A young man meets the love of his life- A 9 year -old girl
It's Like Déjà-vu, All Over Again, part 2

Copyright(C) Tanya Writer 2013

Chapter 16 - Family complications

When I got home my mom asked me, "Where were you all night?"

I told her, "I was over at my girlfriend's."

That got my brothers to hooting.

She asked, "When are we was going to meet this girl?"

"Soon," I said. "By the way I'm going to spend Thanksgiving at their

"You aren't going to come with us to my sister Laura's with us?"

"We go there every year," I noted. "I can miss this year. You won't
miss me."

After school on Monday I was anxious to go over to Susie's. I had to
wait until it was at least dark to go. Thankfully it got dark earlier.

I got there and came in. The first thing to do was undress but that
left me with no pockets and no place to hide Susie's birthday present, so I
had to give it to Dave to keep for me until after dinner.

We sat down and had dinner. Then Ruth brought out a cake she baked
while Dave went and got my present for Susie. We sang happy birthday to
Susie once more, and again she blew out all her candles in one breath.

Her dad asked her "What did you wish for."

She told him "I'm not suppose to tell what I wished for or it won't come
true. Besides I already got my wish with Tom. He's all I ever wished

We ate our cake. After we finished I nodded to Dave he want and got it
and gave it to me without Susie seeing it. I told Susie, "I have something
for your birthday." I gave her the little box. She took it and opened.
Her face showed a look of astonishment when she saw the ring. She put it
on her right ring finger. She looked like she was almost in tears. It was
only her birthstone, but to her it was as good as a diamond.

I told her, "In time if you want, I'd replace this with a real diamond
for your other hand."

Dave and Ruth looked on approvingly as the proud parents.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me off towards her room and closed the
door. She told me that she wasn't so sore anymore and she wanted to try it
again. I was glad she kept the K-Y and it didn't take me more than a
minute before I was fully hard. We got into her bed and began with
kissing, but her motor was running. She reached down and was stroking me.
She sure loved the feel of a hard cock in her hand. She wasn't going to
wait for me to make love to her. She wanted to get laid! She rolled on
her back and I used the lube to make both of us ready. I was able to slide
in her without problems and she seemed not to have any pain. That was
good. I was fully in her. We got into a rhythm fairly quickly. As I
pushed into her she pushed up towards me. When I pulled back she did the
same. We seemed to be in sync so easy. How cool is that? It seems that
we were made for each other.

We kept up like that for several minutes. She was like a real tigress.
I could feel that she was getting wetter. It couldn't be all the K-Y, some
of that had to be her.

Soon she gave out moan then called out "Oh God, Tom!" She was cumming
like a freight train. The walls of her pussy were squeezing me tight. How
could that be since she had a small tight pussy as it was?

My girlfriend was the hottest ten year old minx you could find! I
reacted in the only way that I could. I unloaded a massive quantity of cum
in her. There were at least five very powerful jets out of me. I drove as
deep as I could to get them in her. I could feel something at the end of
my dick. I must have gone all the way in her, all the way to her cervix.
Just what she wanted, my sperm at the entrance to her womb. Not that it
would do her any good she wasn't going to get pregnant at her age.

We both need a couple of minutes to recover. When we got our strength
back we headed to the bathroom for a shower. This time we were so beat
that we didn't fool around in there. I kissed Susie goodbye there after we
got dried. I went over to get my clothes for my drive home.

As I was dressing Ruth came up to me and spoke to me saying, "David and
I are very happy with your present for Susan. We liked even more what you
had told her. I knew that I had found the man for my life when I met
David. I think Susan feels the same way about you. David and I hope that
you feel the same way about Susan, despite her age. If you do, David and
I'll be there to back you two up and help you out. I know from experience
that a grown man could be in love with such a young girl, and it can be
cause problems. That is why we want to support you two."

She continued "I wished my parents could have done that and been open to
us being lovers from such a young age. I was 13 when they found out we
were lovers,. My parents were upset with that news, and David's were none
too happy either. My parents were even madder when they found out that by
then we had been lovers for four years. My parents wanted to have David
arrested, but I was able to talk them out of it. It's plain to see that he
is serious about me, so they let us continue to date. But to them us
having sex was something we were not to do. So having sex was still
something we had to do on the sly. We could not be open when we made love,
but finally my parents allowed me to marry David. They never really
accepted him until Susan was born. They were happy to see their
granddaughter," she said with a smile.

"Since David and I went through all that, we didn't want the same thing
for our girl. We want her to have all the things we never had. David and
I want Susan's life to be different. We didn't want her to have to hide
her sexuality from her us. Instead we will allow her to express it any way
that it is. That is why we don't object when Susan wants to have sex with
another girl, or now that she thinks has she found her man. We want her to
be open and safe to be with him, but of course society being what it was,
she would to choose wisely as to whom she would be with sexually. The only
thing we want is you to keep her safe. We will give her some guidelines as
to how to do what, and with whom. But we think that you were a good guy
and one who is mature enough to handle a sexual relationship with a young
girl without taking advantage of her. We want to support a sexual
relationship if that is what Susan and you want, so we're happy to allow
Susan to make love with you. You're free to do that in our house as I've
said before. But only in our house. Please no more episodes like in the
car in the desert."

Wow, what a family! I thought. I was dressed by now and had a whole
head full of ideas to think about on the drive home. I knew I'd be back on
Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Thursday came my mom and brothers were off in the morning to my Aunt
Laura's and Uncle Roy's. I went over to Susie's a early in afternoon. We
were going to eat about 2:00. I just hung around and talked with Dave as
the women folk were in the kitchen working. The meal was great, turkey
with all the trimmings. After letting the meal set for a while, it was
time for dessert. We had two different pies to choose from. There was
pumpkin and cherry. I choose cherry, because I love cherries.

As Susie was serving me my slice, Ruth asked, "Do you liked cherry pie?

I said "I loved it. I love cherries. I think I told Susie that."

Dave snorted, "You missed out on one." The girls gave him a dirty look.

Ruth told me, "Susan baked this pie! She made the crust and put in the
filling and had put in the oven and watched over it so it was done but not

Susie was beaming. She very proud of herself. She knew that I liked
cherries and I got her first pie. So this was her way of giving me her
cherry. And tasty one it was. It was a good pie. I needed to have
seconds of it.

While the ladies were cleaning up, Dave and I went in to watch the
football game. I wasn't much into football and I dozed off a bit while
watching. The next thing I knew was Susie plopping herself down in my lap.
That woke me but that wasn't a bad thing. If that didn't wake me when she
started to kiss and nibble on my ear that would do it. In fact that
started to get me up in more ways than one.

Her comment was, "Your awake now? All rested? I see that you must love
me." It was very obvious that I was erect.

I told her, "Of course I love you!"

"Then why don't you come and show me," she beckoned lasciviously.

Dave said looking at my erection, "You better go with her and use that
thing or she'll be here on you, and I won't get to watch the game. Go have

We went to her room and closed the door. I couldn't get over how cool
that I could take Susie to her room and close the door. Her parents knew
that we were doing and wouldn't bother us while we did it.

She grabbed my hard on and asked, "That is for me.?"

"Yes all of it and be careful it's loaded." I warned her. "You wouldn't
want it to go off."

"But, I do want it to go off! It's fun when it does." She said that as
she stroked me.

"You keep doing that it will go off, and soon."

"You want me to do that for you?" she offered.

"Yes that is nice but maybe if you're going to do that we should get
something to clean up with because it will happen."

With that she jumped up and went and got a wet wash cloth and a small
towel. She said, "I never saw a boy do it. Will you do it for me?"

Well I had years for practice masturbating, but not much need for it
that last week. I rolled flat on my back. Then I took a firm hold of my
hard circumcised six inch cock and began to stroke it up and down. I
looked at the 10 year old sitting across from me, Indian style, with her
pussy spread for me in all innocence. With live stimulation like that, it
only took a few minutes and I was cumming. I had several jets of sperm
across my belly up to my chest.

She looked at it "It's cool, I like that baby making stuff."

"Well there are millions of baby makers in there for you," I said
gasping a little from my climax.

"But you can't see them?"

"No, each of the sperm is too small to see. Most of the thick white
part is the sperm and the thinner and clearer stuff is the semen. It's
stuff that the sperm swim in and it's food for them while they are

She took some of the sperm and felt between her fingers and moved it
between them. She took some of it and brought it up to her nose to smell
it. She said that it felt a little slimy, and smells a bit like a boy cat
that she has smelled. She was brave and stuck her tongue and licked it
getting a taste of it.

I asked "What do think of the taste?"

She said "It doesn't taste too bad. It wasn't too slimy when I tasted

Having finished playing with it she got the wash cloth and cleaned me
off and dried me off.

I asked, "Can I could watch you masturbate?"

She agreed to do that and went over to her dresser and got out her
vibrator. I knew She had one, and she got some lube. She laid on her back
and put some lube on her vibrator and turned it on. She put it to her lips
and moved it around. Eventually she settled on her clit. But she didn't
just stay there. She moved down to the entrance to her vagina. She began
to pump the vibe into her vagina and he used a finger on her clit. She got
more aggressive with both. She was fucking herself with vibe and rubbing
her clit. I could hear the buzzing of the vibrator as she worked in into
her. She was getting the fucking that I couldn't give her, because, of
course I couldn't get my dick to vibrate like that. It took her a about
ten minutes and she was cumming. She was getting wet around her vagina and
on her lips. Instead of cleaning her up I leaned over and licked her
clean. It has a nice fresh taste. I almost couldn't get enough. She
smiled at me that I had done that for her.

She kissed me. She said "That is me?"

"Yes," I said.

"I taste good," Susie proclaimed.

I wanted to know, "Do all young girls taste like that?"

"Yes, I think it's close."

"I can see why you like to lick the girls. If they all taste like that
I'd like to lick them some time," I said.

"Maybe you can some time," she promised.

That though started me to get hard again. "Do you like the idea of
licking some young girl's pussies?" she wondered.

I said, "Maybe." She began to stroke me again.

She asked "Do guys taste good?"

"I don't know because I had never tasted another guy. I haven't really
ever tasted my own. But you're welcome to taste me."

She decided to try. She moved down and took my cock in her hand I told
her to start by kissing it. Then she went on to lick it. I had her lick
around the head and use her tongue around crown. I had her take the head
of it in her mouth. She began to suck on it. She opened her mouth and she
was licking it and sucking on it at the same time. I had her move her
mouth back and forth. I was fucking her mouth and she was licking and
sucking on it. I gave her pointers while she was doing it. She did what I
asked her to do and she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. I know that I
was. Before long I knew I was going to cum soon. She stopped and looked
up and asked me if I was going to cum in her mouth. I told her that I'd
tell her before and if she didn't want me to. She said that I could try
that, but I'd tell her before that it happens. She nodded her head yes.
She went back to working it felt good. I had my last girlfriend do this
for me, and it felt as good with Cindy as it did with Susie. But where
Susie had the edge was the wicked idea that I was getting a good blow job
from a ten year old.

I had to nearly yell that I was going to cum. I had to censor myself,
and keep my voice down. But I did let her know and then I pumped her mouth
full with my sperm. She pulled back when I was done. She had her mouth
full. With her mouth full she looked around and with a questioning look on
her face so I told her that she could spit it out, or sometimes girls will
swallow it. With that her eyes got wide. I nodded and told her that some
girls do swallow and it wasn't bad and won't hurt you. She nodded yes and
then I could see her swallow.

After she got it down, I asked her "How it was?"

She said "It didn't taste too bad."

I told her next that it was my turn. I pulled her up and laid down
between her legs I licked her. I told her to show me what she liked. I
started with kissing her upper thighs, working my up to kissing her around
her pussy. I went on to licked her up and down her lips. I pried my
tongue into her pussy as I licked both up and down and moving my tongue
back and forth. I was able to wedge my tongue into her vagina and tickle
the inside of her. While she did that she grabbed my ears and lead my head
around her pussy. I licked her and sucked on her clit when she moved my
mouth up there. Then she moved my head so I was licking up and down her
slit. But at the same time I was using my nose to rub her clit. It took a
while but She had an orgasm this was bigger than she would normally have,
she told me afterward. I was able to lick up all her juices. She was
surprised at that. She was pleased with that. She said that I did better
than even Diane did better for her.

By now it had gotten late and Ruth knocked on the door and asked if we
wanted anything more to eat, or any more pie. We said yes. We got up, but
decided that we needed a shower, and off to the bathroom we went. After a
quick a shower we went out to the dining room.

Dave came in, and asked "Did you had nice time?"

Susie went over and gave him a soft sock on the arm and Ruth gave him a
look. Susie said "Yes, we had a great time!"

Ruth said to him "Remember when we were younger and how things were for
us. Try and make things better for her and Tom!"

I had more of Susie's cherry pie. Ruth asked "Are you going to stay the

"If Susie wants me I will." Susie attacked me with kisses. I took that
as a yes.

We went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. Susie shared her toothbrush
with me then we went off to her bed. When we got into her bed, she didn't
want to go to right to sleep, she wanted to have sex again. We did that in
the way that we had done before. With me on top of her. I was surprised
that I still had some cum left to deposit in her. She came too and I think
that she could feel when I cum in her and she likes to feel my sperm, going
into her. After that, I was bushed and fell off to sleep quickly.

When I got up Ruth was up and offered to make me breakfast. As I was
eating Susie got up and I told her that I should be getting home.

Dave was up too and asked, "Are you going to come over for Christmas?"

"Yes, I'd like too but I'm not sure," I said. "I'm not sure what my mom
would say about my being over here that day."

He said, "You could come over in the morning and bring your family.

He asked, "Do they know about Susie?"

I said "Yes, they know I had a girlfriend, but not about Susie's age."

He said "Ruth and I will be happy to help you with your family. You
don't need to tell them about Susie's age until she gets here. We'll help
you with introducing Susie and helping them understand about you two. We
will help as much as we can to help them accept Susie and you as boyfriend
and girlfriend."

My mom was pretty liberal, but I wasn't sure she would be that liberal
to accept the idea that my girlfriend was just ten years old. But it was
set and we would try to get her to see and understand.

I told them I thought that my family would be willing to come over in
the later morning. I needed to get home.

Chapter 17- Christmas and Mom meets Susie December 1979

When I got home, mom and my brothers were there. Mom said, "Thomas, I
hope had a good time at your girlfriend's house."

