.I had always admired your ass and have wanted to do it for long.I could feel you smile when i pressed your butt .Your fingers found my nipples and you twist them over my tanktop.The twisting of my nipples had all of my body aching and desiring more of you.Reading my mind you put your hands inside my tanktop touching my bare skin and squeezing my boobs again this time over my bra.You stopped kissing me and pulled out your hands.I lifted my hands in air as you pulled out my tanktop leaving just a piece of lacy pink bra between you and my boobs.You are staring intently at my bra covered boobs and its making me both nervous and excited.To give you a better view i reached to the back and undid my bra letting my tits come out in front of your face.I can see you really like what you are seeing and its not long since you reach out for them. You kiss me again more passionately this time and your hands are now fondling my bare boobs.Feeling all over and playing with my small pink nipples.Then you lower your head and take one of my nipples into your hot mouth,i don't think my body has felt this much pleasure before.You suck onto my nipples passionately,swirling your tongue all over it,bathing it in your saliva and making me crazy.But when you start the twin attacks of sucking one of my nipple and twitching the other one between your fingers i thought i can't take it anymore.Waves of pleasure were running throughout my body as my tits were being sucked for the very first time in my young life.My nipples had grown fully erect and the itch between my legs was making it hard for me to keep on standing.It was then that i felt your hand trace down my body through my tummy and resting over my crotch.You squeezed my pussy gently over my shorts and i felt something hot gushing through my pussy.When you pushed your hands inside my shorts i couldn't hold myself any longer.My knees buckled,back ached and i moaned in pleasure as i had my first orgasm. Just when i thought that i was cooling off a bit you bit hard on my nipples and it sent a sensation down my spine.Your fingers must have been drenched in my juices cause you pulled out your hands and also let my nipple come out of your mouth.
You started to unbutton my shorts.For a second i thought of doing that for you but the whole idea of you undressing me was making me very aroused.You stripped off my shorts leaving me just in my panties.I feel embarrassed when you smile at me looking at my drenched panties but i know you must be ecstatic cause you are the reason its like that.You got hold of the waistband and pulled down the panties gently.I help you and remove it making me stark naked.I had always been comfortable with my body but when your eyes are staring me i realise its the first time any guy has seen it like that.You pick me up like a baby and laid me on my bed.Now,i completely naked and lying on the bed while i can see your eyes are fixed at my treasure.You say"Rachael,baby you are the most beautiful and sexy girl i know".I smiled proudly cause i never thought you would say something like that you have dated some really hot bitches of our school.You are still completely dressed. You come over me and kiss my lips again.After sucking onto my lips you move down on me kissing my neck,collarbone and reach my boobs. You suck onto my boobs again followed by some more squeezing and massaging.I think you really like my boobs you have been paying extra attention to them all night.There's no reason why you shouldn't like them they are full round and with small pink nipples asking to be sucked.You get down on me kissing my tummy and navel in between.I can hear my heart thumping in anticipation when i feel your hot breathe fall over my pussy.I regularly trim my pubic hairs cause i don't really like shaving it.I have never had someone's mouth /tongue up inside my pussy but i have heard its the greatest pleasure a woman can get during sex and not many men are ready to do it.So,i am not sure if you are going to do it or not when a sudden kiss on my pussy ends my suspicion.A mere touch of your lips on my vaginal lips and my body shivers .You rub your fingers around my pubic hairs and along my slit.You spread my legs for a better view and touch my pussy very gently.You spread my vaginal lips to have a better look at the insides.With your index finger you touch my moist lips and penetrate it inside me.I can't help but let out a loud moan as this is my very first penetration.Once your finger is inside upto the third knuckle you start stroking me while applying pressure on my clit with your other hand.I start wondering that only a few days back i was torturing my clit while masturbating thinking of you and now here you are.Touching me like i have never been touch before and making me discover the hidden pleasures of sex.I look down