This is a side project I am working on during the down time with Eternal Destiny.
Note: I didn't want to put this tag on because I didn't feel it fit exactly, but this is sort of non-con and a tad rape-ish, but not going over the line too much. It deals with a younger male being dominated by an older female. I promise that it's not too over the top, but thought I should warn you before hand.

Chapter One

Alan Baker took a deep breath and steadied his already frayed nerves as he took the first step up the small stairway leading to the front doors of the immaculate redbrick building in front of him. It honestly didn't look that imposing, but Alan knew better and it took every ounce of willpower he had just to keep his legs moving one in front of the other. This building had been haunting his dreams for more than five months and now that he was finally there it didn't feel real; it still felt like he was having one of his normal nightmares and he wished he would just wake up.

Alan was sixteen years old and the good looking building he was advancing upon was the Douglas Telling Private Academy, a well to do private school for rich kids who had famous parents or parents who were high level political officials. This fact on its own was not what was causing Alan to have a mini freak out before he had even entered the building, it was the fact that this school was coed. This would be the first time that Alan had attended a coed school since he was seven, and it really wasn't something he was looking forward to. Nine years of a peaceful existence at an all boys school had gone down the drain, and all because that stupid old geezer was obsessed with his education and the fact that Alan had never had a girlfriend in his life.

Classes had already started by the time Alan had arrived on school property so he was able to breathe a little easier knowing that he didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone women right off the bat. You see, Alan had a crippling fear of women of any and all ages and he honestly had no idea why. A therapist he talked with once told him he probably had a repressed memory that created this fear of women and he wanted to treat him for it, but Alan refused the offer because if that was the truth then he really didn't want to know what had happened to him to create the feeling he got whenever he was in close proximity to a person from the opposite gender. Up until a few days ago it had never bothered him all that much, what with attending an all boys school for so long, but now that was a distant dream that had been ripped from him like a band aid. Now he was attending a school where the female population outnumbered the male population with sixty four percent of all students being girls.

The private school was a collection of three separate and large buildings, one for each level of education you could take which included a small kindergarten and preschool section. Alan walked into the front foyer of the largest building that was dedicated to high school curriculum and was somewhat happy to see the front office was only a short walk from the front entrance, meaning he didn't have to wander aimlessly around for a long time in hopes of finding the damn thing in the middle of a girl infested school. This being his first day at the school and also being a transfer student coming in halfway through the second semester, Alan had to check in with the school principle.

One thing Alan had known was going to happen and tried to prepare for was that he was certain the principle's secretary would be a woman, and sure enough she was. Just walking into the office and coming face to face with the middle aged woman was enough to get Alan's heart racing in a bad way and he could already feel the sweat start to pour over his freshly washed face. When the woman's eyes locked on him and asked him if he was the new student, all he could do was nod frantically and hope to god he wasn't required to speak because he wasn't sure is voice wouldn't work. Thankfully the woman just smiled sweetly to him and then got up from her chair and disappeared down a hall, probably to fetch the principle. Sure enough, less than a minute later the woman returned and motioned for Alan to walk down the hallway to the only door that was open at the end of it.

Alan walked into a large polished wooden room with dozens of diplomas, motivational pictures, and school award plaques covering the cherry colored walls. A large wooden desk sat in the center of the room with two very comfortable looking chairs sitting in front of it. The desk itself didn't have much on it, not even a computer or personal pictures and the middle aged man with thick glasses sitting on the opposite side resembled the sparse space in his appearance. His hair was well groomed but not flashy, his glasses were plain and very clean, and he didn't have a single stray hair on his pale face. He was the picture of a high grade education system and Alan felt a little inadequate just being in the presence of this man and his school.

'Please, have a seat Mr. Baker,' the principle said and held out a hand to offer one of the green leather chairs on the other side of his desk. Alan nodded and sat down across from the man, his hands fidgeting in his lap as he tried to calm himself down. 'I'd like to officially welcome you to the Douglas Telling Private Academy and wish you luck on your academic endeavors. However, I would also like to mention that it is highly unusual for a student to transfer in during the middle of a school year.'

'I... I'm sorry about that,' Alan apologized softly and didn't meet the man's eyes. 'My grandfather has been insisting that I attend this school for a few years now and my parents finally gave in.'

'I am well aware of your grandfathers wishes, he himself attended this school. I am also aware that you are the heir to his company and that he wants you to receive the best education you can, hence why you are here. Mr. Baker is a very influential man and it was by his insistence and generous donations to this school that we accepted your application in the middle of the year. He expects a lot from you.'

'I know. When my father married my mother he lost the right to take over my grandfathers company because my mother came from a lower class family. If you ask me it's not really fair, in both my misfortune from getting chosen instead and the fact that my grandfather hates my mother so much he would punish his own son for marrying her,' Alan vented. He hadn't really meant to unload all of that on the principle but was unable to stop once he got started. He honestly hated his grandfather for treating his own son and his mother like he had.

'Mr. Baker is an old fashioned man,' the principle sighed and leaned forward in his chair so it squeaked slightly under his weight. 'That's probably why his business was able to flourish and become one of the largest medical companies in the world. Let's get back on topic though, shall we? While you are attending this academy I expect for you to abide by our laws at all times and not do anything to disrupt or otherwise bring down the level of quality we have. We have a strict two strike rule here, and any infractions will be treated as a serious breach of trust and will be dealt with severely. Do you understand?'

'Uh... yeah...' Alan answered slowly, not sure exactly what the man meant by that. Then again this was a top tier school so it was bound to be run in a strict manner. Besides, Alan didn't plan on doing anything to stand out or cause trouble. For the next few years he wanted to fulfill the promise his grandfather made him make and get through his last two years of high school in hope of going to an all boys university if at all possible.

'Good. Now let me escort you to your class and I will explain how this school works. We're a little different from the school you attended previously.'

As they walked down the empty hallways, the principle explained the various ways this school was different for anyone Alan had ever heard of before. First of all, no matter what grade you were in you would only have a single class room with a single teacher that was well versed in all the necessary subjects. Electives, like the arts and social classes didn't exist in the sense that Alan was used to. If you wanted to paint or do a play you joined one of the after school clubs that filled in that void. Physical education was also different. There wasn't a single class for PE, rather the students were required to join a school sports team that met twice a week to fill out their physical requirement. This didn't exactly sit well with Alan as he had never been big into playing sports, preferring to play them in video games instead.

