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He stood there, licking his lips knowing that this whore was his. He took his hand high up and pow! Her ass was beet red. He loved the fact that she was dripping wet on his lap.

“Please, Master stop. It hurts.” She begged him, tears falling down her cheeks. “Please, I’m sorry. I’m a dirty whore. Please just stop.” She kept repeating it all over and over again.

He smiled. He loved to see her writhe on his lap. She disobeyed him and now it’s time for her punishment.

“Oh little girl, you broke the rules. I can’t just let you off so easily. Now let your punishment continue or I’ll double it. You know we still aren’t done.” He slapped her left cheek hard, she grunted and groaned.

She tried to hold her tears back in but they just kept flowing. Her punishment was only beginning and she was dreading it.

“Now let’s see how many rules did you break?” He asked as he rubbed her sore ass cheeks. SLAP! “You wore underwear today. That’s one,” SLAP! “

“Sorry! I’m so sorry, Master.”

“ Shh. I don’t want to hear your excuses, whore. You came to me five minutes late.” SLAP! “ You haven’t been going to class,” SLAP! “You’ve been partying too much,” SLAP! “You let a guy fuck you and you didn’t let him pay you like I told you.” SLAP!

“Master I’m sorry. I know I’ve been bad. Thank you for the punishment.” She knew she couldn’t do anything to change his mind.

She loved being punished by her master.

He rubbed her ass cheeks again. He felt her wetness on his finger. Plop! He pushed it inside her and she moaned.

“Now another one? Oh little girl, you’re being very naughty. Master is quite displeased with you.” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

He eventually got into a rhythm where he’d finger her until she was about to cum and slap her ass cheeks ten times.

“Now does my little slut like this?” He asked with lustful eyes over his prize.

“Yes, Master I do. So very, very much.” she moaned.

“Well then this won’t do. Get off of me, slut. Sit on the floor like a good pet. I want your ass touching the floor.” He wanted to see her suffer for a bit. He liked how she still has so much spirit. He wanted to break it so very badly.

She did as she was told. He legs weak from the pain and she slowly put her ass against the floor slowly but he pushed her. She screamed as she felt the cold floor on her ass. She looked at her Master with pleading eyes but just sat up and sat there. She wanted him.

“Slave, who owns you?” he asked in his most domineering voice.

“You do Master. You own me. Thank you for owning me, Master.”

“Yes, I do. Now why do you keep breaking the rules, slave?”

“Because I’m a worthless slut that likes to break the rules.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit answer, you fucking whore. You know it’s because you’re a whore and you like being punished. Don’t you bitch?” His face was right in front of hers. His face was red and he had his hand around her throat. She couldn’t help but look down. She knew to never look at her Master right at his eyes.

“Yes, Master. I’m a whore and I like being punished. Thank you, Master.” She had trouble saying it but he loosened his grip on her neck.

He re-griped her neck tighter and threw her on the floor. She cried and cried at how easily her Master was throwing her. He looked at her with such lust. He just wanted to fuck her but he knew that she had to learn her lesson.


“So did you learn your lesson yet, little girl?” He asked her in a hushed tone.

“Yes, Master. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never disobey you again.” She said as she got onto her knees with her head down.

He dragged her outside where everyone could see her naked body. Her 32C cups dangling in the air. Her well curved body ready for the ravenous eyes of strangers.

"Whore, do you like it when people watch you get fucked?" He whispered into her ear as he licked it.

As she was about to answer, he bit her ear. He bit her hard. Then kissed and licked her neck.

“Answer me, you fucking whore!” He bit her harder, drawing a bit of blood.
She loved it when her Master bit her. It sent thrills all over her body. She bit her lips and tried to say no but the words wouldn’t come out. She wanted to cum.


“No, Master.”

“Well slave this isn’t for your enjoyment. It’s mine. Get on your fucking knees and spread them cheeks wide. You’re going to get fucked hard and everyone will know you are nothing but a dirty whore.” He barked his order at her.

She did as she was told. The ground touching her. She felt dirty. She is dirty. A dirty slut. She wondered what hole her Master would use today. She opened both holes wide open for him.

He looked at her from behind and loved the sight. Her ass spread open for him to use whenever he wanted. He had the good life.


“Are you going to disobey me again, whore?”

“No, Master.” She meekly said.

He put a finger in her asshole. God it was nice and tight. He wiggled it in there. Another one came in. Then another intruder. And another. He almost had his hole hand in her asshole. Spit made the best lube of all. It was always there when you needed it.

He started fisting that ass. She moaned and groaned at the pain. Crying won’t help her. It would only draw attention. She tried to be quiet enough so the neighborhood won’t hear her.

“What are you?”

“I’m a filthy anal slut, Master.” She said very quietly.

“I can’t hear you. Maybe you should yell it out.” He said as he went faster.

