A boat and some beautiful teen girls
Boat in the Bay of Naples

We had a rental boat planned one Saturday with some girls from softball team. My son ended up getting sick and my daughter ended up having to do something else. By the time I knew it was too late to cancel and get my money back. The girls had looked forward to it so I figured we would go ahead with the plan. I brought my special bottle of coconut tanning oil that guaranteed to make women into instant nymphomaniacs and took my supplements that would give me vein popping erections.

Tara is a good looking skinny blue eyed dirty blond with DD boobs that were accentuated by her skinny form.
Gee and Amanda are beautiful sisters. Both very athletic with Gee being the model type with a skinny body and handful size breasts. A skinny ass with a spread so wide you could drive a truck through it. Amanda is more of the porn star with a chunkier booty than Gee there was nothing that wasn’t sexy about her.
Paola has small breasts a big firm Latina ass.
Lindsey is part Hispanic part Philippine, beautiful DSLs and a short nice body with handful size breast, thin waist and nice ass.
Bailey is a young thin girl who is kind of geeky with glasses. Looks as though she has nice breast but hides them in her clothes. The youngest of the girls at 15 or 16.

I am 6’4” 250 and have always played sports. I have recently found a good set of energy/power supplements that give me monster vein popping erections when I have them and make me shoot like a porn star. On top of those I usually take others when I have games and double up for tournaments. They also helped for the night life as everyone would play drinking games and hang out often leading to sexual encounters. I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with a 9” cock. Flaccid not being huge either as I am more of a grower than a shower, but the extra help made the blood flow quickly if something excites me.

I have found that I am somewhat of an exhibitionist as I like for females to see my erections. Today I am wearing some swim shorts that push my package out and become pretty much transparent when wet. Just the anticipation has me constantly semi hard and finding it hard not to be walking around with a full erection.

Paola, Amanda, Gee, and Tara were in jeans and said that they didn’t think that we were going so didn’t bring a suit with them to Lindsey’s. We got close to the dock and I pulled over at a stand where the guy had bikini’s hanging on the side. Paola got out with me to see what they had asking all of the girls what size they normally wear grabbing five matching white bikinis. “I wear this size normally, so if it fits me then their sizes will fit them.” There wasn’t a changing room so the guy handed me a towel to hold up for her.
“Are you sure that you want to try it on here or I could wait here while you try it on in the truck?”
“No, I am fine just hold the towel up and close your eyes. You will cover me from one side while the towel covers the other.” So I held the towel up and she started to strip. Turning her back to me she pulled her tight jeans off bumping her ass against my crotch. I stole a look down to see that she had a little bitty g-string on underneath and a beautiful ass. I went fully erect when she started to pull her feet out of her jeans with her anus winking at me from around the string. She almost fell backwards bumping her ass against my erection pulling away. I acted like my eyes were closed as I saw her look back seeing my erection and smiling then pressing her ass back against it again rubbing up and down as well as side to side. She then pulled the bottoms on over her g-string.
“How does it look?”
“Pretty good, but it may be too small”
“That’s just because I have my panties on underneath” Turning around showing me the string in the back. “What about back here”
“Sexy, too sexy…Get something with a back on it”
“He doesn’t have any. We are in Italy anyway, all of the women wear these. I got one for each of us so that we are all wearing the same ones. Do you really think it is sexy?”
“Never mind, get what you need and let’s go.”
“Why are you in a rush? I need to take the panties off underneath since I am buying them, then I will just wear the towel until we get on the boat.”
“We don’t want to miss the window to pick up the boat do we?”
“I guess not. Close you eyes again” she backed up against me and as she tried to pull her panties and the swimsuit down they caught on my erection. “What the hell am I stuck on?” reaching back unwrapping them from the head of my erection. As she pulled them down she “accidentally” pulled my trunks down so that hard erection hit her in the ass. She continued bending down and my erection now pointed between her legs rubbing her slit. I could feel the warmth and wetness as she was obviously turned on by it. “Oh my” as I pushed it against her slit.
“Either you cover me back up or I will drop the towel and do it myself.”
“Ok, sorry” as she pulled the suit up trapping my erection inside of it and then reaching back to pull it out. She turned around “Lord that is so big and veiny!” as she jerked it a couple of times while pulling my trunks back over it. “Thank you for helping me” kissing me on the cheek pressing her crotch against my erection.

