A young woman becomes a lesbian and comes to love young girls and family love
Summer Lifeguard

By Tanya and Jan

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

My parents named me Tanya. We lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. I loved to swim. I started swimming as a kid, and spent the summers at
friend's pools swimming and playing in the water. I swam on swim teams in the summer.

I joined the water polo team, and later the swim team when as I started high school. My high school only had a boy's water polo team. Because of the equal
opportunity law they had to allow me to play on the boy's team.

The guys were proud to have the only girl in the league, on their team and treated me like one of the guys. The only drawback was I had to change in
the girl's locker room by myself. I didn't get to horse around with the guys.

I dated a few of them a few times. When it started I did allow them to kiss me, but over the time I would do more with them. Before high school was over I was giving hand jobs to guys.

One day after practice the coach started asking me a lot of personal questions like: my address, phone number and date of birth. I thought it was a
little strange until a few days later I received an invitation to try out for the summer lifeguard program. It turned out that the coach spent the academic years
teaching class, and coaching, while during the summer he ran a pool for the county.

I took the swim test, and passed without a problem. The next couple of weeks were spent were taught everything we would need to know to be lifeguards. I had no problem learning the skills because I played water polo with the guys. I had no fear that I could handle myself in a struggle with people in trouble. When I finished the training, and passed the training I was offered the job of lifeguard at a pool not far from home.

I reported to work the week after school was out for the summer. I was the youngest person working at the pool. The rest of the lifeguards had been working for a couple of years or more. They were all in college. The other guards welcomed me with just a little good-nurtured ribbing.

I got to know the kids that came to the pool regularly. There was a group that came every day. The kids had their favorite lifeguard. I had my own group of fans too. I had my own classes to teach in the mornings before the open swim sessions. I taught the kids in the mornings, broke for lunch before the pool opened. Two nights a week the pool was open for three hours for night swims. On the nights I worked, sometimes the other guards, and I would have dinner together, while the swim team practiced. It was a great summer for me. I was doing the thing I loved most as much as 12 hours a day.

The following year I was ready to resume my duties during the summer before entering a local Junior College. It looked like it was going to be another year of morning classes, afternoons of free swim and evenings of night swim.

There were many of the same kids to renew friendships with. The pools were made free. The parents loved it because it was a great place to
send their children for the afternoon. We were babysitters for free, while they cleaned house or shopped. This summer there was a new girl that joined my group of fans. Her name was Susie.

Susie had moved into the neighborhood during the previous school year. This was her first year to hang out at the pool. Her family lived just across
the street from the pool. She was all of nine-years-old. I was 18-years-old at the time. As soon as we met, Susie became one of my most devoted fans. Susie's mother invited me to have lunch at their home. On the nights I worked they saw to it that I had dinner with them too. We became close friends despite the age difference. I was friendly with all of the children that visited the pool all summer, but Susie was special.

The following summer before my sophomore year I was back at the pool. I welcomed back all of my fan club including Susie. I was still living at home with my parents, and going to the local Jr. College. After the summer I was busy transferring to UCSB. The campus would be a two hour drive from home.

This was going to be the first time I would be on my own. I had opted to live on campus the first year. I was assigned to the dorm of my choice. I
had no idea who my roommate was going to be. When I was unpacking my stuff and laying claim to the right side of the room I met Kelly, my new roommate.

I was slightly disappointed because she was a freshman. We would not be in any classes together. I suspected I would have to help her with homework too. She was an 18-year-old, a thin girl with a small body. If it were not for the maturity of her face she could have passed for a young girl. We got along pretty well as we got to know each other. Kelly was friendly, and very open with me. I was a little
surprised how immodest Kelly was about changing clothes in front of me. I became very familiar with Kelly's nude body. It also appeared that Kelly timed her comings and goings so that she could see me naked too. She seemed to always want to use the bathroom while I was in the shower. I got so use to it that I didn't even bother closing the bathroom door while I was in there. It was a busy year,
getting used to being away from home, upper division classes, in my major. Time seemed to fly by.

When the spring break came it was about the same time as the schools at home. Kelly asked me if I would like to go with her to Palm Springs for Spring Break. I was all for it. It would be the first time for me to have a holiday without my parent's supervision. Kelly asked if it would be alright if her sister came along.

Her sister was named Karen, and, Kelly, said she was 15 and in high school. She was a lot like Kelly physically. She was no bigger than a grammar school girl, as she was 15-years-old. Their personalities were opposite, Kelly was reserved, and slow to get to the point. Karen was straight forward, to the point of being blunt.

After spending a few days in the motel together with them I had become comfortable with Karen. Kelly was out doing some shopping. Karen and I were left to our own devices. We had thought to enjoy the sun by the pool. We changed into skimpy bikinis. I can tell you, three girls living in a motel room can quickly turn a room into a disaster zone. We were fumbling around while getting changed. Before I knew what was going on we fell backwards on the couch. We were giggling.

We were talking about boys, and then sex. I had made out guys some I had even given blow jobs too. But none of them would return the favor for me. They wanted my panties off, so they could fuck me. Only one guy went down on me. But he did it only because I agreed to swallow his cum while giving him a blowjob. That was the only way a guy would go down on me, unless there was something in it for them. I was still a virgin. I found that guys didn't really want to give pleasure to a girl, they were more interested in getting their own pleasure.

I don't know how Karen and I started kissing each other, but somehow were did. Karen was sticking her tongue into my mouth. For a 15-year-old she sure did know how to kiss. I had done my share of kissing boys I had dated but none of them were as good at it as Karen. I found my panties were getting wet, wetter than I had ever been before.

Karen was all over me. Her hands were pushing aside the top of my bikini. She was squeezing my breasts and rubbing my nipples. My breasts were being pressed by her small chest. I was sweating because of the passionate kissing, and somewhat shocked by her, and my own behavior. I could not help myself. It felt great, even if it was rather wicked, to be doing it with a girl.

It was not long before both tops were removed. She hardly had any breasts at all, but I was feeling her little tits too. The greatest part was that Karen was sucking on my nipples. I had not gone that far with many guys, none of them were as good as Karen. At that point Karen stopped everything and pulled me to one of the two large beds in the room. It took her no time at all to get my bikini bottom off and her own too.

