I wanted to give shawn a birthday he wouldn't forget
It's shawns 11 th birthday. As a responsible owner I have a gift that is uniquely for the two of us. I plan to fuck him all day long.

Shawn has been my constant companion for all of these years, how old was he when we started our encounters? I don't really remember, but my guess is that he was still a pup, under two years old. He was still humping everything in sight. I have learned that although Shawn has some limitations from day to day, he's better than a man any day.

Shawn, recroom. He not only beat me there he had the cushion on the floor. I took off my robe and was greeted again with a cold snout In my crotch and total excitement. The second I got on the floor Shawn mounted me, hard and fast at first, then he got himself Into a rhythm. oh my god he can fuck forever. I love every minute of it. There are times when I think I should get another male pup.
There are times when I love what I have and don't need for anything. Shawn fucked me for an hour and I thought we should change positions he loves doggie style, believe it. So i got on all fours, he mounted me once again and when he entered me I came and kept coming. There are times when I would love to call the old boy friend up, he is the best fuck, but is he worth it? NO So I just call Shawn.
He fucks me unconditionally, the same sweet dog, loyal friend and continual guard looking out for me.

So the day has gone really well and Shawn is about to get his second fuck of the day, but first I am taking him for a walk on the beach. It's a quiet fall day, no one is around and when we get to the bulkhead at the end of the beach I slip my pants off and get on my hands and knees. Shawn licks me and wants to mount me, I try to encourage him, but there is something that is stopping him. Finally I gave up and put my pants on. Then I saw them on the other side of the jetty there were three men, they were walking in the opposite direction. I doubt
They saw me. Thank you Shawn once again. We walled back to the house and went right to the recroom. Shawn was in me in seconds and fucking like a wild dog, I love it when he goes native like a rabbit. I was sure he would slow down but I was wrong again he had a stamina like nothing I had ever seen. His birthday turned out to be a gift to me. I enjoyed our fuck so much that when Shawn wanted to remount me just minutes after we had finished, I didn't object. Not at all when you get perfection why would you want to stop? This time he took more time he slowed down but ram me he did, slow deliberate rams, I should say slow for a dog. I once again had one continual orgasm. Oh my god he is good, I pulled his hind legs in closer to me his thrusts became deeper, I thought I would loose my mind, it was wonderful. Shawn looked like he was possessed, fucking to one drummer and not wanting to stop the beat. With each thrust, with each ram into my pussy my orgasm intensified until I thought it couldn't possibly get any better than this. Shawn was almost ready I could feel the knot begin to form, omg when he shot string after string in me I screamed in absolute lustfulness oh my god fuck me Shawn fuck me.
The knot was the best, thank god for all the cum making it wet and easier to take such a large cock/knot. Shawn was done but I wasn't the knot gave me even more pleasure and now I was fucking Shawn, he didn't object and after six or so more orgasms I had to lay down and wait with Shawn until the knot gave us our freedom back. This time Shawn wanted to go have his dinner, I let him in the main house while I stayed in the recroom to clean up. I made sure he had his food, then I went upstairs to shower.

I was taking a long shower when I heard Shawn bark, it wasn't an alarming bark, he sounded like he was greeting someone he knew. So I was pretty sure it was one of the boys. I yelled down that I would just be a few minutes. I didn't bother with clothes I just put on my new robe and started for the stairs. Hey, what are you doing here? At the top of the stairs was the old boy friend, Bill what, how did you get in?
I had your keys copied baby on one of your visits to the motel. I hope my timing is as good as it looks. He drew me to him and kissed me with just the right amount of lust and passion, I could feel his hard on and I have to admit I melted into his arms. I got over my anger so fast I forgot why i should have been angry in the first place. He kissed me into total submission and picked me up and took me to my bed. He pulled his clothes off and un fastened my robe. He kissed me again and his fingers operated my pussy like a pro. He went down on me then and sucked and probed until I was screaming for him....fuck me Bill fuck me honey please Bill fuck
me now. He pulled me up on his bent knees to meet his enormous cock, he knew I loved this because we could both watch him penetrated me slow but forcefully. He was not just long but the girth of his shaft and head were over 5" probably closer to 6" when he was hard. He would push an inch and pull back and push an inch and pull back it was absolutely hypnotic, erotic and I came on his third push, now he was ready to give it all to me. He plunged that monster in me all at once and the impact took me to heights I seldom reached. OmgomgohBill ummmmmmmm honey fuck me fuck me oh baby yes yes he pulled me to him then and thrust his cock upward into me with such force I moaned and began to cry, the level of pleasure was so high so beautiful. I could feel he was ready to cum and I helped him by pushing against his every thrust.
Oh my god when he came he was so deep I could hardly breath, with his cum shooting against every feeling my pussy has I came so hard he had to tell me to breath. Oh baby he said I did the right thing by coming here after all, you needed me. Be quiet and gather your strength I said, because baby I want that again ASAP. Come let's go down stairs and I will fix us some nourishment.

