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Critique Welcome, Just one of many short stories I have written. If you all enjoy it I would be more than happy to post more.
The alarm was blaring 530. She stirred beside him, a smile on her lips. The sheets sliding lower, exposing one rosy nipple. On impulse, he ran his tongue across the hard nub. Chuckling as a soft moan escaped her lips. From the moment they met he found her irresistible. Her dark eyes unnerved him, so full of passion, eager to please. He had very little time to spend with her this morning. His inner confliction was infuriating; he needed her lips on his, to feel her satin skin. Rarely did he allow her an undisturbed night’s sleep. His second alarm was sure to wake her. Thinking quickly he reached into the side drawer, searching for the handcuffs and bullet vibe he had purchased earlier in the week.
Attaching the handcuffs on to the bedposts, he had to move quickly. He managed to restrain both hands without her waking fully. With just moments left to decide his plan of action, he went too her lingerie drawer. She had finally become accustomed to his latest command of remaining naked in his presence. But for today she would require a pair of panties. Ultimately he settled on a small black lace thong that he knew would fit snuggly. Pulling the blankets from the bed, he began helping her into the thong. Halfway up her thighs, the alarmed sounded causing her eyes to flutter open. She barely acknowledged his actions as she whimpered pleading for 5 more minutes.
Lifting her hips, he had the thong in place. Kissing just above her knees he whispered, “No, no my love. Wake up! I need you.” He was amazed his words held such power over her. It was in her nature he realized, she was at his beck and call. She met each demand with such enthusiasm. She blossomed like a flower before him. In this moment she was struggling lightly against the handcuffs, unsure of when she had been restrained. His voice deepened, “don’t hide yourself from me!” Just as he had expected, she took her cue. Sliding her legs open wide, arching her back jutting her breasts out. She put herself on display the exact way she had been trained to.
Looking down over her partially naked body made his cock ache. Leaning forward he nibbled at her neck, and down to the tops of her breasts. This was one of his favorite parts; he loved to make her vocalize her wants even if he decided not to appease those needs. She knew better than to move from her open display. Concentrating he made his breaths come out over her hardening nipple. Sliding his hand down her body, and into the thong he tugged on the hair at the top of her soft mound. She winced but still did not move. His voice low, “Where do you want to feel my tongue?” Impatient with her silence he tugged at her pubic hair again a little harder. Her entire body trembled as she fought to find the words. “”Nip... Nipples,” she stuttered. His tongue lashed out, flicking up and down each nipple. Greedily sucking each nipple into his mouth, clenching that hard nub between his teeth.
Grinning, he left her panting. He knew she could hear him in the restroom getting ready for his day. Shower done, teeth brushed the only thing left was to get dressed and piss. She listened as the toilet flushed. He appeared her side instantaneously, rubbing his cock head against her lips. “Be a good girl, suck gently! I want something to think about while at work.” Her tongue flicked across the tip, tasting him fully. Wrapping her lips around the head she sucked harder than he had desired, intent on pulling his cock deeper into her mouth. Sighing he pulled away leaving her again, even more frustrated than the first time. Once he was ready for the day to begin, he kissed her forehead and grabbed his keys heading for the door. Confused by his actions, she cleared her throat. “”Umm I think you forgot something,” she accused gesturing towards the hand cuffs.
“Oh you’re right I did forget this,” he replied coolly. Returning to the bed he reached between her legs pulling her thong to the side. Picking up the bullet vibe he turned it on the lowest setting before slipping it into her already wet pussy. Readjusting her panties, he kissed her forehead again. Grabbing her chin he forced her to look into his eyes. “Do not try to push the vibe out, it better be in place when I return home. Understood?” She nodded weakly, whimpering “Yes, sir.” Watching her struggle to remain her composure had him chuckling. “Get some rest sweetheart”, he joked. Before he exited the apartment, he heard her moans as her first orgasm of the day seized her. He wondered how many times she could cum in the 10 hours he was scheduled to work.

