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Beginning of Lives on Earth
26th February present,
It has been years of that mass destruction that swept away any symbol of roverlord empire except queen Sonia, chief advisor Kyliena ,the 10 AIs and the heir of roverlords, Prince Sterix(estrixs) Roverlord. It took all those years for prince to complete his entire education including of the Earth which was now needed for a perfect cover. By now queen along with AIs and Kyliena educated prince in a secret hideout somewhere under a huge plateau in the Californian desert, but now they needed some paperwork to live above surface. Unfortunately due to something AIs had been trapped inside the 'power lock'. In this situation Kyliena came handy as she used her mind-control abilities to pass their citizenship of US, passport, dob certificate and other essential documents for three of them. But still they were bankrupt although AI-stroke maintained their hideout before their settlement, giving them all facilities needed. To overcome bankruptcy queen used her magic to create some rare diamonds out of the pebbles. Kyliena sold them to a reputated jewelry showroom for a nice 750M cheque for only 50 pieces, as they were of rare 5 carat and extreme quality and requirement for source proof was fulfilled by Kyliena's mind play.
From now i will tell the story in respective of Sterix who looks 17 but is much older in realty.
He has now grown to full 6 feet, well built, raven black hair, sky blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and so on to be a perfect looking guy...

Okay so after such great deal we went to bank, registered an account and stashed money in it and got three debit cards for three of us. And so the shopping begins, clothes, shoes, wrist-watch, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, goggles, hairstyle, spa, iphone, ipod, pc-tablet, laptop and other electronic devices, but to carry this all we needed something so we bought seven vehicles first, i got a white porsche cayenne gts, a dodge tomahawk bike and a red and black coloured bugatti veyron super sport, my mom got a grey koiengsegg avegra r and blue mercedes-benz ml63 amg and Kyliena got a white zenvo st 1 and red jeep grand cherokee srt8. I know that they were too much for us but a prince should have something that separates him from others. Everything was to be delivered at our home which we didn't had. So we booked all vehicles and rented a truck filled it with shopping bags and left to find a home which we found at last, not a huge place but an old garage, we rented it for 6 months. When we made it a livable place, everything was delivered by then to that place. Mom and Kyliena started sorting out the new place, unpacking, arranging and placing. I grabbed Kyliena while she was unloading and dragged her to the other side of garage and said "We are going to need our own place."."Yeah, sure but we ain't got time for that right now it will take 6 months for even extremely skilled builders."She said."Then at least we should buy a plot for it."I said."We would go for it tomorrow. But first help me and your mom to settle our things."She said. I shook my head and headed to the living quarters, they were at the back of the garage even though small but were enough to live in. There were two rooms , a bathroom with shower and no bathtub, I was although satisfied that heaters were still working.....
After nearly 3 hours every thing was settled and basic commodities were there for us, i moved into the garage and saw that my bed was ready for me but still i got to practice my mind control abilities, so i concentrated on a flower vase broke it, rebuild it, re moulded it in a glass sculpture, then a sword and then its original form. After nearly 2 hour long meditation i felt relaxed and drifted to dreams.
Next day -
7:05 AM
I woke up from my usual dreams, sometimes i wondered from where does these dreams come from as i used to see my dad, fighting with some irregular being that appeared like a mantis, i saw him slashing his sword from one hand and shooting his plasma gun from another and it always ended with floor washed from blue blood of the enemies with all of them on the floor, slashed, pierced, burned, melted and seized.
Anyway today i, mom and Kyielina went to a place which offered a plot of 1700ft.X1500ft. at a cost of 450Gs. We accepted this deal and met a builder. We still had a balance of 30.5Ms so we gave him our requirements i.e. An underground garage and workshop, 6 levels with total of 15 large rooms,10 fully loaded bathroom; kitchen, dining and hall on ground level and a large hall on the top floor, a huge swimming pool in backyard along with a storage shed, a sideways garage with large storage and a huge garden. He showed us the plan on his PC which looked extremely good and high quality, so we agreed and paid him 500Gs in advanced which was half the complete price. He told us that the complete structure would be ready in 4 months and furnishing will be done till August. So, until then we lived in the garage although we needed to do something until we got to move in our new bungalow so Kyliena settled up contacts with a famous arms companies namely Accuracy International, Barrett International, Colt Firearms, etc. and gained dealership of all of them for public and government supply and repair. Mom bought a tuning garage and renovated it into a huge warehouse with all kinds of machines and tools and enough to store about 150 cars underground and work space big enough to work on 20 cars freely at a time she also made contacts with tools, parts, hard wares and add-on companies like yokohama, ford, bbs, nitros, tourbonotic, etc. and settled up a dealership with them too. They left nothing for me except studying and practicing work. So far the 'power lock' blocking my actual abilities was mostly concentrated at my left hand wrist. Mom told me that i needed more experience but now qualification are much also important to look normal in world, so she sent me to school to start with my 11 th grade. Although the studies conducted in schools of earth was far more researched and understood by my species and was child play for me so it was pretty easy to get admission. I went to a reputated university with all types of courses along with a section separated for school, this institution was named as Elite School & University. You won't, believe here Driving was also a subject. It was a Campus over 200,000 acres equipped with all kind of facilities needed for top notch education in any field.....