With his other hand he inserted a finger in her wet cunt. It went in so easily. He slipped his whole hand in so much faster.

The double fisting has begun.

“Whore! Fucking answer me!” He fisted her harder and faster.

“I’M A FILTHY ANAL SLUT, MASTER!!!” She screamed.
She saw a neighbor look out their window. It was Mrs. Humphrey, the neighborhood gossip. Everyone will know what she’s done.

She was close. She just wanted to burst. Holding it wasn’t an option.

“Master, may I please cum?” She asked as sweetly as she could.

“Oh, so my whore likes being fisted outside? My word! You are such a dirty slut!” He took his hands out of her used holes.

“Suck my cock slave. NOW!” He yelled.

She immediately went for his hard cock. Hoping that if she did a good job, he’d let her cum.

She went slowly at first, slightly grazing her teeth on the head, oh so gently. She knew her Master loved that. She flicked her tongue at the hole then took the whole thing down her mouth. She gagged yet again. She still couldn’t deep throat her Master. She needed to practice. She kept trying until it felt easier.

Breath through your nose.

She bobbed her head up and down. She used her succulent lips on his cock. She played with his balls and licked them. She sucked on them very gently as her hands pleased his cock.

She loved sucking his cock. This was her favorite part of every session.

She kept at it like her life depended on it. She wanted to please her Master.

He slapped her face with his left hand then his right. He left hand prints of her face. He grabbed her by the hair and kissed her. He spat at her face.

“Open your mouth. Take my cum. I want it in your mouth for the next five minutes.”

He came onto her tongue and wave after wave it kept on going. She knew not to miss a drop. She swallowed his cock into her mouth before a drop was lost. She loved the taste of her Master. He always tasted sweet and never bitter.

She reminded herself to eat more sweet fruits.

She kneeled outside as he cleaned himself up.

She heard people pass by and people call out to her. There were even some teenaged boys oogling her. She heard one of them say, “She looks fuckin’ hot, bro. I’d love to eat that pussy.”

Those comment went on.

Mothers passed by with their children and called her a harlot, a slut…well you get the drift.

Her Master saw the people come and go. He let her stay like that for fifteen minutes.

He took her things and put it in a bag. He opened his door and dropped the bag on the floor.
“Show me what’s inside your mouth.”

She opened her mouth and his cum was still there. He patted her head.

“Good slut. Now swallow it for Master. You took your punishment well today. Are you going to be a bad girl again?” He asked her sweetly.

“No, Master. Thank you for the punishment, Master.” She said happily.

He kissed her on the lips and held her close to his body. His hand wondered to her ass and begun to rub the soreness away.

“Get dressed.”

She grabbed the bag and went inside. She took her shorts and tank top out. She was about to put them on but she felt the stinging pain on her bum.

Bruises began to appear on her ass and various places. He left his mark well.

He told her to lay on his lap. He grabbed ointment and began rubbing her ass. He rubbed each and bit of her sore body. He began to play with her clit.

She moaned and thanked her Master for playing with her.

“Get on the couch. I’m hungry.”

She opened her legs wide for her Master. She was excited. She did a good job and her Master was giving her a reward.

He traced her lips and began to lick her little clit. The juices were flowing. She wanted to cum and he knew it wouldn’t take long. He took his time. He’d lick at one spot, kiss at another, finger her but it all was very slowly.

She wanted to yell. She wanted to push his head down her aching pussy. She wanted to cum.

He laughed at her reactions every time he pulled away. Her eyes like a lost puppy. He couldn’t hold back. He ravaged that tight cunt of hers. Licking and sucking. Biting and slapping.

Her legs all wobbly from moving around. She couldn’t even feel the pain on her ass anymore. She wanted to cum in his mouth. She was wanted to taste her pussy on his lips.

He eagerly ate her pussy. Teasing her and pleasing her until she was at the point of no return.

“Master, may I cum?”

He looked at her and nodded his head. He ate her out with his talented tongue. His expert mouth knew her weak spots. He knew she won’t be able to last long.


She screamed and started to jerk her body. Her breathing was ragged, her toes curled, back arched. Her orgasm took her fully.

He smiled at his creation.

“Thank you so much, Master!” She said with the biggest smile on her face.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that. Now get dressed.”

“Yes, Master.” She took her clothes and eagerly put them on.

He looked at her getting dressed and missed her naked flesh. His marks stayed hidden but how he wished to show people his property. This slut was his.

She finished getting dressed and took her bag. She was near the door when her Master came to her.

He kissed her lips and said his final threat.

“You can’t cum for the next week, filthy whore. If I find out you break another one of my rules…things will get worse for you.”

“Yes, Mas--.”

He shut the door before she could even finish. She stood there.

“I love you.” She whispered.

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