There was also a student government, but not in the same way as his last school had one. There was still an election for the student council, but each class also had their own elected representatives that sat on the council as well. This meant that every class in every grade had a single student who was considered to be the class president. They helped the teachers with various tasks, kept an eye on students within their respective classes, and also acted as moral officers who could hand out punishments to students who had broken a school rule that wasn't considered to be big enough to take to the teachers or the principle. Also, because this was a private school in a small community, more than ninety percent of the students stayed in dorms on campus and Alan was one of the few people who had their own residence off school property, thanks to his grandfather buying a small mansion for him to stay in. As such he was going to be held to a higher moral standard than most students. Simply put, Alan was not allowed to have any friends of the opposite sex visit him at home because it would compromise the values of the school and the students and faculty attending it.

Alan's class was located on the far end of the second floor and the principle was able to fully explain all of these things to him before they arrived at the door. The old principle nodded towards the closed door with the black and white label with the numbers 227 on it and then walked away without another word. Alan hesitated as he reached towards the handle of the door and tried to steel his nerves for what he was about to walk in to. For most people his age this was simply walking into a new class and going about their lives as normal, but for Alan it was like walking to his own execution and he knew just stepping inside the class was going to take everything he had. Still, he had to do it. There was no getting around this and he had to resign himself to his fate, so he took another deep breath and slowly opened the door and stepped in.

What greeted Alan was a fairly normal looking class with students in the same drab uniform as him sitting in more elegant looking desks than he was used to that were in neat and tidy rows. The male to female ratio of the class was the first thing Alan looked at and he noticed that the class had an even number of boys and girls. Actually, with him now joining the class the guys had the majority by a single student and that somehow made him feel a little better. That didn't last long however. The teacher at the front of the class with their back to everyone was noticeably female and Alan had to suppress a groan that built up in his chest and throat. She wore a knee length black skirt with black stockings with black high heels that added to her already pretty tall height. The upper half of her body was clad in a white dress blouse that was tucked into her skirt and her hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of her head. Even though he couldn't see her face, Alan figured she probably wasn't more than thirty years old and the way she held herself it was obvious without even seeing more than her backside that she was a very attractive woman; something that made this situation even worse for Alan.

'Alexandria,' the teacher called without even looking away from the dry erase board she was writing a math problem on, 'please show the new student to his desk.'

A slender and rather short girl popped up from the back of the class and stared at Alan with a look of confusion on her rather pretty face. She had shoulder length blonde hair that had a slight curl to the edges and bright green eyes that stood out from her pale skin. She continued to stare at Alan for a moment but then realized she was being rude and quickly waved him towards and empty desk right next to hers. Alan's first reaction was to look around the class for another empty desk he could occupy, one that was next to other guys, but he realized quickly that the one next to this girl was the only one available. So with a sigh he couldn't keep from escaping, he shouldered his book bag and slowly walked between the rows of staring students and took the seat offered to him.

'Hello,' the blonde girl smiled and he tried his best to return an awkward smile to her, 'I'm the class representative, Alexandria Howl. You can just call me Alex for short though.'

'Uh... A... Alan...' he stuttered in reply and Alex cocked her head slightly to the side and smiled softly at him.

'Don't mind the stares, we didn't know a new student was coming today so everyone is a little surprised. They'll get over it soon.'

Alex took her seat once more but continued to look at Alan with a sincere smile on her face, one that made Alan feel very uncomfortable for reasons he couldn't understand. He knew it was polite to respond to her words but his voice had left him once more and all he could do was stare at the floor by his feet and hope to god that he didn't sweat so much that he needed a change of clothes. He could feel the eyes of the entire class on him, both guys and girls and his chest began to tighten as he struggled for air. Thankfully the teacher finished writing the problem on the board and turned back to the class, slamming her hand down on her desk to get everyone's attention. For the first time Alan was able to get a good look at her and he had been right, she was a very beautiful woman in her mid to late twenties. Her hair was dark brown and her eyebrows were plucked so perfectly it was hard to figure out if they just grew in that way or if she spent hours on it at home. She had dark brown eyes behind a pair of expensive and slim looking glasses that slid down her slender nose slightly as she looked out over her class as everyone turned back towards her.

'Before we continue with the lesson, we'll take a moment to introduce the new student who will be joining us today. He was originally supposed to be in another class but was switched to our class at the last minute this morning. But regardless of that, let's treat him with respect. His name is... uh...' the teacher faltered for a minute as she tried to grasp at his name. A moment later she grabbed a piece of paper off her desk and held it to her face as she read it. For a moment it looked like she was about to have some kind of fit because her eyes bulged out of their sockets slightly and a horrified look crossed her face as her lips moved over his name. 'A... Alan... Baker.'

'Baker?' one of the students asked loudly from the front of the class and turned his head towards Alan who sat there in shock at the sudden attention. 'As in Gregory Baker's grandson who will inherit his multi-billion dollar conglomerate?'

'I... believe so...' the teacher said in a hushed voice but no one paid her any attention now as an excited murmur ran through the class.

'I thought I recognized him from somewhere!' one of the girls sitting near him said loudly to their neighbor and Alan couldn't help but over hear. 'His picture is all over the newspapers. His grandfather just recently named him the heir to his fortune and the whole business world is going into a frenzy over it!'

'You're right!' someone else who hadn't been a part of the conversation suddenly interrupted. 'He was kind of cute in those pictures, but even more so in person!'

Alan's ears began to burn as the level of voices continued to grow and he could hear some of, if not most of the girls fawn over him like he wasn't even there. He hadn't been in a situation like this very often and it was very uncomfortable for him. He had been told by quite a few people that he was cute but he honestly never cared before. Being attractive to the opposite sex wasn't something he was proud of considering his phobia of women, so it was more of a curse to him than anything else.

'Quiet down!' the teacher yelled over the voices and Alan sighed in relief as all attention was back where it should be, on the teacher and not him. 'Let's not get carried away in the middle of class! Faces forward and solve the problem I have provided! If I hear another word the person will be sent into the hall for the rest of the math portion of the class! And Mr. Baker, please stay behind during lunch so we can discuss you being tardy on your first day of school!'

Alan's eyes bulged and he quickly looked back down towards his feet once more as the teacher, Ms. Winston he believed the principle had called her, stared at him with an almost angry expression. All around him he could hear students dragging pens and pencils across their notebooks as everyone focused on their work in an attempt to not have the angry teacher turn on them as well. Well, almost every student anyways. Alex quickly stood up from her chair and took a step closer to Alan as she spoke loudly and in an almost defiant tone to Ms. Winston.

'Ms. Winston, I don't think Alan should be punished for being late to class today!' she called out and grabbed a slip of paper that Alan had left abandoned on his desk; it was the tardy slip he had been given by the principle. 'He has a note from Mr. Atkinson and this is his first day, I'm sure there were things that needed to be taken care of before he could join the class.'

