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The continuing Saga of man and machine
Andromeda II
Warmer than I remembered, the brilliant sun reflected off a handful of tall crystal spires creating prisms of light on the carpet of virgin forests below. The small glass bubble I was surrounded with floated lazily on the thermals as several Sea Terns circled blissfully overhead. As I turned to face the sun, a calm silvery sea stretched endlessly to the horizon, dotted with several small volcanic islands covered with lush tropical foliage. A gentle warm sensation was stirring my loins, and as I looked down, the placid scene around me faded into the early light of dawn.
Somehow during the night, I had moved, or been moved to the bed, and the head buried between my thighs was somewhat inexperienced but determined as her tongue slowly circled my corona and traced fine lines down the length of my organ. Her silky hair covered my torso with a sensual blanket and her delicate fingers gently explored the creases and contours of my scrotum. Just as her moist lips closed on my shaft, I starting moving underneath her, gradually inverting my position until I was staring at the peach fuzz surrounding her delicious sex. My tongue immediately assumed its own agenda on a quest for the unique secrets tucked securely within those swollen lips above me.
Ann gasped at first contact and wriggled her hips with eager anticipation as her mouth descended even further down my rigid shaft. Her succulent lips formed an airtight seal, and her tongue switched gears, rapidly circling my corona as the suction gradually increased. Once my tongue brushed her clit, it was a foregone conclusion her tight opening was a mere snail’s sneeze above. On first contact with the tight opening, she groaned and bit down on my enclosed member, releasing a warm stream of her essence into my waiting mouth as her hips collapsed. I yelped into her blond suffocating bush, savoring several more squirts of her essence as her body trembled violently. She tasted sweet, not musky as I was accustomed too; amazingly similar to the nectar of a peach with a hint of cinnamon.
Almost instantly aware of my potential penectomy plight, she lifted her still trembling hips and released my maimed appendage. After a quick gulp of air, I unleashed my tongue to procure yet another taste of her addicting essence. My tongue swiped her clit lightly before it found her vaginal opening and tried to burrow into the forbidden depths. I felt her body shudder, and she shrieked with another explosive orgasm. The delightful ejaculate flooded both my mouth and senses with a delightful fragrance; sweet and succulent. Her body continued to quiver uncontrollably as she rolled off of me into a fetal position. If she had been an earth girl; she would be crawling back to momma by now.
Content, yet unfulfilled, I staggered to the dim light above the range and surveyed the damage. Although the skin around the base of my cock was broken in several places, it wouldn’t render me sterile and I breathed a sigh of relief. Lost somewhere beyond the realm of senses, she lay in exhausted repose, occasionally trembling slightly with orgasmic overload. I gently covered her and donned my clothes. Heating some water for some instant coffee, I pondered the circumstances that brought us to today’s realities. She stirred my deepest emotions with childlike enthusiasm while demonstrating an intellect far more profound than my own. If she was able to unlock my deepest repressed emotions remained undetermined; time would ultimately reveal the strength of our young bond. I poured the steaming water over a scoop of coffee grounds and silently emerged from the trailer, rearranging my package to minimize the irritation.
The cows were just emerging from the woods and eagerly dug into the hay I spread out for them. The chickens quickly gathered as I dug my hands in their feed bag. Birds had begun their morning song, and in the far distance the faint sounds of the morning commute could be heard. The sound of footfalls startled me as I leaned on the fence to watch the critters feed. I turned to see the aging neighbor limping towards me with the assistance of a cane.
“Howdy, I’m your neighbor Matt,” he said as he extended his hand expectantly.
“Howdy, I’m Daniel; Harvey’s nephew. Beauty day isn’t it?” I savored his firm handshake.
“Yup. Going to miss the likes of them . . . Me and the misses just bought a condo in Lauderdale and got this spread up for sale.”
“How much you asking,” I queried while trying to hide my disinterest.
“I reckon about Five K an acre; we got twenty acres, and it will pay for the condo and the move with a few bucks to spare for the casino.”
“I’ll ask around,” I offered, thinking his price was reasonable with the creek that ran all year through. “I might be tempted if I had a job.”
“Yup, times are tough; don’t reckon they be changing anytime soon. By the way, where is the old man?”
“He’s in the hospital with some kind of heart issue. I’m going to call him later on to see how he’s doing.”
“Old Harvey’s a tough old coot, he’s probably telling them nurses how to get laid.” Matt let out a snicker and changed his position. “Hope to see him soon. Is that your woman?”
