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The thief's Reward: A Medieval Rape Story

The square was quiet, still with the cool early morning air. Not a guard was in sight along the distant walls, not a single peddler was up setting up his booth. It was early and that was exactly why he was where he was, no one would see him.
He crossed the cobblestones quickly and quietly, moving up behind the figure fastened into the heavy wooden stocks that occupied the raised stone platform right beside where they held the beheadings.
She was young, a servant girl, and just yesterday she had been caught stealing her masters jewelry and summarily sentenced to a fortnights punishment in the stocks.
Circling behind her he didn't fail to notice the curve of her body through the folds of her rumpled, tattered dress, or her long legs where she knelt on the pavement. She had been forced to her knees and then her head and hands had been placed through an opening in the wooden stocks which had been closed and locked, pinning her in place.
After she had been pelted by fruit and insulted for nearly an hour, many of the towns citizens had lost interest and resumed their daily routine, right up through sunset.
Now, she knelt much as she had during the heat of the day, but had finally fallen asleep sometime during the night. Listening to her even breathing as he approached, he knew he would have the upper hand only if he moved quickly.
Moving in front of the stocks he pulled the length of thick cloth from his pocket and held it by either end. Her head hung through the front of the stocks, she rested with her mouth open, her face streaked with dirt and tears from her torment.
He pulled the cloth quickly into her mouth and tied it in a knot behind her head, knowing speed was essential. She awoke from her fitful dreams with a start, but try as she might her screams were absorbed by the bitter tasting rag.
Moving around behind her while she blinked in fright, suddenly and terribly awakened, but saw no one. Stepping up behind her he lifted the back of her dress, exposing her legs to the cool morning breeze.
She shivered and struggled against her stocks, suddenly painfully aware of what was to come. When she began to lash out with poorly coordinated kicks he forced her to cross her ankles and tied them together with another rag.
This reduced her antics to flailing, bucking movements not unlike horses he had seen hobbled during the breaking process. He decided to see what he could do about breaking this little philly in.
Pulling her simple dress unceremoniously up and over her hips he slid it up to her shoulders and deposited it there, letting it hang down in front of her. Head and arms pinned as they were, she still continued to struggle against her bonds, turning the fading red marks bright with friction against the wood grain.
Like most servant girls, her bare skin was white from a lifetime spent indoors, her neck and arms only slightly darker where they had caught a stray ray of sunlight. He ran eager hands down her sides and over her tender young ass, squeezing what she never would have offered otherwise.
One hand found her young vagina and probed it slowly, tauntingly while the other searched out her small breasts and fondled each in turn. Nodding to himself when he found her hymen intact he began to work her tenderest flesh slowly, patting, then stroking, then pulling gently.
He knew from experience that her body would moisten those areas even against her wishes, albeit somewhat more slowly than if she were a willing participant.
Running a hand through her dirt brown hair that hung down over her bare shoulders he felt her tremble with fright, heard her sob into the dirt gag. One hand in her pussy he stroked and tweaked her nipples until the combination of his attention and the night air had them hardening quite nicely.
Nodding in satisfaction he checked the street again and plunged his fingers into her vagina, working her clitoris and deeper fast and hard. Her bottom was bobbing with shock and fright until he pushed one hand down on her young ass and handled her with the other.
Her sobs were becoming hysterical as she struggled, but with his larger frame pinning her ankles to the cold paving stones, there was little she could do to resist. Still, resist she did.
When no one heard her muffled outcries, she continued to pull at the stocks until the red around her wrists and neck had turned brilliant and raw with the action.
Still he worked her tenderest flesh the way he would milk an old dairy cow. Finally satisfied that her young body was ready for him he stood and unfastened his pants.
She tried to struggle to her feet, but his feet on top of hers combined with the unrelenting stocks made this action futile.
When this didn't work she tried to pull her pelvis forward, to keep him away from his target, but this too was in vain.
Within moments she felt the head of his thick cock pressing against the outer part of her vagina, felt it slowly pressing in. Although he had no love for the girl he saw no need in destroying her, and made sure he took his time impressing his will on her previously untouched body.
Once he had thrust far enough to maintain his hold he pulled the lips of her quivering vagina aside, making sure not to tear her lest any of the townsfolk see it later. He was determined to leave little evidence behind to his crime.
Standing, he thrust smoothly, deeply until he felt her hymen break and felt her entire body rack with the sudden sensation. Pulling back he eased in again, seeing a tiny spot of blood ringing his penis that confirmed she was no longer a virgin.
Nodding he thrust again, and again, and again, listening to her sob into the gag, feeling her body tremble with terror as he took what he had no right from her.
Reaching around with his left arm and wrapping it around her bare waist he continued to increase the tempo, watching her ass bob as he forced himself in and out of her young body.
Again and again he thrust, then pulled out, satisfied that he head reached the deepest recesses of his captive. Rubbing his fingers in and out he wiped enough of the vaginal secretions and tiny traces of blood away to sufficiently lubricate his second objective.
Convinced that the worst was over he felt her sag under him, but only momentarily. Running his fingers over her ass hole he worked the fluid into her tiny anus, probing it first with one finger, then joining a second and third to the task.
Though it would never open wide enough on its own, he knew that the liquid would help ease the way and pressed his penis against his tiny target.
When she squeezed her bottom together he slapped her on the rump hard enough to cause her to jerk in shock. Every time she jerked, he would thrust just a little further, every time he slapped her on the ass she would jerk.
This went on for over a minute until the full length of his penis had invaded her anus and she was quivering in pain and fright. He was certain she had never heard of such a thing in her short life, and that getting raped in the vagina had been the worst of her young fears.
Such naivity had now been broken as easily as he had her tender hymen and he satisfied himself inside of her in ways she would never have imagined or permitted were she able.
Her tiny ass was even tighter than her pussy, and he worked his free hand inside of her already sloppy vagina even as he thrust steadily in and out of her bare ass.
Eyes closed in lust, standing on his tiptoes he pounded her young body for several minutes, feeling his balls swell with sperm as his penis rubbed against the insides of his captive.
She passed the time in near silence, though not by choice, the only sound she was capable of making at this point was an agonized, muted sob. When her fright finally got the best of her, she began to pee all over his fingers, her body heaving as she struggled to remain conscious.
One hand still inside of her vagina he worked his unwilling partner until he felt her go limp and knew she had passed out. Eyes squeezed shut he pulled out and plunged back into her stinking vagina, working his penis hard and fast.
Pulling her legs together he pounded the tiny genitals as hard as he could, fully intending to wake her up. Instead he himself jerked through an orgasm, shooting his full load into her young, unresisting, unaware insides.
Aware that daylight was soon upon him he fastened his clothing around him and picked up the bucket of water he had brought along for the occasion.
Splashing it over her violated anatomy he washed away the majority of the evidence onto the cobblestones, finally succeeding in waking her. Body shaking with cold and shock she trembled as he pulled her dress back down and tiptoed quietly from the courtyard.
He decided as he left the square that if the sentence continued into the next night she would probably have earned another visit from him.

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