Beth faces her roommate and blowback from a missed date.
Beth walked into her dorm room with her head spinning. She had just spent a night and a day with an older man and had sex, kinky sex actually. No it was really kinky anal sex that she had had. It wasn't even a first date. She had met him in the park, they split a hot dog and then fucked. She wasn't sure, but she thought hobo's generally treated their women better than that.

Beth's roommate Eve was sitting at her computer with only a pajama top on. She was naked from the waist down and had her legs spread and her feet up on her desk. Eve was driving three fingers into her pussy while violently pulling on her pussy lips. She grunted and moaned and periodically tapped the space bar of her computer to drive the text forward.

Beth smiled and closed the door. She gave Eve a kiss on the cheek and glanced at the screen. It was a plain text pornographic story. "Do you have time to talk?"

"yuhhnn… Give me a minute, I'm almost there."

"Take your time, I need a shower."

Beth started to strip down. She and Eve shared one of the nicer dorm room on campus, they had their own private shower and a pair of loft desks with the beds over top. It was inconvenient to sleep in, but it added so much extra room.

Beth stepped into the shower to wash the sweat off of her body. She took a sniff of her hair and remembered Rex shampooing it and she smiled. She didn't need to wash her hair today. She stepped into the hot spray and started to wash her body. She remembered Rex's soft brush and his gentle knowing touch. She turned her back to the spray and spread her cheeks allowing the water to rinse off her asshole.

When she finally felt clean she stepped out of the shower and put her hair up in a scrunchie and climbed into a pair of soft flannel pajamas. She walked out into the bedroom and saw a candle burning on Eve's desk. It smelled like sugar cookies, and did a lot to mask the smell of pussy. Beth turned off the lights and then climbed into her bed. Eve was already there and facing the wall. Beth climbed in and slid one arm under Eve's neck to cup a breast and rested her other hand on her roommate's now clothed thigh.

Beth didn't consider herself a lesbian, or even bi. Eve was like a sister to her. Their interactions were just friendly and comfortable. It was closeness and occasionally a sexual release, but it was more friendship than sex. She enjoyed the physicality and the kissing and grinding, but it was different than it was with guys. It was emotional.

Beth lay there quietly. She wanted to tell Eve everything that had happened with Rex but she didn't know how. A few minutes passed and Eve started to talk about the story she had been reading. "It was freaky little thing. A guy on his way to college fucks this bartender, knocking her up. Then twenty years later, he accidentally fucks their daughter while trying to find the bartender and make amends. Finally, he is practically raped by his granddaughter. It's a half dozen pages spanning 40 years. It's all this incest but during the act they don't know it. Only afterwards it comes out and then they are just cool with it. Freaky huh."

"Yeah. Freaky." Beth wondered, Eve was so different. Beth was tall and thin with long honey colored hair. Eve was short and heavier. She wasn't fat or even chubby, just rounder. Eve's hair was shorter and dyed black with the left side of her head shaved. The biggest differences though were inside. Eve was a free spirit, willing to be wild, while Beth was hopelessly vanilla.

"I met a guy."

"With the dog right? Chet made him sound like a total loser. Every other word of his description of the guy was fag, faggot or gay."

"Chuck came by?"

"Yeah, Chunk, Chet, Chit. Whatever his name is. He was looking for you. Said you abandoned him for some freak in the park. Said he hoped you got raped. You didn't get raped did you?"

"Nothing happened that I didn't ask for."

"Being sexy isn't asking to be raped."

"No, I literally asked for all of it. All of it."

Eve moved her hand into Beth's pajamas and wrapped her other arm up underneath and held her roommate close.

"So you had sex?"



"Both ways, and he was incredible."

"Better than me?"


"We might have to share him."

"You might not like him, some of the things he's into." Beth started to rub Eve's pussy. She had never gone down on her roommate and Eve had never asked. Beth lightly diddled Eve while thinking of her own pussy, pretending she was masturbating.

"I don't know. I would put up with a lot for a good cunt licking. I put up with your boney whore ass and you don't even put out."

Beth giggled, she knew Eve was teasing her and the banter was relaxing.




"No, but I think we might next time."

"Next time? So you want to do it again?"

"I don't know. It was all so strange and wonderful." Beth started to massage Eve's breast as her other hand slowly circled her roommate's clit. Another difference was while Beth was neatly trimmed, Eve had a wild mass of black hair. Eve's logic was that any guy who made it that far would seal the deal no matter what.

