A Young man finds the love of his life, but she is 9 years-old. This is a long slow and romantice story. But the sex will come when the characters are established.
It's Like Déjà-vu, All Over Again, part 1

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This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their
actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. The author does
not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story.
This just a story, do not do this at home. If you are not old enough to
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Chapter 1--Meeting Susie June 1979

When I think back on it when, in 1979, I graduated from high school, I
knew that my life would change--but not in any way that I'd have thought. I
was back to my summer job: life guarding. It had been a fun job, and it
paid better then working some of the burger places. I was glad my swim
team coach had helped me get this job last year.

One thing about this job was that all the girls liked to hang around the
life guards. But being as this was a pool, the girls were all young ones.
As soon as a girl got old enough to get her driver's license she would go
off to the beach leaving only the younger ones hanging around.

After last year I found that each life guard ended up with his own
following of girls. Even being the new kid on the block, I had my own.
You could tease them and flirt with them a bit and it meant nothing. It
was all harmless fun. The summer would end and they would forget you over
the winter. The following summer they would pick up where they left off
the last summer. When the pool opened, some of my old groupie girls were
back on me like bears on honey. Yeah, they were all too young, but it was
still kind of fun.

In the afternoons the pool was open for public swimming. The first
weekend is usually crowded with all the kids who couldn't wait for the pool
to open, and sometimes their parents too. As I expected, it was warm and
the water cool, and it drew a nice crowd.

Monday morning came, time to start teaching swimming lessons. My first
class of the day was advanced beginners. They were a motley mix of boys
and girl from about 8 to 10 years old. The first thing was a test to swim
across the width of the pool, to weed out those who shouldn't have been in
the class. Also I could see what the rest could do. They were swimming at
the dividing line between the shallow end and the deep end. There was a
rope with buoys on it to mark it. For most of them the water would have
been over their heads.

The first few went fine. Then one of the boys started across, he took a
breath at the wrong time and got a mouth full of water and that was it for
him. He panicked. He grabbed the rope and I had him move back to the side
pulling himself in using the rope. I helped him out of the pool and walked
him down to the beginners class.

A couple more kids went across without problems. Then there was a girl
about 8, she looked a bit scared to begin with, but she started across. I
don't know what happened with her. She was doing OK, but them she stopped
and panicked. There was no getting her to hold on to the rope this time. I
had to go in and get her. A dive and a couple of stokes brought me to her.
I grabbed her and walked over to the side. She had a death grip on my
head, which was fine. It relieved her fears and she wasn't going anywhere,
as I had a good grip on her too. Her mom was at the side of the pool
quickly and helped her out. That was it with lessons for her.

I got back out of the pool and was on the deck where I could see them. I
sent the next one across. She was a nine year old. She looked a bit big
to me, but she did it fine.

But there was something else about her. After I had gone in and gotten
the younger girl, there was a bit of awe stuck look in this older girls
eyes when she looked at me; like I was some kind of hero. I learned later
her name was Susan, but she wanted to be called Susie. She was tall and
thin without being skinny. She had blond hair that looked like it was cut
in kind of a wedge cut. I could see the icy blue color of her eyes.

The rest had made it across without incident. The test had gone well
enough, I now knew what they could do, and had weeded out those who
shouldn't have been in the class.

Since I was already wet, no big deal to get in the water with them. I
had them one at a time come out into water that was over their heads while
I stood there. They were to do a little back floating for me. Sometimes I
had to put a head back or a pick up a butt that had sunk. Some did it
better than others. I'd need to do some work with some of them on that.

Then we tried some kicking. They held on to the side of the pool and
stretched out their bodies with their faces in the water and legs out
straight behind them. They were to kick. The younger kids had a tendency
to kick from their knees instead of the hips. A few of them I had to
remind them, and even hold their knees straight and make them kick from the
hip. Susie was one of them. I held legs to help with her kicks, but I
couldn't help but notice that her legs felt nice and soft. I wasn't
suppose to like her legs like that, she was just a little girl. I later
had my hands on her hip getting her to kick from there. When I did that
she would look back at me with s smile. Soon lesson time was over. The
first class got out and my next class was coming in.

Chapter 2 --Susie joins my groupies

Once lessons were over we got lunch and after that the pool opened for
open swim and Susie was back for the open swim. All the girls that I had
in my fan club last year seemed to be back. Susie got a load of that and
it seemed she decided that she was joining that club. Whenever I was in
the guard tower one or two would hang on the step on either side. It did
take a little work to focus on the pool and watch while they talked to me
about nothing. I'd listen and sometimes say things but as much as I wanted
to talk, work came first. Soon it was time to close the pool for the day,
at least for public swim. The next hour was for swim team practice. But
only the coach was there for that. The rest of the staff could go home.
So that was that until the next day.

The next day seemed to be a continuation of the previous with lessons in
the morning. I worked with Susie's class and I had them use kick boards to
practice their kicking across the pool and back. Then there was a some
stroke practice out of the pool. They would stand along a fence face down
and move their arms as they would in the water. I had them turn their
heads to the side as though they were breathing as they would in the water.
I had the chance to watch their strokes and correct as needed. Then that
was it for the day, at least for them. It was time for the next class. So
Susie and her classmates skipped off to the dressing rooms.

After lessons were over, most of the guards would go to lunch together
to different places. We had about an half hour for lunch then back to open
the pool for afternoon open swim. Susie was back as was most of my
groupies. The afternoon went on as it had the day before with a one or two
girls hanging on my tower. Really it wasn't any different with me as with
any of the other guys. Susie tried to be on my tower as much as she could,
having to compete with the other girls for a place up there.

Afternoon finished for the day. And the swim team came in to practice.
But being Tuesday this was different from yesterday. Tonight there would
be night swim. We would have an hour for dinner, then we would come back
and open for three hours of night swim from six until nine. Since I was
dry not having been in the pool this afternoon I was dressed quickly. As I
headed out to my car to drive off to dinner, Susie came out.

Funny, I didn't know she wore glasses, but she had them on. She had
heard some of the other girls talking about night swim. As she saw me she
ran up to me and asked about it. After I told her about it, she said that
she would like to go to night swim. I told her to ask her parents so they
would know where she was.

But wasn't she going home to have dinner? I said, "I need to go and get
something to eat myself."

"Can I come with you to eat?" she asked with an impish gleam in her

"Don't you think you had enough of me today?" I asked back.

"Oh no! I could never have enough," she exclaimed.

What can I say to that? The other guards weren't going with me. So I
said, "If you want to go with me, you better ask your parents if they will
let you. You know, they might have dinner planned already."

"Oh it will be OK," she assured me.

"OK, get in my car I'll drive you home you can ask them," I said walking
toward my car.

She gave me directions to her house which would have been only a few
minutes' walk for her. We got out of the car and walked up the front path.
She went to the door and then oddly she rang the bell three times. Then
seemed to count to 20, then pulled out a key and unlocked the door. As
soon as we went in Susie had us take our shoes off. Since we were wearing
flip-flops it wasn't much to kick them off.

I met her mom. Ruth was a short and thin woman with the same blond hair
as Susie. She was wearing a loose fitting house dress. Susie blubbed out
that I told her she had to ask permission, so she was here to do that.

I introduced myself since Susie seems to have forgotten to do that, "I'm
Tom, one of the lifeguards at the pool."

When I had said that, Susie said, "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you this was

Then I told her why I had come "Susie wants to go to dinner with me.
Also she wants to return to the pool for the night swim."

Ruth replied, " I'd have expected that you are Tom. If you want to take
her, you may. And yes, Susan you can go to the night swim. Take a jacket
for the walk home."

What did that mean? "I'd have expected so?" Susie had told her mother
about me. What did she say? I was her swimming teacher? When? What more
did she say about me to her mom?

Susie wanted to go to the local BK, so off we went with her mom's
blessing. Susie could be just as a big chatter box while eating as she was
while hanging on my tower. It seems like the only time she was quiet was
when she was in class and she was paying attention to the lessons. She
talked about the lessons, asking questions. She seemed to have a keen

She seemed smarter than I had given her credit for, also in her
observations of the others in the class and other guards. She seemed to a
knack for reading people and having insights into people more than you
would think for a girl who just finished fourth grade. I got to enjoy the
conversation so much that I almost lost track of time and had to hurry to
get back to the pool in time. Susie enjoyed the swim and hanging out with
my groupies that evening. I gave her a ride home and she thanked me for
taking her to dinner. Did I really take her to dinner, or had she just
invited herself along?

Wednesday, I had Susie's class do a little kicking. They seemed to have
that down. We practiced a little on the pool edge with the arm stroke. I
got in the water with them and held each of them by the stomach as they
stroked with their arms. I could observe what they would do in the water
to see if it would be different than along the edge of the pool. They did
all right and I provided just a little help for some of them. Susie seemed
to enjoy me holding her. Holding her by her tummy was nice since, she had
a two piece on and I could feel her soft skin. Class was dismissed and off
she went. Afternoon public swim was a repeat of the previous days. But
seems when she couldn't hang on my tower Susie was in the water. It looked
as if she was really trying to work on her stroke. I think also she did it
where I could see her doing it.

Thursday I had them put it all together with swimming the crawl. Most
had it down with the breathing at the right time and the stroke and kick
were good. The rest of the class time work was floating on their backs.
Some­times I had to get them to put their heads back or their butts up. It
looked like some of them were sitting in a bucket, but after a bit they
were getting it. I swear when I got near Susie she would sit in that
bucket. I had to lift up her butt and push her head and tell her to relax
in the water. If holding her by her tummy or her legs were nice getting a
hold of her butt was even better. I don't know why that was. But I could
feel the muscles under her soft skin, at least as far as I could tell
through her suit bottoms. Pushing her head back gave me chance to look at
her face close up. She was cute, I thought, and her eyes never left mine
while I was there. I kind of suspect that all of it was an act.

Chapter 3-- Inviting herself to dinner

In the afternoon she came back wearing clothes and carrying a towel.
When she wasn't hanging on my tower she working on her lessons. Or she
would be running around with some of the other girls from the pool, she
seemed to be enjoying herself. As we were closing the pool for the swim
team she came to me and told me that her mom said it was OK if she went
with me to have dinner. What? Was I being suckered in to buying her
another hamburger and fries? OK, this time with was Mickey D's for dinner.
She was actually enjoyable to have dinner with. We could talk about
things. I know so much more than she did thanks to our difference in ages.
But I found that I could talk about things and she was interested in
learning about them. Although she seemed to comprehend things rather
easily, I couldn't make the things too much over her head. I mean, she was
nine and wasn't going to understand the things I knew from high school.
But if I kept it kind of simple she could get it. Night swim was a repeat
of the previous including me driving her home afterward.

Friday I started the class on the elementary backstroke. I showed them
what it looked like in the water by doing it myself. Then we practiced on
the deck. It sort of looked like doing jumping jacks lying on your back.

One thing I noticed that some of the girls if they had a loose bathing
suit bottom on when they spread their legs with the stroke you could see
into their bottoms. Other girls might form a camel toe, in their suits. I
tried not to look at them. But there was that temptation to see them. We
tried the stroke in the water before time ran out.

Afternoon saw Susie talking to me, which I kind of liked, and was glad
that she was able to be one of the girls hanging on my tower. Otherwise
she would be practicing or horsing around with a couple of girls. They
would splash each other or attack some other girl in a splash fight. Then
they would run off to the girls locker room. When the pool closed she
waved and said see you Monday.

I worked everyday all summer long. How it's we never got overtime I
don't know. But I was happy to have the money saved for college. I knew
that my mom couldn't afford to send me to four years of college, so I could
be the historian that I wanted to be. But if I went the first two years at
the local Jr. college, I could afford that myself, and still be saving for
the last two years. There was a little money from dad's life insurance but
that wasn't going to be enough for me to go to college on.

The weekend was more or less the same as the last one. Fewer kids and
more parents there with more of the littler kiddies, the ones they wouldn't
send to spend afternoon in the pool to get them out of mom's hair.

Monday, Susie was back in class and we worked more on the backstroke.
For most of them this was a new stroke and they worked on it. Some got it
a little faster than others. So there was the deck work. I had to tell
myself not to look up the girl's suits. Sometimes I couldn't get myself to
not look. Then we did it in the water. Practice makes perfect and so they
needed to practice.

Afternoon swim came and Susie was back. I asked her why she spent so
much time here. She said she liked to be in the water, but she had never
been very good at swimming and she was happy to be in my class. Also she
said she to be around me. She liked to hang around with other girls that
came to the pool. In a little she seemed to spend less time with me, and
more with the girls. But when she was with me, she listened more, hanging
on my every word. I asked her where she was this past weekend. She said
was at a camp, that her family liked to go to on weekends.

Tuesday's lesson was more work on the backstroke and a little more
refinement on the crawl stroke. I needed to vary it a little so they
didn't get too bored doing the same time all the time.

Afternoon swim was the same. After we closed the pool Susie came to me,
asking me, "Are you going to take me with you to dinner?"

"OK, " I surrendered, "You brought something to wear," said I.

"Oh yes, I'll change and be back soon," she cried running into the
changing room.

"I took off my suit and put on my clothes," she said when she reappeared
a few moments later. She actually looked nice. I told her that I thought
that maybe this time we would go somewhere other than just to have a
hamburger. There was a nicer place where we could sit down and while we
ordered at the counter, they would bring our food out to us at the table
when we sat down. I was finding conversations with her rather pleasant.
The hour was over too quickly and we headed back to the pool. It was a
cooler night and it seemed she spent more time in the water or going into
the locker room with some of the other girls.

Wednesday class was more refinement of their strokes. They were all
pretty much getting it. Afternoon was the same guarding the pool, with
various girls hanging on the tower. But now that we had been open for
almost two weeks, the newness of the thing was starting to wear off for
some. The crowds of kids were a little thinner. But there we still plenty
and you couldn't slack off watching the pool.