We were having a drink and some cheese and crackers, Shawn was uneasy. I said Bill is your car out front, he said no I didn't want to cause you any problems with snoopy neighbors so I parked down there a ways. Oh, well Shawn seems to be picking up on something. Goo boy Bill said well yes I have Tim with me, you remember, I said who could forget? I said why don't you have him go back to town or where ever you are staying and I will drive you in maybe tomorrow or the next day. Bill said fine but maybe you should give a better welcome to Tim? Bill what are you asking? Well I thought you enjoyed him so much, I would at least mention to you that he would be so happy to have you again. I said Bill if I do this that's it no more men no more anyone else but you, are we clear on that? Alright have him come up to my room, alone. Bill said wait a minute I will come up to, I said NO, Tim and I are adults we can handle a little sex alone.

Hey Tim I said you look great, how have you been? Tim while you tell me why don't you take all of your clothes off. So Tim was jabbering about the long winter days and I opened my robe and held out my arms to a 12" cock that was absolutely stunning. Come Tim do you want anything different? He asked if we could kiss and touch first, I said oh Tim just what I wanted then if you want to turn me over that's good to. Oh Tim was no fool, he started with a decent kiss while he was feeling every body part I have. Tim had precum dripping everywhere so I said Tim please mount me honey take me now. He turned me and penetrated my pussy from behind, he penetrated but was needing more room I said just keep going Tim I will help, so each time Tim thrust I pushed against him as hard as I could. It took us a good five minutes and some lube to finally get him stroking. But my god what a feeling, I don't know how to describe full to the utmost.
Tim wouldn't last long I knew so i decided, to shut up and let him have at it.  Tim don't be afraid of hurting me, give if all ro me Tim push baby push hard, oh god Tim push baby oh god Tim I love it. Do you have it all in me yet? No, Tim said but I'm in further than I ever thought possible. Tim I want more I want all of your cock in me. Stay where you are now and start pushing I will push to. Oh my god Tim you are amazing, fuck me honey fuck me hard and he began to get what i wanted. Get ruff Tim and we will get it all in If it takes all night, really Tim said, I said absolutely, Bill can wait. So Tim after coming himself, needed a little break . I said fine honey I will go get us a drink, what will you have? Bill was so upset, what are the two of you doing. I know  Bill and it will probably take one or two more" times before I am sure that Tim is really taken care of. Isn't that why you brought him? So I took our drinks upstairs and Tim and I began talking then talking became kissing and feeling each other. My god what a thrill to hold a cock 12" long and at least 4 1/2" around. It may have been a thrill to hold it but having it inside of you fucking you, thrusting it in you is so Amazing, who could say no.