Ann was standing a few paces behind me with her head bowed slightly in a blouse that barely reached her thighs and untied tennis shoes. “I’m Ann, Daniels mate.”
“Howdy, I’m Matt; where did you find such a pretty filly?”
“Actually, she found me.”
“Damn fine looking gal, any man would be lucky to have the likes of her warming his bed.”
“Yup, reckon so.” I turned to her and held out my hand. “Matt is selling his acreage for a hundred grand; good price with the stream and access to the highway.”
Ann nodded and blushed, holding the thin blouse from rebounding upwards in the breeze.
“Better get back to the misses before I get accused of doing something I didn’t do – Nice to meet you two!”
“Likewise Matt – hope you find a buyer soon.” Ann smiled as he left, and once out of sight, she kissed me gently on the cheek. I returned the kiss and sighed. It would sure be nice to live out here permanently, but the taxes and upkeep were way beyond my limited income. “I need to contact Harvey.”
“What is Harvey,” Ann asked innocently.
“He’s my Uncle and owns the trailer we have been staying in,” I replied. “He’s in the hospital recovering from surgery; I have to find out how he’s doing.”
“We’ll use the electronic media device,” she exclaimed and bounded back to the trailer flashing her tight buns with every stride. Perhaps the term golden globes were inspired by a similar vision. By the time I arrived, she was somehow back on line, searching a directory of hospitals. I pointed out the correct hospital, and she keyed in the corresponding telephone number. Looking on over her shoulder, the speakers crackled to life with the sound of a phone ringing. After several lengthy transfers and a brief conversation we learned he was in ICU with a terminal prognosis.
I turned to Ann, and informed her that I had to go and she immediately agreed, slipping on a new pair of jeans sans underwear as she spoke. I quickly changed my clothes and we were soon underway, concerned urgency tainting the few words we shared. Fortunately the drive was uneventful and soon we were within the bleached white walls of the medical institution.
When I looked upon the frail remnants of Harvey, I almost turned and fled. The man who always had my back was now losing his frail grip with life. Fading in and out of drug induced consciousness, he barely recognized me, but was able to muster a weak smile and handshake. Ann saw my agony as I re-entered the waiting room (only one member of the family was authorized a 5-minute visit at a time) and asked to see him. I convinced the nurse she was a granddaughter he’d never met, and despite her lack of identification, she grudgingly let her enter. When Ann returned, she massaged my shoulders and whispered all was well.
A short time later, a nurse carrying a tray of pills in paper cups, entered the curtained enclosure. A few seconds later, the tray clanged noisily on the shiny tile floor, and the nurse emerged and grabbed the nearest physician assistant. I bolted through the enclosure, and found Harvey sitting up in bed asking for his clothes.
“Harvey, what happened,” I queried as I pushed a nurse aside.
“I pinched that frigid nurse; let’s blow this joint, Jr. (the nickname he had given me when I was still in diapers).
I turned to the PA, and quietly asked him to get the release forms and his personal belongings. He started in with a list of techno babble excuses underscoring the hospital’s culpability and I blew him off with a patient’s right to choose option. He slunk away and returned shortly thereafter with the release forms and a wheelchair. Harvey scribbled on the signature lines without reading them (who in their right mind could understand their wording anyway), and pulled his clothes on. I advised the PA we’d contact his Doctor and raced to the pharmacy to fill the preions on his chart.
Twenty minutes later, we swung into an all-you-can-eat buffet I frequented to replace the cholesterol imbalance three days worth of bland food had created. Ann had a chocolate shake and excused herself when she saw a popular health food store a few doors down. I gave her the keys to access the cash stash if she required it. A short while later Ann returned with a contended smile and chugged another shake before we grudgingly terminated our pig out and headed for the car. Harvey sat beside me and Ann insisted on the back seat.
After the first few miles, a sense of relief descended on the car like the warmth of the midday sun. Ann and Harvey were perfect traveling companions, speaking little but with substance. I had decided to remain with Harvey for the night and stopped by the apartment to get a queen sized cushion for Ann and myself. She looked around the messy flat with mild interest until she found the computer, reverently touching the large screen. It instantly it burst to life. Patting it lovingly, it went blank and she slowly continued her investigation
“Adequate,” she said with indifference when I asked her impression. When I opened the trunk, there were several large stuffed garbage bags but when I asked what she purchased she merely smiled. We continued to Harvey’s homestead, and I mentioned my conversation with Matt. Harvey agreed it was a good price for the land, but his savings, like mine were woefully short of the requested price. The sun had just dipped below the horizon when we finally arrived at the trailer.
