A clean up of a prior story.
Rex was feeling lonely. It had been three months since Sasha had left him. He had thought that she had really been the one. They had connected on a deep spiritual level. The sex had been great, but with her it had been more than just sex. He felt heart broken. He had known from the beginning that it would never last. She was a college student and he was a thirty something IT administrator. The past two years had been the best of his life. As she was moving out she told him that they had been the best of hers, but she had a job on the west coast and had wanted more than he was willing to give.

That had changed. He had changed. Rex was now willing to love fully and completely. He was ready to settle down and marry, if he found the right woman. Now all he had to do was find someone half as good as Sasha.

Rex had never had problem meeting women. He was tall. A couple of inches taller than average, but not freakishly so. He had blue eyes and dark hair that was now showing a hint of grey at the temples. It made him look distinguished. He had regular symmetric features that showed a blend of European ancestry. He was generic but in a handsome way. He couldn't be picked out of a line-up and his friends if asked to describe him to someone looking for him in a crowd, could only suggest "Handsome" or "the good looking guy."

Rex knew there was more to attractiveness than physical features. There was bearing as well. He stood with his feet a bit apart and chest out. His hands were carried palm first in a welcoming manner. He would nod deferentially when he was spoken to, and make all the right verbal cues to get people to continue talking.

Rex went to his closet to pick the perfect outfit for a night out meeting women. He took out a white button down shirt a pair slightly rumpled suit pants. He put on the shirt and adjusted the collar to make it look like he had been wearing a tie all day. He completed the outfit with a pair of well shined dress shoes and a broken in windbreaker. On his way out the door, he picked up the most important thing. His leash and dog collar. Sasha had loved to wear the collar. He even had a tag with her name engraved on it.

Rex walked "downtown". It always amused him how everyone referred to the 12 square block area as downtown as if it were an actual city, as opposed to a village shoehorned around a medium sized college. The downtown area had a few clothing stores, a couple of convenience marts and several bars. There was the town hall and a small park.

Rex was walking through the park holding out the leash and making short sharp whistles. Finding women was easy for Rex. He had a dozen one night stands after Sasha left, and most ended with offers to make a it a regular thing. Finding the right kind of woman was decidedly more difficult.

He started out holding the leash calling out for Sasha, because he looked prosperous and desperate, women would invariably offer to help. When the women offered to help he would finger the collar and jingle the tag. If the women watched the collar instead of him, she was a maybe. If she felt her neck she was yes.

The first women Rex me were alone. Single women often felt threatened and wouldn't open up or go very far. If he didn't have a likely candidate by 8 he was going to try and work one of them. He made eye contact and smiled and then hurriedly continued on.

Walking down the sidewalk next to the park he came upon a young couple. He was tall and muscular with a tribal tattoo around his upper arm. He was wearing a tank top even though the fall night promised to be cold. His girlfriend had a preppy look. She had shoulder length light brown hair with bangs. She was wearing a sweater over a turtleneck with a fine pearl necklace and a plaid skirt.

Rex walked between them, did a stutter step, turned to the woman and gave her a hundred watt smile and said "Excuse me."

He held eye contact for a heartbeat and a half then turned his face down and away. "Sasha!" He called out loudly and shook the leash. He heart jumped for joy as the woman wrapped her fingers around her necklace and slid it. He called out again. The woman put her hand on her boyfriend's arm and said, "Do you think we should help him?"

"No babe, I think he has it handled."

Rex jingled collar again, "Sasha?"

The woman walked over to Rex and touched the hand holding the collar, "Do you need help?"

He turned his eyes down and looked at where their hands met on the collar. Then he looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Thank you, I think I can manage. You look like you are going someplace important."

The boyfriend walked over. "You heard him babe. We have somewhere important to be. The bros are waiting for us at the bar. The game started five minutes ago."

"Maybe I don't care about your stupid game!"

"Fine." He said and stormed off.

"Fine!" She said and took Rex by the arm and they went off in the opposite direction.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to have a fight with your boyfriend."

"He's not much of a boyfriend. Even less of a friend. He doesn't care about anyone but himself."

"Thank you for helping me. You really didn't need to though."

"No, there isn't much stronger bond that that between a man and his dog. How long ago did she go missing."

"She left me three months ago."

"Three months? And you are still searching?"

