It's been three years, Shawn is showing his age, he has displacia in his hips and it's harder and harder for him to fuck me. I have tried many different ways but they all require his hip action. He starts much the same way, like a race horse out of the gate, but he doesn't make it to the first corner before he looses his balance. The vet has him on shots and therapy, but it's not going well. It's almost time to pit him down he has begun loosing control of his bowels, and it upsets him terribly.

Tim is my fellow still, although I will never marry again, Tim and I are constant companions. We go on trios together and I go over to his
Beautiful new log home east of the mountains. I have managed to keep my beach home, thanks to some trading with several businessman in town. The trading of sexual favors isn't something I have ever talked about with anyone. But I can tell you it is unbelievable to meet these men and have them lie to you, like they must lie to their wives. No matter my bills are taken care of and I get to have an encounter.
My ins. Man was the first to offer the trade, he had been flirting with me for years, so once was separated and struggling to make ends meet. He actually just said I can take care of your premium for the next six months. And all he wanted was a monthly visit to his office, he called in advance and made the appt.. He suggested I talk to Ben who did solar energy, and for sure would trade. My ins. Man put me in
Touch with people I would have never thought would do this. The sex was good, not great. Of course none of them measured up to my
Tim. All in all I had six appts a month soon to be seven I need to replace windows. I met the window man, and whatba hunk he is, bit of course he is married, I hope he is as good as he looks. I am meeting him in an hour.

I am at home and Sam is on his way to fuck me, he will start the windows tomorrow. The door bell rang and I went to greet Sam, he
Wasn't alone. I invited them in and he introduced his partner Joe, who was a big man. I said does Joe know about our arrangement?
Joe said i do and I was wondering if you would like a larger discount? Is it going to be a threesome? Would you consider it? I said I
Would consider it, but what do you have in mind for three? Do you ass fuck, Joe asked? Sometimes I said did you want one in my ass the other in my pussy? Oh god Joe said yes. I said and what would the discount be? Joe said the same as Sam has given you. I said no,
I will want considerably more for ass fucking and for the threesome. I said, no worries as long as youmknow it has to be a lot more than you are offering. Let's go upstairs and get started. When we are finished I will want to know the amount. We went to my room where I had put out a tray ifnliquor and some glasses, the ice wa still good and I asked them to pour us all a drink while I got naked. Then please take your clothes off as well. They were both well hung but Sam had the biggest cock about 9 inches I figured, I said Sam you are to big for my ass,oh Sam said I know Joe is your ass man. Okay Joe this is the position I do, you will start I will sit on you backwards and Sam will fuck me from the front, are you ready? Joe said do you mind if I dip into your pussy with my fingers and suck you first. Not at all let's go. So Joe
Came to me and kissed me while he picked me up and put me on his cock, he thrust uowards hard and I loved it. He sucked me then while his fingers flew in and out of my pussy, I came rather quickly and he sucked me dry. He put some moisture cream on his cock and began to enter my ass, it was divine. Sam had waited long enough and I wanted his cock in me. Joe waited until Sam was in and had a few
Strokes then they both went at me, they soon picked up a rythum to die for and the feeling of them both in me fucking me hard was unbelievable. I came many many times, Joe went off first and after he shot his load he wanted more. I told him today was a sample of what they would get and for now he was done. I want to see what Sam has to give. I said Sam would you like a new position. He said sure, imsaid let's have you fuck me on that table penetrate my pussybfrom behind I will lay on my stomach. Oh great he said and we went at it.
It didn't take Sam but two minutes. I will meet you downstairs pour yourselves another drink in the dining room.

I showed them to the bath downstairs and I went back up and took a shower. When I went down to them, they were more than happy to take it all out in trade over the next six months. I said fine but this was not going to be a weekly, I believe if I have to have you both at the same time that's the equivalent of twelve times in six months. You boys do it however you would like but you get twelve visits either alone or together. You arr pricey, Sam said, I asked if it was acceptable or not? They both agreed it was fine. But Sam wanted another visit today, now. I said one of you or both, Joe said I will come back and pick him up in an hour? No I said we will call you when we are finished, but boys No more surprises, I make an appointment for a certain time with a certain guy no more, no less from now on you have to stick to a time and date to.

Joe left and Sam and I started in the living room, he liked the look of my foot stool. He was big and that was nice but he had a lot to learn.
I said honey I want to teach you as we go, do you mind? Oh god show me or tell me, I am happy to learn. First of all kiss me, he did, and I said now I will kiss you, just let it happen. I moved my mouth to his and parted his lips with my tongue, I started sucking his tongue and he
Picked right up on it. I deepened the kisss and he began to moan then I gave him a soft juicy version that he loved. Always start with a kiss like those which ever you like or all of them. Now before you fuck someone do you eat pussy? Noi don't care to, fine then start with
Your two fingers and your thumb, like this, do this while you are kissing. Let's try it, je did fine but Sam you have got to show more excitement. Are you into this? Oh I want you again then foreplay is what you need to learn. Do you want a blow job? Oh my god Sam said
Yes. I will start that way for you, no one else must know, I don't do it for anyone. But as I suck your cock I want you to explore my pussy.
Look atbher andni will show you all her parts and how they like to be fucked. Before I knew it he was eating me like a mad man, I was laughing at his excitement and he said oh that was good. Butnkatencani fuck you now. Well sure insaid where do you want me? I have never done it doggie style is that okay? One of my favorites are you ready? Oh yes he said and he went at me like a man possessed.
I told him to slow it down, je didn't think he could. I asked him if he could cum multiple times? He said sure one right after the other.
And true to his word he came within two minutes and wanted more doggie style, I told him aboutbthrusting and long strokes and I thought he was going to cum on the spot. All total he reloaded five times. It was three hours later when we called his partner, he was less than
Thrilled. I said call me for an appointment.