My brothers didn't say anything and thought it best to get out of the
way. It's never good when she calls me Thomas. I asked, "How are Aunt
Laura and Uncle Roy and the kids?"

"They're all fine. You know that they missed you, not being there," she
said crisply.

"Well mom, I won't always be there I need be out on my own someday," I
volleyed back. "Anything new there?"

"No, not really. Roy quit smoking is about their biggest news. They
were wondering why you weren't there. I had to tell that you had some
girlfriend that you HAD to spend the day with. And from the looks of it
the night too. So when are we going to meet this girlfriend?"

"You have all been invited over there to spend part of Christmas
morning. I told them that you would come."

"All right, then Christmas it's!" she proclaimed triumphantly. "But
what about your birthday coming up next week?"

"I'll be home that day I promise," I held my three-finger Scout's Honor
sign up with my right hand.

I tried to spend as much time over at the Wagner's as I could get away
with without mom getting mad at me. But with water polo over for the year
I had a lot more free time. I finished midterms and was able to show my
mom my grades. I was getting B's in everything, and of course A's in all
the physical ed classes. The coach had promised us that, but also as
expected I was getting an A in my history class.

She accepted that. I stayed home for my birthday as promised. Mom made
a cake and got me a watch with all the latest things on it like an alarm.
She and my brothers sang happy birthday to me. Andy was itching to get out
of there as quick as he could. I think he was planning on meeting someone.
Matt was stuck at the house, but he made his getaway as soon to his room as
he could, after he ate some cake.

That left mom and me. She asked me, "Have you thought of where I was
going to go to university?"

"Yeah" I answered "I have three or four that would be good. They're
public universities so maybe they wouldn't cost an arm and leg."

Then she said, "What is your girlfriends name?" I think she asked me
about the university to distract me when she went after her real question.

"Susan, but her family and friends call her Susie," I replied.

"She goes to the college with you?" mom wondered.

"No," I told her, "I met her this past summer before I started college."

Mom continued to probe, "Is she working?"

"No, she's still in school"

That elicited a shower of questions:"At a different college, or is she's
in high school? What will you do when you transfer to which ever
university? Will she go to the same university as you? Will she even go
to college?"

"I don't know where we will be in a year and a half," I said patiently,
"But I don't think she will be going to the same university as me when I
finish at the junior college." I got up from the table. "Well I have some
homework to finish. So I'm going to go and do it. Thanks for the cake

Another week and a half of school, between classes and going over to the
Wagner's I tried to stay away from mom. I didn't need any more questions.
I didn't know how I was going to tell her that my girlfriend wasn't going
to go away to college with me, because right now she's in the fifth grade.

When I got over there the day after my birthday Susie had a present for
me. I told them that there was no way my mother was letting me get over
there on my birthday. I liked her birthday present for me. I was a clay
figurine that she made in art class. It wasn't the greatest piece of art
ever made, but she made it just for me, so that made it more precious than
its weight in gold and I was touched. Dave especially was understanding
that I couldn't come over there on my birthday. I guess he couldn't go
over to Ruth's for her birthdays much or have her over for his.

In the next couple of weeks I found time to Christmas shop for Susie. I
was stumped at what to get her, but the idea for her present came because
she wanted to go to the J Paul Getty museum. I had made reservations to go
there the Saturday before Christmas. I had never been there before and
neither had she. It was great, we loved it. I planned on taking art
history the next semester, so this was a nice introduction to it. It also
gave me the idea for her Christmas present. I got her a nice big book on
the history of art, loaded with pictures. I almost wanted to keep it for

Christmas Eve I showed mom the book and told her it was for Susie, and
that I thought that she would like it.

"Then she's in college or she must very smart for a high school girl,"
she said.

"Yeah," I said. "She's pretty smart."

In the morning my brothers begged off going. Mom let them get out of it
figuring that they weren't too interested in meet their brother's
girlfriend and her parents.

On the way over she asked, "Did Susie go to your high school."

"No I said she goes to school over by the pool where I worked this
summer. That's where I met her," I said evasively.

"So she's still in high school.... Then is she a junior or a senior in
high school this year?"

"Neither," I replied as we pulled up to Susie's house. "Here we are!"

We got out and went up to the door. I rang the bell my usual way so
they would know it was me, but they were expecting me so they were all
dressed. Dave answered the door.

I introduced them, I said, "Mom, this David Wagner, Dave this is my mom
Beth Davis."

Mom said hi to him. He was about the age she expected my girlfriend's
dad to be.

But then Ruth came up and I introduced them. Ruth was not the age she
expected the mother of my girlfriend to be. I could tell by the puzzled
look on her face. She couldn't figure out how she could be the mother of
my girlfriend. Maybe she was the step-mom? Ruth ended that by saying
saying she was Susie's mother.

As prearranged Susie was out of sight until called for. Mom asked where
Susie was, she wanted to meet her. Dave called Susie and she came out.
Everyone was watching my mother's face.

At first there was shock, then a grin and she said to me, "Very funny,
so where is this Susie, really?"

I went over to her and put my arm around her waist and said, "This is
Susie, mom."

She was stunned. When she could finally speak, her first words, were
"My God Tom, this is your girlfriend?"

"Yes," I said simply.

"I thought you said she was in school, High school?" She turned to Susie
and asked, "What grade are you in child?"

"Fifth," Susie replied.

"How old are you?" she asked with great concern.


Mom turned to me with fire in her eyes, "Tom, tell me this a joke!?!

Dave said, "It's no joke. Susie is ten and in fifth grade and she's
Tom's girlfriend."

She turned to them with daggers in her eyes and said, "You know about
this and you let it happen? This isn't right. It isn't even legal."

Dave took her by the arm and lead her over to a large reclining chair to
sit. He and Ruth sat on the sofa while Susie and I sat on the love seat.

Dave began, "The heart wants what it wants. Susie's heart wants Tom,
and his heart has responded. He wants her. Susie met Tom this past
summer. When she first met him he had just rescued a girl, and he was a
hero in her eyes. There was a bit of hero worship on her part. This
progressed to having a crush on him. But then she had an idolized idea of
him. But over time she got to know the real Tom. He was no longer an
idolized person, but rather a real person to her, as she grew to know him.
Susie has gotten to know him very well over the summer. That is how he
became a real person to her. He is no longer an idol, but she knows the
person Tom really is.

"You must admit he is nice looking young man. Susie saw this. But she
saw more; he is smart and a very caring guy. He is brave, conscientious,
kind, patient, decent, gentle, a giving kind of guy. He seems also to be
able to understand complex ideas, and yet he can take those ideas apart and
put them back together in a simpler way, a way that others can understand.
That makes him able to teach. When he is with Susie, he teaches her
without condescending or giving her things over her head. He seems to be
able to hit the nail right on the head with her. They seem to be on the
same wave length. It is almost as though he is not teaching her at all,
even when he is. And they both enjoy it.

"In the beginning he was a hero to her, but now he is even more than a
hero, to her. He's a very special kind of guy. He has good values and
morals, that, I'm sure you know. As he must have gotten them from you. If
you asked him, I am sure he would tell you that he would never had even
considered being involved with a girl of Susie's age. She liked him and
let him know it, so he befriended her and they became friends. He has
gotten to know her too. He likes her, perhaps to his surprise, their
relationship just grew.

Dave continued, "You know that he is a pretty smart guy with his head on
straight. He's funny and fun to be around, and a just plain nice guy.
Ruth and I have gotten to know him pretty well over the past six months and
we both enjoy his company. While he is Susie's boyfriend, we consider him
to be both Ruth and my friend also. We are glad to have him over here
anytime. We trust him very much. We have even trusted him with our
daughter, our only child. I know that this is kind of May-December

"May-December romance? This more like February-May romance" my mom

Dave continued despite the outburst, "Be that as it may, Susie is a
pretty smart girl and has always been a good judge of character. She seems
to have always known what she wanted in a guy. She sees in Tom that guy,
the one she has always wanted to know. I don't mean that it's still hero
worship or a crush, but she has come to know the person deep down. And you
yourself know that he is a good kid. Susie has come to know that too.

"In the same way Tom has gotten to know Susie and she's not just cheap
chopped chicken liver either. Not only may I say, without parental pride,
that she is an attractive young lady, but she's also smart too. She reads
above grade level and can understand things that other fifth graders might
not get. She hasn't had as much schooling as Tom for obvious reasons. But
she has interests that actually match Tom's very well, and they enjoy their
time together. They always have something to talk about.

"I must say they get along very well. They enjoy each other's company
and find things that they have in common and can enjoy together. I can say
that they seem to complement each other very well. She seems to be able to
reach the inner young boy in Tom, and he can come out and have fun with
Susie. You should see them play together some times. You wouldn't know
that there was much difference in their ages. Also he brings out a more
mature Susie when they can be together in that way. Listen to them talk
with your eyes closed and you might not guess that there is an age
difference in them. But that goes for when they are both acting young, or
when they are putting on their more mature selves, you don't know that
there is that age difference.

"You might ask how long they will last? That is anybody's guess but
things like this have been known to work out. I know this from personal
experience. Ruth and I are many years apart, almost the same as Tom and
Susie. We have been able to get along quite well."

Mom said, "That might be all well and good that you two have worked it.
But two adults, even with an age gap, can figure out a lot more than a
teenager and his preteen girlfriend."

"No, when David means that we have experience, he means like Tom and
Susan," said Ruth. "I was about six when I met David and we began to date
sometime after I turned seven. He became my boyfriend shortly after. He
has been my boyfriend ever since that time. We are very happy together.
So idea of a 'February-May romance,' as you say, can work, if the two
people involved want it too. Tom and Susan both know what they want and
can deal with each other in a grown up way. David and I are here also, to
help them when they meet bumps in the road, to help smooth them out. We do
watch out for them. We try to keep the safe."

"Safe? Tom you could be in big trouble with this. You could even go to
prison," Mom exclaimed. "Oh my God Tom, you haven't had sex with her have

Dave kept going, "We watch out for both of them and we keep them safe.
They both know how to behave when they are outside of this house, and they
have been pretty good. We don't want anything to happen to Tom any more
than you do. Believe it or not we love Tom too, he's a part of our family
now too. I don't know if you can accept this but they both want to be
together for the rest of their lives. At least that is what their thinking
is now, and we want to give them that chance."

Mom turned to me, and asked "Is this what you want?"

"Yes." I said. "I love Susie, and if given the chance I want to be with
her, for as long as I can. I know there's a risk. But isn't that what
life is? It's all a risk. I'm taking a risk for what I want and whom I
love. I know Susie loves me too. She wants to take that chance, and she
knows that I bear all the risks and she wants to keep me safe too."

Susie put her arms around me and gave me as kiss on my lips, and said,
"I love him very much and I want him forever and always."

"I don't know what else to say," Mom said. "I love you Tom. I don't
understand this at all. If this is what you and Susie want, and her
parents, although I can't see how they could allow it, are willing then
I'll let you continue to see her. I hope you bear in mind you need to be
real careful." Turning to them she said, "Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, I'm
charging you with that." She turned back to me, "Tom, just don't go telling
your brothers how old your girlfriend is. Gees, she's too young for Matt,
let alone you."

With that done it was time to open presents. I gave Susie her present,
and she ripped it open. Her eyes grew wide and her face lit up she dropped
the book and threw her arms around me and said, "Thank you, thank you,
thank you." She then covered me with kisses.

Ruth gave me a present and said it was from her and Dave. I opened it
first, it was a framed photo of Susie. They had taken her to a
photographer's studio, and she sat for a portrait. She looked beautiful
with just hint of makeup, her hair done up so well and, dressed so nicely.
Finally I opened Susie's present, I saved the best for last. It was a war
game like the kind that Dave and I liked to play. They told me Susie
picked it out. It was great. It re-fought the battle of Antietam.

We had early lunch, then mom and I left. I asked her on the way home
how she liked the Wagner's and Susie.

She said "That they seem to be nice people. I guess I can see why you
spend so much time there with them. Susie is nice and she's cute, but Tom,
she's ten. You want to be with her now, but you know that in a few years
she's going to change a lot, I hope you two still like each other then.
Please, Tom, tell me that you are not having sex with a ten year old little

I told her, "I don't ask you about your dates with men since dad died. I
haven't asked you if you are having sex any of with them. It isn't fair to
ask about my sex life either."

"I don't see why you would want a little girl like that, I don't even
know how you could do that with her. She's a little girl, she couldn't
even take you," Mom complained. "Aren't there any girls your own age that
you like?" After couple of minutes of silence she said "I just hope the
Wagner's keep you safe."

I let it lie there. One thing for sure I wasn't going to tell her they,
and now I, are nudists.

Chapter 18 -The year flies by--Winter, Spring 1980

Too soon the year was over and the new one was here. The year sped

It turned out that Susie and I had Easter break at the same time. Ruth
asked us if we wanted to go on Spring break all together. Well the three
of us since Dave had to work. She managed to get us into a motel in San

We would have five days at the beach. They were mostly college kids
around parting as much they could.

Susie saw a banner for a wet t-shirt contest. She wanted to go and be
in the contest. We told her that she couldn't be in it, because the girls
had to 18. If they let her in the contest no one would like that. But
deep down I did think it funny that a flat chested ten year old would be in
a wet t-shirt with a bunch of drunk college guys trying to check out her
chest. In the real world they wouldn't want that even if she were let in
the contest.

We got to the beach a lot. Susie had a nice new bikini to wear. Even
with all the big boobed college girls showing off in their smallest bikinis
I still thought that Susie was the sexiest girl on the beach. But Susie
enjoyed checking out all the older girls.

Ruth suggested that we all go to Black's Beach, the nude beach. That
was an experience. One end of the beach was where the gay guys hung out.
We tried to get away from that area. Most of the people on the beach were
adults. Susie being a kid was something of an anomaly. She liked checking
out the adult women and the younger men. The thing about my mirrored
glasses, I look and see things and people don't know that you are looking
at them or see them. I did see several men checking out Susie, they didn't
look upset that she was there. But rather they seemed to enjoy that she
could see their packages, as well as they seeing hers. I even saw a few of
the women looking at her. It seems that those women who checked out Susie
were only in pairs on the beach with another girl. Were they lesbians?

Finals were coming soon, so I didn't have much time to go over and see
Susie, but we talked on the phone. Mom thought it best that I have my own
phone line so my brothers didn't pick up the phone and hear our
conversations --not that they would have heard much. Seems we talked more
about school and her homework, and maybe sometimes our plans for the
weekends. We tried to do things in places where we wouldn't know anyone or
run into someone we knew, there was less explaining to do that way.