"Chunk said was looking for a dog. Did he make you have sex with one?"

"I am not sure he ever had a dog." Beth confided.

"So he lied to you. Did he beat you?"

"No! He was gentle."

"Did he tie you up?"

Beth paused. She squeezed Eve's breast hard, feeling her dark nipple tighten in her hand. She gently rolled it between her thumb and index finger. Beth pulled the nipple out and let it snap back and Eve moaned. "Not exactly." Beth said finally giving an answer.

"I'm intrigued. He didn't tie you up but it's close."

The questioning was interrupted by a banging on the door. It was Chuck and he yelled, "Is Beth back yet?" He yelled.

"No she's not! Fuck off! Chet." Eve called.

"It's Chuck, dammit. She is in there, isn't she?"

"No she's not! Now fuck off Chimp!" Beth called.

Chuck pounded on the door and the two girls giggled.

"Not the sharpest hammer in the bag, is he?" Eve laughed.

"I guess not."

"Does he at least have a big dick?"

"I don't know that was only our third date."

"You fucked the dog guy right after you meet him and you normally don't fuck until after the third date. No wonder you're confused." Eve rolled over and kissed Beth on the lips. "Get on your back. I'm getting horny as fuck. You talk and I'll eat."

Beth lay on her back and slid her pajama bottoms down. Eve buried her tongue in Beth's and started to rub at the top of her slit to find her clitoris.

"He didn't lie to me per se. He said he was looking for Sasha who he said left him. He was holding the dog collar so I assumed that Sasha was a dog and not a woman who acted like a dog." Eve shifted her ministrations and started to pull at Beth's lower lips. She worked started to work two fingers into Beth's pussy.

"We walked along and he told me all about the times they had together. How he would take her off the leash and she would go running around. He told me how they would go camping and spend weekends in the woods and live off the land, with him running around as naked as she was. He told me about splitting a hot dog with her. Then we split one with him feeding it to me."

Eve pulled her middle finger out of Beth's vagina and slid it into her rectum. Eve had found Beth's clit and was working her tongue around it while sliding her fingers in and out.

"When we got to his place I sucked him off, and it was the tastiest thing I've had. I would jack him off onto my ice cream."

Eve licked Beth's pussy and lifted her head. "Diet coke. Old dyke trick. The sweetness comes out."

"Then Rex kissed me and went down on me and we cuddled for a bit. We made love. As we were making love he told me about wanting a dog as a child and not being able to have one. He told me about putting the collar onto his sister and making her his dog."

"You think the perv fucked his sister?" Eve asked lifting her head.

"I don't know. I would have fucked him even if he were my brother." Beth pushed her head back and arched her back moaning in pleasure. Eve gave one last lick and then kissed Beth full on the lips. Their tongues danced back and forth.

Eve lay down next to Beth who spooned her again. The fell asleep with one of Beth's fingers in Eves pussy and her other hand cupping a breast.

In the morning Beth woke refreshed. She took a quick shower and applied a little bit of makeup. Just enough to highlight her lips and eyes, but not enough to look made up. She was feeling sassy so she put on her red turtle neck and a navy blue blazer and a long navy skirt. She decided to not wear any underwear. Her breasts were perky enough that she could get away without a bra. She went digging through her jewelry box looking for the right accessory to go with the outfit. She finally found it in a cross necklace that her grandmother had given her for her confirmation. It was an overly large clunky thing that she never wore, but when she put it on the weight felt right. She finished it off with a white cloth covered headband that held back her hair.

As she was headed out to class, she pinched Eve's nipple and said, "Come on slut, Calculus begins in 5 minutes."

Eve climbed out of bed and threw on a loose hooded sweatshirt and a pair of leggings. She grabbed her notebook and raced out.

The two of them sat on different sides of the room in their individual cliques. Beth's friends surrounded her the moment she sat down.

"What happened to you? Chuck said you ditched him before the party and went off with a half dozen townies."

"He said you were going to pull a train?"

"That lying…" Beth grunted. "I did nothing of the sort. There was nice man, I think he is a professor, at least he looks like one. He had lost his dog and I was helping him look for it. Chuck was showing his true colors, he doesn't care for anyone but himself."

