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Paul is a successful but unfulfilled businessman. He asks his wife to dominate him. She agrees, but has big plans of her own.

We were driving home from another stupid client entertainment dinner. I was getting fed up with being eye candy on my husband’s arm. After all, I was a Phi Beta Kappa in Psychology at State before being wooed and wedded by advertising guru Paul James. Paul was a master at selling. I swear—Paul could sell shit to hog farmers who usually had more shit than they could ever possibly use.

I sat back in the thick luxurious seat of Paul’s Mercedes CLS 550. I was almost asleep when he spoke, “Liz, hon, you read that ‘Fifty Shades of Gray,’ didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it was pretty interesting…kind of weird…but interesting,” I answered.

“Wasn’t that supposed to be based on a true story?”

“That’s what they say, but who really knows. There’s no way to identify the people involved and I’m pretty sure they’ve kept the nature of their relationship secret, so I have no idea if it’s real or not.”

Paul was silent—thinking—for several minutes before continuing, “Ever see yourself in that kind of relationship?”


“I do…fairly often actually, but probably not in the role you think.”

“What? That would mean you’d be submissive…wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah. Can’t you see me as a submissive?”


“Why not? Just think of some of my actions in bed. Don’t I like it when you jerk me off?”


“Ever think what that means?”

“Sure…I did major in psych, you know. It means you gave me power over your orgasm. OH! I see what you mean…submissive.”

“Right, and what about when we’re fucking? Don’t I like to pull out and have you finish me with your hand?”

“Yeah, but I always thought you just wanted to cum all over me. I guess that could be submissive, too.”

“Haven’t I offered to be your sex slave for a day or even a weekend? And, don’t forget, I did ask you to buy a strap-on and fuck my ass while I jerk off. I don’t think there’s anything more submissive than that.”

“Hmmm, I guess you’re right. You could be submissive, but that’s only sex. Being submissive means a lot more than that. As a psych major I’ve never believed that the word ‘submissive’ is a noun; it’s an adjective. Anyone in that kind of relationship is more a slave than anything else.”

“Hmmm…I never thought about it like that…you’re probably right…all the same I think I’d like it…if I were submissive to you, that is.”

“Hmmm…well, I see were almost home. I’m really beat. I didn’t enjoy that obnoxious Ralph Martinson eying my tits all night and his hands…ugh! The things I do for your business.”

“Well…you were the most beautiful, not to mention the sexiest woman there.”

“Big deal…I’m 32…the rest of them must have been in their fifties or sixties. I do admit I have nice tits, though.”

“Nice? Now there’s an understatement if I ever heard one. What say I play with them a while then I’ll let you jerk me off.”

“If you’re going to be submissive you’re going to do a lot more than that. I need to cum pretty badly after all that pawing. Warm up that talented tongue and then we’ll talk about your needs.” Paul pulled the car into the garage and we hurried in, both of us wanting our hunger addressed. I led Paul to the bedroom where I turned and folded myself into his arms. We kissed deeply, our tongues eagerly exploring each other’s mouth. I moved my hand to his belt, opened it and let his pants fall to the floor. I took his hard cock into my hand. I could see how Paul might be submissive. As I thought back I realized that I usually led the way when we had sex. Could I…would I be willing to dominate him? I wasn’t sure, but that was a subject for another time.

I stepped away and removed my clothes. This was an expensive dress. I had no desire to see it on the floor. I removed my bra—34D—and my panties. I began to slide my stockings down my legs, but stopped. I sat in the chair and called Paul to me. “Kneel down and help me take these off, will you, Paul?” Surprisingly, he did. He pulled each stocking gingerly down my long smooth legs, taking care not to cause a run. I piled them on the chair back as I spread my legs. “You heard me in the car. I need it badly so get in here and do me. Then I’ll gladly take care of you.”

Paul leaned forward leading with his tongue. Paul had eaten my pussy before, but not often…certainly not as often as I would have liked, but if he wanted anything from me tonight he was going to eat it and do a really good job of it. Paul was tentative at first, licking my labia. In only minutes they were red and inflamed in their need. I spread my legs further, inviting him to my sex. I grabbed Paul’s head and pulled him into my crotch. He attacked my cunt with his tongue and fingers. He rammed two fingers into me, spreading my tight pussy as he searched and found my G-spot. Damn, that felt so good! He rubbed that tender sensitive spot repeatedly as he shifted his attention to my clit. Paul was always good with my clit and tonight was no exception. He licked all around it, teasing me and holding me just below the edge—just short of my much-needed orgasm. When he nibbled my hard button and pulled it between his teeth I exploded. My back arched severely and I jumped from the chair, rising more than a foot before falling down exhausted.

Paul relaxed, his head resting on the inside of my smooth soft thigh while I recovered from my sweet ordeal. In time I stood and pulled him onto the bed to lie next to me. I ran my nails around his nipples, down his abdomen and around his penis. It throbbed in his excitement. The arteries pulsed, hard and purple along his shaft. The head was swollen, a sure sign of his arousal. It came to me, not for the first time, that I could easily control Paul by controlling his penis. Now there was food for thought!

I leaned over Paul, encouraging him to touch and fondle my breasts. I moved one nipple over his mouth; he reached up immediately to suckle. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to stroke slowly and gently. Yes, I had him entirely in my control, but if I took total control what would I do with it? Continuing down our present path seemed pointless. Some kind of change would be called for, but what? How?

I dribbled some baby lotion over his cock and increased my pace. Paul closed his eyes and his breathing became shallow and erratic. I sat up, pulling my teat from his mouth so I could use two hands. I rotated my hands as I stroked faster and faster. Suddenly, Paul tensed and, driving his hips up, shot rope after rope of hot slippery cum over his abdomen and chest. He sagged exhausted. I looked at my semen-covered hands, scooped up whatever semen I could from his deflating penis and moved them to his mouth. “Open up,” I told him, “You made this mess; you can clean it up.” Reluctantly—slowly--his mouth opened and I wiped my fingers with his tongue. “Keep it open, you’re not done yet,” I told him as I scraped as much as I could from his body, even going so far as to squeeze the last few drops from his wilting penis. This time he was more willing. He opened his mouth, extended his tongue and licked my fingers clean. I shifted us around, pulled the blankets over us and we went quickly to sleep.

I slept soundly, but woke early. My mind was active—I was thinking about what Paul had said and about his obviously submissive behavior last night. My studies had shown that many very driven and successful men had a strong submissive side. I’d check out the internet this morning once I was sure Paul had left for work. I drifted back to sleep, my plans beginning to take shape.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I read a lot of stories about femdom and slavery, but most of them were ridiculous. Stories about men blackmailed into slavery for the silliest reasons were absurd. How anyone could even believe that crap was amazing. More believable were the blogs about domination and submission, dealing with a submissive partner, and the role of the dominant. More important were the ideas I was able to get about what to do with my husband if I decided to go forward. The last time I worked this hard was when I was writing my thesis. I learned that being a dominant was a lot of work and even more responsibility.

There was a lot more than getting off and beating the shit out of the submissive. I’d be responsible for everything—all the decisions, financial and otherwise; Paul’s health and well-being, his clothes, his chores, like I said—everything. I wasn’t all that sure I wanted to do it. Then I figured out what I would do with him. I laughed—it was funny, but it was also extremely doable.

Domination was all about control—mind control. Control was nothing more than a state of mind—psychological control. I was a psychology major with an M.S. and PhD. It seemed like a perfect fit for me.


It was almost three months after that memorable evening that I decided to act. I sat in a comfortable chair in our living room early on a Thursday evening. I was wearing a short black skirt and no underwear. I had a brown paper sack from the market at my feet. I was ready. “Paul,” I called, “would you come in here for a minute?”

“Hi, hon…what’s up?” Paul sat in the adjacent chair.

“Do you recall the conversation we had a few months ago about ‘The Fifty Shades of Gray?”

“Uh, yeah…sure. Why?”

“Do you still feel the same way…about submitting to me?”

“Uh…yeah, why?”

“You don’t sound so sure...not as sure as you seemed to be that night.”

“I’m sure. It’s just that you took me by surprise. Are you telling me you want to do it?”

“Let me put it this way…you need to be on the floor…now!” Paul looked at me incredulously, but he slowly slid off the chair onto the floor. I pointed to a spot between my legs. Paul moved to where I had indicated. “Good boy. Get used to being there; you’ll be there a lot. Now I want you to stand and remove your clothes—all of them. Lay them on the table here, even your shoes. Stunned by this turn of events Paul stood and slowly removed his clothing. He laid everything on the table as I had told him.

“Do you voluntarily give yourself to me? To serve me? To obey without question? To be my property?”


“I think you should call me Miss Liz. Now there’s something I need to do. Then we’ll talk about some rules for you to follow. It will be much easier for me to control you here.” I reached up and touched his forehead, “when I control you here.” I touched his cock. It was growing with his obvious excitement. I reached into my bag and removed the custom-made stainless steel cock cage. I placed the ring over his testicles and pulled his hard penis into the ring, I went back to the bag for an ice pack, having anticipated his arousal. I laid it on his cock and it shrunk almost immediately. I slid it easily into the tube and locked it securely with the special screws that came with it. I watched Paul’s expression as I placed the wrench onto a silver chain and dropped it over my head. The wrench disappeared between my breasts.

“Very good, dear. Now go to the coat rack by the front door. You’ll see two items there. Don’t worry, you’ll know which ones to bring back to me. When you come back you can resume your position between my legs.” Paul turned, still in a daze, and walked to the door. We have an antique coat rack there for jackets and hats. Today there were two additional items on one of the hooks. He returned and sat between my legs. He handled the items to me. “You are to wear this collar whenever you are at home. I bought it for you at Petco. See what the name plate says?