'Note or not, Ms. Howl, Mr. Baker never gave it to me upon his arrival and as per school rules that in itself is an infraction! Now sit down and do your work!'

'But Ms. Winston-' Alex protested and then made a big mistake. She reached out and placed her small hand on Alan's shoulder before he realized what was happening, and in the next moment he was suddenly on his feet as panic gripped his heart and his chair fell backwards noisily as Alex jumped back in surprise by the sudden reaction. Alan stood there, his eyes bulging and his mouth open in a silent scream as sweat poured off his body and he panted like a winded animal.

'What the hell is going on!' Ms. Winston roared and pointed a slender finger towards Alan who was still frozen on the spot. 'Not only are you late on your first day and didn't give me the tardy slip when you came in, you are now deliberately disturbing the class! Go stand outside in the hall until I call you back!'

Richard quickly gathered his wits again and picked his chair up from the floor and put it back under his desk in the proper way. With a sad sigh he turned to Alex and apologized under his breath before quickly stalking away and going back out into the hallway. As the door closed behind him he could hear Ms. Winston lecture the rest of the students once more and then the noise was shut out as the door clicked shut and left him standing there alone.

'So much for a good first impression,' he sighed sadly and sat with his back against the wall near the door. He hung his head between his legs and reigned his out of control breathing in as he tried to forget the sensation of a woman touching him.

To be honest, Alan didn't exactly hate it when he was touched by cute girls. In fact he kind of liked it; he was a teenage boy after all. He thought about sex and masturbated a few times a week like anyone else his age. It was just his body that seemed to have the problem with being near women. Whenever he was touched he would involuntarily freak out and try to create as much distance between him and the one touching him as possible. No matter how much he tried to fight this urge it never stopped and it was the bane of his existence. Then again, it could be worse like it had been when he was younger. Until he was thirteen his go to method of getting the girl away from him when they touched him in any way was to wet himself. It was totally out of his control and thankfully he had grown out of it a few years ago. If he had pissed himself in the middle of class just a few moments ago he would never be able to live it down. It would also put his grandfather in a pinch as well, as Alan was being heralded as the next business mogul like his grandfather was.

Time continued to pass and Alan was beginning to get anxious as the teacher had yet to come out and tell him he was allowed to enter the class once more. There was something suspicious about her but he couldn't put his finger on it. The one thing he did know for sure was that Ms. Winston didn't seem to like him very much, what with her angry glances and sending him into the hall like she had. For the life of him, Alan couldn't figure out what he had done for her to look at him like that right off the bat. It was like the instant she had seen his name written on the piece of paper her whole demeanor had shifted, and she became a totally different person.

It wasn't long before a loud and annoyingly high pitched bell rang and the voices of hundreds of students filled the hallways as everyone left their classes in a strange and orderly manner. Alan stood up and pressed his back as close to the wall as he could as young women walked by and paid him no mind a few moments before the door beside him opened and his new classmates began to leave. Most of them looked at him curiously, probably still wondering what the hell had happened back in the class. A few of them actually smiled at him and Alan wasn't very happy that all of those people were girls. Then again, he was carrying his grandfather's last name now instead of his fathers, so they probably saw him as some kind of cash cow or something.

'Alan,' a soft voice said as a shorter girl walked through the open doorway and came to face him, 'Ms. Winston said she will see you after classes are over for the day.'

'Umm... thanks... Alex?' he sputtered slowly and tried to remember the name of the girl who had tried to help him out earlier. She smiled softly and nodded to him before taking a small step back as someone had bumped into her gently and forced her a little closer into his private bubble.

'Don't mention it. Anyways, as the class representative I am supposed to show you around the school and make sure you adjust to attending here easily enough. I thought we could take a quick tour now and then I could show you to the cafeteria before lunch is over.'

'That's... that's alright. I can manage... on my own,' he pushed the words out of his throat and hoped this girl would take the hint and leave him alone. She didn't though, she was far too nice and caring for that.

'Don't worry, it's not a bother or anything. Besides, it's my job, so come along,' she smiled brightly at him and then turned and began to walk down the hall. Alan honestly wanted to just let her go on her own but she kept glancing back at him and he knew that if he just stood there she would end up stopping and waiting for him.

Most of the students had already vacated the halls and had gone down to the first floor where the cafeteria was apparently located, so navigating through the halls was no big deal for Alan right now. He was constantly mindful of the distance between Alex and himself and she seemed to notice this as well. As she was explaining that most of the classrooms in the actual school building were set up to strictly hold club activities and that most of the six hundred high school students had their classes on the second floor, Alex stopped walking and turned to him with a curious look on her pretty face.

'Is something wrong?' she asked seriously.

'What... what do you mean?'

'There's obviously something bothering you, it's easy to read in your actions. You won't come within five feet of me if you can help it, you stutter and stammer when you speak to me, you avoided getting close to most of the students in the hallways, and when I touched your shoulder earlier you freaked out like I had shocked you or something. Was I wrong for trying to stand up for you?'

It was obvious this girl was very sharp as she had hit the nail directly on the head with her observations, and Alan began to stammer as he tried to figure out what to say in response to her question. 'I... uh... it's... a umm...'

'Look, I'm sorry if I angered you because it wasn't my intention. Ms. Winston can be a bit of a tight ass sometimes and I didn't think a new student should have to deal with that the moment they get into the class for the first time.'

'No... it's not that...' he stated slowly and Alexandria looked at him a little more softly this time as she waited for him to settle his breathing down enough to keep speaking. 'I have this problem... with... women. I've been afraid of women for so long I can't remember a time when I didn't start to sweat just by being close to one. I'm really sorry I freaked out earlier, I just couldn't help it... you know?'

'Fear of women?' Alex asked and he nodded slowly and waited for the normal response he usually got when he told someone about it, laughter. She didn't laugh though. 'Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I... I didn't know!'

'It's fine, you couldn't have known. Truth be told, the main reason my grandfather sent me to this school was to help me overcome this irrational fear... I doubt it will work though,' he explained with a sad sigh and hunched his shoulders slightly.

'Considering the circumstances this probably won't mean much, but if there's anything I can do for you just let me know okay. I'll also make sure the other female students give you a little space. Being the heir to a multi-billion dollar corporation is bound to make people take interest. Don't worry though, I won't tell them the real reason why they shouldn't get too close.'

'You... you'd do that for me?'

'Of course, it's my job to make sure everyone in the class has a positive experience no matter what. Now, how about some lunch? I don't know about you, but I'm starving!'

