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Love of money and sex
= Learning How - Part One, The First Time =

My name is Donna, and I'm gonna be fourteen in a few months. I'd like to tell you about my first experiences with sex, and how I learned to enjoy my body. I did not have any brothers, and my sister was so many years older that she was away at college already. The only cocks I saw were on the little boys when I babysat.

When I was eleven years old, the husband of a neighbor couple, Ronald, gave me my first introduction to sex. Sometimes I would watch kids for Ron and his wife Teresa to earn a few bucks. The family was distantly related to us, so they always gave me the work.

One night I was with the two, Susie and her little sister Peggy. Terry was visiting her mother in West Virginia, and he was out with some buddies after work. Usually he'd come in and talk to me for a few minutes and give me my money so that I could go home. This time he stalled a little and asked if I would wait until he cleaned up a little. Ron took a quick shower while I checked on the kids. After the shower he came back to the living room with just a towel around his waist. Ron sat on the couch next to me. At first he just asked how the kids had been while he was out.

"You like doing this work, Donna?" he asked.

"Sure," I said. "I can always use the money for stuff."

I could see a bulge under the towel. I wished I could peek underneath because I wanted to know what his thingee looked like. I knew about the cocks of the little boys when I babysat for people, and I wanted to see what a grown man's looked like. I looked up and knew he had caught me staring. He just smiled at me.

"You wanna earn a little more tonight?" he asked.

"Sure!" I replied eagerly, thinking of that nice top I had seen when I was shopping a few day ago.

"We gotta keep it a secret between us. Can you keep a secret, kid?"

"Well... yeah... I guess so."

"It's a grown-up type secret. You look like a grown-up girl to me."

"Yeah, I can keep a secret like that, 'cause I'm a young lady now."

"Come on then. Sit on my lap. It'll be fun. This is going to help me out a lot, Terry being gone all this time. Guys like me miss having a woman around, and she's been gone a lot lately."

I got up and sat on his lap, facing him. We kind of fooled around until I felt a hard thing under my butt. I knew what it was, but I just kept messing around with Ron, pretending like nothing was happening. I liked how the hardness felt pressing against my bottom. In fact, I liked it so much that I took my panties off as soon as he asked me to. He yanked the towel off, and I saw IT. His cock was swollen and twitched as I gazed on it.

When I sat down on his lap again, his hard cock rubbed against my tummy. Ron grabbed my butt cheeks and pressed me against himself. Soon his fingers found by little cunnie. He began to rub me, bouncing me up and down a little, and it felt really good.

"Grab hold of my prick," he whispered. "Yeah, that's it; wrap your hands around it. Now stroke it up and down."

I began to pump his hard cock, and he tickled my cunnie more. We were both breathing rather hard pretty quick. Ron tickled me faster, and I slid my little hands up and down his shaft just as quick.

"Oh shit, you are a sweet little bitch," Ron moaned.

Suddenly, he began spurting some goo out the end of his cock, groaning, and telling me not to stop. I kept milking him, squeezing little white pearls of his juices out. Then he sagged back against the couch, his fingers now barely touching my bottom. I got a few more drops out of him, before he told me I could stop.

"Man, I really needed that," he whimpered hoarsely. "Get me some tissues, babe."

I went and fetched some tissues and cleaned him up. Then I went to wash my hands off. I noticed a little moist spot on my shirt, and wiped it off, hoping it would not leave a mark.

When I got back, he had pulled on some shorts. He took out his wallet and gave me twice what I had earned. I was really happy because I got all the extra money, and Ron had given me some cool new feelings, a secret pleasure I had never felt before. And best of all, I got to see what a grown man's cock looked like.

The next night, I had to baby-sit again for Ron. He did not stay out so long, but came back early. I knew he wanted us to be together. He came in with a video and put it into the VCR, pushing the play button. Soon the screen was filled with a guy and a young girl like me. They were naked and touching each other all over, more than we had done the night before. Soon he pushed the girl down and put his mouth on her cunnie and licked it. I watched the guy's tongue slide over her bare pussy. Then it slithered into her little crack.

The young girl was gasping and moaning, telling the guy not to stop. As I watched, Ron began to play with me. He began by slipping his hands underneath my top, playing with my little nips until they got hard under his fingers. Soon his hand was inside my shorts, sliding under the elastic of my panties. I began to feel wetness grow between my legs.

"Tonight," Ron whispered into my ear, "I'm going to show you how grown-ups have fun. Are he kids asleep?"

"I... I think so," I mumbled, confused and excited by what was happening to me. I could still see the images from the video. He led me by the hand to their room. They were clearly asleep, breathing softly in the dimness. Then Ron led me into the bedroom he and his wife slept.

"Let's get undressed," he said. He pulled back the bedclothes and quickly removed all his clothing. I was soon as naked as he was. We lay down next to each other on the bed. His hands were all over me, and I copied whatever he was doing, guided in part by what I recalled from the video and also by what he told me to do. I felt a little light-headed and tingly, but I was thrilled with his soft caresses and kisses. I felt I was becoming a real woman.

