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Annie was not a woman to argue with. She was very bright. She
could have majored in anything in college and done well. When she
had her mind made up, she could move mountains. I had resigned
myself to the fact that my daughter was going to call the shots. It
was actually okay, because I didn't have to explain our actions to
anyone in the world. The only other living relatives I had were
three sisters, and they all lived miles away and never visited. And
if they did, Annie was cool enough to make an adjustment to our
sleeping arrangements. Yet I was haunted with my old values of
right and wrong.

While Annie nursed Eve, I made reservations. Moving her "things"
into my bedroom was kind of a joke anyway. She already was using
my bathroom and had all her stuff in there. She had been using her
mother's closet, so except for her body being next to me in bed, she
was already moved into my room. I stood there in my one button
suit, calling a nice restaurant while my daughter was sitting nude
on the couch nursing Eve. Actually Eve had more clothes on than
either of the adults did. When she finished feeding Eve, Annie
handed her to me and told me to change her diaper and get
her ready while she got ready.

I undid Eve's wet diaper and looked at her in all her purity and
innocence. I looked at that tiny slit and thought to myself how
that would someday be a great attraction to some man. But now
it was a source of inconvenience for the adults around her. I
chuckled as I powdered her bottom and wrapped her up tightly
in a dry diaper. "Do you understand what's happening here Eve?
I'm not sure I do. If you do ever find out and you probably will,
please understand and love me and your mother. We love you
so very much."

Dinner was wonderful. Annie and I talked from our hearts. We
talked about so many things. I would sit back and just marvel
a the intelligence of my daughter. Tears started in my eyes.

"What's wrong Daddy?"

"A few months ago I felt so alone. And now I have everything.
I've seen the looks of the men who walk by. They notice what
a beauty you are. But none of them knows just how bright you
are. You could have been anything in this world. I guess I'm just
the luckiest man in the world. You're everything a man could
want. And you love me."

"Wow. For once I'm speechless. How can I possibly respond?"
she grabbed my hand and with a gentle squeeze she said, "Father,
your wrong. We are so lucky to have each other." (When I heard
her use the term 'Father' I knew this was from her heart.)

Our dinner went very well. And as we drove home, Annie couldn't
have sat closer to me unless she sat on my lap to drive. We put Eve
down for the night in the crib which I moved in with us and got
ready for bed ourselves. I have always been one who believed that
pajamas were to be used only in case of a fire. Annie was the same

She laid on the top of the covers and asked me to rub some oil and
cocoa butter on her small stretch marks. An unfair price women
pay to give life. I did this with great relish, and love for her.
And soon this which would be a nightly routine became a labor
of love for me.

She went into the bathroom and I heard her pee. Even the sound
of a woman peeing had been missing in my life. That hissing
sound as the amber fluid rushes past her inner and outer lips is
so distinctive. I laid there and listened to it like it was music.

Annie crawled into bed with me and immediately embraced me. Her
young smooth body with that youthful soft skin felt so nice. Our
relationship to each other soon became a non issue. We didn't
immediately jump on each other, but instead we talked.

Annie started with, "Mother and I used to talk a lot about sex
after I went to college. She used to tell everything about the
sexual relations the two of you enjoyed."


"Yes Daddy, everything."

I snorted at the idea. Marty wouldn't give away all our little
fun things. Annie just got some things, not everything. "Annie
I doubt she said too much."

Annie started to giggle, "well let's see. She said you were kinky.
The two of you used to play pee games in the shower. You used
to love to hear her pee. That's why I left the door open. I knew
you liked to hear it."


"You hate to come first. You had to know that Mother had an
orgasm before you tried to have one. She told me how she would
sometimes fake hers just to have you cum first."

"She never did. I would have known she was acting."

"She did that because she used to love to then have you masturbate
her with your fingers getting your cum all over your fingers and
rubbing her clit with it. It was a real turn on for her because she
knew you really didn't care to do it, but she could get you horny

"She did, did she? And..."

"She said that the most exciting about sex with you was that it
was fun. She said you made sex play and not just sex."