He took the pink rhinestoned collar from me and read the small metal plaque. “Paula?”

‘Yes, that’s who you’ll be when you’re here with me.” I took the leather collar and fastened it around his neck. “You know that I have no siblings…no family at all. I always wanted to have a sister or, at least, a girlfriend to talk with and go shopping with. That’s going to be your role. Don’t worry, I’m not going to embarrass you or humiliate you. Nobody will know except you and me. In time we’ll go out together, but I guarantee that nobody will recognize you. When you go to work you’ll remove the pink collar and replace it with this gold chain. You have a sixteen and a half inch neck; this chain is seventeen inches. It’s heavy so you’ll know it’s there and, of course, you’ll have your cage as a constant reminder of your submission to me. Any questions so far?”

“Are you going to make me go naked at home like I’ve read about?”

“No, but I will decide what you will wear. Since you’ll be Paula it will be women’s clothes. I’ll still let you play golf and, of course, I’ll still go to your boring client dinners. Outwardly, we’ll be the same loving couple. In reality we’ll still be loving, but I’ll pull all the strings. If you are going to be submissive to me I will make the decisions and you will obey. If you want to back out now would be a good time to speak up.” Paul was silent.

“As I told you, ‘submissive’ is not a noun, it’s an adjective—a word that describes your state of mind. I also told you that you would be my slave, but I’m not going to torture you or humiliate you unless you force me to. There are more effective ways to control you. Do as you are told and we will have no problems. Right now I’m feeling a lot of stress so I need to cum. That’s your job. Get in there and lick me good. Then we’ll go to step two in your transformation.”

Paul leaned forward and licked my labia. They were red and inflamed with desire in seconds. He attacked my tunnel, forcing his strong tongue deep into my inner core. I swear I had never run so much pussy juice in my life—that’s how excited I was from the day’s developments. I pushed my hips out, encouraging him to lick even harder. He sucked my entire cunt into his mouth causing blood to flow into my sex. Every part of my pussy was pulsing in delight. He moved to my clit; it was hard and hot. I could see it was bright red from engorgement with blood. It was, after all, the female equivalent of a penis. Somehow he managed to suck it between his teeth and when he did I couldn’t hold back. I wrapped my legs around his head and squeezed for all I was worth. It was an orgasm to end all orgasms. I thought this might work out pretty well after all.

Once I had recovered I told Paul to take next week off from work, “You just closed that big Cartwright deal. You can use the time off and there are a lot of things I want to do with you…preparing you for your new life. On Saturday we’ll go on a little trip. We’ll go shopping for some feminine attire for you; that’s why we’re going away. If we’re fifty miles from here it’s not likely that we’ll run into anyone who knows you. Now I want to take you into the shower.” I attached a pink leash to his collar and led him away.

Paula noticed for the first time a chain hanging from the shower ceiling. “I’m going to handcuff you, Paula because I don’t want you moving around when I do this. I’m going to try really hard not to hurt you, but I will need your cooperation. I cuffed his wrists and fastened them to the chain with a padlock. He had to stretch to touch the floor. “Good girl, Paula—now I want to put this bathing cap over your hair and a blindfold over your eyes. I’m going to use a depilatory on your skin to remove your body hair. I don’t want it on top of your head and I definitely don’t want it in your eyes. Just hold still for a few minutes.” I used great care in placing the cap over her head tucking her long hair under the protective rubber. Then I added the blindfold. I kissed her cheek and told her I was very pleased with her cooperation. I removed my clothes, added a pair of vinyl gloves and pulled the two quart bottles of depilatory from under the sink. I carefully rubbed it into her chest and back, under her arms. In ten minutes I had covered her entire body. Then I addressed her face. I was extremely careful around her mouth, reminding her several times to remain still. Finally, I removed the cock cage and eliminated her pubic hair. I let her stand there for almost ten minutes until I turned on the shower allowing her skin to rinse.

I dried her in the shower, keeping her hands cuffed until I was able to return her cock cage to her body. A moisturizing lotion soothed and softened her skin. “You’ll notice I kept you handcuffed until your cock cage was back in place. You will never touch your penis again. It belongs to me so I’ll be the one to touch it, how often will depend on how you behave with me. If you cooperate fully and without hesitation I might let you out once a week or so, maybe even more often. Misbehave and it might be months before you see your next orgasm.

“Now you’re dry and I want to get you ready for bed.” I went to my closet and removed a short white nightie. I slipped it over her head; it came to her soft upper thighs. I sat her on the bed and continued my explanation, “Tomorrow when you come home I will have a notary here. I have some papers for you to sign. As my slave you can’t expect to own anything. After all, you are just my property. You will sign over all your assets and your company to me. Don’t worry, I’m not going to cheat you. I’m going to take the very best care of you. However, as my slave you will forfeit all of your human and husband’s rights. A slave does not have sex with her mistress. I have some ideas in that regard, but we’ll get to them down the road a bit. I don’t want to overload you with too much too soon.

“On Saturday morning we’ll get up early so we can get to the shops before they become too crowded. We’ll go to high-end shops where we’ll get personal service. I will not allow the salesgirls to make fun of you. You’ll need clothes, lingerie, shoes, stockings, and so forth. I’ve already bought you foam breast forms. When we add a wig you’ll look very feminine. We’ll practice all week walking and doing makeup, how to dress, how to use the bathroom…everything an attractive woman needs to know. What, dear Paula?”

“Am I going to use the ladies’ room? I don’t want to get arrested.”

“Yes, you most certainly will. You’ll be dressed like a woman…you’ll look and act like a woman…and as far as anyone knows you’ll be a woman. Of course, you’ll use the ladies’ room. It’s not like the men’s room, you know. It’s all private toilets, besides I think you’ll have to sit in order to pee anyway. That reminds me of something else, but it can wait until tomorrow.

“So far as sex is concerned, you will give me oral orgasms daily. When you are released you will be cuffed either to the bed or behind your back so you don’t touch your penis. I will jerk you off when you are really good. At other times I might simply milk you by massaging your prostate to get rid of your built-up semen. Either way I will expect you to drink it just like you did that night. You expect me to swallow it, so you can, too. As you can see I have been very busy. Being the dominant partner is a lot of work. Now go to sleep.” I tucked Paula into bed and kissed her good-night. Turning off the light I left and went to the computer.


The following morning Paula returned to Paul, changed his collar for his chain and went to work. I drove to the lawyer and reviewed all the papers I would need. She assured me that she would be at our home by five so she could notarize Paul’s signature. My next stop was at the office of a gynecologist who was a well-known feminist—more than a feminist, she was a strong believer in female domination. We had spoken on the phone many times over the past three months. She strongly supported my efforts to subjugate and feminize my husband. I left her office with two preions, one for heavy-duty hormones—estrogen—the other for a hypnotic, a drug to make Paula more receptive to my leadership.

All this might seem cruel, even unnecessary, but it was for Paula’s good. In a typical week Paul might work seventy or eighty hours. He was driving himself to an early grave; his doctor had told him several times to take it easier. We were already multimillionaires with more than ten million in investments. I knew he had been offered twenty million for his agency and had rejected it out of hand. I figured I could get thirty, and if I could, I’d sell the damned thing in a second. I valued her life more than all the money in the world.

Paul returned home at 5:15, changed his chain for the collar and became Paula again. I introduced him to the attorney. Once more I gave him an out, “If you plan to back out darling now would be a good time.”

“No, Miss Liz, it’s what I want. I trust you so let’s just sign.” Gloria showed her all the forms and where to sign them. (S)he signed where appropriate as did I. In ten minutes we were done. I wrote a check for the attorney and she left.

“I’m very proud of you, Paula. Now let’s get you out of those clothes. I bought you a few things today, but they can wait until we come home from dinner. We’re going out first to have our nails done and then to dinner. I have a surprise for you when we get home.” I drove us to the nail parlor where we each had a pedicure and manicure in that order. We sat together in the back of the parlor soaking our feet and having the nails shaped and filed. I told the technician that I wanted her nails shaped exactly like mine. When he asked about polish color I told him we would both have Covergirl Ever Reddy. He looked at me and then at Paula but remained silent—OK, he didn’t say anything in English, but I had no idea what he said in Vietnamese. Paula put her socks and shoes on and we went for our manicures. I allowed her clear varnish while I had the same Ever Reddy applied to my nails. We left there around seven for dinner.

When we got home I took Paula’s chain off and replaced it with her collar. I used the leash to lead her to the bedroom. Once there she removed her clothes on my command and I cuffed her hands to the headboard, her legs to the corners at the bottom of the bed. “I’m very pleased with how you are adjusting to your new life. Paula. I expected an argument from you on your toenails. I’m going to reward you. That’s why your hands are cuffed.” I removed the wrench and opened her cock cage. I barely had it off when it hardened and grew. “Just you relax Paula…I’ll take care of everything.” I leaned down for a long deep kiss. Paula did not put her tongue into my mouth—it would have been inappropriate for a slave to take such liberties. My tongue explored her mouth eagerly. My fingers tickled her nipples. They were tiny, but I had a plan for them, too. I ran my fingers up and down her shaft, giggling as I saw her cock jump and shake. “My goodness, Paula, your clit sure is ready. From now on you will refer to this as your clit. Do you understand, Paula?”

“Yes, Miss Liz, it is my clit.”

