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Janet needs black cock and she always will.
Our Trip to New Orleans

Janet and I checked into our hotel overlooking the Mississippi River across from the French Quarter and next to the old fish market. It was March and time for her ‘spring adventure’ and well, she was lusting after more black cock. We discussed it three months earlier and she admitted, “She missed having a black cock inside her, fucking her the way she was meant to be fucked.” I knew what she meant; we talk over that issue after she met Kevin. She believed black men to be better and more dominant lovers than white men. I knew it would be better if I didn’t say anything so I remained silent. I would get off watching her, I always did. We’ve been married ten years and Janet was twenty-two when we married and I was ten years older. We exercise, drink moderately, don’t smoke and are in excellent shape. We enjoy climbing 14ers in Colorado and teaching scuba, we’re both instructors.

I watched television while she took a leisurely bath and washed and dried her shoulder length dishwater blond hair. She had me get a towel and I helped her dry off and then she asked me to rub moisturizer on her back. When she was satisfied she began to apply her makeup for the coming evening.

Five years ago, I paid for a series of treatments with Dr. Garcia, her dermatologist at Baylor that removed her pubic hair permanently. She had shaved it off since college and she had grown tired of the stubble and itchy feeling she experienced when it began to grow out again. Today, her pussy looks like a little girl’s, a very sexy pre-pubescent little girl, without any pubic hair. Janet’s measurements are 34C/25/36 and she weighs a hundred and eighteen pounds. She is five feet six inches tall and her well-developed legs lead to a narrow waist and a tight ass. Her sparking blue eyes are bright, inquisitive and unintentionally sexy. When I say that sometimes I don’t think she even realizes how desirable she appears to other men. Her luscious breasts, while not huge, ride high upon her chest and are capped by mocha colored nipples that are unusually sensitive and usually erect. She has given up wearing panties when we went go party now although it took several months of consistent encouragement before she finally felt comfortable enough to give up wearing them all together. Looking at her made my hard dick even harder and I wanted to take her myself, I was horny, too. She wouldn’t have any of that because she was saving herself for her this evening.

I watched her as she sat in front of the mirror in our suite curling her long hair. I love the way she applies her eye shadow and mascara; it’s provocative and stimulating. Then, she carefully put on the dark red lipstick she loves so much; red being her favorite color, followed by her lip gloss. She didn’t forget the glitter around her eyes, between her breasts and on her neck.

She was naked and she slipped into her black cocktail dress and she was dressed. She hasn’t worn a bra since we met and she still doesn’t need one. She loves the way that dress feels against her body and it’s her current ‘favorite’. We bought it last fall in Shreveport where she had her winter adventure. Shreveport-Bossier City can become surprisingly cold when a cold front blows through and we had purchased a coat for her when she happened upon that dress and fell in love with it.

It’s black, classy and formal, but if you brush against her you realize she’s naked under it. She loves the way it clings to her body although her erect, mauve colored nipples are blatantly apparent. Her legs are tan and she doesn’t need hose on her well defined legs; a result of years of running. When she slipped into her four and a half inch stiletto heel platform pumps; which she refers to as her “fuck me” heels, she was as tall as I am.

She planned her spring fling in San Antonio in December during a heated lovemaking session on the Riverwalk. I had been licking her pussy lips and teasing her swollen clitoris while fucking her pussy with her huge, black cyberskin dildo molded after a black porn star’s huge cock. She looked incredibly hot as her pussy lips clung to the enormous dick. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open as her hips uncontrollably bucked upwards as she sought to capture more of her imaginary lover’s eleven-inch black cock.

That was when Janet realized she was seriously overdue for black cock. She planned to come on to the man of her choice at the club in the Marriot Hotel we had heard so much about. The wife of a couple we knew at Sans Souci, an alternative night club we were members of in Dallas, had told Janet. She had been hooked on black cock, too.

I would take my wife to the club and order a drink but I would remain at the bar. She would meet some of the members, advertising her availability, and then dance with several of them until she found the man, “who turned her on”. Then, she’d bring him back to our hotel for a drink and up to our suite where they would have sex. I would be hidden in the closet watching them and, of course, masturbating. We were both excited. It had been a while since Souci and Janet needed black cock in the worse way. She put the finishing touches on her makeup and smiled lewdly at me as she deftly rebuffed my attempt to kiss her because, “She didn’t want me to mess up her lipstick”, and then she asked me, “If there were any limitations?”

My hard dick throbbed painfully when she looked at me and asked me that question! I knew it really didn’t matter what I said, she was just being polite. I told her, “Just give me a clear view of you fucking him and let me fuck you after he leaves.”

