18 year old hottie
Lindsey’s massage

Lindsey is a beautiful Filipino Hispanic mix about five foot two or three with a soft athletic body. Big brown eyes, long black hair, tan complexion, and full puffy lips. She recently turned 18 and I know that she has been sexually active for a couple of years.

I am a little past 40. Six feet four inches tall with an aged athletic body about 250 pounds. I have a 3 to 4” flaccid penis that grows to a 9” erection. I have recently found some awesome supplements that give me better blood flow and keep me at about 6” partially erect at all times. They also make it quick and easy for me to get an erection and it gets more engorged than ever before. The thickness and the veins popping out make it seem bigger than it probably is. The supplements also increased my ejaculate levels to shoot like a porn star. One supplement is a powder that I mix up with Yohimbe and other things that raise the sex drive. It says that only people over 40 with sex drive issues.

A couple of the girls from the softball team I coach were staying at my house so they could have rides to a practice/BBQ we had scheduled on Saturday. Lindsey was having cramps in her legs at practice, mostly in her thighs. I though she might have pulled a hamstring and checked it for her. She was wearing thin dark blue spandex pants that were like a second skin. I never really noticed how nice her body was until I got close and she wore these pants. She normally wore baggy basketball type shorts that hid her assets. These pants were like fabric body paint and did not leave much to the imagination. I was rubbing and squeezing her upper thigh from behind just below her crotch. Her ass was enticing me and I would push my luck changing my angle so that my hand would brush it or rest on it. From what I could see she was not wearing any panties. The crotch of the pants was low enough that it did not hug her camel toe tightly, but when I would roll her leg up a hint of her toe would show. I told her to get a bottle of water out of my truck and keep drinking in case it was cramps and to take it easy the rest of practice.

We got to the truck and I was looking for my mix and found the bottle empty. I realized that Lindsey drank my mix rather than one of the other bottles, so I mixed another one and drank it. I took the girls to get pizza on the way home.

I thought the girls were showering and getting to bed. So I was in my room getting in bed I was nice and hard thinking about Lindsey’s ass and was getting ready to relieve my self and had just put some lotion on when my door opened and she walked in. I struggled to pull the covers out from underneath me to no avail. I had my wife beater on and nothing else from the waist down. I have a tall bed with double drawers underneath it and a padded mattress, so my raging hard cock was at eye level for her. I rolled off the other side of the bed and wiped the lotion off she came around to the other side of the bed complaining about the pain in her leg still with the pants on but no shirt and a robe. As she limped with one hand on the bed her robe would open flashing a breast. She had a nice firm handful size breast and a tight belly.

“I’m sorry coach, but my leg is killing me. Could you see what you can do? I think it is a cramp on top of a pull or something that is doubling the pain.”
Trying to cover my raging hard on and not succeeding “hop up on the bed and let me take a look” I needed to get past her to get to my boxers.
“Can you help me get up on there? Your bed is too tall for me.”
She put her arm around my head and her robe opened as her leg came up under my erection and I lifted her up across it. As I rolled her onto the bed my cock pressed across her ass and between her legs. It felt good so I left it there and she seemed to like it staying there. She reached down behind her like she didn’t know what it was “What the hell is poking me.” Wrapping her fingers around my cock “Oh my god, I am so sorry!” not removing her hand.
“Let me grab my boxers”
She pulled her hand off and I grabbed my boxers. She lifted her hand to her nose “that smells like coco butter” then her face turned red “Oh crap, I guess I should have knocked. I guess I must have interrupted you. Jesus, you are really big and hard” Both of our faces turning red.

“Let me see your leg” I pulled the robe over to the side and she just took it off as her upper body was pressed against the mattress. The boxers were not containing my erection as it kept popping out the slit. I did not think much of it as she had seen it in its full glory and even touched it. Seeing her on my bed like this was not helping. She had a nice little hour glass type figure with a small waist. She also had a big dream catcher Tattoo between her shoulder blades that was sexy against her tan skin and dark hair. I had a better view of her ass up that high on my bed which was also keeping me hard. I started massaging her thigh asking if I was in the right spot getting higher and higher as I went stopping just below her crotch. Her hand was down to her side and my erection was brushing it. She opened her hand so that it was sliding across her palm.

