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Scum trick and force mother then enjoy daughter too.
Ashley dashed out of school thrilled to be free of classes. On this, the last day of school before Easter break, she wore her freshly pressed, clean school uniform: crisp white blouse, navy wrap-around tartan skirt, long blue socks, black pumps and a navy blazer. Underneath she wore the white cotton bra and panties her mother had bought for her. Her long red carrot-top hair was in a pony.

In high spirits she rushed to her mom waiting by their expensive BMW. Mrs Marie Upshaw, wearing her long blond hair loose today, smiled at her daughter. Mrs Upshaw wore her new chic red knee length skirt, white silk blouse and red high heels. Underneath she wore mid thigh fishnet stockings. She planned to tease her husband later with the stockings, that is, if he managed to get home from work. Her hot-shot lawyer husband was always late and always so conscious of his public image. He would tolerate not the slightest hint of a scandal that might damage his standing in the community.

I watched from the window of our travel trailer. We had put out our old wooden hand-painted sign that said:

Top Model Agency

Pete, Chad and me were working the Model Agency Scam this week. We conned mothers into paying $750 for talent photos of their daughters. Of course, once we got the money, we just skipped to the next town. We got their money, they never got the photo session. The scam was good for about $6,000 per week.

Last week we got a little extra -- we conned a couple school girls, drugged them and enjoyed their fresh nubile bodies. Yum.

So far today no takers. Hopefully that would change in the next few minutes. School was getting out. Rich-looking parents waited in the parking lot.

Marie Upshaw glanced at the trailer sitting in the corner of the lot. She grinned upon seeing the sign: a modelling agency! That would be a perfect Easter present for Ashley.

Pointing at the trailer, Mrs Upshaw said, “Ashley, how would you like to be a model?”

Ashley tried not to groan. Another of her mother’s goofy ideas. Why would she want to be a model? All she wanted was a nice quiet room and some good books.

Ashley gave a small smile and replied, “Well, Ok, if you think so.”

Marie put her arm around Ashley and they headed toward the trailer.

I called to Pete and Chad, “Couple suckers on the way. Get ready to take their money.”

Chad grumbled, “It’s Friday. I just want a good fuck. Some girlie we can take turns holding down.”

Pete added, “Yeah. Something with a bit of fight.”

I agreed. But, money first, find a fuck later.

I opened the door to greet the woman and her daughter. The woman had money written all over her. This would be easy. Maybe we should up the price to $1,500. After that we could go downtown and find some drunk chick to screw.

“Hello Ma’am. How can we help you today?” I gave them my best upright, honest smile.

“We saw your sign. You’re looking for models?” Mrs Upshaw asked.

“Certainly. Were you interested or would it be your daughter?” A bit of flattery always made the purses open easier.

Mrs Upshaw smiled, “My daughter always wanted to be a model. Can we come inside and talk?”

This one was sold already. A mere $2,000 for the photo session. Yes, open your purse sweet little bitch I thought.

Ashley piped up, “Mom. I don’t …". Her mother hushed her up right away.

An eager Mom and a reluctant daughter. How nice.

“Of course, come on in. This is Chad and Pete, my associates.” I ushered them in.

Pete smiled and had the mother sit at the table we used for a desk. The daughter sat on the sofa and helped herself to the refreshments on the side table. The refreshments were brownies laced with a cheap hallucinogen -- if you ate them you would be unable to think clearly and your good judgement would fade. It helps in parting suckers from their money.

Pete got their names and gave the mother the pitch, he gave her a brownie too. Very nice people. I like to take money from nice people. Gives me a warm feeling. The mother, Marie Upshaw nodded eagerly as she munched on the brownie.

I rolled my eyes as Chad pulled out a modelling contract.

Mrs Upshaw slowly read the contract. She paused looking a bit uncomfortable and said, “It says the model must be at least 18 yrs old. Isn’t that unfair?”

Ashley let out a sigh of relief as she reached for another of our special brownies.

Chad said, “That’s the law. We’re really scrupulous about following the law. Just sign and we’ll arrange the photo session.”

Mrs Upshaw thought about it, then said, “Of course I’ll sign. Ashley is definitely 18.”

Ashley’s eyes widened, “Mom! I’m not …".

“Hush Ashley, I’ll take care of this.Her mother gave Ashley a sharp look, signed the paper and pulled out $2,000 cash.

Cash! We wouldn’t have to worry about a stop payment on a check.

Chad took the cash and gave Mrs Upshaw a brownie and handed another brownie to Ashley. After 4 brownies, Ashley would soon be in la-la land and her mother would be getting a bit dizzy from her second brownie.

I looked at the brownies, then I looked at Chad. He was looking at Ashley and trying to stifle a leer. I looked at Pete. He was staring at Ashley. His hand was in his pocket. He seemed to be rubbing something. I sighed. Well, obviously our fuck chick was near at hand. Now how would we get our hands on the goods?

