a young man meets the love of his life but she is a 9 year-old girl
It's Like Déjà-vu, All Over Again, part 3

Copyright(C) Tanya Writer 2013

Chapter 28 - Separation? Spring 1983

The quarter seemed to go by fast and I was happy that I got accepted
into two grad schools, so I had my choice. But what of the summer? A
couple of weeks before Memorial Day, I got a letter from the Park Service
That informed me I was going to be hired for the summer. I got my first
choice: Antietam. I quickly accepted the grad school at the University of
Maryland. Well that was set, but now how to handle Susie? Would this mean
the end of us together?
I did love her and wanted to be with her, but I needed to move on with
my life and where ever my career would take me. What would she think of
this and how would she take it? What did she want of this and of me? What
of our relationship? For that matter what of the Wagners? All these

questions were running through my mind.

At dinner I dropped the bomb on them that I had the job offer and I
wanted to take it and I could go back to school in the fall, in Maryland to
work on my MA in history. Dave suggested that we talk about it after

Ruth left the dishes on the table and we all went into the living room.
Dave said, "I can understand that you need to do what you need to do to get
your life started, but what about Susie? What will you do about her?"

I said, "That presents a real problem for me. I love Susie and want to
be with her, and yet I need to do this for myself too. I'm kind of torn
apart about this."

He turned to Susie and asked, "What do you think about all this?"

She was about in tears. She said, "I love him and I don't want him to
leave me. I want to be with him."

I told her, almost crying myself, "I wish I could have you with me too.
I love you too."

Dave asked, "What will you do then, write each other for the four years
that Susie will be in high school?"

"I guess we could do that, call and talk. I know it's not the same as
being together. But what else can we do? I wish I could bring her with
me, but that isn't possible."

Ruth spoke up, "Why isn't that possible? Why can't she live with you?"

Dave quickly said, "This brings up legal problems. She would need a
guardian to live somewhere her parents weren't."

Ruth said, "Why would she need one? She already has two, you and me."

Dave said, "Because she would need one there."

"So why can't one of them be there?" Ruth replied.

"How can that be if Dave is working here?' I said.

"David does have his job here. He has always worked outside of the
home. But I've worked too. My job has always been taking care of Susan.
Why should that change?"

I said, "So what are you saying is that you would come to Maryland too?"

"Why not? I can be there with Susan, one parent works just as well as
two. David, how long before your project will be done?"

"I think by the end of summer or early fall at the latest," Dave

She asked "What will you do for work after that?"

Dave said, "Same as I always do, find another project. If you're going
to Maryland, there are always things be done in the Tidal Basin around DC."

Ruth said "Then I can take Susan there and David, you can join us there

Dave said "OK. I'll check out the jobs around there and see what I can
get going."

This might work, I thought. I could still live with them and Susie, and
we could be together. I'd need several years to finish my schooling.
Susie still had her high school years ahead of her. We could make Maryland
our home for the next few years. Susie was all in agreement with it. She
packed up and moved every few years anyway it didn't matter to her where
she lived. She only wanted to be with me, and I was happy with that.

Dave said, "Since we are all in agreement, then we need to work on the
next step: you'll need a place to live there. Of course we will rent a
house as we always do, but you'll need to find something near to Tom's new
job and where he will be going to school."

Ruth said "It doesn't need to be quite that way. We could take a short
rental near Tom's work. That would work for the summer, when he goes to
school we can move to somewhere closer to his school, and place that would
be more permanent."

"OK," Dave said, "Where will you get a summer rental?"

Susie spoke up, "How about a nudist club?"

Ruth said, "That is a good idea! They always have places that are open
for the summer. Most cabins have most things you need and you only need to
bring your personal things."

"OK," Dave said "Let's see if we can find a nudist resort near Tom's new
job. Then we will see if we can get a cabin for you there for the summer."

Those problems were easy enough to work out. I now had a harder job to
tell my mom that I was going to be moving to the east coast. I chickened
out and didn't call her that night. I called her the next night.

"Hi mom, are you planning on coming up for my graduation?"

She said, "I'm looking forward to seeing it and I can't wait to see you!
I'm so proud of you, son! If your dad was alive he would be just as proud.
When you were little he and I talked about our lives to come, and how we
wanted to see our sons grow up and become men. Your dad wanted you to be a
college graduates. That was something he never was, but he wanted better
for his boys."

Then I told her "I'm going to continue my education, and I'm going to
get a masters degree, maybe even go on to get a PhD in history. "

She asked, "What will you do with that?"

"I could do research also I could teach as a college teacher, maybe at a
university." Then I told her, "I got a job for the summer."

She asked, "You're not going to go back to the pool again, this year?"
She said a little surprised.

"No, I'd love to for one more summer but I got a historian's job with
the Federal Government."

She was a impressed with that and asked, "What will you be doing, and

"I'd be a summer park ranger," I replied.

She said " Oh Tom that's I so nice! Where will you work?"

I told her, "Antietam."

She said "Where is that?"

"Maryland," I said.

"You mean on the east coast? Tom, you are going to go so far away?
Where are you going to go to grad school?"

"I got accepted at the University of Maryland," I told her.

"If you are going so far! What are you going to do with that Wagner

"Well, I still love Susie and she loves me. She's going to come with
me," I told her.

"Oh Tom, you can't live with a child," mom moaned.

"She's not a child mom, she's young, she's going to be fourteen soon."
(Well in half a year, but I didn't tell her that.) "And she'll be in high

"Yes, but she still can't live with you," mom protested.

"I know," I said, and I went on to explain: "Her mom is going to come
with her. Her dad will join us later when his work is done here."

"Well I'm glad for you, but I'd be lying if I said that I hoped you
would have come to your senses and left that little girl, for a proper
girlfriend," she sniffed.

"She isn't a little girl and she isn't always going to be young," I
said. "She'll always be younger than me. But so what -- when I'm 60 she
will be 51, will it be that big a difference then?"

"No but I don't want to see anything happen to you. I worry about you
just as I do about Andy being in the Marines. What if something happened
to him or you, or even Matt? I don't need more heartache in my life," mom
sniffed a little, on the verge of tears. "Your dad's death was enough for

"Speaking of my dear brothers, how are they?"

"Andy made lance corporal," she proclaimed. "But I don't know what that
Susie of yours did to Matt."


"He and Sheila broke up. But then he goes out and gets an new

"Good for him!" I cried.

"No! not good! She's another 7th grader."

"Be happy mom! She could have been a 5th grader like Susie. Besides
you'll love Susie more when she makes you a grandmother."

"Tom, you better not," mom warned. "Not for a long time, not with that
little girl."

"I thought you liked Susie," I teased.

"She's a nice sweet kid, but she's just a kid," mom huffed.

"She won't always be a kid. If you're worried about me, don't," I
assured her. "We're careful and in a few years she will be old enough and
there won't be any problems."

"You just make sure there aren't," she cried. Then she switched
subjects, "I know Matt will come to your graduation. I don't think Andy
will make it. He said they are going to send him overseas soon, to Japan."

"Let me talk to Matt," I asked.

She put Matt on the phone.

"Hey you little runt, I hear you got a new girlfriend. What happened to

"Wait a second --OK mom's gone," Matt held the phone close to his mouth
so he could keep his voice pitched low. "Sheila liked hanging around with
all her girlfriends so much she didn't have time for me. It's as if she
acted like a dyke some times. She used to, you know, suck me, but she
wouldn't even do that anymore."

"Mom says the new one is a 7th grader too."

"Look, don't tell mom, but she isn't in 7th grade. Dee is in 6th, she's
just kinda tall and she has a little bit of boobs so we told mom she's in
7th grade," Matt confided.

"Well you know I can't fault you, and I wouldn't rat you out," I assured
him. "I don't know if you know this but Susie was in 5th grade when we

"I kind of figured it was something like that. You do sex and stuff
with her?" Matt wanted to know.

"Ah come on, you want me to kiss and tell?"

"Well I know that you're putting the meat to her now, but did you do it
then, when she was in 5th grade I mean?" he kept probing.

"Why you wanting to know that?" I asked with a grin. "Are you hoping
Dee will put out for you?"

"Yeah I wish she would," Matt sighed. "All I ever got so far was to
play with her tits and finger her some by reaching into her panties. I
wish some girl would put out. I want to get fucked so bad."

"Patience my son, it will come in its own time," I explained, being the
seasoned pro that I was. "Remember, you'll get more pleasure out of it if
you are giving her pleasure as well. It's a mutual thing; not something
where you just use each other to yourself get off. Besides fucking isn't
where it's at; what you want is to make love, with someone you care about,
not some wham bam thank you ma'am."

"OK," he sounded unconvinced.

"Hey if you can bring her up here if you can," I said. "I'd like to
meet her."

"You're not going to try and steal her are you?"

"No! I promise!" I cried. "Besides I'm leaving after graduation."

"To where?"

"Maryland," I said.

"What's there?"

"A job and more school," I informed my little bro. "Ask mom she'll fill
you in."

"OK. Susie going to be at your graduation?" Matt asked.

"Yes. Now who has a thing for who's girlfriend?" I teased.

"Ha ha! Well I'll come and I'll try and bring Dee if she wants to, and
her parents let her. And mom lets me bring her," he said.

"Tell mom, I said she should let you bring her. Tell her goodbye. I
got to go now," and I hung up, a bit relieved.

Well, I thought to myself, I got out of that one alive.

Finals were upon me so fast. I hardly had time to think. Susie's
graduation was on Thursday evening. I went with Dave and Ruth, and I think
it would be a close contest as to who was more proud of her. After the
graduation she boarded the bus from the high school where it was held back
to her school for the graduation dance where I had agreed to be a chaperone
again. How could I turn down being at her graduation dance? By now
several of the teachers knew me and know that I was a college student that
boarded with her family, so they accepted that we knew each other. They
didn't think it too strange if I danced a few dances with her as long as I
did my chaperon duties. The end of the night they played a slow song. We
took an chance and danced that one together. It was great. I whispered in
her ear how much I loved her. As soon as the dance was over she collected
her friends as I was to drive them home again. But when we got home we
made love, tender love.

I got up early the next morning to study before my last final. After I
took it, I knew that I passed and I was done. Graduation for me was on
Sunday. I had sent directions to mom how to get to the Wagner's. Mom and
Matt and Matt brought Dee, they arrived in her car, then we went all
together to the university. They all sat together while I got my cap and
gown, and got in line. It was a great feeling to walk across the stage and
receive my degree. Well not really, you just got an empty folder you can
put it in. The real degree was mailed a few weeks later, after all the
grades were in to make sure you did graduate. I had it mailed to mom's
house I knew she would forward it to me.

Afterward we all went to lunch. Since everyone knew everyone except
Dee, Matt had to do the introductions. Dee was in fact tall but built a
bit like a long stick, with a mop of blond hair and cute blue eyes. As
Matt said she did have some boobs, but I don't think she was packing much
in that training bra. I wondered if she stuffed it. I was sure Susie
would be happy to find out just what she had in her cups.

When we had a second alone, Susie asked me, "What happened to Shelia?"

I had told her "I think that Shelia has slipped over to being lesbian
and that was why she isn't with Matt any more. Maybe, you know, it might
best that Dee stick to boys, at least for now."

While Susie and I had been busy with school work, Ruth had been busy on
the phone and through the mail. She did in fact find us a cabin to rent
for the summer. Since were already members of the nudist society they
accepted us and we just had to pay for the rental and to join their club.
It didn't cost all that much to join. Dave and Ruth covered the cabin
cost, and of course Susie's membership, so I just needed to pay for mine.
The Wagners were going to pay for mine too, but I hadn't let them. Working
for the Park Service will be paying more than the pool would.

On the Monday after graduation I packed my things from the Wagners and
put in my car. The rest were packed for Dave when he would join us. I
left a day ahead and drove down to mom's where I packed up my things and
get more of the things that I'd want to have with me. I got to spend a
little time with mom. We tried to call Andy down at the Marine base but
his unit moved out a couple of days before and he was now in Japan so we
wouldn't be able reach him for a couple more days.

I also a spent a couple of hours with Matt. We went around to the mall
so I could get a few things. It also gave me a few minutes to talk to him
without mom. We talked of our girlfriends. I told him, "I met Susie when
she was in my swimming class and saw me rescue a girl. She how she thought
that I was kind of her hero, but she got to know me more and liked me not
as a hero but for the person I was. I like her for the same thing. I
didn't like her because of her age, but rather in spite of it."

Matt admitted "I like Dee because she's a 6th grader. I liked that
she's young and I like her small titties, and her hairless pussy."

I told him, "If you stay with her, someday her boobs will grow out and
she would get hair. How will you feel about her then? I admit that I
liked those things about Susie too, but it was just fun that she was that
way, but I liked her for her and not for her body. But it was nice that I
did liked her body too. "

He listened, I wasn't sure how much he would take in of this. I knew
that he wanted to get laid and he might have thought that a younger girl
might not know so much and she could be tricked or fooled into his bed.
Also if she was a virgin, she wouldn't know if he was any good in bed
because she didn't have anything to compare him with. I'm sure the first
time, he would know if she was a virgin but he wouldn't let her know that
he was too. I told him to be careful about getting her pregnant and the
need for birth control.

Chapter 29-- Moving

Ruth and Susie came down the next morning. Ruth had swapped cars and
was driving the Oldsmobile because it was a station wagon and Dave was left
with the Chevy. They had it mostly filled with the things they would want
and need. Also they took some things just so there was less for Dave to
take later. I had my car filled up, the trunk and also the back seat. We
decided that Susie would ride with me some of the time, and some with her

We both had a walkie talkie so that we could talk to each other while
driving. It wasn't for just chattering but we could tell the other if
there was a problem, needed gas, or a bathroom break was needed on our
three to four day trip. We both had maps of the route. We would stop in
motels for the night. Ruth would get the room and claim that Susie and I
were her kids, just that I was older and driving their other car.

We drove until after dark. This became our pattern. We would then get
a motel room. Ruth took one bed and Susie and I had the other. At least
for the trip there was no fooling around for us as we couldn't have sex
with her mother in the next bed.

We did make good time. It was a bit of work to find the resort, but we
finally found it and we got one of their cabins. It was one of their
better ones that was meant for more than just a weekend. We had one room
for sleeping and a kitchen and bathroom. The club wasn't bad, sort of the
usual thing there a pool, volleyball courts, and shuffleboard as well as a
club house with a larger kitchen.

We got settled in and I was off to work the following Monday. I was
given a tour of the battlefield. I had read a lot and seen photos, but
there is nothing like seeing it yourself. I knew quite a bit of the battle
since I had written a paper in class about it. That is what I think got me
this job when I sent it to them.

Some of my work was mundane: starting the film of the battle, or minding
the book store, but luckily this was not all of what I did. As I learned
more of the battle and battlefield, I got to do more with the public. It
was fun giving my first ranger talk. I got some interesting questions and
also some strange ones too, but it kept me sharp.