When I saw her naked I thought she looked even younger than her 15-years. She did look like a little girl. I could not see any stubble of pubic hair under her arms or on her vulva.

She was stroking my pussy while sucking on my nipples. It was almost too much for my mind to absorb. My tactile senses were on overload. Karen really blew
my mind when she spread my legs, and moved down my body to kiss and lick my pussy. Her tongue was everywhere in my pussy. Her lips sucked my clit until it was stretched as far as it would go. She even gave my clit a gentle love bite.

My mind was in a whirl. Karen was giving me the best orgasm I had ever had, (including the ones I gave myself). She didn't stop when I came, she just kept going. I had another climax followed by a series of orgasms one after the other. I had never had anything happen to me before that felt so overpowering. Eventually she fell backwards on the bed while we rested for a minute. I had only had one guy eat my pussy before, never had I done anything a girl. This mere girl had aroused more feelings in me than anyone had ever inspired in me before. This seemed so natural, and like there was a part of myself that I knew that I was missing something, but guys were not giving me. But here I found what I didn't know what I was missing.

Karen wanted me to do the same thing to her. She asked, "Tanya, please suck my pussy for me!"

All I could say was “Oh heck yes, I will.” I was determined to give Karen as much pleasure as she had given me. I went about attacking her little titties with everything I had. It felt great to be feeling up a girl. I wanted to taste
her pussy. I had never seen a girl in the heat of desire before, and had no idea if all girls produced so much juice. Her lips were dripping juice. I used my finger to wipe her pussy and taste it. I started lapping up her juice with my tongue. I tried to do the same things to her as she had done to me. I must have been doing a fairly reasonable job because Karen was responding with hip gyrations, and deep throated animal noises. I didn't expect that I could make her cum as hard as she did me.

Kelly found us laying in bed covered with sweat, when she came into the motel room looking for us. She dropped the plastic shopping bags on the floor. She started arguing with Karen, before the door was closed. During the argument I learned the truth. They were not only sisters. They were lovers too. That revelation shocked me a little. That was not the only shock I got. It turned out that Karen was not in high school. She was only 13-years-old and in the eighth grade of middle school.

I had just made love to a 13-year-old. It also shocked me that I had enjoyed doing it.

Kelly was reproaching her for letting me find out that they were lesbians and lovers. Kelly blurted out in anger at her sister, "I have been
working hard all year to get Tanya into bed with me. How could you do this to me?"

This was news to me. I had no idea that I had been the object of Kelly's desires all year. No wonder she didn't date guys. It also made sense why she was so willing to run around naked, and take every opportunity to see me naked too. Now that my eyes had been opened I was receptive to the idea of having sex with Kelly.

When Kelly finally calmed down I reached for her, and pulled her down on the bed. She was dressed for the heat of Palm Springs. All she had on was a halter top, tennis shorts and Nike tennis shoes. When I got the shorts off all she had on under them was a white thong. She didn't put up much of a struggle before helping remove her clothes.

There was a lot of mutual oral, and digital stimulation going on. Kelly loved it, and forgot all about her younger sister cheating her out of seducing
me. There was no way sex with guys could have been as exciting as what Kelly and I were doing to each other.

I was being converted to lesbian sex. The more time I spent with Kelly and Karen the more I was convinced that I didn't need the affections of males.

Kelly calmed down after sex with me. I was fascinated about their incestuous relationship, and wanted to know more about them. Karen suggested that to make up for being my first She would eat Kelly's pussy for her. Kelly accepted and told her she better do a great job of it to make up for stealing my girl/girl cherry.

I got to watch them make love to each other. I got turned on watching them sucking each other's pussy so much that I had to sit back and masturbate. The
next day I had more time with Karen. Through the rest of the vacation I had sex with both of them. We even had a couple of threesomes. I suspect the taboo aspect of having sex with Karen made it seem more exciting to have sex with her under developed body. When Spring Break was over, it was back to school for the three of us.

Things at school were never the same. For the remainder of the year if Kelly and I were not in class we were behind locked doors eating pussy. Kelly was happy to teach me all about the way girls could have sex with each other. I would have never suspected that the toes of feet could be so enjoyable in a pussy.

All too soon the year came to an end. I regretted having to part with Kelly for the summer. We parted with promises of getting together as often as her and Karen could visit.

I returned home to my waiting summer job. It took a few days to get used to the kids and the hot summer sun. Santa Barbara is so much cooler than the valley. I had to get tanned again. Everything returned to normal soon, but it was not the same for me. I missed the hot sex I had with Kelly and especially with Karen. I was so horny I was masturbating almost constantly. When I was
stationed in the watch tower I would place an object between my legs, and cross my legs. Rocking the top leg cause the object to rub my pussy. When instructing classes I would straddle the chrome hand rail, and press my pussy against the rail. The more I thought about the sex I had with Karen, even though she had been so young, was making me look at the young girls in the pool with a new understanding.

I had a pool full of young girls. As soon as a girl turned 16, and got her driver's license they went to the beach, That left mostly underage girls at
the pool. The more I thought about that, the more I was happy with that. I was looking at them with a different agenda.

All of the girls from my personal group were back, plus a new group of younger girls. Susie looked different to me. She had grown taller in the past
year. She had tiny little breasts. She was the one to seek me out to renew our friendship. I was wondering what was inside her swimsuit.

I had no idea what Susie knew about sex. She was still that bubbly girl anxious to please me. We continued having lunch together. She wanted to be
with me and wanted to be like me.

I was now the senior lifeguard. All of the lifeguards older than me had graduated from college, and moved on. I took over the summer swim team. I did develop a good team capable of competing with any of the other pools. Susie was the best swimmer on the team. I could always count on her to bring it home as the anchor of the relay team. I arranged for Susie to have the use of the pool for extra practice. We both dressed in the lifeguard's locker room. That allowed me to see Susie naked. It was a good thing we were going directly into the shower before going into the pool because Susie could have seen how wet the crotch of my faded red lifeguard's swimming-suit was getting. At least the cool water cooled off my hormones.