She replied, “Sweetheart, You know how I feel about condoms. I don’t want him to wear one, but you will eat his cum out of me, Baby, as usual.” I knew she’d demand that as my payment for watching her and I wasn’t surprised. I had become her cumslut on a dive trip five years earlier. Today, I always swallow my cum whether she sucks my dick or I ejaculate in her pussy. She enjoys watching me and I enjoy pleasing her. I know I’m a cumslut. My wife broke me in Cozumel and I had become her cumslut.

We became scuba divers several years earlier and at that time we were Divemasters. We had finished our two morning tank dive and we were eating lunch. Diving makes you hungry and we were having a plate of fajitas at Ernesto’s across from La Ceiba when Janet calmly announced, “Sweetheart, from this moment going forward you will swallow your cum every time I suck your dick. If you cum inside me you will eat it out of my pussy.”
I nearly choked on a mouthful of chicken. “Why would I do that?”

She calmly replied, “Because you are a cumslut and I said you would.”

That evening after a night dive she sucked my dick and after I ejaculated in her mouth she kissed me, filling my mouth with my warm semen for the first time. I swallowed my cum seven more times on that dive trip and ate it out of her pussy five times. Today, she smiles at me at me and I don’t think much about it. When we became members of Sans Souci couples came home with us occasionally and she sucked several husbands or boyfriends cocks and on a couple of occasions she kissed me afterwards. I quietly swallowed their cum, as well.

We hadn’t planned on any of that when we married. In fact, we had never heard the term. The truth is we drifted into the life style. We had been members of an alternative nightclub for three years and slowly evolved into the life style. After my young wife discovered she could enjoy sex with another man she was attracted to without repercussion and I would remain faithful; she understood she could have her cake and eat it too. Once she experienced this new expansion of her sex life she had no intention of giving it up.

I looked at her lovingly and the sensuous twinkle in her eyes gave away her excitement. It had been too long since she’d had sex with a black man. That had been Carl and he fucked her on a regular basis for over two years. Kevin ‘blacked her’ two years before Roger and after Roger we had met Carl. Kevin fucked her every way possible on and off until Roger had finally gotten to her. Roger had convinced her to make me her cuckold. She teased me for a few weeks here and there before she finally made her decision. I am not a wimp and I have a decent sized dick but there’s much more involved in the cuckold life style than having a small dick.

We met Kevin at a nightclub, Kempi’s, in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel, on the Dallas North Toll Road one cold winter evening. Kevin and Janet danced together for nearly an hour before she invited him to come home with her. Kevin had my sexy young wife the first night he met her while I sat beside them and masturbated. Kevin introduced her to a kind of sex neither of us could have imagined. He’d owned us as a couple, jointly and individually, for almost a year.

When Janet called Kevin after we returned from Mexico and wanted to see him he demanded, “I suck his cock in front of her before he would agree to see her”. I was ‘straight’, well almost. I had never shared with Janet the fact that I had sucked two other guy’s dicks before I met her, but I wasn’t Gay.

I had stopped at the New Fine Arts Bookstore on Mockingbird Lane one evening after work. I had a handful of quarters and I was in a booth watching some shorts and, of course, masturbating. I was unaware that I failed to lock the door to my booth and a guy slipped in behind me. Before I could push him away he had my dick in his mouth. He had been a great cocksucker and I quickly blew my load in his mouth and then I self-consciously slipped out of the bookstore.

The following week I stopped back in and another guy wanted to suck my dick and I thought to myself, why not? He was really good, too. I enjoyed it. Soon, I was stopping several times a week and a lot more men sucked my dick; some of them several times. After about a month I had become curious. I had always been into girls and had no interest in homosexuals, but I was curious. One evening a well built, preppy looking guy came in behind me and walked into a booth. I carefully slipped in behind him. I quickly kneeled in front of him and released his hard dick and took him into my mouth. I didn’t know anything about sucking a hard dick so I did what I knew I enjoyed. He put his hands behind my head and then pulled my mouth all the way down until my face was pressed against his pubic hair. When he emptied his cum into my mouth I swallowed and swallowed and managed not to choke. He charmingly told me, “Thanks man that was great!”