I did have fun, almost as much fun as I did in the summers at the pool,
but of course it was a much different fun. I still checked out the women.
Most were older, but some of them weren't.

What was fun was when they brought the kids. I could check out the
girls. The younger ones didn't have a real clue what was going on here.
But it was the girls from about 10 to 12 that I was interested in. They
were getting to be the kind of girls I was getting to like. As they got
into their teens being here or being with their parents anywhere was the
last thing they wanted. Most didn't seem to care about the whole thing.

It was the boys that were more interested in the battlefield.

Ruth of course, knew that we had sex together, she told us that just
because she was there didn't mean we couldn't carry on with the sex life,
we had. We needn't worry about her being there. We could do anything we
wanted any time, as long it was in the cabin. She also cautioned Susie
about being with other girls here. If she was going to do that she should
be alone. Also she need to watch the ages of the girls she had sex with.
She needed to try and stay away from some of the younger girls she liked.

Then Susie split the beans. She asked mom if she was going to be having
sex too. Ruth was taken aback about the that claiming that Dave wasn't
here. Susie told her that we knew that she and her daddy were swingers.
Ruth got a little red in the face. Susie told her that I had bought a
swingers magazine once for fun and saw the ad it that she and daddy had

Susie said, "I knew that you and daddy wanted couples with bi girls or
single bi girls. Mom, how long have you been bi?"

Ruth admitted, "I have been bi since I was about 19. I did with another
girl and I liked it. David was OK with in, and in fact he got into it too.
Not that he was bi, but he liked to watch me with another girl. We also
had other couples. We would switch. I'd have her boyfriend or husband
while David had the other girl. It was that one time the girl wanted to do
it with me. So I let her. I found that I liked it."

Susie was pushing it now, "Why do you and daddy want college girls and

Ruth's response "You sure know everything don't you? Yes both David and
I like younger girls, and I like a young man as well. It's nice, if the
guy it's like David was when I was first having sex. David likes to have a
young girl. Of course he couldn't have a 9 or 10 years old like he did
then with me when we started. But he does likes young girls, but legal
ones were the only ones we would play with now."

She asked "Is daddy OK with you being on your own and swinging here
without him?"

"Yes it's OK with him if I was with another woman or even couple. It
might depend on the guy, but most likely I wouldn't play with a single
guy," she replied. "It's OK if David played around with someone there.
Our marriage is strong enough for that and there is no jealousy between us.
Rather we've a lot of trust in each other. Susan, you need to be careful
about the ages of the girls you play with. Are you going to play with
other boys?"

"No Tom is enough man for me," Susie announced.

Susie turned to me and asked, "Do you want any other girls?"

I told her truthful "I'd only be with one if you are there and the girl
wanted a guy in addition to a girl. But also we would have to watch the
ages too. I might be hard to find a girl old enough to be with me and
still young enough to be with you."

Ruth pointed out that in Maryland girls of 16 could give legal consent.
Also that if she wasn't more than 2 years older than Susie she wouldn't get
in trouble. Susie wasn't quite 14 yet, so it was kind of dicey.

But after the first week there the whole thing was taken out of our
hands. During that week the place was kind of slow but the weekends things
picked up as families came in for the weekend. But that Saturday, two
couples were found off in the bushes as it were, having sex. There was a
big to-do. Even worse for them, the women at the moment they were caught,
were in an intimate act with each other. Both couples were kicked out of
the club, and their membership rescinded. They were lucky the cops weren't
called. The club made sure that every knew that any sexual activity at the
club was forbidden. Since this was a new club to us, it was best that
Susie not try to meet any girls for sex. Ruth thought that she was better
off not trying to meet anyone either. Of course that meant I was out of
the loop for anything with anybody else. But what did I care about that? I
had Susie. What we did together in our cabin was nobody's business. There
was a lock on the door and curtains on the windows.

For Ruth and Susie there is only so much lying around by the pool
sunbathing one can do. Susie got into reading my history books I had
brought with me. I also bought several books on the battle and the Civil
War in general. She read them like they were going out of style. She got
though some books that a girl just going into high might not have been able
read, so I thought, but there I was selling Susie short. I should have
known by this time how bright she was. Susie came with me to work one day
she got to sit around when I was inside minding the desk. She must have
seen the film on the battle five times that day. But when I was going a
talk she was right there listening, along with the others. She even asked
some questions, some good ones.

I'd get a couple days off, so we decided to make good use of them we
were so close to Washington that we went there. We made several trips
there, over the summer to the city. We went to the National Zoo where
Susie enjoyed seeing the pandas. We went to all the museums of the
Smithsonian. The Air and Space was cool and the Natural History was great
all the dinosaurs were a sight to see. Both Susie and I were very slow
going through American History museum we wanted to see everything and not
be in a rush. When we went to the Portrait Gallery where Susie didn't know
all the people so I got to play teacher for her. We had conversations
about history and various people in history on the way home. Ruth just sat
listening with a happy face that her daughter and her boyfriend could and
would carry on conversations like that.

We passed the summer with me working and them hanging around the club,
when I was at work. But sometimes Ruth would take Susie and they would go
off shopping, either for food or other things. It was their chance to be
away and be mother and daughter.

On the fourth of July they had a beauty pageant at the club. Susie
competed in the 9 to 13 division. I was lucky to have that Monday off as I
had worked the weekend before and I got to watch. Susie came in third out
of 12 girls competing. She was very happy.

On one of the trips Ruth and Susie made while in a city, they saw an
adult store. Susie couldn't go in with her, and Ruth couldn't just leave
her in the car and go in the store. She noted the location. When I got
home, Susie told me about it and Ruth told me where it was. They thought
that we should go there and check out the place. Susie would have to wait
in the car. I agreed to go on my next day off.

Susie and Ruth had ideas as to what we should get. We decided to go in
one at a time, but before we went to the bank and took out some cash. I
went in first and looked around, most of it looked like the typical things
I had found in Santa Barbara. Also back in a corner was a lolitots/Lolita
section. I noted that there were sales signs all over it. I asked they
guy why. He said her wanted to get rid of it. He wasn't going to buy any
more and he didn't want to get stuck with inventory he would have to
destroy. He thought that the winds of change were coming, and that he
wouldn't be able to sell it any more. He wasn't sure if people could have
it either. So he said all those things must be sold for cash, no checks or
credit cards for it taken, he said that way he didn't know who bought it.

The magazines were mostly sold out. But he did still have decent
selections of 8mm films. I asked about if I bought 12 would he give me a
good price. He said that if I bought 12 he would sell them to me for the
price of 9. I picked out 12 of them and brought them to the counter and
then went back and choose some paperbacks that I thought that Susie and I'd
enjoy reading. I got my purchases paid and left.

I went back to the car and showed Ruth and Susie. We were in the back
of the lot so no one would be seeing what I had bought. We went and had
lunch and then came back. Again we parked a ways away from the store.
This time Ruth went in. She choose other paperbacks too, then moved over
to the Lolita section. She asked about the sale prices and got the same
answer, and about the cash only on them. She asked about a bulk discount,
he said OK. Ruth had more money than I did so she bought 20 films and he
charged her for 15. Between the two of us we had cleaned out most of his
stock of films. Ruth said it looks like the day's sale of them made him
happy. She also bought herself a swingers newspaper.

We had a good selection of films. About the only ones we didn't get was
the boy/boy or boy/man films. I told her about the books, films, and
magazines I bought before in California and that I brought them with me in
a sealed box in my car. While the films we couldn't watch because Dave had
the projector back in California, but we could look at the magazines and
read the books. Ruth admitted that she and Dave had some like these and
they watched them. That's why they bought the projector.

That night both Susie and I were excited. Ruth knew that we would be.
She said that it was OK if we made love that night. We turned out the
lights but it was not pitch dark I know that Ruth could see us under the
sheets with us doing a 69 and then finally finished with me on top of
Susie. During the day while I was at work either Susie or Ruth would spend
some time reading the books or looking at the magazines. Of course they
would masturbate while spending time with the book or magazine. It made
for some interesting letters Ruth wrote to Dave and what he wrote back.

It was a bit boring for the both of them with nobody for either of them
to play with except me for Susie. One day while I was working Susie told
me that her and her mom got one of the lesbian magazines, and they looked
at it together and they masturbated themselves together while looking at
it. Ruth would also masturbate while she watched Susie and I make love. We
got so that we might do it so that Ruth could see us and watch so she could
get herself off watching us.

By the time summer was ending, it seemed that Susie had grown, she was
now about 5' 4" she was still thin but she as beginning to fill out. She
was out-growing her training bras. Ruth took her out and bought her a
proper A cup bra. She was also growing more hair on her pussy and Susie
asked about shaving it. Ruth told her that she would shave herself that
night and Susie could watch. We both actually watched. Then she shaved
Susie per Susie's request. Susie was back looking like the little girl she
was when I met her. I told her I liked her looking like that. Susie said
that since I liked it so much that it would be my job to keep her shaved,
so that became my job from then out.

With the school year soon to start, Ruth rented a house near the
university. It was another four bedroom with two bathrooms near College
Park. One bedroom for the parents and the other for me and Susie. We
moved in. When the neighbors came over to welcome us, Ruth told them that
Susie was her daughter and that I was her husband's son from a previous

Dave finished up the project in Santa Barbara and joined us a few weeks
later. He rented a moving truck to bring all the things from the house in
Santa Barbara. He was towing his car behind. He stopped down at my mom's
and picked up the things that I had packed and set aside for him.

He'd gotten a job working on management in the Tidal Basin. This not
what he was used to; he usually designed and then supervised the project
being done. Here he was one of a number of people that operated the tidal

Chapter 30 Susie's High School Years September 1983

We started back to school, me in grad school and Susie in high school.
Susie knew that this was not California, and things wouldn't be the same as
back there. She tried not to get to know bi girls and concentrated on her
studies instead. She also found out that her high school had a gymnastics
team and decided to join. She spent a lot of time learning the moves,
practicing as much as she could. She worked hard to get better weekly, but
she was coming from almost nothing, so she had a long way to go. It seemed
all she had time for was school studies, and workouts. Of course when she
wasn't too tired we had our sex life together. I seemed to be enough for
her and she didn't go looking for other girls.

Dave and Ruth in living near another college town they were very much
looking for co-eds and co-ed couples. Sometimes they brought them home,
rather than pay for a motel. Sometimes they were a little embarrassed to
meet me and Susie. It also gave them an idea of how old they were since
they had Susie. They could introduce me as a boarder, so I was nothing,
other than they might run into me on campus. I only had Susie and now She
had only had me, since she was so busy. Dave and Ruth went out with
couples as much as they could and left us home alone. Dave had left the
projector in his office for us to use. He showed me how to set it up and
operate it. We had about 70 short films that Susie and I could watch.

We passed the year that way. Us busy with school and Dave and Ruth
having a great time, with as many co-eds they could get. When we got free
time, we would continue our exploration of Washington. The four of us went
to the White House and had a tour of the Capitol. We saw all the other
things there was to see the in DC. It was a bit spooky to go to Ford's
Theater, and the house across the street and see the room where Lincoln
died. It made a real impression on Susie. She felt like she was living a
bit of history.

I was able to get back working with the Park Service in the summer, back
where I was last year. Susie spent her time hanging out. She found a pool
and joined a summer swim team. That gave her something to do.

The rest of the time, she spent with Ruth. Ruth was teaching her
household management. She cooked and sewed and other domestic pursuits,
but despite her being deep in the hormone hell of puberty, she never
changed she was still the same nice and friendly little girl that I first
knew. She seemed every inch in love with me and she still had her sharp
mind and she knew more than she did before. She loved history as much as I
did. She said it was because was about people. She was able to read
people even better than she did before.

She was maturing into quite the young lady. She was still cute and had
gone through a few different styles of glasses as she was growing. By the
end of the summer we had been together 5 years. She had grown and was now
about 5 foot 6 inches. She had more hair on her pussy but that was my job
to keep her neat and clean there but she was still thin, not more than 115
pounds. She had grown to be an A cup, but she seemed not to have gotten
any bigger. Her areolas were still puffy even if her breasts weren't all
that big. The next year passed about the same as the last. Susie had
gotten better at her gymnastics we all went to see her meets, a change from
when she would come to watch me in the swimming meets and water polo games,
but just as exciting to see her perform. She passed her fifteenth birthday
that year. She didn't have to work as hard on the routines so she began to
babysit some for the neighbors. I think she liked to look at the girls she
babysat, but she didn't do anything with them. She would still come home
and tell me about them. She would tell me what she would like to do with
her. It would get us both hot, then fuck like minks. For me the year was
busy with my thesis and finishing my MA. I was able to get into the
program and began working toward my PhD at the University of Maryland.

During Susie's junior year she met another girl that it turns out was
bi. They became girlfriends. Leslie spent a great deal of time with Susie.
I guess I was a bit jealous of the time that they spent together. Also I
knew that she was having sex with Susie in our bed, while I had to be in
the other bed in the other room. It meant that it was another night I was
not with Susie.

We did have our differences, but I knew that I loved her and wanted her
to be mine. We had been together now six years. Was she tired or me?
Dave and Ruth loved me and kind of felt for me as Susie and I had our
problems. It seemed that every time we disagreed on anything it was a big
thing to her. She said I was trying to run her life for her, but then
later she would came back and tell me she was sorry. By the end of the
year she was now sixteen, and she was now legal for Maryland. But by
summer she seemed to get her life together and went back to swimming on a
summer swim team. That got her away from Leslie and her attitude seemed to
improve without Leslie around.

Her last year of high school she was now good enough that she could
medal in different events. She loved the floor exercise and balance beam,
she didn't care for the vault and could take or leave the uneven bars. But
she tried as best she could with all of them, because that was the person
she was.

But with all if it I could tell she was stressed. I was too, besides my
class work there was my dissertation to do. Sometimes I didn't have much
time for her or anything else. I was constantly tracking down sources and
seeing how the new information fit into my thesis. My idea was that R.E.
Lee at Gettysburg was not his self. He was suffering from heart disease
and may have had a small heart attack in the time before the battle. Also
I looked at the way he delegated command and allowed his subordinates to
plan a lot of the battle. It required me sometimes to travel up to
Pennsylvania to the battlefield for a couple of days. That in a sense was
a source of tension and also a relief for it as it removed me from being
around her. It also removed my stress from her.

By then end of the year my work was coming together. It made me feel
better. I could support her more. Her gymnastics year was over. She
could let her hair down. She was 17 I was 26. She was legal we could now
date openly. I went to her prom with her. That was something. I was the
oldest guy there but they also were amazed that I was a college graduate.
Susie snagged herself a "smart one."

Her prom was held at a hotel ballroom in a large hotel in a town nearby.
I decided that she should get the works. While her mom got her a dress and
had her hair cut, I arranged for a limo to take us there. It was a nice
dance and we got to dance a lot, something we never got to do before. I
whispered in her ear as we slowed danced near the end of the evening, did
she remember when we danced like that when she graduated from 8th grade?
It seemed that the tension of the past year was passing and we enjoyed
being with each other again.

