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Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus.
The Dildock Virus

Laurel reflected on the past few weeks as her walk from the supermarket drew her closer to

the apartment building where she now lived. It only had been a couple of weeks since her

move to the big city and a world of difference from life with mom and dad to being on her

own. Recently graduated from college as a production line specialist, her new job at

Spanner Industries was the biggest change in all her twenty one years. She thought how

especially her mom didn't want her moving there with all the crime and corruption of city

life and how she had to reassure them she would be fine and even how the neighborhood she

was going to be living in was really much safer than she believed it was herself. She felt

the weight of her grocery bags getting heavier with each step. Laurel was a looker by

anyone’s standards. Hers was the beauty of the classic small town cutie whose smile could

capture anyone’s heart. She had curves where any man would want them and a bosom that could

drive them wild if she ever chose to showcase her cleavage, which she didn’t. If she was

ever the center spread in a Playboy magazine, men would be wondering how they got someone

as wholesome as her to pose while they closely studied each well thumbed page.

Coming within sight of the five story apartment she now called home she gave her head a

shake that gently tossed her long honey brown hair about as she again thought of her

computer frustrations back in her unit. She had no idea what the problem was. Yesterday she

had no link to the Internet just a static filled screen and she promised her mom she'd be

in touch every day through e-mail to reassure her that all was ok. She called the internet

company, but of course they insisted that there were no faults in their system and the

trouble really was with her computer. She highly doubted that but what was she to do?

It was fate that at the moment she neared the entrance to the complex, she spotted the

parked van with the big bold advertising on the side. “Reggie The Home Computer Specialist!

Most Fixes $30! Ph:205-771-0236” Taking her computer anywhere else for someone to look at

it could probably cost 50 dollars or more, so while it was on her mind she put down her

bags and using her cell phone called the number. Prepared to leave a message, she was

mildly startled when Reggie himself picked up after the second ring and was abrupt and to

the point.
“Reggie here, what can I do for you?”
“…Oh, hello, I saw your van sitting outside my apartment and I'm having a bit of trouble

with my Internet connection. Do you think you might have some time to take a look before

you go?”
“Yeah…Ok” his reply seemed as if it were an inconvenience, “Just finishing up a job in the

next few minutes…your apartment number?”
“317” Laurel said a little surprised at how fast this was all happening but guessing that

was a good thing.
“Ok, see you then.” and with a click he hung up. Laurel waited a few seconds making sure

the conversation was over before finally putting her phone away and picking up her bags for

the walk upstairs. I’ll have to hurry she thought.

Entering her apartment she quickly kicked off her shoes and quickly set her groceries down

on her table next to her computer desk causing a couple of oranges and a bunch of bananas

to tumble out such was her haste. I’ll get to that later she thought and quickly put her

coat away. Barely had she time to turn on the computer to get it ready before a knock on

her door told her he had come over more quickly than she expected. Opening the door she

couldn’t help but make a quick judgment of the man. In front of her holding his bag of

gear, Reggie was a medium height white male she figured to be in his late 20’s or very

early 30’s. He looked like he was losing his youthful appearance sooner than he should

have. His hair was starting to thin, and while not excessively overweight you could see

where he was going over the next few years. But it was that smiling face that caught her

most. It reminded her of that last mistake of a boyfriend she had whom her parents

practically forced upon her. Smug, cocksure, the kind of ex jock that thinks they're God's

gift to women. Brad was one bad experience she was glad was over. He had pulled the wool

over her parents’ eyes with his snake oil charm, but they never saw his selfish, degrading

inner core as she had. Other boys would have loved to have a chance with her, but for the

longest time even before he wormed his way in, Brad made sure no one else even came close.