I thought about it and I was surprised at how smooth and hard his dick had felt on my tongue and in my mouth. One evening a few weeks later I dropped by Village Station on Cedar Springs. Village Station is a Gay club down from Sue Ellen’s, ‘the lesbian bar of Dallas’. I was surprised when I unexpectedly ran into the same man I performed oral sex on at the Fine Arts Bookstore. I tried to pretend I wasn’t me, but he recognized me. He insisted on buying me a beer and I told him I wasn’t Gay; I had just been ‘curious’. He told me he knew that. He lived close by and invited me over. I followed him to his condominium and he helped me satisfy my curiosity. Before the evening was over we were naked in front of his fireplace enjoying a beer. He introduced me to frotting before we were in a sixty-nine and our hard dicks were buried deep in each other’s mouths. He was one the best cocksuckers I had met up until that time.

Janet pleaded with me to suck Kevin’s cock and she sucked my dick and did other things to please me. Then, she became depressed and cried until she was almost hysterical. I thought she was on the verge of some sort of serious emotional issue. I’m not a doctor, but I’d been a medic in the army and I had worked on a ‘closed’ psychiatric ward for four months. I certainly didn’t want her to experience a nervous breakdown. My mother had experienced a nervous breakdown when I was a little boy and then I’d had my military experience at Fort Sam Houston. When I couldn’t take it any longer I reluctantly agreed to do it for her. I love my wife very much.

After a couple of weekends we developed an established ‘routine’ in a manner of speaking. Janet and I would meet Kevin at the door; both of us would be naked, as he had demanded. Janet would make everyone a drink while Kevin and I went into the den to watch the tape he made of them the previous weekend. Watching the video made my dick hard especially when I thought about the filthy things he was going to do to my young wife in a short while.

Kevin began bringing a couple joints of his ‘Acapulco Gold’ with him when he came over in spite of the fact that neither Janet nor I smoked or used any drugs for that matter. When Janet brought our drinks Kevin would take his clothes off in front of her. I have to grudgingly admit he had an impressive piece of manhood between his muscular thighs.

Then, he positioned my wife beside him in our leather loveseat so she could watch me as I knelt in front of him. I would kneel between Kevin’s muscular legs as I began licking the bulbous head of his huge black cock. When I first began I didn’t remember much about sucking a cock so I did what I personally liked. I’d feel his dick jerk and stiffen as it began to respond to my inexperienced tongue and for some reason that excited me. I’d take his growing cock into my mouth, never using my hands. He warned me, “Never put your white bread hands on my cock.”

I began sucking him while he lit up some ‘smoke’ for my innocent young wife. My wife had never used drugs and she didn’t drink much either. It didn’t take long before she would be stoned and she’d lose all her inhibitions and be eager to do whatever he suggested. He used her in degrading ways I’d never imagined and I’m ashamed to say, excited me.

Listening to Kevin call my wife, “his personal black cock whore with her cuckold husband” and refer to her as a “bitch” and a “black cock slut” for some perverted reason made my dick hard. He’d tell Janet he was going to fuck her with his big black cock as soon as her husband had a little fun, too. He’d tell her I was hot for his dick because a hard dick never lies and then he’d have her look at my dick which would be erect. She would giggle at my hardon. He’d light up another joint and by that point she would be so turned on she would be encouraging me to suck his cock faster and use more suction. On one occasion she’d told Kevin she thought, “I looked cute with his cock in my mouth because I was getting him ready for her.”

As strange as it might sound I began to look forward to sucking Kevin’s black cock. I enjoyed feeling it growing bigger and harder in my mouth. I think I became pretty good at sucking his cock, too. I don’t know whether I was into the humiliation thing or if I’d become ‘bi’ like my wife but I enjoyed it and that’s the way it was. Maybe it was some twisted sense of participation that I felt sucking a man’s cock until his pre-cum began to leak into my mouth and then he would stop me. His black cock was not going to cum in my mouth; his cock was going to empty its seed deep inside my wife’s vagina. Kevin had me suck his cock in front of my wife to debase me in front of her. His strategy was to make her think less of me as her husband and rather more of me as her cuckold.

I learned black men have something white guys don’t have any more: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They have more energy, style and edge than white men, today. They know how to make a white woman feel sexy and a black man can kick a white woman's sex drive into a higher gear while their inhibitions recede in the rearview mirror at the same time. A black man knows how to seduce a white woman until she becomes putty in his hands to use in any way he desires. I'm not just talking; I saw it happen with my wife and with other white women, as well.

Many men are attracted to my beautiful young wife but it was a black man who had seduced her and made her his. I might add Janet's father is a racist and he told her when she was in high school, “He would disown her if she ever dated a black man.” It's good he's never learned of her addiction. Black men constantly advertise and ebony attracts ivory and it always will. I think white women and black man attract one another because of their racial differences. I know I was as captivated as Janet the first time she and Kevin were naked together. The contrast in their skin tones was extremely erotic and she couldn’t take her eyes off his huge black penis stretching her lips as it entered her pink vagina. She’s still mesmerized watching a black cock pistoning in and out of her pussy.