Alan nodded softly and let himself be led off down the hall once more as they made their way towards the nearest stairwell. The cafeteria on the first floor was about three times as big as the one he had been used to at his old school, and instead of long picnic table like benches there were hundreds of small and medium sized tables spread out all over the place. Each table had a single brilliantly red rose in a small crystal vase in the center and on top of a pristine white tablecloth. Most tables sat two to four people but Alan noticed that more than a few people had dragged free chairs from an empty table to a table their friends were sitting at. The biggest difference Alan noticed was the large section of the cafeteria that had been separated from the rest by a velvet rope and raised on a small platform. This area had fewer tables and even fewer students, but everything there was twice as extravagant as it was on the lower area. It was obviously for the upperclassmen and probably the richer students that attended, basically the snobby type of people.

Alan continued to follow Alexandria through the throng of students and he actually felt a little comfort in knowing that she was now looking out for him. She seemed to know he was still following a few feet behind her and took him through a clearer route that had less female students on it and towards and larger table that had a few people around it already. There were two girls that Alan vaguely recognized from his class and two male students that he didn't recognize. That didn't mean they weren't from the same class as well, he just didn't pay that much attention to their faces when he first entered the class earlier. True to her word, Alex eased him through the ordeal by getting him a free seat from the table next to theirs and putting it between the two guys so he wouldn't be surrounded by girls.

'Sorry for being late,' Alex apologized as she grabbed her own seat and sat down across the table from the guys. 'Did you already order?'

'Yeah a few minutes ago,' the guy to Alan's left answered with a slight grin, 'we even ordered the usual for you. I didn't know you were bringing someone with you though, so there wasn't anything ordered for him.'

'That's fine...' Alan said when he realized the guy was talking about him. He wasn't that hungry anyways. His eyes kept darting over the crowded cafeteria as he made mental notes of how the girls in the room moved and he plotted an escape route if he needed one.

'I'll share my lunch with him,' one of the girls smiled. She appeared to be taller than Alan's five feet eleven inches and she had an intimidating aura about her. She had long brown hair and big brown eyes that pierced through him so deeply that he could honestly feel his spine creak a little under the intensity. It was almost like he was staring at a hungry tiger rather than a schoolgirl.

'That's not necessary,' Alex said quickly and thankfully got the attention of her hungry looking friend, 'I already promised him some from my lunch for getting him in trouble earlier. I always get too much anyways. Oh! By the way, everyone this is Alan, and Alan this is everyone!'

'Hey, I'm Walter,' the sandy haired boy with a dimpled chin sitting on his right offered.

'Sam,' the raven haired boy to his left added.

'Erica,' the tall brown haired girl smiled devilishly at him, 'captain of the coed volley ball team. If you don't have a club yet I would be happy to snatch you up.'

'Settle down, Eri,' the last girl sighed and smacked her friend on the back of the head. This one had very short strawberry blonde hair that didn't look natural and had an almost bored look in her eyes. 'I'm Danika, it's nice to meet you.'

'Yeah... nice to meet you all.'

Most everyone picked up their conversation from where it had been interrupted and Alex even began to focus on it more, something Alan was grateful for. However, Erica kept quiet and continued to stare at him as everyone talked around her. It was honestly freaking Alan out a little bit, but he didn't really have the courage to ask her why she was doing it so he instead tried to focus on what was being said around him. Since he was new to the school and this group of friends he really had no idea what they were talking about, and out of the corner of his eye he could continue to see that girl looking at him. Finally, after a few minutes she spoke up and he found out why she had been staring at him.

'So, is it true?' she asked him directly and the talk around the table died. Whatever she was referring to was probably on their minds as well. Even Alex looked a little curious.

'Uh... is... is what true?' he sputtered under the scrutiny.

'The reason you are going to this school so suddenly,' Erica answered but it didn't clear anything up for him.

'Wha... what do you mean?'

'Oh come on! It's the talk of the school right now, that your grandfather sent you to this school because you're supposed to be finding a wife!'

Alan's cheeks instantly flushed red and he sputtered incoherently for a few minutes while everyone giggled softly and continued to stare at him. 'No... no!' he yelled but it didn't seem to sate their curiosity.

'That doesn't sound very convincing, and you're turning red. So it's true then?'

'Erica, he's a little shy so of course he would get embarrassed by a question like that. Let him answer properly before you jump to conclusions,' Alexandria reprimanded her friend and it was obvious that Erica was the ditzy type of person who often gets into trouble with her mouth.

'I... I'm not here to look for a wi... wife... My grandfather wanted me to get a better education, so... so he took me out of the school I was in and sent me here,' Alan half lied and hoped that would be enough to squash the rumors that were sure to be swirling about him right now. The truth wasn't far from what they had assumed though, although he wasn't there strictly to find a wife. His grandfathers two conditions for letting Alan take over his company were that he get a good education and graduate from a top tier university and also to attain a wife before turning twenty eight. Apparently in the business world, having a wife and family is seen as a good quality and supposedly shows stability.

'But isn't it true that your old school was an all boys school?' Walter asked and Alan turned to face him in a flash as his heart skipped a beat.

'H... ho... how did you know that it was an all boys school?' he demanded. 'I've barely been here for a day!'

'There's not much that escapes the students here,' Alex answered. 'When you gather some of the richest and most influential kids in the country to a single school then nothing is off limits. I'm sure someone did their research on you, so it's really not surprising that a lot of people would know that by now.'

'Th... that's a little creepy,' Alan tried to laugh but it sounded forced.

'Well it sucks that you're not here looking for a wife,' Erica sighed and the strange thing was that she actually sounded sad. 'But it does make sense that you're from an all boys school, you're so damn shy that it's really cute!'

Danika slapped her friend gently once more and Erica sighed in frustration and picked up her drink to shut her mouth up. Alex smiled at him in an apologetic manner and then got her friends at the table to talk about something else that didn't involve him. In that moment all Alan could think of was trying to find an excuse to leave without looking like a jerk or an idiot. He wasn't sure he could handle hanging out with people if there was a girl like Erica in the group; she seemed pretty aggressive towards him in an non threatening way and that really had him freaking out a little bit.

Thankfully Erica left him alone for the rest of lunch and things went a little smoother than Alan was used to. He was sure he would be paying for that later, but he didn't let him bother him because this was the first time he was hanging out with girls in the group and he wasn't a nervous wreck. He didn't exactly participate in the conversation or bring anything else to it, but it was still a small victory for him and he had Alex to thank for it. She even shared her lunch with him, which was nice. She hadn't been kidding when she said she always ordered too much, there was enough food on her tray to feed three people and still have things left over. Even with the amount Alan ate there was still a lot left and Alexandria ate it all and even complained about being peck-ish right afterwards. Where all that food went, Alan had no idea. It didn't look like there was an ounce of fat on her small frame and she apparently always ate like that.