"Oh yeah, he said something about this old fucker with a dog. He said that you started sucking the dog off begging the old guy to do you in the ass."

Beth's eyes flashed with white hot rage. "What type of sick pervert would even think of such a thing. What a low vulgar thing to suggest. I can't believe you even listened to it."

"Well what did happen then?" One of Beth's friends asked with a sneer.

"I met a wonderful gentleman by the name of Rex. His dog Sasha had run off and he had been searching for her for three months. He was giving it one last shot before giving up hope and going to the shelter to get a new one." Beth responded in a even tone.

"But he's a townie though?"

"He works for the university. We mostly talked about his Sasha. How they would take long walks together, and go hiking. He told me about the some of the drives they took in the country and suggested that we go for a ride to look at the leaves on Saturday." Beth said starting to spin a lie.

"That is so sweet." He friend said.

"What's really sweet, was he had a picnic lunch, we stopped at this quaint little farmers stand run by the Amish. You haven't lived until you have had one of their fresh apple pies." Beth's hand went to her necklace and started to slide it. She was missing the collar.

Throughout the day she had to keep retelling the story and fighting Chuck's lies while spinning her own. She also became progressively more and more aware of her lack of panties. What had started as something fun and flirty was not a source of unending stress.

She made it through her last class of the day and hurried back to her dorm. Eve was already there, and stopped Beth as she came in. "You have to see this." Eve showed an email to Beth that had attachments of what looked like Beth having sex with a dog.

"That's not me." Beth sobbed.

"Of course it's not, I would know your nipples anywhere, but Chunk has been sending these around claiming it's you. I spoke to University IT and they said they are handling it, but they want you to give them a call. They said use extension 7686."

Beth paniced. She didn't know what to do. Beth rushed out of the dorm room. She made a quick stop at a pet store well off campus and then made a beeline for Rex's house. She was terrified and embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

When she got to Rex's, she knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She dug into the bag from the pet store and pulled out a black anodized choke chain. She slid the cold metal over her head and tightened it around her neck, relishing the slight compression. She hid the chain under the collar of her shirt and felt the cold metal against her bare breasts. She sat down on the steps to Rex's house and then waited.

It was nearly an hour, she spent waiting at his door, half of that was in a light rain. She was ice cold, covered in goose bumps and shivering, but she was happy to wait.

Rex arrived wearing khaki's and a black polo with a logo saying, "University IT, tell someone who cares." He saw Beth sitting on the porch and pushed open the door and ushered her in.

"You're soaked to bone!" He said as he quickly started to undress her. He led her up to the master bath and put her into the shower and turned it on. He then stripped and climbed in next to her and held her tight as she shivered.

After 10 minutes her shivering stopped and he turned off the water. Rex looked into her eyes and then fingered the chain around her neck. She moaned as he pulled it tight. He let it go and she dropped immediately to her knees and took his soft cock into her mouth. It hardened as she sucked on it.

"You don't have to do this." He told her.

She started to bob her head up and down on his now stiff cock and he rested his hands on her head and brushed her hair back from her eyes. He scratched her behind the ears and tilted her head back so he could look her in the eyes. She stared up at him and she licked the head of his cock. She wrapped her lips around the tip and teased the end with her tongue.

"I am about to cum." He moaned and she smiled and reached up with a hand to jack him off. He started to shoot off into her mouth. She smiled up at him and he bent over and gave her a long full kiss on the lips. She pushed a bit of his cum into his mouth. He swallowed it and took hold of the chain and led her to the bed. He lay down and she crawled in next to him.

"I saw the pictures." He said. He saw the terror in her eyes. "I know they weren't you. It's part of the reason I was so late. I am the head of university IT. I was erasing the emails from our servers and making a list of who had seen and who had sent. People who had seen would be sent a notice about university policy. People who had sent had been locked out of the school network pending review panel hearings. We tracked down who initiated it and with your signature we'll refer him to the police for harassment charges."

She looked up at him and barked. He kissed the top of her head and said, "You can talk you know."

"I know. I don't want to though." She whispered. He stroked her head and she nuzzled into his chest. "I lied to my friends. I said we went out into the country and had a picnic."

"We can do that next weekend. You had better head back to your dorm. We don't want people to talk any more than they have."

Beth got dressed hiding the collar under her turtleneck. She felt calm with it on, especially now that she new her problems were handled. She was thrilled that Rex was the one who solved them.

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