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True story of a Mardi Gras weekend I spent with my step sister
This is a true story more or less... A few things have been exaggerated, but for the most part it's about 90% true. It's my first story...I hope you enjoy!

About 10 years ago, my mom married a guy. He had three daughters, Amy, the oldest; Abby, the middle child; and Lauren the youngest. They were all about 3 years apart in age. Amy and Abby were grown when my mom got married, but Lauren was 14. My mom, Lauren, my step dad, and myself moved in together. I was 11 at the time, and starting to notice girls. I knew right away I wanted to fuck Lauren. She was about 5'6", tits weren't that big, but she had a awesome ass. She herself was gorgeous. She had beautiful eyes, perfect teeth, long black hair...she was stunning. When I was around 14 and Lauren was almost 17 my parents went out of town for Mardi Gras for a few days. She was my "babysitter", and had to stay home to watch me. The second night my parents were out of town, we ordered a movie called "choke" on pay per view, which is a movie about a sex addict basically. Anyway it had a LOT of sex scenes. Somehow we got to talking about sex. She was telling me about what all she had done with guys. I hit puberty a few months before that night, and I told her that I had just started making cum, and she seemed to get really turned on when I told her that...because she giggled and her eyes moved to my pants. Anyway after a couple hours of talking about sex and what not, she had the idea of playing strip poker. By this point I could tell she was horny from all the talking we did...and I definitely was too. We played strip poker for a while and decided that who ever won could do what ever they wanted to the loser. By the end of the game I was butt naked and Lauren had nothing but her panties on. They were white lace boy-short style panties. They looked amazing on her firm ass. Anyway she won, so i was waiting for her to make a move.

"Follow me" she said

I followed her to her room, staring at her gorgeous ass all the way. Her room was upstairs, so on the way up the stairs my face was inches from her ass. The panties were semi-see through, and I could see her tight, bald pussy through her panties.

"Lay on your back" she said

I laid on my back, my rock hard cock sticking straight up in the air. She proceeded to take her panties off, and climbed on top of me; her ass right in my face.

"Do you know what a cock ring is" she asked

"No what is it" I asked

She then took her panties and tied them like you would a pony tail around my cock. I now know what a cock ring is, and I have to say panties I work 10 times better than a rubber cock ring. My cock was engorged, red and rock hard... eager to shoot a load. I was playing with her, sucking her sweet tasteless pussy. She was letting out little moans every time I hit her clit. All the while she was tugging at my cock. I was trying not to cum so bad. I could have easily let her finish me off in seconds, but thankfully I was able to control myself. She reached in a drawer and pulled out a 8 or 9 inch, super thick, purple vibrator. She turned it on at gave it to me, and then proceeded to keep tugging my cock. I stuck the vibrator in, watching her pussy conform to fit it. She was really moaning now, and liquid was steadily dripping from her tight, wet pussy. She had been tugging for about 10 minutes, and I figured a hand-job was going to be all I was getting. Her pussy was really gushing now, as I pushed the vibrator as deep as it would go. All of a sudden her pussy tightened around the vibrator, and she let out a long moan. She pushed down on the vibrator, her pussy leaking. I could see the vibrator stretching her pussy. That was the first time I had ever given a girl an orgasm. She then climbed off of me, and wiped the juice from her legs, and off of my chest. After she wiped off the juice she threw the towel on my face. It was soaking wet, and turned me on Much. She then climbed on top of me, her pussy now resting on my cock.

"Are you gonna let me stick it in?" I asked

She just giggled and looked me in the eye, and then gave me a long sensual kiss. Looking up at her, her firm tits poking out...she was gorgeous.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked

She looked me in the eye, sat on my cock, pushed it balls deep into her pussy, and then said "For what?"

I smiled and gave her another kiss. She then began to ride my cock, pushing down every time until it was balls deep inside her. She was letting out little moans, which turned me on even more. She rode me for 5 good minutes, my dick going in and out of my her tight little pussy. She started to cum again, hugging me as she pushed down on my dick; moaning all the while. She let out one final moan and pushed down on my cock, her pussy swallowing it whole; trying to get it in as deep as possible. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock, as if asking for more. She stayed laying on top of me, breathing heavy from what must have been an incredible orgasm. She then looked up at me, smiled, and gave me another long kiss.

"Your turn" she said

She then began to ride my cock like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my balls tightening up, and the familiar feeling as if I was about to cum.