Chapter 19 - Memorial Day weekend May 1980

The pool was to open the weekend after school got out. I went to my
retraining and was set to return to the same pool. It would be the same
thing working every day. I didn't get days off, but that was okay with me,
more money for my college fund.

Dave said that they were going to the nudist camp over Memorial Day
weekend, did I want to go with them. Sure I did! Three days I get to go
without clothes in the warm sunshine, and with Susie. But then I see her
nude all the time at her house.

We tried to make love as often as we could. Susie still had sleepovers
with girls from school on Friday nights. I'd get to know which girl spent
the night, but we didn't talk too much about what Susie did with them
sexually. I knew she was bi and that was enough for me. I didn't mind her
playing with other girls. I knew it was just sex and that she loved only

The four of us left Friday night. Dave had reserved a tent site for us.
We would have two smaller tents. He and Ruth would share one and Susie and
I'd share the other. We were in a part of the park where there weren't as
many people. The hope was that no one would notice that we shared a tent.
Also we needed to be discreet as well as quiet. It gave us the opportunity
to have sex while we were there, not to mention so would Dave and Ruth. By
this time Susie knew her way around and I wasn't brand new there, so we had
more time to be on our own.

On Saturday I was swimming laps in the pool while Susie was nearby. As
I was swimming along a girl dropped into the water right in front of me,
just about hitting me. I stopped and asked her what she was doing just
about jumping on me. She said that she was pushed in and didn't do it on
purpose. I asked her name and how old she was. She was Molly and was 18.
I told her that I was kind of new here. She said that she had been coming
here for many years. Her family was members and she grew up here. I asked
her to tell me more about this place. I'd like to know more about it and
maybe about her.

She said "Why do you want to know about me?"

I said "I just want to know people and I'd like to know you."

"Why are you trying to pick me up? I hate guys who try to pick me. For
your information I'm gay so you can forget about picking me up," she

"No you don't understand me," I protested.

"Yeah right," she snarled. "People like you just hate gays especially
gay women."

"You don't understand I don't hate lesbians," I protested. "In fact my
girlfriend is bi, so why would I hate lesbians?"

"You don't even have a girlfriend!" she cried.

Just then Susie came up. "Tom, who is she? I'm Susan, who are you and
what do you want do you want with him?"

"Ah, so you're his girlfriend," Molly's eyes lit up.

Neither of us confirmed it, but we didn't deny it. With that her
attitude changed.

"I guess you were telling the truth." She lowered her voice and stepped
a little closer and asked "Susie are you really bi?"

"Why do you care?" Susie said.

"Tom didn't tell you I'm lesbian?" Molly asked.

"No, really you like girls?" Susie said softly

"Yes I'm, and I love girls like you," Molly continued. "Are you
interested in getting to know me?"

"Maybe, but what about Tom?"

"I don't like guys," Molly said. "But if want him to come along I can
ask my sister to join us. Since he seems that he likes younger girls. She
likes guys, and she might like a girl too sometimes." She raised her voice
and called out "Kim!"

A girl came over and Molly introduced her as her sister Kim. She spoke
softly again. "I was going back to the cabin with Susie, and do you want
to join us with Tom?"

"OK!" she said. We went off to their cabin.

When we got there, Molly said she was 18 and asked how old Susie was.

Kim asked me "How old are you?"

I said, "I'm 19."

Molly said "I'm 18 and Kim is eleven."

I asked, "Will your parents would be coming back soon?"

Molly said, "They're off with Phil and Donna. They'll busy with them
for some time."

Susie asked "Are Diane and Abby here?"

Molly replied, "I hadn't seen them. But they could be around. Why do
she care about Abby?"

Susie said, "Abby is now playing with other girls."

That got Molly's attention.

We paired off and took one of the two beds each. I was torn between
wanting to do things with Kim and watching Susie with Molly. I ended up
kissing Kim with her in a position where I could keep my eyes open and see
Molly and Susie.

The four of us were kissing for some time. I moved down to play with
and suck on Kim's boobs. They weren't much. Even less than Jenny had last
year. Her boobs were more the size of swollen cherries. I tweaked one
while sucking on the other. Susie looked to be in heaven playing with and
sucking on Molly's C cup boobs. Meanwhile Molly was finger-banging Susie.
I started to move down towards Kim's pussy.

She whispered "You can't fuck me, I'm a virgin, and I want to stay that

That didn't stop me. I dove between her legs and began to eat her
pussy. She knew what she wanted and directed me in. I liked eating her,
but she didn't have quite the fresh taste that Susie had the first time I
ate her, but she wasn't bad either. What I liked about her, despite her
having little boobs, she still didn't have any hair there yet. I decided
that I like a girl's pussy to be hairless. I used my tongue on her vaginal
opening while I flicked her clit. Then I switched and rubbed her pussy
opening. I licked and sucked on her clit. That did it for her. She had
her orgasm. It must have been a good enough one for her since she wanted
to rest for a bit.

I could pull back a bit and watch Susie. She was getting her pussy
eaten by Molly like there was no tomorrow. Susie must have been having a
great time judging by the way she was squirming all over the bed. Molly
was finger-fucking her like crazy and licking and sucking on Susie's clit.
Molly pulled Susie into a position where they could 69 each other. I
didn't get to watch too much longer, but I did see Susie eating Molly's
hairless snatch.

Kim had recovered and I began to tweak her nipples again, and moved her
into an almost 69 position so she could suck my cock. Kim didn't have the
best technique as she keep scraping my cock with her teeth, plus she would
only take the head and a little more in her mouth. She was really wet with
her blow jobs. She was slobbering all over my dick but she did suck on it
and use her tongue well. I could feel that I was going to cum soon and I
told Kim and asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said not in her
mouth, but I could cum on her face. When it was time I pulled out and
lined up on her face and gave myself the last few strokes I needed and let
loose. It went in her eye, across her nose and some in her hair. By this
time Susie and Molly were done. Susie came over licked my cum off her
face. She swallowed it right down, which made Molly shudder.

Kim asked for a turn to eat Susie's pussy and of course Susie was all
for that.

Molly told me, "Just because they are getting it on, I'm not getting it
on with you."

I moved over on toward her to talk to her. I asked how she knew Phil
and Donna. She said that her parents and Phil and Donna played around a
lot. But then Phil and Donna played around with a lot of the club members

I asked "Do know Diane and Abby?"

"Sure I know them. I was the first girl to go down on Diane," she said.

She asked "How do you know that Abby plays with girls?"

I said, "I knew a girl that played with her, and I think her sister does

"When did this all start?" she asked.

"Last October, I think," I said. "Abby had just turned 8 then and her
parents let her join her sister in playing with another girl."

"Damn! I need to get to her soon." Molly said.

I asked "Do you liked the younger girls?"

She said, "Yes as long as they can have some idea of what they are
doing, I don't mind them even if they are six or seven. I really like
young girls and I like to be their first girl. You like little girls too?"

"Yeah they're cool, but there is one that I love and Kim has got her
head between her legs right now," I said.

Just about that time, Susie had her cum. When she recovered it was time
for us to toddle on down the road. Besides I knew that Molly was now on a
mission to find Abby and have her.

I took Susie back to our tent. I needed to fuck her. She was more than
willing to do that. We tried something different. I had her lay on her
side and I got behind her and lifted her leg as I entered her from behind.
I could whisper in her ear and I could stroke her chest.

I asked her "Did you like doing it with Molly?"

"Yes!" she said "I loved playing with her boobs. I love girls with big
boobs and better girls without hair on her pussy."

That was about enough to send me over the edge, and I sent several jets
into her pussy. That was enough to send her over her edge to cum too.

We went over and got a shower and then went back to the pool and sat
together. We checked out all the girls. Susie was even pointing out girls
as young as seven, she thought were hot. Did I like them too? But while
they were cute, I didn't find them that attractive, but some of them that
were nine to thirteen they we almost enough to get me hard. Susie like
them from about eight to young twenties. While we were talking softly
between ourselves comparing when Dave and Ruth came up, and that ended that

The rest of the day was a lot just hanging out and sunning. Sunday as
were sitting around we saw Molly walking hand in hand with Abby, headed
towards their cabin. Susie and I knew what was going to happen there. We
just smiled to each other.

Monday was going to be our last day there. I knew that Susie and her
family would be back on weekends over the summer, but I couldn't go due to
my work schedule.

We saw Abby walk by alone. Susie called her over. She asked "How is it

Abby said, "OK, there's nothing special going on."

Susie asked where Molly was.

Abby said "Her family has already gone home."

Susie asked "Where's Diane?"

Abby said, "She's off with some of the older boys and girls."

Susie looked at me and smiled and mouthed to me, out of Abby's line of
sight. "Do you want to be with her? She'll be nine soon." I nodded yes.

Susie spoke softly to Abby asking her, "You want to go and play in my
tent?' She nodded yes. Susie continued, "OK if Tom comes too?" She nodded
yes again. "OK if he plays too?" She just shrugged her shoulders. I let
them walk away by themselves. I gave them a minute before following.
Susie lead her directly to our tent and went in. I waited a bit, then
looked around not seeing anyone, I went in too.

As I entered I could see Susie dong some serious kissing with Abby. I
can never get over how hot it's to watch two girls kissing. I was hard in
an instant. I closed the tent flap and laid down behind Susie. I was
kissing the back of her neck. That always made gooseflesh rise on her, and
now was no different. She loved it. I could also reach around her and
caress her chest. I toyed with her areolas and nipples. I was getting to
her and distracting her from Abby. She broke off her kisses with Abby and
rolled over towards me, and we began to kiss. She was a pretty good kisser
with all the practice she had been getting with me and all her girlfriends.
While I toyed with her chest she reached down with one hand to stroke my
hard on. I opened my eyes to see her other hand behind her. She was also
stroking Abby's pussy. I moved my hand down to stroke her pussy too.
Susie has started to get wetter over the past year. I liked that, for two
reasons: I thought it sexy that a girl Susie's age would and could get wet,
but also we needed less K-Y to have sex.

Susie didn't want to cum just yet and she wanted to watch me with Abby.
We had talked of fantasies before; one of mine to play with a younger girl.
Another was to deflower a young girl. Susie's liked that and would want to
watch me with a young girl and my deflowering her, but I knew that today
was not the day. I was not going to deflower Abby today. Maybe someday
but not today.

Susie moved over behind Abby and pushed her forward, and told her to
kiss me. Abby didn't kiss as good as Susie, but it was erotic to be
kissing an eight year old who was into it. I began to run my hands over
her flat chest and play with her areolas and nipples just as I had with
Susie just a bit ago. I stopped kissing her lips and moved down to kiss
her chest before licking and sucking on her areolas, but while I did pay my
tribute there I wanted to move farther on down the line. I wanted to taste
a girl's pussy even younger than Susie.

I got to do that with Abby. She responded quite well to my licking the
entrance to her virgin vagina. She was almost over the moon when I began
to suck on her clit and was able to cum with me. I licked up all her
juices. She tasted about as good as Susie. It was her turn to do me, but
she had never sucked a cock before, in fact she had never done anything
with a guy before. Her only sex partners to date were other girls.

Susie showed her how to hold my cock and stroke it. She then had her
take me in her mouth. With Susie's coaching Abby was sucking me. Not a
real pro at it but pretty good for a first time virgin. I was close to
coming and I told them so. Susie had her continue sucking me and made sure
she knew that when I cum not to spit it out. Under Susie's instruction I
came in Abby's virgin mouth. Susie had her hold it there. She told her
that she could either swallow it, or give it to Susie. That's what she
did. Susie kissed Abby with a wide open mouth while her tongue licked my
cum out of Abby's mouth.

When we were done Abby said, "My parents said I can play with any girl
or woman I want, but I'm not supposed to do anything with a boy. So please
don't tell on me, that I was doing things with him. Mom said that Diane,
since she was 14, could do things with girls and women and with boys and
men up to 25."

I thought about keeping Abby there until I could get hard again. I
could let her watch me and Susie fuck, but Susie figured that we should not
take more chances and cut it there before something bad happened, or
someone was looking for Abby. She and Susie slipped out of the tent and I
came out a few minutes later.

What a weekend it was but, too soon it was over. It was fun. But back
to the everyday world we must go.

The weekend before the pools were to open they had all the old
lifeguards come in for retraining, renewing our CPR cards and first-aid,
taking care of the pool as well lifesaving and teaching swimming.

Chapter 20 - The summer starts June 1980

The first weekend after school was out, the pools opened. There were a
few changes. First, all but one of the guards were gone. Barry was the
only one who was there now that was there when I started.

We didn't need them anyway. We used to spend some time in the locker
room where the people would check in their clothes and we would watch them.
But now they were on their own. They could bring a lock and lock up their
stuff or do whatever we wouldn't be responsible any more.

There were a couple of new people on the staff. One was a 17 year old
guy, Brad. He was a nice looking guy, in fact better looking than me with
a hard trim body. He didn't strike me as being all that bright though.
But the other was a girl, Dorothy, a 17 year old. She wanted everyone to
call her Dottie. She was rather tall and thin with long dark hair.
Another change the pool was now free, no more charge for the pool which
increased the use by the public. The last change was no more night swims.
As the senior guard Barry was going to be the swim team coach. So after
five every day I was free.

The pool opened and we saw a lot of the same kids as before. But of
course they were all a year older. Some of the girls had started to grow
their little boobs. The older ones we didn't see much of any more. Of
course with the older guards gone their groupies needed a new lifeguard to
attach themselves to. They had Brad the new kid, but the one who got the
most new groupies was Dottie. The girls had a girl lifeguard to look up
to. She even had a few boys of the ten and eleven year range looking up to

I still had most of my mine back but not all. Some were too old now to
be a groupie and others went to Brad or mostly to Dottie. The one I wanted
back as my groupie was there, that was Susie.

Susie had been as far as she could go in lessons so there was no reason
to be in any of my classes. I'd teach in the morning and guard in the
afternoon so I got to check out all the little girls. Sometimes in doing
lessons I could see into their suits. This time I didn't turn away when I
could see, but I never did anything just to see, I did just what I needed
to do, so they could learn.

Susie came and swam a lot. She would also come and hang on my tower and
we would exchange small talk.