"Well I did the usual things right afterwards, I put up signs, I checked the SPCA and the pet stores and eventually I gave up hope. I thought I was over her, then I saw the collar today and thought I would give it one last shot."

"That is so sweet." She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you. My name is Rex."

"My name's Elizabeth, but my friends call me Beth."

They walked along together through the night. It was slowly getting cooler. Rex took off his windbreaker and wrapped it around Beth. She slid her arms in the sleeves and inhaled the scent. It smelled of wood and leather. She smiled and pulled it tight. Rex shivered a bit and Beth inched closer to him.

As they walked along Rex told Beth how this was one his favorite places to go with Sasha. He told her how Sasha would carry the leash to him in mouth and they would go out on long walks through the park together. He said how sometimes he would get a hot dog and they would split it.

Rex described hiking the white mountains and camping with Sasha. He told about a spring fed pool that they used to go to with impossibly clear water. He said how he and Sasha would get up at first light and go swimming in pool and he was just as naked as she. They would spend a week there and fish.

Beth smiled and cuddled up to Rex. She had taken to fidgeting with the leash and collar between their hands, so that they ended up tangled together in it.

"It sounds like you really loved her."

"We loved each other. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't love her enough."

"How can you say that. You've been pining for three months."

Just then Beth noticed a hotdog stand that was getting ready to close up for the night.

"Would you like a hot dog or anything?" Rex asked.

"Could we please split a hot dog?"

"Sure." Rex said and bought a hot dog from the vendor.

Rex bought a hot dog and held it in front of Beth about halfway between her chin and waist. A height the was calculated to make it awkward for her to tear in half, but not so high that it was a blatant offer to feed her. She bent down and took a bite. They continued to walk and talk. Rex would feed bites of the hot dog to Beth and take a bit himself. Eventually they ended up at his house. Rex took a step up the walk and turned to Beth and asked, "Would you like to come in and have some cocoa?"

Beth realized how cold she had gotten even with Rex's windbreaker and said, "I would love some."

Rex opened the door and turned on the light and let Beth walk in first. When he walked in behind her she turned and threw her arms around his neck and started kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her chest and held her tight. Their tongues danced back and forth. Rex slid his hands down her back and into the waistband of her pants and gently squeezed the firm round globes of her ass. She sighed and he sucked her lower lip into his mouth.

Rex turned them around and started to back up the stairs and Beth followed him. They ended up in the master bedroom. Rex didn't turn on the light, instead the two of them stood in the middle of the kissing while bathed in moonlight. Rex kissed Beth and started to move his hands up her back, sliding them under her clothes. His hands explored her lower back and slowly started there way up.

Beth hurriedly started to take off her clothes. His jacket went flying then she started to lift both her blouse and sweater. She hated to interrupt the kiss to take off her blouse but at the same time she was so horny. Once she had her tops off, Rex agilely undid her bra and continued to work his hands up her back.

Beth loosing no time in the race to get them in bed started to unbutton his shirt and ran her hands over his hairy chest. Rex's hands were now up behind her head and he was holding her head with his thumbs rubbing lightly behind her ears. She moaned in pleasure and then started to kiss her way down.

Beth kissed beneath his lips, then his chin. She laid down a small trail of kisses down his throat. She kissed her way down his hairy chest and then down to his stomach. She undid his belt and lowered his pants revealing his erect cock. She smiled at it. It was clean and of a reasonable size. She kissed the tip and the licked in a swirl around the head. As she did so she felt it twitch a bit and she got a taste of his slimy precum.

Beth bent over and pulled off Rex's shoes and helped him step out of his pants and socks. She started to kiss his penis again as her right hand gently massaged his balls. She started by gently kissing the tip. She spread her lips a bit and slid them halfway down the tip then began to flick the tip rapidly with her tongue. She then slid her lips forward and encircled the head. She applied gentle suction and pulled back. She had never been one to give blowjobs but she wanted to please Rex. He seemed so loving and caring. She worked her head forward and started to gag. She pulled back and then started to bob her head on his cock. She worked in and out dragging lips and tongue across the sensitive skin.

"I'm about to cum." Rex said, and Beth drove her head down as far as she could knowing how men like to feel fully buried when they orgasm. Rope after rope of cum shot into her mouth. It was salty and sweet with an exciting metallic tang.

"You taste wonderful." Beth said.