So Tim let's get started again and let's get in a position that will give you the maximum penetration. I will bend over the table upstairs, let's go I'll show you. The table is a bit high but works great for fucking, now you'll have a straight shot, are you ready? We wont stop until you are all the way inside my pussy. Go baby, Tim penetrated me just like we talked about, hard and ruff, and he kept coming at me, by he time he had 6" in me I had come five times, so we had plenty lube. Oh my god he had an amazing cock, he kept thrusting and he was moaning all the time now. I said Tim don't you come yet, oh my god he said I have never fucked anyone like you. Keep fucking me I'm coming again and again you are amazing and I love fucking you. Tim tell me when we are in 10" okay? We are only about 9" now, so i will get ruffer if that's okay oh please do. And with that Tim pulled my hair back and started nibbling on my ear. As he pulled my hair back he also seemed to gain a little. It was becoming hard for me to think with that much cock in me. I said Tim let's get this done. I will push and you thrust harder than you ever have. About the fifth thrust I screamed a blood curdling scream, I was coming so hard Tim kept fucking and the more he fucked the better the orgasm got. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock with such force he gained a whole inch it kind of felt like my dog shawn and his knot. I felt like Tims cock folded some to get in further and in doing so it felt just like a dogs knot. Now this was truly heaven Tim was doing the fucking with his huge cock and it felt bigger still. Omg Tim how much more do we have to get in? ONe inch he said and by god you had better hold on because here he comes baby. Oh tim oh Tim my Tim dear Tim fuck me baby I have never been so turned on in my life, can you last awhile longer? Can you go that deep and stay there? oh my god tim Fuck me fuck me fuck me hard honey oh yes yes oh my god Tim it's perfect keep going until  you spill in me, not to worry I won't get pregnant. Let me have it Tim Tim I want your sperm I. Me fuck me and give it to me I want it now. Tim started yelling oh my god here he comes oh my god oh my god oh please don't move for a little while. I wish I could watch you take him out of me. Tim said here I'll turn you over and put him back in, but aren't you to soft, baby I am seldom soft and if I can I'll give it to you again right now, if you want it? Turn me over and let me watch you put him in me. Oh my god Tim you are so huge. I'll go slow so we can watch every inch disappear oh Tim I'm coming again. Tim hurry get him all in me now push baby push oh my god Tim I love to fuck you oh Tim now baby now hurt me oh god Tim hurt again. Punish me I have been bad Tim fuck me with your enormous cock omg Tim fuck me. oh Tim you are the best fuck ever, when can I have you again? I guess we have to ask Bill thats who I cane with. Okay do you want to ask him, he might get mad if I ask to have you again. You could make it sound like a huge favor to you. Tim gave me one last thrust and we watched as he pulled his enormous cock out of my pussy. I went to shower and Tim went downstairs where Bill was. Tim told Bill he wanted to fuck me again before they leave. Bill said tonight? And Tim said when ever he could. Bill said go get a room in town I will call you when you can come out again, and I will have to clear it with Kate.

I got downstairs Tim had gone, I asked where and Bill told me he was getting a room at the Edge. I thought
wow I could sneak in there. So Bill how have you been, I missed you. I was angry over nothing I guess. Oh well, just know that I care for you and don't get mad baby. He kissed me then and I fell into his arms as usual. I want you Kate I want you now, yes baby yes.. He pulled his cock out and put it in me as far as he could then he lifted me up  and impaled me. He humped me so hard and so fast I loved it, oh god don't stop baby oh god
Here I come honey fuck me hard harder oh god yes yes ummmmmmmm let me ride you baby lay down. I had his cock so deep in me I cried tears of real joy it hurt so wonderful. Get me from behind honey, hurry now baby. I got on my hands and knees and he went at me with such force I came instantly, when he shot his load I thought I would die of the pleasure. In one day, shawns birthday I got laid more times than in the past year. I would never forget the thrills of that day.

Bill fucked me over and over for five days, on the 2nd day I told him I had to go to and appointment and get some groceries. I beat it into see Tim. Oh Tim I tried to get away earlier I am so sorry. Are you ready for me? Tim pulled his clothes off in a hurry and pulled up my skirt he tried to enter me there but he is just to big. So he put me face down in the bed and began to penetrate, at 6" I was coming already moaning and wanting more of his cock. Oh Tim honey give me more baby give it all to me hurry,ill push oh Tim be ruff will you yes yes.
He was pulling on my tits and sucking my neck as he thrust the monster in me deeper and deeper. All I could say was don't stop fuck me forever Tim fuck me. We fucked for hours, when the phone rang. It was Bill he said I was in town have you seen her? No was she coming here. Bill said no she had an appointment then groceries, I just didn't think it would take this long. I bet she will call you soon Tim said. Just one more fuck Tim please can you get him up again? Of course but you should call Bill I will honey I will. First fuck me ruff real ruff.
Tim wasted no time he kissed me so hard and his tongue was so deep then he went down on me. Oh Tim he slammed three fingers in me and went at my pussy like a rabbit then as soon as i came he sucked me dry, then he put four fingers in me and I screamed, it was too much so he used three and again went at my pussy like a rabbit until I came. He sucked me dry once again then he wanted me to sit on his cock Oh my god Tim this is going to be good, we can watch as he goes in me. Tim rubbed the head of his cock all around my pussy, he had the juices flowing as i began to sit on his shaft I really had to push every inch of him in me. Seeing something that big disappear in you body and i could feel him in my stomach cavity is the ultimate turn on. My god who has a cock that big? Fucking Tim without Bill was going to be Difficult. We fucked for another hour befor I called Bill, I said I was about to leave the insurance office and would stop at the store on my way. When I got there Bill acted so strange, Bill I asked what is wrong? You have been with someone else, yes so what? I had an appointment with a man. Did you fuck him, yes. Yes I fucked him. How could you do that? Do what? Fuck another man while I was hear Waiting for you. Well the waiting part became hard for me I am sorry. But I couldn't avoid it. Kiss me honey please Bill just kiss me. He ravaged my mouth and my body it was so exciting we moved from one position to another I thought he would go all night, he was crazy
And I loved it. Poor Shawn this whole time was running around wanting to hump to I told Bill why don't you take a nap while I fix dinner and get Shawn fed and taken care of. He finally agreed at about two in the morning, and he went right to sleep so I took Shawn to the recroom.
He fucked me like a wild dog again he moved as close to me as he could and i got the full length of him in me and the fastest fucking you could ever dream about, so hard so fast so perfectly perfect. I didn't want Shawn to come. I laid down a couple of times so he would keep it going longer and he did, we fucked for almost three hours then I fucked his knot for as long as I could, before I collapsed. I told Shawn oh boy what a birthday I have had for you. Now I have to go to bed.