While Susie was swimming in the pool she was also hanging out with other
girls. That ended up with Susie have sex with the girls from around the
pool. She reserved Thursday for sleepovers with girls. Most times it was
girsl she knew from school. Sometimes it was these girls from the pool
that she was having sleepovers with. Amy her friend from school liked to
come over. She couldn't do it during the school year because her parents
wouldn't let her, but she was eager to do sleepovers with Susie. It turns
out she likes sex with girls. She couldn't get enough sex with Susie; also
wanted to know other girls that played with girls.

Mondays became our night. We would either go out or we could stay in.
Sometimes we did both. But when we did go out we had sure we were back in
time to have time to have sex. Once in a while I spent the night, and of
course we had as much sex as we could. Those mornings I'd go over to the
pool and work. Then after work I'd go home. I could tell mom wasn't
happy. She knew where I was that night and she could guess what happened,
but she never said anything to me about it.

The Wagners still went to the nudist camp on weekends. Oh how I wanted
to go with them! While Susie was there she was having as much sex as she
could. She and Abby became close. But also she was with Molly once, and a
few times with Kim.

There was a new girl she spent a long time with, Linda. She was nine
and new to nudism. Her mom was brought there by a woman friend. (Linda's
mom was a single mom.) She brought Linda with her. Linda had never had sex
before and for sure never with a girl. Susie made sure she got a lot of
both. She even had Abby come over one time and had a threesome with Linda,
but Susie said she tried to keep Linda away from Molly.

Summer was winding down and the crowds were getting thinner at the pool.
There wasn't as many kids to watch as their might have been at the height
of summer. On a Saturday afternoon I had deck watch, Brad was in the
shallow tower and Barry was in the deep tower. Dottie was on break. I
hadn't seen her in a bit. I checked the pool's pH. It was a little high
so I went down to the pump room to turn up the acid pump.

I heard a noise back by the filters and walked over to see what it was.
What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Dottie was back there with a girl. It
was Pammy, one of Susie's sexual playmates, a ten year old. She was
Susie's friend but not among my groupies as she was in Dottie's group.
They were kissing. The girl had her bikini bottoms down to her knees and I
could almost see her bald pussy, but for Dottie's finger rubbing it.
Dottie had the top of her one piece suit pulled down and I could see her
breasts. (Actually not bad ones between and A and B.) It got to me.

I moved to where I could see but not easily seen by them or anyone else.
I pulled out my hard cock and began to stroke it while I watched them.
Dottie pulled her suit off. (She had a shaved pussy.) She got on her knees
and began to eat the smaller girl's pussy. She looked she knew what she
was doing, like it wasn't her first time. For that matter it didn't look
this was Pammy's first time with her. It didn't take me long to cum,
spraying my white juice all over the wall behind the filters. I put my
deflated prick away and fixed myself then walked out to where I could see
them and they could see me and know that I had caught them.

I said "Pammy you shouldn't be down here!"

That startled them but good. Both of them turned their heads to me with
deer in the headlights looks.

I said "Why don't you pull up your bottoms and go out to the pool?" She
did just that, and was out in a flash.

Dottie has stood up covering her breasts and pussy. I said, "Why
bother? I saw it all already, you two have been at this a while down here.
Put your suit on you're up in the shallow end tower in a couple of

She said "You aren't going to say anything to anybody?"

"We'll talk about it later. But you had better tell me the whole truth
and nothing but the truth to anything I ask. You understand me!?"

"Yes," Dottie said showing her fear in her eyes. "OK, whatever you
want, Tom."

I let her go.

Since it was Saturday there was no swim practice after public swim
closed. I went up to Dottie a little while before the pool closed and
whispered to her. "Stay around after the pool is closed and the others
have left, and we'll chat." There was a slight look of fear that crossed
her face.

I was the last in the deep tower that day, so that meant I had to brush
down the side of the deep end. Dottie was straightening out the girl's
locker room Brad was doing the boy's, while Barry took care of the office.
Dottie made it look she was leaving and Brad and Barry took off. I told
Dottie to go into the guard room while I locked up everything.

When I came in the guard room Dottie was sitting on the couch naked. I
came in she asked me "Are you going to fuck me or, you want me to suck you?
Is that your price for not telling?"

"Neither," I said. "You can get dressed if you want, but I'll say you
look nice naked, you have a nice body. What I want are truthful answers,"
I continued. "I take it Pammy wasn't the first girl you had sex with.
When did you start having sex and with who?"

"You're not going to tell on me?" she asked.

"Not, if I get honest answers. I have a way of finding out if you are
telling me the truth. So did you first have sex with, and when?"

Dottie looked down tears starting to fill her eyes. She said, "I was
eight but my babysitter was 16 and she was really cute. She started coming
on to me when I was in taking my bath. She washed me and told me she was
going to get me very clean. She washed my pussy with her hand and a bar of
soap. When I was rinsed she got me out and dried me off. She took me to
my room naked and she told me how pretty I was and asked if I thought she
was pretty too. I thought she was gorgeous. Since I was naked, did I want
to see her naked too? I said yes. She took off her clothes and we were
lying on the bed together. She told me she knew how to make girls feel
good did I want her to show me. I let her, she played with my pussy and my
clit. I didn't know what it was then but it felt great. Then she licked
my pussy. It felt wonderful, I loved it. She asked me to do that for her.
She said all the big girls she babysits do that for her, and she asked if I
was a big girl or a little girl. I said I was a big girl and so I licked
her pussy. I couldn't do it like she did with me, but I tried my best. I
found that I liked doing it. She was then my favorite babysitter, when
ever my parents went out I wanted her to sit with us. When she came over
she would always lick me and have me lick her."

I said "You have been with only girls since then?"

"No, when I was a freshman I had a boyfriend. He was a junior. I
thought he was nice. But turns out he only wanted me for sex. When we did
have sex I didn't like it very much with him. I thought that girls were

I asked "Do you have a girlfriend now?'

"Yes. Her name is Kerry, she'll be a freshman at my high school this

"Do you always like younger girls?" I probed.

"Yes," Dottie replied.

"Why?" I wondered.

"Because I like doing for girls what my babysitter did for me. I do
like giving a girl her first time with another girl."

"How many girls from the pool have you had this summer?" I continued.

"Five," she said simply.


She listed them on her right hand, one per finger. "Pammy, Jamie, Lani,
Holly and Cheryl."

"You know that Holly is only eight?" I said.

"Yeah, she was the youngest," Dottie replied, "but Lani is 13."

"Is that what you like?" I inquired, "girls between eight and 13?"

"No I like girls from eight up to my age, but there aren't any older
girls around here."

"Have you had all of them down in the pump room?" I said trying to get
the whole picture.

"No," she replied, "most of them I had in the back bathroom in the
changing room."

"You know that what you are doing can get you into a lot of trouble.
You're not too discrete about it either. It's a wonder that someone hadn't
caught you before. I'm not going to turn you in, even though I should.
But I want you to promise me that you will not do this anymore in the pool
or park area, and that you don't do it with any girl who doesn't want to do
it. Also you are not to try and get any girl who hangs around in my group.
You know what I mean?" I demanded.

"Why? Because you want them?"

"No because I like them and I don't want to see them get into any
trouble. I didn't want any of the others get into trouble either but at
least they aren't part of my little groupies. Put your clothes on and go
home. I mean it. Don't let me catch you playing around with anybody else
around here!"

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. But I had to put up a face
like that. Also I had to make sure things didn't happen around the pool.
Who knows if it would get back to me and Susie if they start looking at it.

Chapter 21 - Another school year September 1980

It wasn't long after that the pool was closing. I was glad of that. I
was looking forward to school. I missed the classes. Susie wasn't really
looking forward school but at least now she was going to be in 6th grade.
She would be part of the top dog class in her elementary school, but she
would rather have summer vacation all year, which is a little surprising
since she was so good in school.

I had done all my humanities and social sciences last year. This year
would be my science classes: I had human biology and took geology as my
physical science. I really enjoyed that class.

Susie and I got into some real discussions about different types of
rocks. It also turned out that there was some public lands we could go
fossil hunting on. We were able to find a few fish fossils.

The water polo team did better this year than last year. We even got
invited to a tournament up in Santa Barbara. I got the chance to see the
school some too. I found out they had a good history department too.

The semester was speeding by, Susie and I had our date night on Saturday
nights. Sometime I'd stay over until Sunday morning. I still had dinner
with their family and Dave and I always had a game going. Ruth was the
happy homemaker and always ready to take care of her family, which they now
considered me part of. Even though it was a school night, I stayed the
night on Susie's birthday and I made love to an eleven year old young lady.

This year for holidays I had to do more with my family. I went with
mom, Matt and Andy over to my Aunt Laura and Uncle Roy's for Thanksgiving,
as it would have been too much trouble if I didn't. Mom had an early
birthday for me. I could then spend my real birthday at the Wagner's. As
a special surprise, Susie planned and made dinner that day and she baked my
cake which turned out pretty good. Of course Ruth watched her and advised
her all thought it but Susie did it all. I got mom to let me spend the
later morning and the whole rest of the day on Christmas at the Wagners.
For New Year's eve mom had a date, Andy went to a party. Matt went over a
friend's house and I, of course, was with Susie.

The new semester, new classes, they were not too bad, but I was still
busy with swimming season. I was having to think more firmly about where
I'd transfer to when I finished here. I sent out several applications to
universities that I liked. Could I get there and tour the campus, that was
a big question. I saw a few in the LA area, but others farther from there
might be a bit much to get to and see.

Dave was finishing the job that he'd been working on for the last couple
of years. The catch basins were almost finished. He would get another job
and the Wagners would move as was their way. There was a project in Santa
Barbara and he was thinking of taking that position for a new dam they were
going to build in the mountains north of the city. He arranged to go up
there during the time when Susie and I had Spring break.

So we all went as kind of a Spring break trip without the college kids,
drinking and beaches. He would spend a couple of days in Santa Barbara. I
could go over tour the campus, and Susie came with me. After he was done
there, we went on to San Luis Obispo and I could see the school there. Not
only that but we could go and visit the Hearst's Castle. There were three
different tours that we could go on. Dave got us on all three but we had
to do two tours one day and the third the next day. It was cool, well
worth the overnight stay.

We shared one motel room the whole trip. They were double rooms with
king sized beds. Dave and Ruth would share one bed, with Susie and I in
the other. iAbout the fifth night of the trip I woke up in the middle of
the night, Susie was sleeping. I was just laying there; I heard something
interesting, Dave and Ruth whispering to each other. They thought we were
both asleep.

I could hear Ruth telling Dave, "It has been five days since I had that
hard cock of yours in my little girl pussy." She whispered, "The kids are
sleeping your little girl is already for you, my big man. I'm all wet for
you. Come on my big stud muffin and fuck your hot, wet, tight, little

Dave was responding to her. He must have gone for little girl pussy,
and Ruth knew it.

So the Wagners liked to play the little girl. I knew that Ruth as only
nine when Dave had her the first time. I guess it didn't take too much
talking to get him into it.

Just like me once I got a taste of little girl pussy, I liked it. I had
never considered having it before, but after having Susie I don't know if I
could ever go back to adult women. But oh what about when Susie is all
grown up, would I still want her? Something to think about.

But the Dave and Ruth still seemed to be in love, and Dave gets as close
as he can to little girl pussy with Ruth, They seemed to be pretty happy.
So maybe things would work out with me and Susie.

Chapter 22 - Summer again June 1981

By May, Dave had been offered the job in Santa Barbara. I had been
accepted at few different universities, so I had my choice of which one to
go to. Then he and Ruth told me that if I wanted to go to the university
in Santa Barbara I could live with them. It was one of the universities
that I had been accepted at.

They said they would get a four bedroom house, and one bedroom would be
marked as mine, one for Dave and Ruth, another as an office, and the fourth
for Susie, but it was expected that she and I would share that room
together for the two years I went to school there.

Mom might not like me living with them, because she would know that I
was sleeping with Susie. I think she didn't like to think about the two of
us having sex, but she kind of accepted it as something that she couldn't
really do anything about.

On the other hand I could live there free. So no money for housing and
food. More money available for tuition and books. Maybe college wouldn't
be so expensive as we thought. Mom might not have to pay anything for me.
She could save it for Andy, when he goes to college.

They were going to move after school was out for Susie. But if they
moved then I'd still be down working at the pool. It was one thing that I
didn't see her on the weekends in summer, but not to see her for the whole
summer, I don't know if I liked that idea. Then Susie came up with the
idea that she spend the summer at my mother's house with me. In a sense it
was kind of fair as the Wagners were going to take me the other nine
months. So mom take Susie for three months.

But what mom wouldn't like is Susie sleeping in my bed in her house.
That might take some fancy talking to get her to agree to that and I had
kept Susie's age from my brothers. Now that would be out in the open.
Also I don't know where they would say Susie was sleeping. They couldn't
let it out that there was an eleven year old girl sleeping in a 20 year old
guy's bed.

Susie and I first approached the idea with her parents. They were kind
of open to it, but they weren't so sure that my mom would go for it. Also
they were a little apprehensive about my brothers. They still didn't know
how old Susie was, how would they react to her age? Could they keep quiet
about it?

Dave and Ruth thought about it for a while. It was a risk and asking my
mom to take on some of the responsibility for our relationship. She
couldn't claim that she didn't know about it any more. If it worked it
could bring our families together more. They said OK and they would help
talk to my mom. When I got home I told her that the Wagners wanted to come
over and see her, they wanted to talk to her about something. They said
Andy and Matt should be there too, and Susie was coming with them.

They came over at the set time. Mom let them in and Andy and Matt were
introduced to them and told that Susie was my girlfriend. We all sat down
in the living room.

"Andy, Matt, this Susie and she's my girlfriend. As you might have
guessed she has been my girlfriend for the better part of the past two

The first words out of Matt's mouth were, "I knew she was a kid."

I continued, "Matt you might say that she's a kid but I don't think of
her as a kid. But Susie is eleven and is going into 7th grade in the fall.
I hope you understand that you can't be talking to anyone about this. If
you do I could be in trouble. I need to be able to trust you on this, as
it's very important."

"OK" said Andy, "This is not something I want to be telling my friends

"Matt what about you?" I asked. "Can you keep this to yourself?"

"Mom, if Tom has a girlfriend in the 7th grade, can I have one too?"
Matt said grinning. "That's only two grades behind me."

"Matt be serious, can you keep it to yourself?" I said.

"What if some of my friends come over and see her, what do I tell them?"
he asked.

"Tell them she's our cousin and is visiting," I replied.