"I'm about to cum" I said

She didn't say anything and instead continued to ride me. I was really close to cumming now, afraid I was going to blow my load inside my step sisters pussy.

"Lauren I'm about to cum!" I said a little louder

She still continued to ride me, as if not concerned that I could blow my load inside of her. I couldn't hold out any longer, and I emptied my cock inside of her. I hadn't jacked off in several days, so I knew my sperm count had to be through the roof. I was so scared of getting her pregnant, but at the time, it was such an incredible feeling I really didn't care. I sat there breathing heavy, having experienced one of the best orgasms I had ever had. She moved her pussy around my cock, and then proceeded to climb off my cock, and turned around...her pussy now again above my face. Her pussy, right about me was oozing cum. Sperm was collecting in a puddle on my chest. She was licking the cum off of my cock, her panties that were still tied around it like a cock ring were drenched in cum and pussy juice. She licked my cock dry, and took the panties off of my cock; then she turned back around looking at me face to face. She looked at the puddle of cum that had collected.

"All that was inside me?" She asked

"I guess so." I replied

"What a load!" She said

She then wiped some of the cum up with her panties, and licked what was left off my chest. She then looked me in eye and gave me one final kiss. I could taste the cum when she kissed me. She climbed off of me, and put her panties back on. They were drenched in cum, but she seemed to like it. She crawled back in bed and I just laid there, my cock still throbbing from an incredible orgasm. She cuddled up to me, her leg wrapped around my waist. She was straddling me, her pussy grinding against my thigh...I could feel the cum that was still coming out of her through her panties.

"Maybe you'll win the next game." She said

"I hope so." I replied

We then proceeded to dress. She left the room and came back with a deck of cards.

"Good luck" she said as she dealt out the cards.


The next day, I woke up to Lauren getting ready to take a shower.

"I'm about to take a shower...u wanna take one with me?" She asked

I got up, still butt cock hard from morning wood. She was still wearing those same lace panties. It was such a turn on to know that she slept with my cum in her, and on her panties. We went to the bathroom. She took off her panties, turned on the water, and hopped in the shower. We both took a shower like we normally would, I was still in shock that such a gorgeous girl would let me fuck her, especially being my step sister. The water was rolling down her back and off her ass. It was a beautiful sight. She would look over her shoulder every now and then, and catch me sneaking a peak at her beautiful body. I started caressing my cock to get hard. I tapped her on the ass as to tell her "hey I'm about to stick my cock in you". I turned me on that she knew what I wanted with just a tap on the ass. She bent over, grabbing part of the shower to keep balance. The water was running down her pussy and onto her legs, it was truly an awesome sight. I grabbed my cock, and pressed it to the opening of her pussy. She looked back and me as to say "go ahead". I reached around her and grabbed her tits, and with one quick thrust I stuck my cock balls deep inside her. She let out a yelp, and then a long moan. She was so wet, and I couldn't hold myself that long. I would pull out and give her a kiss, for one because girls like that shit, and two so I wouldn't blow my load that quick. I stuck my cock back in her and thrust in and out, my balls hitting the area above her pussy, making a clapping sound. I began to feel the bubbling in my balls .

"I'm gonna cum" I said

She turned around, and got out of the water stream coming from the shower head. She stuck my cock in her mouth, and sucked. Seconds before I came, I grabbed the back of her head and I slammed my cock to the back of her throat. Her eyes widened, and she started to gag. I emptied everything I had into the back of her throat. When I was done and pulled out, all the cum and spit stuck to my cock, leaving several ropes of cum and spit strings from her mouth. She stood up, laughed, and kissed me. She had a mouthful of cum when I kissed her, and she swapped it all to me. It was seriously like an entire mouthful of was so nasty to me.

"Ehhhh" I said in disgust

"Well you shouldn't have shoved your cock down my throat like that" she replied

I smiled and kissed her again. We went back to her room, both still butt naked. She danced around a little bit, I guess kind of putting on a little show for me. I was looking at her thinking how lucky I was to have her as a step sister. My parents were coming home in two days, and we knew we had limited time to have fun with each other. After watching her put on the little show for while, she decided to go sunbathing. We went out by the pool, and laid out in the lounge chairs.