I got a hotel room for us for after the prom where she could continue to
party with her friends afterward. She choose two other couples that she
was friends with. They didn't know me and they were introduced to me. We
didn't tell them that I lived in her house. They were just impressed with
me and that Susie had gotten a college guy, especially one getting an
advanced degree. She had a great time and I had more planed after her
graduation. It turned that she finished end of May and I got my degree in
mid June.

I went to her graduation with Dave and Ruth, we were all proud of her.
When she came off the stage and joined us after, I gave her a big kiss in
front of a lot of people. It was more of our coming out, as a couple.
Dave and Ruth took us out afterward to a nice restaurant to eat.

I gave the nod to Dave and he had an excuse to pull Ruth away from the
table. While they were gone, I got down on my knee and opened the ring box
I had with me. I asked Susie to marry me. At first she wasn't sure that
it wasn't a joke, but then she realized it was real. I told her when I
gave her the birthstone when she turned ten that someday I'd give her a
real engagement ring. She kissed me and said of course she would marry me.
Dave and Ruth were watching a short way away. After she kissed me they
came back and we shared the happy news. It would take some time before she
was 18. We also had college for her to think about and where for me to

Chapter 31 Susie's College September 1987

I could work one more summer at the battlefield. It was a good time. I
had put out applications for jobs not only with the Park Service but also
with colleges. I heard back from one just after Memorial Day. I was
offered a one year contract to teach history at a Junior college in
Virginia. I'd take that, and Susie would move down there with me. But
then we had to be careful again because 18 was the legal age in Virginia. I
got an apartment and Susie moved into the dorms while she went to a nearby
University. We saw each other as much we could at my place without
attracting attention. It was a good thing, all-in-all, she did well there
not living with me or her parents, but she did came over and we celebrated
her 18th birthday. Her parents came down and we had a nice time. I made
dinner for everyone. Susie was a bit surprised that I could cook that

She was no longer doing gymnastics and had more time for school, but she
didn't go nuts with more free time she divided it between spending more
time with friends, and studying. She was hit on by some of the guys in the
dorms but She had to tell them that she already had a boyfriend. When they
didn't believe her, she would make sure they would know she was engaged,
then they would back off, but she didn't have to do that very much. She
tried to find out who was bi or lesbian and get to know them. Seems that
the lay off from girls during her high school years didn't lessened her
desire for being with another girl.

The one girl she had was her roommate, Shannon. Shannon was 18 and away
from home for the first time. She had been in a Catholic school. While it
was not an all girls school they did keep the students in line. Susie
determined that Shannon was a virgin. She had been dating boys and had
necked and petted with boys but none had gotten farther than second base
with her. Her life had been a bit sheltered, she ended up being a bit
naïve. Susie, with her judgment, was able to read her and found just the
way to get her into bed. She was often naked in front of her and
encouraged her to do the same. Also she flattered her with positive
compliments, something Shannon hadn't gotten much of. Shannon was not a
great beauty what with having the problems of an acne scared face. But her
skin had cleared up but it left its marks. She had long brown hair parted
down the middle, and her body was thin like Susie. She also had small
breasts, but a bit bigger than Susie. As Susie never went beyond her A
cup, her band got a bit bigger as she got a bit bigger around the chest but
not much.

It took a little time but soon enough Susie had her. They became
lovers. Shannon asked about Susie being engaged and did he know she cheated
on him with girls. She told her that I knew she was bi and that it was OK
with me if she was with other girls. Susie in her usual style taught
Shannon the ins and outs of lesbian sex. Soon she was eating pussy just
the way that Susie like it. Susie would also see me; we would be fucking
and she would be telling me what she and Shannon did together. Turns out
it didn't take her long before she was telling Shannon about our sex life.

Since Shannon still liked guys, just this thing with another girl was
all so new to her, she hadn't dated much at the college. Susie offered to
have Shannon come over one night for dinner at my place. I made dinner
with Susie's help and Shannon and I got to know each other. It was a bit
strange we shared the same lover, but after a while we felt comfortable
with each other. Or should I say she felt comfortable with me. I was cool
with her all along and we had her over a few more times as the year went

After about the sixth time, she had talked a bit about sex. Susie was
worked up and wanted to take Shannon into the bedroom. I gave them some
time to themselves while they had sex. Shannon was a bit embarrassed when
she came out of the bedroom, knowing that I knew she just had lesbian sex.
Susie and I made sure that she knew we were cool with that. She was just a
be embarrassed that anyone might know that she would eat pussy and instead
of having sex with guys.

After the ninth time over at my place and Susie and Shannon having sex,
Susie asked her if she would like it if I joined in or at least if there
was a guy there. She didn't have to do anything with me if she didn't want
to. The first time we did just that I watched the two of them together, I
was stroking myself, but I had to be careful that I didn't cum just from
watching them. Then Susie and I had a go at each other, while Shannon
watched. Afterward we had a group cuddle and Shannon felt OK doing that
with me.

The next time was more planned. We had dinner and went into the
bedroom. First it was Susie and Shannon. Then me and Susie. With our
group cuddle Susie asked Shannon if she wanted me to do anything for her.
She was OK with my playing with her breasts and fingering her some. But
she was a virgin and didn't want to go any farther. She did play with my
cock. It was her time of exploring. The next time it began the same way
but ended with my eating her. She got to see how men and women did it.
But despite they differences she liked the way Susie did it, but liked the
idea of me doing it better. She tried sucking me too. By the end of the
year Shannon was comfortable with both of us having sex with her. She
would be going home for the summer and over the summer Susie and I were
getting married. We tried to make one last time before the end of the
year. Shannon had decided that she no longer wanted to be a virgin. I was
going to be the one she gave it to.

We went to dinner and enjoyed it the food then went back to my
apartment. We undressed and went into the bedroom. This time it would be
Shannon and me together first. We kissed and I played with her breasts. I
was kissing her neck and ears as well has her mouth we were swapped
tongues. I was good and hard and I could feel her skin, it had warmed up, I
knew that if I put my fingers down to her pussy, she would be wet. But I
contented myself for a while with her breasts. I squeezed and petted her
breasts. I licked her areolas and sucked on her nipples. That got her
nipples to stand up very high and proud. As I was busy with her breasts,
Susie moved in and was kissing her. I moved down to her belly kissing and
rubbing it. Susie moved down and began to suck on her nipples I got
between her legs and she was very wet. It was a different taste then
Susie, but not unpleasant. I hadn't been working on her clit very long
before she climaxed the first time. I gave her a second to come down
before moving to the mouth of her vagina. I was licking her there trying
to get my tongue inside her pussy, to lick out her juices. I could feel
her hymen with my tongue. She seemed near to another climax soon. I got
up on me knees between her legs and Susie reached down and spread her lips
with one hand and took me in hand with the other guiding me into her. I
gave one big push and Shannon's hymen was no more. She gave a bit of a
squeal when I was all the way in her. I gave her another minute to get
used to me then I began to give it to her. She called out "Fuck me hard"
So that is just I did. I was pounding into her much harder than I did with
Susie. She was cumming again, and I joined her dumping a lot of my cum in

I went back to working again for the Park Service, back in Maryland
after we finished school. Susie had talked to Ruth during the year and
Ruth organized the wedding helping Susie pick out a wedding gown as well as
where to have it. The wedding would be at the end of August.

Chapter 32 -The Wedding and Beyond August 1988

It wasn't a very big affair. There was Dave and Ruth, and his parents.
Ruth's mom came alone as her dad had died. But none of their sisters or
brothers. Mom was here with me. (Much to my mom's relief that Susie was
now legal and nothing had happened to cause trouble.) Matt came, but Andy
was now stationed in Hawaii. (Life is hard!) He couldn't get leave. But
considering it was Hawaii and that I think he never did approved much of
Susie and me it wasn't surprising that he didn't come. Matt was a college
graduate too. I couldn't get to his graduation with work and all and I
told him that I was kind of sorry about that. But he was cool about it,
since I made him my best man. There were a few people we knew from the
school. My friends from grad school and her from her high school. She
considered Shannon for her maid of honor but decided to have a friend from
high school. I was just glad it wasn't Leslie. There wasn't much time
after the wedding for a honeymoon.

We started my second year teaching at my Jr. college and her at her
second year of university. But we moved this time into the married student
housing. At least with Susie 18 going on 19, we didn't have to hide any
more, we were a couple. We met some of the other couples in the housing,
most were older, some near as old as me, and grad students, but there were
a couple of couples that were undergrads. It gave Susie someone near to
her own age. She could make friends as she had in the dorm. I knew she
was hunting which girls might be bi and which couples might swing. Boy,
talk about like mother like daughter! She was interested in swinging with
other co-ed couples, but she didn't have much luck that way. Most of the
couple were like us, not married very long and they hadn't grown tired of
each other yet wanting to get into swinging. But it was fine with us as we
still had each other. We had been together now nine years. We had done
most things we had wanted to do with each other. We weren't bored, though.

We drove up and got Dave's projector. We made sure the drapes were
closed and you couldn't see through them. We had bought a video camera.
We ran our films and used the camera to video tape them so we now had them
on video since that was the new medium. I got a little creative while we
were putting them on the videotape. I put in a soundtrack of music to go
with the images, since the films were silent. You wouldn't be able to find
anything on film like this any more with or without sound. When we were
done Dave and Ruth wanted a copy of the tapes. That required a trip up to
see them. Once they were on tape we could put them in and watch them on
the TV. It was much nicer. We could also watch other videos. There were
getting to be more adult stores we could rent adult videos and watch them.
They would get us just as hot and we would be back fucking like minks again
like we use to do.

Susie was a history major like me, but she was interested in doing more
than I was doing. She wanted more and something that was more dealing with
people. We finished out the year but she wanted to change programs. She
wanted to be an education major. She would be a teacher, but not in a
college so we found another school for her.

I did my summer work again at the battlefield. It was a bit routine,
but I still enjoyed it very much. Susie came out sometimes and listen to
my talks and wonder around the battlefield. When I was off we still went
to a nudist resort which we had previously joined. It was nice that in the
PA, MD and VA we had a choice of them, where we could go, also we could
visit other clubs.

Susie became a education major with a history and science background.
She transferred to a college in Pennsylvania that fall. We ended up moving
into an larger apartment complex near the college. There was a mix of
people as it. It made it a little hard to get to know many people since
everyone had their own life and was moving in their own circles. They were
no longer all students, some were married of all different ages, even some
with kids. Others were singles, some with roommates, some not, just on
their own.

The year passed quickly with the only notable thing Dave being restless
to get back to doing projects again on his own, instead of just being in
the DC area working with the tidal basin. I once again, worked down on the
battlefield. I was starting to get some seniority there.

It was her last year for school. She had her head in the books too
much. She needed to get the classroom work done, as she was hoping to do
her student teaching during the Spring semester.

She taught at a fifth grade class. The idea of her teaching that level
took her back to when we were first starting out.

She told me she was checking out the girls and wondering how many of
them have lovers. She said some of them were cute but most of the girls
didn't have very much. Most were flat and that could be seen by the shirts
and blouses that clung to their chests and showed that they had nothing
there. She said by the end of the year a few of the girls were sporting
crop tops or training bras. But they were more for the wearing of them for
status rather than because they needed them. They were all still flat.
Even on the few occasions that they wore a top that would gap when they
bent over and Susie had the chance to see down them she said they were all
still flat. However that didn't stop her from liking what she was seeing.

She would come home and tell me about them and it would get us both hot.
She had taken photos of all of them and had their names on them so that she
could learn their names. It also allowed me to see them and know their
names, not that I ever saw them in person.

I got the opportunity to teach some new classes. This was in addition
to my teaching my regular history classes. I tried to offer a new class
dealing with the Civil War, the battles and what life was like for the men
who fought there. It was a modest success in terms of enrollment and the
chair of the history department liked my branching out and offering new
classes, but it was still a question if they would renew my contract next

Dave found a new job working on a dam project in North Carolina, and he
and Ruth were moving there. Now they would be more than a hour or so away.
But then they weren't so far that we couldn't see them not like my mom on
the other side of the country. Andy was happy being in the Marines. Matt
had gone on to college. He was quite a baseball player. I didn't know
that he had it in him. It wasn't likely that he would get an offer from a
pro baseball team, but he did have a chance to go into coaching, which what
seemed he more liked to do since he liked working with kids.

Dave and Ruth came up for Susie's graduation, where she graduated with
honors. It was quite a happy time for all of us. She had spent the last
month before graduation seeking jobs. I also was looking for jobs as the
short term contracts for a year or so was not furthering my career.

We decide to make a change from the middle Atlantic states. I got a job
with a university in Burlington, Vermont and moved there. Susie quickly
found a job teaching. As a reward to Susie for a job well done, we moved
out of our apartment and took a cabin at the nudist club for the summer.
Our plan was after the summer we would buy a house.

Susie had gotten a job teaching social studies and science in a new kind
of school, a middle school. This would be 6th, 7th and 8th grades
together. She would be teaching the 6th graders. She would of course teach
the homeroom studies, but in the middle school the teacher wouldn't teach
all the subjects as an elementary teacher would do, but she didn't just
teach history or science as a high school teacher would do. She seemed to
like that best and Susie got to know her students more and yet could work
with the history and science she loved.

With her being a teacher now, we need to keep a slightly lower profile.
We could still go to the nudist club, and enjoy that, but we need to be
careful about any contacts we made. At the club you really couldn't go
about scouting for swinging couple, as they frowned on sex around the club.
But if you got to know people outside of the club as well as there, then
you might get to know, some who were swingers.

We began to check swinger magazines for couples. Most were older ones,
not that I wasn't getting up there now since I was in my early 30's but
Susie being 22 and a half going on 23, she wasn't so old.

We met a couple, Jim and Vicky. He was in construction so he was in
good shape from working and tan a bit from working outdoors. He was in his
later 20's.

Vicky on the other hand was a thin petite woman in her younger 20's the
same as Susie. She was a cashier in a store. She was rather pale from
working indoors most of the time. She was as aggressively bi as Susie and
we guys got to spend our time watching the two of them going it at.

When I got the chance to have a go with Vicky she had a nice tight
pussy. It was no wonder since Jim was not packing all that much meat.

Susie was never one much for a big cock. I was always enough for her,
despite my being only average.

Vicky was as small up top as Susie and I liked it. But Jim ragged on
her always wanting her to have implants. Silly man couldn't appreciate a
hot little chest when he saw one. Needless to say Susie didn't do it so
much for him either.

We stayed with them for a couple of months. They broke it off when
wanted to have children. They wanted to make sure that any kid was Jim's
rather than anybody they were playing with.

We did get one last chance to play with them after Vicky was pregnant.
She was about 5 months along. I thought that is was sexy to play with a
pregnant woman. Susie liked it too and Vicky seemed to enjoy it.

But Jim was more put off by it. Her boobs hadn't gotten much bigger yet
from being pregnant. He was never into Susie so much, it was mostly for
Vicky, that she wanted to be with Susie.