"Well that's true. I have always felt it was such a pleasure
that it had to be fun. I never use the word 'fuck' when it comes
to sex because it sounds like something you're doing to someone
and not with. I don't always use the term 'love making' because
it sounds like you're having to work at it. I love the concept of
fore play, because sex isn't serious, it's play. Victorian wives
made it work, making babies makes it work, but it was given to
us to have fun with. To play."

"That's what I have always wanted. To get enjoyment from sex
to make it fun."

"It is fun Annie. Didn't we have fun this afternoon? Was there any
work involved? And don't get exercise confused with work."

"It was wonderful! I have never enjoyed it so much in my life."

"It was wonderful because it didn't have a purpose to it. We just
got caught up with each other. We played."

"Mother used to say that she was so inexperienced about sex before
the two of you were married. She didn't know if your cock was
bigger than normal or smaller. She just knew it was hard and

"I've never measured it. But someday I'll get a yardstick and see
how big it is. Sex is 25% equipment, 75% attitude. If my cock
is tired, my tongue will never be tired."

"Mother said you used to love to eat her and lick her butt hole."

I looked to the ceiling and said, "Marty wasn't anything sacred?"

Annie continued on going into details I thought would never escape
my bedroom. I was caught somewhere between being embarrassed
and happy with my reminiscing of the way things were. "Your
mother and I did have a wonderful sex life. We could laugh
at any time and not destroy our moods. I loved her with all
my heart and never even was tempted to cheat on her because
she was such a complete partner. She would try anything and
look for ways to enjoy it."

"Daddy, I'm the very image of my mother. Put your prejudice
about our relationship away, and just let's enjoy our lives
together. Please."

I hugged and kissed Annie for all I was with. My hand felt her
tight round butt as her head snuggled against my shoulder.

"Annie, I'd like to play now, but Eve will be waking you in a couple
of hours for a feeding and I have to get up at five. I'll be home
between three and three thirty tomorrow. We have the entire
weekend together. Let's put both cars in the garage, unplug the
phone and just be together. We can sunbathe in the yard, go
skinny dipping, do anything you want. Let's have the whole
weekend just being with each other and with Eve."

Annie didn't say anything. She just squeezed my arm tighter and
was soon asleep.

Five seemed to come a couple of hours early. I had heard Eve cry
at two and heard Annie get her, bring her to bed and feed her.
While the sounds of her nursing weren't really sexy, I loved
hearing them. I knew that Annie would have let me finish off
her milk if I wanted to, but I wanted her to rest. When I got up
and showered I tried not to disturb her. But as I walked back
into the bedroom to get dressed she started to get up. "No you
stay in bed and rest Annie. You didn't get much sleep last
night." She just purred and melted back under the covers with
a thank you.

My day went really well. Everyone seemed to notice that I looked
happier than I have in a couple of years. I told them that having
my daughter with me, and the joy of being able to hold my little
granddaughter has made me feel alive again. I was alive again.
The tune from the play "Annie" kept ringing in my ears. You
know, "Annie, Annie, things are all coming now....". But my life
was coming back into happiness now.

I got home about 3:15. I parked the car in the garage. I noticed
that Annie had already parked her car there. I shut and locked
the door and went into the house to be greeted by this gorgeous
red headed woman wearing her birthday suit and a big smile.
"Well are you hungry or horny?" she asked.

"Well I did work through lunch and haven't eaten," I said jokingly,
"what about you?"

She didn't say a word. She came over to me and removed my tie,
unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, undid my belt and zipper on
my pants, letting them drop to the floor, and slid off my undershorts
letting them all stand in a pile on the floor. She only paused in
between items to kiss me. There we were in the kitchen. I had
my clothes laying on the floor dressed only in shoes and socks and
this hot horny doll who was 25 years younger than me was standing
there admiring my 57 year old body. "If I'm dreaming, don't
wake me up," I thought.

"You're going to have to do your shoes and socks, I'm going

I put all my clothes in their proper place and ran up stairs. I
heard the shower running. When I got into the bedroom Annie
wasn't there. "I'm in here," she said calling from the shower.