With a towel covering my erection, we headed back to the truck with her getting in the back and I got in the front. The truck was packed and not much room to move as the girls decided to change while we drove towards the pier where we would pick up the boat. I almost had an accident as my rearview mirror was a display of tits and ass. Gee asked “How can I cover up? Oh I’ll use this towel” grabbing the towel that was in my lap exposing my erection. She didn’t say a word, but here eyes were burning a hole in my crotch. She pulled her jeans down exposing her thong underwear, Oh my lord what a nice ass she has. She turned catching me checking it out grinning from ear to ear. As we pulled into the parking lot “Hold on, is everybody ready already?” the rest of the girls answered no. I tilted the steering wheel up to get out “Tony, wait we are not ready yet” as she shifted into my lap. My cock was pressing right into her crotch causing her to moan in appreciation. As she tried to pull her panties off she noticed that she was going to be totally exposing her good to me. “How about you grab them and push them down to my knees and I will pull my legs out.” I reached down pulling them down her legs making sure to feel her skinny ass as I did getting them down to just under her knees and holding them while she stepped one leg at a time out of them. My erection pressing into her slit as she wiggled to do so since she was trapped between my body and the steering wheel. I was purposefully pushing my hips upward to push as far in as I could and she was not fighting it. I wish I did not have my trunks on as I would have fully entered her by now. Sitting with her naked lower half on my erection she pulled her shirt off as well now sitting totally naked in my lap. Now she was wiggling even though she didn’t even need to, so I guess she was liking the way my erection felt against her pussy. She handed me the bottoms and we started over. I reached down holding he bottoms down for her to put her feet in with my face against her bare back I kissed her shoulders as I pushed harder against her pussy. I could feel the heat from her sex and the lubrication was making it easier for my swimsuit covered erection to go further into her hole. She was now pressing down as well. I got them up as far as I could and they got stuck on my erection and could not pass over as her pussy was connected.
“Sit up a little so I can pull it up”
“I can’t I am trapped against the wheel” So I reached down pulling back just a little and pulled the front of my trunks down. My bare erection now pushing against her hole and she quivered as I pulled the tip of my erection through her slit and then positioning it between her ass cheeks as I pulled her bottoms the rest of the way up and my trunks with them. She was now flustered in the excitement opening the door and stepping out with no top on. I turned to get out as she locked onto my crotch her face totally red in excitement. I could tell that she just wanted to pull it out and fuck it.
“Gee you know you have no top on right?”
“Oh my god” as she pressed up against me. I handed her the towel and she turned around holding the towel over her front just above her breasts backing up against me. I reached back grabbing the top and handing it to her. “Can you hold the towel right here so I can put my top on?” I came from underneath the towel running my hands across her breasts so that I could get my hands under her arms stopping with her nipples in my palms. Instead of pulling away she pressed them into my hands. As she tied the top and positioned the triangles I pulled one hand at a time out from underneath them running her stiff nipples between my fingers. I then reached back and tied the bottom string behind her back. She turned giving me a hard hug kissing me hard on the lips “Thanks for the help!” wrapping the towel around her waste.