I can't say much about cuckolding. I never intended to become one and when I see pictures of men with two inch dicks, like most guys, I find it disgusting. Viewing a picture of a two inch dick in a cock cage or chastity device is pathetic. I think men like that are sick and it's even worse that they act like they’re proud of it. Who would want to be married to some sub-human male like that, anyway? My relationship with my wife is not like that and it never will be. I’ve had sex with many women and I don't consider myself shortchanged sexually, nor does Janet. I have never had sex with another woman since we married and I am completely faithful to my wife. When I first met her she was impressed with the size of my penis, which is a respectable eight inches. Of course, once she’d been with Kevin she couldn’t help but feel differently. I could hardly compete with a man like Kevin or even Roger. Then, I met Carl on the Internet while looking for other black men for her. Carl, an officer in the marines, was even bigger than Kevin, but he was a gentleman; a gentleman who enjoyed fucking a hot young wife in front of her husband while he masturbated. The bottom line is I can’t compete with ten or eleven inches and I’ll never be able to. There are nerve endings in a woman’s vagina that are stimulated by an oversized penis which a smaller penis can never touch, let alone stimulate.
I watched Kevin fucking my wife in ways I never would be able to fuck her and I had been fascinated. He used her in ways I would not allow myself to think about because I loved and respected her. Kevin used her like a whore for his pleasure and it shocked me watching my wife’s submission and enthusiastic participation until she became more sexually excited than she’d ever been in her life as she’d related to me one night after he had left. I guess everything about it excited me. Janet sucking on his tongue buried deep in her mouth while he pounded her in back-to-back orgasms, licking and sucking his balls while he masturbated his big black cock until he ejaculated in her face and eyes and all over her forehead and into her hair.

Janet would look at me from time to time as I watched her surrender to Kevin’s twisted desires. She yielded to him completely and I knew it was beyond hope at that point. The pleasure she experienced was obvious and it was this pleasure that had cause her to become insatiable because she wanted to experience it again and again and I could no longer satisfy her. I attributed this to the drugs that he gave her but it was the uninhibited sex and I knew it. Every so often Janet would glance over at me while I masturbated excitedly until I had shot my load. After seeing me cum all over our carpet Janet would close her eyes in pleasure and explode in an out of this world orgasm.

I remember our conversation one evening after Kevin had finally left. I told my wife, “You look different.”
Janet laughed and smiled. “Well, I feel much sexier. Ever since my first time with him….you know; I feel more confident and more of a woman.”

“You have a different aura about you. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know,” My wife blushed. “It’s hard for me to explain to you. You can’t understand it because you’re not a woman. You’ll never know what it’s like to have a big beautiful black cock buried deep inside you.”

Then, she quickly said, “I can’t believe I said that.”

“I know.”

“I can’t believe what we’ve done to our marriage, but we’ve changed it completely, haven’t we?”

“Yes, Sweetheart, we sure have.”

“I’ve been black fucked and I love it.” Janet smiled, and she seemed turned on as she shook her head contemplatively. “I’ve become a black cock whore and you approve of it.”

“Yes, and I love it, Sweetheart.”

“”I love it, too. Seeing that huge black cock sliding deep inside my white pussy, oh, it drives me crazy and makes me feel so damned good. Sometimes I think I’m going to lose my mind. I want to scream for joy. All I want is for Kevin to fuck me and to empty his seed deep inside me. Sometimes, I’m sorry we had my tubes tied.”

“Honey, I’m sorry, too.”

“Still, I feel like a new woman, empowered and completely fulfilled sexually.” Janet looked into my eyes, “I love you, Charlie.”

“I love you, Janet.”

Kevin had been transferred to California but not before he’d used my lovely wife in every way a man could use a woman and she had responded passionately. He had her in several ways I’ve never had her. She’d almost gotten him out of her system but down deep I knew, given the opportunity, she would always be a black cock whore and that excited me. That’s why we were in New Orleans.

We went to the club we heard about from the couple at Sans Souci, who were into interracial sex almost exclusively. The club was a private black club, which was open to white couples only. White husbands brought their wives to the club looking for well- endowed black men interested in interracial sex. She was eager to check out the club members whom she might have an interest and, of course, the man who wanted her. Several black men looked my wife over closely as soon as we entered the club, undressing her with their eyes, and ignoring me. It didn’t take my wife long to find what she wanted.

