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Nikki was just a normal all american girl, and then Jerry comes and decides to make her his next victim...
Nikki never saw it coming. She was just walking home, minding my own business, reading a text from her sister....and then out of nowhere, everything faded to black, and when she woke up, she was trapped in unfamiliar surroundings, with some scary looking guy peering eagerly into her face.

He had fairly tan skin, as if he spent a lot of time out in the sun. Auburn hair, mustache, beard...kind of dirty looking, like he didn't bathe often. Soulless brown eyes boring into hers. Middle aged, average weight. Not her type. He looked like he wanted to devour her. She had never seen him before in her life. So why was she now tied to a metal chair, naked, in what looked to be his basement?

“Hi there, Nikki. You probably don't know me, do you? But I know you. I know you very, very well. I've been watching you, learning your schedule, from afar, just waiting for the chance to bring you home. You almost caught me once, when I took the key from under your door and went into your room, just to get a whiff of your panties. You came home early, and noticed the door was unlocked, remember? But you didn't ever see me slip out the back. You never saw me monitoring your house or following you to work or to class. And now here we are. You're finally mine.” He was babbling, raving like a mad man, and it frightened her. His speech was slurred, as if drunk or using drugs, and she realized he may very well kill her.

Nikki was only 20 years old. She lived in a trailer park with her golden retriever, Mitzy, in Conway. She had dark brown hair that ran down her back and enchanting emerald eyes that broke many mens hearts. Her skin was light, a soft impeccable ivory, and she was athletic, having played soccer and tennis for years. She was in college, studying to be a nurse, and interning at the hospital every weekend. She went to church regulary- she was a strict Baptist- and she had three siblings. A good, all american girl...and surprisingly, still a virgin, despite giving her last boyfriend, Bennett, a few blowjobs and letting him cop a feel or two. She was saving it for marriage...that was why Bennett had broken up with her a few months ago, unable to restrain himself any longer. And now here she was, about to lose her precious virginity to some creep who she didn't even know and found utterly repulsive. Oh, the irony...

“Ah, I guess you can't very well speak to me with that tape on your mouth, can you? Let me remove that for you. It doesn't matter much if you scream now- I have no neighbors for at least three miles in either direction.” He said calmly, removing the silver duct tape from her mouth.

“Why me? How do you even know me?” She whispered, her eyes wide with fear and anxiety.

“I saw you pass by me one day at the grocery store. At the Food Lion on Hwy 17. I watched you the whole time you were in the store. And I knew I had to have you. I knew you were my next victim.” He replied, smiling as though proud of himself.

“Please let me go. Please. I'll never tell anyone, I promise. I just want to go home. My family and friends will be worried. I'm begging you...” She pled, searching his face for mercy.

“It's funny how you people always beg. Like I'd let you leave? Face it, Nikki, you belong to me now. For however long I please.” He then proceeded to grab her 36C breast and give it a hard squeeze. She screamed out, and he squeezed even harder, taking both breasts into his hands and brutally twisting her pink nipples.

“Stop! Please!” She screamed, but he just laughed. Then he grabbed her pussy, fingering it roughly. It was dry, so he brought his mustached lips to the slit and started licking it, making nasty sucking sounds as he ate her pussy. She felt so uncomfortable- she had never had a guy put his mouth down there before. Not even Bennett. It felt foreign and unnatural to her virgin body.

After getting it sufficently wet, he then pulled out a very large black dildo and proceeded to push it against the opening of her vagina.

“No! I'm a virgin! I've never done this, please stop!” She yelled in terror.

He paused and looked at her with even more depravity and excitement.

“A virgin? I don't believe you. There's just no way such a sensual girl can possibly be untouched.” He then started probing at her vagina with his hands, and found her maiden head.

“My, my...your cherry truly is still intact. I'm shocked. Rare for a girl your age these days.” He began stroking her body, watching her intently.

“So...please d-d-don't rape me...I want my first time to be special.” She whimpered.

“It will be. It certainly will be.” He said, untying her from the chair and throwing her to the floor. He forced her legs apart and kissed her deeply, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth, as he shoved his hard cock forcefully into her virgin pussy. He played with her nipples and then bit her hard on the neck as he raped her. Silent tears poured down Nikki's beautiful face as her last shred of innocence was taken away by this cruel stranger. He licked at her tears, nibbling on her cheek, and then he pulled her close for another deep kiss as he thrusted once more and burst his seed inside her poor raw cunt....

He laughed as he pulled out, sticking his fingers in her and bringing them, blood and cum coated, to her lips, rubbing it against them.

“Don't worry this isn't over. There's more to come. So much more. I have many plans for us before this ends.” He promised, grinning evilly.

Chapter Two Coming Very Soon...;)

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2016-08-13 08:20:11
All these people saying "real men don't rape" well im a girl and my biggest fantasy is to get raped someday so shut up ;)

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2013-03-09 13:25:13
Interesting start needs some polish

Oh if you don't like this genre than don't read it, read the type it is before you go in

Oh for those that do read the type your just a hypocrite you read this than hate yourself for it

Rape isn't about sex but about power, a rape fantasist is better than a rapist because they don't want to really hurt anyone.

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2013-03-09 02:17:00
Real men don't rape...

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2013-03-08 23:24:58
I don't know how ANYONE could consider this a story except for other brain dead morons (like the writer) who seems to think this has any value whatsoever. NEGATIVE VOTE.

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2013-03-08 22:33:58
This is sick and not a storu

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