Chapter 4--I'm invited for dinner

Thursday's class was working with each with what they needed to perfect
their strokes. Susie it seemed have it down and I didn't need to do much
with her. She seemed a little put out about that but was still friendly
when she came to open swim. Would I be able to get away with not taking
her someplace to eat tonight? I wondered. As the pool was closing she
told me that I was invited over to her house for dinner. She said her mom
was making dinner, and her dad was coming home early to eat with us. Now
how could I turn her down?

We drove to her house. She did the same thing. Rang the bell three
time and then counted to 20. This time I heard her counting under her
breath, before she unlocked the door. She reminded me to take off my shoes
as we went in. Her mom seemed to be in the same house dress. Her dad was
in like a track suit warm-up thing. I was surprised he seemed to be much
older than her mom. He was much taller than her mom, but just as thin. So
I could see where Susie got her thinness and height.

He introduced himself as Dave and he welcomed me to his home. He said
that he'd heard a great deal about me from Susie and he was glad to finally
meet Susie's boyfriend. He said that with a bit of a twinkle in his eye,
looking at Susie. So I kinda knew that he was kidding me, and teasing her.

I heard an "Oh daddy!" from Susie.

We sat down and the food was good. I was talking to Dave and discovered
that he worked as a kind of a gypsy civil engineer. He would design and
build mostly hydraulic systems for whoever wanted them. He was interested
that I wanted to be a history major. He stated that he'd loved history in
school, and still liked to study military history. He told me that he
liked to play role games that re-fought battles from history. It was a
very fast hour, and time to go back to work. Susie went and quickly
changed and came back to the pool with me. I liked Dave. I drove Susie
home after the pool closed. As she got out of the car she gave me a quick
kiss on the check and a thanks for everything.

Friday was test day. One at a time they swam for me, both stokes, while
I kept notes on my clipboard. After everyone was done, I had a bunch of
wet kids crowded around me I wrote down their information and gave them all
their cards proclaiming they had all passed advanced beginners. Susie's
mom, Ruth, was there to watch her test and get her card. The moms also
mobbed the girl who was taking registration for the next series of classes.
Unknown to me Ruth inquired if I'd be teaching intermediates, and found out
when I was scheduled to teach it. She signed Susie up for my class.

Susie wasn't there in the afternoon. It was a little hard to notice at
first with all the girls that were still in my fan club. I did notice that
she wasn't there all weekend either.

But Monday morning, she was back in my class. I saw that Ruth had come
with her to watch Susie in the first day of her new class. This time we
were working in the deeper end of the pool. They had two new strokes to
learn in this class, sidestroke and breaststroke. In addition we also
worked on diving and swimming underwater. It was another two weeks of
class. There would be deck work in the beginning and then practice in the

The one thing about diving into the pool, I taught them, was how to go
in head first and not doing belly flops. It did present a bit of problems
for some of the girls in two piece suits. When some of them went in their
bottoms would get pulled down by the water. For me to see much was hard,
as there were so many bubbles in the water from them going in. But you
could see them have to reach back and pull them back up as soon as it went
down. They would have them up before they reached for the surface of the
water. But Susie didn't do that, when her bottom would go down she would
turn and swim for the surface. Once she got there, then she would pull up
her bottoms. So I did see her little butt. It was about as white as the
rest of her skin. I didn't think much of it at the time.

That week went fast. On the days we had night swim I'd take Susie to
dinner with me. During the second week of class during break for dinner
before night swim I was invited to dinner at her house again.

Dave was there again, he said "Of course I would be there when my
daughter is dating a guy."

I knew that he was kidding. He and I talked more than I did to either
or Ruth or Susie. He showed me a game he'd, that re-fought the Battle of
the Bulge. He told me a bit of how to play it before I had to go back to
work. Susie came back with me. But Dave told me to come back with Susie
and we would talk more about it, after night swim.

Susie waited while we did what we needed to do to close the pool for the
night and I dressed. Then we went over to her house. She did the same
thing with the bell. As we came in she called out that I was with her.

Chapter 5-- Sucked into a date

Dave showed me that he had other games sort of like that which was
interesting. He said that he played them by himself, but if I wanted to
play with him, he would welcome it. Susie whined to her dad that he was
going to be playing games all the time, he wouldn't have time to take her
to the movies, like he'd promised.

There was new release that She had been waiting to see. She turned to
me and asked if I'd take her. I was caught. I looked like a deer in the
headlights. I didn't mind taking Susie with me to dinner and I actually
liked talking to her. She was like a kid sister that I didn't have, but
without having to deal with any brattiness. I had really grown to like
her. But this was a whole other kettle of fish.

Her mom pronounced "Then it's settled that you will take Susan to the

I said, "Wait a minute don't I get a say in this?"

"If you are going to be Susan's boyfriend, then you should be the one to
take her to the movie." Her mom said, with a laugh. I could tell that she
was kidding, but only like a half kidding, and half true.

"OK, I'll take her." I surrendered and agreed.

It was set that on Monday I would take her. After the pool closed I
went home to shower and change clothes before going to pick her up. She
looked very nice. Before we got out the door, her mom made sure to take a
photo of us. She also told Susie to behave herself. I was then invited to
dinner the next night for my dinner break. When we got home, Susie kissed
me on the cheek and thanked me with a hug, before she went in.

The next day when her dad saw me asked me how the date was. I just let
it roll off me. We ate and they asked me questions about the movie, what
did I think of it and so on. Her mom asked if Susie was good. I replied
with a smile, "Yes she was, because she didn't steal too much of my popcorn
after she had eaten all hers."

Her dad wanted me to come Wednesday after work and we'd set up the game.
When I got there he seemed almost as excited to see me as Susie was. We
ate and then he set it up and played the game which took about two hours.
Susie was at my side without saying much, just watching. Both Dave and I
enjoyed the game and I think that Susie just enjoyed my being there at her

Of course I was invited to dinner the next night during dinner break.
After dinner Susie's parents came back to the pool, and they had a swim
too. Mostly they waded in the shallow end with Susie playing around with
them. Sometimes she would come over and talk to me. Susie came to class
Friday but I didn't see her for afternoon swim. She wasn't there all
weekend. I seems that she wasn't going to be around on the weekends.

She was back Monday in class. After class before she got dressed she
grabbed me and asked if I'd take her to this place she heard about. It was
an ice cream parlor that was all the rage with the kids. Could I take her
please, please? Since her mom was there I went over and asked her if that
would be alright with her if I took Susie for ice cream. She agreed and
said she needed dinner first. So I was to come over there after work and
they would feed us both of us before letting us go off and eat ice cream.

After dinner while Susie was in the bathroom at their house, before we
left Ruth told me, "Susan has a real crush on you and she really likes you.
I've never seen her this interested in a guy this much or as long, and she
looks at you as a boyfriend. How did you feel about her?"

I told them, "I like her; she's fun to hang with. But don't you think
that she's a bit young to date and have boyfriends?"

She surprised me a bit by saying, "Susan is a bit more mature that other
girls her age. She's also a good judge of character. We've gotten to know
you and trust you. If you want to date her we will give you our permission
to do that, real dates with her."

Wow! I was floored. Now I had to think. I was 18 and starting college
and she was 9 and going into fifth grade.

I asked "Can I give you an answer a little later? For now I'd like to
take Susie to the ice cream shop. Can we talk more about it later?"

Dave who was there us said, "Yes, you can. Do you want to come over
after work Wednesday for dinner and play another game?"

"OK!" I said. I liked him and the game. I liked being around being
around their family. But this was something else. I never knew a family
like them before.

We went out, Susie and I had a nice time eating the ice cream. By the
time I took her home, it was dark already. I was glad of that when she
leaned over and gave me a hug, which was cool. Then she surprised me by
giving me a kiss on the lips. A quick one it was but there was no doubt
that she meant that.

She was in class in the morning and she paid attention, but she was
quieter than usual. She was back for afternoon swim. She did talk to me,
but there was no invitation to her house for dinner. Neither was she there
for night swim. Wednesday before class she handed me a note from Dave
asking if I was going to come over to play the game and that they would
love to have me over dinner before the game. I should let Susie know, she
would let them know whether to expect me or not. So I said "Tell your dad
that I'll be there."

When I got to the house that afternoon, there was still a bit of tension
in the air about the question they had asked me about Susie.

We needed to talk about it so I told them, over dinner, "I enjoy Susie
and her company. I'd agree that she was smart and fun to be around. She's
interested in the things I am and she wants to learn from me. I like the
insights that she has. She seems a good judge of people and she's
interesting too. But dating also had a sexual part to it. It's expected
that we would be kissing at least."

Ruth said, "From watching you at the pool we saw how you work, and how
you deal with the kids--especially the girls. You seem to like the littler
girls. The question is: is there also a sexual attraction for them for you
too? Or at least an attraction our little girl?"

I sat quietly thinking for a bit as they watched and waited. I hadn't
been interested in little girls before, though I do admit sometimes when
they were doing the leg kick on the deck and I could see up some of the
girls bottoms, I did look--some. I could also see into some of their tops
as they did their arm strokes. I didn't have them do it so I could see,
but I didn't always turn away when I could see. They really didn't have
anything much in their suits to see. But on the other hand I wasn't too
distressed that they didn't have much or, even anything. At the time I
wrote it off as being a guy, I know guys are horn dogs. I was just being a
guy, so I thought. Did I like Susie like that? Could I like her as a
girlfriend? Would Susie like me as a boyfriend? Did she know what
boyfriends and girlfriends did? How would her parents feel about anything
sexual between us? What about the legal issues?

Chapter 6-- I get a girlfriend

First I asked Dave and Ruth, "How do would feel about Susie dating and
having a boyfriend?"

Dave answered for both of them. He said "We're OK with it."

I asked Susie, "Do you want me as a boyfriend?"

She turned a few shades of red, but she nodded her head enthusiastically

With that I said "I'll give it a try."

Dave explained, "You can date, but when you are out in public, Susie,
you are to act only like he is a favorite cousin. There is to be nothing
overt sexual while you are on dates. Nothing was to be done out of this
house. No kissing, no hand holding, nothing! Nothing that would give you
two away."

That kind of meant kissing at home was OK? I wondered. I said, "When
we go on dates I'd prefer that it's in places that we would be unlikely to
run into people we know, so that we wouldn't have to explain our

Dave said, "As part of the deal you will be expected to spend time at
our house to see how you and Susie get along. You will be a friend of the
family. On Wednesdays you and I can play games and that will count, as
long as Susie is near. We are gone most weekends. If you don't mind
Mondays can be the day that you and Susie go on your dates."

With that settled Susie came over and gave me a kiss on the lips in
front of her parents, which made ME turn the couple of shades of red. But
it did take the tension out of the room having dealt with it.

Thursday was a class day and Susie was there for that, and came back for
afternoon swim. Ruth came with her. On one of my breaks I talked a bit
with Ruth. She was telling me about Susie. I didn't realize that Susie
was that smart. I knew she must have been somewhat smart, she talked like
she was, not like your usual nine year old. But the fact that she got
straight A's in school last year surprised me. I thought about it. When I
first met her she was dressed for the pool, but when she was dry and wasn't
going to be swimming, she wore her glasses. They did make her look smart.
So I should have known that the image matched the reality, in this case.

Ruth invited me for their place for dinner before night swim.
Afterward, Susie came back to swim that night. She hung on my tower and I
got to ask her about some of the things her mom told me. She admitted that
she got good grades, but seemed a bit shy about it. She told me that it
came rather easy for her. She didn't have to study too much.

The next day was test day. Susie did very well and passed. I'd still
be teaching swimming classes the rest of the summer, but she had gone about
as far as she could go. We also taught a junior lifesaving class a couple
of times a summer, but you had to be 14, so that kept her out.

She was gone for the weekend as usual and since she wasn't going to be
in classes, I didn't see her until public swim Monday afternoon. I asked
where she went on weekends.

She said, "My family belonged to a club and we go camping there on the
weekends in summer. The camp is open year round but most people didn't go
in the winter months because it would be too cold."

On one of my breaks I walked a bit away from the edge of the pool so
that others could not hear us talking. I asked her, "Do you want to go
mini golfing tonight?"

She almost jumped on me in excitement. I had to tell her to calm down,
we can't give things away. I sent her home a little before the pool
closed, knowing that girls like to take their time getting ready for a

I took off as soon as I could get away, home for a shower change
clothes, and to surprise my mother by actually eating at home. Since I
dressed in more than jeans and T-shirt my brothers started to rag on me
that I had a girlfriend. If they only knew!

I got to Susie's after I rang the bell it took a while for Dave to open
the door. He called "Susie!" and out she came. She looked very nice. She
was wearing a yellow button down short sleeved blouse. It wasn't very
tight on her but tight enough to show that she didn't really have anything
in there on top. She had a nice pair of black pants on with her sneakers.
Her hair was bright and shiny blond, but being rather short it didn't have
any curls in it but there seemed to be little wave in it nevertheless. She
looked so cute! I loved seeing her in her glasses. I thought they looked
cute on her with her little freckles across her pert little nose. She had
a little bit of lipstick and mascara on. Her mom must have helped her put
it on. She looked as good as any girl I had ever gone out with.

Off we went to play. The place I had thought of was a further away than
where we usually went. We won't run into anyone we knew. It was three
different mini-golf courses. I let her pick which one she wanted to play.
At first she started out claiming not to know how to hold the club or to
hit the ball. I had to put my arms around her and hold her hands in the
proper places and help her swing the club. I think that was an act and she
just played me like that. I didn't get angry with her about it I did beat
her, but not too badly. Which is why I think she knew more than she let

Also across the from the golf was a shopping center that had another
franchise of the same ice cream parlor we had gone to before. She pleaded
with me, "Please, please can we go and get some ice cream they have some
flavors I want to try, please, please, can we go?"

I said "We aren't going to sit down and eat but we can get a couple of
cones to go."