I nodded to Pete and Chad, stepped into the other room to take a blue pill so I would be up for a little fun (actually I took 3 of the pills, just in case) and came back with a nasty looking hunting knife which I instantly stuck under Ashley’s cute little chin.

Pete grabbed Mrs Upshaw putting his large hand over her mouth. Chad just giggled.

The ladies faces went ash white although their eyes seemed to be slightly out of focus. Good old brownies.

I said, “Let’s celebrate. Ashley. Strip. To the skin.” My hand slowly slid down her ashen cheeks to her neck and then to the top of her blouse. Her mother struggled frantically.

Holding the knife to Ashley’s throat, I motioned for Mrs Upshaw to calm down. Pete took his hand off her mouth.

Mrs Upshaw breathed in and out rapidly, eyes wild with fear. She begged, “Please, don’t touch Ashley. She’s my only daughter. Please don’t touch her. Please.”

“Why not?” Chad interjected. He wanted Ashley, right now!

Mrs Upshaw’s eyes welled up with tears, “I’ll do anything. Just don’t touch her. Anything! Please!”

Chad grinned, “OK. We’ll leave her alone. But you have to take her place. You can do all three of us. And you better be good. Understand?”

Mrs Upshaw sobbed, “Just don’t hurt her. Please. I’ll do whatever you want. Just leave Ashley out of this.”

I put in, “No problem. You fuck us. And everybody will be happy. Ashley will be perfectly safe.”

I stuffed a rag in Ashley’s mouth, taped her mouth, tied her hands to a hook over the door and turned her so she could watch her mother. Ashley squirmed as my hands roamed over her pert little breasts while I waited for Chad and Pete to get started on Mrs Upshaw. I figured I’d enjoy the show while waiting for my blue pills to do their job.

Pete held the mother’s hands behind her back while Chad, leering crazily, reached out, grabbed the top of her white silk blouse and ripped downward.

Mrs Upshaw gasped as the buttons went flying all over exposing her thin front-loading red bra. Her breasts heaved. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She begged, “Please don’t hurt me. Please.”

Chad just grabbed the front of her bra and yanked it so hard that the fasteners snapped letting her full breasts pop out. She twisted and struggled but could not escape Pete’s grip.

Chad giggled, grabbed both nipples and twisted. Mrs. Upshaw shrieked. After pulling the nipples a few times and kneading her full breasts, Chad reached down and tore off Mrs. Upshaw’s chic red knee-length skirt.

We all whistled. Underneath she wore red bikini panties and mid-thigh length fishnet stockings.

Very yummy. I felt a slight stir from my pecker (I sure hoped the blue pills would stiffen it soon.) My hand slid up Ashley’s tartan skirt feeling her smooth legs until they reached her panties. My finger slid inside seeking her thatch. Ashley continued squirming but her eyes had glazed over due to the brownies. My other hand tore one of the buttons off her blouse so I could get a feel inside.

Meanwhile Chad had dropped his pants, hauled off his shirt and let his shorts fall to the floor. Mrs. Upshaw tried to turn her head to avoid looking but Pete forced her to take a good look at Chad’s hard rod.

Chad reached over and ripped off Mrs. Upshaw’s red bikini panties revealing her black thatch and delicious ass. He stepped forward to let his rigid cock graze against her thatch and, grabbing her stocking covered legs, lifted them to waist level and aimed his cock directly at her waiting cunt.

Despite Mrs. Upshaw’s struggles, she was unable to escape Pete’s iron grip. Her eyes went wild as Chad’s cock touched her cunt. Wilder still as he pushed her cunt lips apart, put oil on his cock and started pushing in. It slid in very easily because of the oil.

My own cock felt like it was beginning to stiffen. My hand was inside Ashley’s blouse squeezing her tits through her bra. My crotch was pressed hard against her firm ass. My other hand was slowly stroking her cunt hairs through her panties. Ashley had stopped squirming and had gone limp. The brownies seemed to have done their job just fine.

Chad was all the way inside Mrs. Upshaw now and was slowly moving in and out. No hurry. Just in, out, in, out. Each time he made sure he shoved in as far as possible. Mrs. Upshaw’s legs would kick but there was nothing she could do to dislodge Chad. As he stroked in and out, he held both her full breasts and kneaded them as hard as he could alternating between squeezing and pulling. His fingers were leaving red marks on her tits.

I couldn’t see her cunt at this point, just Chad’s ass going in and out. Her boobs were visible though.

Chad’s pumping speeded up. In, out, in, out, faster, faster. Suddenly he gasped, spasmed and I knew Mrs. Upshaw had received a big sperm packet. I idly wondered if she had an egg ready.

Mrs. Upshaw seemed to be sobbing as Chad pulled out. He slapped her tits a few times before nodding to Pete and saying, “Your turn.”

My cock felt hard now. The blue pills had worked. I hoped the dose was enough to keep me hard for a while because I had two bitches to fill up. I pushed harder against Ashley’s butt.