One Saturday morning I had Susie in the pool early. I had her in the water at six in the morning. That gave us a couple of hours before any of the
other lifeguards would arrive grumbling about early morning classes and their headaches from the drinking bouts the night before.

To enact my plan I actually got in the water with her. After demonstrating the four strokes I watched her swim. Then I placed my hand under her body to support her and prevent her from moving as I corrected her strokes. At first my touches were just a little here and there. Very quickly I was finding excuses to touch her ass and feel her little tits. It made me so wet. When she didn't object to my familiar touch I grew bolder. Susie seemed to enjoy my touch. All too quickly the hours passed. We had to take a quick warm shower, get dressed, and have breakfast together. Then it was back to the pool to put on dry suits and get ready to open the pool for the public.

Susie would hang around helping me until closing time. We would hang around picking up wet towels, closing locker doors, placing lost items in the lost and found and checking the PH of the water in the pool. If needed, I changed the amount of chlorine or potash. Susie was always there to help me. All of the younger lifeguards couldn't leave fast enough. I always allowed them to leave early with a friendly wave. That way Susie and I were sure to have the showers to ourselves.

We would take long warm showers in the confined space of the lifeguards shower together. The doors were locked and the gates closed and locked. After we dried off, and got dressed I plopped down on the old green vinyl couch. It sagged
in the middle from years of guards sleeping on it. Susie sat down on the middle and the sag forced her to naturally be so close to me that our thighs were touching. We engaged in a little small talk until I got up the nerve to make my move.

I told her how much I enjoyed her company, and kissed her on the cheek and waited for Susie's response. Susie clung to me, and kissed me back. When she did that I held her close and kissed her this time on the mouth. She back off me a bit, and looked at me. She didn’t seem displeased, just surprised. I kissed her lips again, this time with all of the passion I could. If Susie was startled she never showed it, instead she returned the passion as best she could. She was clinging to me. I forced my tongue between the lips of the 11-year-old. She learned to French kiss very quickly. While we were kissing I started running my hands all over her body. The next thing I did was remove her casual summer clothes, consisting of half a tank top, short shorts and flip flops. She hadn't brought along panties. After all she lived just across the street.

I sucked on her tiny breasts. They were just a little more than puffy areoleas. I feasted on her tiny breasts. They were like little cherries. I used everything I had learned from Kelly and Karen on Susie to make her cum. When I got on the floor between her legs to explore her virgin pussy, Susie was so aroused that she was clawing at the couch with her fingernails and slapping my ears with her thighs. I did everything I knew about sucking pussy and stimulating a clitoris to Susie. Even Karen had not responded that strongly. My reward was watching Susie have an orgasm, her professed very first one. Susie claimed that she had never even masturbated before. This was all new to her. She had no regrets. That was the beginning of a summer relationship.

Susie and I spent the summer having as much fun as possible. We slipped off to be together whenever we could get away. Other times we would do naughty things almost in the open. Like the time it was a cloudy day. It was still rather warm but a low pressure had settled over the southern California area creating what they call a 'Catalina Eddy', clouds being pulled in over the inland valleys. The sun is blocked out until late afternoon. It cools the valleys a little but doesn't stop the most harmful radiation from penetrating the clouds. It is actually easier to get sunburned on cloudy days. There were only the hardiest swimmers coming to the pool on that day.

Susie and I were sitting with our backs against the brick wall next to each other. We had a very large beach towel wrapped around both of us. We were facing the pool so that I could keep an eye on the few swimmers in the water. What the swimmers didn't see was that I feeling up Susie. We had our legs bent so that the towel was tented over us making it impossible for anyone to see what we were
doing. I had one hand around her body, under her arm playing with her little tit. The other hand was on her lap playing with her hairless pussy. I managed to pull the leg opening aside, and get my finger in her little pussy. I must have played with her about 15 minutes. Eventually it was my turn to rotate with the lifeguard that was sitting on the lifeguard tower.

Summer was over all too soon. There were two things I could look forward to. I was starting my last year at college. (That prospect was both good
and bad.) It also meant I would be back with Kelly. We had made arrangements to be roommates again. This time we were going to be living off campus. Before the end of the quarter we had found an apartment for the next fall.

The community of Isla Vista was close to the university. It is like so many college towns-full of students. If it were not for the owners of businesses,
you could go weeks without seeing anyone that is not a college student.

There were quaint little shops catering to the desires of young people like art stores, hobby shops, eateries, clothing stores, and a movie theater. About the only thing lacking was a liquor store.

Governor Ronald Reagan has seen to it that a law was passed that prohibited the sale of liquor within a mile of our college campus, just another case of the payback for the students who protested the war in Vietnam.

Being a member of the college community I joined the women's gay group. I found it advertised in the school paper. All it listed was a phone number to call. All meetings were held off campus, Several different girls hosted the meetings at their apartments in Isla Visa. You needed to call for the location of the week. Also it kept outsiders from knowing where were meeting, so as not to be harnessed.

We would gather to discuss the issues affecting us on campus, and the laws of the land. It was also an occasion for social gatherings. At least there we could be ourselves, instead of pretending to be something we were not. We had dinner together, and movie outings together. Kelly and I got to know other gals in the group. We became friends with some of them.

Early in my senior year Kelly and I had a threesome with one of the girls in the group. I could tell that after I graduated there be a future between them. Both of them had two more years before they would graduate.

In the group we shared how each of us was exposed to our first lesbian relationship. I was one of the few seniors in the group. I was one of the oldest gals in the group. I learned that I was a late bloomer when it came to joining the lesbian community. Kelly had a special friend when she was in middle school that she was having sex with. The girl's family moved away while she was high school. That was when Kelly hooked up with Karen. Karen had started when she was eleven.

There were two other gals a year behind me in school, Betty and Ellie had been together since the seventh grade. Others had started in high school. Some of them had been seduced by older women when they were children. One had been sleeping with her single mother all of her life. I felt neglected that I had not come out sooner. The discussions gave me a deeper understanding of lesbianism, and of myself. All of the social activity did make the year pass quickly. We did have fun with all of the young ladies.