He was her only sexual partner and he had not made it pretty. And of course, how could she

ever forget his two asshole sidekicks with all their lewd comments towards her. Whenever

she talked to Brad about them, he would only laugh tell her to loosen up and accuse her of

being too thin skinned. The old memory was gone in a flash as Reggie asked for a second

time to be let in. “Oh sure.” she said with a quick smile and stepped back hoping this

wouldn’t take long. Unguided, he walked directly over to her computer desk where he

instantly sat down and took over. Just as arrogant as Brad too she thought.

He saw the jumping, pulsing, static like image, did the customary glance at the cable

connections and looked over the modem box. He then opened up a few windows on her computer

and started typing in DOS commands. It wasn’t long before she had no idea what he was doing

and after several minutes he turned to look her straight in the eyes and almost with an

imperceptible smirk tightening his mouth said “It looks like you got the …Dildock Virus.”

and waited for her reaction. How was she to respond? She said she had never heard of it.

“Oh you don't want it! It invades all your programming code, rewriting it, destroying all

your old documents and images on a sub-partechian level, and it’ll spread to other

computers on the web. I can save your stuff, but I've got to it now before this thing does

more damage.” When Laurel asked how much it would cost, he coyly said that while it did

take a bit of effort and programming time he survived on word of mouth and she since seemed

nice so he’d try to keep it down to $30 and smiled sweetly. “It can take a while so if you

want to do some things around the place it’s ok. I have to get some gear out.” And on he

went, just assuming the job without her say so.
“That’s fine,” she said, “I do have a few things to do.” making an excuse to get away. She

wasn't comfortable with the situation, it didn’t seem right, but what could she do? And who

could she get that would be as cheap that would actually come to her? I guess I have to put

more faith in people she thought. This big city life is really beginning to get to me.

About 20 minutes later Reggie came to find her as she was folding laundry. She was

noticeably startled when he spoke and she briefly wondered how long he had stood there

watching her before he said anything.
“I've installed a special program that will fix the virus, it's incredibly hard to kill and

the software has a unique way of going about it. By the way, before I finished up I noticed

you don’t have a webcam and took the liberty to install one. I’m offering them at a special

discount. I got a whole case of these cams from a store that was going bankrupt. Incredibly

high-tech with audio, I’m letting them go for a steal at thirty bucks. Now she was pissed.

Why would he even thing to install something like that before asking her? But on second

thought it sounded like excellent value and she thought how happy her mom would be if she

could see and hear her daughter instead of just get email. She wasn't exactly flush with

extra cash and because of Reggie’s ballsy attitude she started to say no thanks, but was

interrupted before she even began. “Tell you what; you pass my name on to three friends and

it’s yours for $10.” How could she pass that up?
“Ok,” she finally agreed.
“Fine, forty bucks. Before I go.” He said with outstretched palm.

She just barely scraped enough cash together from her purse and a pocket or two and gave it

to him the total amount. He then directed her to sit down at her computer. “It’s all done

except for what you have to do.” He briefly changed the subject and excitedly pointed to

the new space age camera mounted above her monitor. “Pretty nifty huh? Auto tracking, hi

res, low light sensitivity, zoom and pan control and recognition features.” Unseen by

Laurel a disgusting smirk spread across his face as he said, “You’re gonna love it!”

Then he got serious again. “This program is going to have to run off and on over the next

few days. I don't have time to seek out all instances of the virus as it writes new code.

What you have to do is sit here and watch the screen. You’re going to see all sorts of

colors and shapes and stuff flash up on the monitor as its working.” He leaned closely over

her shoulder, giving her the creeps and almost tried to talk sexily into her ear the next

few instructions. “What you want to do is pay attention and when you see colors show up

only in the sequence of blue, red, green, green and then blue… click your left mouse button

right away or you'll have to start the program all over again. Now it can take some time so

be patient and only hit the button when you get that sequence no others okay? Reaching

around her, he clicked her mouse on a program he installed and almost immediately her

screen was filled with a flashing, pulsing kaleidoscope of data, patterns and odd random

colors. The speed and intensity took her mind a moment to adjust. She knew she’d have to

focus and so settled in to the task at hand.

