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This a sequel to "A Night With an Angel" When Joshua's counterpart (a demon) shows up and takes Lucy for his own
Over the next few days, my life went up and up and never came down. My parents stopped fighting, I made more friends, did better in school. My life was perfect. But I still dreamed of and longed for Joshua. His lips, hands. His scent. Everything about him made me want him more and more. So while I felt so happy in my life, I still felt a little empty inside. But I had no choice but to carry on. Then, HE came.

It was a Friday. I was sitting in my English class. And despite my new found friends, I still liked sitting alone. I could focus and work better. Then the door opened and our vice principal came in with a boy walking behind him. This

Dark black (darker than Joshua's, the total absence of colour) spiky hair. Pale skin. Clean shaven face. He wore a black "Breaking Benjamin" Shirt. Black jeans with a chain on them and combat boots. He carried a black bag over his shoulder. But it was his eyes that was what caught me. They were red. Red as blood. Piercing. He was tall. He looked taller than my dad (an even 6 ft.). Maybe taller than or just as tall as Joshua. He had broad shoulders, and what i could see looked toned and muscular and firm. He was beautiful. Much like Joshua had been but...darker.

The vice principal said a few words to my teacher. Then gave this boy a stern look and left. The teacher paused a moment and we all waited with baited breath. Finally, she spoke.

"Uhm. Well class, we have a new student. This is Brian. Take a seat anywhere. There's a few open desks back by Lucy." my face went as red as his eyes. He looked at me with those blood-red eyes and I went even redder. My toes curled inside my converse and that same warmth settle between my legs. Brian looked at my teacher said

"Sure, she doesn't look like she bites...much" Then winked at me and started walking down the row and took the desk...right. Next. To. Mine. I couldn't handle it. The teacher handed him his English book, took down the number and have him the assignment.

We all resumed our work. I could whispers of "OMG...he's hot" or "OMG...he's a freak" The teacher and I were the only ones who were silent. She was grading and as for me, I just felt flustered. I tried to focus on my work. But I caught out of the corner of my eye, Brian closing his book shut. He leaned back.

"Finished." He said.

"Now, let me check out the action around here." He then propped himself on his elbow and stared directly at me. And no one else. Just me. I swallowed the lump in my throat. He leaned over and said to me

"Hey there, sweet stuff" Adrenaline flooded my veins and I squeaked out


He laughed.

"Well, aren't you're adorable. Tell me, you doin anything after school?" God, I wish I could say "yes" but I had no rehearsal that day. So I replied,

" W...why?"

"Hmm, well I figured we could get better....acquainted." I swallowed again.

"Uh...ah...ok. Just let me text my mom." I sent my mom a text saying I was hanging out with a few friends after school. She simply told me to be home by 3 AM. She was much more lenient about Fridays/weekends. Yes, I lied. I don't know why I did but something about this boy made me. He leaned back in his seat. But he still kept his eyes on me. Finally, the bell rang. I gathered my stuff and tried to rush out but he was right on my trail. As I soon discovered, we had all the same classes, the same lunch. Even lockers next to each other. When I finally spoke and questioned him as to where Miranda (my former locker mate) was he simply shrugged, flashed me a smirk and said

"I persuaded her. So where would the lovely lady like to become acquainted." I stuttered out my words.

"I...I don't know." He thought for a moment then offered

"My place?"

"...sure" he took my hand (that warmth returned again) and led me down the halls to the parking lot. He ignored every stare of any student who watched as the new boy led the "theatre geek girl", holding her hand. Some whispered. A few girls stared jealously. I even saw a few boys look sad to see me on the hand of another man. Finally he led me out to the parking light where a BEAUTIFUL (not to mention vintage) 1965 Chevy Impala waiting. It was perfect. He held the door open and like a gentleman offered

"Your chariot awaits m'lady"

I sat down and inhaled the scent of bourbon, whiskey, and cigarette smoke. But despite every smell, the car was perfect. And the cushioned seats felt lovely. The only modern looking thing was the stereo. Clearly a music lover. He sat down next to me and again stared at me.

"You like? Yes. I am aware the stereo is new, but I can't live without someway of playing GOOD music. I even had the radio disconnected. Good music or silence" I nodded. He actually the right idea. I had become disgusted by modern music. The very mention of "one direction" disgusted me.

He started the car and the engine roared to life. We made it out before the busses. Tearing out of the driveway (and efficiently pissing off the traffic cop) and we started driving. His speakers blasted every song I had ever fallen in love with. Including a few I never knew the names of but loved still. We sat in silence before finally making conversation.

"So tell me, my sweet little morsel, how old are you?"

"I...I'm 17. And yourself"

"19. I was held back twice but it was worth it. And now I'm a graduating senior. Finally. Then I can get out of the hell hole of the public education system and have a life. Music will be my life. I have a band. We play every Saturday at a local cafe. You will have to see us sometime..." We then proceeded to spend the better part of half an hour chatting about school, life goals, politics, art, and books. This boy was like my perfect match. I was crushing hard and there was no stopping it. We finally pulled up to an apartment complex. I was confused. But before I could question him, he explained.