“Good girl, Paula, now let’s see if we can get you off. I don’t think it will take too much. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and gripped lightly. The heat it gave off was amazing. I thought it was the hardest I had ever experienced. Just wait until I had denied her for a week or more. I gripped her balls, enjoying the sensation of the baby smooth skin in my hand. Paula obviously enjoyed it, too. She groaned with delight. Ever so slowly I began to stroke, tightening my grip and increasing my pace as I went. In only two minutes Paula was straining against her bonds, not to escape; it was an expression of her desire—her reaction to being masturbated.

My pace increased again and I could see Paula tense her muscles. Her ejaculation was accompanied by a loud and long grunt. Semen rained over her chest, dropping in globs here and there until, at last, she sagged exhausted. “Remember what I told you, Paula? Where is all this delicious semen going?”

“In my mouth, Miss Liz. I’ll take it all. May I clean your fingers?” Paula opened her mouth and licked my fingers clean. I used my fingertips to scoop up the remaining semen from her chest and she eagerly licked her cum until she was clean. I went to the bathroom and returned with a hot washcloth. I washed Paula’s clit from top to bottom and replaced the cock cage, securing it in place with the wrench. I released Paula from her bondage and pulled her from the bed. “You are my slave, Paula, not my husband. You will sleep in the guest room. Come and see how I’ve decorated it for you. I’ve already put some of your new clothes in the closet.” I led her to the room. We’d rarely used it in the past, but I had redecorated. The paint was pink, the curtains lacey. I had purchased a new bedroom set, white enamel--perfect for a young girl.

“I’m going to restrain you while you sleep, Paula. I will place these headphones on you. You will listen to them all night, even while you are sleeping. Now, lie down and let me get you ready.” Paula lay on the bed in her white nightie. I fastened her wrists and ankles to the bed. The bindings were a little loose so she could be comfortable, but not so loose that she could remove the headphones which I fastened to her head with a leather strap. I raised the blankets over her, tucked her in, gave her the hypnotic medication, and kissed her goodnight. “Sleep well, Paula, we have a big day tomorrow.” I started the CD player and left the room. All night long Paula would hear my message, “Your name is Paula. You are a slave girl. You live to serve your mistress. You love your mistress more than anything. Her happiness is all you live for….”

I had told Paula to call me “Miss Liz.” The CD message referred to me as “Mistress.” I hoped that I could monitor her progress by what she called me. It turned out I was right—more right than I could have hoped for.


As I promised we arose early Saturday morning. I walked in to Paula’s room at 6:45. The CD player was still running, the headphones firmly in place. I turned the machine off and removed them, waking Paula in the process. “Good morning, Paula. How is my beautiful slave this morning?”

“Wonderful, Mistress…I slept extremely well. May I serve you in some way this morning?”

“Yes, Paula. Once I release you make your bed and dress in the clothes I’ve laid out on your chair. You can make the breakfast—coffee, bacon, and fried eggs. Make enough for two, but set only one place at the table. You will eat in your place, and where is that?”

“On the floor, Mistress, between your legs. May I lick your delicious pussy while you eat?”

“We’ll see…we have a busy day ahead of us. Now get moving you wench.” Paula did as she was told; I fed her bits of egg and bacon from my fingers as she laid her head against my thigh adoringly. I quizzed her during breakfast:

“What is your name? “

“Paula, Mistress.”

“What is your purpose in life?”

“I am your willing slave. I exist only to serve you, Mistress…to bring you pleasure.”

“You can bring me pleasure now. Lick me until I cum.” Paula used her mouth and tongue to bring me to a delicious orgasm. What a wonderful way to begin the day. “I need to pee, Paula. Will you take it from me?”

“Yes, with pleasure, Mistress.” She sealed her mouth against my cunt and drank greedily the acrid urine from my body. When I was done she licked me clean. I helped her with the dishes and we were out the door by 8:00. In our past life Paul would have driven. Now as the dominant partner I drove, Paula, neatly dressed in her white polo top and black Capri’s sitting quietly beside me. Paul’s hair was usually in a pony tail, symbolic, I guess, of his artistic nature. Today I had it combed down around his head. One day, possibly next week I’d have it styled.

Our first stop was Victoria’s Secret. We walked in the door just after opening. I found a young eager salesgirl and took her aside. “I want at least fifteen sets of underwear—all of them extremely feminine and sexy. They’re for my husband, Paula. I won’t tolerate any laughing at her, do you understand? Do you have a large dressing room big enough for the three of us?”

She looked at me unbelieving until I took Paula in tow; she led us to a room marked “Staff Only.” “Paula, you will have to remove your clothing so this young lady can measure you. Lay your clothes on the chair.” Obediently, Paula shed her clothes and stood naked except for her cock cage. The young woman watched unbelieving until I reminded her that I had a hundred dollar bill for her cooperation. She measured Paula’s waist and hips then disappeared for several minutes, returning with several types of panties she thought would fit. I had Paula try them on and rejected almost half as not sexy enough. Ultimately, we bought fifteen pairs in assorted colors. I told Paula to keep a black pair on. She was pleased not to be naked. Next we tried on garter belts, bras, and stockings. I had bought breast forms online, size C, to fill out the bra. The salesgirl helped me tape them in place. I also bought several corsets and waist cinchers to feminize Paula’s body and several cute nightgowns and teddies.

Paula wore the panties, garter belt, stockings, bra, and breast forms out of the store. She looked very feminine, except for her shoes. I gladly gave the girl the hundred—she earned every penny.

Our next stop was a shoe store. Once again I told the salesgirl what I expected. We bought several pairs of sandals, flats, and heels—2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch. I’d see that she got plenty of practice in the next week. She wore the sandals out of the store. I threw the sneakers in the trash.

We walked along the mall—two women out for a day of shopping. Paula attracted no more attention than I did. “You see, Paula,” I commented softly, “you look like a woman, you’re dressed like a woman, that’s what everyone sees. You fit in beautifully. That’s also because you are a beautiful woman. Do you see anyone staring at you? No, of course not.” I squeezed her hand and smiled.

“Thank you Mistress. I knew I could trust you not to embarrass me. I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you, too, my slave girl.” We spent four hours shopping and spent more than three thousand dollars. It was money well spent. We went to lunch and afterwards we went to the ladies’ room together. I applied some lipstick to Paula’s lips and we left. Before we went home we made one more stop—at a wig store. I bought a short wig with curly hair. Paula’s hair was dark brown; the wig was dark blond. She looked great in it—beautiful and sexy.

Back at home an hour later we carefully placed all the purchases in her dresser and closet. I showed her how to hang the skirts and the best ways to fold and store her lingerie. “Take off your blouse and Capri’s, Paula. Bring your new shoes into the living room...not more than five minutes, now.” I sat in my chair and opened my legs. Paula found her way there—to her place in less than the time allotted. I patted her head and told her what a good girl she was. “Take off the sandals and put on the 2-inch heels. I think you should sit up here for this. You might have trouble standing otherwise.”

I held Paula’s hand as she learned to walk in heels. I emphasized good posture and swaying her hips, much as I would do. We spent an hour in the 2-inch heels and she showed considerable progress. I had her change to the 3-inch. This was a bit more difficult; she had a lot of trouble at first holding her balance. Her posture was terrible, but it would come along over the next week. We took a break for dinner; I had Paula make us BLT sandwiches. We ate in the living room, me at the table Paula on the floor. After dinner I had Paula draw me a bath. I relaxed in the hot water while she washed every part of my body. Paula lovingly dried me with a big fluffy towel; I showed my appreciation by giving her a long deep kiss. I allowed Paula to shower and awaited her return in the living room. Fifteen minutes later she was dressed for bed in the red teddy I had laid out for her; she took her place between my legs, her head resting on my thigh. I stroked her face and ran my fingers through her hair while I read my latest psychology journal.

Many dominants control their slaves through pain—beatings and torture. I viewed that approach as primitive and unreliable. It was also potentially dangerous. It would be much more effective to mold Paula’s brain to my commands through the hypnotic drug and the suggestions I would give her every night. I put her to bed at ten, securing her hands and ankles to the restraints. I gave her the medication, making sure she had swallowed it completely and turned on the CD again. This time the message went like this:

“My name is Paula. I am a beautiful sexy female slave. I live only to serve my Mistress. I love my Mistress more than anything else. I love it when my Mistress uses me for sex. I love sex with both women and men. I love sucking cock. I love drinking cum from a big hard cock. I enjoy having my anus penetrated. I love having a butt plug in my ass. My name is….”

I would use these CD’s every night, sometimes repeating the messages. Each new one would help to make Paula more submissive and more useful. I had already told her that she would not fuck me, however I knew that I would need penetrative sex. That meant bringing new men into the bedroom. I wanted Paula to be a part of that. She could suck my lover’s cock and clean the two of us afterwards. I would eventually allow them to fuck her in the ass. Through my suggestions I could ensure that she only felt extreme pleasure.


I worked Paula hard all weekend long, but I gave her a rest on Tuesday. I secured her to her bed and used the CD to reinforce her training. I had other business. I went to meet with Roger Thorne. Roger was a competitor of Paul’s and it was he who had offered to buy Paul’s agency. Personally, I found the man to be an arrogant twit, but this was business and I wasn’t going to let my personal feelings get in the way of a deal.

Roger undressed me with his eyes as he led me into his office; I couldn’t help but notice. I explained that I now had ownership of Paul’s agency. I had to be careful—I almost called him Paula. I explained that I might be willing to sell if the price was right and that twenty million wasn’t right. Surprisingly, he agreed and offered me twenty-five. “I kind of like thirty-five,” I replied.

“Ha! I thought you would, but why should I give you thirty-five?”