Mom said, "Is she going to be visiting very much here?"

"Well that depends on you. But Tom and Susan have things to tell you,"
said Dave.

"Mom, first Dave and Ruth are moving to Santa Barbara. I've decided to
go to that university and have been accepted there. They have a good
school, and shouldn't cost too much to go there. Also they have said that
if I go there I can live with them. I won't have to pay for room and

Dave said, "We will get a four bedroom house, one will be my office and
another will be Tom's bedroom, as well as room for us and another for

Mom said, "But he won't be sleeping in the room for him?"

Ruth said, "The sleeping arrangements are what you would expect, except
when we've other guests over. We don't intend to broadcast the sleeping

"If you can be desecrate about it, then I don't have any real problems.
They have already been living together more or less the past two years.
What can I do about it anyway?" mom said.

Mom looked at Matt and said, "Matt you haven't promised not to say
anything about this."

"Yeah," Matt said. "OK I won't say anything."

I said "That brings us to our other thing. Since Dave and Ruth will be
moving up there at the end of June, and I'll be working this summer at the
pool again. Susie and I would be apart for the summer, but we don't want

"Tom," said mom with a note of concern in her voice, "You aren't asking
for her to move in her for the summer?"

"Yes," I said. "That's just what we would like, if you can accept that.
You can put a cot in your room and keep Susie's things in your room. If
anyone asks she's our cousin come for a visit. I doubt anyone would say
anything. I won't be having friends over and as long as Matt or Andy's
friends don't get too inquisitive it should be OK. "

"As long as my sister doesn't come over," Mom said.

"But Aunt Laura hasn't come over here in years," I noted. "And we
always go over there. Think of it this way, mom, she could be the daughter
that you never had."

"Tom I'm really going out on a limb here. Let me ask you Mr. and Mrs.
Wagner how did your family respond to knowing about your relationship?"

Dave answered "As you might guessed neither of our parents weren't
thrilled about us together to say the least. When Ruth's parents got over
wanting to have me arrested I still wasn't so welcome with them until Susie
was born. My parents had the same concerns that you have. I think they
tried to ignore it for a long time, so they could say they didn't know
about it. But my brothers and sister weren't too much of a problem. They
are older than me. When they even thought of Ruth it was more like a
little niece. They had kids only a little younger than her. It was
different with Ruth's brother and sister. I was a big brother to her
brother and wasn't much to her sister since she was about 5 years younger
than Ruth. I was just a older guy around the house, not that I got to be
around there much. But now everyone gets along well enough. I'm accepted
by Ruth's sister and brother and her mom, even if her dad isn't all that
fond of me. My brothers think of her as a little sister. My parents have
long gotten over the age difference between us."

"I'll allow it for the summer," Mom announced. "But, Andrew, Matthew,
you are not to say a word about Susie being Tom's girlfriend!"

"Yes mom" they both said.

"Tom, what are you going to do with Susie when you are at work?" Mom

"She can come with me, or stay here as she wants" I said. "If she comes
to the pool we will try to make it look like she doesn't come with me or
leave with me."

"Thanks Mrs. Davis. We'll bring over some of her things; clothes, her
bike and a few other things on June 30th," said Dave.

Mom said, "I think that we shouldn't be so formal. You can call me
Beth, if you don't mind if I call you Dave and Ruth. I have a feeling that
we are going to be seeing a lot of each other." They both laughed and

Before they left Susie went to mom and asked, "Can I call you mom?"

"I have a feeling I'm going to be, like it or not. So, yes you can call
me mom."

The pool opened after school was out and it seemed like old times.
Barry had graduated from college but wanted one more summer bumming before
getting a "real job." Brad was back and there was another guy there, Roger.
He was a 17 going to be a senior in high school. A little competition for
Brad for the girls.

When I had the chance I asked about Dottie. I hadn't seen her at
re-training. Brad said he hadn't either. His guess was she didn't want to
guard again or she got another job since she graduated this June. I had
other ideas about why she didn't come back, and I was glad. I hadn't seen
anything about her in the newspaper or on TV so I guess she hadn't gotten
caught and decided to stop before she did.

Susie was still living at her home for two weeks so she could come and
go to the pool as she wanted. All seemed like it was normal. Until mom
came home with an army surplus army cot and set it up in her room.

Ruth had to take Susie shopping for panties. She was going to have to
wear them this summer. Also unless they came by and picked her up, she
wouldn't be going to the nudist campground this summer. I asked Susie
about it but she didn't mind because she got to spend every day or at least
every night with me.

The day came, and Dave and Ruth rolled up to the house with Susie's
stuff and her bike. We unloaded her things and carried them in. Ruth and
Dave gave her heartfelt goodbyes, with lots of hugs and kisses. I was sad
for them, but they weren't going away forever, just a summer. In a way it
was the start of our life together. The second chapter would be this fall
when I left mom, and Susie and I went to live with her parents.

Things settled in fairly quickly. Susie would come with me to work
about four days a week. I'd drop her off in the park and she would hang
around in the park. There were a few friends she could go over and visit.
She told them a story about visiting the area. She would swim and
sometimes hang on my tower. She also swam and hung around with the girls
in the pool. Once in a while she would go into the locker room with a
girl, and be gone a while. When they came out, they both seemed to be very
happy. I could tell that She had made love with another girl. That night
I could count on getting the low down on the girl. Maybe not the whole
play by play but I'd know who she was and who did what to whom, and if they
were able to cum.

With Susie living with us Andy was nice to her and treated her like a
kid sister. He was not overly kind to her or at all bad to her. To him
she was there and he was nice to her when she was around. She tried to get
to know him and what he thought of me. She didn't get all that much out of
him. He was just polite, and it seemed he didn't to have much to her do
with her. He tried to stay away from her it seems.

Matt on the other hand was more engaging with her. They would go on
bike rides together. He took her around the town a bit and he took her
around my old high school, and now his. She wanted to see my other schools
too. She was a sponge soaking up stories about me. Matt told her all he
could. He asked about her as well. It seems he also had a interest in
learning about her friends, too.

It was on mom that Susie made the greatest impression. One thing that
surprised her was when Susie was home she didn't have a problem doing house
work without being asked to do it. She also wanted to look at all the
photos of me and the family and asked questions about them. She wanted to
know any story about the family. The other thing she wanted to do was to
cook. In fact a couple of times she made dinner by herself. I think by
the end of the summer mom, I think, came to see her as something like a
daughter. I know that Susie looked on her as another mom.

There was one thing that happened: Susie had been taking a shower she
got out of the shower, and before she had a chance to get her towel,while
she was naked, Matt walked in, almost on cue. That I think was planned. I
know that Susie didn't mind. I know that because she told me. He got an
eyeful of her naked. She had grown some over the past two years and was
now 5 foot 1 inch. But she was flat chested and had a hairless pussy
still. There was almost a repeat of that another time but Susie had locked
the bathroom door that time.

I don't blame him. I can understand him at his age wanting to see naked
girls. But I began to think he was also getting to like younger girls.

Chapter 23 - Leaving home September 1981

All-in-all it was a good summer. But while summer was at an end and
school was starting, it wasn't going to be like any other start of a school
year. I wasn't going to be home. I'd be leaving home. The day came that
the Wagners came to get Susie and me. They now had two bikes to take with
them. We put the bikes in the back of the Wagner's Olds along with Susie's
things She had brought over to mom's. I put my clothes and my books and
supplies and other things, like my music collection in my car.

We went in the house for last goodbyes. As his usual Andy didn't have
much to say. But he could be doing the same next year, since he was a
senior in high school this year. He gave a simple hand shake, and a
goodbye and good luck. I think that he was a bit glad to see Susie go.

Matt was now in high school too, a freshman. He was able to say goodbye
and give me a hug. He also made a point of giving Susie a hug too.

Mom gave me a big hug and kiss on my cheek. Then she stepped back a bit
to get a full look at me. It was like I was her grown man and she wanted
to remember. Susie came to her and got a hug and even a kiss from her too.
Before we were out the door, mom stopped us and ran and got her camera.
She took a photo of me and then had one of her taken with me. Finally she
made one of me and Susie together. Then it was out the door for the two
hour drive to Santa Barbara, and my new life with the Wagners.

Susie rode with me, while I drove my car and the drive didn't seem to
take too long. Susie was talking all the way, telling all she did over the
summer. A lot of it I didn't even know about, so it was kind of
interesting for me to hear it too.

When we got there we got a tour of the house. It was a ranch type house
with blue stucco walls. The front door opened leading into the living
room. Back behind it was the dining room and next to that was the kitchen.
Leading off the living room the other way was a hall leading to the
bedrooms. As was planned there were four bed rooms. The back bedroom with
the bathroom attached was for Dave and Ruth. Next to it was Dave's office.
Towards living room was my room and across from it was the bathroom. The
closest bedroom to living room was Susie's or really ours. Her stuff, her
bed, desk and other things were in there. They had bought me a bed, desk,
and dresser. But other than keeping my things in there, it was more for
show. I'd be sleeping in bed with Susie in her room, unless we had guests
over. Which would mean Susie was having a sleepover with a grl. I didn't
mind even though I knew she would be in there having sex with someone that
wasn't me, as long as it wasn't another guy it was OK. I knew she wasn't
in love with another girl.

Bicycle was the way to get around the university. There were must be
miles of bike paths all over the campus leading from building to building.
There were huge racks of bikes. Most of the students live in a small
community next to the college. But I was living in the city some ways
away. I had my bike but it would have been a bit of a ride to get to the
campus, so also anybody wanting to get into the city. But somebody already
had that figured out. There were buses that went to the university and
back. They had a trailer. For a fee you would ride the bus and for a
little more your bike would too, back in the trailer, a pretty cool idea.
So that was the way I got to school. It would have been too much of a
hassle to try and drive to the school and there was limited parking anyway.

Living in the Wagners' house, we went back to being a nudist household.
Also Susie's bed was bigger than mine at mom's which made for better
sleeping and also more room for sex for us. Susie wasn't loud but she can
make noises when she cums. Now she didn't have to keep herself quiet, for
two reasons. Her parents gave full approval of her sexual activities and
she was farther from them, so they didn't hear us. Or maybe we didn't hear

It was a new school for both of us. We had to make new friends. She
would have a homeroom and move from class to class for some of her studies.
I had finished most of my general education classes, so I had mostly
classes in my major. I got to know other history majors. Most of them
were guys but there was an occasional woman in my classes. Most of those
women were education majors who wanted to be teachers.

Some of the women were cute enough that when they got into the
classrooms they would drive the boys in the school crazy with lust. But
while they were good looking and stacked with some real racks, they didn't
do much for me. I began to look at the freshman and the younger looking
co-eds, especially if they had a small chest.

I made a few friends among my classmates. Most were guys. But Susie
was the more outgoing of us, or should I say chatterbox of us two. She
began to make many friends. Most were girls but some were guys. I'd
remind her that She had a boyfriend already she would laugh and say "I
know" But then she would come over and give me a kiss and tell me she loved
me. Then everything was all right.

One thing Susie liked about being in 7th grade was that in physical
education they would take showers afterward, so she got to be naked
everyday for at least a few minutes. Some of the showers were more private
but some more the open type. She always used the open ones. She wanted to
let the other girls see her, and she hoped to see as many of her classmates
naked as she could. She didn't mind that she hadn't started getting her
boobs yet, even though most of the other girls, but not all, had at least a
little something on top.

It only took her a few weeks until she knew some of the girls well
enough to invite them over for sleepovers. It wasn't every Friday that I
was out of our bed and sent to my room but it did happen. She would spend
the night talking to them about boys who was cute. From there the
conversation would turn to sex. She could be discreet and with her ability
to judge character she began try and find any bi girls or any open to
trying things with a girl. By Christmas time she hit it: she found a bi
girl. Now she could have a girl lover, but this girl was active with
several of her friends, where they would all do things together. She
brought Susie into her little circle of bi girls.

With the new year Susie was in. She was invited to group sleepovers.
Once it was late night and the parents would leave them alone, the girls
could get busy with each other. Besides lots of kissing and fondling of
breasts there was mutual masturbation. Sometimes a girl might go down on
another one. Now that Susie was in the group she was very popular because
she not only would go down on a girl, she loved doing it. The girls would
almost be in line to be eaten by her.

This not only made her popular in the bi girl circles, it carried over
into the student body as a whole. She had an outgoing friendliness about
her and she was pretty even if still on the flat and hairless side as a
twelve year old. In February that started to change. She seemed to be
growing almost overnight in two months she seemed to grow three inches. It
took until Easter until her boobs started to grow. She was flat one day it
seemed and the next she wasn't. But it really wasn't quite that way. I
know because I had a front row seat to watch them grow. I had noticed
swelling of her areolas around February. They weren't much but they now
stood off her chest.

It gave me more to play with and Susie liked getting them sucked. It
made her feel more grown up and she was like her classmates. But also she
was a bit sad, she didn't have the little girl's body that I had been
fucking. I told it wasn't the little girl's body that I was fucking but
was her that I was making love with. It was just that she had a little
girl's body. I'd continue to make love to her, whether She had a little
girl's body or that of a grown woman. By May Susie had grown her first
pubic hair.

Susie and I were not the only ones to notice her developing body. Her
mom did too. She gave Susie a thermometer and a note book. Susie was to
take her temperature every morning and record it in her book. Her mom told
us that on the day a girl ovulates her temperature goes up slightly. By
recording her daily temperatures it was hoped to spot her first ovulation
before that became her first baby.

By my living there other changes were possible. Dave and Ruth could get
away just the two of them. I was there as babysitter/companion to Susie.
She had neither to come with them or they needed to stay home, it opened up
their lives too.

Our sex life was interesting and it was fun to see the parade of girls
that Susie had over for the sleepovers. The next day I'd get filled in as
to what she liked sexually and what they did together also what she looked
like naked. Sometime it could get me pretty hot and Susie could get wet
with recounting what they did together. It made our fucking just a bit
more exciting. Plus there was the next time I'd see the girl, I knew what
she liked and would do, of course she didn't know that I did. I didn't
even need to imagine her naked, because Susie already described her to me.
For Christmas Dave and Ruth gave us a book of sexual positions. Susie was
very keen to try them all out. We had fun doing that.