"My parents kicked me out when I was 18. So I found my own space to crash. I had a fair amount of money in the bank from working so I now own my own loft. Hot water, electricity and cable included. He parked in a shady spot and got out. I took my bag because I had no clue what would happen. He led me up two flights of stairs and when we reached his room. He unlocked the door. He held the door open for me and I entered into what was possibly my heaven.

Black and red. Everywhere. It was really a loft. A king size bed pushed into the corner on a four pillar bed frame. A black leather couch and hi-def. TV in another. And art was everywhere. This kid painted. And there were books every where. Clearly he was well read. Hence why he had finished so fast in class today. The apartment smelled like stale pot smoke and whiskey. Low and behold, there was a pipe, a lighter and a bottle of Jack Daniels on the table.

"Make yourself at home. Would you like a coke?"

"Uh...sure" I heard the -crack, fizzzz- of the soda opening. He carried it in and handed it to me. He sat on his couch and i sat on the far end. He was smiling at me and then asked

"Why you are you sitting all the way over there? I won't bite. Unless you like it." He winked and I blushed but moved about a centimetre closer. He shook his head then drew one arm around my waist and brought me right into his lap. I was now sitting in the lap of probably one of the hottest boys ever. And against my bottom, something in his pants hardened. He lowered his voice to a terrifying but seductive whisper.

"Now, isn't this more comfy?"

"I...I uh...I guess. Yeah"

He chuckled.

"You’re adorable. I knew I should have you when i first laid my eyes on you." I stared into his eyes and something said I wasn't safe but I was hypnotized.

"Tell me, little girl. Are you scared?" I nodded. I was terrified but I felt safe with his arms around me.

"Yeah you are. But don't you love it?" He leaned in close

"Were you scared, when the angel took you?" His question shook me out of the trance I was in and sent me into a state of confusion

"The what...?"

"When the angel took you. When he made sweet love to you. When he took the innocence his creator gave to you. Committing the act mine gave to humans in general."

"Wha...what...what are you?"

He smirked.

"Think about it mortal, if that was an angel. What am I?" His eyes glowed and much as the white wings had showed from Joshua. Black ones shot out of the back of Brian.

"You see, I'm a demon. And as that angel took your innocence, I have my own plans for you." And before I could say anything he grabbed the back of my neck and smashed his lips against mine. The more I struggled and tried to push away, he held me tighter to him. He finally pulled away and there was lust and rage in his eyes.

"Listen to me," he growled "you can do this easy way and submit to me. Or you can play it harder. And if you choose the hard route, I will NOT be merciful" I was breathing heavy. I needed to get out. His erection was pressing fully against me. I knew what was going to happen and I couldn't let it go this way.

Thinking quickly I leaned in and bit his shoulder. He let me go and stood up and I fell off his lap.

"You cunt!" He shouted. I tried to scramble to feet and get to the door but he grabbed my ankle.

"You little cunt. So you wanna do this the hard way. Fine. Works for me. That just means I get to torture your sweet body." I was screaming and crying and begging him to let me go but it was no use. He dragged me by my ankle and threw me over his shoulder. Then he pushed back a rug revealing a door. He opened and led me down a flight of stairs. I was too busy beating against his back and screaming to see where we where. He flicked on the lights revealing a dark grey stone room. I pause for a moment and through the tears I saw this was not just some basement. This was a torture chamber. There were whips, cuffs, plugs, and a variety of different shaped dildos and vibrators. He had clearly been preparing this...for me.

He threw me down into a wooden table and strapped me down. I tried struggling and begged him

"Don't even bother struggling. Those bands are enchanted. You can't get anywhere unless I release you." He gestured to the room

"You like it? I took the loft underneath, did away with whatever idiot was living here before and turned it into my own personal torture chamber. All for you. Don't you like it?" Ignoring him, I pleaded,

"Please! Please let me go! I won't tell anyone you're a demon. I never told anyone about Joshua. Please!"

He laughed deeply

"It would be Joshua. That poetic dreamer."

" know him?"

"Of course I do. He's my counterpart. Everything good about him, is evil about me. So while he wanted to make your loneliness vanish and not to be afraid, I plan on terrifying you into submission. However I have to." He grabbed at my shirt and ripped it. A demon's strength is not something to be taken lightly, clearly.

"And I intend to start by wrecking this beautiful body you have. Every curve. You maybe bigger than the women I'm used to but something about it makes me want you even more. And I always get what I want."

He grabbed my jeans and ripped them in half. I now lay before him in only my black bra and red panties. He gazed upon me with lust and rage filled eyes. I was so terrified. But I couldn't deny it, my pussy was soaked. And I'm sure he noticed. He ripped my bra in half and exposed my tits.

"Perfect" he breathed. He grabbed one in each hand and moved his thumbs over the nipples. He played with them, flicked them until they were hard and standing up.