I got the feeling that this couple were going to be trouble. Not only
for us but also for themselves. They weren't happy with each other. Vicky
it seemed took it out by being with women, but Jim had nothing, or at least
he seemed to regard Susie as nothing, that he was all that interested in.

After this experience we talked to Dave. We got some pointers how to
choose good couples, and what kinds to avoid.

Chapter 33 Susie's Job September 1991

When the school year came Susie had her first day of school. She got to
meet her class. There were 27 students, 15 girls and 12 boys. The boys
for the most part were smaller guys, most not having reached puberty yet.

Most of the girls were the same way but a few of them were sporting
training bras with a little something to go in them. While there was still
summer weather, the girls would wear skirts and dresses. Susie was able to
get a quick glance once in a while up the skirt to see a flash of panties.
There was even the occasional look down the top. Most of the girls didn't
wear a crop top or training bra and she could see their flat chest. But
once in a while she would get a glance and see a budding nipple and areola,
almost as exciting to her seeing a little training bra on a girl.

She took photos of all the class she said to help learn names, But she
could share with me. When she told me about a certain girl I had known who
she was and what she looked like.

Being the science teacher, Susie also had to teach the section on sex
education. I think that is the reason Susie wanted to teach science in
addition to history. She used the texts that the district provided and
stuck to the lesson plans. But she told the class that they could come to
her with questions or if they wanted they could write them and pass them to
her as note however they must put their names on them if they wanted
answers, in person. She told them they could get the answers in private or
written to them. Otherwise answers would be given in class of unnamed

The boys either didn't have questions or were too embarrassed to ask
her. But several of the girls did submit questions. Some of them about
things like periods and pads and tampons and the like. But some were more
intimate like masturbation, could it hurt you, or make you go blind?

One set Susie off, but she kept her professional cool, when the girl
asked about lesbian sex. She gave her the facts without judgment but
suggested desecration when trying that.

Susie told me about her, and that she was wishing she could teach her
all about it herself.

A few other girls had questions about their breasts. When would they
grow, was it normal for one to be bigger than the other? A couple wanted
to know if their breasts were normal. Susie arranged to meet them after
school. She had they girls show her their breasts. She got a good look at
them she reassured them that they were normal and that they looked very
nice and not to worry.

Other than Jim and Vicky we didn't swing with anyone else. We just had
our life together. We didn't search out others for now. The new jobs were
enough to keep us busy. We bought a house and began to settle in to it.

The year had gone by fast. By the end of the school year we had gotten
our lives together. We could enjoy the summer off. It was the first
summer I had off since I was in my first years of high school.

With us seeming to have settled in and had our lives together, we
decided that it was time for us to have children. Susie had her IUD taken
out it having been in there and done its job for like 12 years. This meant
that we needed to find that time that she was most likely to catch. It
took a few months without her IUD to get a regular cycle that we could
count on.

Once that was sent we now needed to be having as much sex as possible on
the days she was fertile. We used different things to get hot and ready
for sex. She would tell me about her students. Also we had our video
tapes we had made of the films we had bought years before. Watching the
kids in them never failed to get both of us hot.

Chapter 34-- A Hot Day Makes For Another Baby. May 2002

It was in the late spring we were having what passed for a hot spell,
for Vermont. We went to the club. Eddie was eight now and had his own
friends he could run with. Susie and I had been in the pool and went to
the showers to rinse off the chlorine. Back in a corner of the lockers we
saw them. Two girls, they looked about ten. They were very much into each
other and didn't see us as we came in. It stopped us in our tracks. They
were kissing and it didn't look like the first time they had done it. They
began to reach down and masturbate each other. One of them leaned down to
kiss and lick at her partner's little nubbin that passed for her breast.

We could now see both their faces. I thought that they looked a lot
alike, but I could see it now, they were twins.

I guess they thought they were out of sight, but they weren't so well
hidden. One girl didn't spend much time doing it before she dropped to her
knees, and began to lick her sister's hairless pussy.

I was as hard as I could be watching it. I looked over at Susie as her
nipples were standing out as hard as my dick was. She reached over and
stroked me a bit. She was spreading the precum I was producing around on
my dick by doing it.

At that point we had been standing there watching them for a few
minutes. I shifted my weight a little and it caused my knee to make a
popping sound. The place had an echo. So the sound was louder than

They both looked up to see us standing there. The one standing quickly
covered herself, and turned very red. Her eyes started to tear up. Her
sister looked at us and the collapsed on the floor sobbing.

Susie went over to her and began to soother her and get her off the
floor. It took a couple of minutes to get her stop crying.

Susie asked them their names. They were Gretchen who had been on the
floor and the one who had been the one standing was Bridget. It seems they
were embarrassed not only by having been caught but, the fact that they
were sisters.

Susie walked them over to the showers and I needed a cold one, to help
get rid of my erection. Susie needed it too as she was so wet from
watching them, it was running down the inside of the thigh.

After we all showered, she led them off to a more private place out on
the grounds. She sat them down and asked them how old there were. They
said they were ten years old.

While was Susie talked to them, I was standing nearby trying to keep
from getting another erection.

Susie asked them, "How long have you been doing this?"

Gretchen answered, "Four months. It isn't bad. We didn't do anything
wrong. We both like it."

Susie said "It isn't normally accepted -- girls doing those things
together by the general public. They don't accept it especially at your
age, not to mention you're sisters. But also this isn't the place to be
doing that."

The girls looked embarrassed and a bit guilty. But I don't think they
felt enough of either that they would stop doing what they were doing.

Susie explained that she didn't think that it was wrong for girls to be
together, nor did she think it bad that girls their age explore like that.
She told them not everyone thought like she did. She didn't have a problem
with the fact that they were sisters. She told them that they should not
be doing it here at the club. They could have been caught by someone other
than her. It might not have been a good thing if their parents found out
about them by their being caught.

She told them if they were going to be doing this they needed to make
sure they're in a very private place, like maybe their bedroom at home.
She got them to promise to do that away from the club. If they promised
she would not rat them out.

She also promised that they could come to her with questions about sex.
She would be happy to help them out. Bridget's face lit up and she asked,
"Would you do it with us?"

I was almost sure Susie would say yes. But she turned them down,saying
that "the club was not the place to be doing that." They were crestfallen
at that. She promised that before they or we left that day she would give
them our phone number and they could call with questions. Maybe if they
still had personal questions Susie said might meet them and help them with
whatever they wanted. That made them smile, broadly. Was Susie offering
to join them off the club?

Neither of us could wait to get home. Eddie got the fast shuffle off to
bed. I know Susie would love to be with them and I have to admit I'd like
it too. But for me that wasn't going to happen. We were two fuck bunnies
that night. We were both so excited and used positions that we didn't
normally use. We must have made enough noise that Eddie heard us.
Thinking back on it, were so aggressive that we must have displaced Susie's
IUD. I'm sure that night that Susie got pregnant again.

A few weeks later Susie did get a call. She talked to whomever it was
for a while answering questions about sex. I figured that it was one of
her students. Who ever it was she agreed to meet them the following
weekend. She left me at home with Eddie. While she went to meet them.
She later told me, when she came back, that she had met with Gretchen and
Bridget. Kind of unusual for Susie, but she didn't tell me anything about
her meeting with them. The next credit card statement there was a charge
for a nearby motel. But one thing for sure, when she got back that night,
she sure wanted sex with me.

Chapter 35--We meet Cathy and Bob September 2002

Susie was looking for a babysitter for Eddie when we were out. She
found a college student Cathy, advertising on a bulletin board. Susie
invited her over to interview her. Susie was a bit picky about who sat for
Eddie. Cathy got to know Eddie and she could reach him on his level. He
liked her, and she became his favorite babysitter.

Cathy, was an Irish girl, with the red hair of a colleen, that one would
expect. It turns out that Cathy was part of a couple, having just recently
got married to Bob. Cathy was 19 and Bob was all of 21.

When we met him, he made a point that he liked to be called Bob as he
didn't like to be called by his real name: Roberto. He said it reminded
him of his times growing up in New York City and being referred to as a
"PR." Not that he wasn't proud of being Puerto Rican, he just didn't like
being reminded of it, in the ways some people treated Puerto Ricans..

Susie had a way of getting to know people and worming their secrets out
of them. She found that Cathy was in a period trying to "find herself." As
a result she was "experimenting." She was trying out it with girls. So far
as Susie was concerned that experiment was going well.

Cathy was a little thing just the way that Susie liked them, me too.
Just being 5 foot tall and lucky to be 100 pounds, her breasts still not
much more than Susie's. Susie got her to shave herself the way that I
still did for Susie.

Bob was a cook in a restaurant, but he wanted to be an outdoor guy. As
a result he loved camping and hiking, and he was looking forward to take up
hunting. He bought a rifle and couldn't wait for deer season. He didn't
know where to hunt or how to sneak up on a deer, or even to find where they
hang out. What was even funnier, he'd no idea what to do with one after he
killed it. He was lucky he knew which end of the gun was the business end.
He admitted that he'd never eaten venison before, dispute being a cook.
But this was something a skinny kid from the big city wanted to do.

They actually turned out to be nice people, even if a bit naïve. It
seems that Cathy was not the only person willing to experiment. We got to
know them as a couple. We introduced them to nudism. Cathy especially
took to it like a duck to water.

One thing about being naked with them I noticed that Bob had a very
large pair of balls. Something he said began to grow when he met Cathy.
He said he gets so horny for her that they must have gotten bigger for her.
It did look a little strange with his dick looking like a normal sized one.

After a couple of times being in the club they got to feel at home and
began to make some friends there. We helped them with the membership dues
as well as sponsoring them to join. Susie and I did still go usually just
to have a little time to ourselves. Cathy would come over and sit with
Eddie. Since Eddie was naked around the house, she got use to being naked
there with him. As a result Cathy would sit for him in the nude.

Susie also spent time with her, going out to coffee or something with
her. It wasn't long before Cathy was willing to "experiment' with sex with
Susie. Cathy and Bob had talked about it and decided it might hot to watch
us, so we let them watch us have sex.

The next time we got together, Cathy agreed to try it with Susie to see
if she liked it. Cathy was very happy with having sex with Susie. We
talked more about it. The next time we got together. Bob and I watched
Susie and Cathy. Then Susie and I watched Cathy and Bob have sex. Then it
was our turn and they watched us again. A couple of weeks later we tried
our first foursome. It was the two girls together and then Bob and I
switched partners. He had Susie and I had Cathy

But we limited it to just oral the first few times. I'd eat Cathy and
then she would suck me. It worked the same way with Bob and Susie. But
Susie commented to me later that my cum had so much more flavor to it, if
you will. Bob's was just kind of watery didn't seem to be much to it.

Once they were aware that Susie was four months pregnant and just
beginning to show, they weren't so keen on full sex. But Susie was already
through her first trimester before we began switch partners for full
intercourse. By the time Susie was about 4 months along she was getting
very horny. She wanted as much sex as she could get. She was willing to
take me, or Bob, and Cathy went along with it happy to get stuffed by
another man besides Bob. We now into full partner swap. I didn't worry
about Bob cumming in Susie after all she can't get more pregnant. I just
assumed that Cathy was on the pill or something.

Then when Susie was about 8 months along Cathy missed her period, then
another. A visit to the doctor was in order. Yes she was pregnant. Turns
out that they were both Catholics they didn't use birth control. So you
gotta figure that something like that would happen sooner or later.

The doctor confirmed it, they were going to be parents. Bob was proud
of that. While they were there the doc suggested that they both get a
checkup. The doctor got one look at Bob's big balls and ordered some
tests. It took a couple of tests and a few days of waiting for the results
to come back. Turns out Bob's big balls weren't because he was hot for
Cathy. He had testicular cancer. Talk about the bottom falling out of
their world! The proud dad was in a world of trouble.

A few more doctor's appointments and a course of treatment was set for
him. He would have surgery to remove both of his testicles as the cancer
was in both. Well at least he was going to have one kid, before they were
gone. He was to get chemo to help make sure it didn't spread. But new
tests came back that it had already spread. Bob's big balls started
sometime before he met Cathy and it was only in the later stages that they
had gotten so big.

He started on his chemo, and it made him sick. Cathy was in her first
trimester, she was sick too. It seemed as Cathy got bigger Bob got
smaller. There was a large weight loss in him. He was sick and couldn't
work. Cathy was getting bigger and it wouldn't be long before she couldn't
work at her part time job, and would be out on maternity leave. But she
need to work as it was her health insurance that was paying for Bob's
treatment. It took a toll on them both so Susie and I decide to help. We
took them in and they lived in one of our spare bedrooms. At least that
cut down on some of their expenses.

It was about two weeks before Cathy's due date that Bob went into the
hospital. He was dying, we could all see it but he tried to stay strong
for Cathy. We visited often, Eddie would come with us. But he stayed out
for the most part being in the lobby or somewhere he didn't need to be
around a sick person. He spent his time taking care of his baby sister,
Michelle, we called her Shelly for short.

Bob couldn't fight any more and died. The strain of it all sent Cathy
into labor. The day after Bob died he became a dad. They knew it was
going to be a girl. They had agreed on an name --Angela. We ended up
calling her Angie for short. We were a little surprised when Angie was
born, because she was a blond.

Being in the hospital, Cathy was not in much shape to deal with planning
a funeral so Susie and I helped. Bob had wanted to be buried in New York
close to his family. Cathy's mother assured Cathy that it would be OK to
do that. She knew that someday Cathy would remarry and have a new husband.
She didn't need to be tied to one who had died.

I helped with the funnel arrangements. Bob had a service in Vermont for
his friends here. I had the chance to meet his mom and brother when they
came up to help with things. I could see the family resemblance in his
brother with dark hair and eyes, that Bob shared. But his mom was far
different. But as I learned about their family, it seems Bob's dad was
Puerto Rican but his mother was Hungarian. The burial was a week and half
later so Cathy could go. She took Angie with her to New York for his

With Cathy down in New York Susie came to me and asked me about Angie
and her blond hair. She said, "Did you do that?"

I could only say, "I don't know, but maybe it might be better not to
ask. After all Bob is named on the birth certificate."

We had Cathy stay in the one room and the other was fixed up for two
babies. Shelly was nine months older than Angie.

Chapter 36- A Summer Vacation June 2005

With both of us working just during the school year it was nice to have
the summer off. We decided to take a trip for summer vacation. Since
Shelly was now two and a half, she could travel better than she would have
before. We would still need to take frequent breaks so she could get out
of her car seat. But Eddie was 11 and almost too old to be seen with his
parents. He needed to be cool and being around your parents wouldn't be so

We had planned on Cathy coming with us, but her mother took a nasty fall
and would be laid up for a while. Cathy decided to go and spend some time
with her mom and help her and she was taking Angie with her.

Susie and I loved the idea of our National Parks, and we would love to
see some of them out west. We decided that we would spend most of the
summer going out there. But for the fun of it we would spend some time at
nudist resorts. We could camp there, and that could be fun. Even Eddie
was agreeable to that.