We ate them walking back to the car. We sat in the car while we
finished. She got some smeared around her mouth. I took a napkin and
cleaned her up, before we left.

We drove back to her house, it wasn't too late. She was allowed to be
out until 10 PM and had a bedtime of 10:30 since it was summer. She rang
the bell three times and counted again. When she unlocked the door as we
went it, she made a point of saying that she was home, and that I was with
her. The living room was off from the entry in the house. We went in
there Ruth and Dave were watching TV. They asked about the game and who
won. Susie showed them the scorecard. We talked for a while but soon
enough I needed to go because she would be going to bed soon.

Ruth said Susie could walk me to the door, but that she was not to go
outside. Since we couldn't be seen from the living room she could say
goodnight to me like she would if she were older and it was on her
doorstep. I leaned down and gave her tight hug, and then a kiss on the

She said, "That is not how you are suppose to end a date. You needed to
give me a proper kiss."

I gave her a kiss on the lips, a real good one which lasted a couple of
minutes. I was holding her in my arms, then she opened her mouth and ran
her tongue against my lips. By natural instinct I opened my mouth and her
tongue invaded me. The kiss might have already ended at that point until
she did that. This now meant a lot more kissing. Between kissing her and
holding her, I started to get hard.

Ooh wow! I was French kissing a nine year old, and I was getting hard
for her! Or was that because of her? After a few more minutes of that we
could hear Ruth's voice telling Susie to say good night and get ready for
bed. I left with an erection. I think Susie might even have known I was

She came Tuesday to the pool to swim. When she got the chance to talk
to me alone, she told me that she liked going out with me. But she
couldn't go with me to dinner. Her dad said I should get a break from her
some time. But she asked for him, was I going to come over after work for
dinner to play games with her dad on Wednesday? Of course I was!

Wednesday after work I came over, after we ate Dave showed me had gotten
a new game. This one he said would take longer to play but we could leave
it set up and come back to pick up where we had left.

Their house was a three bedroom, two bath house. Susie had her room and
her parents had their own, with the master bath with it, so Susie had her
own bathroom. The other bedroom was Dave's study where we played.

Susie pulled up a chair and watched. We played almost until 10PM.
Susie walked me to the door. She wanted a kiss good night. I told her,
"I'm here to see Dave, so shouldn't he walk me to the door?"

She laughed and said, "I appointed myself as the permanent person to
walk you to the door."

We could hear Ruth call out that Susie had only ten minutes to say good
night to me. I got down on my knees on the carpet so the we might be
closer to the same height. We kissed and this time I invaded her mouth
first. We tongue wrestled for a while I held her tight. I had to tell
myself that I shouldn't put my hands on her butt while we kissed. But I
did get hard again. We heard Ruth calling the second time so we broke it
up and I went out the door with my cock hard again.

Before we closed the door Ruth called to ask if I was going to be there
for dinner tomorrow. "Yes!" I called out as I pulled the door closed.

Susie came in a little later after pool opened, we talked when we could.
The rest of the time she spent swimming or hanging around with a couple of
the other girls. Sometimes running and giggling into the girls locker room
with one or two of them.

We went to her house after the pool closed She did the same thing with
the bell and calling out. But we stayed in the entryway, as Dave and Ruth
called out their hellos. We all ate together on the screened in back
porch. It was nice. But, too soon it was time to head back to the pool.
Being that it was Thursday I knew I'd wouldn't see her until Monday
afternoon. Susie walked me to the door, and I had a chance to kiss her for
a few minute before I left with yet another woodie.

Chapter 7 -- Dating with her parents too

On Monday she came by the pool in the afternoon, and we made plans for
that night. I took her bowling. I couldn't believe that she had not ever
done it before. I even got them to put up the gutter protectors so she
couldn't throw any gutter balls and we had a lot of fun.

She told me more about her schooling. She moved to new schools about
every couple of years and that She had been in here for about six months
now. Her dad moved the family every few years it was kind of nice to see
different places, she said, but she hardly had time to make many friends at
school or other places. She slipped me her hand when no one was looking to
tell me that she really liked me, and hoped that I'd still be around when
her dad finished is job and they moved again.

I was getting to really like this girl and I wondered if I'd see her
again when she moved, whenever that was. Heck would she still want to see
me when she starts school. For that matter would I want to see her once I
get into college?

The next week was a repeat of the last, with the only difference being
for our date that Monday was to the movies. This time Ruth and Dave came
with us. When we got inside, Dave directed us to sit in the balcony of
this old movie theater. We sat in the back row. He had me go in first
then Susie entered the row. She was followed by Ruth and then him. The
movie had a little romance in it that might have inspired Ruth to lean into
Dave, with his arm around her, and her head on his shoulder. Susie saw
them and did the same with me. She had her head on my chest and my arm
around her. Nobody else came up into the balcony during the movie so we
were alone there. When Susie emulated her mother with me, I got an
approving look from her parents. When we came home Dave and Ruth went off
into the kitchen and were in the living room a while. It gave Susie and I
some time to sit together. We didn't waste our time. We were very busy
kissing and there was a little petting. I was feeling her, stroking her
back and copping a fleeting feel of her butt.

It seemed that the days of later summer were running together. I had a
deep tan from work and Susie did too. Once Susie dove off the diving board
her bottoms went down when she hit the water. I saw she didn't have the
white butt she had at the start of the summer. Kind of interesting, how
did her butt get tanned just about the same color as the rest of her body,
I wondered?

We continued to see each other on Mondays. On Labor day I still had to
work, but after work I came over for a barbeque at their house. Instead of
us going out, we stayed home and played twister with her parents. That was
something! Whoever won the last turn would be the one to spin the spinner
and call out the colors. The other three would be the ones all twisted up.
After we played maybe a dozen times Ruth and Dave went off to give me and
Susie some time alone. We put it to good use kissing and caressing each
other. She put her hand up under my shirt and caressed my belly and chest
while I had my hand up the back of her shirt and caressed her back.

Chapter 8 --Summer is over

With Labor Day over the pool closed but Susie still had another week
before school started. I had two weeks more before my classes started.
But since I was not working and not in school yet, we had all time we
wanted. I'd come over in the evening and we would watch TV with her

When we started kissing, Dave said, "If you're going to be doing that,
you should go to Susie's room." So she stood up and she took me by the
hand. As we walked away, Ruth called "Susan, don't close the door all the

Susie showed me around her room. She had a big queen sized bed with
several stuffed animals on it. She had a desk and dresser and a large
bookcase, filled with books. She said they were all hers. Some were older
Dr. Seuss books and others like that but some were things like Nancy Drew
and even Sweet Valley books. She said she had read them all. There were
even some books about American History. That got my attention. She also
had a small AM/FM stereo with a cassette player with lots of cassettes. I
looked through her music collection. There were things that she would have
liked, like Abba, Wham, and Blondie. She had others that I liked too such
as Billy Joel, Warren Zevon, and the Police. She had some girls like Linda
Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John and the Go Go's.

We agreed on a tape and she put on Linda Ronstadt. We went over and
laid on her bed. We talked for a minute before we were kissing again.
Again she put her hand under my shirt and caressed my chest and belly. As
she as lying next to me on her side facing me, I was on my back. I put my
hand around her back and up under shirt too. I was feeling her back and
kissing her. I heard a creak like that of a door and then nothing. We
continued kissing and petting. A bit later we could hear Ruth calling
saying it was about time for Susie to get ready for bed and we broke up.

It was the same the next night, we could go into Susie's room and we
kissed, but the door could not be closed all the way. Our kisses we hot
and wet. I got brave, and ran my hand over her chest, over her shirt. I
could feel her chest, there seemed to be a little something there. She
hadn't started to grow her breasts yet, but I thought that I could feel her
areolas. I didn't care that she didn't have breasts. She was sexy enough
for me without them.

We carried on the whole week like that. But all good things have to
come to an end. She started back to school now a full 5th grader.

I still had a week before my school started and I did needed to go over
to the bookstore and start to buy my textbooks. I also went over to the
college pool and talked to the water polo coach. We had talked before
about my joining the team. He was always open to having a guy join the
team even if he didn't recruit them. He told me what classes to take if I
wanted to be on the team to get the maximum credit for it. And just like
that, I was on the team. It helped that I had been on my team in high
school. One of my friends from that team was going to go to the JC too, so
we joined together.

The first week of school was busy. Meeting the new teachers and getting
the new assignments, as well as finding my way around a new school. I
could see that this would be a busy year, but I thought that I could do it.

One thing changed: now Susie and I would be going out on Saturday
nights. I'd still come over on Wednesdays and Dave and I'd play his battle
games. While we were playing, Susie would sit quietly watching.

But Saturdays were ours and we did our thing just as before school
started. We went places and did things where weren't likely to see people
we knew. There were still two other courses at the mini golf place that we
hadn't played and Susie wanted very much to play them both.

Again I brought her home she did the same thing with the doorbell. We
came in and Dave and Ruth were in the living room watching TV. It always
seemed when I came over when taking Susie home that they wore the same few
sets of clothes.

We talked a bit to her parents, before she took me to her room. She
closed the door most of the way. We talked a bit, but I knew she wanted to
kiss me and I was all for that. We petted each other with her hands under
my shirt and my under hers but only in the back. Then I rubbed her across
her chest. I tried to find her nipples through her shirt but wasn't able
to, they just seemed too flat on her chest, but that didn't seem to stop
her from getting worked up. She was very aggressive with her tongue. I
never would have thought that a nine year old could know how to kiss like
that. Her faced got very hot and her body very warm. She had a slight
sweat across her nose. I took her glasses off her and wiped her face with
my shirt end, since she had it un-tucked it anyway, so I could kiss all
over her face without getting my lips soaked. I nibbled on her ears and
kissed all over neck and she was cooing over that. She looked like she was
in a state of bliss.

I was hard, by now it wasn't a surprise to me that I got so hard over
Susie. I really liked her and even no matter her age or the difference in
our ages, I was hot for her. Our hands were all over each other. I had
rolled over on my back and was holding her on top of me. I had my hands up
the back of her shirt and caressing her. I let my hands go down and I had
a handful of her cute butt, but outside of her pants. One thing I couldn't
feel-- any panties under her pants. I had noticed a few times, that while
you can often see the party lines of girls under their pants, but I never
saw them on Susie. Before we got to far I heard a creak again. This time
I was sure that it was the door. I heard Ruth calling Susie telling her it
was time to call it a night. That voice sounded a lot closer than the
living room.

Before I left, we made plans for next Saturday. But she told me we
could spend the day together on Saturday if I wanted. That was fine with
me. I thought about taking her out to Calico Ghost Town, out in the
desert. It would be a long day so I'd pick her up in the morning and we'd
make the 3 hour drive out there.

We arrived about noon, and after lunch we spent about five hours walking
around seeing the town and it's attractions. She liked the gold mine tour,
which I did too. Being a kid she had to try her hand at panning for gold.
We got our picture taken in old style clothes at the photographer's shop. I
explained when, asked, that she was my cousin from back east. I think the
cover story was accepted by most without question. It closed at 5, but it
still was not dark and she didn't need to be home until at least 9 PM.

As we leaving the area we saw a sign for the Calico Early Man site. She
asked, "What is it?"

I said, "It's was a site that archeologist Louis Leakey had said that
early man had lived at. This site was supposed to have been occupied long
before most people accepted that the Indians had first came across the
Bering Land Bridge. Not everyone accepted that this was a real archeology

She asked, "Can we see it?"

"I think it might be closed," I said.

But we drove over there for a short look around. It was closed, but it
was all outside. We walked around. There were some signs around, and
because I knew a little about the place I explained what I could to her.

By the time we were leaving it was starting to get dark. We drove on
through the darkening skies. Before we had gotten back to where there was
much "civilization" the sky was fully dark. The night was so full of
stars. We drove off on a side road and turned off the car and the lights.
We got out and looked at the star filled sky for a while. You could never
see the stars like this in L.A. There was too much light pollution and

We were alone in a very dark area. If any one came we could see the
lights long before they could see my car, much less the two of us. It
didn't take much to get us in the mood for some kissing and petting. We
spent about an hour kissing and caressing each other. We swapped tongues
and had hands up each other's shirts, mine up the back of her shirt, and
her hands up the front of mine. We didn't really go much farther than we
had at her house, but it felt so naughty to be doing it outside of her
bedroom or house. We did need to get back and by now were getting hungry,
so we drove off to find a restaurant in Barstow.

After dinner it was a few hours until we were home. But we were home in
time to meet the curfew we had set for our trip. She let her parents know
she had me with her when we came in. (There were wearing the same
clothes--didn't they own anything else that they wore around the house? It
seemed they never wore anything else except when I'd come over to dinner on
days that they planned for me to be there.) They asked us about the trip,
and Susie told them all, even the kissing part. She talked about the two
side trips too, but I was a bit embarrassed that she told them about what
we did after we had looked at the stars.

Ruth looked at me and said, "Susan tells us everything."

Dave said, "You shouldn't be necking like that out in a public place.
But since it was rather deserted and you could see anybody coming long
before they got there, you got away with it. But you have to be careful
not to be discovered." He said, "I know how Susie is, and that she couldn't
pass up a chance to be kissing and making out."

(Oh God! Did they knew what Susie and I did in her room?)

Chapter 9 - Double dating with her parents again and finding out some

Before I left, Dave said, "All of us should go to the LA County Fair
that next Saturday."

Ruth also asked "How is your water polo practice going?"

"It's good," I said. "We would have our first game this coming Friday.
It's going to be against a team from a Jr. college in Orange County."