She hadn’t even stirred when he had entered the bedroom. He stood in the doorway watching her. Her legs were closed now, but her body was trembling and she struggled to breathe when the next orgasm hit. Sitting beside her, she finally managed to look up at him her eyes glazed over. He had to help her spread her legs. Admiring her soaked panties and the wet spot on the bed, he removed her thong and then the vibrator. She was expecting his next move and obediently opened her mouth. He dropped the small vibrator into her mouth, commanding her to clean it. She dutifully sucked her pussy juices from the vibe.
“Quickly wash up, I expect dinner on the table in 45 minutes” She heard him in the living room watching the local news as cooked for him. He didn’t permit her to get dressed, he preferred her exposed. She jumped when she felt his large hand smack her ass. Smiling up at him, she kissed his cheek “It’s just about done.” She moved away from him, reaching into the cabinet for plates. He surprised her by pushing her against the counter. Spanking her, squeezing her ass cheeks, massaging them. Wiggling against him, she could feel his hard cock against her hip. Using his left hand he ran his fingers up and down her ass crack, watching her shake with anticipation he leaned forward growling in her ear, “One day, I will fuck your virgin ass! You want that don’t you!?”
She tensed as his thumb stroked her tight rosebud. Applying pressure, rubbing that tight hole back and forth. He barked into her ear, “Moan for me!!” As her moans filled the apartment he continued to apply pressure as he fingered her opening. He could tell by her stiff posture it was causing her discomfort. Without warning he pushed hard, sinking his thumb into her asshole. She cried out in shock. Her body tightened trying to deny him entrance and he could feel the muscles clench around his thumb. Sliding his thumb partially out he could smell her arousal. Growling in her ear, “If you don’t like it, How come your pussy is wet? Push back against me, I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY THUMB NOW! Beg for it.” He held his hand still, as she pushed back. With each thrust she pleaded him to push deeper, to fuck her!
His cock was rock hard throbbing at the sight of her, from the sound of her voice. He pulled away from her, leaving her on edge after a day full of cumming. He needed release immediately. Pushing her to her knees, his stiff member bounced in her face. Reaching up, she wrapped her fingers around him. Coaxing and caressing his cock, his eyes closed in pleasure. She stuck her tongue out and touched the very tip of his penis. Her tongue sought out that tiny hole and she wiggled it back and forth. She then puckered her lips blowing cool air against the wet tip causing him to shudder. Tightening her grip around his cock, a tiny drop of pre cum formed on the slit. He moaned as she slurped up the precum. She licked from the head to the base of his cock and back up again. Unable to wait any longer, she engulfed the first four inches of his cock. Her soft wet lips closed around his throbbing shaft. Cupping his balls with one hand, she began to rise and fall, each time taking more of him into her mouth. Her head bouncing, taking every inch of him. He fisted her hair in his hands thrusting deep in her throat, holding her there, feeling her throat spasm as it tries to accommodate his massive cock.
Pulling from her mouth, he smacks his member against her lips. Pushing her head lower, he strokes his cock as she sucks and tongues his balls. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to eruption. But she knew the rules!! His hot load was not to be wasted. He waited for the words that meant his release was soon. Her tongue reverently worked his balls over, she could feel them contracting as she continued to tease him. He couldn’t take much more. As exhausted as she was, she knew the penalty for wasting his seed. The orgasms from earlier in the day had drained her; she knew she couldn’t handle a session of spankings. Pulling back she looked into his eyes, “please!!! Use my throat, cum in mouth I want to taste you!” Giving into his lust he shoved his cock into her mouth. Ignoring her gasps and gags he rocketed in and out of her mouth, pushing deeper. Rope after rope of his hot load flooded her mouth. Like a good girl she gulped it all down, making sure to clean him of every drop. Sucking gently as his cock softens in her mouth.

Walking away, satisfied he chides her, “Dinner is late!”

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