Susie and I planned the trip and contacted various nudist camps. We had
ideas where we would go, but we let where the camps were located to help
dictate our route. What we wanted to see most we some of the parks in
Utah, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Wyoming, and
Montana. It was an ambitious trip. But we thought the kids could handle
it. Our trip would see us come into a nudist park in the evening and spend
the night there and enjoy the day there with one more night there. Leaving
the next day to move to the next resort, or on to the park nearby

This worked well as we moved west, as we were not near the parks. But
when we got to Colorado we got to enjoy Rocky Mountain Park while staying
at a resort nearby. But we planned to go on to Utah.

There were not any nudist parks at all in the state. I had asked if
there were any parks in Utah or some place we could enjoy nude camping, the
director of the Colorado resort thought about it a while. The look on his
face showed a conflict. Finally he told me that there was a nudist family
in southern Utah that would host families, to come and spend time on their
farm. It might be near the places we wanted to go to.

He warned me it was a dairy farm and could be a bit smelly there. He
also to me that I should also watch out because the guy and his wife are
also swingers. I thanked him for the info especially the warnings. He did
give us the phone number and we called the guy that night and had a talk
with him.

He was glad to host us. He said due to the rural nature of the area and
hills around it was very private on his farm. He and his wife, with the
help of his girls, were able to run the dairy herd and they did most of
their work in the nude. We could practice nudism there. He had a place
that was not downwind from the barns that we could camp. He also said he
had three daughters that he could let us use as guides.

Driving through that part of Utah we noted there was nice scenery there,
with the different colored mountains and rocks. We headed to his farm
which was near Glendale. The town was a tiny thing maybe only a few
hundred people, if that--the kind of town with a store, gas station, post
office, and one church of the local religion. The only thing outstanding
was the dairy co-op in the town. We headed out down the road following the
directions that the guy gave us and we found his place without too much
trouble with his directions.

The farm was in a hilly area, sort of up a winding canyon. The hills
were covered with scrub sagebrush. Once we turned off the main road we
passed nothing but the scrub brush until we came to the farm which was on a
flat area on the canyon floor. The farm was an oasis in the canyon. It
had 10 acres of house and grassy areas. Nearby was a large barn with a
large corral area next to it. The ground in the corral was covered with
manure. The rest of the farm was covered in alfalfa being grown to feed
the cattle.

The place turned out to be within 2 hours of four parks, the north rim
of the Grand Canyon, Zion, Brice, and Capitol Reef, which is what we

We met them when we got there. They introduced themselves as Harry and
wife was Linda, in their late 30's. They had three daughters: Christy 14,
Stacey 11, and Nikki 8. All were tow-heads, like their mom.

Harry had light brown hair thinning on top and had a high forehead. He
was a big man at least 6 foot 2 and maybe 225 pounds. He looked like he
would be a big man when he'd an erection too. He was very tanned, or maybe
he just had a naturally darker skin. I found out later that he had a bit
of Native American in him.

Linda wasn't as big, but at 5 foot 6 she wasn't small, she must have
been about 145 at least. Linda was a busty woman, maybe a DD cup. Her
breasts sagged more than a little. When I first saw her, I couldn't help
but think, being on a dairy farm, that her boobs reminded me of a couple of
udders. Her blond hair was cut short, sort of only a couple of inches
long, in sort of a spiky do. She skin was tanned and a bit looked a bit
leathery from being nude outside so much and all the hard work she must do.
She looked like if a cow that got out of line she could wrestle it to the

Christy was about 5 foot 4 inches and 130 pounds and seemed to be headed
in the direction of being busty also. She was 14 and somewhere between a C
cup and D cup. Even with her youth she was starting to sag too. Her hips
were widening with a flair to them. She kept her long blond hair free
flowing to below her shoulders. She had a tan but not like her parents.
She seemed like she didn't want to be there to meet us. It was just the
vibes that I picked up off her.

Stacey was easily the hottest one. I hadn't been affected by a girl of
that age in a while. I would have to glance at Linda every so often or I'd
have gotten hard for Stacey.

She was all of 5 feet tall and maybe 90 pounds. She had a cute face
with a button nose and a few freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks
below her deep blue eyes. Her very blond almost white hair was easily the
longest among the girls. It hung in a braid down her back to just above
her hips. She was still mostly flat, She had only slight swelling around
her areolas. There wasn't any flair of her hips. If it wasn't for the
fact that her little butt was so cute, and for her hair she might be taken
for a boy from behind. Her skin was very white and pale.

Nikki at eight was about 4 foot 6 inches. She couldn't have been much
more than 60 pounds. Nikki, of course, was still flat. She looked much
like a boy her age. She was also pale, but not as much as Stacy. Her
blond hair was short not like Linda's but not very long. It was done up in
a couple of pigtails, on each side of her head. They reminded me of
handles to hold her head. I happen to see Eddie out of the corner of me
eye. He was almost staring at her.

All of the women were hairless below. Linda and Christy must have
shaved but I don't think Stacey needed to yet. Of course Nikki wasn't
close to getting her pubic hair.

We set up our tent where she showed us, and then proceeded to undress.
We did as advised and kept our shoes on. Linda showed us around the farm
as Harry had the milk tanker truck full with the afternoons milking and
needed to get it into town.

I could see that they were checking us out too, even as we had checked
them out. I noticed it and I think Susie did too, Linda seemed to be
attracted to Susie's small and firm breasts. And it seemed the girls were
giving Eddie a good look over with varying interest.

They took us on a quick tour of the farm with the girls tagged along.
Stacey showed us her 4H pig she was raising. That got Christy a bit
jealous, I think. She made sure that she showed her 4H lamb.

Harry was back in time for dinner, we were invited to eat with them. It
made for a nice dinner. Afterward the girls took Eddie off to play games
with him. Shelly stayed with us, but it didn't take long before we put her
down and she was off to sleep, The four of us adults began to talk.

Harry said, "If it's the parks that brings you to these parts, you are
welcome to stay as long as you wanted. The girls knew the parks around
here and could be a guide to get you there. You're welcome to take them
with you. You can take one each day with you. They can guide you there. I
can't let them all go. You wouldn't want them all at once, anyway. It'll
be a nice break for them, but the ones who stay know they have chores and
we can use them to get some of the work done."

Harry offered us something to drink. I joined him in a beer and ladies
had wine coolers. Over the course of the night as we talked he had a
couple more beers.

After several beers he said "We don't get many nudist people coming out
this way. Of course" he said "part of the reason, is there isn't too many
nudists around here. Heck besides the parks, there isn't any reason to
come around to this part of the country at all. We're happy to host you.
But we like to stay private from the neighbors. They wouldn't be very
accepting of our lifestyle, if they knew about it."

I said "Yes, I could imagine that people around here might not be so
accepting of nudists."

He said "Not only the non-nudists, but even other nudists."

I said, "You mean there are other reasons you think even other nudist
people don't come here?"

"Well, besides this is the middle of nowhere?" he said.

"Yes, you think there are other reasons?" I said.

He asked, "Who told you about me, here?"

"John the director of the club in Colorado." I replied.

"Well then I'm sure he told you another reason that people don't come
here." he continued.

I answered, "Yes, he told us some things."

"Yep, he does anytime he mentions me." he said.

Susie spoke up, "He said that you and Linda were swingers."

"Do you believe him?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, that is what he said. I have no way of knowing if it's
true, "I said.

Linda spoke up and said, "Let me ask you what do you think of swinging?"

"Let me put it this way, if Susie and I knew that it was true, we
wouldn't be here if we were revolted by the idea. But we've no way to know
if it's true. So is it true?" I asked

"John tells people about us because he use to swing too and then he got
religion and stopped doing it. Now he tries to discourage others from it.
That is why he warns people about us. Tries to keep people away from us."
Harry answered.

"So, you're saying it's true?" I said.

"Yeah, it is. Does that upset you?" he asked.

"No, because Susie and I do also," I said.

"Linda is bi, does bother you?" he asked.

Susie answered for herself, "I'm bi too."

Linda grinning a big grin said "I've been bi since I was 8. My first
time was with a woman, and it was a loving experience."

Linda said "I came from a large family. We were Mormons, the polygamous
kind. But they kicked our family out of the church. This farm was my
uncle's and when he died he left it to the family. But no one wanted any
part of it, because of the church. But since I have Harry's last name, and
they don't know Harry or remember me we don't get any trouble from the
church. To them we are just non-believers who bought the farm."

"When Uncle Jake died this place wasn't worth much. Now because of
Harry's hard work that this place it worth something today. But the family
doesn't bother us about it us owning it. They don't want to be anywhere
around here, because of the way the church treated our family around here.
We keep a low profile and don't have much to do with the other people
around here. Unless we've to go into town."

Susie told her that she was the same age too when She had her first
bisexual time. She said her first was with an older girl too. She related
the story about her and Denise. Linda didn't give names or anything but
from what she did say it seemed someone that was close to the family.

It was getting late and we all needed to get to bed. They had work to
do in the morning and we wanted to go to Zion. We gathered up Shelly and
collected Eddie. He seemed to be having a good time with the girls. As we
started to head to our tent. Nikki followed us a ways until we were out of
sight of the other girls. When we were there she stopped Eddie and asked
if he would give her a hug goodnight. He bent over to hug her and she gave
him a quick kiss on the cheek to go with the hug. We had told Eddie we
were going to Zion National Park in the morning and Nikki asked if she
could be the guide in the morning, she knew the way there.

We went back and talked to Harry and Linda, and they agreed that Nikki
could come with us. It was a nice time. There wasn't a real problem
getting there, we really didn't need a guide to get there. But Nikki did
know a few things about the park.

We drove the canyon and hiked a few of the trails. As we walked along
the low flowing Virgin River, it seems Eddie and Nikki were trying to push
each other into the water. I had to get them to stop it.

Susie remarked, "It looks like young love there."

Since Eddie didn't know how to show a young lady proper attention he
teased her instead. It looked like Nikki didn't knew how to express her
infatuation either.

As soon as we got back everyone was naked, except Shelly, we kept her in
training pants. But there was more playing around between Eddie and Nikki.
With Nikki trying to get him to chase after her. We made dinner at our
camp site and Nikki got herself invited to dinner with us, or should I say
with Eddie.

Harry came over later to collect Nikki and to ask of our plans for the
next day. We said we would like to go to Brice Canyon. Nikki wanted to go
again, but Harry told her no. He offered Stacey to come with us. She knew
about the park and how to get there.

Off the next morning with Stacey with us. While we were there Stacey
didn't seem to be very interested in Eddie, she tended to stick closer to
Susie and I. At times Stacey would take mine or Susie's hand and hold
hands with us as we walked. Again the park was well worth the trip. We
took a lot of photos on the trip but Stacey wanted to be in the photos too.
So we have photos of her among our pics. Too bad they weren't nude, was
the only thing I could think about them with Stacey in them.

We let Eddie carry Shelly in her back pack harness, or walk with her.
Eddie did a good job of taking care of his little sister, and he kept
Shelly company.

Stacey wanted our attention. She got mine anyway and from the look on
Susie's face, I think Susie had the same desires about her that I had.

The park was well worth the trip.

That evening when we got back Stacey invited herself over to have dinner
with us, just as her sister did. But unlike Nikki she didn't pay too much
attention to Eddie, but rather seemed to be much more interested in Susie
and me.

Linda came to collect her that night, and to ask our plans for the

I said, "We'd like to go to the Grand Canyon."

Linda said, "It's over in Arizona it would be best if you didn't take
any of the girls, just because you don't want problems taking a young girl
across a state line."

She went back to the house and came back with some maps and also with
some money. She asked "Would you buy us some beer and wine coolers over in
Arizona? It's hard to buy alcohol in Utah."

We got up early and went to north rim and saw the canyon from there.
Then it was a long trip around to get to the south rim. Eddie was in
charge of Shelly again, something he was happy to do. We put her on a
leach, not a very nice thing to say but it kept her from wondering away and
we kept a hand on her when we were close to the edge of the canyon.

We bought the beer and wine coolers in Williams and ate dinner in Kanab,
as it was getting late. It was dark around the farm house when we got back
so we left the alcohol in the car and went to bed as we were tired.

We slept in that day and it was long after the morning routines were
going on the farm when we got up. We had been free to use the shower in
the house and today it was the same. After we made our breakfast after
Nikki came by looking for Eddie. She had chores to do but she wanted him
along while she did them.

We gave Linda the beer and coolers. She was very happy to have had the
chance to replenish her stock.

We were invited again to dinner. As we ate we were a bit surprised to
see that Linda split a wine cooler three ways and gave some to each of the
girls. Before the dinner was over they got to spit another one. Harry was
putting away the beers too.

Harry had been talking about their life on the farm. He was asking
about our lives as teachers and about our students. Since I taught on the
college level that wasn't to interesting to them. They wanted to hear more
about Susie's students, and her classes. It really perked up their ears
when she said that in science class she taught sex ed.

That brought a discussion of sex. We were a bit surprised that they
would have this conversation at the dinner table with the girls there,
especially eight year old Nikki. But for Eddie it was old hat. He'd been
taught the facts of life already, but it was never a topic for dinner
conversation. The conversation got around to sex at an early age. They
could see that there was an age gap between me Susie and I. Linda asked
"How long have you been together?"

We weren't too hip on the idea telling them just how long. But Eddie
spoke up and said "A really long time."

Now it was up to us to try and define what a really long time was. We
admitted that Susie wasn't an adult when we started dating.

Linda asked, "Susie, when did you two start having sex? I know you were
with girls when you were eight, right?"

This was a bit of news to Eddie. He wanted to know more just as Harry
and Linda did. Then there was the girls there listening too, this was
uncomfortable. Everyone was all ears, well all but Shelly who only wanted
to eat and sometimes have some attention.

When we were a bit reluctant to tell, Linda said "I lost my virginity
when I was nine. It was my dad who was my first man and my mom was my
first woman when I was eight. She thought that I was old enough at nine
for dad. Dad was good and it didn't hurt too much and I got to loving it
with him almost as much as I liked it with mom."

After revelations like that and much prodding by the two of them, Susie
with a bit reluctance told Linda, "I did lesbian sex when I was eight but I
waited a while to have sex with a guy. I lost my virginity to Tom when I
was ten."

All this came as a bit of a shock to Eddie. His mom was doing lesbian
sex at eight! To add to that, it was his dad who took her cherry at ten!
He knew that Cathy had sex with us. It wouldn't have taken much for him to
guess that Cathy and Susie were lovers too, so they were bi. But the ages
we were having sex at was news to him.

Harry asked us, "How do feel about family members having sex with each

What could we say? I said, "We haven't thought too much about it
before. Susie, I think would agree that if no one was hurt, then maybe it
would be OK."

Harry pushed on, "With your history, you don't think it wrong to have
sex at a young age or with a younger person?"

I said "As long as it's consensual and no one is being hurt by it. Then
I guess it would be all right."