There was one time when the meeting had finished and the wine had flowed a little more freely than usual. We had all decided to take a walk on the beach. What a mistake that was. It was a moonless night and Betty tripped over a dead sea-lion that has washed up on the beach. All of us were upset by the discovery of a dead sea-lion, and the smell. A little farther up the beach Kelly stepped into what she thought was a little puddle left on the beach by the receding high tide. WRONG! Someone had dug a hole. Kelly stepped down into it up to her knee
before she fell over. She was wet from head to toe. We pulled her out and headed directly back to the apartment. We discovered that our feet were covered in black tar. There were no more moonless walks on the beach for us.

Thanksgiving was on us very soon. It was too far for Kelly to go home. My parents had no idea just how close our relationship was, so they invited her to spend the holiday with us. It was just a short time to the end of the quarter.

The winter quarter started after the New Year. I was invited up to Kelly's home for the Christmas Holiday. Of course I could not spend the complete holiday up there. I had to return home to spend some of the time with my family. It was one hell of a week though. Her family lived up in Crescent City. It is located on the coast just short of the Oregon State line. I saved her a long uncomfortable bus ride by driving us up there. I had never visited that part of the state

Kelly's mom was a widow, named Monica. Her father was a professional deckhand on a deep sea fishing trawler that had been killed in a fishing accident. She was raising three girls on the salary of a maid on a coast highway hotel. Her father's demise qualified Kelly for a free ride to college along with some grants and scholarships. About her only expenses were her share of the food and rent.

It was a fun trip up the coast. Every morning we were woken up by the sound of sea-lions barking on the boat docks down at the harbor. We even drove
through the nearby Redwood National Park. You can't imagine how tall those trees are and how insignificant they make you feel, knowing that those trees were around before the pyramids in Egypt were built.

It was nice to see Karen again. She was a 14-year-old now, and in high school. I also got to meet Kelly and Karen's little sister. The four of us even
crossed the border into Oregon to visit the caves. The best part was sleeping in bed with Kelly.

It was great fun to crawl under the covers, and sleep with Karen again. I had been missing having sex with young girls since having to leave Susie at the end of summer.

While Monica was at work Karen, Kelly and I were naked as much as possible. I loved nothing more than licking Karen's pussy while Kelly was lapping at my nipples or pussy. It was during one of those sessions that Amy walked in on us. I was afraid that she would tell on us. Amy only asked, "Kelly can I join you?"

Kelly asked, "Are you sure you want to do it with someone outside the family?"

Little did I know that Karen was having sex with Amy, after Kelly went away to college! Amy was just in the fifth grade. She was only a 10-years-old. It was a little shocking to discover that she was such a sexual little darling. It should not have surprised me after knowing Kelly and Karen.

I asked Amy, "Would you like to have sex with me?"

In response, Amy flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the mouth while sticking her tongue into my mouth. Karen had taught her well. It was a thrill to place my hand on her chest and feel just how flat her chest was. Her nipples were sensitive to the touch. Lust overwhelmed me as I was licking and sucking every inch of her little body. My pussy was tingling and sopping wet. I could feel the juices running down my legs. It was a surprising revelation that I liked sex with very young girls.

After feasting on her little chest for a long time I went down between her legs. Her little pussy looked so sweet to me. Her pubis was a little swollen bump with a slit up the middle. Of course there was no hair on her pussy at all. It looked so beautiful. She was a little wet down there. I probed both of her openings down there with my fingers.

When I probed her pussy I saw her hymen and touched it. I couldn't resist putting my tongue in and tasting her. When I started sucking on her pussy the longer I licked and sucked on her the meatier she tasted. I sucked every bit of her juice that I could. I was rubbing her little clit. I was careful not to break her cherry. I was having a great time. Amy had a nice orgasm. I had never heard of a girl that young having an orgasm. Apparently Karen had awoken her sexual desires earlier. Now it was my turn.

Amy felt my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I tried to lay back and enjoy whatever she wanted to do, but there was no way I could. I was rubbing her ass while she was sucking on my tits. I had to lead her hand down to my pussy. I could not live without her hand down there. My nipples were as hard as bullets sticking out of my tits. The touch of her tongue was heavenly. She was sucking and licking along with nibbling on them. I was so hot that I had to push her away long enough to catch my breath. She took that as a message to go down on me. She dove right in. My pubic hair was no discouragement for her. She was sucking, licking and nibbling on my pussy like a pro. She tried to put her finger in my pussy only to find that my hymen was still intact. She didn't understand that a woman as old as me was still technically a virgin. She was very gentle. She found a hole in my hymen, and got a finger inside of me.

I knew what she was doing, but could only feel her finger wiggling around inside of me a little. What more could a horny woman like me ask for, her finger was in me and her lips were sucking on my clit. I had one of my best orgasms. Maybe I feel that way now because of who was doing it to me. The end result was that I was truly spent.

I lay back fully relaxed. I could see over her back. Kelly and Karen were engaged in a lovely 69. I could tell by their body movements that they would be finished very soon. When they finished all of us took a shower together in an overcrowded shower.

I still have a strong feeling that their mother, Monica, knew that Kelly was a lesbian, and that she had seduced her younger sisters. Monica seemed
very cool about everything. I learned that Monica had only been 16-years-old when she got pregnant with Kelly. Her husband had been 10-years older than her. They had been dating since she was 13. I suspected that Monica was having sex with him from the beginning. She was by nature a liberal hippy type.

If my parents found out that Kelly and I were lovers they would have come unglued. I can't imagine what would have happened if they discovered about me and Amy. I had the pleasure of getting together with Amy a couple of more times before I had to go home. I also got to watch Kelly get it on with Amy and Karen at the same time.

But Amy had totally stole my heart. I was really in love with my 10-year-old lover. It was deviously wicked to be in love with a 10-year-old, while I was a 22 year-old woman.

On the last night of our holiday together before having to return home I told them I had decided it was time to break my cherry. I wanted Amy to be the one. Amy asked if I would take hers. Oh, of course I would. I was really touched by that. How could I not love her.

