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A 30s Something Woman Leaves her car to be serviced and ends up being the one that really gets the "Full Service"

Tessa a totally straight laced demure woman now in her mid 30s had a midweek dinner arranged for one of her friends birthday at a nice restaurant in the High Street area, there would be a group of friends attending and they decided they would all get‘dress up’ for the occasion, with a theme of pink!
Tessa had decided to dress in a smart pink twin set and a flowing knee length black pleated skirt along with some elegant black patent leather high heel shoes. She, feeling a bit risqué, had also decided to wear pink stockings suspenders and a delightful pair of sinful see through pink panties, something she normally would never do.
On her way to high street Tessa had noticed an auto service and repair shop that had a big sign that said “Full Service” and had decided to drop her car off and show her skeptical husband that she was quite capable, and could take care of her car and all the maintenance it needed! The place was not ideal, and at first looked like it had been closed for sometime? But her car had been hard to start lately and had also developed a hesitation and a miss now and then when driving. Besides the walk from the garage to the restaurant did not seem to be all that far.

Tessa had stopped to inquire at the front office, but no one seemed to be around at first,.. finally a man appeared and told to leave the car in the back near the service area. She had driven down a narrow alleyway to the back.. As she got out of her car she looked over at a group of three big brutish greasy looking men in overalls that had been standing talking, and the one that was looking straight at her, was a big black mean looking hunk of a man! This was one thing,. But what happened next proved to be highly embarrassing and quite rewarding for the men watching. Tessa as she got out of the car had shown a lot of her pink stocking covered legs, and as she swung around to get up maybe a lot more? She smoothed down her flowing pleated skirt and took care to keep her hand by her side, but had not noticed how strong the gusty wind had become while in the car.
It seemed to be more brisk as it whisked between the buildings and down the narrow alleyway of the parking area! . One of the men came over to take the keys to her car and rather unexpectedly engaged her in questioning about the vehicles service and maintenance requirements.

As the somewhat technical questioning commenced Tessa began to lose the battle with the now billowing pleated skirt that had apparently shown a lot more of her and was finally using both hands just to hold it in place! This along with trying to explain the problem her car had acquired, was awkward and embarrassing as she squirmed around on the spot trying to keep her dignity, and her skirt down!! Finally she was able to get it under control, but not before all three of the men had surrounded her. They seemed to be delighting in her exposed awkwardness, and all were looking her up and down. Ogling her. This attractive classy woman with her skirt unmanageable, and flying up around her, seemed for them to be of much more interest that the problems with her car!.

After which the explanation ended and she more than purposefully strolled away from the garage her flared pleated skirt swished and swayed about her legs. Always with her hands at the ready she knew that the strong breeze could easily expose her. What she didn’t know though was that one of the mechanics the big black one had, out of pure excitement and interest followed along behind her. So taken was he with her feminine attire and demure but attractive looks. That he watched her at a safe distance willing her skirt to flare up again! But he and the others were to be sorely disappointed as she disappeared down the blvd, this was followed by her safe arrival at the restaurant, and by no means thanks to the attention of her skirt.

Once in the restaurant Tessa was greeted by her friends, all of whom remarked on how lovely she looked. Tessa explained about this most embarrassing episode in the alley at the garage with the mechanics, and said that the full flared pleated skirt had probably been a mistake and along with the wind may have been a little too dressy! But remarked that several of the mechanics got more than a good look at her shapely female charms?
>>> A few hours later after the party was over she and her friends emerged from the restaurant and said their goodbyes. As they did a great swirling gust of cool air shot straight up and around Tessa’s skirt, causing great concern for her, but sinful amusement for any one catching a glimpse as it billowed up and around her upper body in front of several others that had also been leaving this eating establishment!. Tessa nervously pulled it down back into place and tried to laugh it off, but secretly was more than a little alarmed. She knew now that she had to pick her car up and struggle with the wind and the dress in front of those greasy lecherous mechanics!

All seemed well once she had made it back to the office, but again there was no sign of anyone?. Finally one of the mechanic's showed up and was told there was a problem with the ignition and they couldn’t get her car started? Concerned, Tessa was invited to come back into the garage and see exactly what the problem was. She was taken through the back way to the service area and thankfully with none of the outside gusts to contend with. She was met by the other of the two mechanics she had seen earlier. The third one, the big black one was sitting in the front seat of her car, with the other two following behind they requested, “Please sit in the back seat Madam and we will show you the problem”. Not thinking Tessa bunched up her skirt slid onto the back seat almost to the middle and looked towards the dash and this big male negro!. Suddenly and most unexpectedly she was joined on the back seat first by one mechanic! The one that had followed her! Then the other had gotten in the other side next to Tessa, and she was now wedged between them!? Nervously she spoke,.....what’s the problem with my car please,.., oh, ..what’s going on? As they sat tighter crowding against her!!