"Will you put some lotion on my back?" She asked

I grabbed the lotion, and squirted a generous amount into my hand. She flipped over on her back. Her ass poking up in the air. I slipped the lotion on her back and began rubbing it in. I moved down to her ass rubbing the lotion in while admiring her gorgeous ass. I got on top of her, her ass sticking up in the air. I lubed my cock up, and pulled up on her waist. She knew what I wanted, so she poked her ass up in the air, and I shoved my cock in her as deep as I could. I trusted in and out, in and out, my cock getting harder and harder. She began to moan louder and louder.

"Don't stop...I'm about to cum!!" She yelled

I shoved my cock in and out of her pussy. Every time I went in balls deep she would let out a moan. I was getting ready to cum too. Lauren started to cum, her pussy gushing juice as my cock went in and out of her. I fucked her as fast as I could, and slammed my cock as deep as I could in her. Before I could pull out, I started to cum. I got at least 1 good rope of cum in her before I managed to pull out. I pulled out and shot the rest of my load on her ass and back. We both sat there, huffing and puffing from our orgasms. I pumped a little more lotion in my hand, and smeared the cum on her back in with the lotion. Her body was shining in the sun from the lotion and cum combination on her back. Just as we were about to go inside, we heard something that sounded like it was coming from next door. I looked up to see my neighbor trimming his hedges, peering over his fence into our yard. I knew he had to have seen us fucking. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist, and Lauren ran inside. I just smiled and gave a friendly wave.

"That your girlfriend?" He yelled

"Something like that." I responded

I walked over to him and asked if he would keep it to himself and not tell my parents. He agreed and said we could stay outside if we want, and to pretend he wasn't even there. It turned me on to know someone was watching me fuck my step sister.


We now had only 1 full day until my parents came home, and we planned on making the most of it. We stayed up late the night before, and we had an alarm set so we could fuck all day the next day. We woke up at 8:00AM to a beautiful summer day. From talking the night before, we thought of a plan to where we might could have a threesome. Lauren's friend Lacy, who lived in our neighborhood was what you could call a slut. Lauren told me all about her in our sex talks. Our plan was to get her over to our house so she and Lauren could go tan. Then Lauren would ask if i wanted to come tan with them. Once outside Lauren would remove her top, and inevitably Lacy would remove hers...then we could just go from there. if it didn't work, Lauren and I could just fuck after she left, so it was a win-win. Lauren called Lacy, and they planned on her getting to our house around 11:00 AM. Lauren and I fucked in the meantime.

It was around 10:30 and Lauren and I were going at it when we heard a knock at the door. It was Lacy. This was first chance at a threesome. We got dressed as quick as we could, and Lauren met Lacy at the door. Lacy was 16, and was pretty sexy...but not as hot as Lauren. She was about the same height as Lauren, with blonde hair. Her tits were fairly big for a girl her age...maybe a high B or small C cup. She had a really nice ass too. When Lacy walked through the door she was wearing a Polo T-shirt, and I could see where she was wearing a bikini top underneath. She was wearing a bikini bottom, and carrying a towel.

"Let's go girl!" Said Lacy

"One sec, I need to find my top" replied Lauren

Lauren found her top and came around the corner...Lacy was right behind her. Lauren wearing a bright yellow bikini with white polka dots on it. She was smoking hot.

"We're going to tan...u wanna come?" Asked Lauren

"Sure, let me grab some shorts" I replied

I put on some shorts and met the girls outside. They were putting lotion on each other, and just talking about normal stuff. I pulled up a chair to the right of Lauren. lacy was to the left of Lauren. We all laid out in the sun and talked about random stuff. Lauren and I were trying to somehow get the conversation about sex. When all of a sudden Lauren sat up and removed her top.

"Uh...Lauren your brother is right there." Stated Lacy

"He's seen a girl before...I'm not showing him anything new." She replied

Lauren then stood up and removed her bottom. Lacy didn't seem to shocked about the situation, so I figured the plan was going well. Lauren then looked over at me and whispered "take your shorts off". It took a second, but I made sure Lacy was looking where she could see me take my shorts off. I saw a chance, so I got up, and very casually took my shorts off. I was now completely naked in front of two beautiful girls. Lacy was wearing sun glasses, and I saw her lower them....I guess to get a better view of me. Lauren and I waited for Lacy to make a move. After a minute or two, lacy got up and took her top off. She had gorgeous tits, really perky, with perfect little nipples. She looked over at me with a devilish look. She dramatically dropped her top at the foot of my chair and then proceeded to take her bottom off too. She laid back down on her stomach and poked her ass out in the air. It was unspoken at the time, but I'm sure we all felt the sexual tension.