Harry said, "As you know that Linda and I are swingers, and that Linda
has started sex young and with her family." He lowered his voice "We expect
that you keep that to yourself."

He looked at Eddie, and said "You too."

He continued "Since you also have been sexually active before most
people would consider it proper, and in light of your attitudes about
family love things -- we think we can trust you with something. We are not
only swingers, but we swing within our family."

Eddie spoke up, "You mean like with cousins or something?"

"No Eddie, I mean among ourselves here. Linda has taught the girls, all
three of them the art of girl/girl love, or at least in this case
woman/girl love."

You could have knocked Eddie over with a feather. I looked at Susie,
she didn't look so shocked. I guess I should have seen this coming.

But he went on to say, "Eddie, both Christy and Stacey are not virgins.
I was their first male lover. So far, to date, their only male lover."

He continued addressing us all, "While sometimes swingers come out here,
they are never open to such things as we practice. You're the only people
that we've ever told. I assume you can keep this to yourself?"

He went on while looking at me and then Susie, "May I say that both
Linda and I find you attractive, Susie. Would you be interested in some
play time with us?"

He then looked back at me saying "Don't get me wrong, Tom, Linda does
find you attractive too. If either or both of you were to choose it we
would welcome you in our bed. Eddie is welcome to go to the bed of the
girl of his choosing, of course assuming she wants him. Tom, if you so
desire you may also have some time with any one of the girls, subject to
the same terms as apply to Eddie."

After a quick look at Susie I knew we needed to talk a bit. I told him,
"We'll talk about it among ourselves and let you know."

I already knew, what Eddie wanted. He was hard pressed to keep his
hands off his erection at the table.

We told them before we left that we would like to go to Capitol Reef

Harry said "Then you need to get to bed now. You will have to get up
early for that one. It's a longer drive and Christy will go with you."

Being as it was late, dinner had taken some time to eat with this kind
of conversation going on, we excused ourselves, picked up Shelly and went
to our tent.

As soon as we were in there Eddie said "Dad! Are you going to have sex
with them?"

"What do you think if we did?" I asked.

"It will be like you guys and Cathy?" Eddie wanted to know.

"Yes," I replied.

"Then I guess it's cool," Eddie allowed. "So can I have sex too?"

"What do you think Sue, honey," I teased. "Should we let the boy have
his first time?"

Susie said "Eddie making love is a great thing, but remember it's not
just for you. You have a partner and it's your job to make her feel good.
Just as it's her job to make you feel good. You know it's more than just
sticking your penis in her vagina and moving it. That's part of it, but
there is much more to it. Those other things are important. Girls take
more time to warm up. You're ready to go when you are hard, but it's not
so with a girl. They require more, to get their motor running."

I chimed in, "To start with kissing is important. You know about tongue
kissing too?"

"Yes, Dad."

" A girl will like to be caressed all over," Susie continued. "You will
want to take your time with her. You can explore her body. You should
make your touches lightly and softly. You might also find it fun to
explore her breasts. You should caress them. You know what I mean when I
say caress?"

"Yeah to touch them like lightly make it feathery?" he said.

"Yes it can be like that. You know what the areola on a breast is?"
Susie asked.

"Yeah it's the dark area around the nipple," Eddie replied.

"Yes. Girls like to have them caressed you may also do other things
like kiss them or lick them. You may suck on the nipples. But remember
they are sensitive. You don't want to be biting them, or at least not very
hard. You may kiss and lick the nipples too."

I said, "She will like to be kissed other places, like her belly. You
can work your way down to her vulva. You can caress her on her belly. And
you can caress her legs, especially her upper inner thighs. You may also
kiss them too, softly and lick them too."

"She will love it if you kiss her vulva. You remember what the vulva

"Yeah, that is what they call the pussy."

"Yes, but that refers mostly to her outer vaginal lips. Inside those
lips are other things. In the upper part is the clitoris. Down below is
the entrance to her vagina. That is where you will put your penis," Susie
explained as if she were teaching sex ed, which she was. "She'll love it
if you kiss all over the vulva. You can open up her lips after a while and
then you can use your tongue to explore inside her. You can also you use
your finger. But, it should be wet it before you touch her there."

I continued, "You can lick all around there. After a bit of getting her
really warmed up you can lick her clitoris. You might suck on it. But
whatever you do down there remember your job is to make her feel good. If
you do those things she will want to you go inside her with your penis."

Eddie asked, "That is fucking her?"

"Yes. But you don't want to be fucking her, you want to make love with
her," I said. "Do you have someone you are wanting to make love to?"

"Yeah Nikki."

I said, "You know that is still a virgin. That means she hasn't had sex
before. I'd think she has been doing things before. She might not want to
have sex by letting you put your penis inside her vagina. Or her parents
might not let her, you know?"

"Oh, OK." He said a bit crestfallen.

I said, "But we can ask her and her parents if they will let her and see
if she wants to. If she wants to and her parents say that she can, then we
will tell what you will need know when you are with a virgin, giving a girl
her first time with sex. Do you want me to talk to Harry and see if he
will allow it?"

"Yeah, dad, will you?"

"Yes," I concluded. "Now get some sleep because we've a long road ahead
of us tomorrow. But Eddie if you want to touch yourself tonight it's OK.
You know what I mean?"

"Yeah I know, thanks dad, goodnight."

I looked at Susie, I raised my eyebrows and nodded towards the house
with a questioning look. I saw her smile and nod. That was a yes. Off to
sleep we went. I could hear Eddie masturbating.

That next morning was Friday, I stopped Harry and Linda I said, "We are
willing to swing with you. But Eddie has a request, he would like to have
sex with Nikki."

They called over Nikki. Harry said, "Eddie wants to have sex with you.
Do you want to have sex with him?"

She was all smiles and was nodding her head up and down so much it
reminded me of me how a jack-in-the-box moves when he first pops out of the
box. It seemed if she did it much more the screw in her neck would come
loose and her head would pop off. I took all that as a yes on her part.

I asked Harry, "Would that be robbing you of Nikki's cherry?"

He waved his hand and said "I'm bit big for her and I'd have had to wait
for her to turn nine at least. That is six months away. She's kind of
small and I might have to wait a little longer than that. But she does so
want to have her first intercourse. Eddie can break her in and she will
get laid like she wants. She can be opened by a much smaller dick. Maybe
after she has had him, she might be stretched out enough for me to get in
her. Besides I've eaten her and she has sucked me off many times, so it
isn't like she's totally virgin. Eddie would only be getting her pussy
cherry, I have already had her mouth cherry. I'm sure I'll get her ass
cherry later."

We showered and ate breakfast then dressed. We came back up to the
house. Christy was ready to go. Linda, as was her practice, gave us a
lunch for Christy and we left. Christy gave the directions, but she wasn't
the chatterbox her sisters were. She seemed resigned to being here. She
did talk a bit about the park. She seemed to know more than I think either
of the other girls would know about it, but still she didn't talk about
herself much nor ask about us much. She seemed not to interested in us.
The only one she did seem interested in was Shelly. When we hiked around
she volunteered to carry her or walk with her.

We got back late due to the distance we had to drive. Eddie was hot to
get started. He went looking for Nikki and wanted to get to her bed.

But Harry told him, "It might be Friday night but this is still a farm
we don't get the weekends off. We still need to get up in the morning and
there are things to be done. We need to get some sleep tonight."

Eddie couldn't well sleep and was up early. His being up got everyone
else up. We went in the house to find Harry and Linda.

Harry asked "Since you're up, would you be willing to help? We can get
things done quicker that way." I joined Harry and Linda to get the cows
milked. Susie stayed in the house and began to prepare breakfast for

We got the cows milked and the kids were up and breakfast was ready, so
we all ate together. Then Harry had to go into town to deliver the milk to
the co-op as they wouldn't be open on Sunday. He could only hold about two
days on the farm before it had to be taken in so we would have to wait for
him to get back.

After breakfast the kids had chores to do. Nikki had to feed the
chickens. Eddie followed her around like a puppy dog with his wood
preceding him everywhere. Linda, Susie and I made sure the cows had feed
and water.

Soon enough Harry was home. He said "Normally when a girl loose her
cherry it's something for the whole family. For Christy and Stacey we all
gathered on our bed so they can see me take her cherry. But there are too
many of us to do that with Nikki and Eddie."

He took a couple of cushions off the bigger couch. Linda got a plastic
sheet, and a thin comforter to place over it. I sent Stacey for a couple
of pillows and Christy for an old towel or clean rag. Eddie and Nikki laid
down on the cushions in the living room. One pillow was under her head the
other under her hips with a towel over it.

I must say there is nothing like losing your cherry with an audience.
What a first time for my son! As not only would Nikki lose her cherry, but
so would Eddie. They tried to tune us out and we were quiet for them.

Eddie showed he was listening to Susie. He began by kissing her face,
her eyes and cheeks and moved over to her ears. He kissed her gently and
they began to lick them. He moved over to her neck. It raised goose bumps
on Nikki. He continued by moving over to her lips and she was eager to
meet him there. Her kisses to him were filled with passion. You could see
their tongues working in each other's mouths. He was caressing her all
over while they kissed about as passionately as any two people could. It
took him a bit of time, but he moved down to kiss her chest and worked his
way down to where her breasts would be in a few years. He began to kiss
one pink areola that was about the size of a dime. With his other hand he
was using a moistened finger to trace around it. He was giving the nipple
a slight tweak. It responded by crinkling up a bit and the nipple
extending out a bit. He paid attention to both nipples switching off with
the every couple of minutes. His other hand was busy caressing her belly.
She was meowing and pulling him into her. He moved down kissing his way
down her belly.

He jumped over her pussy and began to kiss her upper thighs. He kissed
them and licked them. Her face was flushed and her hands were trying to
touch him wherever and however she could. Her head was turning back and
forth, like a fish out of water flapping around. Eddie then moved up to
lick her labia. He was planting kisses all over her vulva and it was
becoming red and a bit puffy. As he was licking her, she reached down and
spread her lips for him and directed his mouth to where she wanted him to
be. He was licking inside her inner lips and teased her entrance to her
vagina. As he did his nose was bumping up against her clit. It didn't
take him very long to follow his nose. He was soon licking and sucking on
her clit and his wet finger was teasing her vagina.

She was ready, and so was Eddie. He wasn't big but then she was only
eight so she wasn't big either. He was about 4 inches, and as thick as a
number 8 pencil.

Susie, thinking ahead, had gotten an old bottle of oral topical pain
killer that we used on Shelly's gums when she was teething. Linda held
Nikki's lips open while Susie put some on her hymen. Then Linda took a
bottle of KY and placed some inside of Nikki's lips. She handed it to
Susie, who took some and applied it to Eddie's circumcised cock lubing him
up. They told him how to get into position. Linda then opened Nikki's
lips and Susie guided Eddie's cock to the entrance.

He began to push at it, but wasn't getting through. Harry moved behind
Eddie and put both hands on Eddie's butt and quickly gave big shove down.
That did it! Eddie broke through her hymen. She didn't seem to have too
much pain. He was all the way in her. They laid there a couple of minutes
as they both needed to catch their breath. Eddie began to move in her. He
was starting slow and then began to pick up speed but before he got going
too fast, he changed the pace on her. It about drove her crazy. It seemed
she was close. But then he began to move slowly again. But suddenly he
changed again and was going fast hard and deep in her. She moaned out, her
eyes rolled back in her head and she shivered. I'd say that she was
cumming then. Eddie moved with a few deep movements, then stopped, as they
both seemed to have cum then.

He was laying on her. He pulled out of her and rolled off and laid
beside her. That seemed to be the end of the show. You could see some
blood at the entrance to Nikki's vagina and on her labia running down the
crack of her butt. There was a spot under her on the towel. There was
more on Eddie's deflating prick.

Linda had sent Stacey into the bathroom she came back with a wash cloth
and towel. They took turns cleaning each other. Eddie was now a man, and
Nikki was a woman, this despite Nikki was years away from getting her
period. Eddie was not making sperm yet either. They received
congratulations from everyone.

They may have been spent, but they were the only ones. I was hard and
dripping pre-cum. I wasn't the only one hard, so was Harry.

He said to me, "Do you mind?" I shrugged my shoulders. He stood and
took both Susie's and Linda's hands. The three of them headed to the
master bedroom. That left our two played out lovers, Stacy, Christy,
Shelly and me.

Stacey was looking at my erection. Christy got a look at it too. She
said, "I'll watch over Shelly." That was enough for me.

I stood and took Stacy's hand and asked her where her bedroom was. She
pulled me there almost at a run.

Her bedroom was kind of girly with dolls and stuffed animals around and
on the bed. With one sweep on her arm all that went on to the floor. We
laid down together. She had to get her hands on my dick and she wasn't
wasting time. I preferred to take it a little slower. I wanted to kiss
her. Getting close to her that way she smelled of strawberry shampoo I
caressed her face was we kissed. He face was soft and felt and delicate as
a rose pedal under my fingers and lips were soft as a cloud. She was eager
for the kisses. When I got to her lips I could taste them, they seemed to
taste of cherry chap stick. It wasn't long before her mouth was open for
me. She was inviting me in. My tongue explored her mouth and she would
tickle under my tongue as I explored the roof of her mouth.

Stacey was a thin girl, not skinny, but still I could almost feel her
ribs under her chest. I moved beside her to be able to touch her chest as
I kissed her. I never saw one to be so eager as she was. I moved down to
kiss her little areolas which were the size of a quarter, and a lovely
shade of pink. As I caressed her chest and sucked on her nipples and
licked areolas she was holding my head to her chest. She grabbed by my
ears and directed me from one side of her chest to the other. I went with
it and gave her the attention that she was seeking.

Finally She had enough and began to push my head down her body. I
stopped to kiss her belly and lick out her bellybutton. She giggled at
that. But she wasn't going to let me spend much time there. She had her
own agenda: my mouth on her pussy, but I wasn't going to have any of that.
I did what we told Eddie to do and I was licking her inner thighs. We were
squirming all over it was hard to keep going at it. I could see she was
making a lot of juices leaking out of her pussy, but I was going to take my
time, dispute her trying to get me in her pussy.

Finally I succumbed to her requests, as she was calling out "Lick my
pussy, please!" I tasted her juices. They were sweet and with a bit of a
spice I couldn't place. But I lapped it all as it flowed from her. I
opened her lips to get my tongue in so I could get it direct from the
source. I pushed my tongue up her as far as I could there was a tight but
smooth feeling with a tiny bit of roughness to her pussy. She was tight
but it opened to me and let my tongue enter her.

After a bit I moved my tongue out of the way and moved up to her clit,
while replacing my tongue with my finger. Her little button wasn't so
little it was standing up to meet me. I could use my tongue to get her
clit hood pushed back and get at her clit all the more. I was able to suck
it like it was a candy cane, running my lips up and down it, even if it
wasn't the size of a real candy cane. But for an eleven-year-old she had a
nice one. Not to forget her pussy I now had two fingers pistoning in and
out of her vagina.

