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The next day after our family fuck session, I told Krystal and the girls that I did not want them ever to go back to the casino. I would figure out some way to get the debt paid off. I had plenty of evidence against them for rape of my two daughters.

Over the weekend Krystal got a call from the casino boss, “where have you been?” He wanted to know. “I have big things set up for both you and your daughters for this Wednesday night, with a big time client that you serviced the first time the girls joined you. He will pay top dollar for the three of you and I want you there. Do you understand or do I need to send you a reminder?” He explained it to her in frank terms.

Wednesday came and went and she and the girls were a no show at the casino. The casino boss was pissed. “This weekend you make sure they are home and you go pay them a visit and teach them all a lesson. They don’t fuck with me.” He ranted at his two enforcers.

“Don’t worry boss we will take of this for you.” His number one enforcer said to him.

“Boys hurt them but don’t damage the merchandise or break bones I need them back here to service clients.” He told them. “Hey also drop this DVD off to them, so they can watch it and understand.” He further instructed them.

It was about 9:00 p.m. Saturday night, when the door bell rang.

“I will get it.” I hollered up the stairs.

I open the door and pow, a black fist connected against my jaw and I crashed to the floor out cold. I woke in my bedroom naked, tied to a chair and gagged. My jaw hurt like hell. My wife was on the floor at the end of the bed tied to leg. She was crying and looks like she had been slapped up, as she was red all over her body.

I looked at the bed and those two black bastards were fucking my two daughters. I struggled against my bonds. I wanted to scream at them but the gag stopped me, and my jaw hurt, I think they may have broken it. Finally I kicked the dresser. One of those black bastards looked over at me.

“Hey he is awake now.” He said to the other guy. They stopped fucking my girls and came over to me with those monster cock’s swinging between their legs. They slapped me in the face a couple of times, sending waves of pain crashing through my face.

“You notice what is playing on your TV?” They asked me.

On our TV a porn DVD was playing. I looked at it, and then looked again. My God it was my wife and daughters having sex with three guys in a large bedroom.

“We filmed every sex act your wife and daughters performed in the casino. If you don’t cooperate, we will make a good porn film out these shots, and distribute it around town.” He told me. “By the way your wife and daughters are very good fucks, as you will see on this DVD. We both have fucked them many times, and it is on film.” He laughed at me.

They untied me from the chair and tossed me on the bed. I thought what the fuck are they doing, when it dawned on me they were going to rape me, by fucking my asshole. I tried to struggle, when they started to lube up my asshole.

Next thing I know one smacks my jaw hard and I am in a great deal of pain. But I did not know what pain was like, until he violated my asshole with his monster cock. I screamed into my gag from the pain of his cock pushing deep into my ass. I think I passed out, or it sure seemed like I did, anyway he kept fucking my ass till he dumped a full load of his cum deep into my bowel. He pulled out of me with a suction pop, and had my Katie lick and suck his cock clean, and then made her lick my anal hole clean.

The big guy followed him up on the bed. He lifted my ass up and planted his bigger cock into my ass. The pain of his invasion caused me to see stars. By now I am numb from the pain. He was slamming that monster into me, and I am sure that he was packing my shit back into my intestine’s. The cum from the other guy did helped lube my star hole a little bit. He fucked me hard till he dumped a hot load of cum deep inside of me. He made Kathy lick and suck his cock clean, and then made her lick my star hole clean.

They both had film each other fucking my ass. After they got dressed, the big guy came over to the bed, grabbed me, and tossing me into the dresser. He came over and kicked my gut, I think he broke some ribs. The other guy started to stomp me on my back and kicked my legs. He bent down and snapped both of my little fingers. I passed out from the pain.

They grabbed me and tied me back to the chair, and got some water and doused my face. I woke to my whole body in pain.

“Now you listen to me. Dem bitches belong to the casino boss, he will use dem bitches anyway he wants to. When he wants dem bitches at the casino to work a party, they better be there. Do you understand me?” He said to me.