Susie had a reputation among the girls as the girl to go to if you
wanted your pussy eaten. It seems that Susie had also taken care of some
of the girls in the bathroom after school. There was one girl who sought
out Susie. She wanted to spend the night and longer if she could. She
liked to spend to spend weekends with other girls so Susie was willing to
have her over. She knew that Dave and Ruth were going to be gone one
weekend. They were leaving Friday night and would be home Sunday
afternoon. They didn't say where they were going but they did say that
Susie could have her friend Kelly over to spend the night Friday night.
Normally Susie didn't have anyone over for more than one night. But Kelly
stayed two nights. I wasn't suppose to tell. I later found out why.

Friday night was normal for Susie with Kelly having plenty of sex
between the two of them. Susie lived up to her reputation as pussy licker
par excellence. But this girl was no slouch and could give as well as she
got. But it was after they were done and lying together in the afterglow
that her story came out.

Kelly was 12 and had been having intercourse with a boy for more than a
year, ever since she had turned 11. The sex was rather more frequently
lately. Mostly on weekends he came to her and wanted sex. He'd been her
first and so far only guy. He called her his girlfriend and told her that
they would get married when they when they got older. She liked sex and
sex with a girl was great for her, but she wasn't sure about sex with guys.
And this guy had turned her off to guys.

When Susie told me this it didn't sound too bad. A guy that loves her
and wants to marry her. Sounds kind of like our story. But they guy who
took her cherry and takes her whenever he can is her fifteen year old
brother. OH! That can make a big difference. He took her and she didn't
have any choice in the matter. She was a bit confused. She knew she liked
sex. Sex with girls for her was great. But was she into girls because she
disliked her brother? Would she like sex with a guy if he wasn't her

Between the two of them they cooked up the idea that Kelly would like to
try sex with a guy other than her brother. Susie elected me as the guy to
be one to see if she liked sex with guys, just not her brother or she
didn't like it at all with guys. Nothing like a little pressure on my
performance. We talked about it Saturday. That night I was to join Kelly
in Susie's (our) bed. Kelly wanted Susie there. She would feel safer with
her there. It was also part of Susie's fantasies to see me with a younger

For this to work I had to let the cat out of the bag a bit. I had to
admit that I knew that Susie had sex with girls. Susie didn't let on that
She had sex with guys, let alone that I was her lover. But of course that
meant that Kelly had sex with girls, so I knew her secrets.

I came into Susie's room. The girls were dressed in PJ's and I was
dressed in street clothes. I took off my clothes and let Kelly get a good
look at me. She said I was a bit bigger than her brother. Well, gee I
hope so, since I'm 21 and he's 15. But I didn't say that. We got on the
bed and began to kiss. As we caressed it became more petting and I began
to remove her clothes as we went. She had only a bit more than Susie up
top, swollen areolas but with a little tissue behind them. Maybe enough to
make them the size of a walnut. They were rather pointy rather than the
more generalized breast development of the whole breast. One thing she
liked them played with and I enjoyed sucking on them. It wasn't long
before I started in to her bottoms. Good thing She had no panties on under
her jammy bottoms, it made things a little easier. I couldn't feel much in
the way of hair but she was getting wet. I took off her bottoms and moved
in between her legs to eat her. Susie had left a little light on, and now
I could see a very light dusting of hair above her lips.

I licked her vagina and wiggled my tongue in there while my fingers
found her clit. In a bit I switched and licked and sucked on clit while
finger-banging her. She was able to cum from that alone. She was very
wet, and ready. I was too, leaving pre-cum puddles on Susie's (our) bed. I
moved up on top of her and circled my dick around her vagina soaking it in
her juices. I knew that she wasn't a virgin and has had someone close to
my size, so I fed it all in at once and got all the way in. She was tight
but not quite as tight as Susie. I needed to do all the work pumping in to
her. Only near the end when she was having her second orgasm did she try
and hump back against me. She began to squeeze the muscles in her pussy
and was hugging me tight, trying to milk me. When she did that I didn't
last much more than a few seconds before I gave her my full load. By
instinct I made the delivery as close to her womb I could.

It was only after I pulled out of her I thought about what I had done. I
asked her, and she said she hadn't gotten her periods. Boy that was close!
I sure hope she didn't have her first one coming down that shoot that day.
I had to ask, how was it. Pretty good, she liked it. Not only did I make
her cum, something her brother never does, but also more importantly, I
wasn't her brother. I told her that if she didn't want sex with him she
should tell me him so. If he didn't leave her alone, she should tell her
parents. The other thing she said was not so good: she said I eat pussy
like Susie does.

I couldn't tell her that I do it that way because that is the way Susie
likes to be eaten. I guess what she likes is also what she gives, oops.
Kelly's next statement was almost like the last oops. When she spends the
night at Susie's would I join them in bed so Kelly can go both ways? Good
thing Susie's room is farthest away from her parents so they wouldn't know
about my joining them in bed. That happened once.

After that second time her brother came on her and she resisted. He
made it hard on her just about raping her. She went to her parents about
it. Quite the little scandal, and she was sent to live with her
grandparents. The rest of the family moved very shortly thereafter.

But that second time, was something else. She wanted Susie to eat her
pussy after I had fucked her meaning Susie would get my cum sort of second
hand. Susie didn't mind, it was different, but not like she doesn't
already like to swallow my cum.

By May, Susie's breasts had grown a little more and She had started
getting more hairs around her pussy. She had been taken her temperature
every morning, and unless she was sick, (which was rare), her temp was
always the same. Now one morning her temp was up just slightly above what
She had been running.

She showed her mom the log. Ruth put her foot down Susie was not to
have vaginal sex with me for two weeks. The first week was OK she would
suck me and I'd eat her. While I was cumming in her mouth and she
swallowed, it just wasn't the same. Then Ruth said she was to have no sex
for the second week, Bummer!

Sure enough two weeks after the day her temp was up she had her first
period. Good thing that Ruth stopped us from having sex, or she would have
been pregnant at 12, not a good thing. In the meantime Ruth had made an
appointment with the doctor for Susie. As soon as her period was over, she
was off to see the doctor.

The doctor gave her an exam with a pelvic. Ruth explained that Susie
broke her hymen in a bicycle accident sometime before. When Susie had the
accident Ruth guessed that Susie had broken it by the blood in her panties
and the pain in her vulva area from hitting her vulva on the seat of the
bicycle. At least that is the story they told. There was no sperm in her
vagina at the time so the doctor couldn't say anything different. Susie
checked out OK other than being 12 and not having a hymen, and now having
her periods.

Ruth explained to the doctor she thought that in today's culture kids do
things without thinking things through. She didn't want Susie to get into
a situation where her hormones got her running faster than her brain did.
She asked for and the doctor agreed to place an IUD in her. It would keep
her from getting pregnant and she doesn't have to remember to take a pill
every day. She had to come back the next week to have it placed. Again no
vaginal intercourse for us. Susie and I used our mouths on each other to
get us off, but it wasn't quite the same.

She got her IUD, it didn't stop her from having periods, just that she
wouldn't get pregnant. By the time she could have sex again, she had her
period again. Another few days the playground was closed. But we tried to
do it anyway. We put a towel under her so the sheets didn't get blood on
them, but it was still messy. There must be another way.

Chapter 24 - Return home for Summer June 1982

The school year was over. I got my old job back at the pool for the
summer. I would move back down to mom's house and live there for the
summer. Mom was glad to have me back, but still something wasn't right.
At first I thought that it had to do with Andy. He had graduated high
school and decided that he would rather go into the Marines than college.
So he was off to boot camp as soon as school was over. Matt was still at
home. He wasn't doing badly in school or in any trouble. But after
Christmas whenever I'd call home and talk to them all, it seemed that
something was up.

I asked if Susie could come down and spend the summer there.

Mom said "Why the hell not?" It was not like her to talk that way.

I drove us down with our bikes tied to the back and enough of our things
to get us through the summer. Susie moved into Andy's room. Or at least
that was the story, for most people. It only took a week to see what had
mom upset. Matt had a girlfriend. It was not something mom was proud of.
Matt had finished his freshman year in high school but his girlfriend was
in 7th grade. She was not pleased about that.

One day it came out. She was talking about Matt and his girlfriend, and
she said to me, "Look what you started."

She didn't take kindly to his choice in girls, and was blaming it on me.
Matt was happy with her. His friends ribbed him about robbing the cradle
but he could live with that. He didn't take her around his friends too
much anyway. He did take her to one high school dance, but she felt a bit
out of place and they would rather go to the intermediate school dances
instead. He was a big hit there. It gave her great stature in her little
group, she had a boyfriend, and he was in high school. She was next to
being the queen bee but luckily she didn't let it go to her head. Shelia
was a nice girl, so as a result they saw a lot more of her friends, then

Susie moved in and mom tried to keep Matt from bring around Shelia as
much as possible. She didn't want to try and pull the cousin thing on her.
But she did come around. She got to know Susie and Sheila wasn't dumb it
didn't take her long to figure out that Susie was my girlfriend. She
didn't know we slept together, but she did know she was mine. But the
thing was, the two girls got along together. They did have some things in
common. They were in the same grade, they were dating brothers, and both
guys were older guys, just in my case much older than Susie.

Before long Matt had a rival for Sheila's attention. Susie and Shelia
would be off to ride bikes together, or go to the mall and shop, or at
least window shop. With Barry gone, I was now the guard with the most
seniority working there. I was asked by Stan, the pool manager, to be the
swim team coach. How could I turn him down? So now I worked an extra hour
every weekday after the public swim was over and a few hours on Saturday
mornings for the swim meets. Susie got the idea that since I was then swim
coach she would join the team. Sheila thought that was a great idea and
she wanted to join too. Well if Shelia was going to do it then Matt was
too. It seems he would do anything he could do to be around her.

The team was co-ed with kids from 7 to 17. Most of them were more like
9 to 15. The younger ones I spent time teaching the strokes. I got Stan
to let me teach one class in the mornings for the younger swim team kids
just to work on their strokes. It was one class, the third session of the
morning, and ran as long as the swim team did it was mostly the 7 to 11
year old kids. They learned the various strokes. I tried to teach them
all the strokes, but each had their own stroke that we worked on more.
They got a lot of practice. Then in the afternoon the whole team worked

I must say some of those girls 9 to 12 were pretty cute, and I liked the
way some of them were developing. I got to know them a lot more than I
would have otherwise, but then Susie was there to keep my mind from
wandering too far. If she didn't, there was always the parents of the
other swimmers that will put the fear in you.

Seeing Shelia in her tank suit was nice. She had a bit more than Susie
did up top and once in a while her tank suit would give her a nice little
camel toe. When it did Matt was sure looking too. I could see what he
liked about her, both physical and social. Some days I'd drive them all to
the pool and they would spend the day there, and I'd drive them home after
practice. Other times the three of them would ride bikes over to the pool.
That was a good 40 minute ride for them. I could drive home and be home
long before them.

We had seven meets, three at home and four away. The last meet was a
big regional tournament. We won five meets and lost two. The regional was
more for the individual. Some of the kids did rather well, even some of
the younger ones. It was those extra classes where they learned their
strokes that put them over, I think.

While I was up in Santa Barbara at school, I became friends with another
history major, Neville, who like me was putting himself through school as a
lifeguard. I talked to him at the start of the summer and it turned out
that that he was also the swim coach at his pool that year. I gave Neville
call and asked if he wanted to have a meet against my team and he thought
that was a great idea. I explained to the parents about the meet up in
Santa Barbara to see if they wanted to do that. There was enough interest
to make the effort to arrange it and we would have the meet after the
regular season was over.

The meet would be a day long thing, on a Saturday. There would be the
meet and then they would host us in a bar-b-que that afternoon. Those that
wanted could go home after eating and the rest could spend the night there,
with a planned visit to the city of Solvang in the morning. The plan was
to stay in motels in Santa Barbara and then drive over and have a breakfast
of Danishes in a Danish town. There was lots to see and the shopping was
unique. After lunch there everyone would make their way home.

Susie called her parents and told them about the meet. They were
thrilled we were coming up there and they could watch Susie swim. Of
course they came to watch. She had called them earlier and told them she
was going to join the team and that I was the coach.

With Susie on the team as well as Shelia, she would take showers after
the practice and in typical Susie style she would shower naked and try to
get as many of the other girls to do the same. She loved to see the other
girls naked.

As many of the kids and their parents had decided to stay over the night
and go to Solvag the next morning. I had everyone stay in the same motel.
(Boy were they grateful for the business. We got special rates.) Susie
didn't need a motel room with her parents right there. She spent the night
in her own house in her own room. She offered to have Shelia spend the
night there too and was accepted. Matt was allowed to come along, since he
sort of knew them. He stayed in my room. The girls shared Susie's room,
and bed. I needed to stay with the team. Dave and Ruth came and picked
them up after the bar-b-que and took them home, while I went back to the
motel with the team.

That night Susie was in bed with Shelia, and they talked about
boyfriends. Shelia long ago had figured out that I was Susie's boyfriend
and she knew not to say anything about it. They were laying in bed
comparing notes as it were. Susie never told her how far we had gone. She
found out that Shelia and Matt had kissed and made out, but Matt never got
her farther than being able to play with her breasts. They went on to
discuss when they started to masturbate. Susie didn't give her the full
truth in order to protect me.

Shelia admitted to starting to masturbate when she started in 7th grade
a few months before she met Matt. She sometimes could get off, but not
always. Susie offered to show her how to do it better, as well as how to
be a good kisser, and Shelia agreed, so Susie gave her lessons that night
in kissing. They spent a good long time kissing before Susie moved on to
Sheila's breasts, playing with them and then sucking on them. Shelia was
enjoying this. Susie's tongue was more talented than Matt's had been in
licking and sucking the nipples and toying with Sheila's areolas. When
Susie reached down Sheila's belly Shelia flinched. Nobody had touched her
on her belly like that, especially considering where Susie was headed.

Susie had quickly shucked off her PJ's and was naked as she removed
Sheila's PJ's. She licked and sucked on her nipples while her hand was all
over Shelia's belly, down between her legs caressing her thighs and giving
feathery touches on Shelia's pussy. Susie moved up and began to kiss her
in more intently while fingering Shelia. It took her a couple of minutes
to get into it as nobody had ever touched her there before, but she was
soon into it. She got wet and rather juicy. Susie was able to masturbate
her to an orgasm. But she wasn't done there. She moved on again to kiss
and lick her bellybutton. Shelia didn't know what to think, especially
when Susie kept moving south. Susie explained that she knew something that
Shelia would love. She then began to lick and eat Shelia's pussy.

