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Lindsey and the Limo

"Eew. You're like old and stuff. I don't think so." She laughed as she turned to walk away, her tight pink shirt emblazoned with a black playboy bunny bobbing, stretched thin by young breasts without benefit of a bra. She tossed her reddish-brown hair as she looked back at him in disgust. "You're like thirty or something."
He followed her out the door of the club at a distance, watching her waddle away in her denim cut-off shorts. A size too big they hugged the edge of her hips and revealed the strings of her G-string panties. He stepped up beside her at the curb.
"I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot back there." He looked down at her, seeing how her nipples had hardened with the cooler air outside the club.
She looked up and down the deserted street, obviously searching for her limo.
"I don't even know you."
"Nigel." He lied, holding out his hand. "Pleased to meet you."
"Lindsey. Mostly pleased to meet you." She looked around again. "Where's my fucking limo?"
"Problem?" He asked.
"No, its just that I told my driver to wait here for me, that's all. I'll just call him on my cell." She dug in her clutch bag and produced her cell phone and hit speed dial.
She glanced at it a moment later and slapped it closed in disgust. "Figures, no fucking cell coverage here." She shoved the phone back in her purse. "Great, just great. We'll I'll tell you one thing, that prick is fucking fired, he just doesn't know it yet." He smiled, patting the cellular jammer in his pocket. Not only would she not be receiving a cell signal, but her limo driver was currently occupied several blocks away with four flat tires.
"Well at least let me offer you a ride home. You can work things out with your driver later."
"Uh..." She glanced around, still unsure of him and the situation in general.
"You can tell my driver where to drop you."
"Uhh, okay, but listen, no... anything... between us, okay?" She looked at his blue eyes, searching them for any hint of deception.
"Whatever you say, Lindsey, whatever you say." He held up his hand and the dark limo down the block pulled out from where it was parked and pulled up smoothly in front of them. He opened the door and she bent down to step inside.
"Nice." She commented, sliding over in the seat to make room for him. "You could fit a football team in here." Seats ran the length of the back and the front of the passenger compartment, but the floorboard between them was nearly large enough to sleep on and plush carpeted.
Pulling the plastic bag from his back pocket he flopped it open and pulled it over her unsuspecting head and pulled the drawstring tight with a speed that she couldn't have expected.
Gasping for air within the bag she reached up to claw at it, but he pushed her face down onto the seat and wrestled her arms behind her back.
Pinching her wrists together he looped a pair of plastic bio cuffs around them and cinched them as well. Now suddenly bound, lying on her stomach, and painfully short of breath, he felt her panic under him. Holding her down with one arm he closed the side door with the other and tapped the intercom button.
"Take us for a drive." He ordered, returning his attention to his redheaded captive.
Pulling her legs up as she struggled weakly he tied a short length of rope between them, removing her high heels and tossing them onto the floor.
Before she fully lost consciousness he pulled the drawstring and removed the plastic bag, leaving her too occupied gasping for breath to do anything else. Rolling her over he reached for the packing tape, watching her eyes flutter weakly as she tried to stay awake.
Running a strip of thick tape across her mouth he secured it to each cheek and then doubled it for good measure. Lying on her back, arms under her, breath coming in delirious gasps, she was illsuited to prevent what came next.
Reaching down he tugged at her shirt, pulling it up to reveal her full breasts. Cupping one he massaged it then worked her nipple between his fingers, trying to decide if the breast enlargement rumors were true. Either way, she had a nice rack.
More alert now she stared up at him in terror, blue eyes bright with fear and brimming with tears.
"Now, what were you saying about me being too old for you?" He asked, rubbing her chest as though they had long been lovers. "Bet you wish you had taken a little different approach now, don't you?"
She shook her head and her eyes flashed anger from the seat beneath him.
"Okay, fair enough. Tell you what, I am going to have you tonight, one way or the other. Either you can give that hot little cunt of your too me, or I can take it, but trust me, giving it is going to make things much easier on you."
Still she shook her head violently no. Shrugging he shoved her off of the seat and onto the plush carpet, rolling her over until she was in the middle of the floor. "Have it your way."
Keeping her face down he straddled her ass and pinned her legs with one of his own. Pulling her shorts and panties down as one he deposited them around her ankles and reached for a small bag in the corner of the floor.
Pulling a dildo and a tube of sex lubricant he held them up for her to see him rub the lubricant onto the inch and a half thick dildo.
"Ever taken it up the ass? I'll be a pretty thing like you has done all kinds of things to get around in Hollywood." He turned it over for her to see how thick and long it really was. "Now, you can either give that pussy of yours to me, or I'll take it. What do you say?" Again she shook her head, but her eyes remained fixed on the dildo in his hands.