Rex smiled and said, "Thank you." He was actually rather proud of this. He increased his fruit intake, especially pineapple and consumed gratuitous amounts of artificial sweeteners. This combined with avoiding garlic and onions led to his cum having a sweet and fruity taste.

Rex kissed her deeply. Beth was surprised. Most men didn't kiss her after a blowjob, one of the reasons she hated giving them. Rex kissed her on her way down on the bed. Once she was fully reclined he started to kiss his way down from her mouth. He kissed her chin and her throat and then started to lick her right nipple. As he kissed it he felt it pucker in his mouth. He gently started sucking. She moaned and pulled his head in towards herself. He correctly took this to mean more and harder. He traced his teeth around the orbit of her areola and then lightly nipped her nipple. She moaned and he worked his way down her body. He undid her skirt and started to pull it and her panties down. She lifted her ass for him to do so and he pulled it off and tossed it aside.

Rex examined her pussy in the moonlight. She had small outer lips that sealed tight, topped with a narrow runway of hair. He started by kissing at the top her lips and then sliding his tongue down inside. As his tongue touched her outer lips her whole pudenda bloomed like a flower. The outer lips spread open like sepals and her labia minora spread like the petals of a rose. Rex inhaled the flowers perfume and tasted it's sweet nectar. He drove his tongue down into the middle then worked his way up until he found her tiny clitoris. He slowly teased it out of its fleshy blanket and then kissed it.

Beth was in heaven. She hadn't had a man find her clit before. She had even had a girlfriend comment about how hard hers was to find. She moaned in pleasure at Rex's expert ministrations. Rex was patient and thorough. He left no part of her pussy untouched but always returning home either to her hole or her clit. Rex slid a finger inside of her and gently started to massage her G-spot. She could feel her orgasm building. She knew that it was going to be a big one. She spread her legs as far as they would go and grabbed a double handful of Rex's hair and pulled him in.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." she was gasping. She hadn't felt this way before. Rex was like no lover she had before.

"Say my name." He said from between her thighs.

"Rex! Rex! Rex! Rex! King of pussy." She was screaming as her thighs closed on his face and she flooded with her juices. As she calmed down Rex slid into the bed next to her. He wrapped his arm around her belly, and said, "You were wonderful. I haven't felt connected to someone like this in a long time."

She rubbed her ass backwards against his cock and "You are going to think I am a terrible person for saying this. I am glad you were out looking for Sasha. If you hadn't been I wouldn't have met you. I would be at some stupid bar watching a dumb game. This has been the best date I've been on in a while."

Rex's cock started to harden. "You're a real comfort. It's been difficult with Sasha running away, not knowing how she's doing. I know she can take care of herself. She was a stray for a long time before I took her in."

"A stray? That's so sweet." She said grinding her ass against his prick.

He backed away a bit and then kneeled. He lifted slightly under her hip and she rose up onto all fours.

"As a I kid I wanted a dog so badly but I could never have one. My sister was allergic." Rex reached into his night stand and pulled out a condom and unwrapped it an put it on.

"You don't need the condom. I'm on the pill."

"I just want you confident in what we are doing. Besides, this way I will last longer." Rex said as he eased his cock into her waiting pussy. It slid in smoothly and Beth moaned in approval. Rex pulled back and then pushed back in.

"I couldn't have a dog as child no matter how much I wanted one. When I found out what shelters did to dogs they couldn't place I was heartbroken. There I was a kid who wanted a dog more than anything, and there were dogs that needed homes. As soon as I was out on my own I started rescuing strays." Rex picked up speed. He was using one hand to massage in the area of her clit and the other hand to steady himself against the head board. Beth was really getting into it and was pushing back against Rex. She took one hand off of the bed and placed it over Rex's, her fingers intertwining with his.

Beth was starting to moan in pleasure and Rex kept a steady pace.

"I was so pathetic as a child in wanting a dog. Can you believe I even put a collar and leash on my sister?"

Beth's mind was spinning. Rex had put a dog collar on his sister? She felt so good that it was hard to concentrate. Rex's hand moved from her clit and started to lightly touch her neck. She started to wonder what the collar would feel like. What it would be like to be the property of this man. Rex started pounding into her harder. She moaned and could feel her pussy tighten around his cock. She started to collapse forward but Rex caught her hips. He finished with a couple of hard thrusts. She could feel his cock spasming in her. The last thing she remembered was Rex taking off the condom and the two of them falling asleep spooned together.