“OH PLEASE,…what are you doing? What’s this about!!? PLEASE” now more frantic! than ever!
The big man in the front turned around and smiled at her showing one of his sparkling gold teeth and said in a sinister tone, “We’re going to see just how long it takes to get YOU started!?”
Tessa’s eyes widened in horror as he produced a massive black penis shaped vibrator held it up to her face, and pulled the trigger! Suddenly her arms were pulled behind her back by one of the men, she watched helplessly as this curved symbol of phallic decadence wiggled and pulsated about so perversely! . As she squirmed and fought to free herself struggling, her flowing pleated skirt rode up her thighs, showing her stockings suspenders and a bit of her pink panties! .The other man, with her now helpless to resist had started unbuttoning the top of her pink twin set!

“Stop this! Stop this now you must!..Tessa exclaimed! This has gone too far. This isn’t funny anymore..let me go!” She demanded. It was no use they were far too strong for her, and she had no choice but to sit helplessly in the seat as the others watched with a lustful smile, after he had unbuttoned the top he had pulled it open, then pushed the sweater up exposing her pink bra and soft 38” tits!
“Now sit back and enjoy!”, came the terse order. Slowly, and with great pleasure the big black guy let one of his hands wander up under Tessa’s skirt. Once at the top of her thighs and with a sudden movement his strong hand easily ripped her pink panties from her well manicured pubes!. Tessa let out a shocked “OH MY GOD!”. Followed by a screaming NO!....For Tessa the sight of this big black dildo was both terrifying and awe inspiring as she had what she thought up to this point was a wonderfully normal sex life! But this sexual liaison was to alter her thoughts of normal sex quite profoundly!

She watched amazed and terrified as he pushed the huge pulsating dildo, in between her legs and at the same time turned the setting to ‘high’ pulled the trigger and pressed it to her naked pussy folds!. The vibrating tool caused her to gasp in in abhorrence. Tessa then began to struggle with all her might and implored them..”Oh, oh please, stop –don’t do this ,…my husband,…I’m a married woman, you shouldn’t be doing this?….” All still in helpless shock and wonder!

Protesting for all she was worth, as she tried to break free! All the time with this incessant seismic vibrating dildo being pressed against her most vulnerable and intimate female opening?
A minute or so passed and her resistance to this forced pleasuring grew much tougher to ignore. The two men in the back that had been holding her had helped each other in removing her top and sweater! Then had undone the clasp of her bra between the cups instantly exposing her no longer restricted breasts! Then as they jiggled with her resistance began to encircle her nipples with their fingers. It was very hard for Tess not to feel a repulsed sense of sexual pleasure at all the attention she was receiving. She fought it for as long as she could until eventually and inevitably she grew wet and weary as the penis shaped dildo slowly worked its way slipping, up and in farther and farther!

. Her breasts now firmly, almost roughly were caressed, causing her pretty pink nipples to harden. Her pleated skirt was still up as her main tormentor held it out of the way with his one free hand. He could see she was weakening and giving way to the unrelenting attention of these horny men and this unrelenting sex machine. She could also see huge bulges starting to form in their greasy overalls.Breathlessly and pleading again “No, please,…oh…er, ..ooohhh” please no don't hurt me?

For Tess it was becoming impossible to bare. Then her tormentor played his final wicked trick, that left her knowing she would have to exceed to a massive orgasm. He knew exactly how aroused she had become despite her pleadings. Suddenly, and slowly he gently forced the humongous curved tip of this dildo up and into her “G” Spot” . Her eyes widened with shock and her mouth was open, aghast, as it found this most erotically sensual place! She had never felt anything like this before in her life, as the continual horrid vibrating of this monster tool toyed with, not only her dignity, but with her most intimate sexual being and had now brought her to an incredible sexual relief!

Leaving Tessa in a state of indescribable arousal her eyes began to glaze over breathlessly, as protesting seemed futile. All resistance she could muster was….only......
“OH,…ooohh!! OOOHH,.ahhhh…aaahhhh!!!!!!,..Noooooo,…Oh my…” As she succumbed to an orgasm like no other! It had started from deep within her sexual loins and female erotic nerve endings and ended with a trembling release!

They after witnessing her sexual pleasure immediately released her arms and her tormentor slid the offending black phallus out from her now almost dripping and well stimulated pussy! Tessa was helpless and completely spent. She had never experienced or had been treated in this manner before, so roughly, and yet with such intent to pleasure a woman like her. He assured her the best is yet to come calling her “Darlin”....
She was a wonderful gift to them or so it seemed!. Their goal was make her beg for sex or mercy which ever seemed appropriate for the circumstance!. . This big black man loved having a helpless naked classy white woman like Tessa in his perverted grasp!. He then asked the two men to help her out of the back seat and over to one of the hoists that was already up in the air, with a car on it. This was followed by attaching her wrists up to the hoist using some big plastic wire ties. Then with her arms helplessly secured above her head had easily removed her black pleated skirt followed by the pink bra leaving her naked with the exception of her black patent heels, pink stockings and suspender belt!