Ruth asked, "What time is the game?" she asked anxiously. "Where? On
your campus in the pool?" I filled them in on the details. Nothing more
was said about it when I came over for dinner and play games with Dave on

Just before the water polo game was to start, I saw all three of them:
Susie, Ruth and Dave come in and sit in the bleachers. I saw a small nod
of the head from Dave, but otherwise they didn't acknowledge me directly.
We won 6 to 5, but not because I had done anything great in the game. I
just played my position, but I could tell that they were watching me very

I came over Saturday morning as we planned from the other night and off
we went to the fair. Dave picked up the cost of the tickets for all of us.
We went in the morning seeing the animals, then spent the rest of the day
wondering through the exhibits since they were all indoors and we could be
in the air conditioning. After the sun went down it was time to go out to
the midway where we had a lot of fun. We rode the rides and a couple of
times I competed against Dave in those races one where you squirt a stream
of water into the clown's mouth and try to fill up the balloon first.
Because I won, I got large panda bear for Susie and another time I threw
the ping pong ball into the fish bowl and won her a small stuffed monkey.
She seemed as excited to get them as she was because I won them for her.
Dave ended up being the one to carry them around as Susie was dragging me
off to different rides.

It was crowded there. So we didn't get separated, Susie and I held
hands, and her parents knew about it. Under the circumstances they didn't
object. I was getting to really like them, and thought they were pretty
cool. I think that they liked me. It was kind of strange that they
thought it was fine that Susie was my girlfriend and she wasn't even ten
years old yet. I had gone out with some other girls, their dads didn't
quite give me the third degree when I came over to pick them up, but they
did check me out and asked several questions. It came down to the fact
that they didn't make me feel comfortable meeting them or taking out their

I had gotten to know Susie fairly well over the past few months, now I
got to know her parents also. They talked about bit about themselves: Dave
would tell me about his job and where they had lived and Ruth would talk
about Susie as she was growing up, (sometimes to Susie's embarrassment). I
learned that they got married when Ruth was 18 and they had been married
for eleven years.

They had asked me tons of questions about me, my mom and younger
brothers. It was nice to talk to them and I felt fairly comfortable with

I came over Wednesday for dinner. Later, while we were playing the
game, Dave said "Why don't all of us go out next Saturday again? The Los
Angeles Philharmonic will be playing a few pieces by Mozart."

That sounded good to me. We all agreed to go. I was happy to go. One
of my classes was music appreciation. We had to learn different composers
and the styles they wrote in. I had talked to Susie a lot about my
classes, and the music class along with Western Civilization were my
favorites this semester. Telling her about my classes had sparked an
interest in those things too. Dave got the tickets and we all had to dress
up a bit for the concert. I was pleased to see that Susie looked nice in
her little black dress.

We all had fun and we didn't get back too late. On the way home as
Susie and I sat in the back of the car, talking about the music, I told her
of the things we had learned in class. She seemed to get it fairly easily.
It was fun to talk to her like that. Her parents just sat in the front and
I'm sure they were listening to us.

Susie got to take me to her room for a while when we got home. We were
laying on her bed kissing and before long, we got into petting. I was
running my hand up the back of her legs while she was kissing my ears. I
was slowly working my hands up her legs. We had never spent any time
kissing when She had on a dress since She had always worn pants, so I had
never felt her legs, except maybe through her pants, other than swimming
lessons. Her skinny legs felt so soft, but I could feel the muscles under
them. She was not a wimpy kid, she had some muscles there. My hands went
up higher and higher. Susie must have known where my hands were but didn't
seem to mind. My hands were now under the bottom of her dress and moving
up her legs. I finally got all the way up there. I expected to feel her
panties. But to my surprise I didn't feel any. Instead I had my hands on
her bare butt. That stopped me cold.

I said to her, "You're not wearing any panties?"

"No," she said simply.

Dumfounded, I asked: "Why not?"

"I never wear any," she replied, "except to school."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I asked, "You never had
any on when we went out before?"

"Nope" was her answer.

"Does your mom know about this?"

"Yes, she doesn't wear them, very often, either," she said, grinning.

Well, this stopped the make out session. Not that I was upset, just
very surprised, not to mention very hard at that moment. If I went back to
kissing her, I knew where my hands would be very quickly.

This would take a little thinking. It might be one thing dating a nine
year old, and even kissing her and petting with her. But having my hands
in her panties. Well, where they would be, if she was wearing any. Oh
wow! And the bit about her mom though was too much information. I think I
need to go home.

"Would you come to our water polo game on Wednesday afternoon?" I asked.

"I'll ask mom to drive me over to see the game," Susie said, giving me a
French kiss good night, which only strained my cock even more.

When the game started on Wednesday. Susie and Ruth were there, and I
was glad to see them there. I came over that evening as usual for dinner
and play games with Dave. It took a bit to keep my mind on the game as I
knew that Susie was there not wearing any panties under the pants she had
on. Thoughts of a little pussy kept slipping into my mind.

On Saturday we went to the final mini golf course she hadn't played yet.
We came back to her house and after talking to Dave and Ruth for a bit we
went to Susie's room. It didn't take long before we were doing some
serious kissing. I had her laying on my chest and my belly on her belly. I
had my hands up under her shirt caressing her back. I also knew I could
put my hands on her butt and feel her through her pants, knowing she didn't
have any panties on. We didn't go too far, Her mom called us saying that
it was time for Susie to get ready for bed. I went in to the living room
and said my goodbyes to Ruth and Dave. Dave asked, "Are we on for next

I said "Sure."

Since I had already had plenty of time to be kissing Susie, Ruth walked
me to the door and gave me a quick hug good night. I was hoping she hadn't
noticed the remains of my hard on.

School was busy, but I was getting thorough it, even with practice and
all the studying, in addition to making time for my girlfriend.

Chapter 10 - A Special weekend at the club

When Wednesday came, it was so hot. The Santa Ana winds had come up and
it seemed that it was hotter here in late October than any time in the
summer. We had dinner and played a game. Dave's Confederates beat my
Union troops at Shiloh.

After the game, Ruth came in. Dave looked at her and she nodded towards
me. Dave asked "How do you feel about Susie?"

I thought 'Oh! Are we going to have a serious conversation?' I said, "I
like her very much and I enjoy being with her more than any girl I had ever
dated, and I want to keep seeing her as long as she wants to me."

Then he asked "How do you feel about Ruth and I?"

I said, "I like you both very much, you're cool parents, and I could
even think of you as older friends."

Ruth said "Susan is in love with you." Susie blushed at that. She
continued, "David and I are very fond of you. We've trusted you with our
daughter and feel that you can be trusted with being discreet."

I was thinking, no dah dude. It's not like I'm telling anyone that I'm
18 and dating a girl half my age...with her parents' permission no less.

Dave said, "Since it's so hot with the winds coming off the desert, and
it's going to be hot this weekend, and we're going to go up to the club
this weekend. Would you like to come with us?"

Camping with my girlfriend and her parent,s well at least these parents?
"I think I'd like to do that. Yeah, sure I can go!"

Dave said warningly, "This is not your usual campground. It's a nudist
resort. Everyone one there will be naked. If you don't undress, you will
be the one to stand out in a crowd."

"Wait, what's this, a nude club?" I said

Dave said, "We're nudists. We don't wear clothes around the house as
well as when go to the club." He said "Susie lets us know when she's
bringing some one home by the way she rings the bell and waits, or when she
calls out to let us know who is here. She's giving us some time to put
something on."

The light finally went on! Well, that explains a lot. It explained why
she didn't wear panties. It made sense that her butt got as tan as the
rest of her instead of having the little cottontail that all the other
little girls had when they dove into the pool. Wow I didn't catch any of
that at the time. How dense am I?

Dave asked "Are you comfortable with going there?"

I nodded and asked "What do I need to bring?"

Dave answered, "Bring a pillow and sleeping bag. We've an air mattress
you could use. You need to have at least two large beach towels and
sunscreen as powerful as you can get. Also a large hat, sunglasses, and a
toothbrush. A good pair of sneakers and socks would be a good thing."

Not a lot to pack for a weekend, as I put together my stuff Friday
night. I took a Panama hat, my mirrored sunglasses, a pillow and sleeping
bag along with a couple of towels and my shave kit.

I asked them to just pull up out front and beep and I'd come out. I
hadn't yet told my mom, that my girlfriend was in 5th grade. I wasn't sure
how that would go down. She knew I had one, but I hadn't told her anything
about her, not even her name.

As Dave drove with me and Susie in the back of the family Oldsmobile.
Ruth did most of the talking so Dave could watch the road. She explained
that she and Dave got into nudism when they were dating. She was 17 at the
time and a friend of Dave's had told them about it and they tried it and
liked it. They had been doing it ever since. Susie was born into it and
had been a nudist her whole life, at least since she was out of diapers.
They had been members of local nature clubs wherever Dave's work had taken
them. Since they moved to the area this past January they hadn't had much
time to go to any clubs until summer. They enjoyed this one and had gotten
to know several people there. And Susie had made some nice friends there
during their weekends.

Dave said that the club rents cabins during the year and tents during
the summer. He'd reserved a large tent for all of us to sleep in. They
also brought some food along with us. There was a kitchen on the club
grounds that we could use to make meals as well as a restaurant in the
clubhouse. There was a nice pool I was told. Also because they had some
land out in the countryside away from other business or houses, we could
hike around the grounds.

We got there and went to the office. Dave registered us, and I had to
show my ID to show that I didn't need my parents' permission to be there.
We got our tent assignment and drove over to it. For now we had been
dressed. We put our things in the tent. Ruth said that the people here
were very honest and we need not worry about anything being stolen here.

Now comes the moment of truth. We needed to take off our clothes. We
were in the tent when we did it. I took off my shoes and my shirt.
Meanwhile, Susie had her sneakers off and pulled off her t-shirt. I must
say I looked at her. She had small areolas that were slight swellings on
her chest, but not much more. She pulled her pants down and off. As what
must be normal for her she didn't have any underwear on. I could see her
pussy. There was a mound that stood out on the bottom of her groin. It
looked kind of like it had a slit between two plump lips. The slit seemed
to run a little high on that mound. Just inside of that slit near the top
I could see a small ridge sticking up, kind of tucked in between the lips.
Her inner lips I couldn't see, just her outer ones. I knew what girls
looked down there like since I've had sex with Cindy, so I wasn't a total
fool about it. But this was the first time I had seen a young girl like

Not that this was going to become comfortable. I pulled down my pants
and there was a tent in my underwear. Looking at Susie had gotten me hard.
I took a deep breath and pulled down my underwear, and my hard dick stood

Susie looked and smiled. Dave said to me don't worry about as I started
to cover myself since I was hard for Susie in front of her parents.

I looked over at Dave. Nothing like seeing someone naked to make you
really see them. He was about 5 foot 11 and thin, with thinning reddish
blond hair, with glasses. I know you aren't supposed to look at other
guys, but I can't help but compare myself with other guys. He didn't look
like he wouldn't be any bigger than me, (if I wasn't hard). But he seemed
to have less hair there. At first I couldn't figure it out, but in a
second it dawned on me that he was trimmed there.

I looked over to Ruth, who by now as also naked. She was a lot shorter
that Dave and at only 5 foot 3. I noticed her boobs. They weren't that
big. I'd guess a B cup at best. They were shaped like a pear, and looked
very firm. But the odd thing about them the areolas were swollen and set
on her breast like they were a raised mound. I learned later that they
were called puffies. The other thing was, she didn't have any pubic hair.
Now I expected Susie not to have any, but Ruth's absence was a big surprise
that didn't help my stiffy go down much. She could see me looking, she
said, "Many of the women here shave there. It's cleaner and cooler," and
she said with a wink to Dave, saying "David likes it that way too."

Before I said anything stupid or did something even stupider, Dave said,
"Come on, put on your shoes and I'll show around the club. But before we
go we better get some sunscreen on."

With that Ruth pulled out the sunscreen and Dave turned his back to her.
She did his arms and back. Susie had me do the same as she shared the
bottle with her mom. She did my arms and then my back. I think she
enjoyed doing my butt before moving down to do the backs of my legs. Ruth
told her that I could do my front myself. But that didn't stop Susie
trying to get a chance to apply some to my hard dick. She then turned her
back to me and I did the same to her, minus going over her girly parts. I
guess we made just as big a contrast as Dave and Ruth, with my 5 foot 8
inches and 140 pounds, making me a bit skinny, but with muscles. Susie was
4 foot 10 inches. She must have weighted all of eighty pounds. But she
had so much packed in so little a body, it ended making me not so little at
the moment looking at her.

Dave said to the girls "We'll meet you a little later at the pool."

Just before he took me away, Ruth took my arm and whispered, "You
shouldn't be embarrassed, it was a cute one not too big and not too small."
If I was embarrassed before I was now.

We walked off away from others taking a little hike around the club.
While we walked he explained about the club etiquette. He also said I
should not feel too bad about getting hard in front of him and Ruth. It
happens all the time at the club. He also understood about my getting hard
in front of Susie. He winked and said, that knowing Susie, she liked
seeing me that way. Just the hike and talking got rid of my erection. He
suggested that if I was getting hard a quick jump in the pool will take
care of that.

We met them at the pool there were sitting at table with an umbrella
over it. I sat down, and Dave went into the club to get us some sodas.
While going over to get the drinks I saw him stop and talk to what looked
like a young couple, they couldn't have been older than me and maybe even
not that. They both turned and waved toward us and Ruth waved back.

As the pool was near the clubhouse there was a constant stream of people
passing by us. I was glad I had my sunglasses with the mirror lens so you
couldn't see where I was looking. Ruth was telling the truth, a lot of the
women, especially the younger ones were shaved bare. Even some of the
older girls were like that too. Boy, I had never seen so many naked women
and girls at one time, not even in porn tapes. I never saw in real life
anything like this. It took some work to keep my cock down. I even
resorted to placing an ice cold drink cup on myself to take the heat out of
my sex.

Chapter 11 - Finding out more about Susie

Susie was the other thing I watched while we had our drinks and talked.
She was sitting right next to her boyfriend but she was checking out all
the other guys, checking out their equipment packages.