Two days later Sam called and wanted to have sex. I said Sam I don't do this like a hooker, when my window deal is done so are you. Now younhave had a lot more than I give anyone you can't make an appointment for a month. Sam said cantbwe work something out just fornthe two of us? I said what donyounhave in mind? Well he said you need a new car? Well use but that's more than I have ever traded for. So Sam whatsbthe hurry? I am getting married in three months, I want to surprise my new wife with a lot than I can offer her now.  Okay Sam once a week for the next three months, no Sam said twice a week for the next four months and we will look at cars. No I said
I know what kind of car i want, you can get the prices,i already have. I couldn't afford one. So here is what I want I will give you the details
When can you come out? Right now, Sam asked? I said sure but two hours thats it. He spent the night, he was like a kid in a candy store.
I taught him positions i taught him technique. He was like a sponge and he loved to practice, he fucked me for six hours of the ten he was here. I had ton take breaks, although I know he could have kept going each time. He managed to understand a woman's orgasm finally.
Sam is thirty one and really handsome, so I asked him how was that he missed out on sex? He aid hs parents are ministers and sex
Was prohibited. I laued saying that all parents say that.

The phone rang the next morning, it was Tim, hi honey oh lover where are you i asked? I'm almost to town, but I wanted to pick up
Some seafood, what do you feel like. Kate said scallops or salmon or both. Tim said are ready for me honey ,oh big man I want you.
I am always ready for you. Where do you want me to wait for you, you can find me in the shower you can join me if you'd like. Oh,
Kate I will baby I will.
Kate had just enough time to get Sam out and her bed made before Tim got there. Kate was in the shower when Tim got there but he
Wanted to talk. Kate baby come here, what's wrong, are you okay? It's Shawn baby he's dead I found him outside when I drove in. No no
No please no not yet oh Shawn, come honey let me helpyou get dressed and find a blanket to take him in. We will take him to the vets.
Yes is all Kate said. The next two or three days were a blur Kate didn't even know what day it was. But on the fourth day Kate woke up
Wanting Tim. She went downstairs to find breakfast almost ready, she hugged him from behind and put both hands under his robe, it
Took both to hold 12" of erection, oh baby I can't wait can I have some now? Just a little bit Tim couldn't ever say no to her. He sat her up on the counter top and gave her 6" and said now eat your breakfast and I'll give you twice as much and you can watch the whole thing go in. Kate ate like a little piggie, she declared herself the winner and said I'm ready. You are so spoiled and who spoils me? Oh Tim I want it
In me now I don't want you to leave anymore, you could fuck me five times a day if you were here. No I couldn't honey, why? Because I
Would have died after the first week with my dick your pussy. Now come on honey and I'll give you some of it, no no all of it please okay

It had been six months since Shawn passed and they had gone looking for dogs. Tim found a breeder with a male and a female Irish setter they are ten weeks, they have had all their shots, house broke, weaned of course and both are papered. Tim said I want to pick them up today, sure the owner said. I will be there in an hour I live a ways away. It was perfect, Kate was on her way over, but wouldn't get there before 6:00. By then Tim would be back and have them for her. It was almost six and Tim loved the pups he had put them in the garage until Kate comes. He saw her headlights heading up the mountain, he was really excited. Kate came in wanting him to fuck her right away,h Kate I have a surprise for you, don't you want it first. I want you first now and always, okay baby I love fucking you. It took Kate about a minute to get out of her clothes and when Tim saw her naked he was happy about her decision. It was less than five minutes this time, to get the big cock about 9" inside kates pussy. Oh my god Tim I about can't take these separation times anymore. I need you inside of me all the time, give it to me Tim all of it please, oh honey not all of it,its to much for anyone. Oh honey I want to give that to you more than anything in this world. Please push honey, hard really hard get ruff baby you know I love you to hurt me with your cock, so push
Harder baby. Tim did push andnthey came close but had almost 2" left to get all 12" in her pussy. Finally after Kate had enough for a few minutesl Tim took her to the living room and sat her down. Stay right there don't move. He went to the garage and let them in, they were all over Kate. She was laughing and loving them.

Who are these little creatures? You have to name them they are yours you are there new momma. Oh Tim really? Really.? Oh thank you
Thank you. Do you know how much I love you? Oh fuck me now please I am so happy

To be continued

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