She stated into her cum. She moaned loudly and was thrashing about her
head turning back and forth from side to side. As she seemed to be coming
down from it I switched back to her vagina and began to lick up the juices
that she was releasing. In again I went with my tongue. I now was using
my fingers on her clit one on each side with it between like I'd have used
my cock in my hand back so many years ago and used to jerk off before I had
my Susie. That set her off and she began to cum again. I worked on her
until she came down again. then I moved to lay next to her.

When she caught her breath again, and could make sense out of her
speech, she said, "Wow I never cum like that, before two times in a row!
That was great!" She asked, "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

I told her, "I learned it from my wife. That is how she licks to have
her pussy eaten."

She asked, "She's bi?"

"Yes," I said.

"Does she like little girls, I mean girls like me?" she wondered.

"She loves little girls and girls like you are something special for
her," I told her. "She learned with young girls and to this day I don't
think she has outgrown them."

"Then she would do it with me?" she said. "I want that again."

"What!" I cried. "You don't think I could do that again?"

"Oh! I forgot you didn't get off," she exclaimed.

"Trust me, you will do that shortly," I assured her.

"Oh good, do you want me to suck you or fuck you?"

"Both," I replied simply.

"I've never have done anything with another guy except my father," she
told me. "Not too many people come out here, maybe three or families do
each year. I think only a couple of them over the years did swap partners
like my parents do. None of them were interested in us girls. Mom and dad
never told them about what we do until you came out here. So daddy is the
only guy I have been with. Mom and my sisters are the only girls. Nikki
isn't very good at it, and Christy doesn't want to do it much anymore. She
just wants to fuck daddy all the time. She wants to have a baby, but mom
won't let her."

All this talk and my dick started to wilt. Stacey saw it and said, "I
need to get you hard."

With that she moved back down the bed and I moved up on her bed so she
wasn't hanging off the bed too much. She attacked me like she had with her
mouth when we kissed. She was licking my rapidly hardening prick like a
popsicle. She would twill her tongue around the head. She licked and
tickled that little spot on the underside of the dick just below the crown.
She seemed to know what she was doing. She then took me into her mouth.
She moved her mouth back and forth on it. But she was sucking on it as she
licked it. Plus there was the action as I slid back and forth in and out
of her lips, that were wrapped tight around my cock.

I knew if she kept that up much longer I was going to pop in her mouth.
I didn't want that so I had to push her away. I pulled her up by me and
kissed her. I could taste myself on her. We kissed for a while and then I
asked her about any lube. She said there was some in the bathroom. She
ran there naked and came back with a tube of KY. That gave me a little
time to reset but not long enough to start to get soft.

She was back fast enough. I had her move onto her back and I spread her
legs and some of the lube inside her lips. I then coated myself. I got on
my knees between her legs. She reached down and guided me in. She was
tight, maybe as tight as Susie was when we started. Maybe not but then it
has been sometime since I had a girl as young, especially one so willing
and eager. She was tight but with a smooth feeling to moving in her. It
was like I was moving in a warm semi-soft butter. She clung to me, but yet
was fluid enough to move in her. I could get all of my cock in her. We
didn't need to stop to let her get used to it because she wanted it, that
was for sure. She reached down and grabbed my butt and was pulling me into
her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I was moving in her.
Sometimes I'd slow down the pace but she would urge me on, saying "Faster,
faster!" I gave her what she wanted; faster, harder, and deeper. I lifted
up a bit and reached down between us to rubbed her clit. I wanted to make
sure she was getting everything she could get out of it. She started to
cum again. Her pussy muscles were squeezing me, I couldn't hold back any
more and I gave her my load of cum.

It was a wonderful feeling. Part of it was she was a nice fuck, with a
nice tight pussy. But also I knew I was cumming in a girl so young. So
young she didn't have her periods yet. Of course that meant no chance of
getting her pregnant. It's so sexy to cum in a girl who can't get pregnant

I got off her and laid next to her. We both need to recover from that,
she was kissing me in couple of minutes. She said that was her best fuck.
Her dad doesn't do things to try and get her off as I was doing. She made
it clear that this was the best fuck of her young life. I could only hope
for her that she gets many more like this in her life. We went in the
bathroom and got a quick shower to get the cum off of each other.

Once I was dry, I gave Stacey a quick kiss and went off to find the
others, but especially Shelly. Stacey told me where Christy's room was. I
walked down there. The door wasn't closed all the way. I saw Christy
first, laying on her belly on the bed. Up above her head was Shelly on
her back. She had Shelly's legs hooked up over her shoulders. It was
obvious that Christy was eating Shelly's pussy. This had to stop!!!

I said, "Christy, Susie and I didn't want Shelly's sex life to start
until she got older." She picked up her face from between my daughter's legs
and looked at me. I could see Shelly's vulva was very wet from Christy's
saliva. Her vulva was a bit red in color and slightly swollen, almost like
she was excited by what Christy had done. I came in, Christy got up. I took
Shelly. When I picked her up I took a corner of the blanket on the bed and
wiped Shelly's vulva dry. As I was taking her from the room, I picked up
her training pants as I left.

We got out to the living room and Harry and Linda were out there. I
heard a toilet flush and Susie joined us. Stacey and Christy came in too.

Harry took Linda and me to get the cows hooked up for their second
milking. We left Eddie alone with Nikki for the time being. Linda told
Susie what she planned for dinner and Stacey and Christy helped to make the
food, with Shelly following them around the kitchen. Just about dinner
time, Eddie and Nikki made it out of her room.

We ate dinner, and Harry had a couple of beers. I declined them, and
Linda and Susie had coffee after dinner. Linda brought up the question as
to who would be sleeping where, or should I say with whom. Nikki raced
over and grabbed Eddie. Linda asked if I'd like to join her. How could I
refuse the request of our hostess? Stacey went to Susie and asked if Susie
would like to come to her bed. That left Christy with Harry. That idea
didn't seem to distress either of them. As we split up for the night I
suggested that Susie take Shelly with her. I wasn't about to leave her
with Christy again. No telling what could happen then.

Linda wasn't too subtle about what she wanted. We kissed a bit, but
there seemed to be a lack of much passion, not like Stacey did with me. I
played with her large breasts. I hadn't ever been with a woman that was
this large before. It was nice to try them out. But I just couldn't get
into them that much.

She asked "Would you like me to suck you?"

I said "Sure, would you prefer a 69?"

"No, I liked to fuck much more than have pussy sucked. I taught the
girls how to do it but I'm not too into having done to me, at least by a

I was hard enough and she was wet enough that we did it missionary to
start. Half way through she wanted to change positions. She got up and
rode me cowgirl style. She came that way and I did couple of minutes
later. Not the best fuck that I had since I knew Susie could run laps
around her. Susie was so much better. We slept together in her and
Harry's bed.

The alarm clock went off early. She got up and went over to Christy's
room to get Harry up. I joined them in helping getting the cows milked. I
popped into Stacy's room and got Susie up. We took care not to wake
Stacey. Susie woke up with a big smile so I knew they had a good time

Susie started breakfast and the day started as it went yesterday. We
all ate. The kids went to do their chores. There were a few other things
that needed to be done. But at least we didn't need to wait for Harry to
get home.

There was a quick lunch and we paired off again. Linda asked Susie to
her bed, and before anyone could do anything else, Christy claimed her dad
again. (A real daddy's girl we've got there. I guess we can tell who's
baby Christy would like to have, and why Linda was against it.) Susie went
to Linda's bed and took Shelly with her.

Stacey was going to get her opportunity to get as many different cocks
as she could. She asked Eddie if he would come with her. He looked at
Nikki with a longing look.

Stacey said, "She can come with us if you want." Then she looked at me,
"Tom you can come with us too."

Nikki didn't look to happy about the whole thing. But we both went just
the same. I looked around and found a tube of lube and brought it with me.

The nice thing about being nudists is that you don't have to get
undressed. Eddie was hard was already. They laid together in the bed.
Nikki got in with them. I joined them with Nikki, making it rather crowed
in the bed. I decided to try an ignore my son getting laid next to me.

Instead I began to kiss Nikki. I had tell her after a couple of minutes
to stop trying to look at them while we kissed. It didn't take long to
realize that Stacey was the better kisser, but then Nikki was only 8. I
don't think that either of her lovers before Eddie were all that good of
lovers. I got her into it after a while I liked her taste. She must have
been sucking on jolly ranchers before we went in there since I could taste
the sweet and sour on her tongue.

I moved to play with her chest. Of course she had less then Stacey, but
it was kind of fun to play with such a flat chest. It called to mind of
the time that Susie and I spent with Abby. I kissed her little chest, her
nipples looked like they were trying to perk up, but they were so small
that they didn't, (couldn't?), get all the big. She might not have gotten
all that big, but by now I was. I lead her hand down to my cock. When she
got a touch of it, she stopped laying there letting me play with her chest.
She had to look down with a bit of a worried look on her face. But I'm
sure she saw her father hard before, and I didn't compare with him. But I
think she realized just where I wanted to put that thing.

Eddie and Stacey were now in a 69 position satisfying each other. I
thought about trying it with Nikki but the difference between our body
sizes would have made that about impossible that we could reach other at
the same time.

I just moved down on the bed so my lower body was off the bed and began
to eat Nikki's pussy. It was actually a cute thing. Her little clit stuck
out at the top of her slit. Well I should say the shaft for it. Her
little nub was up in that hood. I got a taste of her pussy. I licked her
lips and discovered that this girl turns on quickly. Her lips began to
swell and got a slight blush of pink. As I opened her lips and delved in
her more inner recesses I thought a I caught a taste of something a bit
bitter and salty. I think it was a bit of pee like she couldn't contain
herself. I went more into her inner lips and attacked her vagina and
explored it. It was tight in there I pulled back and sent my finger in
her. As tight as she was it was a surprise how fast and easily she
stretched around my finger. She was getting bit wet too as I moved up and
began to lick on her clit. After only a minute or so of licking I saw her
clit come out of its hood. I was able to give her a good tonguing. She
began to shake and tremble. Instead of forcing my face into her pussy like
Stacey might have she was pulling me up.

I knew what that meant, but I didn't think I could get in her without
some help. I grabbed the tube of lube and squirted some into her pussy. I
wasn't worried about being neat and proper. I took a little that leaked
from her and rubbed it on my cock. I grabbed her and lifted her up. There
was a look of surprise and shock on her face. I flopped onto my back and
set her up on top of me and told her to get above my hips.

That brought a look from Eddie and Stacy. Eddie could see what I was
going to do. But he asked, "How do you do that?"

"Watch and see, son!" was my response. I had Nikki get in the right
position above me and lift up a bit. With one hand I spread her lips and
the other I took my hard shaft in my hand. I got her lined up right and
told her to sit down hard. She did just that before she realized just that
might feel like.

She let a big "Ouch" and tried to get up off me. I grabbed her hips and
held her down, and told her to give it a minute to get use to it.

Stacey asked, "Does it hurt bad?"

I answered for Nikki before she could, "She's small and I'm a lot bigger
than Eddie, so she feels it, but it will get better in a minute."

I could see she was feeling better quickly. I asked her. "You all
right now?" She nodded. I had her roll her hips back and forth while
lifting up a bit each time. I helped her by lifting her butt.

Stacey directed Eddie to get on his back and while watching us and
trying to copy us. I gave them suggestions on how to get him in her. They
didn't need any lube. Stacey made enough natural lube for Eddie's smaller

Once Nikki got the hang of it, she did fine, but watching Eddie and
Stacey kept me from getting to worked up. I could feel what seemed like
each and every muscle and ridge in her pussy and I didn't want to pop to
soon in her. It didn't take too long before she seemed to lose her rhythm
and her face flushed, then she about screamed. I take it was her cumming.
She was a bit fucked out after that. She then closed her eyes and just let
me do what I wanted. I grabbed her hips and pumped into her hard, deep,
and fast, then I gave her my load. As soon as I had it all in her, her
eyes popped open.

She said, "What happened?"

I told her, "You had an orgasm."

She said, "No I mean I feel all wet in my pussy."

I said her, "I gave you my sperm."

"The stuff that makes babies?"


"I'm not going to have a baby now, am I?" she asked.

"No," I assured her, "you're not old enough."

I had her get off and lie down on the bed while I sat at the foot of the
bed looking back at the others.

Stacey and Eddie had been watching and listening to us. I told Eddie,
"Are you just going sit there and watch or are you going to fuck that

The both started in fucking again with Eddie trying to imitate me. I
wasn't sure how much Stacey was getting out of it now, but Eddie was headed
to his own orgasm. It didn't take him much time then to give his little
howl of his cumming. He just quit moving and laid there. Stacey didn't
look too happy that he finished and she was trying to move her hips on him.

I went into the bathroom and brought back a wash cloth and towel. I
cleaned myself and then cleaned Nikki. I gave them both to Eddie. He did
himself, and then said he was going to go and pee. I cleaned up Stacey
from her juices. Eddie couldn't cum yet so there wasn't any of his cum to
clean up.

He came back stroking his pud. He was getting hard again already! Ah
youth! I wouldn't be hard again for a while. Nikki got a look at him and
walked over and replaced his hand with hers. They went back to the bed.

Stacey came to me and I kissed her and asked her if she came. She shook
her head no. I told her that she needed one. I had her lay on the floor
and got between her legs and began to eat her. She had a bit of a more
tart taste to her then she did before. I took that as being have just been

Speaking of fucks. Nikki was on her back inviting Eddie into her spread
legs. Eddie said when he got in that she was all slippery inside. Welcome
to sloppy seconds son.

We were on the floor near the bed. I spent some time finger-banging
Stacey while I licked and sucked on her clit. She popped soon enough, it
really didn't take her that long. Seems that she wasn't that far away with
Eddie he just didn't get her there, and she didn't need much to get her
back there. She wasn't as loud when she came as Nikki when she had a cum.

I took her to the bathroom and we took a shower together. We joined the
others in the living room. Linda began to get dinner together. Meanwhile
Susie used their washer to get all of our clothes clean.

While we were all busy, could we trust Christy to watch Shelly? I told
Christy that she should take Shelly out to see all the animals on the farm.
Nothing could then happen between them then, I thought.

By now I knew what to do to get the cows hooked up to the milking
machine. As we worked I told Harry that we would be leaving in the
morning. I wanted to thank him for EVERYTHING! Not only did we've a place
to camp and in the end he didn't charge us, but I got to fuck his wife and
two daughters.

After the afternoon's work was done and dinner ready we all sat down for
one last time. We had a chance to talk about our plans and they gave us a
bit more about themselves and their family. It turns out that family being
polygamous led to the equivalent to wife swapping among their extended
among family. That was the reason their family was kicked out of the
church. It was a form of incest to other the church members. But strange
they didn't take to wife swapping, but they did marry off their daughters
young. It would not be unusual for a girl to be destined to be a guy's
third or fourth wife even when she was only nine or ten years old. They
often didn't wait much longer than the start of puberty before they married
and consummated the marriage.