Beth woke up the next morning still snuggled in Rex's arms. She saw her clothes on the dressed neatly folded and Sasha's collar and leash next to it. On the night stand she saw a picture of Rex and a beautiful redhead. She looked closely at the picture and saw the woman had a dog collar peaking out from under the collar of her blouse.

Beth rolled over and faced Rex. "Sasha was a woman, wasn't she?"


"She wore your collar and was your pet."

"There is a bit more to it than that, but yes."

"Were you really looking for her or was this just an expedition to get a new pet."

"It was much like I said. Sasha left me. I was hoping to find her and see if I could convince her to come back, but I didn't think I would find her. When she mailed me the leash the postmark said Virginia. She has family down there. Getting the collar and leash back was proof to me that she was gone for good."

"Why did she leave? Was she sick of playing dog for you?"

"Quite the opposite really. She said that she wanted puppies. We had an argument about it. I asked that since she was calling the baby a puppy, was she really mature enough."


"Yeah, when I got the leash in the mail I realized how much I missed her and how much I had lost. If the letter with it hadn't said, 'Don't try to contact me.' I would have called her up that instant and asked her to marry me. We would have run off and eloped."

Beth grew quiet and looked into Rex's eyes. She kissed him on the lips, then got up and fastened the collar around her neck. She got down onto her hands and kneed and walked over to Rex.

Rex scratched her behind her ears and said, "Good girl." She smiled up at him.

"You are allowed to stand up"

She nodded and wiggled her butt, then gave a couple of barks. Rex bent over to kiss her and she started to lick his face. He stuck out his tongue and she licked it and they began french kissing. Rex knelt in front of her and started to feel her boobs. He gently squeezed them and felt the nipples harden under his hands. Beth broke the kiss and gave a high pitched plaintive whine and started to wiggle her butt.

Rex stood up and walked behind her noticing the wetness that was seeping out of her pussy and trickling down her legs. He pushed a finger into her pussy and then started rubbing it around her asshole. He lubed his finger again and then gently eased it in and out. As he was working the first finger in and out he started working fingers from his other hand into her pussy. As he lubed up fingers he transferred the wetness to his eager cock.

"Your ass is tight."

She barked once in agreement.

"Have you ever had a man in there before?" His cock was well lubed at this point but her wanted to take its slowly and started working a second finger."

Beth barked twice.

"No one?"


"I'm the first?"


With that Rex pushed his cock into her ass. He loved the way that assholes opened up once you were past the initial ring, with one smooth push he was all the way in. He pulled back until he felt her sphincter grip his cock head, the he pushed back in. Beth started to pant in approval.

Rex put his hands and her hips and fucking her in earnest. He was pounding into her hard now. Her hair was flying wildly and her tits were bouncing back and forth. Rex loved how tight her ass was and how it was squeezing his cock. Beth's panting sped up and she started to make high pitched yips.

Rex drove hard into her perfect ass and started to shot his cum deep inside her. He reached around and started to rub her clit. When he touched it she went from a yip to a howl and started to shake. He rubbed it furiously and she collapsed forward panting. Her thighs were wet and there was a trickle of cum coming out of her ass.

"Wow." She said, and then covered her mouth.

Rex laughed and said, "It's okay. You'll have to talk some times."

She looked up at him and growled.

He laughed. "We need to get cleaned up." He walked towards towards the bathroom and Beth followed him on all fours. The bathroom had white tile walls and a black and white tiled floor and a large claw footed tub with a shower stand with a detachable head. Instead of a normal American style toilet there was an Asian squat toilet and a bidet. Beth looked and understood. She couldn't use a normal toilet without breaking character, and certainly couldn't wipe but this would work.

Rex started the water into the tub, when he was happy with the temperature he climbed in. Beth had issues trying to get in on all fours and temporary stoop up to climb in. Once she was in, she was back on her hands and knees. Rex sprayed her body down with the shower head. He rubbed her pussy and spread her lips making sure to get her thoroughly clean. He then soaped up a brush with long fine hairs and began to scrub her skin with it. The hairs on the brush were so fine that it was no worse than a wash cloth, and easier than many loofahs.