She asked several well-dressed black men to dance with her. She didn’t meet anyone who wasn’t interested in her. I felt my cock throbbing with excitement as I saw black hands caress her back, sides, hips, breasts, inside her thighs and even slip under her sheer cocktail dress. The men were aware she was naked under her dress and they knew why she was there. She was another married white whore hooked on black cock. It was unbelievably stimulating to watch my beautiful young wife dancing so intimately with older black men who fucked white wives on an on-going basis.

After a short time I noticed my wife dancing with a large, muscular black man who held her tightly against him as if she belonged to him. Janet had told me she’d dance with the man she wanted for several dances; the one she would bring back to our room. That would be my cue to leave and hide in the closet. When they continued dancing I slipped away and hurried back to our room and slipped into my hiding place.

My sensuous wife and the large black man entered our room approximately forty-five minutes later. The top of her head didn’t even reach his shoulders and she looked like she was still in college compared to him. My wife works out religiously three times a week and she jogs most evenings during the week. She has long muscular legs as a result of her addiction to running and that’s the only time she wears a bra. Her firm breasts, capped by mocha colored nipples, are extremely sensitive as I mentioned earlier. She loves to have her nipples licked, sucked and bitten and it makes her very excited.

I was surprised my wife had chosen such a large black man. He was easily six feet five inches tall and weighed two hundred and fifty pounds or more. He reminded me of Jason Pierre-Paul, the New York Giants defensive end whose parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti. His skin color is very black and so was this man’s. He was very big that was for sure and he could have played linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. Janet sat on the edge of the bed beside him and addressed him as Derell. The contrast in skin tones between Derell and my wife was dramatic and as a result quite stimulating. He was a beautiful physical specimen and my wife looked like a little girl sitting next to him.

When I peeked through the door, I saw he’d already removed his slacks and Janet’s cocktail dress was off and she was naked, almost. Derell had pulled the covers of the king sized bed down and I had a clear view of them. They sat close to each other and my wife wore only her high heels. I watched them kissing passionately as Derell’s thick tongue slipped into my wife’s mouth and she sucked on it hungrily. His jet black hands squeezed her pale, white breasts and pinched her mauve colored nipples, leaving red finger marks upon her tits. He sucked each of her erect nipples into his mouth, biting them until she moaned and placed her hands on the back of his head holding him tightly against her breasts. He laughed and said, “You love the black cock don’t you, bitch?”

Janet looked straight into his face with lust in her eyes, “Yes, Derell, I love black cock very much.”

Derell asked her if the white man she’d been with when she came into the club was her husband. Janet didn’t hesitate as she continued to look deeply into his eyes and replied, “Yes.”
Derell laughed deep in his chest and said, “He knows you’re a black cock whore, doesn’t he?”

My beautiful wife met his gaze unashamedly and responded, “Yes.”
Derell then said, “And he is your willing cuckold.”

“Yes, he is. He has been my willing cuckold for five years, now” my beautiful young wife replied.

Derell sucked her excited nipples into his mouth and bit them teasingly before standing up and taking his shirt and socks off. He was powerfully built with broad shoulders, muscular arms, a narrow waist and well-developed legs. His huge black cock stuck out and pointed directly at my wife. It had to be over ten inches in length and at least six inches in circumference. Janet couldn’t keep her eyes or hands off his cock; stroking and caressing it lovingly as he took her high heels off and caressed her muscular legs. He glanced at her baby-smooth pussy and smiled at her as he said, “Nice.”

Derell wasn’t in a hurry as he continued sucking and nibbling on Janet’s mocha colored areolas and erect nipples. He kissed one nipple and sucked it into his mouth and then he kissed her other nipple and sucked it as well. My wife moaned deep in her throat and her hips involuntarily began rising upwards. Derell slipped a finger into my wife’s moist pussy quickly followed by another finger and then another while his thumb teased her clit and when he withdrew them and I could see her juices glistening on his black fingers when he stuck them into her mouth and she sucked on them tasting her pussy.

“Fuck girl, look at my black hands on your lily white body. Such pale white skin looks so fucking hot against my black body. You've got to be the whitest girl I’ve ever met. I’m going to enjoy fucking your little pink pussy.”

Darrell began to finger and rub my wife’s clit at the same time and it was obvious she was enjoying it. Janet moaned louder as Darrell continued to rub her pussy. She leaned into him and both of her hands tenderly stroked his massive cock as she stuck her tongue in his ear. When she did that he pulled her to him and kissed her as he said, “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He kissed her again and I could hear her breathing loudly as her wet pussy made obscene sucking sounds around his fingers.