After this was done he raised the hoist up farther as the electric hydraulic motor hummed she was even more helpless and terrified as it easily pulled her up, so that Tessa's toes even in 5" heels were just barely touching the dirty garage floor. He then told his men to squeeze, grope fondle and fuck her as hard and brutal as they could, and to get her ready for him! Tessa already being pleasured was now completely at their mercy as she hung there. As they did, they had purposely left very dark bruises greasy hand and finger prints all over her white breasts bottom thighs pink stockings and especially her pussy! it was with the kind of filthy dirty grease that is difficult and almost impossible to scrub off!.

These two men were very well endowed and were very happy to do as they were told, one in her tight little asshole and the other up deep in her pussy. Tessa was at first begging for them to stop as she had never been fucked in the ass! Screaming and screaming during this hard and brutal treatment that ended in another sinful helpless orgasm!.....After they had satisfied themselves a number of times. With Tessa feebly and vocally protesting at the end, her body though had showed no resistance whatsoever as she seemed to enjoy pushing back as much as they had enjoyed filling and stretching her tight little ass and pussy, the last in her pussy had a slightly bigger dick than that of the other!... But, OMG! She started to tremble with fear as this big black burly man wheeled over an old Lucas , electronic tune up machine. It was one that had been cleverly modified so that the coil testing part would produce multiple high voltage electric shocks and could be adjusted to different levels of electrical intensity?.......

This big hunk of a man had undone his coveralls and was wearing nothing under it, and out flopped a gigantic enormous black cock! But as Tessa stood their naked and helpless, she was shocked not only at its size but it had two big chrome rings pierced through the hole and head! The gun barrel size hole in the end let the big chrome rings out under the head on either side! Also more in wonder as she watched mesmerized in Awe! His big black balls, had a silver band crimped around their base that left them hanging!. OMG! She thought how could someone have sexual intercourse wearing hardware like this? Then it dawned on her with the horrifying reality that he, ...was going to use it on her! But this hardware was not the only perverted thing, she was going to experience?

With Tess hanging naked helplessly he had taken the two leads from the machine, one with a large spring loaded clip and attached it to the silver band around his big black balls? Then with the other big alligator clamp that had very sharp needle like teeth had gotten down on his knees and was fondling Tessa's dripping pussy folds just as she thought in horror that he was going to clamp it onto one of her swollen pussy lips he traced his fingers around her swollen clit and placed his big black lips on it and sucked it in for all he was worth! His tongue and teeth expertly and instantly gave her incredible sexual pleasure in this most intimate place! The kind of pleasure she had never before experienced that quickly had her begging for more! OMG! OMG! Please OMG! Pleeeeese, was all she could barely gasp out! The feeling left her literally helpless and hanging by only her wrists in sexual ecstasy!

Then with no resistance left in her, he had pulled his lips free with a wet sucking pop! Taking his thumb and fore finger with one hand had spread her lips pushing her hood back and out of the way leaving her swollen stimulated clit sinfully exposed and puckered out! Then with his other hand had clamped the sharp alligator clamp directly onto the fleshy part of Tessa's swollen clitoris! For most, having something so sadistic done to ones most sexually intimate and tender fleshy part of their anatomy would have induced the most violent blood curdling screams, and for Tess that would have easily been the case! However in her condition she had just experienced several incredible sexual pleasures in succession and her body was still numb from it, and her mind even though she could not quite see what was being done, could not quite grasp what she first thought, was it being clamped to one of her wet labia lips! When she had been sucked on to orgasm, was not at all ready for the clamp to be placed on her clit,...just after his big black lips pulled free!

The full realization as to what had happened as the teeth finally sunk in so to speak, had easily with unrelenting force bit in deeper and deeper, this left her screaming at the top of her lungs pleading and begging for him to get the dam thing off! With Tess hanging naked and helpless and the two others watching this big black brute with a knowing sadistic smile positioned himself behind her pulled her back by her hips and spreading her to where her toes were no longer touching the concrete floor, and had placed the big black cock head of his gigantic penis chrome rings and all up into her trembling sweet pink pussy opening? Then gave one of the mechanic blokes the high sign to turn the coil testing part of the machine on, and mistakenly he did so to full blast! As he did this the big black brute using his manliness and her weight sadistically forced and jammed his big cock all the way up into Tessa's dripping pussy!