"Lauren can you put some more lotion on my back?" Asked Lacy

Lauren looked over at me, and winked. I trusted she was about to do something to advance our plan.

"I just got comfortable." Lauren complained "get David (which is me by the way) to do it"

Lacy looked up and didn't say a word. She smiled at me and laid her head back down. I squirted some lotion in my hand, and moved over to Lacy. I started at her back and massaged the lotion gently into her back. I slowly moved up to her neck, and then down to her waist. Remember this whole time we're both butt naked. I then slid my hand over her ass, and she let out a little moan. Lauren is staring me down whispering pointers to me the whole time. I got some more lotion, and started at her waist again. I then started massaging her thighs inching my way closer and closer to her pussy. She was now poking her ass out in the air slightly. I guess silently she was telling me "I wanna fuck". It was on our plan had worked. I got some more lotion, and this time I went straight for the area around her thighs close to her pussy. I was teasing so bad. I massaged around her pussy for a good 5 minutes without ever actually touching her pussy. I went out on a limb, and brazenly stuck a finger inside her. She let out a little moan, and poked her ass out all the way in the air. It was game time, we were about to fuck....

I got some more lotion, and lubed my cock up. I continued fingering Lacy. I could tell she was extremely wet, and ready for some cock. I pulled on her waist to get her to poke her ass out more in the air. I massaged my cock one last time before placing the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy. She looked up and over at Lauren, letting out big laugh.

"I like your brother" said Lacy

"Me too" said Lauren with a devilish smirk

I pushed my cock in Lacy, and she let out a long deep moan. I thrust in and out of her with all my might. I could tell she enjoyed it, because she was gripping the chair with all her strength. I fucked her as hard as I could, my balls making a clapping sound every time they hit her pussy. She was moaning very loud now. From experience, I've either had girls that moan, or girls that are virtually silent. Lacy SCREAMED. She was the loudest fuck I've ever had. I was worried my neighbor would hear us and peer over the fence again. I could feel the familiar bubbling in my balls. I stuck my cock in her as deep as I could one last time, and pulled out. When I pulled out, Lauren grabbed my cock, and she inched her face up to my cock. Lacy was now on her back, and she also inched up towards my cock. I couldn't hold it any longer, and I let out a HUGE load on their beautiful faces. Rope after rope of cum met their faces with beautiful precision. One landing diagonal on Lauren's face, another landing in Lacy's hair, another hitting Lauren's chin and running down onto her tits. It seemed like it was never going to end. It was an incredible orgasm. By the time it was over they both looked like gorgeous little cum sluts. It was awesome. After I came, I sat back down on my chair... My cock throbbing with delite. After I caught my breath, I looked over at the cum covered beauties who were pleasuring themselves. I stood up, and moved close to Lacy.

"Here I didn't finish my part" I said

I put my face to her pussy and ate it like there was no tomorrow. She was gushing fluid. It was filling my mouth, but surprisingly didn't taste bad at all. After several minutes she let out one final moan and a waterfall of liquid gushed from her pussy. It was a glorious scene. I looked over at Lauren, who had apparently came too. She was sitting with her fingers insider of her pussy, and breathing heavily. I stood up and gave Lacy a very sensual kiss, and told her thank you. I then went over to Lauren and did the same.

That was Mardi Gras weekend with my step sister. And Lauren I know you'll probably read this... I want you to know I love you and I thank you for those incredible days!

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2013-06-15 11:51:14
you are so a damn liar boy. because your sister was sucking my huge cock that whole weekend. and i also fucked her so hard

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2013-03-08 09:54:39
First this story doesnt even remotely read like he is austrailian. wrong terms and phrases. and if he were 11 years old 10 years ago that would make him 20 - 21 now depending on birth date, not 18.

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2013-03-08 09:42:37
I find it hard to believe that your sister has a tasteless pussy. and for the record a cockring helps prevent coming so dont claim great control right after saying how great her panties work as a makeshift cockring. after this point I lost faith that this was true and quit reading as I hate liers.

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2013-03-08 03:13:46
Febuary in Australia is summer

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2013-03-08 01:13:46
Probably Australians.

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