I went upstairs to find Bill sound asleep I wondered if I dare go see Tim? Oh I wanted to. I undressed and got
into bed naked with him. I saw that he was naked to and I couldn't help myself I cozied up to him with my back side. In his sleep he would nudge me with his cock. I liked the feel of it on my ass hole. The only time I had been ass fucked was at his place, but I don't remember much of it. At one point he was pushing his cock at my ass and i helped him along, he was half asleep but I pushed for him until he was in. It felt really good. Not like in my pussy but good enough that I wanted him to stroke. I began for him and when he was fully awake he went at it hard oh god woman what have you done to me? I don't know honey but will you put your fingers in my pussy while you fuck my ass? When he did It was heaven oh god Bill this is great, another first baby, hard honey don't stop I love it. Oh god Kate it is good oh god Kate I love it to. I could fuck this way for awhile. Well don't stop honey. Maybe we should get Tim to fuck my pussy while you take care of my ass. Funny you should say that he wants to have you again. Oh I said isnt that sweet. Call him and see if he can come out baby I bet I am going to love being fucked by both of you at the same time. Oh there's something else you should know. I need to take care of Shawn now. He needs to be fed and loved. I will be back as soon as I can. When Tim comes I'll be here okay.?

I locked the recroom door and laid down for Shawn he humped me good and solid pumping me hard we didn't take long we were both tired and i needed to shower and get ready for Tim. I wanted him so badly, but really couldn't figure out anything other than a threesome.
Bill came up to the shower just as I was getting out. I said is Tim here yet, he said o baby I want you first. I said honey fuck me where I stand. And he did he lifted me on his big prick and pumped just like Shawn good and solid, then I picked up the pace and lifted myself up and down on him and we both climaxed in seconds. He kissed me deeply and  I remembered that I once really loved this man.

I walked down the stairs to see both men waiting for me in the living room. Well boys where do you want to start, do you want to do it at the same time or shall I separate you both.? Tim said I would like to do it separate please, i don't have it often but the other day was special for me, when we were alone. Bill said well sure thing Tim why don't you two go get started I'll wait an hour or so before I come up. I went to Bill and hugged him and whispered give him some extra time, he has trouble getting started.

Tim and I went upstairs then and as soon as I closed the door Tim surprised me with a huge wonderful kiss, I was speechless, I said well thank you big man Tim said I am in love with you and I don't want to share you again. Oh Tim I don't know what Incan possibly say to you right now with bill downstairs. I will handle bill he is worthless, I will send him on his way if you don't object? I don't object at all. Please wait right here for me don't come down stairs promise? Yes but please send Shawn up to me first. I shall and he kissed me once more.

Tim, Bill said my turn? No Bill your turns are over with this little lady, I want her all to my self. And let me give you a word of warning......
When I bring her to my new house you will be a total gentleman. And in the meantime you will not tell a living sole about what happened here or anywhere she was. Not a word about Kate to anyone, or you my friend are a dead man. Do we understand each other? Now get in your car and don't come back, oh I have the keys to kates and the motel you will have to get your own room in another town.

To be continued

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