He packed up his gear and left. She was already so absorbed in the monitor display; she

didn’t turn her head to say “Thank you.” as he stood at the door. If she had, she would

have seen him leering at her with hungry eyes and that smug smile. “Oh you’ll be thanking

me later alright” he thought to himself as he closed the door. He put the $40 into his

pocket and headed for the stairs as he muttered “I always like to be paid by women before I

fuck ‘em up.” Reggie began to hum a song. It was the stripper tune.

It was the oddest sensation Laurel thought as her eyes fixated on the computer screen. She

knew her attention was rapt on what she was doing, trying to pay attention for just the

right color pattern to flash before clicking the mouse, but she kept catching herself being

consciously being pulled away from everything, like those scenes in horror movies where the

shot continually zooms out as the camera moves forward. As she continued watching, an

insightful thought came to her that if the human mind was a computer, than surely this is

what its programming would look like. Every now and then, a crystalline display of black

diamond patterns would form amidst the storm of imagery, burst apart, dance briefly about

in chaotic symmetry and then merge back into one before disappearing into the frenetic mix.

Flashes amid the myriad of images, colors and pulsing patterns, it all seemed a luring

hypnotic daydream designed to lull, reassure and subtlety instruct at a very deep level.

And every time the black diamond sequence occurred, it brought on an ever increasing and

heart quickening adrenaline ‘rush’. She could feel herself getting tired from her efforts,

yet very open and excited at the same time. Every now and then the pattern of colors she

was waiting for would start to build, but before she could trigger the button, they would

vanish into the random pattern of everything else and once more force her back into paying

attention through what could only describe as some deep mind buzz. And on and on it went.

Without realizing it, she slowly drifted away…

When she finally came around, her thoughts were confused, hazy, muddled as if her mind

wasn’t quite in sync with her body. She finally became aware she was sitting at her

computer and staring at a web page. “Thank God!” was her first reaction, “The internet was

back on!” Then she noticed the time on her computer had just turned 8:00pm and the website

seemed to be some odd type of forum. It must be for the people who were affected by this

dildock virus she tried to rationalize. “And how advanced!” as she saw her image up in a

small box to the left of the monitor. “Not only do you share messages but video with each

other.” How handy this new camera will be as she remembered just getting it, or did she

always have it….”
“Hello Sweets!” someone named Bareback texted her in a small window, “Haven’t seen you

here.” Laurel smiled back at his friendliness. She hoped others would be as well. Maybe now

she’d get some answers what this virus thing was all about and how to avoid it in the

“First time.” she typed and as she hit return. She seemed to type her reply alright, but

she had the sense she was doing something she hadn’t done in years. Must be this fuzziness.
A message from someone else named Sukme popped up. “Wow! You look hot! Love to do you!” And

as offensive as that should have been, Laurel noticed in her video image she was smiling

back at the cheeky remark.
“Nice blouse” yet another typed by the name of SkankMan, “Isn’t it a little warm where you

are, don’t you want to open up that top of yours, breathe a little easier?”
She realized she actually did feel warm and without making the conscious decision, found

she had begun unbuttoning two buttons of her blouse and parted it open with her hand.

“What’s going on?” she asked herself in an attempt to understand her actions. It was

confusing and it was not good. It was like being drunk, but not having touched a drop.
“More buttons please” was the quick reply from yet another. Before she could give a smart

answer back, another viewer typed in. Her heart skipped an involuntary beat. It was from

someone named Black Diamond.
“You want to remove the whole blouse. Don’t leave us wondering.” Laurel sat there

stupefied before she looked down and realized that’s just what she was doing. The cleavage

of her ample young breasts came into view, bounding slightly out of her modest bra and she

dropped her top off to the floor beside her. Her face had a most sexy smile, but inside she

was starting to panic!
Black Diamond seemed to have read her mind. “Relax, it’s all harmless fun. Enjoy yourself.