It turned in a show, but before we started but I wanted to shave off all of my pubic hair. I wanted my pussy to look as much like Amy's as possible. The three girls watched closely and offered words of encouragement while I covered the hair with shaving cream and using a safety razor I scraped off all of the hair down to the white meat. Kelly and Karen sat on our bed to watch us.

Amy and I kissed and we sucked each other's breasts to warm up. I thrilled at the feeling of her little nipples under my tongue. She was pretty flat chested. We eventually moved on to sucking each other's pussy. I even mounted Amy for a 69. I did love taking her little mons into my mouth. Eventually I set to work on her labia. After giving them a real tongue bath I opened her lips and found her hymen.
I lightly touched it while I sought out her clit with my mouth and tongue. I was able to bring her off. I was always surprised that a girl so young could cum
so hard. Amy was quick to return the favor. She rubbed me and licked me until I was about to cum. I had to take hold of her wrist and drive the three fingers rubbing my pussy deep into my pussy. When my cherry broke I felt a stabbing pain that caused me to react by jerking my knees up. It hurt me, but I kept hold of her wrist and started moving her fingers in and out of me. It started to feel nice.
Amy was sucking on my clit at the same time. I went into a mind numbing climax that left me limp for awhile.

Kelly and Karen were fully appreciative of the show. They were finger fucking each other without taking their eyes off of Amy and me.

Amy and I cleaned up the traces of blood from my crotch, and rested. I noticed by the clock on the night stand that it was only 9:00pm. After I had
rested enough I reminded Amy that it was my turn to break hers. I proceeded to kiss her lovingly before working my way down her slim body to the delicate mons. I used my lips and tongue to lavish everything I could to bring her to a climax. When she started quivering I pushed two fingers into her pussy breaking her cherry. It was obvious that there was some pain but it was mixed with the pleasure of the climax she was experiencing. I contritely asked afterwards if it hurt much. She said, "No, it stung some but only for a few seconds. I was still cumming while it happened."

I saved a bloody handkerchief I used to wipe away Amy's virginal blood from her body. It was my trophy from my first cherry. I had given Amy one with my blood on it too.

When Kelly and I returned to school we got to talk with Karen and Amy on the phone. Without Kelly around Karen had returned to her relationship with Amy. Amy was a very skilled lover for such a young girl. It seemed that Amy had been fully aware of the relationship between her older sisters for a long time before Karen had seduced her. When Karen had started to seduce Amy she found out that Amy was very willing to join in lesbian community with her sister. I love my family, but they actually love their family.

When I had to return home to spend the rest of the Christmas holiday with my family it was like returning to a different world. I saw my brothers David and Matthew and Matt's new wife. Both of my brothers were living out of state at that time. It was nice to see them. I did enjoy visiting with them and my parents, but I was anxious to get back to school, and the arms of Kelly.

As soon as we were back at school we talked about spending spring break in San Diego. We wondered if we could get Karen, and possibly Amy to come with us. I would have loved that, but Monica could not afford the bus fare.

When the winter quarter started I fell back into the routine quickly, classes, home work, writing papers, parties and plenty of sex. Kelly kept me
busy enough but I couldn't resist the occasional encounter with other gals. From time to time I even got to get between the legs of some of my classmates. The quarter went by fast. Kelly and I were getting serious about spending spring break in San Diego. Monica was going to allow Karen to come down with us. When I told my parents about wanting to spend spring break in San Diego, Dad sent me a check for
more money than I dared ask for. Combined with the money I had been saving Kelly added what she could come up with we had a nice little bundle to use on our holiday. Kelly talked Monica into letting Amy come along. I wired her the money for the girls bus fare.

We had made reservations at a motel known to me from other visits. When we arrived at the motel we found two queen sized beds. I was given the choice of beds and bed mate. I was horny to renew my relationship with Amy. The week was spent
shopping, on the beach at Mission Bay and Sea World. The nights were wild. I was having sex with Amy almost nonstop. One thing Kelly insisted Monica
do was to send the girls birth certificates so we could take them to Tijuana, Mexico.

We had a great time walking the streets among the cheap shops. The streets smelled of new leather and Mexican cooking. The smell of alcohol was never far away. We couldn't take the girls in bars but we could sit in sidewalk cafes and enjoy the food while watching the drunken college, and military guys staggering from bar to bar. We were even propositioned by guys. We fended them off fast enough. We even had a middle aged Mexican woman that was obviously a whore offered to have sex with us for a price. I might have taken her up on the offer, if it had not been her, but a young daughter, if she had one.

The vacation was over all too quickly. I drove the four of us back to the LA bus depot and put the girls on the bus back to their home. It was more
direct from LA than from Santa Barbra. I was very remorseful to see them go.

The spring quarter seemed to fly by. Kelly and I had plenty of time together. I continued to make it with girls from the group. It was all fun but I missed Amy terribly. I was pretending that Kelly was Amy. Soon it would be time to think about finals.

These finals would be different. They were going to be my last. I was preparing for my graduation. There was a new world out there for me to conquer.
I was visiting job fairs, and giving my resume to head hunters. I knew I wanted to spend at least one more summer as a lifeguard.

The last week of school was busy, taking finals and packing. There was something so final about clearing out for the last time. Kelly had already
reserved the apartment for the next quarter for her, and that girl we had the threesome with. The last night we were in bed making love knowing that we would be separated for who knows how long. My parents came up for the graduation. They stayed in a nearby hotel prepared to drive home some of my belongings.

I renewed my CPR card and training certificate as soon as I got home. My parents were a little disappointed that I was going to waste the summer at the pool instead of looking for work. There were three of the old lifeguards there and one new girl, for our total of five.

The one big disappointment after a week was that I didn't see Susie around. I asked a couple of her friends about her, they told me that her family had moved away a couple of months before. I was faced with the prospect of spending the summer without Susie. I had been looking forward to renewing our affair.

That was not the only change. They had eliminated the locker room attendant. That didn't make much sense to me. They got paid less than the
lifeguards. Now one of the guards would have to keep an eye on the locker room. That meant fewer guards on the deck.

I would have even less time to study ads for jobs at work. The surprise benefit was getting to watch girls change. Most of the time they arrived with their swimsuits already on under their clothes, but the little darlings had to take off the wet suits to get dressed to go home. I studied them, trying not to attract attention to what I was doing. More than once I started getting wet seeing those sweet young pussies.