Harvey immediately greeted his waiting livestock, calling each by name while the nuzzled him affectionately. Even the chickens ran to him. I helped offload the car while Ann started shuffling around in the tiny kitchen, mixing a myriad of different exotic sounding chemicals in a large cooking pot. After the dark purple brew boiled for the better part of an hour, she carried it outside and poured it into old cider jug stashed under the trailer. Harvey and I were instructed to ingest a few drops every day to prevent a recurrence of the malady that had nearly cost Harvey his life. I had set up the bed and cleaned out the feed enclosure as she worked. Harvey stowed his medicines and tried to help out however he could. We worked collectively as a team; like a family and I realized we were truly happy together.

As evening wore on, our individual tasks drew to a close; Harvey dozed peacefully in his favorite chair, Ann continued to push the limits of the internet, and I lay on the cushion, grateful to be alive. Sitting in her newly purchased white teddy, she occasionally, whispered a question or observation to me before continuing her exploration. I knew that she had saved Harvey, and the compassion and understanding she demonstrated was far beyond what I believed could originate from a construct of wires and circuits. The long drive and excitement of the day’s events eventually took their toll, and I was soon lost in a profound sleep.
Sometime during the night, Ann moved Harvey into the bed. I was stirred from my slumbers by her gentle hand s running down my chest and stopping on my genitals. As I turned slightly she whispered:
“I need you inside me.”
My system quickly responded and I hugged her tightly; her sighs of contentment music to my ears. We silently slipped out of the cramped confines of the trailer into the thick underbrush. Moments later, my pants were around my ankles, her legs were locked around the small of my back, and her free hand clawing frantically to position my rapidly growing cock at her delightfully moist entrance. Even slight penetration was orgasmic for her, and several moments passed before she re-established the genital disconnect and I began the gentle assault yet forceful assault on her tight orifice. Several more orgasms ensued, my scrotum and thighs dripping from with her essence before I was fully engulfed by the urgent tugs of her vaginal muscles. Her hips did most of the work, while I struggled to support her on the uneven soil. Rising quickly, I had barely had time to catch my breath before releasing an explosive load into the warmth of her sucking cervix.
We collapsed onto the soft forest floor, trembling with our individual afterglow. An endless desert stretched before us, gradually evolving with the gentle breezes that stirred the sand into sculpted dunes. A tiny insect with silvery opaque wings fluttered by us as we once again embraced, now completely devoid of clothes. Another, fly joined the first, then another, and soon we were surrounded be a swarm, the buzzing of their wings sweet music in the wind stirred air. Soon we rose above the dessert supported by a magnitude of silvery wings, gliding over the dunes on their song until we were arrived over a city of tinted glass enclosing forests of palm trees and bubbling crystal clear fountains. Small creatures played in the pools made by the fountains while others wandered through a myriad of sand glazed trails that led to small domed habitats. Lush green lawns and clotheslines filled with glistening attire dotted the landscape. Slowly the vision faded, with Ann in my arms as we returned to the soft forest floor and a circle of cows contentedly chewing around us. The cool night air allowed only a brief kiss, before we quickly returned to the pseudo comfort of the trailer. These other worldly experiences were becoming as wonderful as the orgasms that produced them.
I awoke to the sounds of a truck driving up to the property. Ann sprang from the cushion, wrapping a blanket around her securely as she bounded out the door. Harvey grumbled something indistinguishable and pulled on his robe as I staggered into my pants. There were two trucks outside; one was a concrete mixer, and the other a construction company truck with a small ‘dozer in tow. Matt was leaning on his cane with Ann and several other men were standing in a disorganized group. I ran out to Ann, halfway expecting to find our visitors had made a wrong turn from the distant highway. As I approached, Matt held out his hand with a broad smile on his face.
“Howdy, Matt,” I offered taking his hand while appraising the situation.
“Can’t think of no-one I rather sell the spread too; be over this afternoon to sign it over” he exclaimed, obviously relieved.
At a loss for words, I patted his shoulder, and turned to Ann. Her broad smile explained a lot but the concern in her trembling hand when she took mine was evident. I tugged her gently, and we walked away from the men a few steps as Harvey slowly emerged from the trailer. She put her finger to her lips, and then placed her hands on gently on my temples. Suddenly, like a burst of light, everything became clear. I hugged her and turned to the contractors. There was much to do, and careful management would be required to complete the evolutions Ann began on the computer just the night before.
