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Yarn and Borbie looked out over the horizon in the night. They could see the faint light from the faraway campfires. They knew, that it could be their last night together. They looked at each other, Yarn said "we must make love." Borbie replied "we must." Yarn and Borbie then walked into their apartment, and got completely, entirely naked. Yarn then bent over, as Borbie rubbed lube all over his hard cock. Borbie than started to insert his erect member into Yarn's young anus, slowly at first, but steadily increasing in speed with every thrust of Borbie's hips. Yarn was moaning, Borbie's hard dick was pleasuring his prostate. Yarn's aroused, sexy penis was now erect. Borbie was moaning and grunting. Yarn said "oh ya sexy boy fuck my tight asshole." Borbie responded by blowing his load. He screamed "awww I'm Cummmmmming!" Borbie sent his thick warm cum deep up Yarn's rectum. Now it was Yarn's turn to plow Borbie's nice sexy anus. Borbie lay on his back on the bed, spreading his legs apart. Yarn then rubbed the lube all over his boner. He than started thrusting deep into Borbie's tight anus. Borbie was now erect as Yarn fucked him. They were both moaning in pleasure. Borbie then said "Ahhh yeah" as he cummed on his lower stomach. Then Yarn said "fuck I'm jizzing." Yarn cummed deep in Borbie, sending his young semen deep into Borbie's teen bowels. They then licked each other clean of cum, and fell asleep. In the morning, Hoan's troops packed up the camp, and got ready to march again. Hoan led his army to P-Town while on his horse. Hoan had his Confederate Cavalry Saber at his side as a led his men into battle. Riding slightly behind him was his second in command, Kajc. Kajc had his Viking sword at his side. Hoan's army then positioned themselves outside of P-Town, while Hoan rode off to speak with General Penisass. Kajc stayed behind with the soldiers. Hoan met with General Penisass outside of P-Town. Hoan said "General Penisass, I'll give you one last chance. If you hand over the fugifags, we won't attack. General Penisass responded "No, I won't handover my fellow homosexuals." Hoan said "I admire your courage, but not your foolishness. We shall attack, I'll see you on the battlefield." Hoan then rode off with the two cavalry men who accompanied him. The soldiers on each side prepared for battle. Hoan soon led his army near P-Town. The Ptonian troops were standing in formation in front of the town. They were armed with some guns and other ranged weapons, but most had swords, machetes, knives, axes, spears ect. Some men with bows were positioned in windows, in rooftops, and in the big tower in town. Hoan's men had guns, bows, crossbows, and a wide range of other weapons including swords, spears, and axes. The generals encouraged their men. Then, General Vegars, from horseback, yelled "CHARGE!" Hoan's army charged into battle, with Hoan leading his cavalry. Men on both sides were dying. Some were shot, others were stabbed, and rest were killed in a lot of different ways. Hoan was killing people from horseback with his saber. Kajc was riding around town shooting people with his compound bow. Then, an enemy spearman stabbed Kajc's horse in the neck, and Kajc fell off. Kajc drew his Viking sword, and decapitated the killer of his horse. He was soon killing a lot of enemies with his sword. He was slashing, stabbing, and hacking his way through the Ptonian troops. Kajc then re sheathed his blade, and started shooting people with his Glock 17. Hoan rode by, and tossed Kajc a Winchester 1897 Trenchgun. Kajc was soon blowing the Ptonian soldiers' heads off with the twelve gauge shotgun. Hoan then jumped off his horse, and drew his revolver. Hoan was armed with his .357 magnum Colt Python. It was nickel plated, and had a six inch barrel. Hoan was shooting the enemies with it. Hoan then took his Colt semi-automatic AR-15. The rifle was slung across his back. He took if off, and used using it very effectively against the enemy.

    Many men had died on both sides of the bloody conflict, but Hoan's army had won. They had captured the remaining Ptonian soldiers, General Penisass, Yarn, and Borbie. Hoan decided to show some mercy, he would allow the Ptonian soldiers to survive, as long as they got cured. The soldiers who agreed were sent off to straight camp. The soldiers who didn't agree, were taken to the docks. They stood on the edge of the dock, and were all shot by a row of rifle wielding men behind them. There bloodied bodies fell right into the waters of the harbor. The Rainbow flag was then taken down, and the soldiers of Hoan then hoisted up the modern Confederate Flag, which was based off of the battle-flag of the army of Tennessee/ the Confederate Naval jack. General Penisass then knelt down infront of Hoan, facing away from him. Hoan then drew his saber, and with one clean downward chop, cut of General Penisass' head. The body and severed head were then taken away, as Hoan re sheathed his sword. Borbie then came forward. He knelt infront of Hoan just as General Penisass had. Hoan then drew his Python, and pulled back the hammer. He placed the muzzle to the back of Borbie's head, and executed him. Borbie's body was then dragged away. Yarn then came forward, and knelt just like Borbie did. Hoan then drew back the hammer, and placed the revolver's muzzle at Yarns head. Hoan then pulled the trigger. He blew out Yarn's brains. Yarn's body then fell forward. The body was then taken away. Hoan and his army was victorious. They put the bodies in many boats, and as they pushed the boats of the sea, set them on fire. Hoan and his men then collected wood and other flammable materials. They put them in a big pile in the center of town. Next they poured gasoline all over it. Then they gently placed the rainbow flag on the top. Hoan lit a match, and placed it at the bottom. The pile then ignited in flames, quickly burning the rainbow flag. They then danced and partied around the bonfire all night long.      The End.

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