“Roger,” I began, “let’s cut through all the bullshit, shall we? I’ll make you a bet. You’re what…50? I’ll bet you I can get you off twice in an hour…right here…right now. If I win you pay thirty-five; if you win I’ll sell at twenty-five. Deal?”

Roger laughed for more than five minutes before becoming serious. “You gonna get naked for this?”

“Absolutely! So…?”

“It’s a deal. I’m lucky if I get it once every two weeks at home, so the first one should be pretty quick, but you’re gonna work your sweet ass off to get the second.” I rose and shook his hand, moved to the door and locked it as he told his secretary not to disturb him. I returned and began to slowly strip. “You can start the clock as soon as I’m naked.” I could hardly see him nod behind his drooling mouth. I stood before him pirouetting and giving him a really good look. I had studied the effect of visual stimuli on male sexual responses in grad school so I knew exactly what I was doing.

Suddenly, I turned and opened his belt, pulling his pants to his ankles. His cock was so hard I could barely believe it. I took him into my mouth, licked all around the head and swallowed him deep into my throat. I used my throat muscles along with my tongue and I wasn’t the least surprised when he sprayed my tonsils with his cream. I backed off, “That’s one! Fifty-two minutes to go.”

He laughed, “That was the easy one. What you got in mind for the hard one?” I grabbed his shirt and pulled him off his chair, dropping him onto the floor. I took his hand and led it to my cunt. I let him feel my wetness and my heat. He couldn’t resist rubbing my slit and fingering me. I knew he thought he was distracting me, but what he was really doing was turning himself on. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting really hot to fuck.

I moved my hands to his cock. It took me less than two minutes to make him hard. I looked him in the eyes as I straddled his hips. I rubbed his cock into my slit, arching my back and thrusting my D-cup breasts into his face. All this was carefully planned. I sank on his cock and began to rock. I took it slow at first, but increased my tempo quickly. I used my Kegel muscles to flex my pussy and squeeze his cock as I bent it back and forth. I was only on him for five minutes when he blew his load. Now it was my turn to laugh, “Amateur! You owe me thirty-five million.”

“Tell you what…let’s make it an even forty. That’s the best blowjob and the best fucking I’ve ever had. That Paul is a lucky man.” I had him write a promise to purchase with the amount, date, and his signature. We spent almost an hour hammering out the details as I sat naked on the opposite side of the desk. He tried to grab my tits several times, but I laughed, “Sorry, Roger, that boat has left the dock.” I also had him agree to keep on the current staff at their current salaries for at least a year. He said his attorney would draw up the papers by the end of the week. I agreed to meet with him again at four Friday afternoon to finalize the deal. I dressed, walked out of the office and went straight to the ladies room. I walked into a stall, bent over and vomited violently into the bowl. The things I do for Paul’s business.

I drove home to find Paula exactly as I had left her. Her eyes were closed and she was relaxed. She started, but smiled when I walked into the room. I sat on the bed, “Paula, I have news for you. You know how I have been worried about all the stress on you. I’ve taken care of that for you. I sold the agency.” When Paula started to object I placed my fingers on her lips. “I know you told me that twenty was too little so I got forty.”

“Forty million, Mistress?”

“Yes, my sweet little slave girl…forty million and I’ll tell you how. I got the price to twenty-five and bet him I could get him off twice in an hour. I did it in thirty-five minutes. He threw in the extra five because I was his best ever. Once I was done I threw up in the ladies room. I hated doing it with him, but for fifteen million it was worth it. Stay here and study while I take a shower. The deal will be finalized on Friday afternoon. You can come if you wish, but only as Paula. I doubt he’ll even know it’s you.” I leaned down and kissed Paula’s forehead as I began the CD again.

I relaxed in the shower as I planned the next steps in Paula’s training. I wanted her to be a sexual being. Men give; women receive. She had to learn to receive in both her holes. Once I had dressed I removed her from the bed. I brought her to the living room where she sat in her place. “Paula, I want you to learn about sex from a woman’s view. You know that women are built to receive. You have two holes that must be trained to receive. Stand up and remove your panties then I want you on all fours in the middle of the room. Paula took only seconds to comply. I kneeled in front of her and showed her the butt plug. “Paula, you will get to know this very well. From this moment forward it will always be in your girl pussy. You may remove it only when you have to move your bowels. When you are done you will clean it in your mouth and return it to its proper place. Now lick it; I will put it into you the first time. We will use this plug for a week then you will move to a slightly larger one. In a few weeks you will be able to accept a large one, the size of a big cock, easily.”

I held the plug so she could lick it and cover it with her saliva. I pushed her head down and told her to relax as I pushed it into her butt. Of course, she tensed her muscles so I spanked her twice to remind her to follow my orders. It was a bit of a struggle, but eventually the plug slid past her stubborn sphincter. “How is that now, Paula? You should feel full, but not pain.”

“Yes, Mistress, it feels like I have to go, but you are right—it does not hurt. I am sorry I resisted. Are you going to punish me? I deserve it.”

“We’ll see, Paula how you do with your cock sucking exercise. Put your panties back on and come over to the chair. Kneel between my legs. OK, now you know how much a man likes to have his cock sucked. I want you to practice on this; I pulled a dildo from the chair. It was mid-sized, about 6-7 inches long and only an inch in diameter. “You’ll need to get all of this into your mouth, like this.” I put the entire dildo into my mouth. “With practice you should be able to get a ten-inch cock into your mouth and throat. You also need to learn to suck a man to completion. You’ll practice that, too. But for now let’s see what you can do with this.” I gave Paula the dildo and watched as she struggled to deal with it. At one point I stopped her. “Paula, you need to breathe through your nose. It’s easy to breathe and suck that way. Now, try it. OK, that’s better, but you only have about four inches in your mouth. Try fucking your mouth with it. Good, you almost got all of it that time. Keep going while I get us a drink.”

I walked to the kitchen, getting a Chardonnay for me and a Coke for Paula. When I returned I was a bit surprised to see that she had swallowed the entire dildo. I patted her head, kissed her and told her she deserved a reward. I laid her on the floor and cuffed her hands behind her back. I removed her cage and took her clit into my mouth. “Pay attention…no drifting off on me. This is a training exercise. Soon I’ll take you to bars so you can pick up men and blow them. You need to practice and there’s no substitute for the real thing, plus you also need practice swallowing. Now watch me.”

I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around the head of her clit. It jumped and throbbed in arousal. “When you do this, Paula, make sure you don’t use your hands. Maybe I’ll cuff them for you. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Holding my hands behind my back I slowly lowered my mouth over her organ. I could see she was paying attention—trying to pick up pointers; I was an excellent sucker of cock.

My head stopped when my lips touched her bare pubis. Her eight inches were deep into my throat. I showed Paula that I was breathing through my nose. I could keep this clit in my mouth indefinitely, but I moved off, sucking fiercely as I did. I pulled all the way off and licked around the head several times. Paula raised her hips in an effort to force the clit into my mouth. A slap to her balls stopped that; she winced and whimpered in pain.

I decided to get to work. I fucked her clit with my mouth, imitating a tight cunt as I drove her to an orgasm. Suddenly she spurted, filling my mouth with her slick white juice. Over and over she repeated until she was spent. I moved over her mouth. She knew what was coming so she opened up. I let her cum drip slowly from my mouth. “Stick your tongue into my mouth…clean all the semen from my tongue and gums.” I leaned down for the kiss and opened my mouth so Paula could clean it. Soon she would clean another man’s cum from my pussy.

By Friday Paula’s training was well underway. She could walk easily in the 4-inch heels and she was becoming adjusted to the feminine clothing, although she had yet to feel comfortable in her corsets even though I planned to constrict her waist twice as much as I was doing so far. All the same, they gave her extremely attractive curves. On Wednesday she spent almost the entire day applying makeup to her face. I had plucked her eyebrows, shaping them in a feminine fashion. She was well on her way to becoming a true sissy slave. Her final orientation would come this weekend when I took her out to a bar where I’d encourage her to flirt shamelessly with anyone within reach.

Paula handled her oral exercises much better than I anticipated, but her anal still needed work. I would reinforce that during her nightly CD sessions. Thursday night her CD reinforced her earlier lessons and built on her sexual lessons of the day:

My name is Paula. I am a sissy slave for my Mistress. I live to obey my Mistress. Every second of my day is spent bringing her joy. I love sex with men and women. I love to suck cock…the bigger the better. I enjoy being fucked in my pussy. It gives me so much pleasure. I love the orgasms being fucked gives me….”

On Wednesday I took some time off to visit Paul’s agency. I explained that he had turned the business over to me for health reasons and that I had sold it to Roger Thorne. That announcement brought a chorus of groans. However, when I told them that they were assured jobs at the same salary many of the staff relaxed and smiled. I wished them well and gave directions for Paul’s personal property. I wasn’t terribly worried; I doubted that she would need any of it in the future.

On Friday I allowed Paula to select her own clothes. She selected crimson lingerie and stockings, a black pleated skirt and a ruffled white blouse. Her makeup was impeccable and with her wig I would have guessed that even her closest friends wouldn’t be able to identify her as my husband. We went out for a late lunch. The restaurant was almost empty when I told her to get under the table and lick my cunt. Her face went red and she was about to complain when I stopped her. “Being a slave means that you do what you are told when you are told to do it. If you hesitate I will definitely punish you when we get home.” Paula dropped her purse and went under the table to retrieve it. She attacked my pussy with tremendous energy. It was all I could do to keep myself from moaning. She brought me to a fantastic orgasm in less than five minutes. I kissed her passionately once she was back in her chair. Several patrons looked and expressed their disapproval, but I didn’t care in the least. We enjoyed our lunch and we went together to the ladies room once we had finished. I stood in the stall and had Paula clean my pussy, licking cum from deep within my cunt.