The internet makes everything anonymous so you can do what you really want with no

problems.” Grasping for reason, she tried to sense in what he said. No one gets hurt and we

all just having fun …doing what we …want?
Still searching for answers, she looked around the website screen for the first time and

noticed the site was called There were 29 viewers, no make that 30 and it

seemed her web name was… ‘CockSlut’? “No, that can’t be me! I’d never call myself that.

Where’s my name?” She tried to comprehend, but nothing was making sense. “This wouldn’t

even be a funny joke.”
“Show us your tits!” someone new, just posted.
“Take off your bra” typed another.
Her obvious delay prompted another message from Black Diamond. “You should please these

guys; it’s how you get off, isn’t it?” A voice deep inside her was screaming at her as if

from a great distance in a wind storm. The warning sounded dire, she should pay attention,

but nothing could be understood. It was only a sense of frightened concern a friend might

have for another in times of dire trouble.
As her hands removed her bra, she looked down only to realize her nipples were standing out

stiff. How embarrassing! A flurry of excited posts popped up from several horny guys almost

at once. A side glance told her she now had 62 people checking out her exposed breasts
“Holy Shit! They’re gorgeous!”
“Play with them!”
“Pull your nipples!”
“Where do you live?”
“Lick them.”

Each message sent a tingle through her body that only became heightened as she began

rubbing her breasts. She gently pulled her nipples a couple of times, releasing them back

to have her breasts bounce slightly. She tried intentionally to forget about her silent

audience in her effort to avoid the personal embarrassment of being caught in self

pleasure. But when the one known as Black Diamond posted she gave full attention and could

swear her heart fluttered. “You’re such a horny exhibitionistic slut!” She should have

been appalled. No one had ever been as rude to her as what she was reading now. But it came

with shocking realization that on some level, she was getting totally turned on. And all

the other viewers on this board were right into this stuff and so it made sense that it was

ok to be into it as well. “Click on my cam to show you what you really need.” A post from

Black Diamond came up with a link.
She leaned forward and clicked on a camera icon. Was she obeying or just curious? And if

she tried to justify an answer, would it be the truth? Another window opened up and showed

a close up of a fat semi erect thick cock. Why did her pulse quicken? Why was she so

fascinated? Black Diamond continued, “Look at it. You love it, you’re my little cockslut

and you’d love to taste that fat fuck rod and have it shoved deep up your twat!”
Laurel could see other messages popping into view. Another glance showed her that 119

viewers were now looking at her, but her eyes repeatedly came back to stare at the pulsing

cock now slowly being stroked by the left hand of Black Diamond.

“Take off your pants!”
“Show some pussy please”
Almost as if waiting for approval from Black Diamond she hesitated until he posted. “Go

ahead, give ‘em what they want. You want to, don’t you?” With fleeting dismay she realized

she was losing her self-dignity and with resigned obedience Laurel removed her pants, her

modest white laced panties, moved her chair back to give a better view and sat down legs

spread to show anyone watching her trim, plump mound. Her inner voice was still shouting in

panic, but its distance to great. It was so hard to pay it any attention. Open air caressed

across her partially open nether lips and she was mildly surprised to realize that she had

become moist, lubricated and definitely aroused. “What the hell is happening to me?” She

spread her legs even further.
Messages were starting to pop up every other second. Viewers were starting to act like a

pack of wolves, instinctively sensing prey they could bring down together.
“Ohh! Christ!”
“Baby, you are so hot!”
“Finger yourself”

Three hundred and forty one viewers! Men, women, and God knows who else! They were all

getting off on her naked body. Never would she have done such a thing in the past. Old men,

pimpled kids, ugly pigs, perverts! “Who’s watching me?” It didn’t matter she realized, it

was the fact they were that was so exciting. Her eyes came back to the tight shot of Black

Diamond’s thick cock as her hand made its way down to her parted slit to pleasure herself.