One day when the pool was about to close for the day I was reading a job opportunities page, when something came flying through the door at me. I didn't see it coming until it hit me. It was a brown paper bag, like a lunch bag. When I opened it I found a training bra, with something written in it. What was written on it was shocking, "Do you want to take this off of me?" It was addressed to me.
There was no mistake in the delivery. There was no name in it so I didn't know who the tease was. There was obviously a young girl that wanted me. There was no way of knowing which girl had thrown it. Three days later the same thing happened while I was minding my own business reading. The bag was addressed to me again. This time it was panties. Same note, no name. No one said anything to me about them. I kept the bra and panties. It was obvious that they belonged to a young girl. The
handwriting looked like a girl no more than 11 or 12, or maybe 13. She definitely had not grown out of them. But who the hell was she?

Sitting up on the guard tower behind my mirrored sunglasses, you learn to watch what is going on around you. Guards and swimmers alike, try to play jokes on you. You can have your head pointed in one direction, and be looking in another. That way you can catch kids doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. They think they got away with something because you weren't looking in their direction. You
have the option of ignoring it or spinning around, and calling them out. One day there was a new girl in the pool I had never seen before. I knew because she
stuck out. I watched what she was doing. She had a group of girls around her. All of the girls were 9 to 11-years-old. I found out later that she was only
11-years-old. What made her stand out was her breasts had to be at least a double D. The girl was definitely not shy. I witnessed her slipping up her
two piece swimsuit top and allow the girls around her to feel her tits. It was funny to watch them comparing their own breasts with hers. Several of them were almost as flat chested as boys. She wasn't the only one flashing her breasts. A couple of them flashed her back. They didn't have much to flash though.

Later I confronted her. She almost panicked when I told her what I had seen her doing that. I asked her, her name and age. She blurted that her name was Heather, and she was 11-years-old, when I asked. I told her that it was inappropriate for her to be flashing her breasts in the pool. She professed that she was proud of them. Proud or not she shouldn't be showing them off in the pool. There were time and places for that, but the pool was not the place.

She lived out side of the area up where you could grow cherries, she said. I told her there was no cherry picking in the pool. But I told her that I loved cherries, didn't I think the cherries were ripe yet. But she should come back and see me, when they were.

I don't think she understood what I was saying, because I was using a double entendre beyond her understanding. (I implied that I was partial to a cherry that didn't grow in the LA area when they are ripe.) She had no clue what I was talking about. I only saw her around the pool a couple of times more before she was gone.

Nothing much more happened until near the end of summer. She came back. It was late August; the number of kids in the pool was diminishing as they prepared to return to school or growing tired of the pool as the summer wearied on.

One afternoon while I was doing my turn on locker room duty, Heather waited until we were alone in the locker room to tell me, "My cherry is ripe."

I asked her, "Do you have any with you?"

She said, "Right here!" and grabbed one breast with one hand and her crotch with the other. She obviously had learned what I had been joking about earlier in the summer. She was serious now. She asked me, "Do you want to eat my cherry?"

I had her stay after the pool closed. I checked to make sure we were alone. I led her by the hand to the lifeguard's locker room, and sat her on that old green sofa. I sat down next to her and fondled her breasts. I removed the top of her swimsuit so that I could suckle on her nipples. I hooked my fingers in her bottoms and pulled them down. She had no objections to me rubbing her pussy and her clit, which really stuck out. I got down on my knees to lick her pussy and inspect it. It was obvious that she was a virgin. The little tart may have developed fast, and been playing around but no one had broken her hymen. I sucked her long enough to cum. So I didn't go any farther with Heather. I let her get dressed, and sent her home. I didn't see her again the rest of the summer.

In addition to my lifeguard duties I was also the swim team coach again. In the past I arranged for our last swim meet to be against a team from Santa Barbra. They were out of our league. That just means they were not in the league we competed against. I had to have special permission to travel. I had called their coach early in the season to make arrangements with the coach for this year's meet.

Normally it entailed an early morning two hour drive up the coast, spend the afternoon at the meet and a two hour drive home. But this year after talking to the parents there was a desire to see some of the tourist attractions in the area. There were some that wanted to see the Santa Barbra Mission, but most wanted to drive over the hills to Solvang.

Solvang is a Scandinavian community that was built as a tourist attraction in the middle of an old farming valley. The buildings reflect an Danish design, and they proudly display flags and colors of such countries as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. They pride themselves on creating authentic homeland meals and confectioneries.

The parents were planning on going to the swim meet in the early afternoon, and then visiting Solvang in the late afternoon. They planned on having dinner
there in the evening. Those that didn't want to spend the money for expensive restaurant meals could take their children to the A&W hamburger hamlet close to the 101 highway. Then back to Santa Barbra for the night.

We had to raise money for such an outing, mothers had bake sales, and the kids conducted car washes at a gas station. The kids were motivated to work hard to raise the money, and they worked hard to get ready for the swim meet. Most of the kids would spend the night in the motel or hotel rooms with their parents. For those kids that the parents couldn't or wouldn't be going, permission slips had to
be provided for them to stay with other people. We tried to pair them up with their friends, and separate the boys and girls into different rooms. I had the day off from the pool to supervise the trip. My plan was to get a single room for myself.

As they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men," when the day came, and the meet was over the day was over there was one girl extra after pairing them up. Her name was Jenny. She was a cute girl with light brown hair down to her shoulders, but not what anyone would call a classic beauty. The fact that she was only 11 allowed her plenty of time to blossom into a beauty. The problem arose that if I allowed her to sleep in my room it was a single, one bed. Jenny was happy to share a bed with me though.

After my affairs with Susie and Amy I was primed for young pussy. I really didn't want to run the risk of getting in trouble. I would have preferred that Jenny stay with someone else. Under the circumstances I couldn't refuse to allow her to stay with me. I promised myself that I wouldn't make a pass at her. My objective was to simply go to sleep right away.