I went into the shower with her. "Sit down," she instructed. I
followed her request which was a request and not a command.
She waited for me to get comfortable and then she straddled my
thighs and spread her cunt lips exposing her urethra. Slowly
pee started to come out. "This is harder to do than I thought," she
said. But soon she was relaxed and allowed a warm full stream
to splash against my chest and run down my stomach running
down either side of my balls and over my thighs. She went for
a long time. When she was finished. She just looked at me with
a big smile on her face, like she did the day when she had first
ridden her bicycle. She had accomplished something new. "Well
did you enjoy my surprise?"

"Do we have any more ice tea in the house? I didn't think you were
going to stop. Sweetie, it was just wonderful. Yes I enjoyed it."

"Was it as good as Mother's?"

"You're certainly her daughter. When you said she told you
everything, I didn't realize she blabbed about technique. Yes
you're every bit as fun as she was." I got up and kissed Annie.
Now our kisses were becoming more meaningful. Our tongues were
intertwining and dancing against each other. I felt bad not because
this was my daughter, but because she deserved someone more
her age. She is far too good to be wasted on a man my age. Yet
I was going to grab the moment and enjoy it.

We continued on until she asked, "well aren't you going to return
the favor?" I hugged her tightly and then with one hand held
my cock pointing it upward and peed a stream between us, then
lowered it to finish on her pubic hair which was really starting
to fill out. "Hmmm," she said, "it does feel so warm and really
nice. It was nicer than I thought it would be, and fun."

I took the bar of soap and started to apply soap all over her body.
paying special attention to the area between her legs. I
was intent on having fun and so was she. When she turned around
to rinse, I soaped her back and ran the soap and then my well soaped
hand between her ass cheeks and along her crack. I paid a great
deal of attention to her butthole. When her turn came, she
followed my example. She had me completely lathered and
worked up. Her slender fingers felt so good on my body. "How
in the Hell could Eric prefer some hairy legged guy over this?"
I thought. I didn't hate or resent him, just didn't understand and
felt sorry for him. I could never be gay or bi. I haven't gotten
my fill of the female body yet.

By the time we had showered and shampooed, I was so worked up
that the next touch of my cock was going to pump cream to the
ceiling. Annie had manipulated me with such great skill which was
from instinct more than practice.

We dried each other and immediately went to the bed which was
already turned down. My daughter had this all planned out how
she wanted it. I was thrilled. We kissed and caressed. Soon I
found myself on my back with her on all fours straddling my
head with her legs. She slowly lowered her pussy closer and
closer to my mouth. Yes she had remembered her mother telling
her how much I loved to eat pussy. And she was going to get this
for herself now. My tongue played with her pussy tasting the
outer lips and then the inner lips, running down along their sides
and across their tops. I purposely stayed away from the clit for
now. I have no preference of being on top when eating pussy,
or being beneath. Being beneath does allow the woman more
freedom to control the location and pressure of my mouth and
tongue. Annie was taking full control of this now. She was
really enjoying the attention my mouth was giving her. I learned
later that she had only had oral sex 3 or 4 times before. But
she was really enjoying everything and anything I was doing.
I guess this was partly because she was determined to get all
the enjoyment she could. And that was what I really wanted for
her. I wanted any experience with me to be fun and filled with
pleasure for her because at this time, she was the most valuable
person in my life, she was my everything.

But now it was time for heightened enjoyment. I pushed my tongue
toward her clit, and she responded my angling her hips so that I
had full access to her clit. She had really started to flow by
now and her entire crotch was soaking wet with her juices and
my saliva. I captured as much of her internal juice in my mouth
and enjoyed it's wonderful taste. My tongue whipped around her
clit in little incoherent circles. And soon it was stroking it. My
hands played with her whole vaginal area. I didn't want to play
with her anus yet for fear that if she was not used to it her
momentum would be broken and her pleasure would be spoiled.

She had been receiving so much pleasure now that she had forgotten
about my cock. That was fine because I was already at an explosive
level and anything she would do would just make me ejaculate too

Soon I could feel her start to tremble. The inner lips of her vag
were firm and standing straight out. Her internal fountain
was flowing out of control. She was breathing at a very irregular
rate. Her body was pressing even harder against my mouth. Soon
she was wiggling her hips and shaking all over. She was crying
with loud moans of passion. She was crying out words, but because
my ears were being pressed against by her legs I had a difficult time
understanding her, but I didn't care. I was in heaven. I had this
wonderful pussy in my mouth and was enjoying it. to the fullest.