“Why can’t I help myself and stop this insanity now?” She was caught in a tangled mass of

confusion, panic and arousal and always the promise of unbridled pleasure lurking. As she

inserted her middle finger inside herself and pushed it in and out for the entertainment of

all who were watching the only answer she could find to all of this was because it just

felt so good. So good…

Her eyes came back to the cam of Black Diamond. She knew she was starting to obsess on that

veined thick piece of man meat and couldn’t help it. It’s girth, its mushroomed head, the

piss slit that was becoming the centre of her attention. How could she be so into this?

Never before was she like this, but at that moment, nothing was more important than

watching him tease her by slowly pulling on his shaft. Head sticking out, head sticking

back in, head sticking out. It’s so good. It’s all such harmless... fun.

A few minutes passed. Over five hundred watchers now! Her breath was quickening. The

messages now were a steady stream. She was actually grateful she had been so fixated on

Black Diamonds cam that she couldn’t read them all. Every other post seemed to be a request

for her to do something more obscene and she was very afraid she might, and enjoy it. Who

was she anymore? She was swept in the middle of raging river of emotion with no chance to

swim to safe shore. The current was too fast. But somehow that was the way she wanted it.
“Turn around”
“Oh my God!”
“What a slut!”
“Show your ass.”
“Squirt baby!”
“Suck your tits”
“Ass please”

Black Diamond made a request and she immediately obeyed. “Turn around for a minute and

spread you ass cheeks for us.”
She got up and turning around, kneeled on the chair and parted her ass cheeks wide as if

for some bizarre medical inspection. Her rosebud, so private, so intimate, was exposed for

everyone to study. When she glanced back over her shoulder at the monitor she realized the

camera had zoomed in incredibly tight. Nothing was left to the imagination. As the image

slowly pulled out showing her pussy she realized in dismay she was practically dripping

juice as turned on as she was being such an exhibitionistic naughty girl. Maybe she really

was a slut. Was it then she gave in? Her moral voice went silent and the passion of the

moment was the only thing to live for. There was no time to think of consequences, only

pleasure in the now. She now had an intense need for anyone or anything to enter her,

penetrate her, make love no fuck her. She wasn’t the only one who knew what she so

obscenely craved.
She turned around and sat back down to read the comments on the screen. She wanted to know

that she was turning them all on, what they wanted her to do and what they wanted to do to


In the sea of texts, a message from Black Diamond jumped out to be read. It was blunt,

direct and immediately sounded like a great idea. “Go fuck yourself with a banana.”
Her eyes went to the fruit she purchased just earlier that day. She looked at the bunch of

firm bananas lying on the table. How did he know? She felt so horny anything inside her

would be wonderful. She broke off the biggest and leaned back in her chair for the next

step in her debasement. The voice of inner warning had been gone for some time, swept away

in the whirlwind of new found passions and emotional servitude. She looked at her image

smiling sexily at the camera as she first ran the banana around her moist lips; getting it

lubricated before increasingly deeper thrusts drove it home. Her thick cream started to

coat the glistening fruit and build at the entrance to her pussy as she repeatedly pushed

it in for another assault on any remaining modesty she had possibly possessed.

Her watchers were reduced to animals, howling, jeering, amazed at the spectacle they were

witnessing. She stopped her thrusting for a moment to give everyone a clear view of the

remaining quarter of fruit peering out, her slick vaginal lips hugging it tightly as she

tapped it firmly with her fingers to show how planted it was inside. This time she welcomed

the close up. She wanted to be the star. Without her even controlling it, small window

after window after window started filling up her computer screen with masturbating cock

after cock stoking to her exhibitionist show. She was being called a slut, a whore, a horny

cunt and she was truly getting off on it. Hundreds of men, wanting her, wishing they were

there fucking her, wanting to maul her tits, thrust their tongues in her mouth, grab her