Derell eased my wife onto her back upon the bed and lowered his face to her pussy. My wife is extremely sensitive and Derell was quite skilled at eating pussy. Within minutes she was moaning loudly and then softly screaming as her hips pussy fucked his face.

When she began to orgasm her hips started to spasm uncontrollably. She tried to pull away from him and I knew she felt too sensitive for him to continue at that moment. He ignored her attempts to pull away from him as he held her tightly and continued to lick and suck her swollen clit. She quickly experienced another intense orgasm but stronger than the previous one. Derell persisted in working her pussy over and he was pleased and excited. Every man enjoys satisfying a beautiful woman and Derell was satisfying a very beautiful young woman, my wife, and he had no intention of stopping. He continued eating her pussy and I saw his swollen cock was as big as any black cock I had ever seen.

After he’d made her cum a number of times he climbed on top of her facing the bottom of the bed in the classical sixty-nine position and spread her alabaster thighs wide apart with his muscular arms and big black hands as his big tongue resumed its assault upon her distended clit. My wife kissed the head of his cock and then moved her face upwards and the head of his cock slid between her wet lips into her mouth. He moaned as more of his cock went into her mouth. I watched her cheeks hollow and she began sucking on it hungrily as if her life depended on it. Her hands cupped his black ass cheeks and pulled hard taking more of his huge ebony cock into her mouth. Her lips and mouth were stretched almost obscenely as she sucked his cock.

She paid particular attention to his fat cock head; sucking it into her mouth, teasing it with her teeth before allowing it to ‘pop’ loudly out of her mouth. Then, she teased his frenulum, under his cock head, nibbling and sucking on it, before taking as much of his huge cock into her mouth as she could. She almost choked and tears ran down her cheeks but she swallowed again and again even when some of his pre-cum ran off her lips onto her chin. My wife is a fantastic cock sucker and she had experience when we met, but she’s had a lot more since we married.

After about thirty minutes, during which time Derell made Janet cum effortlessly and at will, he was ready to mount her. He sat up and turned around and positioned her on her hands and knees facing away from him and she laid her head sideways on the bed. His cock jutted straight out from his loins as he moved behind her and briefly teased her lips with the blunt head of his penis. I drew in a deep breath when I saw that his penis was easily ten inches, perhaps even longer, and unusually thick. I wondered what he was going to do to my wife’s vagina.

He teasingly rubbed the mushroom head of his cock against my wife’s dripping pussy lips and then withdrew his cock. He was toying with her, intensifying her longing for his cock. The bulbous head of his black dick glistened with her juices as he began to enter her while he talked to her. “This is what you came here for isn’t it? You came here for a big black cock to fuck your hungry little pussy because your husband doesn’t satisfy you, does he?”

I was surprised to hear my sweet wife respond, “No, he doesn’t. He used to before I was with a black man, until I learned about black men.”

Derell responded, “Now you need a real cock to satisfy you don’t you, bitch? Some brother turned you into his black cock whore, didn’t he?”

Janet moaned, almost sobbing, “Yes.”

He laughed obscenely and said, “You’re a sweet little white wife, at least to most people, but to black men you’re nothing but another married white whore hooked on black cock.”

Janet softly replied, “I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want it. I never planned on doing it. It was my husband’s idea; it was almost like he was obsessed. He just had to see me having sex with a black man. I finally gave in because I thought it would satisfy him once and for all and he would shut up. But once I had been fucked by a black cock, a huge black cock, and he’d made me cum the way he did; well, that black man owned my pussy and we both knew it. I wanted more; I had to have more. I can’t help it; it’s just the way it is, since that first evening I became a helpless whore for black cock.”

“I know a lot of white women like you who think they can have it black once then go back; it doesn’t work that way, no sir. We’re a drug like crack. Know a few women who have given up everything; husband, family, kids, home, job, you name it to be with their black lovers. My first white woman was my high school English teacher and I wasn’t her first black. She divorced her husband after he found out. She was so addicted that she went to work in an inner city school to have as much black cock as she wanted. The school found out. I know what you’re thinking, they fired her right? No. The principal, all the coaches and even an administrator blackmailed her into becoming the school whore and all of them used her. I have several white friends who asked me to fuck their wives and you know what? I’m still fucking them, every one of those wives. My guess is your husband lines you up with as many black men as he can find. No brother can blame you for being hooked on black cock, bitch.”

“Please stop talking and fuck me Derell.” Derell couldn’t take any more and he spread her legs a little further apart and lifted her ass high while she turned her head to one side and laid it flat upon the bed. “Make me your whore, Derell. Fuck my white married pussy.”