Annie crashed into an enormous orgasm. Her entire body shook
with pleasure wave after pleasure wave. Soon she was subsiding.
She rolled off of me and collapsed in a puddle of Jell-O. She was
still shaking slightly, her breath was still a little irregular.
She had never experienced an orgasm with the intensity
of this one. She had absolutely no idea that she could ever
have this degree of pleasure.

I rolled over and lifted myself up on my elbows. Again tears were
streaming from her closed eyes. I was getting a little smarter
about my baby's reactions by now and asked, "It was that good?"

She shook her head and with her eyes still closed said, "I had no
idea that I could be so out of control with pleasure. I thought
I was going to pass out it was so intense. I didn't want to miss
a single feeling. It went beyond wonderful. I love you so much.
I don't ever want to leave you."

Guilt hit me between the eyes. "No Annie, some day you need to
find a man your age. One who will grow old with you. Not me."

"Daddy when you're 75 years old, I'll be 50. When you're 85
I'll be 60. If I can have 10, 20 or more years of happiness my
life will be complete."

"I love you Annie. But I love you too much to deprive you
of anything."

"Then show me how much you love me and stop arguing."

"Okay. But if someone comes along please take him. For me.
For Eve. Please."

She didn't answer. She rolled over and pressed her lips against
mine. Our tongues again melded together as I sucked her breath
into my lungs. We broke from this so that I could go to her
very firm milk filled breasts. She had spilled milk out of them
during her orgasm which had dripped onto my lower body. I saw
tiny drops on her nipples and drank deeply from them as mouth
covered first her left breast then her right. She had plenty of
it for both Eve and me. Her body was healthy and she was
producing a lot of milk.

"I think it's time to see if Mother was exaggerating about how
hard you got inside her."

I guess I could have considered everything to this point as not
being incestuous. But intercourse was the final part that would
bring it to it's full meaning. It's hard to believe but I was
starting to feel reluctant. Soon Annie was pleading with me,
encouraging me to do it. "I want you inside me. I really need to
feel you. Please do it for me. Please." I got up and between
her legs, lowering my body slowly as my cock sought it's
destination. She reached her hand down to guide it. I closed
my eyes waiting for the wrath of Hell to engulf my soul. I felt
the tip of my cock touch her wet pussy. Soon it was inside.
With Annie pleading, I pushed further and soon rested with the
tip of my cock resting against her cervix. I stopped and opened
my eyes. Her face looked so angelic. She was so pleased that
any reservations I had were going to disappear for ever. I was
giving this daughter of mine something that no one had ever
given her and no one would be able to give her at this time.

She opened her eyes and said, "Thank you. You feel wonderful
inside of me."

"You feel wonderful too." I bent down and kissed her with more
appreciation than passion. "I just want to stay right where I am
to enjoy it as much as I can." I rested deep inside her to feel
her vaginal walls pulse against my cock. I slowly pulled back
letting my cock enjoy it's surroundings. Annie's vaginal walls
responded by gripping at it. She let out a small gasp of joy and
her face was covered with a joy that I can't describe. She was
doing just what she wanted to do, she was receiving just what
she felt she needed.

I started to move down and deep inside her and almost all the way
out again, each time with her reacting in pleasure and with each
reaction she had I responded with a similar reaction. Soon her
hips were thrusting upward to catch my downward thrusts almost as
if she were trying to gain every single inch of my cock inside her now
very wet pussy. We worked together as a well timed piece of machinery
complimenting each others movements, both of us finding an extreme
pleasure in each other. Soon I could feel the changes in her body
as she began to stiffen and tremble, she was getting closer to
her full release. The anticipation of this was getting to me as
I picked up the tempo feeling my explosion building up deep

Annie crashed with pleasure. Her whole body feeling the affects
of the joy her pussy was getting. Her moaning and cries of joy
were more intense and spurred me into my final approach to
my eruption.