hips or pull her hair like the reigns of horse as they drove themselves as deep as they

could into her. She could imagine herself pushing back, feeling so tight and used. As each

viewer shot his load, semen spraying, another cam of some fat bellied man or skinny naked

youth would pop up in its place to take his turn as her virtual lover. Her breath came in

shallow pants as she waited for all their seed. She wanted to be bred by any one of those

stiff, stoking erections she saw up on the screen. But it was Black Diamond’s she wanted

most. She could actually feel his mushroomed head splitting her lips, his shaft stretching

her as it pushed inside, and like a hot steel bar relentlessly drive deeper and deeper, no

mercy asked for, no mercy given. She felt every ridge, every pulsing vein. She was the

animal in heat, waiting for the moment she would receive his seed, to complete the act, the

only reason for being.

Eight hundred and twenty two viewers! With each new watcher she was getting more and more

turned on. Lauren didn’t know how much more she could stand. She imagined herself in some

dim old, seedy theater house performing sex acts on a stained mattress casually thrown on

the floor, completely surrounded by rows upon rows of naked men. It didn’t matter who, how

old or what they looked like, just that they all were all going to get their turn in using

her. She was fucking the banana as fast as she could now. The camera panned and zoomed in

and out all over her entire body from her glazed grunting face to her bouncing titties with

their stiff nipples down to her vagina slick with discharge around her lips as the dildo of

choice repeated its pounding rhythm.
She looked back at the cam of Black Diamond hoping he was as aroused as she, and gave an

exquisite shudder to see his frenzied stroking. Laurel so wanted for them to get off

together, to be one. No longer was there any voice of resistance calling her back to who

she once was. Her eyes closed, she was in the moment. She wasn’t just surrendering to her

new self, she was embracing it. All the guilt, shame and pressures of society were gone in

this liberation of primal need and rapture. She exulted in the knowledge there were now

over one thousand men watching her, participating in her passion, wanting to ravage her,

bury themselves inside her and pump their seed deep into her fertile womb.

Her eyes opened up to see load after load of jism spray like a river from the cock of Black

Diamond. She began with a low moan that quickly rose to a high shrill. Laurel was

experiencing her first orgasm ever, consuming her entire body. With three final rapid

thrusts of the banana shoving deeper inside her than she would have ever dared, her body

jerked convulsively like a puppet on strings and quickly she pulled it out, spraying juice

in all directions. At first she thought she was peeing from her open gash. Never had she

felt anything so intense and never had she felt such raw unbridled lust.
And then as quickly as it peaked, it was over. Viewer on over eleven hundred internet

screens around the world watched this naked, stunning twenty one year old, glistening with

sweat, her breasts heaving in rapid breaths, finally touch back on the ground. The endless

stream of taunts, requests and rude compliments had stopped so in awe were they of what

they just witnessed. My God! None had ever seen something that intense before. So

incredibly hot. So fucking sexy!

And then began again the swell of appreciation.
“Oh my God!”
“Never seen anything like that!”
“What a slut! Did you guys see that?! Holy Shit darling!”
“You made me explode big time baby! Wanna lick it up?”
“You’ve got Mail!”
“Read mine first!”
And on it went until without her typing one character on her keyboard, mysteriously a

message appeared from her to all her new found fans. “That’s it for tonight boys, see you

same time tomorrow for another show! Your favorite little CockSlut!”
“Same time tomorrow?” she moaned as it sunk in. “…another show?”

That small voice was back, trying to tell her something, warn her, screaming at her. But

her search for understanding was cut short when her screen went black. Then blue. And then

once more began to run a pattern of random colors, patterns and symbols she recognized as

the program it was so important for her to pay attention to. As she settled into its

mindset, she started to feel relaxed yet excited, comforted yet adventurous and certain if

she looked deeper into that void everything would be answered in time. Everything would be

wonderful. If only she knew what the questions were. But for now she had to pay attention…

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