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Sis leaves soon for college
Part 4 of a series. I realize they are short stories. I'm not interested in ratings. That's just the way it is.

"Oh my gosh, Ashley!" my brother said in a rush of breath. "I can't believe this! You're absolutely gorgeous!"

I had just dropped my robe in front of my brother. I was totally naked and if he would just kick his boxers off of his ankles, he would be also.

"You've got me thinking about this all of the time," I told him. "I'm going back to school soon and I wanted to show you my body."

"Damnnnnnn," he muttered again. I noticed that his cock was extremely hard and he hadn't even touched it yet.

"Well, are you going to stroke it and shoot that hot cum on your sister's naked body or not?" I teased him.

"Oh yeah!" he said in a deeper voice that I had never heard from him before. He stepped closer and started stroking his cock. I'm a year older than him, but my brother at eighteen was taller than me by a few inches. I stepped closer to him and then slowly went down to my knees.

I looked up at him and his big cock was just inches away from my face. His view looking down at me drove him crazy.

"Ashley, this is so crazy!" He moaned. "I'm not going to last for long!" He continued stroking faster and faster.

Again, I felt myself going into that trance-like state. I slowly raised my right hand and reached out with my index finger to remove the pre-cum drop from his cock.

I touched it! I can't believe I just touched my brother's cock! I leaned backward, using my left hand for support and touched my fingertip to my left nipple. I smeared his pre-cum around it.

"Oh wow!" he groaned. "I'm cumming!"

"On my tits! Cum on my tits!" I said quickly. I grabbed my breasts and held them up as a target for his cock.

He grunted once loudly and shot a big spurt of cum onto my chest. He and I both moaned loudly. His next spurt landed right in the center of my cleavage. It was so warm and wet as it shot from his body onto mine. He leaned forward and milked his cock, stroking and squeezing until it all landed on my breasts.

Finally, he collapsed back onto his bed, his cock still twitching as his body shook.

"Mark," I said softly. "You just came all over my breasts. Your sister's naked breasts."

"Yeah," he moaned from the bed. "You're the best sister in the world."

"You'd better believe it!" I told him as I struggled to my feet. I had to keep a hand on my breasts to keep the cum from dripping off. "I'm going to take a shower."

I walked quickly back to the bathroom. Inside I closed and locked the door and then took a good look in the mirror. My chest was covered in his cum juice. I stared at my reflection and smeared it all over my tits, paying extra attention to my erect nipples.

"Mmmmm," I moaned. It felt so good! I lifted my cum smeared hand and licked it clean. I was growing used to the taste.

I jumped into the shower and spent a few minutes under the hot spray removing the sticky remnants of my brother's cum. Then I took a few minutes to get myself off using the attached spray hose. The pulsating water was just what I needed to spray onto my clit.

I dried off with a big towel and then turned to grab my robe. I then remembered it was still in my brother's room. I wrapped the towel around me and went to retrieve my robe.

Amazingly, Mark was still passed out on the bed. I took a minute to admire his naked body. He was in great shape. His cock was soft and resting against his abdomen. I couldn't resist.

I walked quietly over to his bed. I leaned over and gave his cock a little kiss. Just a peck. I looked over at him and he hadn't moved. Boldly, I leaned close again and licked his cock up the length of it. That made him twitch.

I quickly grabbed my robe from the floor and left the room.

That's pretty much how the rest of the break went. Whenever Mom was out of the house, my brother would come running to find me. I saw it as a kind of responsibility. I was helping my brother out and I was keeping him away from Mom's panties. He would find me and give me that pleading look. Sometimes I would just watch him while he jacked off. I'd grab some bathroom tissue and catch his cum juice in that.

Sometimes I would take my top and bra off and let him shoot his cum onto me. Whenever I would let him cum on my breasts, I always ran to the bathroom afterward. He probably thought I was just cleaning up, but instead I was staring at my naked breasts in the mirror, covered in his cum. Then, I would watch myself as I licked it all up.