Ronny put his hand between my legs and brought it out covered with my own girlish juice. He licked it off, kissed me on the lips, and moved his head between my legs. Soon he was licking and kissing me just as the video had shown. It felt so good that I pressed my hands against his head to hold him there. Ron was gently sucking on my cunnie, and it felt so wonderful. He went on and on until I almost could not stand the pleasure he was giving me. Now I knew why the girl had moaned.

He lifted his head. "You have such a sweet cunt, honey. I can't stop eating you out. Is that okay with you? Do you like this?"

"Yeah, do it some more. It feels so good."

He sucked my little cunnie some more until I cried out that I had to stop playing that game. My body was covered with sweat and was quivering from my tension. Ron came up and lay next to me, telling me over and over what a sweet, lovely, and really sexy little lady I was.

As soon as I calmed down, Ron got up and checked on the kids. He came back and told me he needed me to help him again. I looked and saw how enormous his cock had become. He knelt on the bed next to me, and I reached out to touch him. Ronny was soon moaning softly as I gently stroked his massive erection in my hands the way I had done the night before.

"Yeah, babe, I like the way you play with me. Now, put it in your mouth and play with my prick with your lips and tongue." At first I hesitated, but his fingers found my wet cunnie and teased it a little, encouraging me.

He played with my cunt, and I kissed the end of his swollen cock. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it. It felt silky and warm. I licked the cock head, teasing it with my tongue. He told me what he liked and I did it. I did everything he said and didn't mind at all. After all, he had pleasured me with his mouth for almost an hour. Soon I was licking his cock shaft and sucking on his balls. I felt like a real grown-up, doing these sexy, but naughty, things.

I teased him for a while, but then he grabbed my head and began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I was pumping on the shaft as he humped against me.

"Oh shit!" he moaned. "I'm coming, babe. Don't spill any of my come. Swallow it all!"

I could feel his cock begin to throb. His goo was soon shooting into my mouth. It tasted strange, but I swallowed it as quickly as he gave it to me. I milked his cock, licking off each new dab of his juice. Soon his cock began to go limp, and Ron pulled it out of my hands and lay down.

"Damn, you are one sweet cock-sucker!" he whispered in the stillness of the night. "You can suck my dick anytime you want."

Anyhow, we did that a lot until Terry came back. Then they did not need a babysitter for a while, and, when they did, they both went out and came back together. I felt the ache of missing the fun I had been enjoying with Ron. I also missed all the extra money I was making from him. Meanwhile, I found out some more about sex and stuff like that by listening to the older girls. I kept my mouth closed and my ears open.

I soon realized that Ron and I had never "fucked." He had never tried to slide that big cock into my pussy. At first I thought it was because it was too big for me. I wondered why for a while, but soon felt I had it figured out. Ron did not want to give me a baby. He did not need to worry about that. I had not yet bled.

Teresa went away for the week-end to visit her aunt, and Ron stayed home with the kids. He left a message with my mom that he needed a babysitter, and I went over there on the Saturday. Ron went out for a while, but was soon back. We sat on the couch and talked until the older girl finally got to sleep. Then we went into his bedroom and stripped.

We were together in the bed, kissing and touching. I was getting hot, but I had to ask.

"When are we gonna fuck, Ronny?"

"Oh shit! Uh... uh... I... uh.. think that might not be such a good idea," he finally said. "If I take your cherry, then someone might find out what we have been doing. We could both be in big trouble. Besides, it hurts a girl the first time."

That was news to me about the pain thing. Anyhow, Ron went down on me and sucked on my pussy so long I forgot about fucking. It was like heaven to feel his mouth on me. Each time he did me, it felt so much better. This time a felt a flood of heat swell across my body and almost passed out. My little cunnie throbbed with a wonderful new sensation.

I gave him a nice, sensuous blow job afterwards, and he gave me a nice wad of folding money to spend on myself when I left that night. We had talked about the possibility of fucking as we relaxed in bed after our fun. Ron said he would think about doing me, but he was a bit nervous about it. Well, I wasn't going to continue bitching to him about it. I was having fun and making some bucks.

I still wanted that last pleasure, convincing myself that maybe the pain was not going to be so bad. I tried myself out by putting a few fingers inside myself, and felt a sharp little pain whenever I tried to go in too far. Maybe Ron was right. I was having so much fun without fucking, I could wait. I could not wait for his wife to go away again, so I talked to him when I saw him at the convenience store. He wanted me too. He waited around the corner and picked me up.

We drove out to the park and got out of the truck. It was late afternoon, and most of the people had gone home. We went to a small grassy area behind some bushes. Ron placed a blanket on the ground and had me kneel on it. He pulled his pants down, and his already-swollen cock popped right toward my face. I sucked him for a while. Then he had me take off my shorts and panties. I lay on the blanket and he ate my pussy until I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep my moans from being heard. I had no sooner come to my senses when he pulled my up onto my knees again.

"I need you so bad," he whined and shoved his cock toward me. "Come on, babe, finish me off now."