After lunch the bell rang and everyone headed back to class, a task Alan wasn't looking forward to. As he was about to get up and follow everyone else out of the cafeteria, Alexandria shook her head and nodded for him to take his seat. She explained to him and her friends that she wanted to wait for the crowd to die down before returning to class, which was obviously a plan to make it easier for him to navigate the halls without accidentally bumping or being bumped into by girls on the way to class. No one really complained and after a few minutes they all got up and headed back to their classroom when most of the student body had already done so.

Since Alan was allowed back in the class he took his seat next to Alexandria and was a little surprised when he noticed that Walter sat on the other side of him. Actually, he was surprised to find that everyone he had just had lunch with sat in a box around them and actually provided a little nook for him away from the rest of the girls he didn't know. Now if only he could get the busty and sort of aggressive athlete to move to another seat away from him he would be fine. Also, it wouldn't hurt if the teacher didn't continue to shoot him angry glances every few minutes. He still couldn't figure out why she was mad at him. Sure, he had caused a bit of a disturbance earlier in the day but it wasn't really that bad, was it?

Despite the angry glances class went pretty smoothly for the rest of the afternoon. One thing that had him panicking a little was that he was beginning to realize this class was a lot further ahead in the course than his last class had been, and he was lost for most of what was being taught. It didn't take him long to get the hang of it though and he was glad that he was a quick learner. He once managed to study for an exam that would be worth sixty percent of his grade in a single night and come away with one of the top scores in the entire school. By the time the final bell for the day rang loudly through the school, Alan had a notebook full of notes he would have to go over later that night to commit everything to memory and he also had a mild sense of satisfaction for not pissing himself the entire day. Then again, he still had to get out of the school safely and that might be the toughest challenge of the day for him.

The thing was, his situation was a lot more complicated than he originally thought. As he was getting out of his chair and packing his books back into his bag he noticed that Alex and her friends were standing there waiting for him before they left the class. All the other students had already gone and just the six of them remained behind with the teacher. It was then that Ms. Winston cleared her throat and got everyone's attention as she stood near the open door, a single hand on it and ready to close it behind them.

'You can all wait for Mr. Baker at the front entrance, he needs to stay behind for a little while so we can talk about common courtesy and proper classroom behavior,' she said with an icy edge in her voice. She must have ruled the class with an iron first because everyone immediately rushed towards the door, almost as if they were in a panic. Even Alex quickly left, although she did throw him an apologetic smile before Ms. Winston closed the door behind her a second later.

The first strange thing that told Alan something was off was that he saw Ms. Winston lock the door. She didn't even try to hide the fact. The next thing he noticed was that her entire demeanor shifted; she still looked angry but there was also something else hiding behind the veil. Was it fear? Anticipation? Alan really had no idea because he was so inept when it came to reading a woman's emotions, but he was pretty sure he was about to find out exactly what was going on. In the back of his mind he had a sense of déjà-vu and he couldn't figure out why this whole thing seemed a tad familiar. He had never had a situation like this in his entire life.

'So...' Ms. Winston said sternly and walked towards her desk. She sat on the edge of the desk and her knee length skirt slightly rose up her milky thighs in the process. 'Come over here so I don't have to call across the entire room!'

Against his better judgment, Alan walked towards her with stiff legs and his throat in his chest. His fear of women was running out of control in his mind but there was something in this woman's voice that had him obeying her command, like a Pavlovian response almost. The walk through the rows of desks and chairs took a lot longer than he thought it would of, but eventually he came to stand two feet away from the imposing teacher while her eyes bored holes through his face. He could swear he had seen a look like this before, but he couldn't remember when or where.

'I... I'm s... sorry,' Alan stuttered but quickly found himself being shut up by a stiff smack to his tender cheek. White hot pain shot through his brain and he tried to jump back in surprise and defense only to find that his teacher had grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around, holding both hands behind his back and preventing him from getting away or fighting back.

'I didn't say that you could speak!' she growled directly into his ear and a cold chill ran down his spine as he felt his bladder suddenly quiver a little. This wasn't good, if it kept going like this he would surely piss himself. No woman had ever held him for this long before. 'Now be a good boy and stop struggling!'

A few moments later Alan felt something stiff and cold cut into the flesh on both of his wrists as they were bound behind his back. Judging by the sensation of plastic against his skin and the fact that no matter how hard he tried to stretch it off it never worked, Alan figured she had used a zip-tie to subdue him. If he kept struggling he would only end up bruising and cutting his wrists open on the unforgiving material. With his hands now taken care of, Ms. Winston moved from behind him and roughly pushed him until he was sitting on top of her desk looking directly at her twisted face.

'W... w... why.... a..' he tried to say but was slapped savagely once more.

'How many times must I tell you not to speak?!' she demanded and held her hand up again, as if she was thinking about striking him once more. 'Jesus Christ! Out of all the fucking schools in this world you just happen to show up at mine! I can't very well have you going around telling everyone what happened between us, now can I?'

'What are y... you talking about?' he pleaded but received no answer. Instead, Ms. Winston reached up her skirt and then pulled down her black stockings in one fluid motion. She quickly kicked off her shoes and then reached up her skirt once more and this time pulled down a cute pair of white panties. Alan didn't even have time to wonder what she was doing when the teacher suddenly shoved the underwear directly into his open mouth. There was nothing sexy or cute about the action. In fact it was a little savage and Alan gagged on the soft fabric as his mouth suddenly dried.

'That should shut you up,' the woman mused happily and then stepped back to take a look at her handiwork. A moment later she grabbed a cell phone off of her desk and pressed a button on it. The simulated shutter sound let Alan know that she had just taken a picture of this embarrassing pose and he shuddered inwardly at it. 'You still have a very photogenic face, I'm glad you never grew out of that. I'm going to take a lot more pictures.'

Alan's fear of women that usually paralyzed him was subsiding a little and he managed to spit the panties out of his mouth and take a deep breath through his dry mouth. 'Why are you doing this?' he begged for an answer.

Ms. Winston growled savagely and picked up her underwear from the ground. Without giving him any kind of explanation she shoved the soiled underwear back into his mouth and closed his jaw around it, covering his lips with her hand so he couldn't spit it out again.

'Spit it out one more time and there will be a punishment!' she spat and slapped him gently on the side of the face with her free hand. 'Now, let's get this show on the road shall we?'