We got to the pier and had to wait so the girls grabbed the “coconut oil” and started rubbing each other down. I smiled as I knew the effect it was having on them. We finally got the small zodiac and I helped them on. The oil seemed to already be affecting Tara as her stiff eraser size nipples were about the only thing holding her top over her nipples. I never realized how big her breasts were until I saw how little her top was able to cover them. How the hell does such a skinny frame hold those up without causing back problems was beyond me. I am not a tit man, but these were converting me. Bailey go on and had the towels wrapped around her covering as much of her body as she could. Gee, Amanda, and Paola got on pulling their towels off exposing their bare asses as they did. Lindsey got on to the side and her bottoms fell down around her knees. I reached over pulling them up as I lifted her by the waste setting her down in the boat.
“Could you tie a knot or something in the waist as they keep falling off?”
She dropped her towel and I pulled them up with the triangle totally missing her slit and the string that should have been in the back slitting it open. I had her turn around and lean forward as I covered her slit holding the string against her anus and running it up her crack to hold it in place as I took the slack at the top and pulled it together. I had to roll the front down so it just barely covered her mound and tightened it as much as I could. As the bikini bridged I could still see the small tuft of dark pubic hair.

Finally we got underway. Tara came back and sat on the little driving wall with me still with the towel wrapped around her waste. Bailey was sitting in the seat behind me still covered up watching the scenery out to the side. The rest of the girls were sprawled out on the padded front of the boat. Paola and Gee kept talking and looking back at me teasing me with their beautiful bodies. Amanda sat oblivious looking at the view with her headphones on. I was trying to keep my eyes forward rather than to watch Tara boobs bouncing with every wave and hoping her nipples would pop out. I had a screaming erection and left my sleeveless shirt on so it draped over my front to cover it up a little bit as it at least covered the mushrooming tip.
“Tony, I am embarrassed to be wearing a suit like this. I don’t have the booty like they do. I think it would be exciting since I have never been out in public this naked, but I do not have the confidence to do it.”
This was a strange conversation, but Tara talked to me a lot about things like this. “Tara, I have no idea how nice your butt is or is not, but you have something they don’t. So if you want to do it then do it.”
“What do you mean? I don’t get it? What do I have that they do not?”
“Really Tara, are we going to play that game?”
“Seriously Tony, tell me I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“Tara, just look down, you have the most beautiful breasts I have seen in a long time. I have been doing all that I can to look away so that I don’t get hypnotized by them. I am sure that you probably have a nice butt, but most people won’t even get to the point of looking for it.”
She blushed “I wondered why you haven’t been looking at me, I thought it was because you were nervous about driving the boat in the waves or you were looking at their near naked bodies up front. Do you really think they are that nice?” turning towards me and pushing them out.
I turned to look as we hit a wave and they bounced like one of the girls in TITANIME and I followed them. “Yep”
She blushed even more and her nipples became noticeably harder pressing up against the thin and almost transparent bikini material. “Well” as she dropped her towel “will you put some oil on my back and tell me if I should be embarrassed by the rest of my body?”
“Have one of the girls do it like they are up front, besides I have to drive” pointing towards the girls in the front who were seductively oiling each other’s asses down. I could see that their pussies were blooming as the oil was seeping into their suits and the other girls were rubbing their asses and thighs. Amanda, Paola, and Gee had no tan lines, but Lindsey did with even with her tan skin color.
“I don’t want another girl touching my butt and stuff, I am not like that. Please? “
She moved in between me and the wheel handing me the oil. She had a distinct tan line where her normal swimsuit would cover her, it was actually really sexy. She actually had a really nice ass even for as thin as she was. It was muscular and athletic. I started at her feet rubbing the oil up het legs fighting the bouncing of the boat and taking in as much as I could of the view. I did not have much room to work with and was continually in awkward positions. I got to the top of her thighs and was moving from her thighs to the bottom of her ass. As I rubbed upward she hit a wave and my hand ended up on her slit. I was surprised at how warm and wet she was as my finger easily penetrated he labia pushing her bikini up inside her pussy with it. She didn’t complain or pull away, she actually seemed to open her legs to give me better access. I rested my finger against her swollen clit as I pulled her bottoms back out of her pussy. I could feel it pulsate as her body shivered and I watched as her bikini became transparent with her juices. I pulled my hand back against her slit as I poured more oil on it to complete the job, first smelling and licking my finger. As I massaged the oil into her ass I would run my hand back down her crack towards her slit getting to the edge and pulling back. She was bending forward and pressing back towards me as if asking me to finger her. I got back behind her and moved the rest of the way up her back rubbing oil into her back and shoulders. We hit a wave and she pushed back against me to steady herself feeling my erection hit her between her ass cheeks. She pulled away at first and then pushed back against it gyrating with the waves.