and see that your finger which just penetrtated my pussy is all wet with my juices.I was feeling build up of another orgasm when you pulled out your finger. You stick out your tongue and give a lick along the lenght of my slit making my back ache up asking for more of it.You spread my lips again with your fingers and poke your tongue inside me.Your experienced tongue is licking my virgin pussy dry and i could feel another orgasm building inside me but the zenith of pleasure is yet to come.Its only when you take my clit in your mouth and start sucking it like its another of my nipples that i truly realise the pleasure in having my pussy eaten.Your head is between my legs tormenting my clit and your fingers up inside my love hole when the inevitable hits me.I put my hands on your head shoving you harder onto my pussy,ache my back and my toes curl up involuntarily when my second orgasm for the night comes gushing through me.You sense it coming too so you say"cumm for me Rachael...cumm all over me"and so i did.For a moment i thought i had blacked out,i had never cum so hard in my life not even while masturbating thinking about you neither have i ever squirted such large amount of juices.I am sure i must have flooded your mouth but nothing seems to dampen your passion as you keep on licking me. You stop licking me once you have done it till your heart's content. My body had hardly relaxed for a moment when i see you stripping your cloths.You remove your shirt and jeans leaving yourself in only your tight boxers.When i saw your toned body with rippling muscles and a perfect six pack abs my pussy started to tingle.You yanked off your boxers letting your huge boner come into my view.Its my first cock and i had no idea what to expect but the only thing that starts worrying me is "how in the world will such a long prick ever fit inside me?".I get up and sit on the bed when you come near to the bed.I had never given anyone a blowjob but i have asked quite a few friends on how to do it.I put my soft hands around your manhood and stroke it lightly before putting it inside my hot mouth.You gasp for air as i did that, I imagined your cock to be a popsicle and sucked onto it hard while you moaned and stroked my hairs.I tried to take your dick inside my mouth as much as possible but couldn't maybe you are just too big for me.My eyes were staring into your crotch region as i tried to deep throat you when suddenly i felt your hand lifting up my chin to meet your gaze.I figured you liked seeing the eyes of the girls when they gag into your cock.With my deep blue eyes now fixed on yours i sucked onto your dick harder.You were moaning when i felt your dick twitch in my mouth and a loud groan filled the room as you have cumm inside my mouth.As soon as i felt the first rope of cumm hit the back of my throat i pulled out your dick.I had no option but to swallow the cumm in my mouth and it didn't taste much bad but you kept on cumming.Two more thick ropes of cumm flied out of your dick.I am amazed to see that even after cumming so much your cock hardly went limp and its still hard. You picked me up in your strong arms and laid me on the bed again.Few more kisses on my lips,neck and some more sucking onto my nipples follow before you before you spread my legs.You hold your dick in your right hand and rub it along my slit before pushing it in.Only the head of your dick had entered my pussy when i felt excruciating pain and i moaned very loudly.Another powerful stroke by you and your dick went all the way inside my lovehole spreading apart my vaginal lips.You let me rest for a few seconds and sucked on my nipples again as i let my body to calm down from the pain it had been going through.Moments later my pussy grew used to your manhood inside me and my pain subsided.You started stroking me again with powerful strokes.The feeling of pain had been replaced by pleasure when you stopped to bite onto my nipples one by one.You let your hand reach my boobs and squeezed them really hard.I gasped for air and moaned in pleasure while it seemed that no force can stop you today from tearing apart my vagina. My back ached again and i knew that i am on my way to a third orgasm.My vagina convulsed gripping your dick tightly and i came all over your dick.My hot juices made it easier for you to penetrate so you increased your speed and you fucked me like there's no tomorrow.Finally your cock twitched again and you groaned as you came inside me.You filled me with your cumm and i felt the insides of my pussy very hot.I wasn't worried about being pregnant cause i had been on pills.Now,i can't wait for our second time.

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2013-03-05 21:29:51
HOTT!!it really made me feel that i was fucking Rachael

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