Ms. Winston removed her hand from his mouth and reached down to his waist, digging her fingers into the waist of his pants and fiddling with the belt that held his pants up. With deft fingers she quickly undid the belt and then set to work on the button to his pants. In less than a minute his pants were being pulled down his legs and he was sitting in front of his teacher in his plaid boxers with a pair of slightly damp panties shoved deep into his mouth and his hands tied behind his back. Ms. Winston looked over him with almost hungry eyes, but there was still a glint of fear hiding behind that hunger. Something was seriously wrong here, besides the obvious fact that he was being dominated by a young teacher.

'Hmm... still soft I see. That won't make for a very good photo. Oh well, getting you hard shouldn't be difficult. I've done it before,' she smiled and reached down and cupped his penis and testicles through the fabric of his boxers. Even though Alan was having a waking nightmare he couldn't help but moan a little at his privates being handled by a woman and he was rewarded with a knowing smile. 'There we go! Feels good, doesn't it?'

It only took thirty seconds of having his crotch grabbed for Alan to get a raging hard-on and the fabric in the front of his boxers had suddenly become tight around his member. Ms. Winston continued to fondle him with a small smile on her lips and it was obvious to see that she was actually enjoying what she was doing to one of her students. With his hands tied behind his back and his mouth stuffed with underwear, Alan had no way of fighting back against her attack. What scared him even more than feeling vulnerable was the small fact that in the back of his mind, he could feel the desire to not fight back starting to sprout up. It wasn't that his fear of women had just vanished, because he could still feel that screaming at his brain, it was that his lust and desire were over ruling it almost entirely.

Ms. Winston grabbed his penis at the base and squeezed hard, sending a tremor of pleasure to run through his body and a sigh to escape past the panties and his lips. She brought up her cell phone once more and took a picture below his waist as she giggled like a school girl. A second later she roughly pulled his boxers down and his hard rod popped out and bounced back and forth now that it was free from its confinement. His teacher stepped back away from him once more and held up her phone, taking a full body picture of him that was sure to have his face in it. It was totally humiliating, but for some reason it only turned Alan on more. His body and mind were at war with each other and his body and its desires and needs were actually winning out.

'I suppose that should be enough for you to keep your mouth shut,' Ms. Winston smiled and put her phone down the front of her shirt and between her ample breasts. It was a place Alan would never be able to get it out from and she seemed to know that. 'Now how about we pick up where we left off last time.'

Before Alan could so much as cry out in surprise, Ms. Winston was upon him. She aggressively shoved his hard dick down her throat and licked the base of the shaft with her tongue, causing Alan to moan uncontrollably under the pressure. It was the most intense and amazing thing he had ever felt before and his hips bucked his cock deeper into her mouth against his will. The woman's hands wrapped around his waist and she grabbed hold of an ass cheek in each one, shoving his pulsing rod to the hilt in her mouth and gagging slightly around it.

There was nothing sensual in what the woman did. She hungrily gobbled up his cock, sliding her mouth up and down the shaft and licking hard at the sensitive tip with everything she had. With each movement she sighed slightly around the large object in her mouth and a small amount of saliva dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. The sound being created by the act filled the empty room and filled Alan's ears as his hips continued to move back and forth, thrusting his slick cock in and out of her mouth as she continued to match his pace easily.

Being a complete virgin and only knowing the pleasure of his hand, it didn't take long for Alan to reach his peak as his body began to convulse under the pleasure that was building up at the base and tip of his cock. He wanted to yell out and warn the woman sucking him off that he was about to cum but with the panties still in his mouth all that came out were mumbles and animal like growls and groans as his body suddenly tensed up and he thrust his hips once more into Ms. Winston's face. Like an explosion ripping through his body his orgasm surged and he could feel a violent expulsion of cum as he dumped his load directly into the woman's throat. One spurt, two, three, and then more than he could count erupted as it felt like his body was being entirely emptied into this woman's belly.

After the final spurt of semen was deposited into her mouth, Ms. Winston pulled his cock out of her mouth and swallowed hard as all the thick syrupy liquid slid down her throat and into her stomach. She seductively licked her lips and smiled up at Alan as she gave his wet cock a quick jerk and then kissed the sensitive tip which caused him to moan in discomfort.

'You've got a pretty good cock there, Alan,' she sighed happily and then stood up and wiped the small sheen of sweat off her face. 'It's too bad you had a hair trigger, I would have loved to keep sucking it.'

She grabbed the phone from her cleavage and then proceeded to snap a few more pictures as Alan squirmed under the scrutiny, realizing that his cock was still drooling cum that hadn't been swallowed and it was still semi-hard. Once she had taken enough pictures she put the phone back where she kept it hidden and then pulled the panties from his mouth. They were pretty wet with his saliva but it didn't seem to bother her as she slid them over her legs and put them on again, a small sigh escaping her red lips.

'Now, there's one thing you and I need to discuss before I cut your hands free,' she said and had once again taken a hard look and voice with him. 'If you tell anyone what happened today or all those years ago then I will send the pictures I have taken to every media outlet in the world. Your career will be over before it even beings. Do you understand me?'

'W... why did you do this? I don't... I don't understand!'

'Don't try and deny it, you know exactly what I am talking about! Now tell me you understand or so help me god I will release these pictures right now! It would be a pretty big scandal for the heir to one of the largest companies in the world to have these kinds of pictures floating around out there!'

'I... I... I understand,' he cried out in fear and shed a tear under the pressure. 'But why? I just met you today! Why did you do this to me?'

'You really don't remember?' Ms. Winston asked and for the first time she looked genuinely surprised. 'I don't know what upsets me more, that you are in my class or that you don't even remember me or what you did to me! Think back, Alan. Nine years ago we lived in the same city and I was friends with your older sister!'

'You were friends with Nina?' he asked. Nina was ten years older than Alan and was a prominent lawyer in New York. She was originally supposed to take the reins of their grandfathers company, but she didn't want that kind of pressure so she became a lawyer instead. When Alan was seven or eight years old she left for University and he hadn't really seen her much since, what with her busy life and his fear of women that included her.

'Oh yes, back when we were in high school together. She was a grade ahead of me. You honestly don't remember me? This makes me a little sad. The last time I saw you, you were seven years old and you pissed all over my face. I even swallowed some of that crap!'

In the back of Alan's mind something lit up and he could see the twisted smiling face of a beautiful teenage girl a moment before he let loose a steaming torrent of urine on her. Like fitting the last piece of a puzzle everything came together in Alan's mind and he gasped in shock as he remembered everything that had happened. He remembered the reason why he was so afraid of women.