But if that wasn't enough I noticed that Susie also was checking out the
young women and girls. What the heck is up with that? Dave decided to go
in for a swim. He was swimming laps around the others in the pool. While
the three of us sitting there, two girls came running up to see Susie. One
girl was about 13 and the other must have been her little sister. Ruth had
manners even if the girls didn't, she introduced them to me, the older was
Diane, and the younger one was her sister, Abby.

Diane had light brown hair and was about 5 foot 3 inches and a medium
build. Her breasts we maybe between an A and B cup. Her sister Abby was a
darker shade of blond hair almost brown. She was almost like a stick, very
thin she really looked the little girl. She couldn't be even four and a
half feet tall.

Diane asked quietly "Susie, you want to come and play with us?"

Susie asked "Mom, can I?"

Ruth asked, "What about Abby? Is she going to be with you?"

Diane said, "Mom said that she can come along too. "

Ruth looked and saw a couple nearby and waved them over. She introduced
me as a friend of the family who was here trying out nudism. She
introduced them as Phil and Donna, and said they were Diane and Abby's

With a lowered voice, she asked "Does Abby have your permission to go
and play with Diane and Susan?"

They said, "Yes, Abby's now eight, and it's all right."

Ruth persisted, "Is Abby only to watch or she could do things too?"

"Yes, she can try anything they all want," Donna replied a bit

Ruth asked, "Just with Susie or Diane too?"

"With either of them, as long as everyone is happy and nothing was
forced," Phil replied

Ruth told the girls in a lowered voice "You can go to our tent. Have
fun, but be careful and not too loud." But she also whispered in Susie's
ear. I was just close enough to hear her, "Nothing inside." Susie nodded
her head yes.

The girls ran off together, and after a couple of minute of conversation
Phil and Donna said their goodbyes and was walked on. As soon as everyone
was out of ear shot. Ruth spoke to me barely about a whisper. She said
that Phil and Donna were swingers. There were several couples here that
did that, but it's not to be done here at the club. She said, "David and I
are not among their crowd, but we don't look down those who are."

I asked "What is this thing about Susie and going to play? What did all
that mean about Abby joining in their playing. It doesn't sound they were
going to go and play cards or some board game or something?"

Just then Dave came back dripping water everywhere. He took one of his
towels, while sitting on another. He dried off and asked, "Was that
talking to Phil and Donna you were talking to?"

Ruth said, "I was just about to explain to Tom about Susan. She's gone
to play with Diane in our tent, and Abby is going to join them."

Dave gave her a look like good luck, and she took a deep breath and
began. She said "Susan likes to check out the other people at the club.
She has always liked older guys, older boys and young men."

Dave nudged her and said "Wonder where she gets it from?" Ruth gave him
a look like shut up.

She said "Older guys have not returned Susan's interest much. If they
did it wasn't for very much or for very long. Also she didn't seem to be
that much interested in them very much or for very long either. But she's
gone over the moon about you. She loves you as much and as deeply as she
can. If you want her love, you could have it for as long as you want. As
long you make it possible for her to love you."

I admitted to myself right then that I loved her. I told them, "I think
I might be in love with Susie."

Dave asked, "Have you told her that?"

I said "No. Talking to you now, I just realized that."

Ruth said, "Before you tell her, let me tell you a little more about
Susan. As you noticed Susan was checking out the guys, but you might have
not seen that she was checking out the girls. Susan has an interest in
girls from about eight to fourteen, she might look at older girls, but she
doesn't try to talk to them or anything."

She said even more quietly, "Susan is in our tent playing sex games with
Diane, and I guess with Abby also." She looked directly at me and said "I
hope you still might love her, since you now know that she's likely

"Susie is having sex with Diane right now?" I asked.

Ruth nodded her head yes, "Most likely."

Wow! The shocks I get from this family!

I said, "That kind of makes sense. Susie sure knows how to French

Ruth gave a little laugh and said "She has had her tongue in other
girl's mouths as well as other places."

It took a minute to take it all in. Because part of me was getting very
interested, I decided to cool things down and take a little swim. I would
swim as I thought about everything. I don't know how many laps I had swum,
but I decided that no matter what, I still loved her and I guessed I should
to tell her. When I got out of the pool Susie had joined her parents. I
came over and sat with them.

When I came over Ruth said to Susie, "I told Tom about your liking girls
as well as guys."

Susie looked a little worried about that. I told her, "Come on let's go
for a walk." When we were alone I said, "I was surprised about what your
mom told me about you, but in the end I'm not upset. I like the total
package that is you. As long as you like me, I'm cool with the other
things about you."

It was good thing that we where others didn't see us. She jumped at me
and kissed me. There was a look of relief in her face as well as

I said to her "Susie, I love you."

If she looked happy before, she was now beaming. She said "I love you

We joined her parents and had dinner. When we alone I told them that I
was in love with Susie and she told them that she loved me too. They
seemed to be happy about it.

It could have been a big disaster. I knew that they were nudists and
that they knew that their nine year old daughter was sexually active with
other girls, and she was dating a guy twice her age. But it seems that
they did a good job of judging character, that they could trust me with
this knowledge. They knew I'd be discreet with that knowledge. I didn't
know that about myself. But I guess that they could see that it might be
in me.

That night we went back to the tent for the night. I was given 15
seconds to say a private goodnight to Susie before her parents came in. It
was long enough to give her a kiss. I was placed one end of the tent with
Dave next to me. On his other side was Ruth and on her other side was
Susie, just so we didn't get tempted to try anything in the night. It was
easy just get into your sleeping bag since we didn't bother with PJ's or

In the morning, we went for a shower which was something: there was no
men's and women's showers. What would be the point in that since everyone
was walking around naked all day anyway? With breakfast, Susie and I
helped make the eggs, while Ruth made bacon while wearing an apron. (I
found you don't make something like that without wearing something to
protect against splattering grease.) Dave handled the toast.

After breakfast, Dave challenged me to a game of ping pong. I won the
best three out of five.

I met some guys my age and they were telling me their outlook on being
nudists. It was an interesting conversation. I never thought about the
body acceptance viewpoint or the healthful parts of being a nudist.

When I joined Dave and Ruth I asked where Susie was. They said, "She
has gone off with Diane and Abby to play in our tent. They'll be back a
little later."

I left them to talk among themselves, and went for a swim. I swam for
quite a while. It was good exercise and swimming was always fun for me.
While swimming I looked up at Dave and Ruth. They were sitting with a
young couple. Whoever they were they didn't stay long, since they were
gone when I got out and Susie was back. We all took a little time to
sunbathe. We had a late lunch and then it was time to head back home. We
packed what little gear we had, and dressed, before heading to the car.

We got in the car and headed home. They asked, "How you did like being
a nudist for the weekend?"

I said, "I liked it. It was really cool to swim naked. I liked the
feeling of the water on my whole body. Also it was nice to meet people and
not worry how cool they were, if they had the hottest clothes or things.
There was nothing to show off, unless you had a great body. There wasn't
that many people in like really great shape. Most were average people.
You could just be yourself there."

Ruth said "If you like you can be nude when over at our house. It would
make things easier for us as we wouldn't have to dress when you came over.
Just ring the doorbell once and then knock twice, and we'll know it was

I wanted to know about Susie. I asked Ruth about Susie and girls. She
said "Susan had been interested in girls a little more than a year now, and
that She had been playing with them since then. Susan's first girl was a
girl named Denise and she was 15 and she used to babysit other girls, but
she would play games with the younger girls that she sat for."

Ruth continued, "She shouldn't have done things like that but you can't
change other people or the past. But when she met Susan at one of the
clubs, she liked Susan and they got to be friends. Susan's sexuality was
just starting to express itself, so they would go off and play games
together. She taught Susan how to kiss as she also taught her to lick
girls pussies."

Susie said "I liked girls like her, because She had boobs and I like to
play with them. Girls my age were nice but they didn't have any boobs and
I like the boobs on a girl. That's one reason I like Diane, but I like
Abby too, she's cute, and it's OK that she doesn't have any boobies yet.
This was the first time that Abby played with us. She kissed both of us
and she kissed Diane even though they were sisters. Then me and Abby spent
some time playing with and sucking on Diane's nipples."

Susie continued, "I licked both of their pussies and that they both did
it to me. Diane helped Abby telling her how to do it. I liked it better
when Diane did it to me because she knows how to do it better. But I kind
of like licking Abby better because, I didn't get hair in my mouth like
with Diane.

I asked, "Ruth, Dave what do think of Susie being sexually active at her

Dave answered, "All people were sexual it was a matter of when you start
to express it. Susie had begun to express her sexuality and we are not
going to hold back the tides and make her stop. If we did, she would just
find ways of doing it behind our backs. We would rather it was in the open
and they knew what was going on."

Ruth said, "I did teach Susan about the birds and bees. Also because
Susan, like most girls masturbates, I got her, her own small vibrator that
she could use."

The rest of the ride home I was asking Susie about school and what she
was learning. She did the same for me. She was really interested in my
college classes. I had music class, U.S. history, western civilization,
English, and sociology. This in addition to the physical education that I
had for water polo. The history class and music she was most interested
in. They dropped me off at my house. But before I got out, I was invited
over for Wednesday for dinner and games with Dave.

Chapter 12 -- Getting in Deeper October 1979

I came over Wednesday evening and they were all naked this time. I
undressed as well rather self-consciously and we sat down to eat. After
dinner we all went in the living room, Susie next to me on the couch and
Dave and Ruth sat on the love seat. Dave asked me "Since you love Susie,
Tom, what are your intentions toward her?"

I asked "What do you mean?"

"Do you plan to stay with Susie for just a short time or are you
planning a longer term future with her?" he clarified.

"I love her and want to stay with her as long as I can. I'd think that
means as long term as possible. I know that is kind of a difficult thing
based on her age, but we've been together for several months now, and I've
fallen in love with her. I know that there might be problems ahead but I
think that maybe we can get through them."

Ruth asked, "We know that you like the little girls, or at least this
little girl, but will you still like Susan when she starts to grow breasts,
pubic hair was well as get her periods, maybe in only a year or two from

"I love Susie, and it just happens that she's a little girl. But not
only a little girl but a very nice person in a little girl's body. I know
that she'll change. She'll get her breasts, and all and I hope that she
stays the same person that she is. I know that sometimes going through
puberty can change a person, but if Susie stays the person that she's now,
I think that I can stay with her until she's an adult, and beyond."

"Would you then want to marry her?" Ruth asked.

"I think so," I answered, "If when the time comes she wants me. It's a
little hard to say for sure now, because that is some way in the future."

"What of children?" Ruth asked.

"Yes I'd like some, I think I'd like to make some kids with Susie," as I
poked her in the ribs with my finger, looking down at the hint of a pussy
crack between her legs, and she just squirmed.

Susie just sat taking all this in. Dave turned to her and asked her
what she thought about all this. "Would you want him?"

While turning a couple shades of red, she nodded her head and then moved
over and climbed into my lap to give me a big kiss on the lips. She looked
deeply into my face and then said she, "I want you forever and ever."

Dave came over shook my hand and said, "We want to welcome you to our
family. We will consider you family for as long as you and Susie are

Ruth came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "Welcome."

On to the game. Tonight instead of just me and Dave playing, we played
Clue so that all four of us could play. Of course, Miss Smarty Susie won.

I asked her, "Are you still going out with a looser like me this

"Oh yes!" was her replay.

It was Ruth who walked me to the door. As I was dressing to go out, she
told me, "Susan will be having a birthday in a few weeks. We were planning
a party for her. Her birthday is Monday, November 19th, but we would have
a party for her the Friday before. We would like it if you would come.
The party would be in the evening. Afterward Susie is going to have a
sleepover with some of the girls."

"OK!" I said "I'd be happy to come."

"Susan would also like to have a sleepover the following night. The
night you two usually go out on your dates."

"Oh," was all I could say.

Then she said, "That night you're invited to have the sleepover with
Susie. It will be just you and Susie for the night"

"You and Dave aren't going to be home?"

"Yes, and you can go out with her like you normally would. But when
Susan comes home and starts to get ready for bed, you don't have to leave.
Susan is willing to share her bed with you."

"Is she planning to sleep like we did in the tent? I mean dressed the
same way?" I asked wondering how that would be.

"Yes, we all sleep naked here, and yes she will be naked in the bed with
you. I assume that isn't a problem with you? She is expecting you will be
naked too."

"You know that could lead to things happening..." I started to say.

"Yes, David and I know that you and Susan have been making out for some
time now. We also know how far it has gone. I confess that we've checked
on you two to make sure it didn't go too far, also Susan tells us
everything. So we know. You will have to remember that when you are with
Susan that no means no. Don't try to get her to do something she doesn't
want. You can say yes, but you can say no too. Just because Susan wants
to do something it doesn't mean that you have to. She's almost 10, and we
think that she's old enough to know what she wants. We've talked to her,
she understands, and we approve."

A look of puzzlement must have crossed my face at all of this.

She said, "It will be all right. But let me tell you, I'm 29 and Dave
is 43. He has been my boyfriend for twenty-two years, and my lover for
twenty years. You can do the math." With that she opened the door and let
me out.

HOLY SEX BATMAN! She had sex with Dave when she was nine?

Saturday came and Susie and I spent the day together again. I planned
to go to a very large bookstore as a treat for her. Her dad gave her some
money for books. We got there and we got to wander through, showing each
other different books. I was looking at some of the art books and the
history section. She liked the young readers section and also the pet
books. We went over to the music section and looked at the different
cassettes. She asked some questions about some of the pieces of music by
Beethoven and Mozart. We finally made our decisions about what to buy. I
got a book on the Civil War and she got a photo book of various breeds of
dogs. She also got a short history of Clara Barton. From there we went to
her house to drop off her books. We had a light early dinner with Ruth and
Dave. Then we were off to go and play mini golf again. We got back not
too late and sat watching TV with her parents. We were all naked together.
I was a bit surprised that I was able to keep my penis down while we were
there. But close to 10 it was time to go home. Susie walked over to the
door with me to say goodnight while I got dressed. It was a good thing
that I was dressed before I kissed her goodnight. I got hard with that.