I ended up with my finger rubbing between her slit or labia and her thigh. I pressed me thumb down into her thigh and she winced in pain with her hand closing around my cock. She immediately let go and the turned towards me lifting her upper body a bit showing a side view of her breast. “that is where it hurts the most” My cock still resting on her open palm.
“We need to ice it and then put some icy hot or something on it.”
“Ok, do you have any of that?”
“I can go get it”
“Could you just try to massage it out and then go get it if I still need it?” So I started massaging her thigh from her knee up. She pulled her pants up tighter so that her camel toe was now visible between her open legs. She started moaning in appreciation “your hands are strong and that feels so good. Could you do both legs?” I made my way to the top of one leg with my hands on both sides moving up to her ass hoping she wouldn’t get pissed. She didn’t and she actually tilted her ass up as I did. I continued massaging her ass and it felt really good soft yet not too soft. I moved up so that I was massaging from the top down. She moaned again as my hands transitioned from her ass to her thigh and my middle finger ran through her camel toe once again pressing her ass up towards my hands. I moved to her other cheek going through the same motion. I thought I was going to explode from the feeling of her wet camel toe underneath my finger. I did not press in not wanting to be too much more obvious. Her body did shudder when she lifted her ass up and my finger met her clit through her pants.

At that point I went and got the ice putting it in a ziplock bag. I laid it on her leg “I can’t really feel that, plus I think that you are getting my pants all wet. Could you pull them down and cover my butt with the robe?” She lifted up handing me the robe exposing both breasts to me this time. I had covered up my erection and it twitched popping out once again. I put the robe over the top part of her ass and then reached up grabbing the waste band to pull her pants down. She lifted her hips to help me and the robe fell forward exposing her ass as I pulled them off and giving me an awesome view of her slick swollen pussy. Her sweet musky smell filled the air as I uncovered her pussy and the position gave me a perfect open view of her anus.

I got the pants off and laid the ice on her thigh placing my hand close to her pussy. I could feel the heat she was emanating and could see her lips starting to flower out of her swollen labia. I pulled the robe down just above the bottom of her ass so that I would still have a good view of her budding pussy. “If you have more of that lotion could you rub it on me while we wait for the ice to work?”
When I reached for the lotion on my headboard my cock rubbed down the side of her face. I then started massaging the lotion into her back and shoulders. She raised her hands above her head giving me access to the sides of her boobs. I took the chance and started rubbing the lotion on her ass putting my hands under the robe. She put her hands back down to her sides and her palm under my cock again. This time she cupped her hand a bit so that it was rubbing my cock. I ran my hand down her crack moving the robe out of the way now. I ended up with my hand on her pussy and she moaned grasping my cock tighter. So I started running my finger across her lips then pressing a finger inside. Her reaction was to start pumping my cock I rolled up the robe placing it under her hips to open her up more and started rubbing her clit. I pushed a finger into her and kissed her ass then started licking it. Finally licking down her crack and tonguing her anus. She moaned and sped up her stroking as licked down from her anus across her taint and tasted her pussy. She tasted better than honey. Wanting more I pulled away and moved to the bottom of the bed pulling her legs down and the ice off so that she was fully open and exposed for me. I licked her ass and anus again working my way back down to her pussy licking and sucking on her lips reaching up and playing with her breast and pinching her hard nipples. She reached back pushing my face into her ass as she exploded in orgasm burying her head in the pillow to muffle her cries. I rolled her over sucking her breasts and kissing down her belly to her mound and into her pussy again. This time I held her pussy open and assaulted her clit either extending her orgasm or starting a new one.

Lindsey then pulled my head out from between her legs sliding off of the bed taking the head of my cock in her mouth sucking my cock. I was close to coming and pulled her back up turning her around. I picked her up licking her ass and pussy again then aiming my cock into her wet pussy. I started slowly pressing my hard cock into her pussy finally starting to get the in and out rhythm. She had her face buried again as I sped up and began to fuck her. I got to the point that I was rubbing her soft spot and the topping out in her pussy. She started contracting in yet another orgasm. I started to pull out as I was ready to shoot “Please cum in me, I am on the pill”. That is all I had to hear as her pulsating tight pussy felt amazing while I shot rope after rope against her pussy walls. As we came together I kissed her shoulders and neck.
“Oh god that felt so good! I don’t think I can walk can I just sleep in here with you?”
“That was awesome, but the other girls might get suspicious.”
She turned around kissing me pulling her robe on “I am going to go get a shower and see if they are sleeping, don’t get startled if you feel me joining you later.”

Could be continued….

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Oh, yeah - there's got to be more to the story. Follow your imagination.

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