'Scarlett... Scarlett Winston?' he breathed and the woman's face lit up. 'Y... you tried to rape me when I was little!'

'Good, you do remember,' she smiled at him. 'And I wouldn't call what I did rape, it was just having a little fun. Besides, you cried and pissed yourself before I could even start to suck on your dick.'

'Why did you do that?' he demanded and his anger was suddenly taking over his emotions. 'It's all because of you! Everything was your fault! You and that other girl!'

'Megan? So you remember her too, do you? Look, this is old news so let's not get caught up in it right now. You were so cute that we couldn't help ourselves, and even though you pissed all over the place you can't honestly tell me you didn't enjoy it!'

'You're a pedophile!'

'I am not!' Ms. Winston roared and slapped him hard on the face. 'I just like cute things, and you were and still are the cutest thing! I was so jealous that Megan got to babysit you all the time! But that's all better now, because you're in my class! You and I are going to have so much fun, Alan!'

'We are not! I'm going to the police and telling them that you forced yourself on me!'

Scarlett began to laugh at his threat and all the wind was taken out of Alan's sails as she pulled her phone out of her cleavage and waved it in front of his face with a big triumphant smile stretching her red lips. 'I wouldn't do that if I were you. Sure, you can get me into trouble if you had some proof, but I would take you down with me. Once these pictures get out your life will be a hundred times worse. What do you think your grandfather would think if he saw these? Or what about your parents and sister?'

'Y... you wouldn't...'

'Only if you force me too. So let's get along, shall we? If you want these pictures to remain hidden, then from now on you will be my pet. Is that understood?'

'P... pet?'

'Yes, my loyal dog that heeds all of my commands. You will do what I tell you the instant I tell you, or else you will be punished. If you do a good job you will be rewarded, much like you just were. Do we have an understanding?' she asked and Alan couldn't answer. All he could do was just stare at his teacher blankly as his brain began to shut off from the trauma and all he could see was her smiling face. 'You don't have much of a choice, so I will expect you to play by the rules. You and I are going to have so much fun! Now, run along and I will see you bright and early tomorrow!'

Alexandria Wolf and her group of close friends waited outside in the sunshine for the new member of their class to get finished with his reaming from their teacher. Walter and Sam didn't really want to hang around for him but they also didn't want to head back to the dorms on their own. So they kept quiet and waited patiently. The one Alex really had to worry about was Erica. She was overly aggressive to boys she liked and it seemed she had already taken a liking to the new student, Alan, which wasn't good at all. Not with Alan's fear of being touched by or even close to women. She was really going to have to watch her friend when Alan was around.

It was strange that Alan was actually afraid of women; Alexandria had never met someone like that before. She worried a little about him being alone with their teacher considering she was a woman, but she doubted that Ms. Winston would get close enough to him to set his fear off. She was the strictest teacher at the school though, so Alan would be lucky to get off with a verbal warning. One time Ms. Winston almost got a student expelled because he missed class for three days while he was sick, so who really knew what she was capable of.

Nearly fifteen minutes after school had ended the doors behind her and her friends suddenly flew open and Alan came rushing out in a total mess. His hands were covering his face, his hair was unkempt, his shirt wasn't tucked in anymore and his black and green school jacket was falling down his shoulders and was about to fall off entirely. Alex stepped towards the boy in hopes of finding out what was wrong but he quickly side stepped her and ran off down the road, the car that had been sitting there waiting for him quickly starting and following him slowly.

'What was that about?' Danika asked in a mildly bored tone, but all Alex could do to answer was shrug her shoulders.

'I... uh... I don't know,' she said slowly and wondered if he had accidentally run into a girl on his way out. 'You guys go on ahead to the dorms, I'm gonna go check on him.'

'Want me to come with you?' Erica asked hopefully but Alex shook her head very quickly. 'Ugh, I never get to have any fun!'

Alexandria left without another word to her friends and ran down the street in the direction that Alan had gone. He was a pretty fast runner though and by the time she turned the corner he had gone down he was out of sight. Thankfully Erica had done some of her own research on Alan earlier that day and learned that his grandfather had bought property in the town and that was where Alan was living when he want to school here. The sly temptress had also managed to find the address for the place and thankfully Alex had a near perfect memory and was able to recall what her friend had been prattling on about earlier.

The house, which was more of a large mansion, was located about a twenty minute walk from the school and was guarded by a long and tall wrought iron fence and gate. The gate was thankfully open and Alex noticed that the car that was meant to pick Alan up after school wasn't in the driveway. It was probably hired just to take him to and from school so it didn't seem that odd that it wasn't there, and it was also probably the reason why the gate hadn't been closed.

The mansion was two floors tall and from the looks of the amount of windows it probably had around fifteen bedrooms with assorted closest and bathrooms. It was a giant step up from the semi-luxurious dorms most of the other students were staying in, and just standing outside the large building nailed home the fact that Alan truly was the heir to a massive and very rich company. His attitude and demeanor ran counter to this fact and if Alex had to guess she would assume that Alan wasn't very used to this kind of lifestyle. So it appeared that another one of the rumors about him was true, that he had just recently been picked by his grandfather to succeed him as the company head. Now she really began to wonder if he had been sent to her school to find a suitable wife and it surprised her a little when she felt her cheeks flush pink at the thought.

'No,' she reprimanded herself under her breath, 'there are more important things right now.'

Alex walked down the gravel driveway and stepped up to the large wooden front door. She was about to knock when she realized the door was slightly ajar and just inside she could see a pair of discarded shoes and a school book bag just lying haphazardly on the ground. She gently pushed the door open a few feet and stuck her head in to see if anyone was there, but the front landing appeared to be completely empty.

'Hello?' she called out but got no response. 'Is anyone home? Alan?'

With no answer, Alex knew she should probably just leave and try back another time, but she couldn't get the image of him running away without so much as a word out of her mind. So against her better judgment she pushed the door open the rest of the way and stepped in before closing it gently behind her. The front foyer of the mansion was mostly comprised of a massive double staircase that scaled the walls and led up to the second level with a few hallway doors on the lower level. Not really sure where she would find Alan, Alex stepped further into the house and called out his name once more in hopes that he would respond. He didn't though.

As Alexandria took a few more steps into the house she began to hear the sound of sniffling and sobbing coming from somewhere upstairs. She instantly realized it was Alan making those sounds and she rushed up the stairs towards him. The layout of the building was pretty simple and she was able to follow a long hallway down to the end where she found an open door leading into a large and dark room. The crying sounds were coming from here and she slowly moved closer, worried at what she might find.