On the next game day I invited them to come to the college and watch one
of our water polo games. Ruth and Susie were there in time to watch the
start of the game. It made me happy that they were there and I played my
best game in a while. Not that I didn't try when they were weren't there,
but they gave me added incentive to play harder. I knew that they would be
out in the parking lot after the game. I wanted to get out there but I
hoped my teammates would be gone by that time.

While we were in the showers, I know you aren't suppose to be looking at
the other guys, but I did look when I thought that I could get away with
it. I seemed to be about average in length as much as I could see. But
there were a couple of guys that seemed to be much fatter around and maybe
longer than the others. (It was kind of hard to tell because nobody was
walking around hard.) I did notice as much as I could that I might be about
average in length I seemed that maybe a little thinner around than the
others. I knew that I was six inches long having measured myself once when
I was hard.

The following Tuesday, I was in my room using the phone in there and my
brother Matt picked up the phone to use it out in the kitchen. He heard
part of our conversation. Since we were making plans for the weekend, he
was able to guess it was my girlfriend. He was polite and put the phone
down without my having to yell at him to do that.

He told me, "I heard you talking to your girlfriend on the phone. Her
voice sounds like a kid"

I said, "Yeah I know everyone says that about her." I hoped he didn't
say anything about to mom.

But he made me tell him her name. I had kept her name a secret. They
knew I had a girlfriend but they didn't know anything about her.

We had been talking on the phone more and we talked of school for both
of us. I also answered some of her questions for her home work. I made
her work out the answers herself rather than just giving it to her.

We worked without problems even though we were both naked. It sometimes
seemed to be second nature to be naked, and I thought nothing of it. But
if Susie and I got to kissing, watch out! I could get hard in an instant.
Now that I was naked around her she liked to see me when I got hard. It
seemed like she was teasing me and wanted to see me hard as much as
possible. But now that I was naked in her house. We had to keep the door
fully open and her mom would find reasons to keep coming in there. I know
that she was checking on us and trying to keep anything from getting

The Wednesday nights playing games with Dave had became a game night for
all of us. We played Monopoly, Clue or the Game of Life. Susie even had
an old game of Mousetrap.

It was nice to be together like a nice little family and I was part of
it. Not that I didn't have one with my mom and brothers Matt and Andy.
They were important to me too. I just didn't know how to tell them that my
girlfriend was almost ten and in fifth grade. More than that could they
accept that and keep it quite. Heck even Matt, my youngest brother, was in
7th grade. Susie was younger than that.

It was getting closer to her birthday and I had to think of what to get
her. Since I'd be giving her something at her birthday party, it had to be
something she could open in front of her other guests and they wouldn't
catch on how close Susie and I were. I remembered about the music She had
asked about. I went over to the mall after school and found the two
cassettes we had been looking at, and bought them. Then I went a little
farther down to the jewelry store. Her birthstone was topaz. I they had a
nice stone and I had it mounted on the smallest plain silver band they had.
I thought it went well with the stone. I planned on giving that to her
after the party rather than at it. The cassettes were for the party.

I came over on the Wednesday before her birthday. We all played games
as usual. Then Dave and Ruth let me and Susie go to her room, where we
could talk between ourselves. She told me a bit about the plans for the
party. She said that Diane and Abby from the club would be there. They
were going to spend the night as part of the sleepover. Also there would
be two other girls from school that She had become friends with. Those
were the ones who were going to be staying the night. But also there were
going to be other kids from her school. There would be twelve in all.
Including Diane and Abby there would be seven girls and only five boys. At
least I'd make it a bit more even at seven and six, girls to boys.

It didn't take too long for the talking to stop and the kissing to
start. We weren't kissing very long, and I was then very hard. We were
starting to get into some petting. I was caressing her butt and the backs
of her legs. She was laying on my chest facing me. She was running her
hands though my hair while I had a hand full of her butt. With my erection
pressing against her trapped between our bodies.

Maybe it was the lack of talking that brought Ruth over. She knocked on
the door and said that maybe I should be going home now. What was I to
say? I can't say no sorry I want to make out with your daughter more.
Susie got off of me. It was very plain that I was fully hard, not that
Ruth hadn't seen that before either. As I started to walk out of the room
Susie started to come with me. Ruth told her that she should stay in her
room and she should do what she needs to do. With that Ruth and I walked
out, and she closed Susie's door. I was still fully hard.

Ruth told me that, "If you want, before you get dressed, you can use the
bathroom to take care of that," she said while pointing at my erection.
"It might be easier to get dressed and more comfortable for your drive

I knew that as soon as I got home, and got alone I was going to do that
anyway. It seems it was nothing to them that I'd do that in their house.
In the bathroom, I thought of Susie's luscious pussy and how my cock would
look sliding in and out of it. The very thought quickly brought up a boil
of cum which I carefully had aimed into the toilet. I finished and made
sure I didn't leave a mess. I went to Susie's door I could hear a buzzing
noise and her voice making little noises. I thought it best that I don't
knock. I just walked to the front door to dress, my cock a little redder
than normal, but flaccid.

As I was getting dressed. Ruth looked down and asked "Do you feel
better now?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I'll tell Susan you said goodbye. She's a little busy now. She needs
to do that every time you leave. You will be here on Friday?" asked Ruth.

"Yes I wouldn't miss it for the whole world. How often does a guy get
to go to his girlfriend's tenth birthday party?" I exclaimed.

"This is a special thing that you and Susan share and I'm glad that you
two get along so well. David and I are glad that Susan brought you into
all of our lives. You've made Susan very happy. Are you are happy with
her?" she asked.

"Yes, I am" I replied. "I'd never have thought about a girl her age.
But being with her made me think about things I never considered. I never
found a girl her age sexy, but now I can't help thinking that girls her age
can be very sexy. "

"Well I hope that you think that Susan is the sexiest one of them all."

"Indeed, I do," I assured her.

"I can see that you do, since you are getting hard again," Ruth noted.
"Maybe we should stop talking about Susan and you should go before you need
to go back to the bathroom again," she said.

She said with a wink, "I think it's cute how hard you get over Susan.
You do have a nice size for her. She'll enjoy it."

With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and as I turned to go she
gave me a playful swat on my butt. "Be here at 6:00 PM OK?"

"Yes!" I cried as I went home to jack off again.

Chapter 13 - The Friday birthday party

When Friday came I thought that I should come a bit late just so I don't
appear to eager to come to the party, so I got there about quarter an hour
late. Dave answered the door fully dressed, which I should have expected,
since it wasn't going to be all nudists at the party. I don't think they
let many people, other than the ones they see at the club, know that they
were nudists.

Susie played a bit mad at me, that I had made her wonder if I was going
to show for the party. But I could see she was happy to see me. I think
Ruth and Dave were too. They had moved a lot of the furniture out of the
way in the living room and had an open area in the middle and were playing
some games.

The first game I saw them playing was, each had a balloon tied to their
left leg and others tried to pop the balloon with their right leg. The
last one with the a balloon left was the winner. I was standing back
watching with Ruth and Dave. I saw also that Phil and Donna were there. I
said hello to them. It seems there weren't any other parents. Most of the
kids were dropped off and were to be picked up later.

As they played Ruth pointed out the kids I didn't know. Besides Diane
and Abby whom I already knew, there was Jennifer, Heather, Amy Becky, and
Sarah. They were all from Susie's school.

Jennifer was the oldest at 11, was a sixth grader. She was wearing a
yellow dress to match her blond hair. The dress buttoned up the middle of
the top. Her dress was a little short like it was last year's dress. One
could see little areolas pushing out her top just enough to be seen if you
looked. And I did look.

Sarah was an Asian, with long black hair and a red dress sort of like a
velvet looking material. She was rather petite but very cute.

Heather had on a white dress that a sort of flora print on it. Heather
was also a blond a little chunky but not really fat.

Amy was a thin girl with medium brown hair. She was wearing a white
blouse and a black skirt.

Becky was also with light brown hair and light blue dress.

Diane was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a very nice red colored

Abby was wearing a green dress. She of course was the youngest, at
eight, at the party.

With exception of Jennifer none of the girls, beside Diane, looked like
they had any breasts yet. Of course you could see it, and I knew from
seeing her naked that Diane did. Of course I had seen Abby naked too.

The boys were Bruce, Dennis, George, Kevin, and Steve. Most of the boys
wore slacks and button down short sleeve shirts. George went so far as
wearing a tie. Kevin was the odd man one out with jeans and a t-shirt with
Mickey Mouse on it.

Amy and Becky were going to be spending the night as well as Diane and
Abby. They had done sleepovers with Susie on Friday nights while She had
Saturday nights reserved for me.

Heather was the last with a balloon and won the game to everyone's

Next up: musical chairs. They were running around the room and throwing
themselves into the chairs. Steve was the winner there.

I did get to see up a couple of dresses. Most of the time if I could
see anything it would be a flash of white or pink in one case. I tried to
see up Susie's dress most. I was wondering if she was wearing panties
today. I don't know if I was relieved or disappointed when I saw a flash
of white under her dress. I knew it had to be panties because she was more
tanned there and it couldn't have been her naked pussy that I saw.

As I was watching this I noticed that Phil and Donna had slipped away. I
asked Dave and he said that they had gone home and would be back in the
morning to pick up their girls. He guessed that with the girls here, they
could go out and join their swingers group.

Ruth was the ring master of this circus. Once the game was over the
next one was begun. They were divided into two teams. They were put into
two lines. They had to pass a small balloon placed under their chin from
one person to the next. They had to hold it place with their chin and turn
to the next person and pass it to them. There was no touching the balloon
with your hands. Susie's team won that one.

Next Ruth had them all sit in a long snaking line next to each other.
She whispered something in the first girl's ear and she was to repeat in
the next persons ear until it got to the last person. She would say aloud
what she hear. They did that several time, starting a different ends each
time. It was funny to hear that the message when it got to the end. It
wasn't close sometimes to what Ruth had told the first person. They all
had a good laugh over each phrase when it got to the end.

As long as they were sitting, Dave brought out the cake. Everyone
gathered around and sang happy birthday to Susie. She made a wish and then
blew out her candle in one breath. Susie with Ruth's help cut the cake and
Dave handed out the cake, while I was on ice cream duty giving everyone
some ice cream.

Next was the opening of the presents. Susie got a couple of books, and
it seemed that someone must have known her since one was a history book
about the woman's right movement. She also got a makeup kit and a couple
of cassettes. She opened my gift and liked that I had gotten her the
cassettes that we had been looking at the store.

With the presents opened and put out of the way, they turned the lights
down and they put on music. They were going to have a dance. Dave went
first with Susie since she was they birthday girl. I asked Jennifer to
dance. It took a bit of work on Ruth's part to get the boys to dance with
the girls. There were seven girls and only five boys and Dave and I. So
we were dancing every dance with a different girl.

Before it was getting close to eight o'clock and parents started
arriving to pick up their children. Jennifer lived close enough that she
walked over and her parents weren't coming to get her. Since it was after
dark I was assigned to walk her home. Most of the girls hadn't been to the
pool and so didn't know me. But as we walked home Jennifer asked me,
"You're the lifeguard from the pool?"

"Yes," I said "That is how I know Susie. I met her, but I got to know
her parents. I know Susie and am friends with her parents."

She laughed and said "You're probably Susie's boyfriend."

"Why would think that?" I asked.

She said, "I know that Susie likes to kiss and she doesn't care if it's
a boy or girl she's kissing. I'm sure she would like kissing you. I know
that I would."

I asked how she knows that Susie is kissing people.

She said "I know because I've kissed Susie. I have even made out with
her. I have had a few sleepovers with her."

"Why aren't you sleeping over tonight with the other girls?"

"I was invited but my parents wouldn't let me. We're going to my
grandparents early in the morning, so I can't stay. I know that Susie will
be kissing and maybe making out with the girls in the sleepover tonight."

I asked her "How does Susie get away with making out with the girls
during the sleepovers?"

"We're very quiet and I don't think her parents know about it. They
haven't caught us doing it, and I haven't heard that she got caught with
anyone else. Her parents don't know that anything goes on besides talking
and sleeping."

We got to her house. She asked, "Are you going to tell her parents
about Susie doing things with girls?"

I replied, "No I don't think so. I wouldn't want her, you, or any of
the other girls to get in trouble."

"Thanks for that, I wouldn't want anybody to know that I kiss and make
out with girls. But I like boys too. I think you're Susie's boyfriend.
If you give me a kiss I won't tell about you being her boyfriend."

I asked, "Well, if I'm Susie's boyfriend, and I'm not saying that I'm,
should I be kissing another girl?"

"I just want to try it with an older guy" she replied with a smile. "I
won't tell Susie or anyone."

"If you did, it might get out that you kiss and make out with girls," I

She laughed, "I don't just kiss them I like to lick their pussies. But
I want to be with boys too. I just don't know any boys that I could kiss
that won't tell the whole school. If you kiss me, I'll let you feel my

"Wouldn't that be cheating on Susie -- if I was her boyfriend?"

"She will be cheating on you with a bunch of girls tonight," she said
simply. "Please, I want to try it with a boy who won't tell, and knows
what he is doing. We can go in the back no one will see us."

I said doubtfully, "I don't know about this."

"Oh please!" she cried. "I'll let you do things with me."

She lead me back to a side area that was protected on three sides by the
building and bushes on the fourth side faced her back yard, there was no
one there.

"OK, I'll kiss you, but this is an one-time thing," I told her. "And
you can't tell anyone about it ever. You promise?"

"Yes, I promise. Wait a second." With that she reached under her dress
and pulled her panties down and took them off.

"OK I'm ready"

I stepped up to her, and she turned her head up to me as I bent down.
Our lips touched, I started it as soft kiss. But she had other ideas. She
was quick to open her mouth and was pushing her tongue at me. We kissed a
couple of minutes like that, and I thought that was enough for her.