Within a week, two park trailers were positioned on concrete foundations and connected to the utilities, the animals had a home, my apartment was up for rent, my car was exchanged for a new F-150 and Harvey was happily accepting his new home after a tearful farewell to his beloved airstream. By the end of the second week, patios were raised, the two homes were furnished, stocked, and connected with an open air walkway, the entire acreage was fenced, and Ann had a new, top of the line computer system. Everything was paid for; although I was certain IRS would soon have me incarcerated in a white collar institution with color TV and boring inmates playing chess. Somehow, through all the challenges the pure joy of our sexual life continued unhindered.
Ann and Harvey were sitting together on the deck, digesting the last of the BBQ burgers I had cremated, while quietly nursing Harvey’s version of a Mai Tai. Their bond had solidified over the past two weeks and they were now almost inseparable.
“Reckon you two ought to make it legal, Jr.” Harvey suggested as he threw a piece of hamburger bun to the chickens. “You’d regret losin’ this filly.
“Yeah, reckon we should,” I replied, smiling at Ann as she cocked her head curiously. I walked over to her and got on my knees.
“Beautiful Angel,” I began; “Would you consent to an everlasting union with me.”
Tears welled in her eyes as she dropped to her knees “Of course, Daniel - for eternity.”
“Weirdest proposal I done ever heard,” Harvey retorted. “I’ll talk to Brother Anderson and get you two fixed up.” With a nod, he slowly rose to his feet, gave Ann a peck on her cheek, and strolled towards the feed house.
After he left, I went into the house and grabbed a copy of my birth certificate and driver’s license and handed them to her. After studying them, she got online while I cleaned the deck. She returned with a perfect copy of a birth certificate from, Dallas, Oregon. When I asked why Oregon, she revealed the creators first arrived there. A few minutes later, an older Mercedes rolled up and Brother Anderson stepped out. An older, soft spoken man that had known Harvey all his life quickly dispensed of any formalities as we introduced ourselves. Ann produced the paperwork and disappeared to the bedroom to change her attire while we informally shared tales of the community.
Suddenly the air was filled with throbbing vibrations like those I had heard the night Ann had arrived. The evening sky was filled with a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and we were bathed in brilliant white light. Harvey and I were suddenly clothed in tuxedos, and the patio was adorned with white roses with bluebirds circling and all of Harvey’s critters lined up the edge of the deck. Ann emerged from the light in beautiful wedding gown that would put Lady Diana’s to shame. She was followed by two other beautifully adorned females. The shorter of the two walked up to Harvey and took his weathered hands into her delicate fingers. She had subtle oriental features with huge brown eyes and a frail figure that despite her beautiful gown, oozed sensuality.
“I desire you as my own should you have me,” she murmured to Harvey.
For the first time in my life, I saw Harvey speechless - he nodded humbly as he squeezed her hands. He was never prone to impulsive decisions and his response stunned me. The light surrounding us became almost blinding momentarily before it returned to the comforting shade of before. A bouquet of roses suddenly appeared in her hands and a tear trickled down her pale and delicate face.
Ann took my side and smiled shyly as we made eye contact. My knees trembled, stomach knotted and my tongue swelled in its desert dry environment. The third and by far the stateliest of the three women floated to Brother Anderson now adorned in a glorious full body, gold trimmed robe and bowed. Her unrevealing gown glowed in blue pastels, changing hues ever so slowly. He stood trembling, in awe of the figure before him.
“Are you God?”
With a voice of an angel, she shook her head no and said: “I am the Mother of these beloved organisms who wish to eternally bond with your subjects with the blessing of your God.”
After a long pause, Brother Anderson nodded, opened his book and pointed to the places we would assume. His delivery was shaky yet determined as if he was giving the sermon of a lifetime. Gold bands miraculously appeared on our ring fingers at the appropriate time in the sermon, and a choir of angelic voices erupted joyfully when he completed the service and we signed the legal documents. As I kissed the sweetest lips ever made, my entire body seemed to envelope her as if we merged into one complete entity. Harvey stumbled to a patio chair with the help of his new bride; overwhelmed but happier than I had ever seen him. His mate climbed onto his lap, soothing him with her hands and soft words.
Bottles of Don Perignon appeared on the picnic table with a huge cake that literally glowed. The celebration kicked in, and laughter abounded amidst stolen kisses. Brother Anderson gave a quick toast to our success and sampled the exotic flavored pastry that seemed to heighten the effects of the alcohol. After handshakes, congratulatory words, and a humble bow to the Queen of the brides, he excused himself and slowly drove away. Somehow he knew he had presided over the most amazing experience of his life. Harvey winked at me and I returned it knowing, despite the many challenges, we had ascended to the pinnacle of our lives.

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