He lined up his huge cock up at the entrance to her dripping cunt and began to enter her. Janet was already moaning and her hand cupped his ball sac as the light reflected off of her wedding ring that I had given her seven years earlier even as she backed her ass towards him. My own cock was hard and leaking clear fluids as I removed it from my pants to masturbate as I watched him begin to slide his huge cock into my wife’s pussy. They both had a look of discomfort on their faces.

“Fuck girl! Your pussy is tight,” Darrell complained. Janet exclaimed, “It's not as if you have a small cock! Just go slow okay?”

Derell continued trying to work his massive dick into my young wife’s pussy. I sat there watching excitedly as he continued to work his tool deeper and deeper into her pussy. He was teasing her as he slowly lined up his cock, jutting straight out from his loins, with her pussy. He patiently worked his massive cock into her pussy and in about two minutes his cum filled balls slapped against her pretty little asshole. “Fuck woman, your pussy took me balls deep!”

Janet could feel the head of his dick pressing against her cervix when he slid into her pussy. Now, he leaned over her and placed his muscular black hands on her pale white shoulders and pulled her body against him as his penis began striking her cervix deep inside her hungry vagina. He was completely inside her and she was moaning loudly when she began cumming.

“Oh yes, Baby, Baby! Make me your little white whore!” she cried.

Derell had a smirk on his face as he asked her, “Doesn’t your husband ever fuck you, bitch? Your pussy is so tight you’d think he never fucks you. ” Janet moaned again and Darrel asked her if it was good. Janet explained to him that she'd never been so filled up in her entire life. He laughed and told her, “To take deep breaths; because she belonged to him now and he was going to fuck her like she belonged to him.”

“Ohhhh………..ohhhhhh………..ohhhhhhh…………ohhhhhhh!” Janet cried out loudly and began to moan in time to each thrust of Derell’s huge cock. I watched him pull back and pause as he smiled at her before slamming forward until the bulbous head of his cock slammed against her cervix causing my wife to scream in pain.

“Aieeeeeee…………ahhhhhhhhhh…………stop………….it hurts……… hurts……….you’re too biggggggggg, Derell. Your cock is too big for my pussy.”

“Just wait baby; it's about to feel a hell of a lot better. Sex with your husband will never be the same ever again,” he replied. At that point Derell pulled slightly out of her and then slammed his monstrous cock deep inside her until his cum-filled balls slammed loudly against her tiny red asshole.

Derell ignored her cries of pain and continued fucking her. I was excited and concerned about her at the same time, but I was about ready to cum myself. As I watched him fucking her she began to back her sweet little ass onto his huge cock, slowly at first and then faster, moving back and then forwards as she fucked herself furiously back onto his cock.

Then he began to talk to her, “That’s right bitch, fuck that dick, yeah, fuck that dick, yeah, that’s right. Give it up; give that pussy up, bitch. You gotta let it go. Give that pussy up to that black dick, yeah. Give it up, give it up, you gotta give it up. Uh huh, take that big dick and I’ll fuck you silly. Yeah, you’re taking that big black dick, bitch. You’re liking it now, uh huh, yeah, you’re liking it now. Yeah, your cumming now, keep on cumming, bitch. Take that black cock, baby.”

“Ohh, ahhhh, ohhhh, uh huh, ahhhh, Na hah!” Janet was breathing loudly as she began cumming hard on his huge cock while making unintelligible sounds. She was in a world of her own, a world of her own and Derell’s. “Uh, Uh, ahhhh, Ahh, Fuck me!”

I couldn’t take it any longer. My eight inch dick exploded all over the closet door.

I watched my wife crying and cumming and crying all at the same time as Derell “began making her his whore”. Janet was moaning continuously now and her right foot shook uncontrollably. Her foot always does that when she’s cumming. Derell grabbed her long hair and pulled her body back hard onto his oversized cock. I had a great view of his enormous tool sliding in and out of her pretty pink pussy which gaped widely now and clung possessively to his oversized organ. She was stretched wider than I had ever seen her. Her pussy lips clung greedily to his shaft as if reluctant to give up his cock if only for a few seconds. The more Janet’s black sexing humiliated me, the more I loved it.

As the fucking continued, I heard Janet’s pleadings change as Derell sliced in and out of her, faster and faster.

“Oh yes, Lover, feed me your black cock, feed little Janet your black cock!”

I listened to my wife moaning continuously, now. I couldn’t believe the size of Derell’s cock; it made mine look like a little boy’s by comparison.