Paula and I met our attorney outside the Thorne Enterprises door. I introduced Paula as Paul’s twin sister. Gloria looked her over carefully, “You’re much better looking than your brother. I guess that happens with fraternal twins.” I explained that Paul was ill, but that Paula was a successful businesswoman from the Midwest. I wanted her to review the contract prior to signing. We walked together into Thorne’s office where I introduced Paula to the big asshole behind the desk. We reviewed the papers, signed and waited while the wire transfer was completed. I thanked Gloria and paid her for her time. Paula and I kissed and walked down the street hand-in-hand.


I had Paula practice all morning and most of the afternoon on sucking a large dildo—ten inches long and almost two thick. She managed to get more than half of it into her throat, which I considered acceptable considering her limited experience. However, a week from now my expectations would be somewhat higher.

I put her into bed around three for a brief nap, the now familiar earphones firmly in place. I laid out her clothes for the evening—sexy, but not quite slutty, but no bra. I’d use extra tape to firmly secure them in place. I tiptoed out of the room to shower and prepare a few more CD’s. I woke her at six, sending her into the shower. I helped dry her smooth skin, hairless after last evening’s depilation. From what I had read another month of applications would virtually eliminate any future hair from her body. She dressed and sat while I applied her makeup. I put it on a little heavier and sluttier than I had in the past. I wanted to attract attention.

After a leisurely dinner we went out to a bar on the other side of town. I knew it would have a decent crowd, but it was not the kind of place we would ordinarily frequent so I doubted we’d run into any of our friends. We walked in, attracting the attention of several groups of men. I had removed my wedding and engagement rings since taking Paula as my slave. I had already explained to Paula that I no longer considered her to be my husband and that she had none of my husband’s rights. She had never uttered even a single complaint. We sat in a booth and waited a while for the bartender to come over and take our order, “I’ll have a Cosmo. My friend here will have a Sprite.” He looked at us for a minute before his eyes latched onto Paula’s braless tits. Her “nipples’ pressed tightly against the taut material of her blouse. Her corset was pulled an inch tighter tonight, emphasizing the curve of her hips and ass. Her long slender legs were accented by her 4-inch heels.

We were there less than ten minutes when two young guys approached. When I say young I mean they were probably in their mid-twenties, wearing tight T’s and even tighter jeans. “Evening, ladies, what brings you here tonight?”

“Training,” I replied.

“Uh…did you say ‘training’?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll explain.” I continued once they were seated and had introduced themselves, “I’m Liz and this is Paula. She’s my sissy slave. I’m here to give her blowjob training.”

“Excuse me, Ma’am, but what exactly is a sissy slave?”

“Well, to begin with, two weeks ago Paula was my husband Paul. He’s had some really strong submissive inclinations and offered to be my slave. Turning him into a woman…a sissy…was my idea. Cute, isn’t she? I’ll bet both of you could use a great blowjob, couldn’t you?”

“You trying to tell me she’s…uh, he’s a guy?”

“Of course. Go ahead and feel her crotch. It’s OK, isn’t it, Paula dear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied, turning the most delightful shade of red. Gary, the guy on her side of the booth reached down and jumped back in shock, “What the fuck is that?”

“That’s a cock cage. It helps me to control her. So, boys…interested? Just think of her as a she-male. Don’t most guys fantasize about she-males?”

“Well, yeah…I guess,” said Aaron, “Can we fuck her in the ass?”

“Sorry, but she’s not quite ready for that yet. You’ll have to make do with a blowjob, although she’ll be happy to make out with you, too.” They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, nodded and stood. I helped Paula from her seat, paid our bill and we walked out together. On the way out I was asked if I’d join the fun. “Not tonight, sorry, but maybe another time once Paula is more fully trained—trained to clean your cock and suck the cum from my cunt…maybe another month, or so.” We walked to their van I asked them to open the back doors—it was empty, perfect for what I had in mind. The open doors faced the side wall of a three story office building that was closed and dark at this hour.

I snapped my fingers to get Paula’s attention, “Climb in. I want you on your knees. Open his belt and drop his pants. Pull out his cock and suck him off…now.” Gary was the first to enter. He stood slightly bent at the shoulders while Paula removed his pants and pulled his long hard cock from his boxers. She had the cock at her lips when she halted, “I can’t, Mistress. I’m sorry…I just can’t.”

“Of course you can, you stupid twit, but you won’t. Can’t you see that you are embarrassing me?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” she gasped crying now, “I just can’t do it.”

“Very well, Paula, you give me no choice.” I reached in and pulled her out by the neck. I removed her gold chain and replaced it with the pink leather collar. She stood by crying while I spoke to the young men. “Here’s my card with my address and phone number. If you’d care to come by tomorrow evening I assure you a different outcome. Just call around four to confirm. My apologies for this miserable slut’s performance. Come along, Paula.” I yanked the leash and pulled her behind me. I opened the passenger door, but cuffed her behind her back before allowing her to enter.

I started the car and drove off. I was fuming. “I told you I would not punish or humiliate you unless you forced me. Well, you have embarrassed me and I promise you it will be the last time. Since when does a slave decide what she will or will not do? That’s my job, remember?” The rest of the ride was silent other than an occasional sob or whimper coming from Paula. I opened the door and pulled Paula in by her leash. I uncuffed her hands and told her to strip and get onto the bed. Once there I cuffed her hands to the headboard and her feet to the corners of the bed. I removed her cock cage and stroked her cock. It hardened immediately. I stroked it faster and faster; just before she was ready to cum I removed my hand. Her cock/clit throbbed and pulsed madly. I allowed her fifteen minutes to calm down when I repeated, removing my hand just before she was ready to cum. She was crying uncontrollably by the time I’d done it four times. I stopped after the eighth, reminding her, “Nobody likes a cock tease, Paula. Always remember that.”

I rolled her over and pulled her onto her knees. I left her for a minute and returned carrying something she would learn to dread. Pushing her head to the mattress, I pulled her scrotum back behind her legs. A minute later her balls were secure in a humbler. “OK, up on your knees.” She tried to comply, but fell forward in agony as her balls were almost ripped from her body. She fell into a fetal position on her side.
I left, returning seconds later with a syringe. Paula cowered in fear. “Relax, Paula this is the same medication I’ve been giving you every evening, just a stronger dose. After tonight’s performance you need some strong reinforcement. Now hold your arm still. I wiped her arm with an alcohol swab and injected directly into her vein. I covered the wound with a band-aid. I placed the headphones and got a new CD from the office. The injection would put her to sleep, but her normal motions during the night would hurt the hell out of her balls. Psychotropic drugs affected the mind in different ways. Some alleviated pain, others helped control muscular tremors. This one was similar to a “truth serum.” Truth serums didn’t make the subject tell the truth. They reduced his or her resistance to the questions and suggestions of the interrogator. That’s what I had been doing all along with Paula—reducing her inhibitions--her resistance--while building her up into the slave I wanted. It was almost exactly what I had done as a psychologist for the CIA. I was still under contract, but now my responsibilities were mostly as a consultant.

This dose was more than ten times as potent as the tablets. Add her subliminal message and she should be putty in my hands tomorrow. All night and well into the morning she would hear:
“My name is Paula. I am a slut slave girl. I live to serve my Mistress. I need cock as much as I need air or water. I need cock in my mouth. I need cock in my ass. I am only complete when I have a cock. I love to suck a hard cock. I love to swallow semen. I love to kiss men. I want a hard cock in my mouth. I need a hard cock in my ass. I want to suck a man’s semen from his cock. I need to suck a man’s semen from my Mistress’s cunt. I am a complete and total slut. There is nothing I won’t do to get a cock into my mouth….”


I woke early and looked in on Paula. Her balls were swollen and blue, but she was still asleep. I was tempted to remove the humbler, but decided not to. Paula needed a good lesson. Around ten I turned off the CD and removed the humbler. I uncuffed her wrists and shook her to wake her. “Let me see your balls. Oh my, are they as sore as they look? Let this be a lesson to you. I don’t want to hurt you, but I can and will. You forced me to do this. Don’t forget it.” Paula hung her head and cried again.

She looked up at me, “I’m sorry, Mistress. I’ll kiss the men. I’ll suck their cocks. I even want them to fuck my ass. Would you please give me a bigger butt plug? I want to prepare myself for them. I can’t wait until they come tonight. Could you, maybe…please…ask them to come earlier?”

“Remove your plug and clean it. When it is spotless you may put it on the dresser.” Paula pulled the plug from her ass and licked it clean. I could see her licking her own shit. I checked the plug and it was spotless; Paula beamed in pride. I led her to the bathroom where I prepared several enemas of warm soapy water. “Bend over. I’m going to give you several enemas so you’ll be clean inside as well as out. Then I’ll give you the larger plug. You will be ready when they come…if they come.”

“Oh, Mistress, I hope they will. I want to apologize for embarrassing you and I want to suck their beautiful cocks.” I lubed her asshole and inserted the nozzle. The water ran into her rectum. I allowed her to evacuate when the bottle was empty. If I was cruel I could have insisted she hold it, but enough was enough. Her punishment had exceeded the severity of the crime. I repeated the enemas three more times until the water ran crystal clear.