For Harry and Linda they were just pushing the age thing a little, and
making the incest thing more explicit. But then as they pointed out that
they didn't have many people to swing with out there. So they would swing
among their own family members. As the night was getting late, we said our
good nights. Eddie asked if he could spend one more night with Nikki. All
the adults were in agreement with that, as was Nikki. As the three of us
headed off to our tent. Stacey came running after us. She said her
parents said she could stay with us that night.

We got the beds set up and made sure we were quiet enough that Shelly
got off to sleep. Then we began with Stacy. By the light of the full moon
Stacey wanted the chance to eat Susie's pussy again. Susie laid on her
back and Stacey laid down with her face between her legs. I moved over to
Susie's face and lowered my cock down to her mouth. I faced them so I
could watch Stacey eat Susie. I was as much interested in watching them as
I was with what Susie was doing with her mouth. I told her not to get me
off. But Stacey did with Susie's guidance manage to get Susie off. It was
Susie who had to hold the noise down. Stacey wanted to get fucked one more
time. We told Stacey that she would need to be quiet. To make that so,
she agreed that we could gag her. We tied one of Susie's, (clean), knee
socks over her mouth. I laid back on my back and Susie ate Stacy's pussy
for a bit getting as much saliva in her as she could. Then she came over
and gave me a very sloppy blow job. When we were both good and wet. Susie
helped Stacey get over my hips and lower herself down on my cock. She must
have really been paying attention when I was fucking Nikki. She moved her
hips in the same rolling motion while raising her butt up and down on me. I
was able to cum in her, about the same time as she did. We made enough
noise to make Shelly stir, but she didn't wake up.

I got a rag and cleaned her up and then laid her down to sleep between
Susie and I. Before she went off to sleep she rolled over and began to
suckle on Susie's breast, sending herself to sleep that way.

We woke when we heard things going on in the yard. Harry was up getting
the cows ready to be milked for the morning. Susie and I woke up and as
quiet as we tried to be, Stacey woke too. She wanted to get laid one more
time. She got on her hands and knees and I took her doggy style.

We had just gotten into it when Shelly woke up. She sat up looking at
us. She asked what I was doing with her. I couldn't really say I'm
fucking this girl. What would Shelly understand. We told her, "Daddy and
Stacey are having some fun together."

She said, "Can I have some fun too?"

Stacey said, "Christy licked Shelly's pussy can I?"

Shelly asked "She would lick me on my pee pee?"

We said "Yes."

Shelly said "Can she?"

I looked at Susie, and said "What do you think?"

Susie said, "I guess it can't hurt since she has already had it once and
wants more." Susie got Shelly on her back with her legs open right near
where Stacy's mouth was and Stacey started into licking her.

I had lost a bit of my erection in the time it took to arrange that.
Susie sucked me back to full hardness. I then moved back into Stacy. I
grabbed her small hips and pulled her into me as I pushed into her. I
think that I couldn't get enough of her tight pussy. Soon she caught the
rhythm and tried to push her hips towards me but without losing contact
with Shelly's pussy.

Susie moved around and supervised Stacey as her tongue explored my
little baby girl's little pussy. I could see her open Shelly's lips and
urge Stacey where to lick. That was about enough for me. I unloaded my
cum in her again. I must have had five shots before it seemed to be
dribbling out of me but that was enough that it set Stacey off. She was
moaning right into Shelly's pussy.

That got Shelly to wiggling around. I didn't think that Shelly would or
did cum. Can a girl so young cum? I didn't know but at least Shelly
seemed to like it. But we got her up and she said that was good. Better
than when Christy was doing that to her.

The four of us now needed a shower. We went in and did just that. Two
at a time, Susie and Shelly and then me and Stacy. We were followed in the
shower by Eddie and Nikki. Then we all set down to breakfast. Eddie and
Nikki were pledging eternal love and wanted to write to each other.

After breakfast, Linda took Susie, Eddie, Nikki and I, with Stacey
tagging along to their computer. She set up Nikki with an email account
and then she made one for Eddie with our approval, so they had each other's
email address.

We dressed and went out to the car to leave. Stacey followed us and
when She had a quick minute told us that she would make herself an email
account and wanted our email.

We got Harry and Linda to take some money for feeding us. We all kissed
each other goodbye.

When I kissed Christy she didn't seem to be much into it, nor did she
seem to be when she kissed Susie, or Eddie. But Christy wanted to kiss
Shelly goodbye. That we didn't allow.

Stacey on the other hand made up for Christy's lack of passion, with
with a long and passionate kiss for both Susie and I. She even did a
fairly good job with Eddie, when she had the chance.

Nikki also gave a kiss to Susie and I when we could pry her away from

Susie called Stacey over for one last big hug as Susie was getting into
the car. At the same time she slipped a paper into Stacey's hand with our
email on it.

We waved goodbye and the best week of our trip ended. We visited
several more National Parks out west and more on the way home. We saw
great sights and had fun at the nudist clubs, but nothing could compare
with the girls that on farm.

Chapter 37 - Eddie's Graduation May 2012

Eddie's high school graduation was held in the university football
stadium. The grads sat down on the field and the parents and friends all
in the stands. After they were finished the new grads all filed out of the
stadium and then the parents made for the exits. As soon as he could after
turning in his cap and gown Eddie met us where we told him. With him was
his best friend Wally and we could hear them talking as we walked up.

"Come on, the Anderson twins are right over there," Wally was saying.
"Come on let's go ask them out before we lose the chance."

"I don't know," Eddie said.

"What's to know. They are seniors now, that we've graduated," Wally
said. "Besides they have the biggest hooters in the school."

"Yeah they do," Eddie noted, "but you know they are not the brightest

"Who cares if they are smart, if you just want to get into their
panties. The dumber the better. Oh! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Davis," said
Wally who had belatedly spotted us.

"Hello Wally" Susie said for us.

As the girls walked by us Wally said to us, "Excuse me a minute." He
turned to them, bumping into Shelly, with a quick glance at her, he spoke
to them; "Dori, Tori what are you doing tonight? Want to go to a party?"

"With you?" Dori said.

"Yeah me and Eddie."

"You got to be kidding, to be seen with you?"

"Why's wrong with us?" Wally demanded.

"Come on Wally you drive a Honda. We wouldn't be seen dead in a car
like that," said Tori.

"Besides we are going to a party with the Harold Johnson," Dori added.

"That nerdy guy, he's a geek!" Wally spit out.

"He isn't a nerd, and he has a mustang convertible." They turned and
walked away from us.

I said, "Wally where are your parents?"

"Oh they were here. They sent me a text. Dad had to leave as he got a
call. They're calling in all the fire department people."

"What about your mom?"

"She went too," said Wally. "She wasn't feeling very well today anyway,
but she wasn't going to miss my graduation. Since I had my car here she
figured I was all right."

I said "Wally, are you coming back with us to our house?"

"You might as well since you struck out with the Andersons." said Eddie
"We might as well hang out together."

"I guess since I ain't going to be doing anything else," Wally admitted.

As Wally started to turn he bumped into Shelly again. Wally said to
Eddie, "Why is your sister always hanging on me?"

I said "Eddie will you come with us?"

"No I'll go with Wally," he said. "I'll see you at the house."

Susie, Cathy, Shelly and Angie and I all got into the minivan for the
drive home. When we got there Dave and Ruth were there waiting for us.

"We got up here late. We tried to call but you must have had your phone
turned off. We saw Eddie but after they started leaving we lost him in the
crowd. We couldn't find you, so we just came here."

I said "Well let's get inside so we can undress and get comfortable." We
went in, Ruth and Dave followed us to our room while Cathy went to hers,
and the girls went to theirs. We undressed as soon as we were in. In a
bit Eddie and Wally drove up and joined us in the house. Wally and Eddie
went to Eddie's room and took off their clothes. We all joined up in the
living room, everyone naked.

Now Wally had met Eddie when Wally's family, the Rutherfords, had moved
up here from southern Vermont. They've been friends since we met at the
nudist club four years ago. They have been fast friends since then, hard
to see one without the other. As a result Wally spent a lot of time at our
house, nude of course, as we were always naked at home, the whole family.

Susie, and Cathy went to get the cake and drinks to celebrated Eddie and
also Wally's graduation and Ruth joined them in the kitchen. Shelly and
Angie went off to their room. They came back about the time that the woman
folk brought in the soft drinks and cake.

As they ate their cake Shelly went up to Wally and gave him a small gift
wrapped present. "Wally this is for you, for you graduation."

"What is this?" he said.

"Open it." Shelly said.

He opened it, and said "A wallet?"

"Yes. I made it for you in my art class at school," she admitted.

"Why did you do that?"

Shelly just looked embarrassed, until Ruth spoke up. "She made it you,
you dolt because she likes you."

At that point Angie gave her gift to Eddie. Eddie opened it without
saying anything. Inside was also a wallet. Angie looked him and said, "I
made that one for you. Shelly gave me some of the things from her class
and she helped me make this for you. It was Shelly's idea that we make
them for you. I hope you like it."

"It's nice, Angie, thanks," said Eddie.

Wally saw that and said, "What is this? We got nine and eight year old
girls making us presents?"

Ruth said, "What is wrong with that? You have some admirers."

"Yeah, so they like us." Wally said. "But they are kids, heck they
don't even have any boobs yet."

Eddie nodded in agreement.

"What difference does that make?" asked Susie. "Seems to me not so long
ago there was a young man who didn't care that his first girl didn't have
any boobs yet or even that she was eight at the time."

"Why don't you write to Nikki any more, Eddie?" I asked.

"What do you know about that?" Eddie asked.

"Stacey still writes to us," I said. "Nikki was rather heart broken
when you didn't answer her anymore."

"Come on dad, I was in high school, should I be writing to an eleven
year old girl?"

"What difference does her age make," I told him, "She liked you and you
liked her; very much, as I remember. You were rather hot for this girl
from the moment you found out that you could have sex with her."

Wally looked at Eddie with a questioning look. His began to look back
and forth at us, like he was watching the ball at tennis match. He'd the
expression of non-comprehension.

Finally Wally looked at Eddie, then me and then back to Eddie
incredulously. The light seemed to come on in his head. He turned to
Eddie, "You had sex with a girl that was eight?"

Eddie blushed a bit and said, "Yeah, well I was eleven then."

"Even still, you can even do that? I mean can you get in her?" Wally

There was a laugh from Susie and Ruth. I said, "He not only got it in
her, but he seemed to like it, a lot. I'd say she did too."

Wally looked surprised. "Well maybe he did that when he was eleven.
But I bet he'd a lot smaller dick then. Heck he ain't so big now," Wally
said as he punched Eddie in the arm with a playful sock.

Susie piped up, "From where I'm sitting you don't look any bigger than
Eddie. Are you thinking that you are so big that a young girl couldn't get
you in her?"

"Yeah I'm too big." Wally said.

That brought a laugh from everyone but Wally and a suppressed laugh from

"What?" Wally asked.

Susie answered, "I know for a fact that an adult can fit into a younger

"Yeah, how do you know this?" Asked Wally indigently.

Susie answered, "This doesn't leave this house, I know that we can trust
you, Wally, so I'll tell you. Tom and I have been making love since I was
almost ten, Tom was 18. We started dating when I was nine," she said, then
looked over to Ruth. "Mom?"

Ruth spoke up. "David and I became lovers when I was nine, and David
was 23. I started seeing David when I was seven. I don't know if you
could call it dating in the regular sense, but it was as close as we could
come to it with our ages. I met him the year before and had gotten to know
him over the next year."

Shelly said "Grandma, you never said how you got together."

"Well Shelly, I met your granddad when I was six. He came to work at
our house, and he used to sometimes work without his shirt and he was so
sexy. He would talk to me when I'd come out there. He was nice to me."

Dave spoke up "Ruth's parents had a new house and wanted a lawn and had
their own ideas about it. They wanted it to be different from their
neighbors. I was in college. They hired me, because I needed money to pay
for college and they could get me to work for cheap. I designed a sprinkler
system for their lawn. I also planned their lawn and got them what they
wanted as far as bushes and trees. It took me several years to earn all
the money to pay for my college and graduate. So I kept working at her

Dave continued, "Ruth was this little girl that came out to talk to me.
She was a cute little kid. But she was just a little kid to me. But she
came and spent time with me as I was working. I let her help me sometimes
if there was something she could do or lift, or whatever. I got to know
her and after while I didn't think of her as a little kid. I didn't have a
girlfriend at the time. After a while it was clear she had a crush on me.
I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I made sure that I treated her
nicely. She was an interesting girl. In time it didn't matter to me about
the difference in our ages. I found that I had gotten to really like her,
and she wasn't worried about the age difference either. When I finally figured
out the depth of her feelings about me, it was clear no girl had cared that
much about me before."

Ruth said, "I let him know that I really loved him. He was so smart,
nice and sexy. He never treated me like a kid. I let him know that I was
open to being his friend. I was open to anything he wanted with me. I
hoped that maybe I could be his girlfriend." She looked at Dave and smiled.

Dave continued, "When I figured this out, I thought that I'd take a
chance and ask her out on a date. I didn't think she would take me
seriously, but who knows? But she did, and we started to go out. We had to
be careful. My friends or hers couldn't know, neither could either of our
folks. We dated for close to two years. Ruth was nine when we made love
our first time."

"So you see Wally it's possible for a younger girl to date and even make
love with an adult man," Ruth said.

"In our family, we girls have met our boyfriends at a young age. In my
mother's and in my life that has worked out well," Susie added.

"I know that Shelly likes you, and has for a while. You asked a little
earlier ago why she's always hanging around you. Now you know," Susie said.

Susie continued, "The question for you now Wally is: you have a girl who
wants to be around you. She already knows you she even sees you naked all
the time, and she still likes you, even after seeing you naked. You know her,
have been around her for the past four years, and even seen her naked. It's
true she isn't like those Anderson twins, but who knows what she will be like
in a few years, that is if you like big breasted girls.

"But one thing we do know, she likes you for who you are and not because of
your car or anything else. The question for you is do you want to set aside
the differences in your ages and be with some who wants you?

"You have to ask yourself, if you would like to get to know Shelly
better. Not just as Eddie's little sister, but as Michelle, a girl
who likes you, and someone you might like too."

Wally said, "What you mean like dating her?"

I said "That is up to you. But remember if you wanted that, you still
have to ask the girl out. If you did you might be surprised, she might go
with you. You might even have a good time together."

"I don't know. I have to think about this," Wally said with surprise in his voice.

Cathy spoke up, "Eddie, all of what was said applies to you too. Angie
likes you the same as Shelly does Wally." Then she gave Eddie a wink
saying, "And she's eight." With that Eddie glanced at Angie and blushed,

Both boys, correction, young men, looked like they had been struck
senseless. You could have knocked them over with a feather.

But I couldn't help but think, this is where I came in. I felt it was
like déjà-vu all over again.

As always thanks to my editor Nicknason for all his help and work.

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