“Damn, bitch! You feel like a fuck’n virgin! Either you haven’t had it in a hell of a long time or your husband must be as thick as my finger! Damn, you’re tight!”

Derell placed a pillow under Janet’s pussy forcing her ass up higher as his huge black hands clutched her ankles and he pounded her pussy steadily. Then his hands moved to her tight ass and pulled her back on his cock as the bed springs shrieked loudly. “Are you taking that? Take that dick, bitch”

“Ahh, Ohh, Uh huh!”

“Keep taking that dick.”

Janet was lying flat on the bed now and he crawled up on top of her ass with his feet on both sides of her. She moaned when she felt his huge cock lying in the crack of her ass. His hard black cock lay on top of her ass from the bottom of her cheeks almost to her lower back before he guided his enormous cock into her tight married pussy as she resumed making small unintelligible sounds. My sweet young wife was cumming like a faucet and I was masturbating furiously in the closet.

Then, Derell turned Janet over on her back and continued fucking her in the missionary position.

“Who fucks you the way you’re supposed to be fucked?”

“You do!”

“When was the last time a white man fucked you like this?”

“Never, Never, Never! Uh, Yeah Ahh, Ahh!”

“You cumming, Baby? You cumming? Cumming from black dick?


He was holding her wrists in his hands now and he said, “I got you tied down baby, you’re mine, now. You’re not going nowhere, you fucking cunt.”

He placed a pillow under Janet’s back and with her legs in the air he supported himself on his hands as his dick pumped in and out of her pussy. “Would you look at that black cock, look at that black cock, baby!”

“Ohh! Ohh! Ahh!”

“Is that what you like? Is that what my baby likes? Huh? Take it all. Take it all.”

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohh, yeah!”

He was pounding her mercilessly, now. “It’s the position, got it? Got it? You got it?

“Oh yeah, yeah.”

“I got it too, baby, I got my cock in your cunt, you’re all mine.”

“Yeah, Ohh! Ahh! Ahh! Oh Yeah!”

“Good black dick? Good black dick? Good black dick fucking you?”


“Say it! Say, “Good black dick fucking me.”

My wife screamed loudly, “Good black dick fucking me, good black dick fucking me.”

“Now you understand, baby, you’re all mine.”

“I’m cumming Derell. Just fuck my pussy, Derell”

Derell groaned loudly when my wife said that and cried out loudly, “I’m gonna cum in your cunt!”

“Do it, Do it, Cum inside me!”

Derell pounded her viciously as he drove his huge black cock in her repeatedly and then he groaned and he slammed tightly into her and his body didn’t move. Janet lay underneath him with her eyes closed and her arms and legs open as if she had passed out. He slowly pulled his cock out of her gaping pussy and his thick semen began leaking out of her.

“That was nice, Janet”, Derell whispered as he stuck two fingers in her pussy and more of his semen leaked out of her and onto the sheet. “l get to Dallas at least once a month and I’m going to be fucking your tight little married pussy on a regular basis now. Would you like that, bitch?”

I watched Janet struggle to open her eyes and she smiled up at him, “You can fuck me every time you come to Dallas, Derell and I want you to meet Charlie, my husband. He’ll suck your cock if you want him to.”

Derell smiled as he began to get dressed and laid his business card on the nightstand. “There is no reason to leave him out. I always enjoy fucking a wife in front of her husband. It’s a real ego trip to have a white couple and watch the husband suck my cock before I fuck his wife.”

rt of moral bias, please don't read this story.


2017-11-01 08:01:44
Hot story and I hope you and your wife have many black men fill her cunt.

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2014-11-16 21:54:17
You and your wife are Trash. Where I am from to let black touch a white woman is the lowest form of a woman. So for you to be proud you suck Nigger cum from you poor white trash wife makes you worse then scum. I hope you catch HIV and die from fucking Niggers.

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2013-08-24 13:38:36
Beautiful. Next time, I want him to suck the guy to start and suck the cum out of his wife at the end.

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2013-04-10 20:21:04
I believe there is a pub soerehwme in the world called the Cock and Balls (I think it's in Cornwall, but I'm not sure). Someday I want to go there and order all the wrong drinks. You know the kind I'm talking about, where they were named specifically so the bartenders could see if a woman could ask for a Blow Job with a straight face.

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2013-03-15 08:00:35
Loved this story, it fits what my wife and I have experienced... We also went to NOLA to an on premises club called Collettes, my wife was used by a group of black guys until I had to help her walk back to our hotel.... She was sore for days!

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