I checked her balls while she sat on the toilet. I rubbed an analgesic cream over them carefully although I could see her wince several times. Paula cleaned her butt and positioned herself over the butt plug I had placed on the floor. Her original plug was an inch and a half in diameter at its widest point and an inch at the base. This one was three inches at the widest and one and a half at the base. She grimaced as she lowered herself, but smiled wonderfully once it was seated. “Is this the biggest you have, Mistress?”

“No, Paula, I still have one bigger, but you’re not ready for that one yet. You’ll be able to take a cock after having this one in you all day. Now let’s have some lunch and pick out your wardrobe for tonight.”
Gary called just after four to see if it was on. “Actually, Paula would like you to come early so she can apologize properly. I have some burgers and salads we could make for dinner so why not come over as soon as you can. Paula will suck you off then we’ll eat and after dinner you can fuck her.”

“How about you?”

“Maybe…we’ll see. This is really about training Paula, you know.”

“Yeah, but I’d like to at least see what you’ve got to offer.”

“Like I said…we’ll see. What do you have to offer?”

“You’ll see…let’s just say I’ve never had any complaints.” I laughed, but he said they could be here in forty minutes. I called Paula to the bathroom to remove her plug. It was a struggle but we did eventually get it out. I dressed Paula in a tight black corset, reducing her waist from 34 inches to 27 and pushing her breast forms up and out. She wore no panties, leaving her stainless cock cage gleaming in the dim light. Her black garter belt held sheer black stocking with lacey tops at mid-thigh; her feet were shod with 4-inch black stilettos. I combed her wig to perfection. Her makeup was really sluttish.

I planned to have her answer the door on her knees. When the bell rang she did answer it, kissing the men’s feet as they entered. She rose and walked them into the living room when I sat patiently. I snapped my fingers and Paula ran to her place, but this time she faced the men hungrily. “Well, Paula, who do you want first?”

“Both of them, Mistress.” I patted her shoulder and she scampered to their feet. She unbuckled their belts and removed their pants and boxers. Two healthy erections stared her in the face. She took Gary’s into her hand and stroked it gently before sucking it deep into her mouth. She stroked Aaron’s cock and fondled his balls carefully. She withdrew almost, but not quite all the way, staring into Gary’s awestruck face the entire time. She licked around the head several times before moving her attention to Aaron’s big cock. Once again she licked before actually sucking, making the huge organ disappear into her mouth. Her mouth was like a vacuum, sucking blood into the organ while simultaneously urging his slick white cum out. Aaron staggered under Paula’s onslaught; Gary’s knees went a bit weak while she slowly, but firmly stroked his saliva-coated cock.

I giggled when Aaron fell to his knees before sliding onto his back, his legs apart with dear sweet Paula between them. She cupped his balls and slid a finger into his asshole. Aaron arched his back and blew into Paula’s mouth five…no, six times. She managed to swallow every drop before licking Aaron’s cock immaculately clean. She kissed the tip then the surprised Aaron’s mouth before turning back to Gary. He could barely stand as she stroked him. His swollen purple head throbbed in Paula’s hand as she licked his shaft teasingly. Again Paula stared into Gary’s eyes as she sucked his hard cock deep into her throat. All nine inches of thick cock meat disappeared, with Paula’s lips firmly entrenched in his pubic hair. Slowly she began to fuck him with her mouth, running her tongue all around his shaft. She increased her pace, sucking even harder. She removed her mouth just before he came, blowing almost three feet into the air before coming to rest on his chest. Paula lovingly licked and sucked every drop before returning to pinch out the last few drops and cleaning his cock.

When she looked at Aaron she could see a drop of semen hanging from the tip of his deflating cock. She rushed over to him and licked it onto her tongue. She kissed each man’s feet, thanking them, “Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you. I am so sorry for my actions last night, not only because I failed to serve you, but because I embarrassed my Mistress. I hope you can forgive me.” They looked at her for a second before falling again to the carpet, totally exhausted.

I called Paula to her place and opened my legs. Paula dove into my cunt, licking my labia before pushing deeply into my core. Watching her service the men had made me really, really horny. If they were going to cum so was I. If Paula continued as she had begun I’d make sure she’d have the orgasm of her life tonight. Paula shifted her tongue to my clit and sucked it between her teeth. I shuddered and shook as came hard, collapsing onto my back as I recovered.

“Say, Liz, we’re naked and Paula is almost there. How about we get a look at you? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We’re not the kind to force you, but we sure would like to see that great body of yours.”

I mulled it over for a few seconds before turning to Paula, “Undress me, Paula…all the way.” Paula began by unbuttoning y blouse and removing my bra. Then she moved town to my skirt. My panties had been left in the bedroom. I kept my sandals on. “I’m sure you’re wondering so I’ll tell you: five feet nine inches, 123 pounds, 34D, 24, 24, and I’m 32 years old.”

“Wow, you’re even more incredible than we thought, right Aaron? You sure got the whole package and a PhD, too. What kind of work do you do?”

“Well, Paula is now retired. She used to have an ad agency, but I sold it recently. I do consulting work for the government. That’s all I can tell you. Why don’t we relax for a bit and then we’ll have Paula rustle up some burgers. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Paula?”

“Yes, Mistress, I exist to serve and please you.”

“Yes, I know that and you have pleased me very much today. Too bad I had to punish you last night. I never want to see that kind of behavior from you again.” Paula hung her head until I pulled her chin up and kissed her, my tongue actively exploring her mouth.

Half an hour later I excused Paula to the kitchen. Aaron moved up onto the couch; Gary leaned against a chair. Both were still naked. “Liz…was Paula really your husband?”

“Yes, she was definitely a he and a very successful executive, but I’ve known about his submissive feelings for a long time. I believe he’s much happier as my slave than he ever was as a business owner with forty employees. Changing him into a sissy—a woman—was my idea, but she has never complained, not even once. If we continue this way I’ll arrange for him to have surgery—fix his adam’s apple, tighten his vocal cords, and some real breasts among other things.”

“Can I ask how you control him so easily?”

“Sure, I’m a psychologist. My thesis dealt with the use of psychotropic drugs to alter behavior. It’s really pretty basic compared to some of the things I do on my job. Keep in mind that this was his idea, part of his submissiveness. There’s a big part of him that wants to obey; it’s his nature to do so. We were married for four years before I took control. I waited until I knew he was ready. That was an important part of the process.”

Paula poked her head in, informing us that the burgers were ready. We went out to the table; Paula sat at her place between my legs and I fed her as always from my fingers. She cleaned up the kitchen as we retired to the living room. Once she was done we went into her room for act two.

I cuffed Paula’s wrists to the headboard so she was lying on her back. I added leather ankle cuffs and pulled her ankles up over her head so her ass was in the air and her crotch was almost in her face. I’d take advantage of that position later when I masturbated her. “OK, who’s going first? Why don’t I have a little drawing? I took a small sheet of paper and wrote the numbers one and two on it before tearing it into two pieces. I moved them behind my back and asked Aaron to choose. He got number two; that meant he’d get the booby prize. “OK, Gary you get the first shot at Paula’s virgin ass. Please use plenty of lube. I don’t want her hurt and I’m sure Aaron will want a shot. Aaron, you get me. You two have made me plenty horny.” I took Aaron by the hand and led him to my bed—it had been a long time since I had been penetrated. I realized now how much I missed it; Aaron had a big enough cock to help me forget in a real hurry.

I pulled Aaron into a deep kiss as we fell onto the bed. I enjoyed the sensation of his hairy body on my sensitive skin. I enjoyed grabbing his hard thick cock even more. I pushed him onto his back and crept between his legs, stroking his heavy balls as I licked up his shaft and around the purple head. Aaron gasped and groaned. He threw his head back and writhed over the bed as I took him completely into my mouth. I sucked him for about twenty seconds, but if I continued I’d never get fucked. I climbed up and straddled his hips, leaning forward to open the drawer of what used to be Paul’s night table. I removed a box of condoms, opened the foil wrapped and put it into my mouth. I moved back and lowered my mouth over his cock, applying the condom tightly to his organ until it was completely covered.

I moved back over his cock and lowered myself, savoring the feeling of stretching my pussy muscles for the first time in months. I pulled back up until the head was just visible before sinking down to fill my tunnel with his thick hard cock meat. I leaned forward, giving him access to my large firm breasts. His mouth immediately found my nipple; he suckled energetically as I began to rock on his erection. I spread my legs further, exposing my hot hard clit even more as I drove it into his abdomen. Faster and faster I rocked, building heat in my cunt both for myself and for Aaron. We thrust together; I knew I was getting close and so was he. Had he not been sucked off by Paula earlier I thought he would have cum in less than a minute—I’m really good at fucking…sucking, too!

We rocked together as we heard Paula and Gary groaning from the other room. Apparently, he had managed to get his cock into her formerly virgin ass. Once I finished with Aaron we’d join them and watch the fun. Suddenly, Aaron stopped; I could feel his muscles tense and then he gave me a ride, driving me more than a foot above the bed. I didn’t complain…that ferocious thrust pushed me over the edge. I came, shaking like a tree in a tornado. It went on for several seconds before we collapsed into each other. I lay there for a few minutes before rolling off. I collected the condom, took his hand, and led him back to Paula’s room.

Gary was kneeling on the bed, his big cock deep in Paula’s ass. He was humping and Paula, despite her bondage was moving back as best she could. I walked to her side and caressed her face. “I have a present for you—open your mouth.” I reversed the condom, placing it on her tongue. “Suck it clean, swirl it in your mouth and swallow. I’ll retrieve the condom in a few minutes.” Paula nodded just as Gary wailed in ecstasy, spraying Paula’s rectum with his cream. When he pulled out I took the condom from Paula and told her to clean his cock. She turned her head to the side and engulfed his cock. After the four enemas it was almost clean, but Paula had tasted her own shit for more than a week, cleaning her butt plug at least once daily. She kissed the tip of his cock and thanked him sincerely and profusely once she was done.