She nibbled on her clit, licked up and down her lips. She found time to
stick her tongue into Shelia's pussy. (Shelia, Susie reported was still a
virgin.) She licked the opening to her vagina, while rubbing her clit. She
was able to drink up some of Shelia's juices. She switched and fingered
her vagina while she licked and sucked on her clit. That got Shelia off.
She had to put her own hands over her mouth to keep from shouting out.

When She had recovered from her cum, Susie asked if she would return the
favor. Shelia at first was a bit hesitant she didn't want to become a
lesbian. Susie reassured her that as long as she liked Matt then she
couldn't be a lesbian. But there was nothing wrong with sharing some
special time with another girl. With that Shelia began to return the favor
for Susie. She licked and sucked on Susie's nipples. Susie guiding her
and helping her to do a good job. She pushed her down between her legs and
couched Shelia on how to eat her pussy. Susie said she got a small orgasm
from Shelia's efforts. Shelia it turns out enjoyed going down on a girl.
Afterward they slept very peacefully the rest of the night. I got all this
from Susie two nights later while were in bed together. It got me hard
listening to her tale and she got wet telling me about it and it caused us
to have a hot session of sex that night in my bed down at mom's.

Shelia was invited for a sleepover later in the week before school would
start. This would give them a chance to have a repeat performance. Mom
was glad to see Susie out of my bed, at least for the night, as they slept
in Andy's bed. Ah if mom only knew just because Susie wasn't in my bed,
doesn't mean she wasn't having sex. Susie went down on Shelia and gave her
an orgasm, before turning around to present her cunt to Sheila's face
asking to be eaten. Susie dove into Shelia's pussy. Shelia simply
followed what Susie did to her, as they did her first 69.

By the next morning Shelia was hooked on oral sex. She was going to
make a point of teaching Matt how to eat her twat. (Lucky Matt in that
sense, but no telling how good she would be at giving a blow jobs. Matt
was going to have to teach her...not that he'd ever gotten one before-at
least as far as I knew.) But she also told Susie that she was going to have
to check around to see if there were some girls who could get into eating a
girl and being eaten by one.

Labor Day was here before we knew it. The pool closed and school would
be starting for Susie. I still had a couple of days yet before I needed to
be back for registration. The Wagners came and picked up our bikes and
Susie's things. Mom, Matt and even Shelia came to say goodbye to her.

I gave Susie kiss on the lips goodbye. Then mom and Matt gave Susie a
kiss on her cheek. But they raised more than a few eyebrows when Shelia
gave Susie a kiss on the lips goodbye. They had exchanged addresses and
promised to write each other.

I stayed down a few more days and I had a chance to catch up with
friends I hadn't seen in the past year. I ran into Jim, my friend from
high school and Jr. college, our goalie on the water polo team. He had a
new girlfriend who had a sister just graduating from high school. He asked
me if would I want to get together with them and go on a double date. How
to tell him now that I already had a girlfriend, without telling him about
Susie? I know Jim if I said I already had a girl I'd get the third degree
to find out about her but I was able to get out of that.

But that Friday he insisted that I go with him to a strip bar. I asked,
"What about your girlfriend?"

He said, "What she don't know won't hurt her."

I couldn't get out of this. He whooped and yelled besides dropping a
lot of money on some of the women. Most seemed to me to be huge breasted
women with chests filled with silicone. There was only one woman there
that even had something close to small breasts. She was the only one that
attracted even some of my attention, even then she was much larger than
Susie. I couldn't help comparing her to Susie and other than in age. She
came up short against Susie. Besides I didn't mind that Susie wasn't even
a teenager yet. She was still sexy to me. Oh man was I hooked on this
girl or what? It was something like four summers we had been together now.

Chapter 25 - Back to school September 1982

My few days of being free and single were over very quickly. I headed
back to Santa Barbara, and the Wagners. I was welcomed there with open
arms--arms that weren't wearing clothes. I kind of missed being able to be
naked around the house. Dave and Ruth had missed me and Susie over the
summer. Susie had missed me over that week. She welcomed me with open
arms, and, that night, with open legs.

There had been some changes there at the Wagner household. I found that
Dave and Ruth had added another phone line to the house in their room, so
they could make and receive calls without using the phone that Susie and I
would also use. Susie showed me that her mom had taken her out and bought
her first bras.

Now that Susie was getting older and had her periods, she was out of
commission a few days a month, but we still wanted to have sex. Sometimes
we did it with oral sex, but there were just times I wanted to be inside
her more than her mouth.

That is when we first considered anal sex. We read up on it in the book
we had gotten from Dave and Ruth. We tried it the next time Susie was on
her period. She used a tampon for her flow. We got out our lube, which we
didn't need very much anymore since Susie could get rather wet now. I put
some lube on a finger and began to apply it to her corn-hole. I was able
to work a finger into her. I used more lube and got it well inside her.
Using more I went back and began to work a second finger into her. With
lots of lube she was able to take me finger-banging her ass. I lubed
myself up and got her into a position where she had her butt-hole up where
I could get at it. I was able to slowly enter her. It felt tight, tighter
than I had ever felt her before. But there was a bit of a buttery feeling
to it. I moved slowly at first, but with time I could move faster and
deeper. I was able to reach around and play with her clit and or nipples,
what I could get of them, as they weren't that big yet. I was able to cum
in her rectum. It was just OK for me. I mean not bad, but not as good as
her pussy. She enjoyed it enough that we could add it to what we did
sexually. We found a new way to have sex when she as having her periods or
any other time really.

We both got into school and our social activities. Susie was the go to
girl for another girl for a little girl/girl love. She was popular at
slumber parties with the girls. It put a premium on our time to have sex
together. There were no more girls like Kelly but she did tell me all
about when did with whom. It did get us both hot and it more exciting.
Sometimes I'd imagine that Susie was the girl Susie had told me about. She
liked to play along with that too, that she was that girl.

Chapter 26 - Christmas 1982

The quarter was ending and Christmas was almost there before I knew it.
This Christmas I decided to come home. Who knows when I might be back here
again. Mom was glad to see me. She was even accepting of Susie being
there with me. She wasn't thrilled she was hoping that I'd get over this
little girl thing, but still Susie wasn't a bad kid and she tried her best
to get along with mom. She helped her, not to get on her good side, but
rather but that was the kind of person she was.

When we got down there Matt was still going out with Shelia, even if mom
had to drive them to the movies or mall or wherever. Her parents would
pick them up. They weren't too upset with Matt being older, at least he
wasn't too old and he did improve her social standing in school. She had
become a little more popular in school, especially among the girls.
Neither Matt nor her parents knew what made her more popular. But from the
letters that she exchanged with Susie it was plain that Shelia had gone
fully bi. She was with Matt giving him blow jobs and that kept him happy.
She was also eating all the girls that wanted it at school. She was very
popular at sleepovers. What she wasn't so popular with, was my mom. She
was hoping that Matt was over her soon and more on to older girls. She
also would be rather upset if she knew that this 8th grade girl was giving
Matt oral satisfaction.

Once we were down at mom's, the first order of business for those two
was, when could they have a sleepover. They used Andy's room. Shelia was
able to show off her new talents with her tongue. All Susie could tell me
the next day was that she was a lot better at licking pussy, and that she
loved it. Susie also showed Shelia a few of the moves She had learned too.
Shelia slipped her fingers into Susie's pussy and discovered that she had
no hymen. Susie had to confess that she didn't have one because she and I
had been having intercourse. That impressed Sheila, but Susie was quick to
suggest that Sheila not follow her lead and have intercourse with Matt.
Shelia was better off not going that way, since Sheila's parents were not
like Susie's. There was no risk of pregnancy if she didn't have sex, and
Shelia accepted that. When Susie told me, I knew mom would be happy and
I'm sure her parents would too if they ever knew. Poor Matt would be the
only one who would disagree with that.

Chapter 27 - Back to school January 1983

Back to school for both of us. I was busy. I had to spend a lot of
time working on my projects. One time I needed to do some scale drawings
and I asked Dave if I could use his engineering ruler. I went to get it
out of his office. When I went in there I saw a projector set up and
pointed at the wall. There were no films there. Dave came in quickly like
he'd just remembered that it was there, since no one ever went into his
office. I asked him what that was.

He said "It's a projector, what'd you think it was?"

"I had never seen one around before," I said.

He began to put it away. He said that "I don't normally leave it out. I
just forgot to put it away after the last time."

"What kind of films do you have for it?" I asked.

He said "Just stuff from work." He got it put together and took it down
the hall to his room.

I knew that I'd be graduating soon enough, I needed to start thinking
about what I'll be doing with my degree. I was thinking that I might like
to teach history, or maybe do research somewhere, but if I did any of those
things I'd need more education. I decided that I'd go to grad school and I
began to look at schools and programs. Also I began to think about summer
work. I'd love to go back to the pool as Barry did after he graduated, for
one last summer of "bumming." But what would be in my best interest? I
started looking at what might be something I could do and might be fun.
One of the other guys in the program mentioned that during the summer the
Park Service hires part time for summer park rangers so I decided to check
that out.

As it turned out I found out about a possible job with the Park Service
working at Antietam, in Maryland. Now I knew something about that battle
having played a few times with Dave. I began to look at schools there. A
university in Maryland didn't look like to bad a school. But what would
moving to the east coast do to me and Susie?

I talked to Susie about it a bit. She was open to what I wanted She
didn't mind where she lived, but it was more like up to her parents. Seems
sometimes she was more interested in sex and playing around than much of
the future. She was still doing good in school, and of course was popular
there. That was partly because of her charming personality but also she
had the best tongue in the 8th grade, and there was a whole set of girls
that knew it.

The girls were really lining up to have a sleepover with her. It seems
that every weekend night she would have a different girl in our bed. Only
I wasn't there, having to spend the night alone in my room.

Dave and Ruth had some sympathy for me. But it was Dave who said to me,
"You knew she was bi, she liked the girls when you took her on."

Yeah I knew she was bi and had quite the sex drive! In the end I didn't
mind to much. She would tell me about the sex she with them and it would
get me hot. That in turn along with her being to relive what she did by
telling me and she would get hot about it. It made our sex a little

But with Dave and Ruth gone more lately we had more time on our own when
Susie wasn't having a sleepover. Susie was now wanting do anal even though
she wasn't on her period. We started to do that one night. But she was
out of lube. She thought that her mom might have some. Her parents
weren't home so she just went into her mom's night stand drawer. She found
some lube, but she also found some other things. She came back with a
bunch of paperback books and showed them to me. There were titles like;
"He Seduced His Little Sister," "Little Girl Lover," 'Daddy's Little
Lovers," '"Ganging Up On Sonny," The Widows Hot Daughters" and "Three
Sucking Daughters".

When looked at them we discovered that they were books about incest and
young girls. Her parents have those kind of books? What else do they
have? Susie started, and I followed her lead. We looked through Ruth's
drawers. (I knew that was not a cool thing to do, but what is up with
them?) In the bottom of the last drawer under some things for outdoors in
winter type clothing were a few magazines. There was a straight man and
women sex magazine. Then here were a couple of lesbian magazine, showing
two women getting it on. We decided to look through Dave's drawers too.
In about the same place in his dresser we found more magazines. A couple
were lesbian action. There magazines there that featured kids. The
youngest one of them didn't even have any boobs. One was a straight sex
one only with boys and girls, another one was a young girl lesbian, and
they final one was just several young girls naked and posing. The last one
looked to be just families naked at a camp. We took them back to our room.
That got us hot looking at all the photos in the magazines. We had the
weekend to check them out and fuck ourselves silly over them. We went to
put them back. Susie had the idea to check the messages on their machine
in their room. There was only one; a female voice said: "Hi this Jessica.
Frank can't make it this weekend. But if you still want to only see me get
back to me, I'd love to see you both." Is this where they were, seeing this

Susie was a busy girl sometimes hardly having time for us. She was
getting not only the 8th graders, but word had gotten down to the 7th
graders and they were getting in line too. While there was no more Kellys
she did have one girl waiting to have her night with Susie. But she
brought along her sister.

Dave and Ruth had already made plans for that evening and were going to
go out. They had been going out over night or even the weekend more since
I had come to live there. Susie said they only did it once in a while
before and she rarely need a babysitter for a night or weekend. But with
me around they didn't need that at all, and were gone more often. With
them gone we had the run of the house.

We all were going to watch a movie that evening in the living room. But
the girls went to put on their PJ's before the movie started. Susie put on
her nightgown I had seen her wear many times. But the two girls Bonnie and
her little sister Joanne, who was just 11, had what were about baby doll
nightgowns, that were short, just long enough to cover their little panties
and were almost sheer so I could see through them. The panties weren't
that big either more like a small bikini bottom. I could just about make
out their areolas and their pussy slits thought the material. As they were
laying on the floor watching the TV, I could see up the backs of their
gowns. I could clearly see their little butts. Sometimes as they shifted
around I thought I could make out their pussy slits in the material. It
tended to distract me from the movie. The commercials were worse as they
would tussle with each other or they were getting up to get things from the
kitchen. Susie could easily see my erection, and she smiled and winked at
me. She knew what I saw. She also knew that later tonight she would be
getting all that I saw. The girls didn't seem to notice or care.

Since the movie started early on one of the non major channels it
finished early and they didn't want to go to bed but wanted to play a game.
They finally decided on twister. I wasn't going to play they would but
they wanted me to spin the spinner and call out the color. As they twisted
among themselves the baby dolls on them would hang down as the bent over
and back each way and I had chances to see down their tops. Sometimes I
could see down Susie's too but I been there and done that, many times, I
loved everything though. Bonnie and Joanne were new to me. I think Susie
was making sure I could see them. It didn't take long that the baby dolls
on them were slipping and hard to keep on while in the strange positions
that they formed.

Susie told them, "Why don't you just take them off." They looked at me,
Susie said, "He won't tell."

"Yeah but he'll see," Bonnie said.

"It will be alright he has seen naked girls before," Susie said.

"When?" she asked.

"He older, so he has had girlfriends." Susie said.

Bonnie told her "OK we will if you do. But he as to do it too."

In about the wink of an eye Susie had hers off. The other two followed
more slowly, I followed. Now I couldn't hide my erection.