"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." He scooted down her legs and sat down again, keeping her pinned and pressed it against her bare bottom. Squeezing her legs together as hard as she could, she was surprised to find that the dildo slid right between her clenched ass cheeks and into her anus with little effort. "That sex lube is really amazing stuff, isn't it?"
Still on her stomach she closed her eyes and winced in pain as it made its way all the way inside of her ass, but still there was almost an inch left outside her bottom. She squirmed under him, trying to get her bound wrists close enough scratch or grab at him, but it was all in vain.
Hefting the tape he tore off a strip and applied it to one ass cheek, pulling it over the wide butt of the dildo and pulling her ass over before applying it to her other cheek.
"I always did think you had a stick up your ass." He commented, satisfied that her anal probe would remain in place for the duration of her stay. Rolling her onto her back he squeezed her right nipple experimentally, slowly increasing the pressure until she had to close her eyes to fight the pain.
"Ready yet?" He asked, pinching the nipple between his fingernails. "No?" He removed a clothespin from the bag and placed it on her other nipple, and she screamed into the tape, tearing running down her face and smearing her dark makeup. "Ready yet?"
Her face flushed dark with fury and agony when he flicked the clothespin and made it wobble around on her chest, but she didn't attempt to respond.
"I'd heard that redheads were stubborn, but I'm impressed, bitch. You really are a tough cookie to crack." He added a clothespin to her other nipple and her writhing and muted protesting increased accordingly, but she remained un-swayed in her choice.
"Wow. I am going to enjoy taking you when you finally give in." He scooted off of her and grabbed her legs, lifting them and jerking them apart. Sliding them over his head he placed himself firmly between her thighs and watched her frightened expression grown to pure terror.
He played with the tuft of reddish hair between her legs and smiled down at her dark, hard eyes. Pulling a length of thin rubber from the bag he fastened the clip on one end to the clothespin and ran it under her neck before repeating the process with the other clothespin.
He waited as the stretched rubber began to tighten and pull at her nipples, watched her squeeze her eyes shut as it drew her nipples up with steadily increasing tension.
Her tears were suddenly accompanied by sobs of anguish as she lay there, dildo in her ass, legs bound and chest stretching in ways that had never been intended.
No response.
He spread her legs himself and placed a clothespin on one of her labia. Still she resisted, her mascara running down her cheeks and over the thick tape.
"Come on, girlie, don't make me get rough." He added a clothespin, then another, and another. Finally he pinched her clitoris between his fingers and held a razor sharp pin up for her to see. "Now, if you don't spread your legs voluntarily, I'll pierce your little pussy here and now. How would you like a clitoris ring to show your friends?"
She shook her head no.
"Now, if you will spread your legs voluntarily and let me finger fuck you, or I'll do it." He promised, pressing the pin against the most tender flesh on her body.
She hesitated, but after nearly a moment she nodded, her legs relaxing and drawing up for him. He smiled and began to caress her closely cropped vaginal hair, fingering her labia and working them between his fingers.
"Farther, so I can get inside you, and I'll remove one of the clips."
She did as she was told for the second time.
"Good girl." He praised, unfastening the clip from her right breast. Pulling it from under her head he reached over and fastened it to the door lock, allowing it to draw tension on her left breast.
Her body jerked again and he continued to finger, stroke and probe her surrendered vagina. "Remember, I promised to free one clip for each time you do what you're told."
She nodded jerkily, body still racked with pain.
"If you are a good girl and let me lick your breasts I'll release that other nip." Again there was the awkward silence for several long seconds before she relented and nodded.
He leaned forward, licking and caressing her bruised, swollen nipple, then sucking and massaging it gently.
Reaching over with his free hand he unfastened the other clothespin and her breast flopped free.
Circling that pained nipple he toyed with it, teased it, then touched and pinched it as well.
"Mmm. Now isn't this better?" He asked, beginning to suck on the left breast. His captive made no attempt to answer save a moan into her gag. "Do you want me to take the other clips off?"
She nodded, eyes still closed, tears still streaming, her cheeks puffy from the salty water streaking down them.
"Then spread your legs and rotate your little ass up, I want to get a good look at that pussy of yours." She did as instructed and he pulled one of the clothespins away, nodding in satisfaction at the swelling it had left behind.
Placing his hand against the warm folds of skin he sighed, feeling just how hot it was even from outside. "Ready for the others to go bye-bye?" Another nod. "Then lie still like the good little cunt you want to be."
Sliding his thighs under her he rocked her up still further, popping the remaining clothespins loose. Grabbing the back of her knees he held her legs up and apart and went to town on her pussy, tongue first.
Licking, sucking, gently biting he worked his tongue over her clitoris, sucked her swollen labia and licked away the secretions that were rapidly gathering there. "Mmm, you do taste young and fresh, there haven't been a lot of guys in that little honey pot, have there?"
He reached for a throw pill and placed it under the small of her back, adding a second and a third until her back was arched, tilting her breasts up and her pelvis down.