I did not wanted any special attraction from other students so i traveled to the head office of ESU by taxi not by any expensive ride. After paying the taxi as soon as i entered through the gate i was amazed by the vast area and architecture. As i reached the reception, there was a lady not much old but in her early twenties, she was wearing an official attire a white striped blue blazer and black skirt. I asked her for school brochure and an official to talk to, at first she stared at me and then in hesitancy she spoke" It will cost you 50$ and please proceed to room no.19 for any queries, there will be Mr. Roderick to help you out."She said. I slipped her a 50$ note and took the brochure from the counter and then walked towards room no.19 while she kept on staring towards me that felt awkward and suspicious. I firstly knocked on the door and heard a thin manly voice call"Come in.". As i entered in the room i saw a white guy in navy blue suit i greeted him and politely said "Sir i actually need a little help in admission from your side."."What kind of do you are asking for Mr ......."He said. "Sterix sir, Sterix Roverlord."I said."Yes, Mr. Roverlord."He said."Actually sir, i am new around here and was taught at home till the 10th grade and i didn't gave any exams for proof and now i want admission in your reputed school. So, all i want is to give only 10th grade exam and get its record and after that a direct admission in 11th grade after the qualification examination."I said."Its possible only when you get a direct order from education department for such exam and admission. As you are new here i will get you these orders and contact you."He said."Thank you sir."I said and we swapped our contact no.s afterwards. After nearly two days i got call from Mr.Roderick he told me that my 10th grade exam was to be held along with other students on the issued time table. He explained me everything like syllabus, timing, dates and rules. I thoroughly understood all pointers and went to all exams which were scheduled just a week after i got the permission letters along with other paperwork. After about 5 weeks later i got the results i scored a complete 100% which was as per expectations, i received my records after 5 days. Now i was eligible to get entry in 11th grade and so it was, i filled up my form placed in the school brochure the cool part was i got a yearly scholarship and a full stationary expense from school management after i qualified my entrance exam with full marks. It was kind of funny that even though i was much more older than even a human can live, then also i was still in 11th grade.

19 April present
7:40 AM
It was my first day at school so mom prepared a nice meal for me. I got dressed in a white shirt with folded sleeves and deep blue jeans, I wore dark shades, a 14-carat golden Rolex and a gold bracelet on my left hand and at last wore my Woodland heavy leather shoes. Before going i styled my hairs. Then i thought of going by bus but it will get me late so i took keyes for my Porsche hugged mom and Kyliena and went to school after packing my bag and placing my laptop in it.
As a reached the gates guards stopped me and asked for ID so i gave them and entered into the school campus. I saw many students with their rides, most of them were tuned but weren't of any match in front of my Porsche, i noticed every one staring at my ride but didn't did anything. I found a spot for parking my ride. As soon i got off my ride i heard gasps from some girls at the corner of parking, near a tuned pearlscent gold nissan 350z, there was a group of boys around that car so i understood that it was the boss of the school's bully team or i would say racing champ of this place. I took no turns and went straight to the reception and greeted the same lady who kept staring at me again but a little more today, i asked for my classroom. She herself guided me to my classroom, while walking through the corridors we introduced each other. Her name was Michele she was working as receptionist for 2 years and was living in L.A. for 5 years now. I asked her if she could give me tour of the school and city someday because i was a newbie around here. She agreed and told me to meet her after school hours for school tour and tomorrow for city tour. As we reached to my classroom i thanked her and went in i saw a lady sitting on the chair writing some kind of records. I greeted her "Good Morning,Mam" I said . "Good morning Son........... I think i haven't seen you here before." She said."Actually i'm new here and needed to alot my subjects so Ms. Michele guided me here." I said."Oh! So your the new one here. Mr. Roderick told me about you, by the way congrats on scoring 100% in exams." She said. "Thank you, mam."I said."Ok, here is the form to fill up your subjects chose them accordingly and them get it signed by your parents." She said."Okay, mam but i can't provide my dad's sign."I said after analyzing the form."Why is it so, son? Is he out of town or abroad."She said."Actually he is dead, i live with my mom and my sister." I said. "I'm extremely sorry kid. In that case get it signed by your sis in guardian column." She said with a sympathetic tone."Okay, mam." and after a pause "Sorry mam, I actually forgot to introduce myself i'm Sterix Roverlord." I said."Pardon me too Mr. Roverlord, my name is Ms.Tiana Peterson but you can call me Ms. Tia, everyone calls me that only and i'm your class's incharge and teach Physics."She said.