"Well. That was quick. You certainly are sensitive. At least in your nips. But what about your pussy. I already know you're wet. You little slut. All of this has turned you on. From the moment I first looked at you. Hasn't it? I've felt your heat, seen in your head. You've been thinking about fucking me" He drew out those last words to emphasise his point. But he was right. Since he had walked into that classroom, I had thought about how hot he was and I wanted him to notice and fuck me. But not like this.

" this. You bastard!" I got the words out past my fear and kept struggling against the bands. A slap I'm the face brought that to a stop.

"Listen slut. I have been patient until now. But you are pushing me. Push me farther and this will not end well for you. Understand?" I nodded. Too terrified to speak.

"Good. I'm glad we've understanding" with those last words he shoved his warm hands down into my panties, freezing my body completely. His warm hand started rubbing the outer lips. Then he probed one finger to find my pussy soaking wet. Through the fear, torment, everything, I was soaking wet. He smiled down at me, his red eyes boring holes into me.

"Well, well, well...someone enjoys the fear and abuse I've been giving to her doesn't she. What a little slut you are." He pulled his hand out of my panties and brought them to his lips. He inhaled my scent then tasted. He closes his eyes and a whisper of " sweet" escaped his lips. Then, he grabbed my panties and ripped those away too. Now, I was fully exposed, legs spread wide, pussy soaking wet. I could see the outline of his huge cock in his jeans.

"Hmm, well now that this slut is exposed. Maybe I should return the favour. So she can enjoy the view while I fuck her brains out." He snapped his fingers and in an in an instant, he stood there before me naked. I was right, behind that shirt was ripped muscles. Not one part was skinny like Joshua. He was all muscle. Had I not been tied down (against my will) and terrified, I would've wanted to run my hands all over his magnificent body. Instead it was my eyes doing the work. They stopped at his cock.

It was fully erect, pre-cum was already leaking out of it. It was bigger than Joshua's. Brian noticed me ogling it.

"Like it slut? 10 inches. Bet you've never even imagined a cock this big. And now you'll get to feel it as I destroy your pussy." He grabbed my arms. He stared right into my eyes

"Now you'll get to see what it's like to have a real fucking. None of that gentile love making shit" No sooner had the words left him than he shoved his cock as far into me as it would go. I screamed.

"No!! No!! Get it out, please!!" He said nothing just stared down with a wicked grin and kept fucking me. Barely starting gently he moved in and out slowly twice but was soon fucking me hard. His cock going as far deep in as he could get it. It was unbearable His cock was so huge, I felt like be would rip me right in half. But my body couldn't help itself, and I soon myself pushing back against him, meeting his thrusts. I was trying my hardest to resist. I didn't want this! I wanted my angel. Not this demon but amongst all my screaming and whimpering, I soon found myself moaning in pleasure.

"Oh does the little slut like that? Does she like her master fucking her tight little pussy? That's right bitch. I'm your master now. You are now my cum slut. You will obey or" every word was met by a hard thrust of his cock into me. I stared up at him. Too scared to speak. But I couldn't find words in this mix of pain and pleasure. I hated him, I hated this. But I loved him fucking me.

He grabbed at my tits and started twisting and pulling the nips. I was moaning more and more in pain than pleasure. I loved this torture. And I felt myself soon needing to cum. He could feel my pussy starting to spasm

"Are you going to cum slut? You haven't asked permission yet. Ask permission. Say you'll be my slave and obey me. Then I'll let you cum, and I'll cum in this sweet pussy of yours. Don't worry baby, you won't get pregnant. Only if I wanted you to. Now say it!" He grabbed my tits and squeezed each of them, hard. I swallowed spit and opened my mouth. The words came out trembling.

"Y...yes...I ...I will slut, Master. I'll...obey you. Now...plea...please let me cum!! I'm...begging you!" I was crying and begging. I needed to cum. I would've done anything. He grinned wickedly.

"Good girl. You may cum" and as he said that my juices exploded and coated his cock. Providing a little more lubricant for him to shove his cock in me one more time before groaning and then filling my pussy with his own cum. The cum mixed and oozed out past his shrinking dick. We were both breathing heavy. He removed himself from me.

"You know, I've had a lot of women in my time. But I don't think I've ever had a pussy, quite like yours. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go shower. I know you'd like to, but you'll have to wait until I say you can, so until then..." He walked over to a shelf and grabbed a dildo that looked about 2 inches smaller than his cock. He shoved it in me then waved his hand over it.

"...enjoy that. And don't worry, it won't come out, not matter how much you cum." He turned the vibrator on to the highest setting. He smiled

"Yes, you will make a good slut. You just have to be trained. Enjoy yourself little slut. I'll be back, soon." He turned the lights off and turned and walked back up the stairs to his apartment. Leaving me there in the dark with a vibrator in my pussy. I didn't know what would happen, but I knew one thing, submission was my survival. I had no other choice. I closed my eyes and lay back and thought of Joshua.

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