I asked Aaron if he wanted a turn, but he said he was really beat after the fucking I’d given him. I turned my attention to Paula. I unlocked her cock cage and began to stroke her. Her clit was hard in seconds. “Here’s the deal, Paula. I’m going to stroke your clit and when you cum I’m going to aim it at your mouth. Let’s see how much you can swallow. You should be nice and horny after all the action today.” Paula nodded eagerly and opened her mouth. The tip of her clit was only inches from her mouth. I stroked harder and squeezed her balls. She squirted forcefully eight times; I aimed true squarely into her mouth. She licked her lips clean once she was done. I squeezed the last few drops from her clit and she licked my fingers clean. I released her and helped her stand. Aaron and Gary helped by massaging her muscles. They dressed and left as I once again locked Paula into chastity.


I continued my training of Paula, intent on turning her into my sissy slut. I had her pick up men in bars every weekend. She would either give them blowjobs or her ass—her girl pussy. I continued with her medication and her hormones. The dosage I was giving her was more suitable for a cow than a human being, but it was doing wonders for her. Her skin became smooth and feminine. I hadn’t used the depilatory for several weeks and her body hair had not grown back. Her skin was much softer and smoother; her hips had begun to flare and her butt was rounder and fuller. Most noticeable were the budding titties on her chest. I augmented this growth by using a vacuum pump on her nipples several times a day. Her nipples were now more than five times their original size. I was thinking of having them pierced.

I had phoned my hairdresser Cheryl to make an appointment for her. I asked Cheryl for a special appointment, explaining the situation to her. She giggled at first, but when I promised her a $500 tip she shut her mouth in a hurry. I brought Paula to the salon at six when it was officially closed. I introduced Paula to Cheryl and made her raise her skirt, showing Cheryl her cock cage. Cheryl grabbed it and gave it a shake, but kissed her on the cheek as she led her to the chair. She leaned Paula back and washed her hair, blew it dry and cut it shoulder length, adding blond highlights throughout her hair. She gave Paula bangs that fell to the middle of her forehead. Once she was done I had Cheryl pluck and shape her eyebrows—I knew she would do a much better job than I ever could. Paula was amazed when she saw herself in the mirror. She was becoming the perfect little sissy.

She was in the kitchen working when I called her to me. She almost ran to her place between my legs. “I’ve taken an ad on Craig’s List. I want to read it to you: ‘WANTED—well endowed man, drug and disease free for D/s couple. SHE is DOMINANT, 32, 5 feet 9 inches, and 123 pounds—34D, 24, 34 with long slender legs. He is a submissive feminized sissy, 34, 5 feet 10 inches, 140 pounds, in chastity. (S)he will serve us drinks and snacks, grovel at our feet and watch us during our fun to fulfill her submissive humiliation fantasy. She will gladly clean both of us after. You may use her girl’s pussy if you wish.’ What do you think? Did I leave anything out?”

“No, Mistress. I think it is extremely clear. Have you had any replies?”

“I know you can’t wait so I’m pleased to tell you I’m meeting a man for lunch. If it works out OK I’ll bring him back with me. I want you to shower and put on the clothes I’ve left on your bed. Then I’ll cuff your wrists and put on your headphones. Get moving now; I’m giving you fifteen minutes.”

Paula was left on her bed, wearing her crimson panties, garter belt, stockings, and bra filled now with heavy D-cup breast forms. With her growing hips and ass she looked really hot. I placed her headphones and CD on to reinforce her training.

I met Glenn in front of Olive Garden; he was dressed in a grey tweed sport coat and blue oxford shirt with light tan slacks and brown loafers. He was freshly showered and shaved; I was impressed. We introduced ourselves and were shown to a booth. He sat opposite me so I got up and joined him on his side of the table. We flirted shamelessly and kissed like lovers, even though we were almost total strangers. I rubbed his leg, smiling when I felt the large bulge in his pants. “Hmmm, I think we should do something about that, don’t you?”

He gulped a bit, “You know, I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m a little nervous, especially about your husband.”

I laughed. “Glenn, you have to believe me…Paula will not be a problem. She will wait on us hand and foot. When she’s not otherwise occupied she will be sitting between my legs. That’s her place, you see. After we fuck I’ll call her and she’ll clean your cock until it’s spotless. I’ll also have her clean my pussy and suck all your delicious cum out of me. You can fuck her ass if you want…she’ll love it and she’ll clean your cock again. I’ve had her pick up men in a bar over the past few weeks. They all had a great time with her. If she’s really good I’ll jerk her off and you can watch if you like.”

“What on earth could make a man do stuff like that?”

“It’s a bit hard to explain, but basically she has a need to serve, especially a strong woman like me. I don’t want to go into the details, but she needs this as much as she needs air or water. Shall we go?” I led him out by the hand. He followed me to our house where I explained that Paula was cuffed in her room. I showed him to her door; Paula was on her bed, eyes closed listening to the tape. I stopped it and uncuffed her. She saw we had company so she jumped up and fell to her knees. She kissed my feet then slid to Glenn and kissed his shoes. I led both of them to the living room; Paula served us drinks while we moved together, kissing and touching each other—preparing each other for the fucking to come. “Paula, come over here and help get Glenn ready. You can use your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied as she slid in front of Glenn. She opened his belt and slid down his pants, hanging them neatly on the back of a chair. She removed his boxers and folded them neatly on the chair before returning to fondle and rub his growing cock. She began by licking around the head and rubbing her tongue around his urethra. His cock throbbed when she ran her tongue down the ultra-sensitive underside—he was ready.

“Thank you, Paula…now you can prepare me.” She slid back and moistened my cunt with her tongue until it tingled. I rose and extended my hand to Glenn. “Do you want to watch, Paula? Come along if you do, however I will expect you to be silent until we are done.” Paula followed us and kneeled at the side of the bed while I undressed and pulled the now naked Glenn onto the bed with me. We rolled around for almost fifteen minutes while we kissed and rubbed each other. Eventually, Glenn found himself between my legs. “Condom?” he asked.

“I think not, Glenn. I want Paula to experience sucking cum from my pussy. I hope you’re going to give me a really good load. Now be a good boy and shove it in me.” He did and he was. Glenn had a big cock—bigger than my former husband—and he really knew how to use it. He gave me a ride I’ll never forget and he was able to hold his orgasm until I reached mine. I was panting wildly when he came in me. I felt filled with his juice. He rested on my body for perhaps ten minutes before stirring. I snapped my fingers for Paula—she moved to the bedside, kneeling and mouth appropriately opened wide.

Glenn swung his legs over onto the floor and Paula took him easily into her mouth, cleaning both my juices and his semen from his organ. When she was done I had her lie on the bed while I straddled her mouth. She used her tongue to cleanse my thighs before licking the inside of my cunt. I dropped a huge cream pie into her mouth. She gobbled it down eagerly. Unfortunately, Glenn was spent and turned down the chance to fuck her ass. We chatted for a while until he decided to dress and leave. The experience was fun, but it left me somewhat disappointed and disillusioned. I missed my husband; I needed to speak with Paula.


I waited a few days, needing the time to plan my approach. On Friday morning I called Paula to me. She sat, as usual, between my legs. “No, Paula…I want you on the couch with me. We need to talk.” I waited until she sat next to me. I could see she was nervous. “What is your name?” I asked.

“Paula, Mistress…you know that.”

“What was your name before it was Paula?” She looked confused and concerned. “Hold out your arm. I need to give you an injection. I’ve been giving you medication to help you adjust to your new life, but now I need for you to remember your old life.” She held out her arm and I injected the antidote directly into her vein. I waited half an hour and asked again. “What was your name before it was Paula?”

She thought for almost a minute before answering, “Was it Paul, Mistress?

“Yes, dear and what was your relationship to me?”

“Your husband, Mistress?”

“Yes, that’s very good. Now I have to talk to you about your future. We have gone just about as far as we can with you as you are. We are at a crossroads and I can only see three options as we move forward. The first is that we could go back to the way we were before you submitted to me.”

As I anticipated Paula moved immediately to the floor between my legs, instantly in tears. “Oh, please, Mistress…don’t cut me loose. I love serving you. I loved you before but I wasn’t happy. That’s why I buried myself my work. You never met my parents. If you did you would understand. My mother was strong and beautiful. She made me serve her; I was taught to serve a strong woman. I’d be lost without that. I…I…”

I took her head in my hands and soothed her, “I know all about it, Paula. I’ve always known about it, even before we were married. I know your father was your mother’s slave. I know she made him…and you…go naked in your house. I know she made you serve her sexually until she died in that plane crash. I know everything about you.”

Paula looked up as I wiped the tears from her eyes and face, “But…how?”

“What kind of work do I do, Paula? Who do I work for?”

“Uh, some kind of psychology for the government…that’s all I know.”

“I work for the CIA, Paula. I look at interrogation tapes and make recommendations as to drugs and techniques. It’s top secret so you were completely vetted when we began dating. I have a forty-page report in my safe that tells all about you.”

“Mistress, why did you take so long to make me submit?”

“Paula, I didn’t make you submit, did I? You asked for it. I wanted to wait until you were ready so you would be committed. It was a big change, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t cut you loose. I will continue to serve as your Mistress and control your every action.”

“Thank you, Mistress…thank you. I love you, Mistress. I need your strength.”