After 10 minutes i filled up the form and gave it to Ms. Tia. As she checked it page by page and sentence by sentence.
As soon as she reached my subject selection page she gave a exclaimed look."Are you sure you will be able to handle all those subjects? Cause you have selected all of them and 70% attedence in each is necessary to give final examination."She said."I can handle all of them easily mam please have faith in me."I said. After double checking the form she told me about each subject, their professors, time table and classrooms.
After that she showed me my locker unlike locker of other schools here lockers were much vast and there was an entire hall only for student lockers with two floors one for university and other for school. Ms. Tia showed me my locker and booted the digital lock for my retina and voice. After that she gave me the password and dismissed me to the book store of the school. I redeemed a 32gb pen drive containing all of study material software which was needed for my classes, it cost me free as school was paying for it. I then got to the canteen and shifted all of the data into in my lappy. I took about 2 minutes to copy it all as soon i was ready to go i heard a girl on next table say"Hey! Look its the same guy from parking lot."."Which one?"Another girl said."That one who drove that Porsche."She said."Oh yeah! He's so hot i will do anything to be with him. He is so cute."Other girl said and all of them giggled. I smiled at it. I packed my bag and moved out of the canteen towards my classroom. Class which was about to start in 3 minutes.
After all other classes, came the driving class in the end. As i entered the school garage i saw the same guy from the parking lot along with his group. I didn't paid any attention to him and moved towards an old ford mustang with blue tint and sky blue body and red stripes, with"to be repaired before race" board in front. It looked amazing so i popped its hood and started repairing it. After few minutes i tried starting it and after some black smoke that erupted from the exhaust it sounded perfect. As i turned of the engine i saw the same guy behind me. "Who do you think you are asshole that you are trying to start that piece of junk? Even if you got it running you won't be able to compete with me nor any of those fools would able to stand a chance!"He said."We would decide that on the track dick-head?" a femine voice came from behind him."Whom did you called dick-head, you piss ant, i have crushed you and all of your clowns in each race you ran in and today too you ain't got a chance i tell you."He said."We would see that on the track today when you will face our new guy. Now get your ugly face away from me."She said. He moved to the black and red shelby 500 gt hidden behind his group and drove outside the garage to his pit and at that moment i got to see the huge circuit pavilion and clean and high quality track. It was amazing and attractive, it was kind of enchanting, like it was calling me. When i was busy watching the track the girl intervened "I think you are new here."."Yeah, i am."I said."Good, because you are my new driver and by the way i'm Lizz Carson, i'm chief of crew Chevy."She said."But i'm no pro."I said."I consider that someone who can fix a car in 20 minutes which takes at least 2 hours to fix by a crew of six is a good driver too."She said and i only shook my head in agreement. "Now get in gear after then we will meet others."She said.
After getting dressed in a red and white protective suit i walked into the pit and Lizz introduced me to Jake and Shelly who handled main navigation, Jay and Mandy handled pit-stop and finally Dave and Lizz maintained teamwork, guiding and helping and maintaining supplies and now i was their new driver, before me Dave used to drive.
Dave told me that driving class was divided in 4 groups each group has 1 driver and 6 crew members. He told me that "On every weekend a race takes place to apply what one has learned. The teams are Ford, Impereza, Shelby whose chief and driver is the same nut-job you met before and last but not least we are Chevys.". As i reached my car it looked ready. Dave said to me while he helped me in the car."Please go easy on my baby."He said. I saw the other three cars, one was the shelby i saw before and others were ford punto and impereza sabru, and then the race begin......
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