He then started to shampoo her hair. He squirted some shampoo onto his hands and started to massage her hair, all the while saying. "What a pretty, pretty dog. What a sweet dog."

She rolled her head against his forearm and looked up at him with beautiful blue eyes. He smiled down at her and started to rinse her. Once he was done rinsing her off her started to wash himself. As Rex was washing himself, Beth started to lick his ass and balls. She was doing it in a carefree playful way and Rex was enjoying it. He ended the shower and climbed out, helping Beth over the side. He sat down on the edge of the tub and brought out a hair dryer and hair brush. He turned on the drier and started to brush and dry her hair.

She half climbed into his lap to make it easier for him. She felt contented being taken care of like this. It felt so intimate. She almost fell asleep with him stroking her hair. Once her hair was dry Rex put up the dryer and brush. "Come on. Time for breakfast.

Rex walked downstairs to the kitchen and Beth followed behind him. She had a little bit of trouble negotiating the stairs, but was able to do it fairly well going down backwards.

In the kitchen, Rex fired up the coffee pot and started to cook eggs, bacon and toast. He also started to make a simple fruit salad cutting apart an apple and a banana. as he cut up the apple he would feed pieces of it to Beth who was kneeling by his side. He prepared two plates. One plate he sat on the table and the other one he sat on the floor.

As he tucked in with a knife and fork Beth started to eat off of the plate by putting her face right down against it. As she ate she ended up getting a lot of food smeared over face and quite a bit on the floor. When she finished Rex picked up the plates and put them in the dishwasher and then started to mop the floor. Beth stood by and waited.

Rex walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Beth climbed up next to him and rested her head on his lap. Rex picked up a book and started to read it aloud, all the while stroking Beth's back. He ran his hands from her shoulders down the small of her back then down over her ass cheeks. Beth smiled and listened to Rex's voice. She wasn't paying attention to what he said, she just enjoyed the sound of his voice. The day slowly passed, with Rex reading aloud and rubbing Beth's back.

Around noon Beth started to whimper and raised her head.

"Hungry girl?"


"Stay here. I'll be right back." Rex got up and returned with a tray of crackers, cheese and cold cuts. He put it down next to the sofa and then sat back down. He took a piece of cheese and held it out to Beth and she ate it out of his hand, licking his fingers. He then feed her a cracker and she barked happily. Rex ate a bit and Beth rolled onto her back with her head in his lap. She held her hands up with her fingers curled begging for more. Rex fed her a bit of ham and she waggled her butt.

When the food was gone they sat there one the couch for a bit with Rex rubbing Beth's belly. He ran his hand down her stomach to her landing strip and then up under her breasts. He cupped under the breast and then ran his hand back down. Back and forth he went while Beth lay there and smiled up at him. He ran his hand up and then traced around her nipple watching it stiffen. He slid his hand down and slid a finger between her pussy lips. She started to pump her leg in approval as he started to massage her clit. He was patient and tender as his finger glided over her lips and he found her magic button.

She just lay there with her leg pumping in the air. She started to pant and sweat as his fingers worked there magic on her. She leaned back burying his crotch in her hair.

She started to yip again and her leg stiffened. Her body tensed and her back arched. Her butt lifted up off the sofa as she shook with the power of her orgasm. She collapsed back down and rolled onto her front. Her shoulders were across Rex's thighs and her mouth was right by his swollen cock. She took it into her mouth and started to suck on it.

While she was giving Rex a languorous blowjob Rex was stroking her hair. He produced a brush from the table and started to brush her hair out. She bobbed her head a bit and licked the tip of his penis. She tongued his peehole and then swirled her tongue around the end. Rick finished brushing her hair and put his hand on her bottom. He slid a finger between her cheeks and started to rub a finger around her asshole.

Beth bobbed her head up and down and heard Rex's breathing speed up. She started to suck on him harder and he started to orgasm. She licked it all up. He put his feet up on the sofa and leaned back against the arm. She climbed on top of him and nuzzled his chest. He smiled and wrapped his hands around her and they fell asleep.

It was getting dark when Rex woke up, alone. There was a note on the table next to the collar.

"Thank you for a wonderful day/evening. I had to get going, I am sure that my roommate is worried about me. Maybe we can do this again some time."

Rex knew she would be back. He went online and ordered a new name tag and collar.
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