“That still leaves us with two alternatives. First, you should know that almost everything I did with you can be reversed. If I stop the hormones your natural testosterone will reverse the changes to your body so in a few months you could completely be a man again. You’d still be my slave because that’s what we both want, but you would be a man. I tell you that because if you decide to continue as a woman I would want you to have several surgeries. I’ve already discussed this with a plastic surgeon—your nose, made thinner and straighter, your chin made more graceful. I’d give you breasts—real ones, no more breast forms and some touches to your lips and hips and butt to make you even sexier than you are now. You’d be a real beauty by the time you were done.

“Now, I want you to know that whatever you decide—male or female—you are getting your marital rights back. I will still keep you in chastity, but I will allow and even encourage you to fuck me so that should not be a consideration. I don’t want your answer now. I want you to think about it and do what will make you happiest. I will be happy whatever you decide. Now, I want you to come up here and kiss me.”

Paula rose up on her knees and leaned into my kiss. She opened her mouth and our tongues met in glorious love and lust. I pushed Paula back onto the floor and straddled her legs as I removed the wrench and opened her cock cage. I moved forward and lowered myself onto her rock hard cock. I didn’t expect her to last long—this was the first time she had fucked in almost six months. She’d come hard in my pussy and then I’d make her eat it. Paula would love the entire experience.

We began to move together and as I expected she came almost immediately. Eight times she shot her load deep into my pussy before she settled down, almost unconscious from the stress of cumming so hard. I rolled over and moved my cum-filled pussy over her mouth. I didn’t have to say a word. She began to lick and suck almost immediately. I could feel big globs of semen dripping into her mouth. Paula’s only reaction was to lick and smile.

I allowed Paula to wash herself and replace her cage. She handed me the wrench and it went back around my neck. I left Paula alone for the rest of the day. That night she slept in the same bed with me, something she had not done since her first day as a slave. The following morning she gave me her decision. I kissed her and told her I approved.


I told Paula that I would gladly move to an area where we were completely unknown to save her from being embarrassed. Her response was that she was proud of our relationship and saw no reason to hide it. I scheduled a coming out party for her.

All our guests were gathered in our living room; I had served the first round of drinks and snacks. Several of our closest friends inquired about Paul. “This party is for Paul,” I told them. “I know you haven’t seen much of him for the past nine months and after tonight you’ll know why. There has been a big change in the nature of our relationship.

“I learned some time ago that Paul grew up in what could be best described as a female domination household. Paul’s mother was an extremely strong and dominant woman. Her husband was a slave to her. He was naked all the time he was home. Paul’s mother beat him regularly if he didn’t measure up, and from what I understand that was often. His father worked forty hours a week and did everything at home, too while his mother devised new tortures for him. I mention all this because she treated Paul exactly the same way—naked and beatings. Paul was conditioned from the age of four to adore and serve a woman. Worse than all this—Paul’s mother also used him sexually from age five until she died on 9/11.

“About nine months ago Paul indicated that he wanted to submit to me…submit to my authority and control. I remember asking him if he voluntarily gave himself to me…to serve me and obey…to be my property. He agreed eagerly. Later I took control of his assets giving him another chance to back out. This was not only what he wanted. It was what he needed. However, when I took control I told Paul that what I wanted was a sister or a girlfriend. I have turned him into a woman…Paula.

“I’ve told you all this so you will understand when Paula joins us. Everything about her is a female except for her sexual organs. I control them as much as I control her, but I do allow her to have regular orgasms and recently I have re-established normal sexual relations between us. Other than that she is a downright slut—exactly what I made her. Because this is her coming out party she will perform whatever sexual acts you wish. So gals, if you’ve wanted your hubby to eat you out and he’s refused this is your chance. Guys, if you’ve wanted a blowjob or anal, once again this is your chance. She’ll also be pleased to do couples simultaneously. Oh and, ladies, I understand now why men love to play with our titties--it's so much fun!”

Everyone looked stunned as I walked to the hallway. I opened the door to my office and Paula stepped out. There were gasps of amazement. Roger probably summed up everyone’s feelings when he exclaimed “Holy shit!” Paula wore a simple skin-tight black dress that hugged her curves and showed off her DD breasts with a slit in front all the way down to her navel. She wore five-inch heels and her hem came just below her sculpted ass showing off her long slender legs. She sashayed to the center of the room, turning around to give everyone a closer look. I was thrilled that nobody expressed any anger, disgust or negative feelings.

“Paula, will you service any of our guests tonight?”

“Yes, Mistress, I will gladly service all of them…the men and the women, both.”

“Then I think you should disrobe. I don’t want you ruining your dress.” Paula did a slow and sensual striptease, laying her clothes over the back of a chair. The men couldn’t take their eyes off of her breasts—they were beautiful, the work of one of the country’s finest plastic surgeons. They were modeled after Kate Upton’s. When she shed her panties everyone could see her cock cage. “Can I touch it?” It was MJ, Robin’s wife. She touched the cage and felt Paula’s balls. Once the ice was broken almost all the women examined or handled it.

“OK, who’s first? Remember that this is only sex. It doesn’t mean that Paula is sexually or romantically interested in your spouse.” I saw Roger raise his hand, “I’ve always wanted a blowjob, but Katy doesn’t want any semen in her mouth so….” Paula crawled over to him and dropped his pants, pulling his erect cock from his briefs. She attacked it with the same zeal she had used on Gary and Aaron so many months ago. Once Roger was done, MJ was the next to volunteer. Paula laid her on the carpet and climbed between her legs. She attacked her pussy just as she had attacked mine so many times recently. Later Robin wanted to try anal and was amazed when Paula cleaned his dirty cock in her mouth. Over the next two hours every guest had sampled Paula’s wares. Paula was covered in cum and pussy juice. “Paula, I think you should take a quick shower. Then dress again in the clothes on your dresser.”

“Yes, Mistress…thank you, Mistress for allowing me to serve you.” I kissed her cheek and sent her on her way. There was a momentary lull before Robin spoke up, “Damn, I couldn’t beat him from the men’s tees. I guess now she’ll hit from the women’s. That just isn’t fair.”

“Yeah, but look at it this way—you’ll get to look at those tits for four and a half hours and again in the restaurant later.”

“That brings up a question, Liz…what rest room does she use?”

“Can you see anyone who looks like that going into the men’s room?” I replied.

“Yeah, well I’d love to see her in the men’s room…or any room, for that matter. Liz, she’s gorgeous.”

“That’s nice of you to say, but it would be better if you told her. She’s still a bit insecure, although this party and all of you will go a long way to correcting that.” The party broke into groups as every party does, but the conversation still centered on Paula and her conversion. When she reappeared after her shower she was dressed all in pink—bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings with shiny black five-inch heels that screamed, “Fuck me!” She moved through the room totally at ease and even more important, so was everyone else. Paula had been accepted.

It was almost a month later that we were invited to another party. MJ and Beth told us they were having a ceremony and wanted to celebrate it with us and our circle of friends. Paula and I were confused, but I told her to telephone and accept. On Saturday night we arrived at MJ’s house just after eight. “You’re just in time,” MJ exclaimed, “C’mon in and enjoy the spectacle.” Paula and I walked in. I had her by her leash attached to her pink leather collar. Standing in the living room, hands cuffed behind them around columns at the entry to the dining room were MJ’s and Beth’s husbands, both of them totally naked.

MJ acted as emcee, “Beth and I have to thank Liz and, of course you, Paula for showing us the way—the way to controlling our husbands who have required a lot of patience for their bad behavior and lousy performance in bed. We gave them a choice--get locked up or get out. You can guess their response. Tonight they are going to be chastised.” She and Beth brought out stainless steel cock cages, affixed the ring to their genitals and slid their soft cocks into the tubes. They locked the tubes in place and kissed their husbands. They released them, but kept their wrists cuffed behind their backs and their bodies naked. Periodically through the party they required their husbands to eat their pussies and bring them to orgasm. “That’s the first orgasm he’s given me in more than a year. I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot more before I let him out to enjoy himself. Thanks so much, Liz.”

Paula took one look at me and fell to her knees. In a second she was into my pussy and I was squirming in delight. Every woman should have a slave.


2018-04-05 22:45:39
What some readers might not understand or appreciate is that this is the story of a LOVING couple; the dominant wife loves her sissy hubby, who wants nothing more than to serve and please her. Congratulations, very satisfying on every level.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-08 01:14:14
Personally I do not see why she had to take feminizing her husband (whome she is supposedly loves) to such extremes as she did. I myself have a sub for a partner and see no reason whatsoever to start dergrading him as you have done. Spoils the story completely...

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-20 19:04:03
To be frank, I found this very disturbing and had doubts about reading part 2. I'm glad that part 2 had a happy, ''normal'' ending.

Although, why are comments disabled on part 2?

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2013-03-11 14:52:25
I agree more with the first comment. This woman isn't a real domme, she's a wife who wants to see to her husband's needs. She promised him she wouldn't torture or humiliate him and she kept her word. I thought it was kind of funny whan she told him his name was going to be Paula.

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2013-03-10 07:14:14
Kind of boring =(

The dom was predictable, self-obsessed, and not very ambitious. You could have removed her husband entirely, exchanging him for some random schmuck, and it wouldn't have made a difference, because at its heart, this story was really 'only' about her and her desires - which might not have been so bad if she wasn't so damn unimaginative...

It started off wonderfully demented (albeit cliche) as she convinced herself she was doing it for 'his' sake, but quickly deteriorated from there. What was the point? She's broken him; left nothing but a vacant husk.

A blank slate, vast millions at her disposal, and she gets... a high-maintenance vibrator? You can do better than that.

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