I looked forward to see that the girls in the front now had no tops on. I untied Tara’s top and she did not fight it. Actually turning and saying “you need to oil the front or I will burn.”
I had enough I whispered in her ear “You actually have a very sexy ass too” and she melted back into my arms against my body. I reached my hand down from her belly into her bikini playing with her pussy with her grinding against my hand. I bent her forward and went down licking her ass, anus, and pussy from behind finger blasting her with one and then two fingers. I came back up as she was ready to orgasm and began massaging her beautiful big tits playing with her nipples between my finger and thumb. She reached behind her rubbing my erection and then reaching in my trunks to pull it out stroking it with her hand as I massaged her breasts. She then pushed in down under her ass and I picked her hips up as she guided it into her drenched pussy. She was so tight that it would not go far at first, but went deeper with every wave. I massage her breast with one hand and then reached down rubbing her clit with the other. Her pussy exploded on me clenching my cock with the walls of her pussy trying to push me out. I thrusted and pushed her hips down until I topped out making her moan loudly. The noise of the water and engine covered her moans as she continued to come all over my cock. I pulled out cumming all over her pussy, ass, and even up her back. She almost collapsed and I caught her around the waist. “When I stop the boat tell them to drop the anchor and we need to jump in and wash off quickly”.
“Ok, whatever you say…”
She followed instructions as I stopped the boat and I picked her up jumping into the water. The rest of the girls except Bailey jumped off of the front. Tara came up out of the water attacking me shoving her tongue in my mouth “my God, I have never cum like that before. That was amazing! I am still so horny I want to do it again” reaching her hand down in my trunks tugging on my cock trying to get it hard again. I kissed her back pulling her up and sucking on her nipples.
“Maybe another time, just act natural for the rest of the trip. I shouldn’t have done that, but you got me so excited with your sexy body”
She kissed me harder “Oh my lord, I love you Tony! You make me feel so good, I want to be the only one, but I would also like to watch you making one of these other girls feel as good as you did me. I want to watch as you cock goes in and out of them. Fuck them and make love to me as you did.” I was thinking oh shit, this took a hard angle.

I went to the back of the boat and pulled the ladder down and climbed up “Can you help me up?” asked Tara. I turned around pulling her up and she pulled my shorts down taking my half limp dick in her mouth starting to give me a blowjob. It felt good, but I pulled her up further. “I am going to get each one of these girls to take you into their mouth.” winking at me squeezing my cock before running up and jumping off the front with the others.

Bailey was still sitting in the back almost in tears. I pulled her up on my lap as she was still wrapped in her towel and I no longer had an erection. “What’s wrong?” as I kissed her on her forehead.
“I never dress like this. Even my underwear is bigger than this. I should have just kept my suit on, but I wanted to fit in. Now I just want to go home because I am too embarrassed.”
“You are a beautiful girl and there is no one around, so what are you worried about?”
“You’ll see me and they will probably laugh”
“They aren’t going to laugh at you or they would not have given you the suit. Look at them, they only have their bottoms on and don’t have a care in the world. Just drop the towel and show me to get it out of the way. I am definitely not going to laugh. Then you can jump in and have fun with them.” I figured the special oil would loosen her up so I grabbed it pulling her towel down around her waist and rubbing the oil on her shoulders and back.
“What I see so far is very nice. I never knew that you were built like that.”
She blushed “you are just saying that to make me feel better”
“No, I am not.” My erection was back as I her puffy nipples pushed against her top and I rubbed oil on the sides down her belly. I decided to play it off as I really did now want to see the rest of her after seeing the top. “A sexy girl turning a man on is not something we can lie about. There are certain parts of our body that can only tell the truth.”
She blushed even more and I could tell that the oil I had soaked her body with must have moved south. “Stand up and let me see, then maybe I will do the same”
“I am not going to stand up so that the others can see too. You can scoot over and then you will see.”
She hopped off of my lap quickly locking her eyes on my erection. “I guess you aren’t lying. I have never seen one other than families by accident, much less one that big.” As she pulled her towel off.
I could see her nice long camel toe that seemed to be swelling and wet with stubble clinging against her suit. My erection twitched and she jumped a little with it. “Don’t laugh, but it isn’t fair as I am more naked than you are. Will you show it too me and put that oil on me when I stand up?” I nodded pulling my trunks down as she stood up with her long lean legs ending in a nice young booty. Her eyes were fixated on my hard cock. “Oh my, that is big! Did I do that to you?” I nodded as I started to oil up her legs moving to her ass as I let go of my shorts covering back up. I took my time on her beautiful ass pushing my luck and rubbing her slit each time I passed through. She would moan and push against my hand each time I did. I ran my finger across her slit stopping to rub her swollen clit.
She dropped her top facing me for a second. My jaw dropped as she had beautiful breast about a handful and a half, perky, with puffy quarter size nipples. “Do you like them?” then she ran to the front jumping into the water.