'Alan?' she asked softly and suddenly the crying stopped at the sound of her voice. She stood in the doorway now and strained her eyes to see through the gloom that was created by blackout curtains pulled shut across the window. Sitting on the ground in the middle of the room was Alan, a large blanket pulled over his entire body and up over his head. All Alex could make out was his tear stained face as he peered at her in fear.

'G...g... go away!' he screamed and scrambled backwards until he was up against the edge of a very large stripped bed.

'Alan, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you,' she whispered and turned on the light after searching blindly for it with her hand in the darkness. 'It's just me, Alex. Remember me?'

'GO AWAY!' he cried out but she refused to leave him when he was in such a state. 'Don't touch me!'

'I'm not going to touch you, Alan. I promise. I'm here to help you, okay? Do you want to tell me what happened?'

'She... she... she... she...' Alan babbled but couldn't get any more than that single word out of his mouth. Alex wasn't sure if it was because he was just too traumatized or if it was because he just didn't want to or couldn't talk about it. Either way he was in a bad place right now.

'Okay, it's okay. Calm down. I'll go get you a glass of water, okay? Just stay here and wait.'

Alex turned the light off as she left the room, closing the door behind her until it was open just a crack. She slowly walked back down the stairs and began to search for the kitchen, unsure of where in the world it could be. It was strange that Alan was the only one here. A house this big should at least have a small staff living there or something. But there wasn't a single soul in sight. Maybe they only came in a few days a week to do the cleaning or something. If that was the case then Alexandria sure as hell wasn't going to just leave now, not with Alan in the state he was in. He needed a friend. He was new to town though and had only met a few people at school so far. Besides her there was Walter, Sam, Erica, and Danika. Erica was definitely a no-no right now, and even though Walter and Sam were easily the best picks they didn't know about his condition. That only left Alex.

It was highly irregular for a girl to be over at a male students house like this, and Alex was pretty sure there was a school rule against it. She was a member of the student government and the class president though, so she felt it was her duty to watch over a troubled student in his time of need. It didn't hurt that this student was extremely rich and pretty darn cute to boot. She would just keep those added bonuses to herself though.

Alex ended up spending most of the night over at Alan's place, only leaving once he had stopped freaking out and eventually passed out on the floor. Before she left she put a pillow under his head and made sure his blanket was covering his entire body, hoping he didn't wake up in the process. That would be the worst thing to happen since he had just calmed down enough to sleep.

By the time she got back to the dorms it was already way past curfew and she had to sneak in so she didn't get in trouble. Thankfully her roommate was Erica who often broke curfew and was pretty quick to help her friend get back in. She was a little put out that Alex had spent most of the day with the guy she was trying to sink her claws into, but they were pretty close friends so it didn't cause any problems. Especially once Alexandria told her nothing happened and she didn't even sit next to him. It was a bit of a lie, but mostly the truth. She didn't even touch him when she put the pillow under his head.

Alex didn't get much sleep that night as she kept thinking about Alan and worrying about him. By the time it came around to morning she felt like shit and suffered through breakfast as she tried not to doze off. She finished quickly though and rushed to the school, leaving her friends behind in the hopes of finding Alan and asking him if he was okay. It became apparent by the time the bell rang to start school that he wasn't coming to class. His seat next to hers was empty and no one had seen him in the halls beforehand.

As Ms. Winston began to take attendance Alex stood up and asked if she could speak to the teacher for a few moments. Ms. Winston wasn't keen on letting someone interrupt her class, but since Alexandria was the class president she didn't have much choice, so the two women walked out into the hall where they could be alone and not overheard.

'What is it now, Ms. Howl?' the young teacher asked with a pang of annoyance in her voice.

'It's about Alan. Umm, I noticed that he wasn't here today. Was there any note with your ledger saying he was sick or something?'

'No, I have received no notice as to why he is not attending class today. I know you're the class representative and all, but why are you concerning yourself with Mr. Baker?'

'I'm worried about him. Yesterday he explained to me why he panicked when I touched his shoulder; he has a fear of women and apparently that kind of thing happens when one touches him. And then after school yesterday he looked really scared and he ran home without saying a word to anyone,' Alex explained and watched as her teachers face shifted slightly. She was unable to read the expression, but it almost resembled a realization dawning on her or something.

'I see. So you think something happened after I reprimanded him, on his way out of the school?' Ms. Winston asked and Alex nodded as she shifted slightly on her feet. The halls were quiet but there was an air of tension around the two women as they stood out there alone and talked about Alan's problem.

'I... uh, well I followed him home to check on him and when I found him he was really freaking out. I couldn't even stand within ten feet of him without him screaming at me and begging me not to touch him. I'm just afraid that he's still struggling and that's why he isn't here today.'

Ms. Winston looked at her shorter student curiously for a few moments and then sighed as she smiled softly. It was strange to see such a bright smile appear on the beautiful woman's face and Alexandria honestly couldn't remember a single time she had ever seen this woman smile before. She wasn't known as the most strict teacher in the entire school for no reason. So it bugged her a little that she would suddenly smile now.

'You want to help Alan overcome his fear of women, is that it?' she asked and for some reason Alex couldn't help but blush at the question.

'Yeah... I guess so,' she nodded slowly, unsure of where this was going.

'You're a very caring person, Ms. Howl. Alright, I won't mark him down as absent for the day, and after class I will go and check in on him to make sure he is doing alright. It shouldn't be too hard to pull his address from his record.'

'Uh... isn't that a little suspicious? A female teacher going over to her male students private home after school hours?' Alex asked before she could stop herself. It was pretty much the same thing she had done herself the day before and she had already admitted that much to the teacher.

'I suppose it would be, but you also went over to his house uninvited. Besides, no one will be able to say anything about it because you will be joining me. No one will think twice if both a student government representative and a teacher check up on a student together, will they?'

'Uh... I suppose not,' Alex answered numbly as her teacher continued to smile at her. It felt like something was hiding behind that smile, but she really had no idea what that was.

'Good. So after class we will go and make sure he is okay. Just be sure not to tell anyone about this, just in case.'

'Of course... I already promised Alan I wouldn't tell anyone about his fear. But telling you was probably something that needed to be done.'

'You did very well. Together we can hopefully cure him of his fear,' Ms. Winston giggled softly and then brushed past Alex and went back into the class room. Alex stood there rooted to the spot for a few moments as she tried to take in her teachers sudden shift in personality. She really couldn't make heads or tails of it, but it was probably nothing anyways. Despite being a strict teacher, Alex really believed Ms. Winston was a good person deep down and she probably just wanted to help one of her students as best she could. With that in mind she returned to class and tried not to get too excited about going to Alan's home for the second day in a row.

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