I just stared at him blankly in pain, not sure if I heard him or not.

He shook me a couple of times and lightly slapped my face sending pain shooting back through my jaw. “If you don’t understand, I can come back here and remind you.” He said with an evil laugh.

They both left the house laughing at our misfortune. The girls rushed over to untie me, all three of the girls were crying their eyes out over what those two thugs did to me.

“I am so sorry that this happened to you because of me.” My wife cried to me. “I won’t let them hurt you or the girls again because of me.” She said.

I am not sure if I even heard her I was in so much pain. They took me to the hospital, to get treatment for my injuries. The hospital called the police to report my injuries. A patrolman came to the hospital to take our statements, but we refused to cooperate. I spent the next few days in the hospital. The girls came and got me on a Thursday, to take me home.

The next day she came into the bedroom to check on me and see if I needed anything.

“Honey we have to go work a party tonight, if we don’t show I would get damaged worst than I was already.” She told me with tears in her eyes.

The girls work both Friday and Saturday night for the casino. Getting home early in the morning the next day, they slept till early afternoon.

By Sunday I was able to get around by myself. Monday came and I went to work. Everyone at the office was sympathetic to me, and wanted to know just what had happen. I gave the standard answer that it was a police matter, and I could not say anything, so I did not jeopardize their case.

Krystal seems to become real distance during the week. Something was bothering her. We did not talk much, and the girls stayed in their rooms most of the time. It was like a ghost house, with Krystal in the bedroom with the door closed, and the girls in their bedrooms with the door closed. And there was me just sitting in the living room watching TV by myself. If the phone rang they all seem to jump out of their skins.

She worked the following Friday and Saturday nights without the girls. Ed was at the party on Saturday night, He paid the 250 to be with Krystal.


We lay there for a while just kiss and our tongues were dancing together in our mouths. He was gently playing with my boobs and nipples. I am sure he could feel the bumps on my areolas, as I got more excited when he increased the pressure on my nipples. My breathing became a little more laborious, as the warmth between my legs increased.

He worked his head down my neck with kisses and soft bites, till he got to my boobs. He started to lick on my nipples and then continued to lick the little bumps on my areolas. He then took my nipples in his mouth, and softly bit them.

“Ed do that harder, bite them harder,” I purred at him in delight.

Ed took his teeth and lightly raked my nipples. He gave each of them some nice love bits, as he sucked on them harder. I massage my breast gently, pushing my nipples deeper into Ed’s mouth. He continued to inhale on my nipples, trying to deep throat them.

“OOO Ed you are really turning me on with the way you suck my nipples.” I said as my breath was coming in gasping pants.

Ed continued to suck on my nipples, as his hand moved down and got busy with my slippery slit. He rubbed my slit back and forth, getting his fingers well coated with my love juice. He then rubbed my star hole coating it with my cum, and then stuck his finger into it, which sent me into orbit.

He had one finger in my pussy, rubbing my clitoris, and one finger in my anal hole, finger fucking my ass. It felt so good as I could feel an orgasm start to build.

“OOOOO God Ed I going to cum.” I gave a sharp gasp and grabbed the pillow and put it over my face, as I screamed loudly into it.

He started to rub my G-spot. It felt so good. I was in seventh heaven.

“Keep your finger right there and rub that spot harder,” I said to him as I exhaled deeply.

Ed kept rubbing that G-spot hard as he could, then he moved over and attacked my clitoris. He was switching back and forth from my clit to my G-spot.

“O Godddddd I am cuming, “ I cried out in a voice full of sexual pleasure as I filled his hand with a load of my liquid love juice.

As soon as I calmed down, I moved down the bed and took his cock into my mouth. I started to sucking away on his head, and then licking my way down his shaft of his cum tube, right down to his sack. I gave each nut a nice bath with my tongue and mouth. I then licked back up the cum tube to his mushroom head, licking the sensitive underside of it, and then I lightly rake my teeth over it.