One, two, three, four shots of my semen streamed into her deepest
parts flooding an already full pussy. I could feel it extrude along
the sides of my cock as it continued to piston in and out of Annie.

Finally my movements became erratic as I slowed down to regain
my composure. Both of us were breathing heavily and somewhat
under labor. Both of us has smiles demonstrating the pleasure we
had both received.

"Oh daddy, that was wonderful."

"Baby, you were wonderful. More so than I can describe, and
certainly more wonderful than I deserve."

I stayed as deeply inside her as I could for as long as I could.
But soon my shrinking cock let me know it could no longer
stay and I felt it slipping out of Annie. As it did, I rolled over
to her side and embraced her giving her as many kisses as I
could. This woman was enough for the most virile of men not an
old man like me. She could wear me out with her sexuality. She
was more than wonderful and I knew it instantly.

We laid there for a few moments when she grabbed my hand and pushed
it down towards her very wet and full pussy. "I need one more,"
she said, as she was going to emulate her mother's favorite trick.

I knew what she was up to and couldn't resist her at all. Soon
my fingers were dipping deep inside her pussy and bringing up
small traces of my semen and then bathing her clit with it.
With each trip of my fingers she would respond. We were soon
in a deep kiss with my fingers bathing her clit with this mixture
of my semen and her secretions. Her body was trembling even
harder now. And soon her kisses lost their intensity as she
went into yet another orgasm. Soon she was crying out how
much she loved this attention her clit was getting.

When she subsided, the two of us lay there neither one with the
energy to move. This rest ended with the demanding cries of a
very hungry Eve.

Annie looked at me with a slight disappointed look. "I'm sorry
dear, but I'm not built to do anything for her," I said.

Annie smiled and got up to get Eve. She scooped her up and told
me she was going to take her downstairs to feed her. I got up and

As Annie started down the stairs she called back with, "Dad you'll
need to bring a washcloth and diaper. Make that two wash cloths,
I can feel you leaking out all over the inside of my legs. How
much did you put in me anyway?"

At this we both laughed. I fetched the necessary items and
went downstairs. I stopped to see this beautiful scene of
my very pretty daughter sitting nude on the sofa nursing my
equally pretty granddaughter. The light of dusk hi-lighted the
stark beauty of this scene. I stood there almost breathless
realizing just how lucky I was.

As Annie finished feeding Eve, she looked to me and said, "I think
I need to do more than just wipe off. Let me go take a quick shower.
And dad, Eve needs some big time repairs so you better plan on
using both towels on her." With this Annie handed me Eve and
bounced up the stairs.

She was right. Eve bottom was a complete disaster. But I had
seen just as bad years ago with Annie. And it did take both towels
to repair the mess. But with her bottom clean and powdered I
again marveled at how perfect this little body was. I didn't put
another diaper on right away, but took her out onto my back patio.
There the two of us sat. Me completely nude and her little nude
body pressed against my chest.

Annie came down to see this sight and laughed, "you're asking for
an accident to happen. Eve never gives a warning when she's
ready to unload." And with that I felt a small warm stream splash
against my chest.

"Well, that's the third generation to pee on this chest. I guess
that's some kind of a record."

Annie grabbed Eve and diapered her, smiling while she felt
the same sense of contentment I had felt earlier. The three of
us were going to be all the company we would need.


2017-11-16 03:43:31
"My Daughter Annie - Part 2" - Thirty-two Year Old Married (Maritally Separated) Daughter, Annie and Fifty-seven Year Old Widowed Father, Unnamed and New Born Daughter/Granddaughter, Evangeline.

Annie's father is a widower with two children. The first is a deceased son a few years older than his thirty-two year old second child, Annie. The love of his life

The one happening--other than love, adoration and idolization of and for each other, is that Annie and her father commit the ultimate incestuous risk--the "tie that binds"--is to consummate their love and committed lives forever, is bearing children to complete the circle of their ultimate love and life to the other, by impregnating Annie!!

The author--of this fabulous father/daughter story of a couple's deep love and romantic incest--has the kindness of heart and feelings to write this couple as parents of her next dozen children/siblings, his children/grandchildren into the next part(s) of this epic, fabulous story!!

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I love incest its so kinky and I just love kinky fuckery

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