But she didn't feel the same way. She unbuttoned the top of her dress
and opened it exposing her little budding areolas. They were the size of a
walnut on her chest. I kissed her again while I fingered them. I then
bent down and kissed each of them before licking and sucking on them for a
couple of minutes each. She was shifting her weight from one foot to the
other like she couldn't stand still.

Then it hit me she was very horny. I sucked one nipple while I reached
up under her dress and found her naked pussy. I ran my hand over it. Her
vulva was nice and smooth. I didn't feel any hair, but I did feel a lot of
wetness there. I rubbed up the lips of her pussy. Before switching
nipples and running a finger up the slit. I found her clit and began to
rub it between a couple of fingers. I did it like I did when I jerked
myself off after visiting Susie, except her clit was of course a lot
smaller than my dick, which was plenty hard right then.

Without saying anything to her I got down on my knees. I lifted the
bottom of her dress over my head. I began to lick her pussy.

"Oh! That feels so good," she whispered. "A boy has never done that
for me before."

I began to lick her clit while I ran my finger around touching her
vagina. I went a little ways in. She told me to stick my finger in her. I
put it in a little further. I expected to hit her hymen anytime soon. She
wanted more, so I went in deeper and didn't find her hymen. I had my
middle finger all the way in her. I was licking and sucking on her
clitoris while I used my finger to finger-fuck her.

After a couple of minute of that she started coming. She had to put her
hands over her mouth to keep quiet. She did that pretty well she didn't
make much noise after all. As she recovered. I stood up, she reached up
to kiss me. She could taste herself on my lips. She seemed to like that
very much as we kissed.

"Can I see yours?" she asked shyly. "I've never seen a grown up one."

I stepped back and opened my pants and pulled out my erection.

"Oh it's beautiful, do you want me to rub you?" she asked eagerly.

I showed her how to masturbate me. I was pretty horny. It didn't take
very long before I was shooting a load out on the ground in her backyard.
When I was finished she bent down and licked it clean taking it in her
mouth to suck what was left on the head. I put it away and kissed her
goodnight. We walked back around front to the door, and she gave me a bit
of time to walk away before going in.

"Damn! Little girls are pretty hot!" I thought. "I wonder if Susie can
be this hot?"

I got back to her house. Her parents let me in to say good night to
Susie. All the girls had changed into their nightgowns or in Diane's case
an old over sized t-shirt. When the girls saw me they ran away giggling.

While Ruth distracted them for a minute I gave Susie a kiss goodnight.

She backed up and said, "You have pussy on your lips. Who was that?
Was it Jennifer?"

I guess I blushed a bit. Susie said, "It figures Jenny never misses a
chance to get her pussy licked. Just it looks like she got her dream to
get eaten by an older guy. Kiss me tomorrow and you might taste pussy on
my lips too. I got to go. Come and get me at 10 and we will go, OK?"

With that she gave me a quick kiss and was gone. Ruth came up. She
thanked me for coming. She told me that I shouldn't come until the girls
were gone. She would put a wreath on the front door when the last girl has
left. That would be the signal that it's OK to come up to the house.

I left to go home. On the drive home I wondered what Susie might say.
You seemed to know already what happened. She didn't seem too upset about
it. Plus she was hinting that she was going to be with at least one of
those girls tonight. But a bigger question is what did I do to myself with
Jennifer. Could I be in trouble for that? I could only hope that she
could keep quiet about it and not blow the thing especially for Susie and
I. If I hadn't already done that. Oh well can't change the past. I went
home and tried to sleep.

Chapter 14-- Susie and I spend the day together

Next morning I got to Susie's a little after 10AM. I looked and there
was the wreath on the door. I rang the bell and knocked the way I was
supposed to so they would know it was me. Dave and Ruth were naked, but
Susie was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, that made her butt look good.
She had on a t-shirt. She grabbed her jacket as we went out. We had
discussed about where we would go on her special day and she had wanted to
go to the LA Zoo.

As we drove I asked her about my doing stuff, with Jennifer, I was still
worried about that. She said that was OK that I did it. Just so long as I
was her boyfriend, and wasn't going to leave her. I told her that, that
wasn't going to happen. I was hers as long as she wanted me.

I worried about Jennifer letting it slip that we had done stuff
together. I asked, "Can I trust her to keep it quiet?"

Susie laughed and said "Yes, she can keep it quiet, especially if she
knows what is good for her."

"How so?" I asked.

"Jenny likes girls more than she likes boys. She has played with a lot
of girls. Most times girls don't tell on each other that they are playing
with each other," Susie said. "But Jenny has not only been with girls but
women too."

"How do you know that?"

"Her mom told me, and so did Jenny, sort of."

"When did her mother tell you this?" I wanted to know.

"Don't tell my parents about this, but I had sex with Jenny's mom" Susie
said coloring a little. "My parents know that I like to play with girls,
and they are OK with that. They don't like me to be with someone younger
than Abby nor much older than Diane. They kind of want me to be with girls
around my age. Funny they let me go with you and you're an adult."

I started, "Do you know the story about your mom and dad?"

"I know that dad is a lot older than mom and they started dating when
she was very young," Susie replied.

"Do you know how young?" I asked.

"No," she said.

"From what I gather your mom and dad started dating when he was 21 and
she was 7. They have been lovers since he was 23 and she was 9," I

"I kind of figured something like that, but I didn't know exact ages."
Susie went on, "Well, I'll tell you about Jenny. Jenny's dad was killed
when Jenny was young. After Jenny's dad died, her mom turned lesbian. She
likes women and also younger girls. She had sex with me a couple of times.
She also has sex with Jenny, and her younger sister. Jenny has had sex
with her sister too. So Jenny would never say anything. If she did I
could say about her and her mom and sister."

"Oh wow, what a group you run with!" I exclaimed.

"You still love me?" Susie asked.

"Of course I do," I assured her. "So what did you do on your

"After you left we were already in our nightgowns. My parents went to
their room for the night and we played truth or dare. But that got boring,
we started playing spin the bottle."

Susie recounted the party action, "Amy had never played with a girl
before, but that was part of the reason to have her over with this group. I
wanted to play with her for some time. Amy took a little time to get
warmed up to kissing a girl. But she did OK after a bit watching all the
other girls doing it. The girls didn't really want to kiss Abby so much.
But after me and Diane had kissed her they were more willing. We turned
out the lights and were kissing and making out. Most everyone had their
nightgowns and panties off by then. We just masturbated each other in the
dark in the living room. Diane was with Amy giving her, her first time
with a girl. If we wanted to do more than rub each other they would go to
my room. I was there with both Abby and Becky. But me and Becky have done
that before. Diane was with both Amy and then Becky. Diane said they both
liked sucking on her boobs. She told me that she liked licking their

"I licked both Becky and Abby's pussies." she continued. "You didn't
kiss me this morning. But I didn't do anything this morning, so you might
not have been able to taste either of them on my lips."

We had a nice time walking around the zoo. She liked the elephants, I
liked the big cats and both liked the apes. We had some lunch there and we
stayed until closing at five. We had watched them put away some of the
animals. Then we stopped in the zoo store on the way out. She wanted a
stuffed elephant and I gave it to her, as a present in celebration of her
birthday which was now getting close. Two days after today and she would
be 10.

We stopped at Denny's for dinner on the way home, because she liked it
there. We got home after dark.

When we came home, Ruth asked "Are going to be staying overnight after

"Yes, that was the plan, wasn't it?" I said.

Dave was dressed and said "We figured that. So we are going to move the
cars around. We made some room in the garage for your car." We went
outside and he moved the Olds and Ruth's Chevy around the driveway. He
opened the garage and had me drive my car in it. Then he closed the door
and moved the cars back the way they usually were. He said that they
didn't want my car on the street all night as though I were there all

I brought some stuff from the car, a little shave kit with my razor and
tooth brush, I put them in the bathroom. I brought a pillow from my bed,
and put my change of clothes in her room. When that was all done we all
sat down and had a piece of what was left of the birthday cake from the
previous day. We talked a bit with them, with Susie telling what she liked
best about the zoo.

Chapter 15 - Susie and I spend the night together November 1979

By then it was getting late, time for bed. Ruth sent Susie to brush her
teeth. Dave told me he'd replaced the bulb in Susie's desk lamp with a red
one. Then he told me that he'd put an extra pillow on Susie's bed. It was
a small but thick one. He hung a towel on her chair in there. he said I
should put the folded towel on the pillow and put the pillow under Susie's
hips to get her butt up off the bed more and that there shouldn't be much
of the pillow that extended beyond her butt. That way she was open and
available and I could get in there. Ruth handed me a tube of K-Y and told
me that I should put a good amount on myself and some inside Susie. She
left some wet wipes on Susie's dresser for us and we could use that towel
for us to clean up.

Susie finished and I went in and brushed my teeth. We went to her room.
She was still dressed as was I. Ruth came over and gave Susie a little
kiss on her lips, and then gave me one on my cheek. Dave gave Susie that
same kind of kiss, the kind I had seen them share many times. He shook my
hand then he went over and turned on the desk lamp. The overhead light was
on but it created a soft red glow to the room. Together Dave and Ruth
walked to the door and turned off the overhead light. They said good night
to us, walked out and they closed the door.

This was something they had never done before leaving us with the door
fully closed. It left the room in a soft light, not to bright but light
enough to see easily.

I had Susie sit on her bed and I took her shoes and socks off. Then I
pulled her t-shirt off over her head. I had her stand and I unsnapped her
jeans and pulled down the zipper. As I pulled them, it was just as I
figured, she wasn't wearing any panties. She sat down and I pulled them
the rest of the way off. I had her just sit there for a bit while I got a
good long close up look at her yummy girlhood.

She jumped up and said "My turn!" She took my shoes and socks off and
them my t-shirt. She undid my belt and the snap on me jeans and pulled
down my zipper. I was hard as I could be and it showed though my pants. I
stood and she pulled them down. Unlike her I was wearing underwear. I
stepped out of my jeans as steadied myself by putting my hand on her
shoulder. I was now just in my underwear. They did little to hide my
erection. But tonight there was no need to hide those things. I was hard
for her and because of her. She pulled them down. Not that she hadn't
seen me naked or even hard before. She had even put sunscreen on it for
me. But this was going to be different. She was squatting and at eye level
with my dick, so she got a good look at me too.

"What is this stuff leaking out of you?" she asked, curious.

"It's precum," I replied, trying to steady my racing heart. "It's to
make it easier for me to go inside you. You do want me in you, don't you?"

"Oh yes very much and lots!" she cried.

We laid down in her bed side by side and turned to each other and began
to kiss. I pulled back and began to kiss her face, her eyes and then her
nose. I moved around to her ears and kissed and nibbled on her lobes. I
was licking her ears and behind them. I nibbled on them as a whole I could
feel her skin start to get goose bumps on her. I moved back to her mouth
and she accepted me with an open mouth. Our tongues began a very through
exploration of each other's mouth. We kissed for a while like that then I
moved back a bit so I could see her chest.

My hands tenderly touched her chest. I had never touched her bare chest
before. Her parents had not wanted that to happen and they tried to keep
us from doing it. But now I could do it, and it felt soft and silky. It
was flat except for her small areolas, about the size of a nickel and
slightly puffy. When I touched them seemed to get a bit larger. Her
nipples that were lying down flat on them began to stand up. The longer I
touched, they kind of contracted and stood up more. She looked down at
what I was doing to her, with a big smile on her face. I toyed with both
on them now one with each hand. We went like that for a while and then she
rolled over on her back. I leaned over her and took a nipple in my mouth.
I licked all around it. Then came up and licked the areola itself. It
seemed to pucker up even more in my mouth. I licked and then began to suck
on it.

Susie was making little meowing like sounds. Her body was getting red
and hot. Her nipples were starting to get hard and rise up off her chest.
I licked and sucked on then trading off doing her right one for a while
then over to her left. She had a look of bliss on her face as she lay
there with her eyes closed.

I began toying with one nipple while I sucked on the other. That left
me with one free hand. It began to make circles around her chest and her
flat little belly. I found her belly button and explored it with my index
finger. I then followed it with my mouth. I left a trail of kisses all
over her chest but it was working down. My lips soon made it to her belly
button. I explored it with my tongue as I had a bit before with my finger.
My hands had moved on too. I was stroking her high inner thighs. I was
very close to her pussy. We both knew that and both wanted it. Six months
ago if you told me that I'd be very hot to touch such a young girl there,
I'd have called you crazy, but now I was very hot for just that.

Finally I did touch her there. I ran my fingers up and down her tender
lips feeling them softly. They were plump and warm to the touch. I could
feel some wetness around there as I ran a finger up the slit. I don't know
who was more excited to do that, me or her. I could feel her clit hood
when I got to the top of the slit. She shivered as my finger went over it.
A bit cramped, I repositioned her, moving her up the bed so I could get
more of my eager body between her legs.

I was now getting a close up view of an excited little girl's pussy. I
could smell the aroma coming off her. I used my fingers to open her lips
and explore. I found her clit and she about squealed with that. I opened
her inner lips and found her pee hole and below it her vagina. I opened it
as far as I could to look into her very deepest part of her. After
exploring her with my eyes I let my fingers follow and let them explore her
there. The more I touched her, the wetter she was getting.

I had done it a couple of times with Cindy, my ex-girlfriend, my only
other experience with a naked pussy. It was more for Cindy than me that I
licked her there. She wanted it, but now I wanted this so much more than I
ever thought I would or could. I began to blow warm breath on Susie's
parts causing her to wiggle a lot. I moved in for the thrill and began to
lick her labia. Up and down the hairless lips I went with my soft, warm,
wet tongue as I got the know her. I soon moved into her slit and licked up
and down as I'd force my tongue between her lips and into her. I was
loving her taste. I was licking the opening to her vagina, up to her clit
and even her urethra. I went back down and licked the opening to her
vagina. I was licking it hard and fast alternating with slow, deep and
soft licks. I moved up to her clit I began to suck on it and lick. I was
trying to get her hood back with my tongue, so I could suck on her little
bud directly. Fluids were pouring out of her. I lapped them as I could.
Finally she arched her back, shuddered and gave a loud moan falling back on
the bed. She was panting and her face was flushed. She lay there not able
to talk or move for a while.