I licked the head of Ed’s cock, and his eruption tube exit hole with the tip of my tongue. Then I started to take him fully in my mouth. I deep throated him a few times with a swallowing action.
I knew he love that from previous encounters that we had.

He flipped me off him and turned me around and jammed his cock into my pussy dog style, and fucked me as hard and deep as he could. It did not take Ed long to get me going.

“I am almost there, fuck me harder, make me cum, “ I moaned in ecstasy.

My whole body shook, as I exploded into a major orgasm. I could feel his cock start to throb as he filled my pussy with his hot white cream, squirt after squirt went deep into my pussy.

After we rested for a few minutes, we went back at it. We fucked and sucked the whole hour away. Ed is a great lover, and I was a little bit sore, when were finished the hour.


We never spoke a word to each other over the weekend. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Sunday I left for a 2-3 day sales trip going to a couple of different cities.

I came home early Wednesday afternoon, and could see flashing lights down our street. As I got closer, I could see the action was at my house. I got as close as I could and I jumped out of my car and raced toward my house. I was stopped by a policeman.

“You can’t go in there.” He told me as he held my arm.

“That is my house.” I screamed at him, as I broke free of him and ran to the front door.

I was met at the door by a detective that I knew. He stopped me as the gurney approached us. He stopped the gurney, and pulled the white sheet down. “Is this your wife Krystal?” He asked me.

I was numb, and just shook my head yes. He nodded to the two ambulance attendants to proceed.

“Your daughters came home from school early and found her in the garage, hanging from a rope. They are very shook up and I could not get much out of them. Is there anything that you can add right now?” He asked me

Again I just shook my head no.

“All right if you can think of anything, here is my card gave me a call please.” He told me as he hands me the card. “Also we will ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone saw anything suspicious, or anything out of place.” He said. “Sorry Kevin.” As he was leaving.

I closed the door and walked into the living room and the girls were sitting on the couch crying. I sat down next to them and we all had ourselves a good cry.

Later toward evening I went out to get my car, as it was still on the street. Sarah the next door neighbor came out and put her arms around me. “I am so sorry to hear what happen, is there anything I can do for you.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“No not at this minute.” I thanked her, as I got into my car and pulled it into the driveway.

It was very hectic the next few days as neighbor’s stopped by to drop off food. Flowers and cards started to come in also. My boss called and told me to take as much time as I needed to get things straightened out. Same with the school for the girls.

After a couple of days the police released the body to us and we decided to have her cremated, and only show her one day at the funeral home. We had the funeral on Monday, and that day was just a blur, with lots of people, and flowers, including one that was huge, must have cost a few hundred dollars. No name or card with it.

A couple days after the funeral, the girls and I had a chance to sit down and just go whoosh to blow out all the pressure and tension that was in us. We talked about the situation, and what had happen to Krystal.

“I know deep in my heart that she did not kill herself. I will bet the farm that those to black enforcers from the casino had something to do with this.” I said to the girls.

“I don’t know Dad, mom was pretty depressed since they beat you up a couple weeks ago.” Katie said to me.

“I just wish the police could find something out.” Kathy chipped in.

Suddenly the front door just opened up, and in walked the casino boss and his two enforcers.

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2013-04-29 01:38:39
Pathetic. Why didn't the women just leave? And dear old dad would have known that NOT going to the police would only make it worse....after all, no matter what the tape shows, it will reveal two underage kids forced I to having sex.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-08 15:15:19
This is stupid didnt he know this would have happened you are a failed writer give this shit up

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-09 23:04:48
You have a talent for storytelling, and I would like to see you continute.

However, there are definitely some technical issues that you need to work on.

-he said / she said:
you should try to vary this (ex. he replied, he mentioned)
ORRR, and even better,
put your dialogue into different paragraphs:

"Wow you are gorgeous," said Tom.

"Come over here..." Alexandra purred.


"Would you like a drink?"


"What would you like?"

That is a big thing you can do to improve the technical aspect.

But you definitely know how to make people interested in your stories, so keep it up.

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2013-03-09 21:35:44
The casino boss and enforcers need to die

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