I jumped into the water with them and they all swarmed around me trying to push me under. They got a few grabs and I did as well. They were all affected by the oil as they were all frisky and pushing their luck grabbing my crotch. Gee came up behind me wrapping her arms and legs around me rubbing her bare breasts against my back and rubbing my cock with her feet. I flipped her over and then she reached back over wrapping around from the front. As I flipped her over her feet pushed down on my trunks and my erection was sticking half way out of my suit. My erection was rubbing her crotch as she grinded against it.
We swam over and jumped off of the rocks which was about a 15 foot drop. Lindsey, Amanda, and I came back up on the rocks and had red spots that were stinging a bit. Lindsey’s was on her butt cheek, Amanda’s and mine were on out thighs. We all thought that they were jelly fish stings and Gee brought up the fact that we needed to pee on each other to wash the sting off with the ammonia in our pee. Amanda came up pulling her suit to the side with one hand and putting the other over my shoulder. I picked her with my hand under her ass placing her naked pussy against my thigh and peeing. For some reason this keyed my erection which was visible in my trunks and all of the girls gasped and giggled.
Lindsey came over close and I pointed my erection down against her ass and Amanda’s thigh peeing on their affected areas. We jumped again heading back to the boat. I could hear them all whispering about how big and thick my cock was. I was helping the girls up the ladder when Lindsey was half way up and Amanda started up I was holding the ladder when Lindsey slipped pushing Amanda down and falling off. I grabbed the ladder pushing against it as Amanda dropped her ass down onto my face with her foot slipping ripping the front of my shorts as one side was hooked on a bolt. I got a good taste of her swollen pussy through her suit as she sat there for a few seconds before I helped her up the ladder. I grabbed Lindsey pulling her over to the ladder and helping her up. She sat at the top complaining that she had hurt her leg I had my feet on the ladder and was checking out her leg. She had one leg up and one down with her pussy fully exposed. I was checking her upper thigh just below her crotch and could see a bruise forming. I put my finger into the leg of her suit trying to pull it over to cover her pussy up and she reach down grabbing my wrist not to pull my hand away, but to leave it there. So I started playing with her wet open pussy placing a finger in pumping it in and out. The rest of the girls were toweling off as I pulled her to the edge of the ladder and descended so I could eat her out. I licked her pussy top to bottom as she grabbed my head pulling it towards her crotch. She had a nice sweet pussy with a hint of salt from the sea water. I could feel her start to orgasm as I flicked her clit with my tongue so I started sucking her little nub as her sweet juice filled my mouth. She turned around squatting at the top of the ladder as she got up. I grabbed her hips and licked her ass pulling the string to the side tonguing her anus before having her get into the boat with the rest of them.

My erection exposed by my ripped shorts Gee came up asking if I wanted to see if she could fix it.


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