When She had recovered enough she told me "That was wonderful! You gave
me one of the best cums I've ever had!" She pushed me so I rolled on my
back, and turned on her side to face me as she reached down to my erection.
I never felt that hard before, I felt I could drive railroad spikes with
it. I was up to my full 6 inches but somehow I felt longer, even if I knew
I wasn't true. I was wet with my precum leaking all over the place. I'm
sure there must be a wet spot down at the foot of her bed where my cock was
dripping cum when I was lying on my stomach licking her sweet little pussy.

She took my cock in her hand she looked at it all hard. She said "I
love it! It's so big and hard yet soft too. I have had a couple of boys
all hard in my hands last year, but they weren't your size. They were only
11 and 12 years old. I always wanted an older boy, but none of them were
interested in me. I want to know how to rub one, I know that guys rub

I told her, "Do it like this." Then I took her hand and placed it midway
on the shaft and had her get a comfortable grip. Then had her hand move up
and down and I just lay back and let her do it for me. I showed her how to
vary her speed, and the pressure she used. When I would feel I was nearing
a cum, I had her slow down or stop for a bit. We were able to continue for
a while before I had the overwhelming need to cum, then I let her finish me
by pumping my prick up and down. My cock head swelled and turned red
before ejecting first a white drip then streams of hot cum. It was the
deepest hardest cum I had ever felt to that point in my life. I squirted
five big ropes of white sperm, reaching up to my chin on the first and
hardest squirt. The others came out with less force and left a trail
across my chest. We got some of the wet wipes and cleaned my body because
it was my time to rest.

As I laid back she asked, "Is that white stuff that came out of you the
stuff that makes the babies?"

"Yes, if I put it inside your pussy it could start a baby if you can
have babies and it's the right time of the month."

"Mom told me all about that," she said primly, "I just never saw the
stuff before. It was really cool the way it shoots out of you."

"Yes, I came pretty hard. You had me so excited to be with you! I
loved that you had your hand on me and did that for me." As we were lying
there I asked her "When did you start having sex?"

"I was eight and it was only with girls," said Susie. "In fact other
than touching a couple of boys penises I haven't had done much of anything
with a boy. I've never did that with a boy like I just did with you. I
liked boys, but hadn't ever had a boy who would do anything much for me. I
think girls were very cute too, and I can understand girls better than I
understand boys, plus I find them sexy. I was eight and half before I got
to play with a girl. She was an older girl and I loved her breasts and
wanted to play with them. I hope that one day I'd have nice big boobs. I
love to suck on a girl's nipples. I like what you did for my nipples," she
said with a fond smile.

"When Denise first licked my pussy I loved it and I wanted that more,
lots more. I was hooked on it. I loved the feeling of it. When I tried
to do that to Denise I loved it and would never want to stop doing that. I
like licking pussies even more than getting mine licked. But I like
getting mine licked," she assured me.

"I started to masturbate when I was eight. For my ninth birthday mom
got me my own vibrator. She had walked in a room and caught me
masturbating. Mom told me about those things and about sex." Susie
continued, "She talked to me again after I met you. I had told her all
about you, and how you rescued that girl. I told her how smart, nice and
how cute you were and that I thought that you were sexy. So mom had a talk
with me about sex and boys. She did it because I told her I like boys, and
wanted to have a boyfriend."

Looking at me, she said "I thought you were so cute, and were a hero the
way you went and saved that girl one the first day of swimming class. You
were so nice and talked to me and were willing to take me to dinner. You
paid attention to me in a way that no older boy did before. Plus mom told
you that I liked older guys. Dad was older than mom and he is so good to
her. I want a guy like that," she said.

"I didn't know mom and dad had been together and had been doing sex
since she was my age. But I wanted to do things with boys, or really men,
before I knew about mom and dad But maybe that is why when I told her I
wanted to do it with you, she was OK with it."

Continuing, she said, "I wanted you from the time that I saw you in
class. I wanted you to be my boyfriend. Now you are my boyfriend and you
gave me a great orgasm. I like your dick too it was the greatest thing.
It's so cute! That makes me very happy. I was right when I picked you."

"It's yours for as long as you wanted it, and I hope it would be at
least for tonight, and but I hope that maybe for a lot of nights for the
coming years," I assured her.

I continued, "You know, I've never been interested in little girls like
you, but you have shown me how sexy little girls can be. Now I like little
girls. You're the sexiest of all the little girls I know," I said. "All
this talking had gotten me hard again." And sure enough, my cock was stiff

She said, "I can see that. I want you to try and put it all the way in
me. You know, and do the thing that to make a baby. Will you shoot your
stuff up inside me like you did before?"

I got a worried look for a second. She said "Don't worry I can't get
pregnant. Mom says I have to have my monthly bleeding before that can
happen and she said it won't happen for a couple of years yet."

That was good news. I was more than happy to put it in her. "It might
hurt some when I go into you. If it hurts too much tell me and I'll stop."

I took the towel and doubled up and put it on the pillow and then put it
under hips. Her butt was a couple of inches off the bed. I took the K-Y
and put the tube to the opening of her inner lips and squeezed some into
her. I took my finger and spread it around inside her rubbing it into her.
She giggled a little because it was cold. I then put some on myself, and
spread it around my whole shaft. I got between her legs on top of her. I
rubbed my cock around her virginal opening. I had her reach down and
spread her lips and I felt the hole that I needed. I pushed forward going
a little at a time. It was tight but it opened to me. I was able to
slowly move it farther and farther into her. I was expecting to hit her
hymen any second. But I kept going and I wasn't hitting it. She had made
a little face I could see she was having some pain.

I stopped and asked "Are you OK? Do you want me to stop?"

"No!" she said grinning. "I'm OK! I want you to keep going."

Before I knew it I was all the way in her. She had no cherry, or at
least I didn't feel one. My pubic hair was against her hairless mound. I
stopped for a minute. I said, "I'm all the way in you. Are you still OK?"

"Yes," she said. I gave her a minute to get use to it.

She actually felt rather wet there and real tight. It felt great as the
walls of her pussy were hugging me. I began to slowly move in her. At
first it was just a little bit out then a little bit back in. The pain in
her face was gone, in its place was a look of happiness. I began to move
faster and more in and out. Before long I was moving almost all the way
out and in back in her deeply. Her hips began to move up toward me when I
pushed down. We developed a good rhythm. I know it felt great for me, it
looked like she was enjoying it too. I tried to think of anything,
baseball or anything else, to keep from cumming. I was glad she had given
me that handjob before because in less than 10 minutes of moving in and out
of her and I was close to cumming again. She gave out a loud moan and
arched her back up towards me and pushed her hips into me. I could feel
the walls of her pussy grip me and squeeze me. That was it, it was over
for me. I came! I thought that I had a hard cum last time, but this time
I felt was forcing an elephant out of my pee hole. I felt that my sperm
had that much power. I felt like I was putting out gallons. I could feel
it pump, seven times or eight as I jetted that white hot stuff out of me
into the almost 10 year old body under me. My balls were wanting to make a
baby it this little girl. I was giving her everything I had to do that,
even if she couldn't do that yet. It seemed to take so long to finish, yet
it was over to much too soon. I wanted that feeling to go on and on.

I was worn out by my little Susie. Had I laid on her, I'd have crushed
her so I gingerly pulled out of her. When I did I could see some of my
sperm coming out of her but I didn't see any blood, which I did expect.
Her fluids were leaking out of along with my cum. I managed to grab the
box of wet ones, and cleaned off my cock. I took another and cleaned
around Susie's pussy. I took the pillow out from under her butt. I dried
both of us. Then the towel joined the use cleaning cloths on the floor. I
laid down beside Susie and kissed her on the lips with just a simple gentle
kiss. She rolled over on her side away from me. I moved up next to her
and cuddled her to me in a spoon position. I could hear Susie's deep
sleeping breaths coming from her in almost seconds. I didn't hear her for
very long as I was out like a light very shortly thereafter.

The next thing I knew the room was filled with light. It was the sun. I
looked at the clock it was already, 10:30. The I heard Ruth's voice saying
"Are you going to sleep all day?" I rolled over to look at her. Just then
I saw Dave come into the doorway behind her. My turning over woke Susie.

"We can have brunch ready for you in half an hour, you can make it?"
Ruth asked.

"Yeah sure" I said to them, then to my bedmate I announced: "C'mon let's
get up. I think we can use a shower."

"Can we shower together?" Susie asked sleepily.

"Yes," Ruth said, "I don't see that is a problem for you now."

"Oh I need to go a little slow. It hurts down there a bit." We walked a
little slower than may be normal to the bathroom.

We went into her bathroom and turned on the water. As soon as it was
warm enough, we got in. We began to wash, but Susie thought it might be
more fun to wash each other. I washed her. I couldn't help myself and I
had to make sure her groin was nice and clean. My hand went over her lips
many times. My finger would drag through her slit to clean her, yeah
right. It didn't take her long to get really hot. I added sucking on her
nipples and it wasn't long before She had another orgasm. Not like last
night's, but good enough for her.

She washed me. I made her wash my groin last. By that time I was very
hard. She soaped me and began to stroke me. I showed her how to it the
best way. I had years of practice doing it in a shower and I taught her
just the right way. Soon, all too soon, I was shooting my sperm again.
She enjoyed seeing it coming out and squealed with joy. With that done she
washed my declining prick, and while it was getting softer so there was no
temptation to do more. Besides about now the hot water was running out.
We dried and joined her parents in the dining room. At least being nudists
we didn't have to put on clothes.

We were in there more than half hour. Dave said "We were going to give
you a couple minutes, then we were going to send in a rescue squad."

"Oh Daddy, we were busy," Susie announced.

"I'd have thought you got all that out last night," her father

She just went over and gave him a little sock in the arm. Ruth, said,
"Be nice David. She has been looking forward to last night's events for
some time."

"How did you like it dear? Was it all you wanted it to be?" Ruth asked.

"Yes, mommy it was great! Tom was really great! I loved it. And I
love him."

With that she gave me a kiss. I was glad it was not as much of as kiss
as any time before or I might have gotten hard right there in the dining

She turned to me and said, "Mommy broke my cherry with a vibrator."

"Yes, Susie and I have been using larger and larger vibrators to stretch
her," Ruth said. "Finally we got to using a vibrator that looked to be
about the size that you are. We had been working on that for a couple of
weeks. When she had her sleepover I told her not to let any of the girls
put a finger or anything in her. She wanted you to be the first person to
be inside her. Vibrators don't count because they are not people."

Ruth told me, "Susan has been looking forward to her first time with a
guy for some time. David and I thought that she has gotten old enough.
She's a little older than I was my first time. I hope that your first time
together was better than David and mine was. As Susie said she didn't have
a hymen for you to break, and I hope that you didn't mind that I helped her
break it. She wanted you to be her first guy. But from our experience it
wasn't such a great feeling to have my hymen broken. Nine year old girls
and adult men are going to have a difficult time the first time, if she
still has her hymen. We didn't want you to have the trouble we had."

Dave added, "When and Ruth and I had our first time, it was on a
mattress in a neighbor's shed. We were worried about being discovered.
Ruth's hymen seemed to a be a rather thick one and I had to push hard to
break it. We didn't know enough to have any lubrication, so we had just we
produced and a little saliva. After I was in Ruth had a lot of pain and
then there was the blood. We weren't sure that she wasn't hurt inside. If
she was, she would need a doctor and that meant being found out. Turns out
that she wasn't hurt and the bleeding wasn't that much looking back on it,
but when you are in the middle of it, it seemed like a lot. Ruth was sore
for a while there. It took us a couple of weeks before we tried it again.
Things went much better that time."

"Mommy, did you like doing it with daddy?" Susie asked.

"Yes, very much." Ruth answered, "But when we made love it was always
where we hoped we not be discovered. We don't want you to go through we
did. But also we don't want you two to be discovered either, so you are
very welcome to do it here. But only here in the house. We want you to be
safe and comfortable, not like us."

Dave asked, "Tom is this too weird for you? To have your girlfriend's
hymen taken by her mother? Are we too weird, being parents that allow
their young daughter make love to a young college man? We just want to
help Susie get the things she wants, as long as it's good for her too."

I told him, "I have to say that I never heard of parents allowing their
daughters to have their first time in her own room, with her parents home
and knowing what it going on. But this is far beyond anything that I have
never heard of. I have never known of any guy that had a ten year old
girlfriend and was making love with her. But then I have never known a
girl like Susie. Being her boyfriend changes my whole way of looking at
life and what can be. After being here last night and knowing you all, I
don't think this weird. It seems very normal. It's all about being with
the person you love, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is Tom, love is meant to be shared no matter where you find it.
We're happy to have you in our family circle," said Dave.

Ruth added, "You're always welcome here. We think of you as family. In
fact we would love to have you over on Thanksgiving. But as far as Susan
goes, what I said before still goes if she says no then it's no. But you
two are free to be lovers as much as you both want here. But remember it
must be here, to keep you safe.

"Speaking of safe, Susan probably won't be getting her period for a year
or two, yet so you shouldn't have any problems. When Susan does get them
we will get her birth control. We want grandchildren but not while Susan
is in school." she said.

We ate brunch and I thought that it might be best to get going. Susie
and I went to her room and I dressed. She asked "Are you coming over on
Monday since it's my real birthday?"

"Oh course." I said.

Dave helped with moving cars around to get my car out of their garage. I
drove with a great big smile on my face.

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