The results of this was instant full penetration was very painful and pleasurable as the electrical current made Tessa's pussy muscle's pubic area and love tunnel contract and release with incredible spasms! Her breasts thighs and buttocks would jiggle flail around violently and contract even more sadistically, each time the electrical current was applied!.She thrashed around so violently and helpless unable to resist at all! Even though the big black stud was also getting shocked each time, it did not seem to bother him at all as the wicked nasty electrical current traveled up his shaft and ended with the nerve endings that was in a direct line to her sensitive swollen clit!!..

The size of it and the brutality of this sudden violent act had caught Tessa by complete surprise! For a sadistic monster of a man this only made him want to thrust deeper and deeper into her. The pain and pleasure for Tess was almost unbearable,as she screamed again and again this so used and drained her that after a while she was just hanging there limply by her wrists along with being impaled by his dick in her pussy! Her toes, were now nowhere near the floor, this was followed by her first feebly begging, and then screaming for him to stop!.....

The problem was, she was only able to beg and scream between these shocking applications. Finally after some time he gleefully got off several times and pulled out with an incredible amount of cum dripping from her stretched open pussy and had just left her hanging! He was not sure, she had felt the full force of the machine. So he removed the clamp from the silver ring on his balls, stuck his finger into her virgin asshole and clamped it in on her sphincter muscle then made sure the clamp and the sharp teeth was biting deep into her clitoris squeezing the clamp hard! Tessa after experiencing what she thought was the most excruciating and sadistic painful experience on her genitals was to quickly be surpassed by what happened next! As he squeezed the clamp tighter on her most sensitive clit another scream filled the air!

Then he turned the switch off and on several times and dial up as far as it would go, twisting the knob several times to the stop, making certain that the machine was to the highest possible setting and had given its all. The results of this made her squeal groan jerk and scream, again, and again! All at the same time almost like a stuck pig or a marionette at the hands of a wild sadist and as if she really was being sporadically electrocuted! . The alligator clips were finally removed from her privates and by then she was so used that she just hung there..blubbering , and blubbering incoherently!...

Tessa a was then unhooked and cut loose from the hoist and promptly collapsed on the floor, the two mechanics pulled her up onto her feet and were helping her into the back of her car then pushed it out of the garage, and into the alley. This big black sadistic brute was very satisfied with himself having a big smirk on his face,.. one, that he had made this beautiful elegant demur white woman beg for mercy!. But this begging had done little in slowing them down or keeping them from using her in this most brutal and sadistic way. Tessa in the back seat of her car was in the alley for a very long time well over several hours, her legs were trembling uncontrollably until her senses had somewhat returned. Her body and especially her pubic muscles were still jerking and every few seconds, it would involuntarily tense up and spasm as if the electronic coil machine was still hooked to her goodies and doing its sadistic thing!.

Tessa could not stop these convulsions, as every few moments her breasts were tossed up around and out to each side rather violently and her pubic muscle's would convulse, and contract,.. her abdomen would shake role and ripple uncontrollably, and she was unable to do anything to stop it!. This was very painful erotic and stimulating if one was to watch. She was finally able to get out of the back seat, staggering around and get in the front, setting behind the wheel naked! It took her much longer to compose herself as she tried several times to start her car and was surprised it started so easily? The doors on the shop were closed and the lights were out as she backed the car out as hurriedly as she could, expecting someone to stop her! Then turned, and down the alley she went half expecting one of the brutish men to appear or her car to stall.leaving her naked and helplessly in their clutches once again!
On the way home at first in her zeal to get out of there she did not realize she was still naked wearing only her soiled greasy stockings that had greasy hand and finger prints all over them!

Once safely home she had driven into their small garage, and had honked the horn several times, alerting her husband that she was at home and in some sort of distress? He had come to see what the problem was and now shocked had found her naked crying and shaking violently every so many moments? He was quite alarmed and after helping her into the house she in between spasms shakes and shudders was able to tell him what had happened!

Her husband now concerned about her, the love of his life had insisted she go to the closest hospital emergency room to be checked out, but she was so embarrassed to do so and could not bare to tell those in the emergency room what had happened! Her husband was mad as hell at those in the garage and what they had done to her! Had called the authorities telling them a bit different story that she his wife had told, at the garage had been groped and fondled most inappropriately, “leaving out the fact she had been horribly abused and raped”! Along with cheating her out of the auto repair and service she had been promised and paid for!

The strange thing was that the authorities after investigating had determined that his wife Tessa must be mistaken as the garage she had given the address of, had been closed and out of business for some time? But what was even stranger, was all of her clothes including her panties were all found folded neatly on the back seat of her car, and after several weeks of driving her car it had not only started every time on the first try, and it had never missed a beat in performance or acceleration! This experience had really shaken Tessa as every time she drove by the High Street area and the old garage she would almost always begin to shake shudder, and her sweet pink little pussy would instantly tighten and become wet?
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