It only took until after 11:00pm for everyone to settle down in their rooms. I had to keep an eye on all of the girls, and get on their case for throwing ice from the ice machine at each other in the parking lot. There were girls coming to the door complaining about one thing or another. Either it was too cold or two hot in their rooms or the faucets leaked and the dripping was keeping them up.

Jenny had changed into pajamas with short sleeves and legs, with little Bugs Bunnies and Daffy Ducks on them, in our bathroom for bed while I was solving a dripping faucet problem. She was in bed trying to go to sleep, but not getting much rest. Eventually I got to use the bathroom to change into my nightgown. The one I brought along was light cotton that only reached to mid thigh. As usual I didn't bother with panties. I turned out the lights and got into bed next to Jennifer.

As we lay there Jennifer asked me, "Last summer I saw you holding Susie under a towel."

I thought no one could see what was going on under the towel. Besides I thought all of the kids in the pool were too young to understand what was going on. Jenny may not have understood then, but in the course of the year she must have figured it out.

She asked, "What were you and Susie doing under that towel?"

I tried to pass it off, "We were just keeping warm."

She wasn't buying that. She said, "During the winter my mom explained the birds and bees to me. I could tell something was going on under that towel."

She was a bright girl. I guess she was starting to put two and two together. After several denials, she told me, "It is okay, whatever happened. My
mom told me about things that happen between girls."

It seems Mommy also told her about masturbation. Jenny had been spending the time afterwards getting in a little practice. This was getting interesting. "What else did Mommy say?"

Apparently her mom had what could be called a healthy and open mind about sex. Jenny was allowed to masturbate all she wanted. Mom had told her about it, and then showed Jenny how to do it by doing it to herself in front of Jenny. She had even volunteered to do it to her, but Jenny was a little too embarrassed to allow her to do it. Just the same Mom had made sure Jenny understood that masturbation was done in private. Her mother had also drilled into her that she was not mature enough for a relationship with boys. They would want to do thing to her. She needed to know that those things could result in her becoming pregnant.

A light went off in my head. I had met her mother before; she was a single woman, and not all that old, she was only 29-years-old and Jenny was only 11-years-old. She had never married as far as I knew and had raised her daughter alone. Mom's name was Pamela but preferred Pam.

A few questions on my part told me that Jenny's mom had gotten pregnant during or shortly after her senior year of high school. She managed
to graduate before it was known she was pregnant, including her own family. She had been disowned, and had to support Jenny on her own. She knew the importance of education and got some community college education before expenses forced her to
quit. I also learned that her mom had some overnight house guests from time to time but never anything lasting. Jenny said that the ladies were nice to her. They slept in her Mom's bed overnight.

Jenny had been told in no uncertain terms not to get involved with boys on any kind of sexual level. It was unspoken, but her mom didn't mind if she had girls her age as overnight guests of her own. Jenny had a few sleepovers with her girlfriends, but had never indulged in any sexual activity with them. She was just starting to develop an interest in sex, and what went on in her mother's bedroom behind closed doors. The noise coming from her bedroom at night was intriguing. Was her mom masturbating with those ladies in there? Since she knew about
masturbation, and about male and female sex she started to guess about lesbian sex. She had never acted on her desires to find out about it because she didn't know anyone that was openly a lesbian.

The reason she had started the conversation was her memory about what she suspected Susie and I had been doing a year ago under that towel. She wanted to know if I touched Susie. I told her yes, and Susie liked it. Jenny asked, "Do you want to touch me, and show me what you did to Susie?"

I propped myself up on my side facing her, "Do bears shit in the woods? Of course I would love to teach you about everything I did with Susie. Are you sure you want it; is okay with you if I touch you in places that are known as private places, without telling anyone?"

Jenny promised that she would never tell anyone. I started kissing her on the face as I uncovered her. I paid special attention to her eyes. I worked my way down to her neck with light kisses and light brushes with my lips and tongue. I lingered at her ear long enough to make her uncomfortable, with licks in her ear and blowing in it softy. She was responding beautifully as planned. I knew I could do anything with my mouth from then on. I had to be careful not to get carried away and leave hickies on her --at least where they could be seen by others. I began kissing her softy and gently at first but as the desire took over I became more aggressive. She was responding to me like a tuning fork. I could tell her passion was growing too. I kissed her on the mouth and introduced my tongue. She stopped me. I had to explain to her what I was doing because she
had never been kissed like that. When I returned to tongue kissing her I explored her mouth and sucked the air right out of her lungs.

I slid my hand down her body and touched her nipples. Her breasts were nothing more than swollen lumps of flesh at that point. I soon was removing her pajama top. I just had to see what she had. I can honestly say that her areolas were larger than her tits. I was studying them by the light coming in from the bathroom and the glow from the television. Her breasts were no larger than walnuts under a towel. My hands got busy feeling and stroking her little breasts, toying with her little areolas and nipples. My efforts were turning her on. I stopped
kissing her and told her, "I also touched Susie other places."

She breathlessly asked, "Where?"

I said, "Between her legs. Can I feel you there too?" She thought about it for a little bit, and then nodded her head up and down.

I slid my hand down to her pajama bottoms, and struggled to pull them down. I had to stop all other activity, and sit up to pull her pajamas off of her
legs. I also took that opportunity to pull my nightgown over my head and fling it away. I was absolutely drooling at the sight of her hairless little pussy.

When I parted her fat little opening I saw that her nice little labia were just starting to develop. I could feel that little bulge of her little clitoris. I love little girls that have an exposed clit. Feeling them is even better. She had her hands on my boobs. I never did have very large breasts, but they filled her hands. She was trying to suck on my tits like I had done to her. Meanwhile I was busy toying with the lips of her pussy. I slipped a finger between the lips to explore her pussy. I wanted to stimulate her so that she would be sopping wet when I put my mouth on her cunt.

Going down on her prevented her from playing with my boobs any longer. I missed the pleasure of that, but I had a much stronger desire to taste her pussy. I kissed the fat of her inner thighs. I could tell Jenny was getting excited if nothing else, by the smell being emitted by her pussy. While I settled in, and began to lick her pussy, Jenny placed her hands on top of my head filling her hands with my hair. I gave her a good tongue bath before I opened those lovely lips and stuck my tongue inside. The whole time she was wiggling around, clinging to my hair and moaning and groaning. I could tell it was all new to her. It thrilled me to be the first to taste her sweet pussy. I love being the first to introduce them to the new experiences of lesbian sex.