Those bathroom cum-licking sessions always ended the same. I masturbated. Sometimes I would remove all of my clothes and just rub myself off. Other times I would just press my clit up against the bathroom counter. If I pushed and moved just the right way, I could bring myself to orgasm. One day, I straddled and rode the side of the bathtub and that was fantastic. I started doing that whenever I'd take a long bath.

He went back to school before I did. I started my second semester of college one week after he returned for his senior year. I let him use me every chance he could. He would find me after school and then again before he went to bed. It was as if we were trying to do it as much as we could before our time ran out. We both knew the day was coming that I'd be leaving for school again.

I'm surprised that Mom didn't notice my lack of underwear in the dirty clothes in that last week. I was saving them for Mark. I wore a few different pairs that week and each time I could find the time, I would rub and pull the crotch deep in between my pussy lips. I coated them each time I masturbated. I put them into some plastic bags to keep them fresh for him.

We found a spot underneath his bed where there was a rip in his bedsprings. He agreed to only use them when he needed them. I warned him again not to use Mom's panties, especially after all that I had done for him.

We never had sex. I never touched him other than those few times and that didn't really even count. It was just the unspoken agreement that we had. We were both getting our sexual frustrations taken care of, and that's where we left it. But the night before I left for school, I went a bit too far.

He came to me that night and I was ready for him. My pussy was so wet and hot and I should have known not to go too far in that state of mind. It went as it usually did.

As soon as Mark came into my room, he dropped his boxers off and proudly displayed his cock to me. I always smiled at him as I rose up to meet him. I hadn't got totally nude since that one day after the bath, but I wanted him to remember this last night.

As he started stroking, I reached down and pulled off my nightshirt. I wasn't wearing panties underneath. His eyes shot straight to my pussy. I turned around and showed him everything. I tugged on my nipples, I cupped my breasts, and I ran my hands down between my legs. He was stroking faster and faster.

I spread my legs a bit and ran my fingers deep into my pussy. Then I stood up and walked to him and put my fingers under his nose. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and savoring the scent from my wet pussy.

I really surprised myself then and ran my pussy juice coated fingers along his lips. He quickly opened his mouth and sucked them in.

"Oh, wow, Mark!" I whispered huskily. "Do you like the smell and taste of my pussy?"

"Mmmmm," he moaned. "Ashley, I love the taste of you." Then he paused and said, "I love you."

"I love you too, Mark," I whispered back. "Now, are you ready to cum on your sister one last time?

"Yesssss," he hissed deeply. "I'm ready to cum on you."

"Cum on my ass," I told him. I quickly turned and leaned forward onto the bed. I wiggled my ass to him. Mark came forward and pressed his body against mine. I felt the heat of his cock as he pushed it hard against my butt cheeks. He squirmed a bit and then I felt his cock slide into the channel between my cheeks.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned and began humping against me. He was sliding and pumping forward using my ass cheeks as a pussy.

I braced myself on the bed with my left arm and reached underneath me with my left hand. I was rubbing my pussy and throbbing clit as my brother held me against the bed, humping his cock against me.

"Ashley, I'm going to cum!" he warned me.

"Do it!" I urged him. "Cum all over my ass!"

He pumped a few more times. Each thrust more urgent than the previous one. Finally, he slammed hard against me and I could feel his cock throbbing as he came. I frantically rubbed my clit back and forth and by the time I felt his last spurt shoot out onto my ass crack, I was coming too!


2013-03-14 16:20:38
wow i am so horny, love it,keept going

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2013-03-08 07:00:11
Definitely enjoying the series, and the lead up has been interesting. I'd love to see a part five, though I myself would rather it stay between brother and sister.

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2013-03-08 01:37:51
i would like a part 5 maybe he will finally get to fuck her pussy

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2013-03-07 14:23:40
All us perverts want to see them fuck, how about it? First time they get together. Thank you for writing.

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2013-03-06 18:29:38
The guy below me wants to "put a leash on you hand cuff your arms dress you in a skimpy skirt high sock and a tank top and slowly take off the skirt and tank top till you are just in a bra and thing and completely in my control then ill start to tease you and make you wet until you cum then Ill put the leash on you and bring u to the bedroom and fuck your tight pussy do 69 rim oral slap ass domination role play" I just want to open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

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