Bonnie was about 5 foot 1 inches with a reddish brown hair down to her
shoulders. Her breasts were bigger than Susie's easily, an A going into a
B. She had a decent amount of hair on her pussy. Joanne was shorter at
about 4 foot 10 inches. She had bright red hair cut in bangs across her
forehead and down to her jaw line back around her head from below ear
around back to her other ear. Her skin was very white with a few freckles
across her shoulders. Her breasts weren't much of anything just swollen
areolas. She had no hair and cute little pussy with the lips closed and a
narrow slit. She had only a slight bump between her lips. A cute little
clit in there, no doubt.

They played a couple more rounds of the game. I got a few different
views of all of them, Susie included. It was getting late and they had
enough of the game. They gathered up their clothes and headed off to
Susie's room. I took mine and went to my room. I laid down it took a
while, but I was almost asleep when Susie knocked my door, and poked her
head into my room, with the other two behind her. She said that the girls
wanted to ask me something.

Bonnie asked, "Do you like younger girls?"

I said, "Yes, sometimes, but it depends on the girl and just how young
you meant."

"Someone like me?" asked Joanne.

I asked "What did you have in mind?"

"I want to have sex," Joanne announced.

"Have you had sex before?" I wondered.

She looked shy, "Only with girls."

"What are you wanting?" I inquired.

"I want to have sex with a guy," she proclaimed.

"With me?" (Well, Duh!)

"Yes, if you want me," she smiled that shy smile again.

"It might hurt," I warned her.

"That's OK."

"Have you gotten your period yet?" I probed.

"No," she said. "Does it matter?"

"It does if you want me to cum in you."

"Yeah!" she cried. "I want that too."

Susie suggested that we go into her room. But first she ran and got
some oral gel that kills tooth pain. She also got some lube. I laid down
in her bed, and Joanne laid down with me and we began to kiss. She wasn't
too bad a kisser for being 11. I began to caress her body, playing with
her little areolas. I rubbed up and down her belly. She giggled a bit as
it must have tickled. I reached between her legs and felt her little
pussy. As I moved down the slit I could feel how wet She had become. This
might not be so bad, I thought. I moved my mouth down to kiss her areolas
switching off between then every few minutes as I licked and sucked on
them. I made little bites to her nipples which began to get hard. I then
kissed my way down her belly stopping to lick inside her bellybutton. I
moved on down until I could smell a bit of the musky scent of her pussy. I
wasn't unpleasant, it reminded me of Abby. Then I began to eat her in
earnest. I'd switch between licking her vaginal opening and them moving up
and licking her clit. I'd then move down and began to fuck her with my
tongue. I did that for a bit before moving up to lick and suck her clit,
just using the flat of my tongue to lick her whole pussy up and down the
lips and all over in between them. I was a bit surprised that She had a
cum while I was doing that. I kept it up hard and fast to keep her orgasm
going. After a bit she pushed my head way, saying she couldn't take any
more right now.

I moved up to lay beside her while she rested. It didn't take her long
and she was reaching down to stroke my erection. She moved around so her
head was down by it. She took it in her mouth and tried to suck it. I
told her to suck it a little as she moved it in and out of her mouth. But
also she should lick it as it was in her mouth. She could also use her
hand to stroke me as she did that. I could feel that if she kept that up I
might cum soon. I asked her if she wanted to get fucked, now. She nodded
her head so I had her lay back on the bed with my help Susie opened her
lips to see her hymen. Susie took some of the oral gel and put it across
it, blowing on it a bit. Then she got the lube and spread some around in
her vagina, the part that was open to the outside.

Susie seemed to be directing this operation. She had me lay on my back
and Joanne got over my hips. She had Joanne get about where she needed to
be. She had Bonnie come over and hold open Joanne's lips. Susie guided
Joanne and my hard dick until it was at the entrance of her vagina. Once
in place, she told Joanne to slowly sit down on it. Susie held it in place
as Joanne got lower and more of it went in her. It didn't take long before
I reached her hymen. I told her that I could feel it. Susie told her to
rise up a bit and to sit down on it hard and fast. As she did that Susie
stood up over her, and as Joanne lowered herself Susie shoved her down by
her shoulders. That forced me into Joanne. I was all the way in her at
once. She winced but it must not have hurt her much. The oral gel did its
work killing any pain. Joanne just said she felt full there. When she got
used to the feeling, I began to move in her. I was slow at first them a
bit faster. Joanne leaned over me so that her chest was touching mine and
I moved in and out of her. She caught the rhythm after a bit and began to
move with me. She started to really get into it. I could see by the look
in her eyes another orgasm must be coming on for her, as her eyes began to
roll back in her head. I could feel the walls of her vagina start to
squeeze me. That was it, that set me off and I sent what felt like about
five large jets of cum up into her.

We came down from our highs and just laid on the bed. All Bonnie could
say was "Wow that was so cool, she got a good fuck!" That she did.

When I had recovered enough to do much, Bonnie said she wanted me to do
that to her too. I asked her if She had gotten her period. She said yes,
so I told her that I couldn't fuck her because I didn't have any condoms
and I didn't want to risk getting her pregnant. So we agreed that we would
give each other oral and that was all.

As with her sister we began to kiss. I felt her more substantial
breasts before moving down to lick and suck on her nipples. As I played
with her, my erection began to grow back ready for use. We moved out
positions around and began to lick her pussy. I was doing her much the
same way that I had done with her sister. But Bonnie was more experienced
with giving head. I didn't need to tell her or guide her with what to do.
It didn't take long before she was cumming. I wasn't so close yet. After
she finished her cum, I could look over and see Susie eating Joanne's
pussy. I let Bonnie have a minute, before I had her go down again on my
hard cock. She had me cumming in only a few minutes. I gave her fewer and
smaller jets in her mouth than I gave her sister in her pussy. She sucked
me until I was done cumming and then she got up off the bed and ran out of
the room. I assume to the bathroom as we could hear her spitting out
something, I assume it was my cum she was spitting out. I was tired and I
gave both of them something to remember me by. I got up and went down to
Dave and Ruth's bathroom and washed off my dick before heading back to my
room and some much needed sleep.

A couple of weeks after the visit of Bonnie and Joanne, I was riding the
bus to school with my bike in the trailer. As I was looking out a window I
saw an adult store in a strip mall. That night I told Susie about it. She
was curious as to what was in there. Of course she couldn't go in there,
but I'd go there the next day and check it out.

That night I went there, it was raining. So much the better, I thought
because it keeps the crowds down and gives a little cover so that others
don't see who is out and about. I ducked into the shop. There was a guy
behind a counter that was like a raised up platform. Around him were glass
showcases. They appeared to be filled with dildos and vibrators. He was
at least 30 but with longish hair and a bandana around it. He had John
Lennon granny glasses. He had on a tied dyed shirt and some ratty looking
jeans and a pukka shell necklace on. He was quite the sight, just an old
hippie. He looked at me and asked "You 18?"

I said "Yes."

He said, "Show me some ID." I went over and showed him my driver's
license and he was happy.

I looked the walls were filled with racks of magazines. The first ones
you see as you come in the door, were just naked women. On the other side
of the door was ones of naked men. I walked around the side of the store
with the women. It lead back into like alcoves filled with the racks.
Beyond the naked women were naked couples (men and women), having sex.
Then you moved on into racks of magazines of women having lesbian sex. I
thought that Susie might like some of these I had chosen one straight sex
mag, and I got one lesbian. Moving on, there were racks of mags about
spanking, being tied up and other strange things. Finally around near the
counter, but out of sight from the door, in an alcove of its own. It was a
section labeled lolitots. It was filled with magazines of naked kids.
Some just naked and posing but most were of them having sex. I spent more
time there than I had planned looking through the mags. I finally choose
three: one was with several girls just posing naked. Another with a boy
and girl having sex. The third was a mag of girls having sex with each
other. I knew that would get to Susie.
When I brought them up to the counter, he looked at them as he rang them

up. He said "You like the little stuff, the lolitots?"

I didn't reply, he said "If you do, you might want to buy all you can
now. I might have to stop selling it some time. It kind of depends on if
they pass law against it any time soon."

"Oh", was all I could say. "Hold on." I went back and chose a few more.
One was a woman and a girl and another two girls and two boys having sex. I
charged them all to my credit card. It didn't come up to too much, but
more cash than I had on me at the moment. He rang it up and put them in a
black plastic bag. Good thing with the rain outside.

As I started to leave I saw some other things. Back in another alcove I
hadn't seen at first was something else. I asked him what that was. He
said they were films, 8 millimeter films. I walked over and took a fast
look. Also over nearby were paperback books. There were even some
clothing sheer baby doll like things. There were more displays of dildos
and vibrators. There were something that I saw later were blowup dolls. I
left them for now, and took my things to my car and headed home. I brought
them in without Dave or Ruth seeing the bag.

I told Susie about them and she gave them a quick glance. She still had
homework to do and so did I. We put them aside until tomorrow. We would
be going to be early to look at them tomorrow night. I was a bit hard
getting through the day. I wanted it to go by fast so Susie and I could
look at the magazines. We got into bed, of course naked. We were on our
sides facing away from the door me behind her with the sheet over us. We
started with the straight sex magazine. She liked it, but she started to
get more excited when we looked at the lesbian one. When we started
looking at the lolitots I was very hard and I could feel her being very

We never made it through all of the magazines. I slipped into her pussy
from behind while we were lying on our sides. I don't think I had ever
felt her as wet before. We fucked like minks. She was still looking at
the magazines as I was plowing into her. I could see them over her
shoulder. We were both hot looking at them. It didn't take either or us
long to come. She did first and I kept pumping as I hadn't yet. She had
another orgasm just shortly after the last one. Then I came but I was
still hard. Normally after I cum I get soft rather quickly. Not this
time. I kept pumping her She had another and then another cum. I followed
her with my second one. Wow we had never done that before, having more
than one cum for each fuck. That was wild!

I said, "I saw books like your mom had and they had films there too.
Dave has a projector too."

She said, "I didn't know that. Maybe some time when they are out, we
could borrow, (without them knowing), and maybe see some films too. Will
you go back next week and see what you could find? Those magazines of the
women together was good, but the ones with the young girls doing it was
really great, can you get movies like that?"

I went out the next Wednesday during the day to the bank and took out
some money so I had cash for the night. I went in and went straight to
where I had seen the films before. It was the same guy there. This time
he didn't ask for ID, because he remembered me? I looked over the films
slowly and closely. Of course you can't open them and see them, I mean
what are you going to see? I had to rely on the title and maybe the photos
on the cover. Some of them had a description on the back. I ended up
taking seven of them. Two were girls together, lesbian stuff, two more
were boys and girls together and I got one of a woman and a girl and one of
a couple of adult men with a girl. The final one was an older girl with a
man. Most of the ones with the girls were girls who had not or were just
going through puberty, so they weren't much older or more developed than

I also bought some paperback books. "Girls Camp Consular" "Sweet
Eleven," "Daddy's Little Lovers," "His Seductive Little Sister," and one
just for her, "The Swimming Teacher." I looked over and saw a pulp type
magazine. It said it had the latest swinger ads and I thought I'd get that
for fun.

Looking at the films would have to wait until Dave and Ruth went out
again. They didn't go out every weekend and once in a while they might go
out for a weekday night. But at night we each picked out a book we would
like to read. I showed her the swing magazine I had bought. That night we
got into bed and put it between us as we lay on our stomachs. We turned
the pages and looked at the ads. Most were just printed text saying a bit
about them and who they were looking for. There would be a PO Box to
respond to. Some of them had photos and you can see their faces. But they
were few and far between. But there were a lot of couples looking for
other couples and/or single females. It seems they wanted the girl or wife
to be bi. The ads were from all over the LA area. Some of them were near
where we were in Santa Barbara. We got though most of the mag, sometimes
laughing at one ad or another. Some were interesting. But of course we
couldn't answer them with Susie being her age, so it was all for fun to
read them.

Then, HOLY SWINGERS BATMAN!, there was an ad with a photo of Dave and
Ruth. You could see their faces clear enough to know that it was them. It
read: "White married couple seeks young college aged couples. Prefer with
bi female. Single bi females also welcome." Then there was a PO Box in
Santa Barbara.
Dave and Ruth were swingers and they wanted bi girls? Ruth was bi???
That was news and a bit of shock to both of us. If she was maybe that was
the reason that neither Dave or Ruth were upset that Susie also liked
girls. Not only that they were looking for college aged couples. Ruth was

now in her 30's and Dave was in his 40's.

Valentine's day was coming up in a few days and the school was having a
dance. Nobody had asked Susie to go but then some her other friends didn't
have dates for the dance either. They decided that they should go

She also brought home a flier about it. It said that they also wanted
chaperones for the dance. Dave said I should go. I could go and be there
with Susie without being her date and drawing attention. Sounded good to
me and I let her sign me up for it.

When the day came it wasn't too bad they had dressed the gym up with
streamers all over. They had some decorations around. They didn't have a
band, but they had a guy up on the stage with a lot of records. If you
asked him he might play a song for you as a request. I hung out with the
other chaperons teachers and other parents. I had some rounds to make
making sure the students hadn't slipped off somewhere. I also talked to
some of Susie's friends since they knew me as the college guy that lived at
her house.

Some of the teachers even danced with the students. If they could do it
so could I and I danced a couple of times with Susie. I even did a few
with some of her friends. Of course they were fast dances. There was no
way I could get away with doing a slow dance with Susie and I hadn't with
anyone else. But afterward I took a few of Susie's friends home. We got
home and a bit tired but we had a good time but now we could have an even
better time. We were going to sleep together, as we always did but we
would be going to sleep after we made love together.

This year Susie had her Spring break a week later than me. I didn't do
much but try to get my ducks in a row for next year. I had sent off he
applications for grad school and to the Park Service to see if I could get
a summer job with them.

By the time she had her break, I was back in school, but Ruth and Susie
were going to go on a bit of a Spring break together. That left me and
Dave home alone, two men on our own. We really didn't do much, just hung
out together. We watched some TV together and played a game together one
night. I was home earlier than him so I'd cook something or more likely
defrost and reheat something that Ruth had left for us. But there was a
little time when I could watch the films that I had bought. Susie hadn't
seen them yet as we didn't have the chance. I must say they looked pretty
sexy. As I was putting back the projector in Dave's closet, I took a good
look around there. I found the box of films that he had there. I'd guess
he and Ruth watched, especially this past summer when Susie and I were down
at my mom's house. They didn't seem much different from the ones I bought
but some of the girls in them were older. But most were young girls,
either with boys or other girls. There were a couple of them where the
girls were with men and also some with women. I thought it best that I not
tell him that I had seen them.

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