I stuck my tongue up inside her and felt her hymen. There was one hell of a desire to break it. My tongue wondered all around inside of her lips before moving up to her clit. I could tell she was very excited and close to cumming. She was so distracted that she even started to cry because she could not cum. She didn't know what it was all about. I knew what her problem was and bit her clit just enough to take her mind off of the feelings in her body. That was all it took, she went into convulsions and gasped for air while she experienced her first orgasm.

I wondered what her mother would say if she knew what I was doing to her daughter. I was sure her mother was no stranger to the lesbian world. Would she be interested in me too?

Jenny was recovering and was soon able to speak coherently. She said, "I have had climaxes before, when I masturbated, but nothing compared to this. Did that ever happen to you?"

"Yes dear, it did happen to me, and it does every time I make love to a sweet young thing like you."

Jenny whispered, "Can I do it to you?"

"I am not one to turn down such an offer,” I said

We returned to kissing each other. I showed her how to use her tongue. She already had her hands on my tits. She was feeling my areolas and my stiffening nipples. That sure got my floodgates open. I was positively dripping. If I wasn't wet before I sure as hell was now. Jenny's mouth was still busy sucking on my face her hands were busy down between my legs.

She discovered that my pussy was as bald as her pussy. She had seen her mother's hairy pussy before, and asked, "Why don't you have any hair down there.

"I shave it off regularly! Do you like it?" I said.

She said, "You are like a little girl down there." She giggled after making the statement.

I pulled her head down to my pussy and told her to get busy. I gave her fingers a tour of my most intimate places. Her nose was so close that it kept rubbing the back of her fingers. Her fingers found where my hymen had been as she stuck her fingers in deep enough to feel my cervix. She was sucking on my nipples and switching back and forth from tit to tit. She looked up at me with those big eyes and whispered, "You're all wet down there."

Boy was that ever the truth. I told her to continue finger fucking me. I loved the feeling of her little fingers inside of me. All too soon I needed more.

I asked, "Would you do to me with your mouth what I did to you?"

She was blushing as she nodded her head up, and down. I spread my legs and pulled her head down to my pussy. She looked at my cunt for a moment before she started licking my pussy. Suddenly she pulled back and asked, "Is that pee all over you down there?"

I assured her, "No baby that is just a lot of my love juice. I do that when I get really excited."

Jenny's tongue went back to work in my pussy and her mouth latched onto my clit. While she was licking me her tongue got the full benefit of the flavor of my womanly cum juice.

She seemed to enjoy the taste. (I'm sure it was not as sweet as the nectar she produced.) I told her to lick the inside of the inner lips. She was
sticking her tongue as deep inside of me as she could. When her fingers were not at work her tongue and mouth were. I grabbed her head and lifted her head up while directing her to my clit. She returned her finger to my cunt after vacating her tongue. She was finger fucking me while sucking on my clit. When I came she found out just how much juice I could produce.

She was not going to be satisfied with just that. After I got her fires lit, there was no turning them off. She liked having her fingers in me. She started begging me, "Please let me put your fingers in me!"

I had a problem, what should I do? I explained, "Honey your vagina has a protective skin covering called a hymen. It may not seem important to you now, but in the future you might wish you had saved it for your husband. Also what would your mother say when she finds out it is broken?"

Jenny told me, "Mama promised to buy me a vibrator when I'm 12-years-old."

(Wow...what a mother, what a family.) I figured Jenny would break it herself before long anyway. Why not me? I was going to be ready this time. I got a towel from the bathroom and a warm damp washcloth. I placed a firm pillow under her butt to elevate it, with the towel under her butt.

I told her, "I'm going to break your cherry for you, then I'm going to have sex with you like you never felt before!"

With the light streaming in from the bathroom I could study her cunt closely. I marveled at the beauty of her little virgin pussy because she was not going to be a little girl much longer. I did it fast. I shoved two fingers into her quickly. I figured it would be better to get it over with quickly. I could tell by her face that it hurt. She whimpered and whined and grabbed hold of my wrist. I placed my other hand over her mouth. I whispered, "The pain will diminish soon baby."

After a couple of minutes the sting must have been going away. I began to lick her pussy while continuing to fingerfuck her. She was tight and the
passage up to her cervix was short. I stuck two fingers in her, and started pumping in and out. I was continuing suck on her clit. I felt it stand up and throb. I used my other hand to place a finger above her clit and pulled back the hood, so that I could suck her all the more. With my finger fucking and sucking her clit it didn't take long this time for her to have another climax. It was not as earth shattering as the first one, but she was physically drained. I cleaned up the traces of blood with the warm washcloth and pulled the pillow out from under her and made her comfortable on the bed. I cuddled up against her backside, spooning her while covering us up with the sheet and blankets. She was fast asleep in no time.

We had to get up early in the morning. It would not do for anyone to barge in on us the way we were sleeping. We grabbed a quick shower together. I could not resist sitting her on the toilet seat and sucking her pussy just to get the juices flowing. We couldn't waste time because we needed to join the rest of the team for breakfast. We planned on visiting the mission and the water front before we headed home.

If you have ever been around 40 children ranging in age from 8 to 15 in a restaurant you can picture the chaos getting them fed. I'm sure some of the parents noticed how tired Jenny and I looked, but I suspect they attributed it the long night getting the girls to bed down. Jenny rode home with me. When I dropped her off at her mother's house I gave her a quick kiss on the lips before anyone
could see what I was doing.

The next day I was back at the pool for the last public swim of the summer. Luckily it wasn't crowded. I was sitting in the lifeguard's chair on a towel. That allowed me to relax, and think about what had happened to me the last couple of years.

I no longer cared about men. I loved women and girls! If I admitted the truth I really loved little girls, girls right on the cusp of becoming young ladies. While I sat there behind my glasses I watched the young girls playing and
screaming as they played in the pool.

My life was changing, I had to move forward but oh how I loved my Summer Lifeguard Job.

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