Unzipping his pants he pulled out his cock and tapped it against her bruised vagina, earning a jerk from young Lindsey. Smiling he followed the first with several more slaps, using both his erect penis and his hand to spank the redhead.
Pulling another tube from the bag he smeared a warming, stimulating cream all around her bared, vulnerable pussy and then inside. The spanking continued. Seconds later she gasped, something hard to do through the tape, eyes opening wide as she felt a new, entirely different sensation.
Teasing his cock up and down her wet, bruised vagina he slowly worked it in, wanting her to have to wait as much as he did. "Mmm, feels good, doesn't it?" He asked, noticing how flushed her face had grown.
When he did thrust her quivering legs made no attempt to fight him, but her whimpers continued as her raped her. In and out, in and out. Her bruised vagina felt every thrust, felt his balls brush her, felt his shaft rub her, felt every move.
"Now, you are going to kiss me while we fuck."
She shook her head no for the first time in several long minutes.
"No?" He shook his head, thrusting deep and hard. "I'm surprised you'd say that to me after all of this." A remote control appeared in his hand and he held it up for her to see. "Remember that dildo in your ass? That's what's making your cunt so tight, but that isn't all it can do."
He pressed a button and her entire body tensed as something faintly electrical tingled in her ass.
"Now you are going to kiss me." He ordered, "Or I'll turn this little baby up."
Still no response as he fucked her, working the breasts of his hapless captive.
He increased the intensity and she jerked again, body shuddering from the electrical current in her ass. She screamed into her gag but did not relent. "More?" He asked, still pumping her vagina hard.
Finally she shook her head no and he nodded approvingly. "Good girl. Now I am going to remove this tape, but I want you to remember two things. One, no one outside this car will hear you scream. Two, if you do not immediate start kissing me, I am going to turn this thing all the way up, do we understand each other?"
She nodded resignedly.
Pulling the tape away he leaned forward, putting his lips just above hers. She gasped and stared into his eyes fearfully. "You bastard."
"And if you try to bite me, I'll turn it all the way up, too." He held the remote up for emphasis. "Ever had electrical burns in your ass, bitch?"
"Then suck my tongue."
She did. Lindsey sucked his tongued for all she was worth, wincing as he fucked her, grimacing as he stroked and fondled her breasts, but suck she did. Two minutes into the stimulating oral and vaginal sex, coerced as it was, he felt her hips tremble under him as he fucked her.
"I can't believe you are going to have an orgasm." He exclaimed, pulling away.
"Me either." She gasped, quivering and shaking under him. "You're fucking raping me." She managed.
"Give me your tongue." He ordered. Sucking on her tongue, and grabbing her ass he pounded her for all he was worth, feeling her tremble with a combination of pain and passion, albeit a great deal more than the other. She pulled her tongue away, panting and then he felt her orgasmic fluids gush around his hard cock, felt her legs go limp as she shuddered through a forced orgasm. Unable to hold out any longer, he came in her for all he was worth.
When he pulled out, she made no effort to move as he lifted her rubbery legs over his head and dropped them beside him.
"Asshole." She gasped, fixing him with a hatred filled stare. "You fucking asshole."
"Speaking of assholes, how would you like me to roll you over and fuck your asshole?" He asked.
Please... please don't." She begged.
"Okay, then you are going to suck my cock clean." When she didn't answer he leaned forward until their faces nearly touched. "Or I put the dildo in your pussy and fuck your ass at the same time."
"Okay, okay I'll do it." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I'll do anything you want."
"Good girl." He reached between her unresisting legs and combed as much of their mixed orgasmic fluids out as he could and began wiping it along his already drenched cock. "Open wide."

His limo screeched to a halt and he flung the door open, pushing the untied and undressed Lindsey out without benefit or ceremony or apology. Closing the door behind her he removed his fake mustache and contacts and tossed them in the general direction of the bag, knowing she would never be able to accurately identify her attacker. The unmarked, untagged limo pulled away from the curb, leaving the young woman standing alone and naked in the early morning air outside of her hotel. She watched the car disappear into the distance and then began to walk clumsily toward the doors on her bare feet.

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I liked that...Really hot and I loved the abuse he put that little slut through before he kicked her out naked, abused, and standing in the medial of the street, but I would have droped her off in the worst part of town that I could find...It would be fun to see how many more times that her tight little ass would by raped and abused before she got home...

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I would totally do waht he says the first fucking time, damn, that would be awesome, somebody do that to my virgin pussy please!


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Ummmm Ok...Ever Heard of D.N.A. ????? LOL

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im 16 and want to rape ....
Best suggestion I can come up with is DON'T. A fantasy is one thing doing it is something else altogether.

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i hate u and i hate ur parents ...
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