Still a little dazed from my own experience, I began to suck him off. Ron was hugely excited by our unplanned outdoor sex and shot a big load of come into my mouth. I could barely swallow it all. I licked his cock clean just the way he liked.

Ronny dropped me off about a block from my house. He slipped a twenty into my hand before I got out of his pickup.

That night I lay awake in bed, still feeling Ron's mouth on my body. I put my hand on by pussy and began to move it around, pretending it was his mouth. I closed my eyes and imagined that Ron was giving me as much pussy licking as I wanted. I felt the tingling begin, and soon a warm wave of pleasure ran over me for the second time that day. I began to wonder once more what it would be like to have him sticking his cock in me, making me scream with either pain or pleasure.

The next night I took a carrot to bed with me. I slid it into me, feeling no pain, and enjoyed the fullness in my cunt. I played with it for a while. Then I took it out and finished myself off with my hand again.

I don't know whether is was all this fooling around or if it was just my time, but my chest was not as flat as before. My little nubbins now had a soft swelling under them. I also noticed some downy hair around the top of my cunnie. Maybe it was time to fuck before I became a fertile adult lady.

Teresa took the kids to see her mother for the weekend a few weeks later, and Ron stayed home to earn some overtime. He got home by mid-afternoon on Saturday. We had a signal system set up so we could meet. I called his house, and he invited me over. I could not go over at night because we did not want to risk having a phony babysitting situation that might be exposed.

We had the house all to ourselves and were soon completely naked right in the living room. I gave him a blowjob first. Ron sucked my pussy until I came three times. We were covered with sweat and dust from rolling around on the carpet. We lay locked together, sprawled across the thick rug. We drank some cold sodas, trying to cool down a bit.

"Come on; let's clean up," he said when we had finished the drinks.

We went into the bathroom. He let the water get warm, and we began to take a shower together. Soon we were teasing and laughing as we washed and soaped each other. I told him about the carrot and touching myself. That story seemed to get him excited, and his cock swelled up enormously.

After touching each other for a long time, Ron finally placed his cock against my pussy and rubbed me with its bulbous head. I had my arms around his neck. I looked down at his lewd probings and pushed my hips against him. I wanted to feel more of that cock. We were drenched and glistening in the spray. I wanted it so bad.

"Put it inside me, Ronny," I begged. "Please, fuck me now!"

His cock seemed too large, but the idea of it inside me was overpowering any reluctance. My pussy was ruling me and it had to have the inside me. We were caught up in the lust of the moment. I did not want this occasion to be wasted. Whether it would hurt or not was unimportant. I could see that he wanted me really bad. I wanted him to take my body and make me a complete woman.

Ronny pushed me against the shower wall and kneed my legs apart. He crouched between my thighs and pushed the head of his cock up against my virgin pussy. I was more than ready. My pussy was wet and lubricated for his entry. I was a little afraid when he placed the tip right onto my pussy lips and began to push. I could feel my lips part as his head spread them. He took it really slow, so slow that I sometimes grabbed him to make him enter me.

I began to feel him stretch me open a little more with each little push until the whole head popped into me. I felt a sudden burning pain and whimpered. He held me just like we were, joined by only the tip of his cock. He suddenly rose up against me, and I felt him slide deep into me, causing a sharp increase in the pain that now burned through my pelvis. I began to cry and felt the tears streaming down my face, mixing with the spray of the shower.

As much as I had wanted this, now I tried to escape from that destructive penis. I was trapped between the wall and his uncontrolled lust. Ron shoved himself in and out as I screamed and almost fainted from his painful thrusting. Finally, he shoved himself as deep as he could go, and I felt his huge pumping engine inside my cunt. I knew he was filling my with his creamy semen.

"Oh, fucking shit! This is so goddamn good!" Ron yelled.

I did not feel good at all. I almost vomited, but then, the pain began to diminish slightly. The fullness within me abated, and Ron's limp cock fell out of my damaged, torn cunt. I could see his soft cock was streaked with my blood, and some pink-stained water oozed down my legs. I weakly tried to wash myself. A wad of Ron's sperm drooled from my ripped cunt and slid down my leg.

While Ron rinsed his cock, I continued to clean myself up as best I could. I still felt a burning within me, and my pussy lips were now sore from the thrusting. I could only think about how much I had wanted this to happen only moments before.

Thankfully, Ron was attentive to my needs. He made a pad of bandage gauze for me to wear in case I bled some more, even though the bleeding seemed to have stopped by the time I had dried myself. He gave me a couple of pills from the medicine cabinet. After a few minutes the ache in my pussy was not unbearable.

"I guess that's it for today, hon," he said. "Next time there should not be any problem." He handed me a twenty and then added a ten to that. "Let me know if there is any problem."

I showered again that night and got rid of the stained pad. I still could feel some residual discomfort from the tearing Ron's cock had done. As I changed into my nighty, I looked into the bedroom mirror. I had changed that day. I was no longer a sweet, innocent little girl. I could see the grown woman I was soon to be, staring back at me.

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