Mrs. Upshaw, sobbing, sank to her knees as Pete released her arms. Chad stepped behind her, took her arms and held them behind her back just as Pete had done. His cock, still hard, was pressed hard against her back.

Pete took the opportunity to fling off his clothes before standing in front of Mrs. Upshaw to let her see his raging ramrod. More tears poured down her cheeks. Pete grinned and politely asked, “Ma,am you look hungry. Here’s a nice hot sausage for you. Enjoy.”

Mrs. Upshaw shook her head and begged, “No, please. Not that. Please.”

Pete just snorted slapped her face, squeezed her mouth open and stuck his ‘sausage’ right in. He pushed it in hard. Mrs Upshaw gagged. Pete pulled out. Then shoved it right back in even harder. Holding Mrs Upshaw’s head in a tight grip he started pumping and pumping letting his balls slap her chin as his cock assaulted the back of her throat.

Pete pumped for a long time. Must have been 5 minutes. In and out, his cock just kept on fucking the lady’s mouth. Nonstop. Amazing. I continued enjoying the show until finally he let out a loud grunt, slowed down, stopped and slowly, proudly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

He held his hand tightly over her mouth to prevent anything from leaking out. We all laughed at the look on Mrs. Upshaw’s face as Pete’s sperm slid down her throat. Her face, beet red, was covered in tears.

By now, my cock was unbelievably hard. I wondered if, maybe, I’d taken too many blue pills.

In fact, my cock was so hard it hurt. I needed relief quickly.

I stripped in front of Mrs Upshaw so she could get a real good look. So she could see the hardness of my ramrod. She tried to look away, then I grinned and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to touch you.”

I turned to Ashley. Untied her and let her fall to the floor.

Mrs Upshaw sobbed, “NO! NO! You promised! Don’t touch her. You promised.”

While ripping off Ashley’s crisp white blouse, I politely answered, “We lied.”

Pete stuffed some cloth in Mrs Upshaw’s mouth so she wouldn’t make too much noise.

Next I simply pulled down Ashley’s navy tartan skirt. That left her in an ordinary white bra and panties. Cute.

I used my knife to cut off the bra and panties. Much better. A true redhead. Flaming red cunt hairs. Nice. Even her small nipples had a reddish-orange tinge.

Ashley mumbled something and tried to push me away but she was too far gone in la-la land.

Anyway, my cock hurt. I needed relief.

I knelt between her knees parted her cunt hairs to find her hole and eagerly shoved my cock in seeking relief. Part way in I felt an obstruction. Annoying. I shoved hard to get past the obstruction. Ashley gasped and cried out. I didn’t care. My cock was now all the way in. At last some relief. I started drilling her as hard and fast as I could while watching her nubile young tits sway in circles. Her eyes remained glazed although she seemed in some minor pain.

Harder I pumped, harder I shoved. My balls tightened. I felt a blast of relief. I sighed as my sperm raced to its goal. I hoped an egg was ready.

Pulling out I noticed my cock was covered in red. That’s when I realized what the obstruction was -- I’d just had myself a virgin. God I was proud of myself!

But my cock was still too hard and still hurt. I needed more relief.

I looked at Mrs Upshaw, grinned and said, “Your turn. You can help me get your daughter’s juices off my cock.” She looked absolutely horrified.

I made her bend over, ass in the air, tits hanging down, elbows on the floor where she could get a good view of Ashley’s cunt. Moving up behind her, I aimed my still hard cock at her cunt and without further ado whammed in. Hard. All the way. She almost fell over. I grabbed her tits to steady her, squeezed and proceeded to pound her cunt like their was no tomorrow. Oh that felt good. In, out, in, out. It didn’t take long, just a minute and another load of sperm was on its way. What a relief.

I pulled out. My cock didn’t hurt nearly so much. It was still hard though.

I noticed Chad was pumping away between Ashley’s legs. Pete couldn’t wait for his turn so he was busily fucking her mouth.

I dragged Mrs Upshaw closer so she could watch. She kept closing her eyes tight so I pulled her eyelids apart so she wouldn’t miss the show.

Pete came first. He pulled out and I made sure Mrs Upshaw got a good view of his cum dripping out of Ashley’s mouth.

Chad took another few minutes. He didn’t come until he was covered in sweat and then he made this stupid bullmoose sound as he filled Ashley’s cunt with his cum. I hoped my sperm got to her egg before Chad’s.

Chad and Pete’s cocks had gone nicely limp. Mine was still hard. Too many damn blue pills.

Anyway, Chad and Pete got dressed and drove away. Outside of town we saw a nice dense forested area. So we dumped Ashley out there. We kept her clothes but did leave her shoes. I figured the drugs would wear off in an hour or two at which time she could figure out how to get home on her own.

We kept Mrs Upshaw for another couple hours because I still needed relief. I filled her up three more times before my cock finally started to collapse. Finally.

We dumped her out in another set of woods. We did let her wear some clothes: her thigh length fishnet stockings and her red high heel shoes.

After all, she deserved to look stylish when she went hitchhiking.

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